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    Nightwolf by Interloper91

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               11   11      111 11              111111
              111111111     11111              11    11
             111 111 111    111 11     ()     111    111
            111   1   111   111  11          111111111111
           111         111  111   11        111        111
          111           111 111    11      111          111
                         MORTAL KOMBAT : ARMAGEDDON
        111    11  11   111111 11   11 111111 11    11 111111 11    1111111
        1111   11  11  111111  11   11   11   11    11 11  11 11    11
        11 11  11  11 11       1111111   11   11    11 11  11 11    11
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        11   1111  11  1111111 11   11   11   11 11 11 11  11 11    11
        111   111  11   111111 11   11   11   11111111 111111 11111 11
                           NIGHTWORLF CHARACTER GUIDE
    --------------- Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
    --------------- Character Guide (PS2)
    --------------- Nightwolf
    --------------- By CruZer_69
    --------------- Email : cruzer_eyvazli_69@hotmail.co.uk
    --------------- Started : 30/12/06
    --------------- Finished : 1/1/07
    --------------- Version 1.3
    UPDATE! Version 1.2 ( 14/01/07)
    ¬ Sites added 
    ¬ Sorted out Nightwolf's Info a bit.
    ¬ Added Version History
    ¬ Added Nightwolf's points
     = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    UPDATE! Version 1.25 ( 23/01/07)
    ¬ Added a few things in Nightwolf's info.
     = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
    UPDATE! Version 1.3 (26/01/07)
    ¬ Added 'Q and A'
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    Thank you!
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    --------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS --------------------------------
     1) Nightwolf's info         =========================================== NWI1
     2) Nightwolf's moves        =========================================== NWM2
        a) Val Tudo              =========================================== VT30
        b) Val Tudo in air       =========================================== VTIA
        c) Tomahawks             =========================================== TH30
        d) Tomahawks in air      =========================================== THIA
        e) Special Moves         =========================================== NWSM
     3) Nightwolf's History      =========================================== NWH2
     4) Nightwolf's Strategy     =========================================== NWS7
     5) Nightwolf's Points       =========================================== NWGB
     6) Sites                    =========================================== NWSA
     7) Q and A                  =========================================== NWQA
     8) Thanks                   =========================================== NWTS
    Note: Use the numbers and letters on the end to put in the search function
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    ============================= NIGHTWOLF'S INFO ===================== - NWI1 -
    Nightwolf hasn't really been one of my favorites in the earlier games but I
    started liking him once I played Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. His good moves
    and his style of fighting (Val Tudo) have impressed me. I don't like his 
    Tomahawks as much as I like Val Tudo but they definately do give Nightwolf
    a strong point.
    I personally think Nightwolfe's costumes are really cool. His first one I
    like better than the second one but they are both really good. For the first
    costume he wears blue trousers and big brown boots for the lower part of the
    body. For the upper body, Nightwolf wears an undiscribeable red thing on his
    torso,(looks like sort of a vest but anyway) he also wears those things you 
    put on your arms (I don't know how you call them) right under his fists. He
    has bare arms. For his head he wears a blue head band with a feather sticing
    out. He also wears some camo paint on his face. Nightwolf's second costume
    is quite a weird one. Nightwolf has a big Mohawk and what looks like a pair
    of sunglasses. Nightwolf has Tatooes on both his arms. On his torso he
    wears again an undiscribeable top but it once more looks like a vest. He has
    very dark blue trousers that look like they might actually be black, and he
    wears big brown boots once again although these ones are much darker. To 
    unlock this costume play Konquest and you will eventually get it in one of 
    the treasure chests, or if you have money you could buy it in the Krrypt.
    The games which Nightwolf appears in are :
    ¬ Mortal Kombat : 3                    ( 3rd row , 2nd one from the left )
    ¬ Ultimate Mortal Kombat : 3           ( Top row , 5th from the left )
    ¬ Mortal Kombat : Trilogy              ( 4th row and first one from the left )
    ¬ Mortal Komabat : Deception           ( 2nd row , 5th one from the left ) 
    ¬ Mortal Kombat : Armageddon obviously.( 3rd row, 1st one from the left )
    ============================= NIGHTWOLF'S MOVES =================== - NWM2 -
    As I had mentioned before Nightwolf's attacks and combos really impressed me.
    He is a powerful guy with nice moves. His Tomahawks are not bad either with
    better combinations but doesn't look as cool.
                                                                        - VT30 -
    ========= VAL TUDO (On PS2)
    --------- Key :
    --------- Attack 1 - Square
    --------- Attack 2 - Triangle
    --------- Attack 3 - X
    --------- Attack 4 - Circle
    --------- L1 - L1
    COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION
     1                     Gut Punch               A swift Punch
     Back + 1              Rising Sun              Hits in the face making them
                                                   pop up.
