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    Secrets FAQ by Sundar Subramaniam

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 07/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    Platform: PSP
    Secrets FAQ v2.4
    by Sundar Subramaniam
    Grand Theft Auto games are fun not just because of their immersive storylines
    and their missions, but also because of the various side quests and most 
    importantly, the free roam environment. Such an open environment allows
    Rockstar to include some cool extras in the form of references to their other
    titles or characters in those games.
    Also, a game as big as this is certain to a have few bugs and glitches which
    may sometimes give certain advantages or disadvantages to players.
    There are also a few bulletproof cars that can be obtained from few missions.
    Plus, there are some interesting things which you can try when you don't feel
    like doing missions. Since this game has been out for a while now and it is
    surprising to see no FAQ up yet which covers these secrets, I've decided to 
    put up a FAQ myself.
    Contacting me
    Feel free to contact me if you find any new secrets in the game. Secrets
    may include glitches, easter eggs, unique vehicles, or even interesting 
    messages conveyed by pedestrians during their conversations with each other. 
    You may also contact me if you wish to talk about anything else in/about the 
    Some of the secrets mentioned to be found in a particular area may be found in
    many other areas too. This is particularly true in the case of easter eggs in
    the form of posters, pictures or graffiti. This doesn't mean they're NOT
    easter eggs at all. It's just that they're not well hidden. It's probably
    because there are no aircrafts, therefore no flying. Toni can't swim either. 
    Plus, Liberty City is a very small city. So everything is pretty easy to find.
    Anyway, contact me if you DO find anything new.
    ALSO, CUSTOM TRACKS(making your MP3s play on the radio) HAS BEEN COVERED IN
    email: talk2sundar(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Legal Info      
    To my knowledge, only the following sites host this FAQ:
                 GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
                 Supercheats - www.supercheats.com
                 1up - www.1up.com
    If you DO find it elsewhere, please inform me. If you would like to use 
    information contained in this FAQ or the whole FAQ itself, you may do so but 
    please credit me and the others who may have discovered the secrets.
    Also, if you notice that a more recent version of the FAQ is available on one
    of the above sites but hasn't been uploaded onto the other(s), please let me
    No matter how many versions I make, there will NOT be a final version at all.
    Besides showing what changes have been made since the previous version, the
    total no. of glitches, secrets, easter eggs and unobtainable/unconfirmed
    vehicles have also been specified.
    G - glitches
    S - secrets 
    EE - easter eggs
    U - unobtainable/unconfirmed vehicles
    BP - Bulletproof
    FP - Fireproof 
    EP - Explosionproof 
    DP - Damageproof.
    v1.0 - 26 December 2005 --> Started FAQ (10G,8S,12EE)
    v1.1 - 4 January 2006 --> Added the "versions" section
                              Added three more glitches:
                              - The no bike sound game glitch
                              - The drive destroyed car game glitch
                              - The ride through wall in Staunton Island game 
    v1.2 - 5 January 2006 --> Confirmed and updated the Bulletproof Patriot
                              Added the "Calm Before the Storm" helicopter glitch
                              Added the "Pick up hookers" secret
                              Added the "Unobtainable/Unconfirmed Bulletproofs"
                              - BP/FP/EP/DP Hellenbach GT
    v1.3 - 6 January 2006 --> Updated the San Andreas screenshot (of CJ)
                              Started the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) section
                              Added nine more easter eggs:
                              - CUNTFLAPS 
                              - Insinuation on the Radio 
                              - Handheld 
                              - Gurning Chimps 
                              - GTA self reference 
                              - Kill Bill reference 
                              - Lionel Hutz reference 
                              - Same brown bag
                              Fixed some spelling errors 
    v1.4 - 9 January 2006 --> Added five more easter eggs:
                              - Avenging Angels
                              - Maibatsu
                              - Mr Benn
                              - Fireman Sam
                              - Explains the change
                              Updated the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) section
                              Renamed the "Unobtainable/Unconfirmed Bulletproofs"
                              section as "Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicles" and
                              moved the Bulletproof Patriot to this section
                              Added one more unobtainable/unconfirmed vehicle:
                              - BP Stinger 
                              Fixed some more spelling errors
    v1.5 - 10 January 2006 --> Added one more easter egg:
                               - Mickey returns
                               Reconfirmed and moved the Bulletproof Patriot back
                               to the secrets section
    v1.6 - 12 January 2006 --> You can now find this FAQ at Supercheats.com also.
                               Added one more glitch:
                               - The 'chaffeur' glitch
                               Added one more Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicle:
                               - Bulletproof Triad Fish Van
                               Updated the "Take it to the skies" secret
                               Updated the Bulletproof Stinger
                               Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section
                               Fixed some more spelling mistakes and edited info
                               that has been posted here directly from emails
    v1.7 - 13 January 2006 --> Added two more Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicles:
                               - Bulletproof Angel
                               - Campaign Van
                               Updated the Avenging Angels glitch
    v1.8 - 15 January 2006 --> Updated the Avenging Angels glitch again
                               Removed the Bulletproof Angel and the Campaign Van
                               from the "Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicles"
                               section because the Campaign Van, which I thought 
                               was a unique vehicle actually spawns at Staunton
                               and the Angel, which someone told me was bullet
                               proof is not.
                               Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section
    v1.9 - 16 January 2006 --> Added one more Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicle:
                               - Fireproof Rumpo
                               Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section
    v2.0 - 20 January 2006 --> Added one more glitch:
                               - Death in the Car Crusher
                               Added one more secret:
                               - Vehicle bonuses
                               Added one more easter egg:
                               - No LCFR in GTA3
                               Updated the Bulletproof Patriot
                               Updated the "Pick Up Hookers" secret
                               Updated the "Easter Eggs" section
                               Renamed the "CUNTFLAPS" easter egg as
                               "C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S/C.U.N.T.L.I.P.S" and updated it
                               Renamed the "Bulletproof Stinger"(unobtainable/
                               unconfirmed vehicle) as "Bulletproof Car/Bike 
                               salesman vehicles" and updated it
    v2.1 - 8 February 2006 --> Finally, an update after more than two weeks.
                               I've been having some serious problems with my
                               system as well as with my ISP which was why I could
                               not update the FAQ in the last few weeks. 
                               My inbox is flooded with mails and it is possible
                               for me to overlook several mails which may have
                               valuable information. So if your contribution does
                               not make it into the FAQ, just send it over again.
                               *I REGRET ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY CAUSE YOU*
                               Added one more easter egg:
                               - Heartland Values with Nurse Bob
                               Added the "Rhino Tank mini-FAQ" section
                               Updated the Frequently Asked Questions section
    v2.2 - 10 February 2006 --> You can now find this FAQ at 1up.com also.
                                Updated the "Keep more than one vehicle in your
                                garage" glitch
                                Updated "The 'Chauffeur' Glitch"
                                Updated the "Rhino Tank mini-FAQ" section
    v2.3 - 13 June 2006 ------> Updated "The 'Chauffeur' Glitch"
                                Fixed some more spelling mistakes
    v2.4 - 2 July 2006 -------> Fixed a major misleading info about the 'Smiley
                                Face' easter egg.
