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    UMK3 FAQ/Movelist by OmegaMustard

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    GAME: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - MK Armageddon Premium Edition Bonus Feature
    By: Kenneth Stubbs (Omegamustard)
    Email: omegamustard1@yahoo.com
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    You have been chosen to represent the Earth in Mortal Kombat.  Be
    warned.  for although your souls are safe from Shao Kahn's evil:  Your
    lives are not.  I can no longer interfere as your Earth is now ruled by
    the Outworld gods.
                                    --These are the words of Raiden
    I.     The Plot
    II.    PS2 Button Translation
    III.   Fatalites (Rules and Regulations)
    IV.    Modes of Play
    V.     Characters
     V-A.   Kitana
     V-B.   Reptile
     V-C.   Sonya Blade
     V-D.   Jax (Major Jackson Briggs)
     V-E.   Nightwolf
     V-F.   Jade
     V-G.   Scorpion
     V-H.   Kano
     V-I.   Mileena
     V-J.   Ermac
     V-K.   Classic Sub-Zero
     V-L.   Sub-Zero
     V-M.   Sektor
     V-N.   Sindel
     V-O.   Stryker (Kurtis)
     V-P.   Cyrax
     V-Q.   Kung Lao
     V-R.   Kabal
     V-S.   Sheeva
     V-T.   Shang Tsung
     V-U.   Liu Kang
     V-V.   Robo Smoke
     V-W.   Human Smoke
     V-X.   Motaro
     V-Y.   Shao Khan
     V-Z.   Noob Saibot
     V-AA.  Rain
    VI.    Victory Screens
    VII.   Secrets
    VIII.  Closing Statements
    *Number 1 Question I Get A Lot Is*
    UMK3 is only available on the Premium Edition of MKA on the PS2.  If
    you have an Xbox, you must download the game on the Live Arcade.  
    There are not other ways to getting the game, it is not an unlockable.
    It is found under the Extras Menu on the main menu.
    I.  The Plot
         For centuries Earth has used Mortal Kombat to defend itself against
    the Outworld's emperor, Shao Kahn.  But Kahn grows frustrated by failed
    attempts at taking Earth through tournament battle.  He enacts a plan which
    began 10,000 years ago.
         During this time Shao Kahn had a queen.  Her name was Sindel, and
    her young death was unexpected.  Kahn's shadow priests, led by Shang
    Tsung, make it so Sindel's spirit would someday be reborn:  not on the
    Outworld, but on the Earth Realm itself.
         This unholy act gives Shao Kahn the power to step through the
    dimensional gates and reclaim his queen, thus enabling him to finally
    seize the Earth Realm.
         Upon breaching the portal into Earth, Shao Kahn slowly transforms
    the planet into a part of the Outworld itself.  Kahn strips the Earth of
    all human life:  claiming every soul as his own.  But there are souls
    which Kahn cannot take.  These souls belong to the warriors chosen to
    represent Earth in a new Mortal Kombat.  The remaining humans are
    scattered throughout the planet.  Shao Khan sends an army of fierce 
    Outworld warriors to find and eliminate them.
    II.  PS2 Button Translation - Basic Controller Setting
    High Punch (HP)           - Square
    Low Punch (LP)            - X
    High Kick (HK)            - Triangle
    Low Kick (LK)             - O
    Block (BL)                - R1 or R2
    Run  (R)                  - L1 or L2
    Uppercut (Down+HP)        - Down+Square
    Crouching Punch (Down+LP) - Down+X
    Crouching Kick (Down+LK)  - Down+O
    Sweep (Back+LK)           - Back+O
    Roundhouse (Back+HK)      - Back+Triangle
    Diving Punch (Flip+Punch) - Up+Forward+Punch(HP or LP)
    Diving Kick (Flip+Kick)   - Up+Forward+Kick (HK or LK)
    Hop Kick (Up+Kick)        - Up+Kick (HK or LK)
    Hop Punch (Up+Punch)      - Up+Punch (HP or LP)
    Down  (D)                 - Down
    Up   (U)                  - Up
    Back (B)                  - Back
    Forward (F)               - Forward
    Move                      - D-Pad or Left Control Stick
    Pause                     - Start
    Ultimate Menu             - Select
    III.   Fatalites (Rules and Regulations)
    Basic finishing moves, every character has two of their own fatalities.
    Is a way you can do one of two things, give your opponent another chance 
    or use it to perform an Animality.
    To do a mercy:  1.  Win on the third round.
                    2.  Perform the following joystick/button movements:
                  Hold Run,then while holding Run, press Down, Down and release.
    Animalities are finishing moves that let you turn into an animal and finish 
    your opponent off.
    To do an Animality:  1.  Perform a Mercy on the opponent.
                         2.  Defeat them again.
                         3.  Perform the proper joystick/button movements.
    Stage Fatalities
    Stage Fatalities are fatalities where you can finish your opponent off 
    in a death trap in the stage environment.
    To do a Stage Fatality: 1.Defeat your opponent on one of the special stages.
                            2.Perform the proper button combinations.
    Stages: The Pit III, The Subway, Scorpion's Lair, Shao Kahn Tower
    Babalities are finishing moves where you can change your opponent 
    into a baby.
