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    Hotaru by Beige Thunder

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                        MMMMMMM#MMM    #             ,HMMMMMMMX                    
                     MMMMMMM7 2 MM                        .MMMMMMK                 
                  2MMMMM;PMM     iMMH;.  M                    RMMMMM               
                XMMMMR      ZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM               MMMMM,            
              ,MMMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMK#N:            #MMMM           
           :MMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM      #MMMMMMMMM             MMMM        
      MMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                   MMMM       MMMRjMM         MMMM  
      MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                      MMMMM    M  M  M         KMMM  
     7MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi                       MMMMMMMMMMMMM           MMM  
     5MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,                            ,ij  .MM          MMM  
     5MMM   ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM;                                MM      HM@ MMM  
              LMMMM,                 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM           
                #MMMMMM5           :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM2            
                               Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
                              Character Move List (Hotaru)
                       For Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox
                    FINAL VERSION - completed at 2_th December 2006
                        Author: Thomas Kelly aka "Beige Thunder"
                          e-mail: beige_thunder@hotmail.co.uk
    The things in brackets are search terms, used for quickly going to said
    section. Enter CTRL+F, type in the term in the brackets, click "Find" twice
    and voila! You're where you want to be. ;)
    1. Introduction, Copyright and E-mail Policy       (BT1)
    2. Version History                                 (BT2)
    3. Controls                                        (BT3)
    4. MOVE LIST                                       (BT4)
       Example                                         (BT4ie)
       Pi Gua                                          (BT4pg)
       Pi Gua air                                      (BT4pga)
       Pi Gua other                                    (BT4pgo)
       Naginata                                        (BT4n)
       Naginata air                                    (BT4na)
       Specials                                        (BT4s)
       My Favourite Kombos                             (BT4k)
    5. Conclusion, Thanks and Credits                  (BT5)
    Hi, and welcome to my first guide I've ever wrote.
    I've been kicking arse on the online channels for some time now with Hotaru,
    who this guide is all about. I was stuck on the game, and went to the site,
    and I realised that there were no in-depth movelists for Hotaru. So I got
    about doing one, and this is the result.
    PLEASE NOTE: This is the final version of this document. I've FINALised it
    because I haven't had any mails about the document.
    This guide is Copyright Thomas O. Kelly 2006. All rights reserved. Selling
    this guide for profit and using this in magazines is unauthorised use and
    will invoke legal action.
    The websites allowed to use my work are:
    If you find this document anywhere else, e-mail me and I'll sort them out.
    If you want ANYTHING from this guide to use in your own document, or you want
    to feature my guide on your website, contact me. If you use anything from here,
    give me credit for it, by marking my name down next to my work.
    You know the rule.
    When e-mailing me about this guide, put something like "MK:A" or "Mortal
    Kombat movelist" so I know it's about this guide, otherwise I'll delete it
    like it's junk mail. Also, use proper English when writing e-mails. This
    means no 1337 talk or vArIeD CaPs, or the message gets deleted. Flames get the
    same treatment, as do chain e-mails. Don't try spamming me, either. Guilty
    users will have a proverbial Fatality performed on them.
    (Yes, I know it's the final version, but these above rules apply to all other
    e-mails on this subject.)
    VERSION HISTORY                                    (BT2)
    v1.00: (complete 15th November 2006) File size: 19KB
    First version complete! All moves and my kombos written up. Only website to
    host guide so far is www.gamefaqs.com.
    v1.01: (complete 16th November 2006) File size: 19.3KB
    Only one thing new: www.neoseeker.com has access to my work now. Next update
    due within a month.
    vFINAL: (complete 2_th December 2006) File size: 20.8KB  |  PLEASE READ!!
    Edited description of Quick Tricks and other moves.
    Added stuff about my PS2 online attributes, updated my e-mail policy. Since
    I've had no e-mails concerning this document, I've decided to FINALise this
    file. This means sending me mail about this guide is out of the question. I
    believe I've done everything here.
    If you want to e-mail me about your created characters or want to arrange an
    online match, that's fine. The stuff about my online attributes is in the
    conclusion section.
    Since there are so many possibilities for KAKs, it'd be interesting to see what
    creations you have. Who knows, maybe I'll get an original KAK document on the
    sites, listing your creations. If you wanna send them in, feel free to.