    Most, if not all questions which have been asked more than once through emails
    will be added here. So before mailing me, make sure you check this section
    since this can save us some time and energy.
    Q. Are there helicopters/planes in this game? If so, where do I find them?
    A. Helicopters are in the game's coding, but unfortunately there are no known
       spawn locations because Rockstar removed them at the last moment. From what
       I heard, it's because most of the buildings do not have solid roofs(check
       the glitches section for more info), which is probably why they removed all
       aircrafts. But it is possible to use aircrafts using edisoncarter's cheat
       Planes are also in the game, and they too will need the cheat device to
       spawn. The only plane available is the Dodo.
    Q. What is this 'cheat device' I hear about? How/where can I get it?
    A. The cheatdevice is essentially a save file which gives you access to stuff
       that was removed plus enables some additional handy features like Video
       Edisoncarter made the cheatdevice and he constantly makes newer versions
       of it. Newer versions are obviously better and hence you should download
       The official site of the cheatdevice is: 
       For more info on the cheatdevice and its features, refer the site, it will
       help you more than I ever can.
    Q. What 'stuff' does the cheatdevice unlock?
    A. To start with, it allows you to modify codes such as the 'Spawn Rhino'
       cheat to spawn other vehicles, including aircrafts like the Hunter, VCN
       Maverick, Maverick and the Dodo.
       You can also modify the weather conditions(enable snow), change the time,
       enable powerjump and make the PSP run at 333Mhz.
       As newer versions are being released, more features are being developed so
       just download the latest version and refer the site for more details.
    Q. I can't find a Mr.Whoopie. Do you have any idea where I can find one?
    A. There are two methods you can use:
       1) Firetruck method
          Not only does this happen in this game, but in other GTAs too. During
          the Firetruck missions, the more rarer vehicles like the Mr.Whoopie and
          the Sindacco Argento seem to spawn as the vehicles on fire. This doesn't
          mean that all the vehicles which are on fire during the firetruck
          mission are rare vehicles, and this does not guarantee that you will
          be able to find the vehicle you're looking for but the probability is 
          very high.
       2) Scooter Shooter
          During the 'Scooter Shooter' side mission, some of the targets happen to
          be Mr. Whoopie trucks. If they're driving around anywhere near the alley
          where you start the mission, blast them immediately and then quit the
          mission. If their blown up carcass is left behind(hopefully!), you can
          push them all the way to your Portland safehouse's garage.
       3) Just use the cheat device and change the 'Spawn Rhino' cheat to spawn a 
          Mr. Whoopie.
    Q. I was just doing insane stunts at the airport when all of a sudden I went
       head first onto a plane. The screen went black and I respawned at another
       location and I lost the PCJ which I was riding. Isn't this a new glitch?
    A. Well, actually yes. This is a rather peculiar glitch. It doesn't just 
       happen when you collide onto a plane. It can happen even if you collide
       onto a building at a high speed. 
       But this problem occurs very rarely and it's sort of inexplicable in the
       sense that nobody knows how/why/when it happens. Personally, I've 
       encountered this problem in San Andreas a few times in over 200 hrs. of 
       gameplay. So it just happens rarely and unexpectedly which is why it's not
       considered to be a serious glitch.
    Q. Can I actually fly the helicopters which the cheatdevice spawns?
    A. Obviously, yes.
    Q. What are Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof vehicles?
    A. Vehicles which are immune to certain things.
       Bulletproofs - Immune to bullets fired from all sorts of pistols, shotguns,
                      sub-machine guns, assault rifles, minigun, predator minigun,
                      hunter chaingun. Windshields still break.
                      Hunter chaingun - built-in chaingun in a Hunter apache heli.
                      Predator Minigun - Built-in minigun in a predator boat.
       Fireproofs - Immune to flames, not to be confused with explosionproofs or
                    damageproofs. Only immune to flames generated by molotov 
                    cocktails and flamethrowers. Not the ones generated by
                    wrecking/bullets,rockets,grenades,satchels/vehicle explosions.
       Explosionproofs - Immune to rockets, grenades, satchels and vehicle
                         explosions. i.e. when a vehicle blows up nearby, your
                         vehicle will NOT be affected.
                         However, they still explode if they're wrecked.
       Damageproofs - Immune to physical damage. i.e crashing, melee attacks.
                      Windshields still break.
       Other specials - Some may have unique colour schemes, special wheels, paint
                        jobs which can't be found anywhere else. The Avenger and 
                        the Bulletproof Patriot are great examples.
       NOTE: 1) Some vehicles are may have one or even more of these properties.
             2) No matter how "special" these vehicles are, they still explode if
                they're toppled(up-side down).
             3) All of them blow up instantly like other vehicles when they come
                into contact with a Rhino(tank).
             4) If by chance, you lose them in the water, they're gone forever.
    Q. I found a new glitch or maybe a secret , I went  from my Staunton apartment
    using the V8 Ghost when unlocking the PCJ-600 and V8 by finishing the love
    media... so I went to Portland Using that car and suddenly there were V8
    ghosts driving around Portland...Is this normal?!
    A. Yes. This happens in all GTAs. It's in the game's coding to spawn vehicles
    of similar type. Vehicle spawns are affected by what type of vehicle you're
    driving, or even what vehicle you're driving.  
    Table Of Contents
    1. Bugs and Glitches
      -1.1 Double Ammunition
      -1.2 Helicopter with wheels
      -1.3 Keep more than one vehicle in your garage
      -1.4 Near Infinite sprint trick
      -1.5 Avenging angels glitch
      -1.6 Buildings without roofs
      -1.7 Max out ammo without visiting Ammunation
      -1.8 The no bike sound game glitch
      -1.9 The drive destroyed car game glitch
      -1.10 The ride through wall in Staunton Island game glitch
      -1.11 "Calm Before the Storm" Helicopter -- Flyable
      -1.12 The 'Chauffeur' glitch
      -1.13 Death in the Car Crusher
      -1.14 Cop memory loss?!
      -1.15 Police Brutality
      -1.16 Custom Tracks
    2. Secrets
      -2.1 Bulletproof PCJ-600
      -2.2 Bulletproof Stretch
      -2.3 Bulletproof Patriot
      -2.4 The Avenger* 
      -2.5 Bulletproof Landstalker*
      -2.6 Take it to the skies
      -2.7 $50 good citizen bonus
      -2.8 Loot the rich and get richer
      -2.9 Pick up hookers
      -2.10 Vehicle bonuses
    3. Easter Eggs
      -3.1 Snipe the moon
      -3.2 Madd Dogg's new album
      -3.3 Bully reference
      -3.4 Sonny Forelli - A Tribute
      -3.5 Smiley Face
      -3.6 San Andreas screenshot (of CJ)
      -3.7 The Mainframe - Cast
      -3.8 Didier Sachs, Zip and Binco ads
      -3.9 Candy Suxxx strips again
      -3.10 An "Evergreen" graveyard
      -3.11 Love Fist about to rock Las Venturas
      -3.12 Pulaski, is that you?