    To perform a Babality:  1.  Complete your winning round WITHOUT using Block.
                            2.  Perform the proper button combinations.
    Friendships are a way to show your opponent some love instead of killing them.
    To perform Friendship 1.Complete your second winning round without using Block.
                          2.Perform the proper button combinations.
    Brutalities are finishing moves that causes you to push a lot of buttons 
    to beat your opponent to death.
    To perform a Brutality  1. Wait till it comes up to the Finish Him/Her Screen.
                            2. Perform the proper button combinations.
    IV.    Modes of Play
    You are offered three modes of play, keeps things exciting.
    Mode 1 is basic One On One
    - This is basic Versus, if you don't have two players, you can play 
    the computer. The computer is pretty tough, so be prepared.
    Mode 2 is Two On Two Endurance
    - This is more exciting, it requires two players, Each player selects two 
      fighters, while playing, once the first fighter runs out of health, 
      the second fight joins fight.
    Mode 3 is an Eight Player Tournament
    - This mode requires eight players.  The winner of this Tournament 
      gets to select a prize from Shao Khan's Treasure Vault and gets 
    bragging rights unless money is involved.
    Arcade Mode - is playing the computer
    - Novice
    - Warrior
    - First Master
    - Second Master
    V.     Characters
    V-A.   Kitana
    Kitana is accused of treason by the High Courts of Outworld after
    murdering her evil twin, Mileena.  Shao Kahn takes it upon himself to
    appoint a group of warriors specifically to catch his daughter and bring
    her back alive.  But Kitana must find a way to reach the newly crowned
    Queen Sindel first and warn her of their true past.
    Fan Throw: F-F-HP+LP
    Fan Lift: B-B-B-HP
    Aerial Punch: D-B-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Head Chop):B-D-F-F-HK(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Kiss of Death): RN-RN-BL-BL-LK(Close Range)
    Babality: F-F-D-F-HK
    Friendship(Blow Bubbles): D-B-F-F-LP
    Stage Fatality: F-D-D-LK
    Animality: Rabbit  D,D,D,RN (one step)
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, B+HK
    4-hit(25%): HP, HP, B+LP, F+HP
    V-B.   Reptile
    Always a reliable servant to Shao Kahn, Reptile is chosen to assist
    Jade in the capture of Kitana.  In contrast to Jade's instructions,
    Reptile is ordered to stop the renegade Princess at all costs...even if
    it means her death.
    Acid Spit: F-F-HP
    Slow Force Ball: B-B-HP+LP
    Fast Force Ball: F-F-HP+LP
    Rushing Elbow: B-F-LK
    Invisibility: Hold BL(U-D-HK)
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Snake Food): B-F-D-BL(Half Screen)
    Fatality 2(Acid Puke): F-F-U-U-HK(Sweep)
    Babality: F-F-B-D-LK
    Friendship(Jack-in-a-Box): D-F-F-B-HK(Close Range)
    Stage Fatality: BL-RN-BL-BL
    Animality: Chimpanzee  D,D,D,U,HK (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, D+LP
    3-hit(21%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(24%): HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    V-C        Sonya Blade
    Sonya disappears in the first tournament, but is later rescued from
    the Outworld by Jax.  After returning to Earth, she and Jax try to warn
    the U.S. Government of the looming Outworld Menace.  Lacking proof, they
    watch helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion.
    Energy Rings: D-F-LP
    Leg Grab: D+LP+BL
    Flying Punch: F-B-HP
    Bicycle Kick: B-B-D-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Kiss of Death): B-F-D-D-RN(Anywhere)
    Fatality 2(Purple Haze): Hold BL+RN(U-U-B-D)(Full Screen)
    Babality: D-D-F-LK
    Friendship(Flowers): B-F-B-D-RN
    Stage Fatality: F-F-D-HP
    Animality: Hawk  hold LP B,F,D,F rel. LP (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, U+LP
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, LK, B+HP
    5-hit(??%): HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP
    6-hit(31%): HK, HK, HP, HP, LP, B+HP
    V-D      Jax (Major Jackson Briggs)
    After failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld
    invasion, Jax begins to covertly prepare for future battle with Kahn's
    minions.  He fits both arms with indestructible bionic implants.  This is
    a war Jax is prepared to win.
    Single Missile: B-F-HP
    Double Missile: F-F-B-B-HP
    Backbreaker: BL(in air)
    Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP(tap LP repeatedly for additional hits)
    Quad Slam: Throw(tap HP repeatedly for additional hits)
    Ground Pound: Hold LK for a few seconds, then release
    Dashing Punch: F-F-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Arm Slice): Hold BL(U-D-F-U)(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Foot Stomp): RN-BL-RN-RN-LK(Half Screen)
    Babality: D-D-D-LK
    Friendship(Jump Rope): LK-RN-RN-LK
    Stage Fatality: D-F-D-LP
    Animality: Lion  hold LP F,F,D,F rel. LP (close)
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, BL, LP
    5-hit(24%): HP, HP, BL, LP, B+HP
    6-hit(31%): HK, HK, Hold D(HP-HP-BL-LP)
    7-hit(33%): HK, HK, Hold D(HP-HP-BL-LP), B+HP
    V-E        Nightwolf
    Works as a historian and preserver of his people's culture.  When
    Kahn's portal opens over North America, Nightwolf uses the magic of his
    shamen to protect his tribe's sacred land.  This area becomes a vital
    threat to Kahn's invasion of the Earth.