    CONTROLS                                           (BT3)
    Playstaion 2 controls:
    Attack 1 - Square
    Attack 2 - Triangle
    Attack 3 - Cross / X
    Attack 4 - Circle
    Change Stance (CS) - L1
    Throw - R1
    Xbox controls:
    Attack 1 - X
    Attack 2 - Y
    Attack 3 - A
    Attack 4 - B
    Change Stance (CS) - L trigger
    Throw - Black
    MOVE LIST                                          (BT4)
    Example of move description:                       (BT4ie)
    1) Scum Gone -> 2) up+1, 4
    3) 10pts, 6pts, 9pts  |  4) Knockdown  |  5) Standing: Yes, 6) Aerial: Yes
    7) 27% (3 hits)
    8) This is the move to end all moves. Wipes out anything. Awesome on ground,
    better for juggling! Overuse this like nobody's business!
    1) Attack name 
    2) Input command
    3) Damage attack does
    4) What happens to opponent when attack hits, if anything?
    5) Can attack knock STANDING opponent off stage?
    6) Can attack knock AERIAL opponent off stage?
    7) When there's multiple hits (i.e. 2, b+1), damage % and hits done?
    8) My comments, if any.
    4 describes what happens to the opponent when the attack actually hits.
    Some attacks pop up the opponent for juggling combos, others stun the opponent.
    5 and 6 are neccessary because some of Hotaru's attacks can't knock an
    opponent off the stage into a death trap or onto another level while the 
    opponent is standing on the ground; but the same attacks can knock the opponent
    away if they're airborne. Hotaru's u+1 attack is a good example of this. 
    So u+1 alone won't knock them away, but a popup attack followed by u+1 will.
    Note: All the attacks were tested on a 2P Havik, at Evil Tower stage. All
    percentages for air moves approximated. To get the air move %, I
    substacted the value shown in the game by (how powerful the popup move was)%,
    ie Pi Gua: 21% - (power of back+1)% = 12% - power of back+1 is 9pts
       Naginata: 21% - (power of back+1)% = 15% - power of back+1 is 6pts
    If you don't like my method, you can always put the excess % back in.
    Don't forget, the commands are by the attack name.
    Pi Gua:                                            (BT4pg)
    Ridge Hand -> 1
    13pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Knife Hand Chop -> back+1
    9pts  |  Popup  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    All good popup kombos start here. Use this when you can.
    Swing Chop -> up+1
    10pts, 6pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes  |  16% (2 hits)
    Low Hand Chop -> down+1
    4pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Spear Hand Strike -> 2
    10pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Spear Hand Sweep -> back+2
    7pts  |  Sweep  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Wing Chop -> forward+2
    12pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    One of my favourite Knockdown attacks. Stops enemies dead in their tracks.
    Sharp Uppercut -> down+2
    13pts  |  Uppercut  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Stepping Heel Kick -> 3
    12pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Low Shin Kick -> back+3
    8pts  |  Stumble  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Pointy Toe Strike -> down+3
    4pts  |  Stumble  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Power Heel Kick -> 4
    13pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Low Spin Kick -> down+4
    4pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Pretty useless, 'cos it does half the damage as its back+3 counterpart, and it
    doesn't stumble them either.
    Sliding Hands -> 2, back+1
    10pts, 7pts  |  Popup  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes  |  17% (2 hits)
    Another great popup kombo starter.
    Chop Chop -> 2, 2
    10pts, 7pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes  |  18% (2 hits)
    Rushing Ridge Hand -> 2, 2, 1
    10pts, 7pts, 5pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes  |  24% (3 hits)
    Rain From Above -> 2, 2, up+1
    10pts, 7pts, 5pts, 3pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes  |  27% (4 hits)
    What can I say? Great on its own, but even better in a popup combo! Great to
    use against Blaze or Goro. No, strike that - this is THE BEST move for biggies.
    Falling Tree -> 2, 2, 3
    10pts, 7pts, 7pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes  |  25% (3 hits)
    Good Order -> 2, 2, 4
    10pts, 7pts, 7pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes  |  25% (3 hits)
    Almost no difference between this and its 2, 2, 3 variant. I think it's down
    to a matter of preference.
    Pi Gua air:                                        (BT4pga)
    For note on %, see example at the top. All % calculated after back+1 popup.
    Fallout -> 1
    Useless IMO.
    Airborne -> 2
    4pts  |  Knockdown
    Straight Up -> 3
    As useful as Fallout is. Always use air kombos.