      -3.13 C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S/C.U.N.T.L.I.P.S
      -3.14 Insinuation on the Radio
      -3.15 Handheld 
      -3.16 Gurning Chimps
      -3.17 GTA self reference
      -3.18 Kill Bill reference
      -3.19 Lionel Hutz reference
      -3.20 Same brown bag
      -3.21 Bickle '76
      -3.22 Avenging Angels
      -3.23 Maibatsu/A.R.S.E.
      -3.24 Mr Benn
      -3.25 Fireman Sam
      -3.26 Explains the change
      -3.27 Mickey returns
      -3.28 No LCFR in GTA3
      -3.29 Heartland Values with Nurse Bob 
    4. Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicles
      -4.1 BP/FP/EP/DP Hellenbach GT
      -4.2 BP Car/Bike salesman vehicles
      -4.3 BP Triad Fish Van
      -4.4 FP Rumpo
    5. Rhino Tank mini-FAQ
    1. Bugs and Glitches
    Glitches are something that developers don't intend to put but somehow creep
    in unintentionally. Some of them make gameplay easier whereas some of them
    are really frustrating. This section contains all known glitches to date,
    no matter how "serious" they are.
    1.1 Double Ammunition
    It is possible to duplicate any amount of ammunition for a specific gun. This
    happens during any missions or odd jobs where you are driven by someone and
    have to shoot things with a crosshair and some type of automatic gun with
    unlimited ammo. Just have the gun in your inventory that you want to duplicate
    ammo selected before you start the mission or odd job. Certain missions where
    there is more than just the shooting part only require having the gun selected
    when you go into the shooting part of the mission. When the mission is
    completed or failed you should notice the selected gun has twice the initial
    1.2 Helicopter with wheels
    Take a helicopter to the Pay 'n' Spray in Portland and try to squeeze it in so
    the door will close without blowing up the helicopter. When the door reopens
    there will be wheels on the helicopter.
    1.3 Keep more than one vehicle in your garage 
    Normally you can only keep one vehicle in your garage due to the fact that if
    one vehicle is being stored the door will not open for the one you're in, so
    get out of your car (a bike works easier) and push it next to the garage 
    doors, when you get close enough it will open and let you push your vehicle
    into the garage. This is very handy when you want both a car and a bike at
    your fingertips.
    Marcel Rijkaart informed me of another method to do this. Here's what he had
    to say:
    "Park a car (van) below tha garagedoor preventing it from closing. That way 
    you can enter any car or motor you want. After you get into the car that 
    blocks the door move it into the garage and presto it will close with you 
    having several machines in your garage."
    NOTE: Though this glitch can be pretty useful, there's a chance that your
          vehicles might get "eaten" or in simple terms, vanish.
    1.4 Near Infinite Sprint Trick
    Just tap default X button to sprint instead of holding it down. You cycle the
    sprint so it's like you never start. This can be done at any time; whether
    during a mission or exploration.
    1.5 Avenging Angels glitch
    A common issue which causes players to start the whole mission again. When
    an avenging angel dies, the game asks the player to find another avenging
    angel and recruit them to continue. Though it is possible to find one,
    recruiting them is impossible. The same thing happens when you already have
    an avenging angel with you and you want more guys to join you. So the only
    time you can recruit an avenging angel is when you start the mission.
    To prevent this from happening, leave the avenging angel behind and do the
    mission. As your targets pop up on the screen, head over to the destinations
    and eliminate them, making sure that the avenging angel doesn't get into your
    vehicle. As long as the "original" avenging angel is alive, you'll continue
    to progress through the mission. There's no real drawback in doing this since
    the avenging angels are unarmed and are not of much help anyway.
    However, if you still want to take these guys with you, here are some tips
    you can follow, which will make it worth your while.
    1) Arming your angels 
    K Bub notified me of this method. Here's what he had to say:
    "Your angels can get weapons if the walk over them. The first weapon they pick
    up they'll keep to the death.  Lure them over the weapon that you want them 
    to have.  Any Hand gun, Submachine gun is good.  No shotguns because they have
    a tendency to shoot you. A common weapon to see dropped off by enemies is the
    Katana which is a excelent weapon of defense."
    I've tried the following method twice and I've been successful at both times.
    The first time I did it, it was in frustration, the second time it was 
    2)When you lose an avenging angel and need to recruit one more, just go find
    one. Since the glitch prevents you from recruiting him, he should just
    continue walking as if he never saw you. Using your fists, do a melee attack
    on the avenging angel(don't use a gun or more powerful melee weapons since
    they'll only do more damage to him and increase the probability of him
    getting killed). A punch or a kick will do. He should now start running away.
    Follow him and after a while, he should get tired and stop to breathe. Now go
    stand in front of him and he'll join you. You can use the same method to have
    more avenging angels join you.
    Also park a vehicle on the pavement/road so that it blocks his path when he
    tries to run away after doing a melee attack. This will make your job easier.
    Note: Though it has worked for worked for me, there's no guarantee that this
    will work everytime. As a precaution, leave the avenging angel behind and do
    the mission.
    Scott Harvie just emailed me about a weird glitch he encountered when doing 
    the avenging angels missions. Here's what he had to say:
    "When carrying out the Avenging Angels misson in Portland, running away from
    the other angel to keep him alive, the timer disappeared after level 1 was 
    finished. This game me loads of time to complete the 15 missons and obtain the
    bike.... BUT the timer returned reading 32 minutes and I found myself on level
    16! I completed levels up to 22 before before running out of armour. Health 
    icons don't respawn... apart from the one in the safe house."
    Again, such things are inexplicable. They just seem to happen randomly. Just
    like in missions like "Awol Angel" and "9mm Mayhem", though you do not have
    control over the driver, sometimes the driver dies on crashing onto a vehicle
    and you fail the mission after having done so well. So such things just happen
    randomly, so simply ignore them and try again."
    1.6 Buildings without roofs
    Not really a glitch but I happened to notice this when I was flying around
    Staunton Island in a Hunter (apache heli) using Edisoncarter's awesome
    cheat device. Most of the buildings don't have roofs when seen from above.
    Just try looking at the Stadium on Staunton Island when flying in a helicopter
    and you'll see something interesting. Could this be a reason why aircrafts
    were taken out?
    1.7 Max out ammo wihout visiting Ammunation
    Again, not a "standard" glitch but one worth mentioning due to the advantage
    it can give the player. It's more of a tip.
    To make use of this, you must have collected at least 10 hidden packages. 
    Assuming you have collected all 100 packages, you should have various weapons
    spawning outside your safehouse. But after you pick them up, it usually takes
    a while for them to respawn. But if you run into a save game icon in your
    safehouse and then run outside again, the weapons will have respawned
    regardless of whether you saved or cancelled the save. This can give you a
    significant advantage if you're stuck in one of the earlier missions and need
    superior firepower.