    Arrow: D-B-LP
    Shield: B-B-B-HK
    Green Dash: F-F-LK
    Red Dash: B-B-F-HK
    Hatchet Uppercut: D-F-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Moon Beam): U-U-B-F-BL(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Lightning): B-B-D-HP(Half Screen)
    Babality: F-B-F-B-LP
    Friendship(Rayden Transform): RN-RN-RN-D
    Stage Fatality: RN-RN-BL
    Animality: Wolf  F,F,D,D (close)
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(21%): HP, HP, LP, LP
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, LP, B+HK(alternatively use Hatchet Uppercut)
    5-hit(27%): LK, HP, HP, LP, B+HK(alternatively use Hatchet Uppercut)
    V-F      Jade
    When the renegade Princess Kitana makes her escape into the unknown
    regions of Earth, Jade is appointed by Shao Kahn to bring his daughter
    back alive.  Once a close friend of the Princess, Jade is faced with the
    task of betraying her friend or disobeying her Emperor.
    High Boomerang: B-F-HP
    Low Boomerang: B-F-LK
    Straight Boomerang: B-F-LP
    Returning Boomerang: B-B-F-LP
    Glow Kick: D-F-LK
    Invincibility: B-F-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Crazy Shake): U-U-D-F-HP(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Staff Impale): RN-RN-RN-BL-RN(Close Range)
    Babality: D-D-F-D-HK
    Friendship(Pogo Stick): B-D-B-B-HK
    Stage Fatality: B-F-D-RN
    Animality: Kat  F,D,F,F,LK (close)
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, B+HK
    7-hit(25%): HP, HP, D+LP, LK, HK, B+LK, B+HK
    V-G      Scorpion
    When Shao Kahn makes a failed attempt at stealing the souls which
    occupy Earth's hell, Scorpion is able to make his escape.  Now free to
    roam the Earth once more, Scorpion holds no allegiance to no one.  He's a
    wild card in the Earth's struggle against the Outworld.
    Spear: B-B-LP
    Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
    Air Throw: BL in air
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Multiple Scorpions): F-F-D-U-RN(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Fire Breath): D-D-U-HK(Outside Sweep)
    Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
    Friendship(Skull-in-a-Box): B-F-F-B-LK(Close Range)
    Stage Fatality: F-U-U-LP
    Animality: Penguin  F,U,U,HK (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, U+LP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, LK
    4-hit(24%): HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    V-H      Kano
    Kano is thought to have been killed in the first tournament.
    Instead, he is found alive in the Outworld where he again escapes capture
    by Sonya.  Before the actual Outworld invasion, Kano convinces Shao Kahn
    to spare his soul.  Kahn needs someone to teach his warriors how to use
    Earth's weapons.  Kano is the man to do it.
    Knife Throw: D-B-HP
    Knife Uppercut: D-F-HP
    Strangle Hold: D-F-LP
    Air Throw: BL in air
    Cannonball: Hold LK for 3 seconds, release
    Diagonal Cannonball: F-D-F-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Skeleton Rip): Hold LP(F-D-D-F)(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Eye Laser): LP-BL-BL-HK(Sweep)
    Babality: F-F-D-D-LK
    Friendship(Bubble Gum): LK-RN-RN-HK
    Stage Fatality: U-U-B-LK
    Animality: Spider  hold HP BL,BL,BL rel. HP (close)
    2-hit(15%): LK, LP
    3-hit(18%): LK, D+LP, D+HP -or- HP, HP, D+HP
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, B+HK
    5-hit(26%): HP, HP, HK, LK, B+HK
    V-I      Mileena
    Murdered by her twin sister Kitana, Mileena finds herself
    brought back to life by Shao Kahn himself. Her skills as a
    vicious fighter will be needed to defeat Earth's chosen warriors.
    Her ability to read the thoughts of her twin sister will enable
    Kahn to stay on step ahead of time.
    Sai Throw: Hold HP for 2 seconds, release
    Teleport Kick: F-F-LK
    Roll Attack: B-B-D-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Man-Eater): D-F-D-F-LK(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Million Nails): B-B-B-F-LK(Far)
    Babality: D-D-F-F-HP
    Friendship(Unfriendly Mirror): D-D-B-F-HP
    Stage Fatality: D-D-D-LP
    Animality: Skunk  F,D,D,F,HK (close)
    3-hit(16%): HK, HK, D-F-LK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, U+LP, D+HP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, U+LK, D+HK
    5-hit(24%): HP, HP, HK, HK, D-F-LK
    6-hit(30%): HP, HP, HK, HK, U+LK, U+HK
    V-J       Ermac
    An enigma to all who come into contact with him, Ermac's
    past remains shrouded in mystery. It's believed that he exists
    as a life force brought together by the souls of extinguished
    Outworld warriors. Shao Kahn has managed to take possession
    of these souls, and use them to fight of the side of tyranny.