     Down + 1              Low Snake Bite          A hit to the knee
     2                     Razor Elbow             Heaves an elbow to the face
     Forward + 2           Overhead smash          Hits with an everhead smash
                                                   causing them to bounce on
                                                   the ground and pop up
     down + 2              Hammer Fist Uppercut    Double Handed uppercut
     3                     Lifting Knee            Slow but powerful knee smack
     Back + 3              Leg Sweeper             A mini sweep
     down + 3              Killer Heel             Hits with a heel to the shin
     4                     Quick Roundhouse Kick   Strong Roundhouse hit to face
     Back + 4              Valtudo Striker         A little bit weaker than the
                                                   move above but faster
     down + 4              Sweeping Cyclone        Sweep
     1,1                   Rush punches            Smacks the chest twice
     1,1,1                 Rapid Chain Punches     Three chest punches
     1,1,2                 The Hunted Prey         Two chest hits then an elbow
                                                   to the face
     1,1,Back + 2          Bird of Prey            Two chest punches then hits
                                                   up for further punishment
     1,1,3                 Spirits of Night        Two punches to the chest then
                                                   a lifting knee.
     1,1,1,L1              Soaring High            Three punches to the body then
                                                   gets weapon out and swipes 
                                                   with them from down and pops
                                                   them up. 
    ========= VAL TUDO IN AIR                                            - VTIA -
    --------- Key :
    --------- Attack 1 - Square
    --------- Attack 2 - Triangle
    --------- Attack 3 - X
    --------- Attack 4 - Circle
    --------- L1 - L1
    COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION
     1                     Bombardment             A Punch 
     2                     Updraft                 Hits once making enemy spin
     3                     Fire Fly                A Kick in the Chest
     4                     Whiplash                Grabs them, flips himself and
                                                   the enemy and then chucks them
     1,1                   Airmatic smacks         Punches once and then does an
                                                   overhead punch
     3,3                   Double Airkicks         The name basically says it :
                                                   two kicks
     1,1,1                 Power Bash              A punch then an overhead one
                                                   and swings his arms to the 
                                                   side to hit them away.
     1,1,2                 Backup                  A Punch, an overhead one after
                                                   that and then hits them so 
                                                   they spin away.
     1,1,3                 Reset Fists             A punch then an overhead one 
                                                   after that, and a hit which
                                                   makes them hit the ground and
                                                   bounce back to him.
     3,3,1                 X Marks the spot        Kicks twice then hits them 
                                                   away bringing his arms to his
     1,1,4                 Zero Cool               A punch, then an overhead one
                                                   and finally he grabs the enemy
                                                   ,flips and chucks him back 
                                                   down to the ground.
     3,3,2                 Ploted Tree             Two kicks and then a final
                                                   hit from overhead to hit them 
     3,3,3                 Shaddy Heel             Two kicks and then a final
                                                   kick to bring them down to 
                                                   the ground.
     3,3,4                 Null G                  Two kicks and then grabs them,
                                                   flips himself and the enemy 
                                                   and chucks them down to ground
    ========= TOMAHAWKS (On PS2)                                         - TH30 -
    --------- Key :
    --------- Attack 1 - Square
    --------- Attack 2 - Triangle
    --------- Attack 3 - X
    --------- Attack 4 - Circle
    --------- L1 - L1
    COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION
     1                     Sidewinder slash        A simple slash
     Back + 1              Twin Peaks              Brings them up from down and
                                                   hits the enemy up
     Up + 1                Rising Mountain         Hit the enemy up.
     down + 1              Thigh chop              Slashes the thigh
     2                     Mid section strike      Hit the top of the axe in 
                                                   the enemy's chest
     Forward + 2           Slashing Talons         Same as left + S but the other
     down + 2              Stone hilt uppercut     Does an uppercut
     3                     Twisting Edge           Turns the other side and hits
                                                   with one over head.
     Back + 3              Shin Buster             Hits down to shin.
     down + 3              Foot Chop               Slashes down with one axe
     4                     Middle kick             Heavy kick in the chest
     down + 4              Stomach Chop            Strikes from the side into
                                                   the stomach
     1,1                   Savage Edge             Slashes face and then pops
                                                   the enemy up
     1,2                   Hunting for Heads       A Slash and then a hit in the
     1,3                   Grave Digger            A slash to the face and then
                                                   turns to the other side and
                                                   hits overhead with 1 axe
     2,3                   Wonder Axe              Hits with the top of the axe
                                                   into the stomach and then 
                                                   he turns and hits overhead
                                                   with one axe
     1,4                   Razor Foot              Slash followed by a kick
     1,2,Forward + 2       Head Chop               Slash to the face, then hits
                                                   with the head of the axe into
                                                   stomach and then spins both
                                                   the axes from up to down
     1,2,3                 King Chopper            Slash then a hit with the axe
                                                   to the stomach and lastly he
                                                   turns and hits overhead with
                                                   1 axe.