    1.8 The no bike sound game glitch
    When you steal a bike and the radio is on, there will be no noise from the
    bike when you go. 
    Note: This only works if you drive really fast. Once you brake, the radio 
    plays. Very common on PCJs.
    1.9 The drive destroyed car game glitch
    Find an automobile with a driver in it. Press Triangle to get in the car and
    immediately enable the "Destroy all cars" code. If done correctly, you 
    should be in the automobile, but it will be on fire. 
    Enable the "Full health" code to put the fire out. You can now do things 
    like in a normal car. If you take it to a Pay N Spray, the automobile will be
    fixed but still look burned. 
    1.10 The ride through wall in Staunton Island game glitch
    In the Rockford area, directly beside the hospital is a construction site. Get
    a PCJ 600 and ride it to the red bar at the construction site's entrance and 
    break it. Then, back up and then go fast as possible. Ramp up the dirt pile
    inside the construction site. Once you are on the first roof, jump over to the
    second roof while still on your bike. Then, go to the wall to your right and 
    ride slowly into it. Note: You may need to do this more than 
    once. If done correctly, you should fall into the wall. 
    When you are done falling, you will be in the unfinished 
    tunnels below. The only way to get exit is to die.
    1.11 "Calm Before The Storm" Helicopter -- Flyable
    In the mission, "Calm Before the Storm", you're supposed to follow Massimo who
    is in a helicopter. Just follow him until his second landing and then grab a
    bike, preferably a PCJ-600. Then simply floor it up the stairs and since you
    are on a vehicle, the next segment of the mission won't initiate, allowing
    you to use the helicopter.
    - This is the only time in the game where you can fly an aircraft "legally".
    - If you fly too far away from that area, you'll be wasted automatically.
    1.12 The 'Chauffeur' glitch
    A very rare and peculiar glitch which happened to Tim Puckett while he was 
    driving around. Here's what he had to say:
    "My car was smoking, but not on fire, when all of a sudden the computer took
    over.  The game controlled the driver for a good ten minutes before wrecking."
    And apparently, it seems Korey has also experienced the same, if not similar
    problem. Here's what Korey had to say:
    "Hi also like tim puckett i was  taken control of by sumthing fer a good 30 
    mins near the asian casino in staunton i had my shotgun out and he satrted 
    blasting random peds if it happens again ill record a video using cheat 
    device its the oddest thing but just wanted to let ya know."
    Alstroph was another player who witnessed the same glitch. Here's what he had
    to say:
    "I received the same glitch the first time I played the game. I went to
    steal a car by pressing Triangle. My main character got in the car and
    threw the driver out. Then I started driving, or I thought I was. When
    I tried to turn the car wouldn't turn... then I let go of X and my car
    was still driving. I used the camera to view the car and the driver
    was in there driving. It wasn't a taxi cab or a limo. Just a regular
    car. The driver was driving like a maniac... like he was trying to get
    away from me. It seemed that I could influence the way he drove a
    little bit, too. Like when I pushed right.. he went right ever so
    slightly so that he was on the sidewalk. Same thing with the right
    except he didn't go all the way to the sidewalk. I let this go on for
    about 5 or 6 minutes. Towards the end I kept pushing triangle over and
    over... and eventually my main character bailed from the car with the
    driver still in it. He tried to drive off... but I pulled him out and
    beat him senselessly."
    Here's Vincent Cecelia's story:
    "My car was taken over by a mysterious force, well technically it wasn't. Here
    is the story...I completed every story mission up until 8 ball and Donald 
    Love. I was driving a Pink Cheetah around Staunton Island. A little low on 
    health, I was looking to pick up a hooker. I honked the horn and she got into
     the car. Suddenly, opne of the car thieves (white guy, blue jeans, blue and 
    gray hoodie with long sleeves) came up to my car. He starts to pull my hooker 
    out of the car and by this time i am going like 85 down the street hitting 
    things to throw him off of the door or something (do you know how hard it is 
    to find a hooker? almost as hard as looking for an avenging angel). So anyways
     he pulls her out and gets into the passenger side. Here is where it gets 
    freaky. I don't get out of the car like I normally would. The thief bascially 
    sits in my lap or something and takes over the car. I was looking thorugh the 
    front window with the look behind view and I only saw that guy driving. Toni 
    was nowhere in sight but it seemed as though the guy was glitching through me.
    We (well rather he) drove have way across Staunton island before the game let
    me bail out. I couldn't turn, i couldn't brake nor powerslide. I couldn't 
    chnage radio stations. I lost all control of the car except looking back and 
    to the sides and things of that nature. My sound was turned way up so i could 
    hear my engine on the car clearly. Ironically, everytime i hit X, the engine 
    revved as if the car was going faster, which wasn't the case. I was  a hostage
    in a car i orignally carjacked. What goes around comes around i guess. I 
    thought i should mention." 
    So there you go. It seems very likely to me. And from Alstroph's info, it
    seems the player can even indirectly control the glitch. Vincent's example
    does seem similar to something that I've experienced a long time ago in San
    Andreas with one of my homies. None of us have any idea what causes this 
    glitch though. 
    1.13 Death in the Car Crusher
    It is possible to get Toni wasted by jumping into the Car Crusher, no matter
    how much health and armor he has. There are two ways to do this:
    1) Use the Powerjump feature of the cheatdevice and jump into the crusher.
    2) Get a Trashmaster and head to the dump. Park it behind the blue thing by 
       the crusher. Now go get the Perrenial parked there and park it by the 
       TRASH MASTER!!! NOT THE BACK!!! Jump on the perennial and then jump off it
       onto the front white part of the Trashmaster. Now get on the green part of
       the Trashmaster. Now jump on the blue thing (this might take a few tries.
       Jump when you're in the middle of the trashmaster's green thing when it's 
       Now look into the crusher, just blue scratched and rusted and gray on the
       bottom. Now JUMP IN!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! 
       You're feet and part of your legs sink into the gray part then 3 seconds 
       later... WASTED!!!
    There really is no point in doing this glitch, though. 
    1.14 Cop memory loss?!
    This only works if you have a one-star wanted level. If a cop is chasing you
    on foot with a nightstick in his hand, instead of attacking him and getting
    more heat on yourself, why not "transfer" it to someone else?
    When the cop chases you, go stand next to a ped in such a way that the cop
    inadvertently hits the ped. Believe me, it's a lot easier to do.
    The ped may either run away or attack the cop. If the ped attacks the cop,
    the cop will start beating the ped mercilessly. Often, the cop comes out on
    top because he's got a nightstick. And when he does, he won't chase you any
    more for some reason, unless you provoke him.
    Note: Other cops will still attack you as usual.
    1.15 Police Brutality
    Normally cops only pursue you on foot when you have a one-star wanted level.
    And they only use their nightsticks to attack you (for a one-star).