    Overhead Air Toss -> 4
    3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  8% (2 hits)
    Flying Kick -> 1, 1
    2pts, 2pts  |  5% (2 hits)
    Power Slam -> 2, 2
    4pts, 3pts  |  Knockdown  |  8% (2 hits)
    Straight Forward -> 3, 3
    2pts, 2pts  |  5% (2 hits)
    Gravity Strike -> 1, 1, 1
    2pts, 2pts, 1pt  |  Knockdown  |  7% (3 hits)
    Toss Ya! -> 1, 1, 2
    2pts, 2pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  10% (3 hits)
    Ending It Now -> 1, 1, 3
    2pts, 2pts, 5pts  |  Knockdown  |  11% (3 hits)
    Air Death -> 1, 1, 4
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  13% (4 hits)
    This is a good kombo to use for decent damage, because not many air kombos do
    much damage for Hotaru, let alone any other character.
    Grounded -> 3, 3, 2
    2pts, 2pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  10% (3 hits)
    Air Kick -> 3, 3, 3
    2pts, 2pts, 1pt  |  Knockdown  |  7% (3 hits)
    Time To Hover -> 3, 3, 4
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  13% (4 hits)
    More or less the same as Air Death.
    Pi Gua other:                                      (BT4pgo)
    Rolling Heels -> 2, 2, CS - goes to Naginata
    10pts, 7pts, 3pts, 3pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    24% (4 hits)
    Naginata:                                          (BT4n)
    Face Cutter -> 1
    9pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Raging Uproar -> back+1
    6pts  |  Uppercut  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Blunt End -> down+1
    4pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Stomach Slash -> 2
    6pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Leg Takeout -> back+2
    7pts  |  Sweep  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Razor Spin -> up+2
    13pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Diamond Cutter -> down+2
    16pts  |  Uppercut  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Same deal as the Pi Gua down+2, only a tad more powerful. Be warned though,
    after the attack hits, Hotaru will crouch, so you won't be able to follow up
    with anything. Why he does this I don't know. So I guess the best use for this
    is to knock opponents of the stage.
    Face Poker -> 3
    16pts  |  Stun  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Quick, but very powerful. Great follow-up if you parry (back+block) your
    Long Hilt -> back+3
    4pts  |  Stumble  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Hot End -> up+3
    4pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Nothing hot about this move. Use Long Hilt or Shin Splitter instead.
    Shin Splitter -> down+3
    5pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    Power Kick -> 4
    11pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Cartwheel Pain -> back+4
    10pts, 5pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes  |  15% (2 hits)
    Sharp End -> down+4
    4pts  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Samurai Spirit -> 1, 1
    9pts, 6pts  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    Royal Guard -> 1, back+1
    9pts, 4pts  |  Uppercut  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    All good Naginata popup kombos spawn from this move.
    Honor Guard -> 1, 1, up+2
    9pts, 6pts, 7pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes  |  23% (3 hits)
    A formidable kombo, good for juggling or as a straight up kombo.
    7th Death Dealer -> 1, 1, 4
    9pts, 6pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes  |  20% (3 hits)
    Demonic Warrior -> 1, 1, back+4
    9pts, 6pts, 3pts, 3pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: No, Aerial: Yes
    23% (4 hits)
    Naginata air:                                      (BT4na)
    Thrash Out -> 1
    Does not befit its name. But you might've guessed that.
    Bogie -> 2
    3pts  |  Bounce
    I don't know how the bounce stat helps to anyone. Anyone that knows can
    contact me.
    Long Legs -> 3
    Spinning Feet Grab -> 4
    3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  7% (2 hits)
    Rebel -> 1, 1
    2pts, 2pts  |  Spin  |  5% (2 hits)
    Airborne Kick -> 3, 3
    2pts, 2pts  |  5% (2 hits)
    Fresh Air -> 1, 1, 1
    2pts, 2pts, 1pt  |  Knockdown  |  7% (3 hits)
    Spinning Attack -> 1, 1, 2
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts  |  Bounceback  |  9% (3 hits)
    Bounceback means that both Hotaru and the opponent bounce back up with force,
    allowing for another follow-up air attack. Great when you just need that last
    hit before you win. Try it for yourself. Use this twice, and the bouceback
    becomes a Knockdown, so no infinite kombos here.
    Lucky Wind -> 1, 1, 3
    2pts, 2pts, 2pts  |  8% (3 hits)
    Flip Down -> 1, 1, 4
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  13% (4 hits)
    Somersault -> 3, 3, 2
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts  |  Bounce  |  9% (3 hits)
    Boot To The Face -> 3, 3, 3
    2pts, 2pts, 1pt  |  Knockdown  |  7% (3 hits)
    Pincer Throw -> 3, 3, 4
    2pts, 2pts, 3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  10% (4 hits)
    Guiding Light -> 1, 1, 3, 3
    2pts, 2pts, 2pts, 1pt  |  Knockdown  |  10% (5 hits)
    Zero Gravity -> 1, 1, 3, 4
    2pts, 2pts, 2pts, 3pts, 4pts  |  Knockdown  |  15% (5 hits)
    The only really damaging air move Hotaru (or any character, really) has. Goes
    an absolute treat after Spinning Attack (when in a kombo).