     1,3,4                 Drifting Stones         Slash, an overhead turn hit
                                                   and heavy kick
     T,X,C                 Blessed Shaman          A hit with the head of the axe
                                                   to the stomach then a turn 
                                                   and an overhead axe hit and a
     1,2,3,4               Kracked Axe             A fast slash to the face then 
                                                   a hit with the top of the axe
                                                   to the stomach, then a turn
                                                   and an overhead axe hit and 
                                                   to finish it, a big kick.
    ========= TOMAHAWKS IN AIR (On PS2)                                  - THIA -
    --------- Key :
    --------- Attack 1 - Square
    --------- Attack 2 - Triangle
    --------- Attack 3 - X
    --------- Attack 4 - Circle
    --------- L1 - L1
    COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION
     1                     Downfall                One Kick
     2                     Lucky Change            Flips and does a kick to make
                                                   the enemy spin.
     3                     Marked Humanoid         A Very light kick
     4                     Spinning Feet Grab      Grabs the enemy's head with
                                                   his legs, spins and chucks 
                                                   them down
     1,1                   Stinky Air              Does two identical kicks
     3,3                   Hyper Gust              Does two light kicks
     1,1,1                 Fresh Air               Does two identical kicks then
                                                   flips and does an overhead
                                                   kick to bring the enemy down
     1,1,2                 Air Slinky              Does two kicks and on the 
                                                   third one he hits away from
                                                   the enemy to the ground and
                                                   bounces back to the enemy.
     1,1,3                 Airway                  Two kicks and then another
                                                   light one
     3,3,1                 Gut Kick                Does 3 kicks. 
     1,1,4                 Shove it                Two big kicks then grabs the
                                                   enmey's head with his legs
                                                   flips and chucks him down to
                                                   ground with his legs
     3,3,3                 Barrel Roll             Two kicks with the third one
                                                   hitting away.
     3,3,4                 Downward Spiral         Two kicks then grabs the 
                                                   enemy's head with his legs,
                                                   flips and throws them away
                                                   to the ground with his legs
     1,1,3,3               Air Barrel              Does 4 kicks with the last
                                                   one hitting away.
     3,3,1,1               It's All Over           Does four kicks with the 
                                                   last kick being an overhead
                                                   kick bringing the enemies
     3,3,1,2               Back in Action          Does 3 kicks with the last 
                                                   kick hitting away from the
                                                   enemy towards the ground and
                                                   sending the enemy flying the
                                                   other way. 
     1,1,3,4               Boot Slam               Three kick and then grabs the
                                                   enemy's head with his legs,
                                                   flips and throws the enemy 
                                                   away towards the ground
     1,1,1,4               Zero G                  Does basically the same as 
    ========= SPECIAL MOVES (On PS2)                                     - NWSM -
    --------- Key :
    --------- Attack 1 - Square
    --------- Attack 2 - Triangle
    --------- Attack 3 - X
    --------- Attack 4 - Circle
    --------- L1 - L1
    --------- R1 - R1
    COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION
     R1                    Trip Up                 Grabs the enemy, trips them
                                                   up and while they are in the
                                                   air he smack them down to the
                                                   ground making them bounce 
                                                   again and you could do an air
                                                   combo while they are in the 
                                                   air, which is very good. One
                                                   of my favourite grabs in the
     down,Back + 1         Spirit arrow            Definately my favorite special
                                                   in the game. Nightwolf creates
                                                   a Virtual Bow and Arrow and
                                                   shoots at the enemy. Once it
                                                   hits, the arrow stays in them.
     Forward,Forward + 4   Rhino Charge            Rams very fast into the enemy
                                                   with his shoulder, and also
                                                   creating a green shadow behind
     down,up + 1           Lightning from above    A simple lightning that strik-
                                                   es the enemy from above.
     Forward,Back + 2      Reflector               Reflects projectiles.
    ========================== NIGHTWOLF'S HISTORY ===================== - NWH2 - 
    An attack from Shao Kahn was done to the sacred lands of Nightwolf and his 
    people. Nightwolf protected his people from this and Shao Kahn left but he
    would come back.
    To free the sins of his people, Nightwolf, as a Shaman and the protector of 
    his sacred land became a Sin - Eater and absorbed all the sins from his 
    people to gain access to the Netherealm and beat Onaga. 