    But if you jump onto the top of a car, they'll start shooting at you. Jumping
    onto the road again won't solve the problem. It seems there IS a 'height' of
    patience after all.
    1.16 Custom tracks
    Not really a gameplay glitch, but certainly a big problem for many who had
    great expectations about this feature.
    This feature was added just before the game was released, so it doesn't seem
    to work as it should. It doesn't automatically detect MP3s on your memory
    stick and play them. However, there's a way to get your tracks to play.
    Requirements: Windows Media player, Nero Express, Daemon, Rockstar Custom
    1) Create a playlist in Windows Media and put all your desired MP3s in it.
    2) Select 'Copy to CD or device' and make sure you have all your songs ticked.
    3) You should see two dropdown menus on top. From the right one, choose
       'Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug In' and select copy.
    4) Save it as an image file in any destination folder, preferably 'My Music'.
    5) Using Daemon, select the image file you just created.
    6) Windows will prompt you to take an action, just select 'Take no action'.
    7) Now open Rockstar Custom Tracks and your tracks should be there. They'll
       be named sequentially as Track01, Track02,.....etc.
    8) You can edit details like album name, song name etc.
    9) Connect your PSP to your PC using the USB cable and select USB mode.
    10) Click the PSP icon to the left side of the window. A list will appear 
        asking you to which game you want to copy these tracks. Select 
        GTA: LCS(US) and RCT will convert your MP3s into .gta files(compression)
        and save them into the custom tracks folder which will be created 
    11) The next time you play the game, press start, select audio and
        then switch on custom tracks.
    -When the Custom Tracks feature is enabled, the in-game radio stations will be
    -There is no particular station in which your tracks are played as in previous
    games. Instead, the name of the song will be displayed and you can actually
    choose which track you want to play. 
    -There are no commercials between songs like in San Andreas.
    2. Secrets
    NOTE: You CANNOT have all unique vehicles in a single game save simply because
    there is not enough garage space. Although you can take advantage of the
    glitch which allows you to store more than one vehicle, it's much safer and
    convenient to choose which ones you really need and store them.
    2.1 Bulletproof PCJ-600
    In the mission,"Biker Heat", you'll have to chase down Wayne. Kill him when he
    is on the bike. Note that if he falls off the bike, it will lose its property.
    You can ride the bike and park it in your garage for a bulletproof PCJ-600.
    2.2 Bulletproof Stretch
    In the mission, "Search and Rescue", Salvatore will ask you to bring his
    bulletproof limo to a spot. All you have to do is drive the limo into your
    garage and once you're inside, you'll have to destroy the car without using
    guns. You'll automatically fail the mission when the car is destroyed. Allow
    the garage door to close and then let it open and you'll have your own
    bulletproof limo.
    2.3 Bulletproof Patriot 
    RLG found, confirmed and reconfirmed this vehicle.
    In the mission, "False Idols", you'll have to blow up three celebrities before
    they reach the LCFR mission. One of them travels in a helicopter, one of them
    travels in a limo and one of them travels in a Bulletproof Patriot.
    You'll be provided with a Rocket Launcher for this mission.
    Destroy the limo(and if you can, the chopper also) as quickly as possible. 
    Do not attack the Patriot yet. Wait for the celebrity to reach the LCFR
    station. Once he reaches the station, he'll get out of the vehicle and run
    towards the entrance of the station. Eliminate him(he has two bodyguards) to
    pass the mission. The Patriot will be locked though, so you'll have to push it
    to your garage. Use another vehicle to push it into your garage and allow
    the door to close. Then let it reopen and you'll have your new Bulletproof
    Patriot with its doors unlocked.
    If you're lucky and time your attack well, you might be able to get into the
    Patriot as soon as the celebrity gets out and before the door closes shut.
    I know that even in bulletproof cars, it is possible to snipe the driver, so
    you can just snipe the celebrity and he'll fall off leaving the door open.
    You can also blow up the Patriot during the mission using the Rocket Launcher
    and then push it to your garage. The vehicle somehow retains its property.
    Here's a tip from Geist0:
    "You need to be ON the Patriot. You also need to
    destroy the Stretch. So, destroy the Stretch first,
    then the Patriot. Use a Trashmaster to take the
    Patriot to your garage. When you notice that the
    helicopter is arriving at LCFR (check you map often),
    get out of the Trashmaster and jump to the top of the
    Patriot. The mission will be failed, and the Patriot
    will be the same way it was before. Then, just push it
    to your garage (it must be EMPTY, or it will eat
    the car). Save the game.
    Why Trashmaster?
    Because a normal car won't be strong enough. If you cheat often, use a Rhino."
    NOTE: This is the only yellow Patriot in the game. No other Patriot spawns in
          yellow and you can't get other Patriots resprayed in yellow, so this is
          indeed the most valuable unique vehicle of all and I recommend alloting
          your Staunton garage for this.
    2.3 The Avenger
    For passing the Avenging Angels mission in Portland, you'll receive this
    modified Angel with a unique paintjob as a reward. What's even more unique
    is that it's bulletproof. 
    Note that it only spawns once so you'll have to store in your garage if you
    want it.
    2.4 Bulletproof Landstalker
    For completing all the 'See the sight before your flight' missions, you'll
    receive this vehicle as a reward. 
    Note that it only spawns once so you'll have to store it in your garage if
    you want it.
    2.5 Take it to the skies
    It is possible to ride on those big planes that continuosly take off and land
    at the Francis International Airport. Just stand on top of one of those 
    yellow ramps near the runway and when a plane passes by, you can jump onto
    its wing and take a ride. Initially it can be quite challenging to stay on the
    wing without falling but after a few tries, you'll really start enjoying it.
    The location where these ramps are located is referred to as the "wing-surfing
    location" by the teleport feature of the cheatdevice. Have fun wing-surfing.
    2.6 $50 Good citizen bonus
    Just like in Vice City, you can receive $50 as reward for helping cops
    apprehend criminals on the street. Occasionally, you'll see cops chasing
    criminals on the street. Most of the time, these criminals happen to be
    gang members. No matter who they are, just do a melee attack on them and you
    should receive $50 as good citizen bonus. Note that unlike Vice City, if you
    attack them more than once, the cop will start chasing you.
    Also note that you cannot do this when you have a wanted level.
    2.7 Loot the rich and get richer
    In Chinatown, there's a bank near the 'Punk Noodles' restaurant. There are two
    ATMs at the bank which peds randomly operate every now and then. When you see
    a ped walking towards the ATM, wait for them to finish their transaction and
    then kill them. These peds happen to drop more money than others.
    This is very useful, particularly in the earlier stages of the game when you
    may not have enough money to buy weapons.
    2.8 Pick up hookers
    Not really a secret but something that's known to every GTA player.
    You can "recruit" hookers from all over the city and have sex with them. Make
    sure you have at least an average car or a sports car, anything from the
    Perennial to the Infernus will do. Just don't try it in a Rhino,lol. And no
    bikes either, which goes without saying.