    Green Bolt: D-B-LP
    Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
    Telekenetic Slam: B-D-B-HK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Head Decap): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Multiple Slam): D-U-D-D-D-BL(Sweep)
    Stage Fatality: RN-RN-RN-RN-LK
    4-hit(19%): HP, HP, B+LP, D-F-LP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, B+HK
    5-hit(24%): HP, HP, B+LP, HK, F+LK
    V-K      Classic Sub-Zero
    Freeze: D-F-LP
    Ground Freeze: D-B-LK
    Ground Slide: B+LP+BL+LK
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Fade To Black): D-D-D-F-HP (Close Range)
    Stage Fatality: F-D-F-F-HP
    3-hit(19%): LK, B+HK, F+LK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP
    5-hit(26%): HP, HP, LK, B+HK, F+LK
    V-L     Sub-Zero
    The ninja returns unmasked. He was betrayed by his own clan,
    the Lin Kuei. He broke sacred codes of honor by leaving his clan
    and is marked for death. But, unlike the ninja, his persurors
    come as machines. He must not only defend from the Outworld, but
    he must elude his soulless assassins.
    Ground Freeze: D-F-LP
    Front Ice Shower: D-F-HP
    Back Ice Shower: D-B-F-HP
    Ice Clone: D-B-LP
    Ground Slide: B+LP+LK+BL
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Ice Breath): B-B-D-B-RN(Sweep)
    Fatality 2(Ice Breaker): BL-BL-RN-BL-RN(Close Range)
    Babality: D-B-B-HK
    Friendship(Snowman): LK-RN-RN-U
    Stage Fatality: B-D-F-F-HK
    Animality: Polar Bear  F,U,U (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, HK
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, LP, B+HK
    5-hit(26%): HP, HP, LK, HK, B+HK
    6-hit(23%): HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, B+HK
    V-M       Sektor
    Sektor is actually the code name for Unit LK-9T9. He was the
    first of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei.
    Sektor was once a human assassin trained by the Lin Kuei. He
    volunteered for automation because of his loyalty to the clan.
    Sektor survives the Outworld invasion - He has no soul to take.
    Teleport Uppercut: F-F-LK
    Missile: F-F-LP
    Homing Missle: D-B-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Compactor): LP-RN-RN-BL(Sweep)
    Fatality 2(Flamer): F-F-F-B-BL(Half Screen)
    Babality: B-D-D-D-HK
    Friendship(Winner): RN-RN-RN-RN-D(Half Screen)
    Stage Fatality: RN-RN-RN-D
    Animality: Bat  F,F,D,U (close)
    2-hit(15%): HK, HK
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, D+LP
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    5-hit(26%): HP, HP, HK, HK, B+HK
    V-N       Sindel
    She once ruled the Outworld at Shao Kahn's side. Now, 10,000
    years after her untimely death, she is reborn on Earth. Her evil
    intent is every match for Shao Kahn's tyranny. She is the key to
    his occupation of Earth.
    Fireball: F-F-LP
    Air Fireball: D-F-LK in air
    Float: B-B-F-HK
    Scream: F-F-F-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Scream): RN-BL-BL-RN+BL(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Hair Spin): RN-RN-BL-RN-BL(Sweep)
    Babality: RN-RN-RN-U
    Friendship(Field Goal): RN-RN-RN-RN-RN-U
    Stage Fatality: D-D-D-LP
    Animality: Wasp  F,F,U,HP (anywhere)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, D+HP
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(25%): HP, HP, LP, B+HK
    5-hit(33%): LK, HP, HP, LP, B+HK
    V-O       Stryker (Kurtis)
    When the Outworld portal opens up over a large city in North
    America, panic and chaos rage out of control. Kurtis Stryker was
    the leader of the riot control brigade when Shao Kahn began taking
    souls. He find himself the lone survivor of a city once populated
    by millions.
    High Grenade: D-B-HP
    Low Grenade: D-B-LP
    Baton Throw: F-F-HK
    Baton Trip: F-B-LP
    Machine Gun: B-F-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Dynamite): D-F-D-F-BL(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Tazer): F-F-F-LK(Outside Half)
    Babality: D-F-F-B-HP
    Friendship(Cross Guard): LP-RN-RN-LP
    Stage Fatality: F-U-U-HK
    Animality: T-Rex  RN,RN,RN,BL (sweep)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, F+LP
    3-hit(19%): LK, LK, B+HK
    4-hit(21%): LK, LK, B+LP, B+HK
    4-hit(23%): LK, HP, HP, F+LP
    V-P        Cyrax
    Cyrax is Unit LK-4D4, the second of three prototype cybernetic
    ninjas built by the Lin Kuei. Like his counterparts, his last
    program command is the find and terminate the rouge ninja, Sub-Zero.
    Without a soul, Cyrax goes undetected by Shao Kahn and becomes a
    possible threat to his occupation of Earth.