    Although this was eating Nightwolf from the inside he was determined to carry 
    on and save his people. After beating Onaga he realesed the sins from his 
    people and was brought back.
    Shao Kahn made another attack, but Nightwolf was ready for it and he was 
    equiped and protected his sacred land.
    When you complete Nightwolf's arcade mode the ending was that Nightwolf was
    granted the power of an ultimate Shaman and that he reunited Liu Kang, his
    ally, with his body and returned him to the physical realm.
    ============================ NIGHTWOLF'S STRATEGY ================== - NWS7 -
    Nightwolf's strategy differs. 8 way running is always a neccessity against
    anyone ( up, down, Back, Forward etc ). His Tomahawks deliver greater power 
    than his Val Tudo stance but they are slower in some aspects. For example
    the Lifting Knee is a very powerful move but it is very slow and if they
    block it then you are in a vulnerable spot.
    Nightwolf's combos are good and he has lots of pop up move for example :
    the OVERHEAD SMASH Forward + 2 hits them from overhead down and they hit the 
    ground bouncing up. Another one of his pop up moves is the RISING SUN which 
    is Back + 1, and then you can follow it up with a good air combo. His 
    Tomahawks also have a few good pop up moves, and they have one four button
    combo which you should use quite frequently.
    The Boss characters (e.g. Goro) are very slow moving and have very poor
    combos but nevertheless they are very powerful and rip a lot of life with
    just one move. They strike you with one move and take ages to recover from
    that, that is why you have got to take advantage of that with 8 way run.
    If you use it a lot they will miss you and that will leave them in a nice
    and very vulnerable position even though you can't pop the boss characters
    up for further punishment in the air. 
    As I had mentioned before, the Lifting knee delivers very good damage and 
    you should us it when the enemy is close to you and you want him to get
    away from you. However it is slow and if you either miss or they block it
    then the enemy would take over from there. Also the roundhouse kick (4) 
    does good damage, it is quite quick and gets the enemy away from you.
    Evn though Nightwolf's combos are good and effective they aren't very long.
    His longest Val Tudo move (not counting in the air) is the useful one 
    which takes 4 buttons to input and it take his tomahawks out ( 1,1,1,L1). 
    These moves are very useful and you should always use them if you want to 
    get his weapon out. Not just a normal L1.
    ============================ NIGHTWOLF'S POINTS ==================== - NWGB -
    Nightwolf has some Advantages and Disadvantages.
    ()  The Good :
             ¬ Unlocked at start
             ¬ Fast weapons (Tomahawks)
             ¬ Balanced with power and speed
             ¬ Good Long and Close ranged specials
             ¬ The Finish of the Grab hits them in air
    ()  The Bad :
             ¬ Excluding specials, very short ranged
             ¬ Not a very big combo guy
    () The Ugly :
             ¬ Nightwolf is not a fashion guy. Costumes are not neat :D
    Apart from his short rangeness which lets hime down, he looks like a very
    good player.
    ================================= SITES ============================ - NWSA -
    The following sites have my permission to put this FAQ onto their website if 
    they choose to. Any other sites, please do ask permission before you upload 
    it. I will almost certainly say yes. :)
    ¬ www.gamefaqs.com
    ¬ www.gamespot.com
    ¬ www.cheatplanet.com
    ¬ www.neoseeker.com
    ================================== Q and A ========================= - NWQA -
    Q : Where can I find Nightwolf's Axe in Konquest (the Relic)?
    A : Nightwolf's Axe can be found on the level on the spaceship with the 
        coundown after Sektor captures you and after the cinematic when you are 
        in control of Taven again. It is in the room where you can smack people 
        into the fan above to kill them. It is where the door is oposite the exit
        It doesn't appear until you get quite close to it so look out.
    Q : How much does Nightwolf's alternate skin cost in the Krypt?
    A : 2800 koins
    Q : Is there any other means of getting Nightwolf's costume?
    A : Yes, in Konquest. In Edenia (Where scorpion is) After you kill all of the
        flying skulls, lots of goodies will appear. The first one contains Nightwolf
    ================================== THANKS ========================== - NWTS -
    Well this is the end of the Character Guide. I hope it helped and that you 
    have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
    ¬ Thanks to Gamefaqs
    ¬ Thanks to everyone who read this.
    ¬ Thanks to Nightwolf for making me write this FAQ
    ¬ Thanks to Midway for creating an awesome game like Mortal Kombat:Armageddon
    ¬ Thanks to mortalkombatonline.com for some info.
    ¬ Thanks to the above websites in "Sites" if they got my FAQ.
    And don't forget to write to me if you see errors.
    Copyright 2007 Riyad Eyvazli
    By CruZer_69
    ================================ END OF FAQ ==================================

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