    Occasionally, you should see hookers on the streets. Just stop near them and
    they should stand still for some time when they reach you and then get into
    your vehicle. They'll be seated in your vehicle and your cash will decrease
    penny by penny. You'll have to drive them to a secluded place, an area with a
    lot of trees works best. Once you're at the spot, just park your car there and
    you should hear some sounds of what is supposedly sex.
    When she's done, the hooker will get out of your car and walk away and your
    health bar will have risen.
    Hookers are much rarer in this game than in previous ones. Try finding one at
    the Red Light District, if there's no luck, try Staunton(near the movie
    theatres). There's always better chances of finding a hooker at night than
    during daytime.
    Note: You can simply kill the hooker and get your cash back. Well, maybe not
          all of it.
    2.10 Vehicle bonuses
    Another well known fact but could still be helpful to a few players.
    When you get into specific vehicles, you're given some bonuses. 
    Getting into a Police Car gives you a Shotgun with some shells.
    Getting into an Ambulance Van gives you a small health boost.
    Getting into an Enforcer Van gives you a complete body armor boost.
    Getting into a Taxi gives you $12.
    3. Easter Eggs
    Due to the low resolution textures, some easter eggs may not appear clearly
    when seen with the naked eye. I suggest you carry a camera with you and use
    it to zoom onto these objects to get a better picture. 
    To get a camera, make sure you have access to Shoreside Vale. Start the 'See
    the Sight before your Flight' mission and take the tourist to the spot. When
    he/she gets down from the car and runs to a spot, follow them and stand in
    the yellow marker. You will now be provided with the tourist's camera to
    take 3 photos of them. Instead of taking the photos, just leave the tourist
    there and drive away. After some time, you'll fail the mission for losing
    the tourist but you'll still have the camera.
    Foxhound suggests using a Sniper Rifle instead of a camera, which is a great
    idea because it's easier to get your hands onto a Sniper Rifle, especially
    if you've got the packages, than to get a camera. The Sniper Rifle also zooms
    in and out very well and is as handy as a camera.
    3.1 Snipe the moon
    Like in the previous GTAs, it is possible to change the size of the moon by
    using the sniper rifle. Each time you snipe it, its size changes.
    3.2 Madd Dogg's new album
    Behind Toni's safehouse in Portland, there's a billboard advertising the
    digitally remastered version of Madd Dogg's latest album. For those of you
    who are new to GTA, Madd Dogg is the rapper from San Andreas.
    3.3 Bully reference
    On the compound wall to the north side of the hospital (facing the road)
    at Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, there is a graffiti in red which reads,
    'Bully', which is one of Rockstar's other titles.
    3.4 Sonny Forelli - A Tribute
    Get to the payphone at Shoreside Vale which starts the 'Gangsta GP' bike race.
    Once you're there, walk a few feet north and on the wall, you should see a 
    large poster that reads, 'Sonny Forreli - A Real Story' and it even contains
    a picture. Also note that the word 'FORELLI' is spelt as 'FORRELI'. It looks
    like a movie based on Sonny Forelli. 
    3.5 Smiley Face
    On Staunton Island there is a parking lot on the top southwest corner. Look 
    for a white staircase inbetween the parking garage and the parking lot 
    entrances on the southside. Go up the staircase and jump on the short cement
    railing. Then turn east and jump up on the roof over looking the parking lot
    (Liberty City Tree Building) and run across the roof to the other side where
    you will see a courtyard. Jump down into the courtyard and run to the very 
    end of the courtyard to the northwest. Then on a wall at the end of a 
    courtyard has a white picture of a smiley face and says 'Hello Again'. This 
    is the same spot where in Grand Theft Auto III, where a sign says "You aren't
    supposed to be here."
    3.6 San Andreas screenshot (of CJ)
    When you enter Shoreside Vale using the Lift Bridge, you should a lot of
    billboards. Two of them show a guy in white clothes playing basketball.
    The guy in white is none other than CJ(Carl Johnson). The same picture was
    a screenshot for San Andreas. It's not very clear though, but those who have
    already seen the screenshot before should recognise it. For those of you
    who are new to GTA, CJ was the main character in San Andreas.
    Here are the links to both the pics so you can get a better idea.
    LCS poster: http://heretick.net/files/81_1134166836.png
    San Andreas screenshot: gta-sanandreas.com/screenshots/images/screen_55.jpg
    According to the pic, the screenshot is located somewhere at Bedford Point,
    so check there if you cannot find the one at Shoreside Vale, I don't think
    you'll miss it though.
    3.7 The Mainframe - Cast
    All the stars in 'The Mainframe' movie are peds from San Andreas. One of
    them is Barbara, the cop girlfriend from the game.
    3.8 Didier Sachs, Zip and Binco ads
    Didier Sachs - There are several posters of Didier Sachs on the walls of the
                   underground railway station at Shoreside Vale.
    Binco - In the Red Light District, Portland there is a billboard which 
            advertises Binco. It's pretty high so you'll not be able to see it
            from the ground. You'll have to see it either from the railway tracks
            or from the terrace of a building nearby.
    Zip - Randomly, Landstalkers seem to spawn with boxes advertising ZIP on the
          rear. Also there are several posters and billboards advertising ZIP
          around town. It seems ZIP is more eager to expand its markets than
          its rivals.
    For those of you who are new to GTA, Didier Sachs, Binco and ZIP are clothes
    shops from San Andreas.
    3.9 Candy Suxxx strips again
    There are several posters of Candy's new movie, 'Let me Bounce' at the Red
    Light District, and in some parts of Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.
    It's easy to spot the poster(a couple of breasts covered by a black bra)
    but to see her name, you'll need to focus your camera onto the top of the
    For those of you who are new to GTA, Candy is the pornstar from Vice City.
    3.10 An "Evergreen" Graveyard 
    As you progress through the storyline, you'll notice that most of the people
    you kill end up being buried in the graveyard behind the Church in Staunton.
    Not in the small yard where you meet Ned Burner but the bigger one which faces
    the road(this is a tourist location also). The graves of Vincenzo Cilli,
    Giovanni Casa and that of Paulie Sindacco are the most prominent. Paulie's 
    grave is the biggest and most prominent and it reads, "Paulie Sindacco - Viva
    Las Venturas Baby". So there's a Las Venturas reference as well.
    For those of you who are new to GTA, Las Venturas is one of the cities in San
    Andreas based on Las Vegas where the mob owned(maybe they still own) a casino
    called Caligula's in 1992.
    3.11 Love Fist about to rock Las Venturas
    When you enter Shoreside Vale using the Lift Bridge, there is a left turn on 
    the road which leads to Francis International Airport. As soon as you take the
    turn, you should see a huge billboard displaying a poster of Love Fist. It's
    also mentioned that they will be performing live at the Four Dragons Casino 
    in Las Venturas, the upcoming winter.
    For those of you who are new to GTA, The Four Dragons Casino is a Triad based
    casino owned by Wu Zi Mu, Carl Johnson and Ran Fa Li in San Andreas. It's 
    also Caligula's rival casino.