    Energy Net: B-B-LK
    Long Range Bomb: Hold LK(F-F-HK), Release LK
    Close Range Bomb: Hold LK(B-B-HK), Release LK
    Teleport: F-D-BL
    Air Throw: D-F-BL to fly, LP to Throw
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Self-Destruct): D-D-F-U-RN(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Helicopter): D-D-U-D-HP(Anywhere)
    Babality: F-F-B-HP
    Friendship(Charleston): RN-RN-RN-U
    Stage Fatality: RN-BL-RN
    Animality: Shark  U,U,D,D (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, LP
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    6-hit(30%): HP, HP, HK, HP, HK, B+HK
    V-Q      Kung Lao
    Kung Lao's plan to reform the White Lotus Society comes to
    a halt when Shao Kahn's invasion takes the Earth by storm. As a
    chosen warrior, Kung Lao myst use his greatest fighting skills
    to bring down Shao Kahn's reign of terror.
    Hat Throw: B-F-LP
    Teleport: D-U
    Dive Kick: D+HK in air
    Spin: F-D-F-RN
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Hat Chop): F-F-B-D-HP(Inside Sweep)
    Fatality 2(Super Spin): RN-BL-RN-BL-D(Half Screen)
    Babality: D-F-F-HP
    Friendship(Dog Fetch): RN-LP-RN-LK
    Stage Fatality: D-D-F-F-LK
    Animality: Cheetah  RN,RN,RN,RN,BL (close)
    3-hit(19%): LK, LK, B+HK
    4-hit(22%): HP, LP, HP, LP
    7-hit(34%): HP, LP, HP, LP, LK, LK, B+HK
    V-R      Kabal
    As a chosen warrior, his identity is a mystery to all. It is
    believed he is a survivor of an attack by Shao Kahn's extermination
    squads. As a result, he's viciously scarred and kept alive only by
    artificial resirators and a rage for ending Shao Kahn's conquest.
    Eye Spark: B-B-HP
    Air Eye Spark: B-B-HP
    Ground Rush: B-F-LK
    Ground Saw: B-B-B-RN
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Air Pump): D-D-B-F-BL(Outside Sweep)
    Fatality 2(Soul Scare): RN-BL-BL-BL-HK(Close Range)
    Babality: RN-RN-LK
    Friendship(Marshmallow Roast): RN-LK-RN-RN-U
    Stage Fatality: BL-BL-HK
    Animality: Rhino   hold HP F,F,D,F rel. HP (close)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, D+HP -or- LK, LK, B+HK
    4-hit(17%): HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP
    4-hit(19%): HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(24%): LK, LK, HK, B+HK
    5-hit(??%): LK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP
    6-hit(17%): LK, LK, HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP
    6-hit(18%): LK, LK, HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    V-S        Sheeva
    She was hand picked by Shao Kahn to serve as Sindel's personal
    protector.  She became suspicious of Shao Kahn's loyalty towards her race
    of Shokan when he places Motaro as the leader of his extermination
    squads.  On the Outworld Motaro's race of Centaurians are the natural
    enemy of Shokan.
    Fireball: D-F-HP
    Ground Stomp: B-D-B-HK
    Teleport Stomp: D-U
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Head Pound): F-D-D-F-LP(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Skin Rip): HK-B-F-F(Close Range)
    Babality: D-D-D-B-HK
    Friendship(Balancing): F-F-D-F-HP
    Stage Fatality: D-F-D-F-LP
    Animality(Scorpion): RN,BL,BL,BL,BL(Close Range)
    2-hit(??%) Throw, Uppercut
    7-hit(??%) HP,HP,LP,F+HP, Walk in HP,HP, Fireball
    7-hit(??%) HP,HP,LP,HK,HK,LK,B+HK
    V-T        Shang Tsung
    Tsung is Shao Kahn's lead sorcerer.  He once fell out of favor with
    his emperor after failing to win the Earth realm in tournament battle.  But
    the ever scheming Shang Tsung is instrumental in Kahn's conquest of Earth.
    He has now been granted more power than ever.
    Single Fireball: B-B-HP
    Double Fireball: B-B-F-HP
    Triple Fireball: B-B-F-F-HP
    Hell Fireballs: F-B-B-LK
    Classic Zub-Zero: BL-BL-RN-RN
    Cyrax: BL-BL-BL
    Ermac: D-D-U
    Jade: F-F-D-D-BL
    Jax: F-F-D-LP
    Kabal: LP-BL-HK
    Kano: B-F-BL
    Kitana: F-D-F-RN
    Kung Lao: RN-RN-BL-RN
    Liu Kang: 360 degrees clockwise
    Mileena: RN-BL-HK
    Nightwolf: U-U-U
    Reptile: RN-BL-BL-HK
    Scorpion: D-D-F-LP
    Sektor: D-F-B-RN
    Sindel: B-D-B-LK
    Sonya: D+LP+BL+RN
    Stryker: F-F-F-HK
    Sub-Zero: F-D-F-HP
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Spike Bed): Hold LP(D-F-F-D)(Close Range)
    Fatality 2(Soul Steal): Hold LP(RN-BL-RN-BL)(Close Range)
    Babality: RN-RN-RN-LK
    Friendship(Joust): LK-RN-RN-D
    Stage Fatality: U-U-B-LP
    Animality: Snake  hold HP RN,RN,RN rel. HP (sweep)
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, B+HK
    4-hit(22%): HP, HP, LP, B+HK
    5-hit(27%): LK, HP, HP, LP, B+HK
    V-U        Liu Kang
    After the Outworld invasion, Liu Kang find himself the
    prime target of Kahn's extermination squads. He is the Shaolin
    champion and has thwarted Kahn's schemes in the past. Of all
    the humans, Kang poses the greatest threat to Shao Kahn's rule.