    Specials:                                          (BT4s)
    These can be performed in any stance.
    Bouncer -> Throw
    5pts, 2pts, 2pts  |  Popup  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    A very useful alternative to popup moves. A guaranteed juggle situation.
    Grasshopper -> forward, forward+4
    4pts, 4pts, 4pts, 3pts, 3pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    18% (5 hits)
    Quite powerful, and a good knocking away move, but if this misses or is
    blocked, expect the opponent to throw or otherwise take advantage of your
    slipup before you can react. Use at you own discretion.
    Fury Punch and Escape -> back, forward+1
    8pts  |  Knockdown  |  Standing: Yes, Aerial: Yes
    Good surprise attack, and the escape function is useful too. But the move is
    best used when a round starts, and your opponent is standing right in front of
    a death trap (or stage fatality, if you like). As soon as the voice says
    "FIGHT!", enter the command...whoosh! Surprise attack hits opponent, opponent
    flies into death trap, opponent loses. Instant victory!
    And if this attack is blocked, the escape function stops opponents from landing
    a counterattack, and gives you the time to ponder your next move. A decent
    addition to Hotaru's arsenal.
    Quick Tricks -> back, forward+2
    This makes Hotaru do a neat spinning trick so he ends up behind the opoonent.
    In the previous game (MK: Deception) I've seen Jade users who use this move
    profusely, to get behind their opponent and throw them afterwards. Online
    players tend to use this often, and now Hotaru has it, so can you.
    Note that this move can be negated if any attack hits Hotaru while he's doing
    it. Or if this is used when Hotaru is far way, Hotaru will only end up right
    in the opponent's face. Not good.
    Lava Burst -> down, back+1
    9pts  |  Popup  |  Standing: No, Aerial: No
    An excellent technique used when the opponent is far away from you. This
    launces the unlucky sap towards you, at a perfect height for juggling kombos.
    Good for dealing with cowards who tend to stay away from you, but be warned
    that this move can be blocked.
    My Favourite Kombos:                               (BT4k)
    Pi Gua:
    2, back+1 ... back+1 ... 2, 2, up+1  |  32% (7 hits)
    down, back+1 ... 2, 2, up+1  |  33%  (5 hits)
    down, back+1 ... 2, 2, CS  |  29%  (5 hits)
    2, back+1 ... 2, 2, up+1  |  35%  (6 hits)
    1, back+1 ... back+1 ... (air) 1, 1, 2 ... (air) 1, 1, 3, 4  |  30% (11 hits)
    down, back+1 ... (air) 1, 1, 2 ... (air) 1, 1, 3, 4  |  33%  (9 hits)
    down, back+1 ... 1, 1, up+2  |  28% (4 hits)
    If you have any decent kombos that aren't here, e-mail them to me, and I'll
    list them here.
    CONCLUSION AND THANKS                              (BT5)
    Well, that's all for this document. I hope you learned something from reading
    this! I'd like to thank:
    Mum and Dad: For putting up with me buying MK: Armageddon, despite it being
    close to Christmas. Also for buying me an online adapter for PS2 online :D
    Play.com: For being such a quality site, and making my purchase of MK:A so
    simple and cheap. £22.99 + free delivery = happy me :)
    Sony: For making the PlayStation 2, the greatest console around today.
    Midway: For making this game.
    Microsoft: For creating the Notepad tool. Never has guide writing been so
    Wikipedia: For telling me something interesting. Did you know that Hotaru's
    name comes from the Japanese word for "firefly"? You do now.
    Ascgen: For making it easy to make the ASCII art on the top of the document.
    My college: For loaning me a USB memory stick. Without the stick, the guide
    would not have been completed so quickly.
    CJayC: For maintaining one of the greatest websites around, GameFAQs.com.
    All other gaming websites listed in Introduction, Copyright and E-mail Policy:
    For politely asking for my permission to use my work on their sites.
    You: For reading this. Thanks!
    ONE MORE THING: Most days (or nights) I'll be able to play online on MK:A,
    on PS2's online service. I'm so glad to be able to fight real people worldwide,
    rather than those on my PS2. Come on, I've beaten Blaze so many times now, it's
    lost all meaning.
    My username is "Bluearmy" on the PS2 network.
    E-mail me at beige_thunder@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested!
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