    3.12 Pulaski, is that you?
    There's a movie poster on a billboard at Shoreside Vale, the same place where
    you see the San Andreas screenshot. The name of the movie is 'L.S. Backdoor'.
    One of the faces on the poster resembles that of officer Eddie Pulaski from
    San Andreas. Use a camera to observe this. I know he's dead but it's just a
    movie, so maybe there is a character in that movie based on Pulaski, just like
    Sonny Forelli.
    3.13 C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S/C.U.N.T.L.I.P.S
    Also known as C.U.N.T. A group formed to get rid of the internet. Aiming to
    protect children from pornography, perverts and how to make nuclear bombs.
    They also have a little saying:
    C - Citizens               | Here's Foxhound's interpretation of the acronym:
    U - United                 | C - Citizens
    N - Negating               | U - United
    T - Technology             | N - Negating
    F - For                    | T - Technology for
    L - Life                   | LI - LIfe and
    A - And                    | P - People's
    P - People's               | S - Safety
    S - Safety                 |
    In the C.U.N.T. email address JT could stand for Jack Thompson, for one that
    is his job; to protect children from the internet and games.
    Website: www.citizensunitednegatingtechnology.org
    email: JT@citizensunitednegatingtechnology.org
    3.14 Insinuation on the Radio
    On the C.U.N.T. website is an audio ad featuring a man who is found naked by a
    mother in her son's room. Bisexual pedophile Jack Thompson is the combined
    message. So you know where this goes from here...
    Note: The same audio segment is played on the radio as an ad to keep off the
    3.15 Handheld
    There are several posters throughout Liberty City, especially at the Red
    Light District advertising 'Pam Stroker in - Handheld' which is obviously
    referring to the fact that LCS is on the PSP handheld console.
    3.16 Gurning Chimps
    On Head Radio, the presenter(Michael Hunt) talks about meeting the 'Gurning
    Chimps', a british rock group mentioned in the San Andreas Introduction disc.
    He also talks about Maccer throwing up all over them. If you've played SA, 
    you'll who that Maccer is the englsih guy who likes to 'touch' himself very
    3.17 GTA self reference
    In Staunton, as you come out of Phil Cassidy's gun shop on the east side the
    street just south has a massive lit up billboard and one of the things
    scrolling across is: "GRAND THEFT PORTO - OUT NOW"
    Obviously a self reference where Porto refers to Portable.
    3.18 Kill Bill reference
    After the "Crazy 69" mission, where you're sent out to the park to go on a 
    killing spree, you are given the 'Dragon Jumpsuit' which looks the same as the
    one in Kill Bill.
    3.19 Lionel Hutz reference
    The name that Sal gives his fictional lawyer is "Lionel". Possible Simpsons
    "Lionel Hutz" the lawyer reference?
    3.20 Same brown bag
    In the beginning cutscene, Toni's brown suitcase is the same one with the R*
    logo on it, which was used in San Andreas multiple times.
    3.21 Bickle '76
    The vehicle you get after dropping off 100 passengers is the Bickle '76, named
    for Travis Bickle from the movie, "Taxi Driver" released in 1976.
    3.22 Avenging Angels
    They're actually based on a anti-crime group in New York called the 'Guardian
    3.23 Maibatsu/A.R.S.E.
    These two groups are ordering for a ban on motorcycles by releasing petitions.
    Obviously, they get enough signatures since this could explain why there are
    no motorcycles in 2001(GTA3).
    3.24 Mr Benn
    Mr Benz is the costume shop in the game from where you get the Tuxedo and the 
    Lawyer outfits. In reality, Mr Benn was a classic TV series where Mr Benn
    would visit a costume shop. He would try on a set of clothes and leave the
    changing room through a second door and into an adventure themed around the
    Source: www.toonhound.com/mrbenn.htm
    3.25 Fireman Sam 
    The name of the fireman in the multiplayer mode is Sam. Fireman Sam is another
    long running kids show, just like Mr. Benn.
    Source: www.firemansam.co.uk/home.php
    3.26 Explains the change
    Maria, Ma Cipriani and Sal keep pressuring Toni saying he's too skinny. This
    could explain why he has gained so much weight by 2001(in GTA3).
    3.27 Mickey returns
    Mickey, Luigi's bodyguard in GTA3, makes a return in the mission,"A Made Man".
    3.28 No LCFR in GTA3
    Lazlow makes a reference to making a deal with Donald Love in his show about
    taking C-Box 24/7 which can explain why there's no LCFR in GTA 3, but there is
    a Chatterbox station.
    3.29 Heartland Values with Nurse Bob
    The "Heartland Values" program plays on LCFR. The program's objective is to 
    help people fix problems in their lives, although it doesn't quite do it due
    to the amount of humour involved. This program seems to be based on a real 
    life popular TV show, "Dr.Phil" where Dr.Phil would help people fix problems 
    in their lives. What makes it even more obvious is that the presenter
    is a nurse. Furthermore, Nurse Bob even has that familiar Texas accent of Dr.
    4. Unobtainable/Unconfirmed vehicles
    This section lists unique vehicles which can either not be obtained or haven't
    been confirmed. The purpose of doing this is to make readers aware of these
    unique vehicles and at the same time, make them aware that they are not 
    available or have not been confirmed. Hopefully, this will encourage many to 
    try and find a method to obtain them or confirm them. Once a unique vehicle 
    has been confirmed, it will be moved to the secrets section.
    Please don't suggest any methods involving cheats to obtain any of these
    vehicles since not only is cheating bad, but you can easily have tons of 
    proofed vehicles with edison's cheat device and there really isn't any point.
    4.1 Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Hellenbach GT
    This is the car which you must respray during the "Snuff" mission for Vincenzo
    in which you'll have to pop few Sindaccos at a construction site in Hepburn
    Heights. The "Sindacco Heavy" will be standing next to this vehicle and when 
    you kill him, you'll be able to take his cell phone. 
    If you take his cell phone, JD will call you and ask you to take the car to
    a spray shop and respray it and the vehicle will lose its properties.
    The only time the vehicle as its properties is before you take the cell phone.
    So you'll have to somehow take this car to your garage and fail the mission
    without taking the cell phone.
    But there are a lot of problems:
    1) The car is locked.
    2) It doesn't move no matter what you do, whether you try pushing it yourself
       or with a vehicle.
    3) Considering you've got the car to your garage safely, the only way to fail
       the mission and to keep the car would be to get wasted, in which case the
       car may vanish.
    4.2 Bulletproof Car/Bike salesman vehicles
    Dark Rampage says he managed to store a Bulletproof Stinger from the car
    salesman missions. Although it doesn't seem likely, it's worth a try.
    Here's what he had to say:
    "hey i accidently found a bullet proof stinger no joke i dont know exactly
    how i got it but i remember it was from the car sales man mission. I think 
    i took the car and parked it into my garage and left dont remmber it well but
    yea i even shot it with a rocket launcher i would take a screen shot just dont
    know how"
    NOTE: He emailed me saying it was bulletproof. But he says he tested a 
          rocket launcher on it and it didn't explode, so it could be 
          explosionproof too.