    High Fireball: F-F-HP
    Low Fireball: F-F-LP
    Air Fireball: U, F-F-HP
    Flying Kick: F-F-HK
    Bicycle Kick: Hold LK for five seconds, release
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Invisible Burn): F-F-D-D-LK(Anywhere)
    Fatality 2(Arcade Drop): U-D-U-U-BL+RN
    Babality: D-D-D-HK
    Friendship(Dragon Film): RN-RN-RN-D+RN
    Stage Fatality: RN-BL-BL-LK
    Animality: Dragon  D,D,U (close)
    3-hit(13%): HP, HP, B+LP
    4-hit(22%): LK, LK, HK, LK
    5-hit(25%): HP, LK, LK, HK, LK
    7-hit(29%): HP, HP, BL, LK, HK, LK, HK
    V-V        Robo Smoke
    Hook: B-B-LP
    Teleport Uppercut: F-F-LK
    Invisibility: U-U-RN
    Air Throw: BL in air
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(End of the World): U-U-F-D(Full Screen)
    Fatality 2(Throat Bomb): Hold BL+RN(D-D-F-U)(Sweep)
    Babality: D-D-B-B-HK
    Friendship(Horn): RN-RN-RN-HK
    Stage Fatality: F-F-D-LK
    Animality: Bull  D,F,F,BL (far)
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, LP -or- HP, HP, HK
    3-hit(19%): HK, HK, LP
    5-hit(26%): HP, HP, LK, HK, LP
    V-W        Human Smoke
    Spear: B-B-LP
    Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
    Air Throw: BL in air
    Finish Him/Her
    Fatality 1(Head Decap): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK(Close Range)
    Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
    Stage Fatality: F-U-U-LP
    2-hit(15%): LK, LP
    3-hit(18%): HP, HP, U+LP
    4-hit(23%): HK, HK, LK, LK
    4-hit(24%): HP, HP, HK, B+HK
    V-X         Motaro
    The Sub-Boss before Shao Khan, he is half Man, half horse.
    V-Y        Shao Khan
    The Emporer of Outworld and Master of the Game.
    V-Z       Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot emerges from the darkest region of reality - A
    region known as the Netherrealm. He belongs to a group called the
    Brothers of the Shadow, and worships an evil and mysterious fallen
    elder god. His mission is the spy the events taking place in the
    batatle between the realms, and report back to his enigmatic leaders.
    V-AA         Rain
    Born in Kitana's former world of Edenia, Rain was smuggled
    away from the realm as a small child shortly after Shao Kahn's take
    over. Thousands of years later he resurfaceed, his allegiance
    belonging to Kahn. He chose to betray his homeland rather than
    suffer at the hands of Kahn's extermination squads.
    VI.  Victory Screens
    Cyrax is captured by Sub-Zero and reprogrammed with new orders:
    to destroy Shao Kahn. With Kahn unable to detect his assassin's
    soulless presence, Cyrax delivers a successful sneak attack.
    However, after eliminating Kahn and saving Earth, Cyrax awaits
    new orders from his Lin Kuei headquarters. The orders never
    come and Cyrax malfunctions. He ends up stranded in the middle
    of a vast desert, blindly heading towards his base.
    Having been in hding since the first Mortal Kombat, neither
    the Earth nor the Outworld has recognized this elusive ninja.
    Ermac uses his victory in the tournament to prove his existence..
    as well as a warning that he will return as an unstoppable force
    in the fourth Mortal Kombat.
    Jade makes the deicison to assist her long time friend, Kitana.
    She thwarts an assassination attempt by Reptile against the
    Princess and fends off their other Outworld enemies. This
    clears the path for Kitana to turn Sindel against the Emperor
    Shao Kahn. With Sindel removed as an enemy, Jade finds herself
    facing the Emperor in combat. She defeats him and both Earth
    and her formal homeland of Edenia are transformed to their
    original states. Jade has earned herself a place alongside the
    great heroes of Mortal Kombat.
    Jax (Major Jackson Briggs)
    The second time Jax battles the forces for Shao Kahn he comes
    prepared. Thought to be the strongest man on Earth, he has no
    problem proving it: First by beating Kahn's armies and then by
    defeating the Emperor himself. When the world reverts back to
    normal, Jax & Sonya start the Outworld Investigation Agency.
    Jax runs the exploratory division which learns to open portals
    through science rather than magic. He leads the first expedition
    into a mysterious new realm.
    After returning from near death, Kabal swears revenge against
    his attackers. He fights alongside the other Earth warriors. When
    he defeats Motaro and the mighty Shao Kahn he proves that he truly
    is the chosen one. Before the invasion, Kabal lived a life of
    crime. He was once a member of the Black Dragon alongside Kano.
    Now Kabal devotes his life to fighting injustice. He will give
    crime's inner circles a new reason to fear.