    Here's what Dark Rampage had to say after further testing:
    "ok after serious testing I have come to the conclusion that its a serious 
    glitch because the car/bike in the salesman mission are bulletproof but once
    you cancel the mission its not bulletproof so im guessing i just got lucky"
    In other words, not only this Stinger but all vehicles involved with the 
    Salesman Mission are proofed but cannot be obtained. But Dark Rampage just got
    lucky with the Stinger.
    4.3 Bulletproof Triad Fish Van
    Geist0 informed me about this. And Geist0, I'm very sorry I overlooked your
    previous email about this.
    In the mission, "Big Rumble in Little China", the game tells you that the van
    is bullet-proof. But you can't take it because:
    1) Once the Triads get out of the car, it begins to
    burn and explode after. You could take it to your
    garage, but it's taller than your garage, causing your
    garage to eat it.
    2) If you snipe one of the Triads, the other will get
    out, what leads to problem number 1.
    3) You could explode it with your Rocket Launcher or
    with your Rhino, but, again, the van won't fit in your
    garage, and it will be eaten.
    4.4 Fireproof Rumpo
    PADMAN says one of the Rumpos in the mission, "Friggin' the Riggin'" is 
    fireproof. In this mission, you'll have to burn down some equipment using a
    flamethrower. At the location, a few Rumpos are already parked. However, these
    are NOT fireproof. 
    When you have burned down a few tracts, another wave of enemies will arrive in
    a Rumpo and park it INSIDE the factory. This is the Fireproof Rumpo.
    The only reason why this has found its place in this section is because PADMAN
    hasn't confirmed whether the vehicle loses its properties after a while or
    after storing, or if it gets eaten. As soon as I get confirmation, it'll be
    shifted to the secrets section.
    5. Rhino Tank mini-FAQ
    Before you read this section, you must know that this section only gives you a
    few tips on getting a Rhino Tank without 100%, how you can store it, and how
    you can use it to your advantage. I won't go into much detail on this since
    there's already a well done Rhino Tank FAQ by Azraelot for GTA3 on GameFAQs.
    Having that said, some information may vary since both are different games,
    but most of it is relevant. This section contains some tips either sent to me 
    or written by me to get your hands onto a Rhino, store it and use it to ease 
    your gameplay. 
    Getting a Rhino
    * Steal one from the army when they chase you in Rhinos and Barracks once you
    have a six-star wanted level.
    * During the 'Shogun Showdown' mission, once you have stolen the Rhino, drive
    8 Balls to rig it and then take it to your garage and detonate it. You'll pass
    the mission for destroying the Tank. Now allow the garage door to close and
    reopen and you'll have your Rhnio repaired and well to go.
    Storing/Maintaining your Rhino
    * The Tank does not fit into the Portland safehouse's garage. It does fit into
    the Staunton and Shoreside safehouse garages. However, it's a little difficult 
    to barely squeeze it in and out of the Shoreside garage, which involves some
    time and damages the tank(when bringing it outside), so it is recommended you
    store your tank(s) at the Staunton garage only.
    * The tank is always Bulletproof/Explosionproof. It's not damageproof but it
    can take a LOT of beating. The vehicles it blows up on contact do not damage
    it. However, already destroyed vehicles, other Rhinos, and all other sorts of
    obstacles(except peds of course) can damage the Tank. 
    * Just like other vehicles, the Rhino starts smoking white if it's damaged.
    When the damage is a little serious, it starts to smoke greyish white. When
    the damage is critical, it smokes completely black and it sets up on flames
    when it's about to blow.
    * The Rhino is a law enforcement vehicle and cannot be repaired at Pay 'n'
    Sprays. However, as you destroy targets during the vigilante mission, you'll
    notice that the Tank automatically heals itself. This holds true for other
    law enforcement vehicles and Ambulances(during Paramedic missions).
    * The door happens to be the Rhino's most vulnerable part. It can be damaged
    relatively easily and cops can easily bust you without having to open the
    Missions that can be made easier
    * Vigilante, since you don't need to worry about your ammo or about your
    vehicle being destroyed(unless you suck at driving).
    * Avenging Angel missions since you don't have to worry about your vehicle
    being damaged. Also you can take down targets by using the Rhino's cannons.
    This is useful, particularly with those targets in cars. Note that the Rhino
    is a little slower than the average vehicle, so you may have to worry about
    the time factor here. Also, targets can pull you and/or your partner out with
    ease and start attacking, again because the Rhino is slow.
    Individual readers/users who were helpful:
    Hotsuma_Son - Double Ammunition (glitch), Near infinite sprint trick (glitch)
    prestonpond - Helicopter with wheels (glitch)
    kts123 - Keep more than one vehicle in your garage (glitch)
    chuckflip53 - Bulletproof PCJ-600 (secret)
    Davidkakish - Bulletproof Stretch (secret)
    DV morpheous - Snipe the moon (Easter Egg)
    LAPD 85 - Smiley face (Easter Egg)
    RLG - Bulletproof Patriot (secret)
    Dark Rampage - Bulletproof Stinger (unobtainable/unconfirmed vehicle)
    Tim Puckett - The 'chauffeur' glitch (glitch)
    Geist0 - Bulletproof Triad Fish Van(unobtainable/unconfirmed vehicle),
             Bulletproof Patriot(secret)
    Scott Harvie - Avenging Angels glitch (glitch) 
    K Bub - Avenging Angels glitch (glitch)
    PADMAN - Fireproof Rumpo (unobtainable/unconfirmed vehicle)
    Foxhound - C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S/C.U.N.T.L.I.P.S (Easter Egg),
               No LCFR in GTA3 (Easter Egg),
               Suggested using a Sniper Rifle's scope to look for secrets instead
               of using a camera
    Lee Strudwick - Rhino Tank mini-FAQ
    Marcel Rijkaart - Keep more than one vehicle in your garage (glitch)
    Korey - The 'Chauffeur' glitch (glitch)
    Alstroph - The 'Chauffeur' glitch (glitch)
    Vincent Cecelia - The 'Chauffeur' glitch (glitch)
    Thanks to Otacon Pliskin, Paul Robinson and RLG once again for confirming that
    the Campaign Rumpo can be stored in a garage. However, they also notified me
    that the vehicle spawns permanently at Staunton, so it isn't a unique vehicle
    after all. Thanks anyways.
    Resource sites and forums:
    GameFAQs - For hosting such a great site and FAQ database
    Supercheats.com - For hosting such a great site and FAQ database
    1up.com - For hosting such a great site and FAQ database
    Gamespot - Great message boards and users who were helpful
    GTAPSP.com - Great resource site and forums/users who were helpful
    GTAforums.com - Great message boards and users who were helpful
    thelcs.com - The "Calm Before the Storm" helicopter (glitch)
    Copyright 2005-2006 Sundar Subramaniam

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