    When Shao Kahn lets Kano live he fails to realize the
    resourcefulness of the scheming human. Kano lures Kahn's armies
    away on a false mission: then nukes them using a stolen weapon.
    He fights the remaining warriors and finally defeats Kahn
    himself. Kano's true intention is to take over the souls which
    Kahn once possessed. But Kano is unable to control the spirits
    as they escape and attack him. Rumored to have suffered a
    violent death, Kano was ignorant of the fact that he saved the
    world he tried to conquer.
    Kitana evades the evil clutches of Shao Kahn and escapes into the
    unknown regions of Earth. She survives an assassination attempt
    by the vile creature Reptile and allies herself with her one time
    comrade - Jade. Together with the help of Earth's warriors,
    Kitana reaches Sindel and turns the queen against her Emperor.
    With Shao Kahn defeated, the Earth is transformed back to its
    original state as is Kitana's realm of Edenia. She will be
    forever in debt to her friends on Earth as she rules the new
    realm of Edenia at Queen Sindel's side.
    Kung Lao
    When Shao Kahn invades Earth, Kung Lao must scrap his plans of
    reuniting the White Lotus Society. He instead must focus on the
    new tournament. He seeks Liu Kang and together they battle Kahn's
    minions fearlessly. Using the knowledge he obtained as a Shaolin
    Monk he fights in the name of his great ancestor-the original
    Kung Lao. He emerges victorious but suffers from injuries during
    battle with Kahn. Believed to have passed away, Kung Lao joins
    his ancestors in a new life.
    Liu Kang
    After thwarting Shao Kahn in the past, Liu Kang finds himself
    the prime target of Shao Kahn's extermination squads. But Kang
    is the reigning MK champion and proves it by easily defeating
    Kahn's minions. But it's the apparent death of his friend Kung
    Lao that enrages Kang and enables him to find the strength to
    defeat Shao Kahn. Then, before the portal closes, Liu Kang is
    greeted by Princess Kitana and thanks for saving the Earth and
    the Outworld.
    Winning the third tournament enables Mileena to reclaim her
    role as the Outworld queen. With the help of Baraka she then
    takes both Sindel and her daughter Kitana hostage. Together
    they threaten Shao Kahn with their lives unless he lures the
    Earth-born warriors into a fourth Mortal Kombat where Baraka
    can return and regain his title as the ultimate Mortal Kombat
    Nightwolf helps the other Earth warriors escape to his sacred
    land. Once there, they regroup and plan a form of attack against
    Shao Kahn's invasion. Nightwolf has trained hard for this battle.
    Finally, he faces Shao Kahn and emerges victorious. When the
    Earth returns to its normal state, Nightwolf peacefully regains
    his land and his Native American people lost over many years.
    They establish their own proud nation and soon become the great
    leaders of Earth.
    Reptile is ordered by Shao Kahn to find and kill Kitana. He is
    successful in completing his task, but upon returning finds
    himself shunned by the Emperor. Shao Kahn promised Reptile that
    if he was successful that he would resurrect Reptile's race.
    Shao Kahn never had any intention of fulfilling his promise.
    Enraged, Reptile turns against his master and defeats him in
    battle. But by killing his master, Reptile destroys the one
    chance to ever know his true race.
    Scorpion is inadvertantly released from his damnation in Hell
    when Kahn's plan to overtake that realm goes wary. Free to
    roam Earth, Scorpion is enlisted by the Emperor to aid him and
    his quest to destroy the chosen warriors. But his alliance to
    Shao Kahn faulterswhen he discovers one of the chosen warriors
    to be Sub-Zero. Scorpion had vowed to protect the former ninja
    as restitution for killing his brother. Shao Kahn finds himself
    the victim of his own scheme as Scorpion is forced to turn
    against him. He destroys the Emperor and the Earth is returned
    to normal. Scorpion finds himself once again roaming the pits
    of Hell, only to one day rise again.
    After eventually terminating Sub-Zero, Sektor is attacked by
    Shao Kahn's army. Unfamiliar with the Outworld warriors, Sektor
    fights back. He targets Kahn and all Outworld beings as threats
    to the Lin Kuei. Kahn's minions are no match for Sektor, who
    fights his way into the fortress. Once inside, Sektor initiates
    his self-destruct sequence. The resulting explosion is so
    massive that it closes the portal and returns Earth back to
    Shang Tsung
    When Shao Kahn overtakes the Earth, he needs Shang Tsung to
    help locate the surviving humans. Granted new powers, Tsung
    soon dicovers his dark Emperor's true plan: as soon as the
    remaining warriors are disposed of, Kahn will take Tsung's own
    soul. After learning this, Tsung turns on his master. He
    catches Mataro off guard and then defeats Shao Kahn. But
    before the Earth can return to normal, Tsung takes all the
    souls as his own. He will forever rules Earth with his own
    brand of evil.
    Sindel recieves visions of her true past and turns against
    Shao Kahn. She discovers thats her true king was named Jerrod.
    They once had a daughter named Kitana and ruled a realm called
    Edenia, before Kahn took it away in their own Mortal Kombat. He
    uses Sindel as a pawn in his quest for Earth and took Kitana
    as his own daughter. But in defeating Shao Kahn, Sindel frees
    the Earth. In doing so, she also liberates Edenia and assures
    a reunion with her 10,000 year old daughter - Kitana.
    Smoke was once a friend and ally of Sub-Zero when they both
    tried to escape from being turned into machines by their ninja
    clan. But Smoke is captured and transformed into a cyborg with
    a mission to find and kill his old partner. But Smoke soon finds
    himself being pursued by Shao Kahn's minions. He learns that he
    still as a soul and his true mission is the destruction of the
    Outworld invaders. He defeats Kahn and saves the world, but is
    forever trapped in his artificial body.
    Sonya defeats her arch-enemy Kano high atop a skyscraper near
    Shao Kahn's fortress. She then comes face to face with the Emperor
    himself. In an incredible display of courage, Sonya wins. When
    the world returns to its normal state, Sonya has no trouble
    convincing her superiors to form the Outworld Investigation
    Agency, devoted to protecting the Earth against possible future
    invaions from other realms.
    Ignorant of why his soul was spared from the Outworld invasion,
    Stryker recieves a vision from Raiden. He is instructed to
    travel west. He eventually meets the rest of Earth's warriors
    and learns the true meaning of his survival. He travels back to
    the city he swore to protect. Kahn is unfamiliar with this new
    kombatant and is caught off guard. Stryker defeats the warlord
    and saves the entire planet. The chaos that consumed the city
    in the hours before the invasion are gone.
    In vicious battle, Sub-Zero faces Cyrax & Sektor: but not
    alone. He finds his third Lin Kuei assassin-the elusive Smoke.
    Before automation, Smoke and Sub-Zero were allies. Sub-Zero
    helped Smoke recall his past and regains him as an ally once
    again. Sub-Zero defeats his cyborg assassins with the help of
    Smoke and finds it takes all of his own inner strengths to
    defeat Kahn and his Outworld minions. The former ninja once
    again disappears into the shadows, his legacy known only by
    a select few.
    VII.     Secrets
    Random Select -
    Up+Start at Select Your Fighter screen
    Varied Gameplay:
    1/4 Energy Player 1: 707-000
    1/4 Energy Player 2: 000-707
    1/2 Energy Player 1: 033-000
    1/2 Energy Player 2: 000-033
    Randper Kombat: 444-444
    Blocking Disabled: 020-020
    Throwing Disabled: 100-100
    Dark Fighting: 688-422
    Unlimited Run: 466-466
    Invisible Energy Bar: 987-123
    Psycho Kombat: 985-125
    Galaga: 642-468
    Silent Kombat: 300-300
    Sans Power (UNIKORIV REFERRI): 055-550
    Fast Uppercut Recovery: 788-322
    4 Player 2 on 2 Kombat:
    Explosive Kombat: 227-227
    Explosive Kombat/ Throwing Disabled: 022-220
    Winner Of Round 1 Fights:
    Shao Kahn: 033-564
    Motaro: 969-141
    Human Smoke: 205-205
    Noob Saibot: 769-342
    Kombat Zone:
    The Pit 3: 820-028
    Shao Kahn's Tower: 091-190
    The Subway: 880-088
    The Street: 079-035
    The Graveyard: 666-333
    The Temple: 600-040
    The Bridge: 077-022
    The Rooftop: 343-343
    The Soul Chamber: 123-901
    The Balcony: 880-220
    Hell: 666-444
    The Cavern: 004-700
    The Desert: 330-033
    The Waterfront: 002-003
    Noob's Dorfen: 050-050
    Portal Pit (SCISLAC BUSOREZ): 933-933
    Text Messages:
    There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power: 123-926
    No Fear=EB Button, Skydive, Max Countdown: 282-282
    Hold Flippers During Casino Run: 987-666
    Version Check: 999-999
    Throwing Encouraged: 010-010
    Go See The Mortal Kombat Live Tour!: 550-550
    Don't Jump At Me: 448-844
    Skunky!!: 122-221
    Watcha Gun Do?: 004-400
    Rain Can Be Found At The Graveyard: 717-313
    Enable Mileena: 22264-22264
    Enable Ermac: 12344-44321
    Enable Classic Sub-Zero: 81835-81835
    Select Cyber Ninja Smoke, then before any round begins,
    press and hold the buttons until Human Smoke appears.
    Player 1: hold Left+HP+HK+BL+RN
    Player 2: hold Right+HP+HK+BL+RN
    Shao Khan's Treasures:
    1.  Dragon - Tournament Outcome
    2.  MK - Game of Galaxian
    3.  Yin Yang - Battle against Ermac
    4.  Three - Battle against Noob Saibot
    5.  Question Mark - Random Selection
    6.  Lightning Bolt - Fatality Demonstration #1 (1st for old characters)
    7.  Goro - Fatality Demonstration #2 (2nd for old characters)
    8.  Raiden - Fatality Demonstration #3 (1 from each new character)
    9.  Shao Kahn - Endurance match against Noob Saibot and Ermac
    10.  Skull - Classic MK2 endurance against Classic Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot
    11.  Question Mark - Mega Endurance Kombat (Noob Saibot, Ermac, 
    Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Mileena)
    12.  Question Mark - Supreme Demonstration
    VIII.   Closing Statements
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