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    Meat by matseb8

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                              |   /    00           /\
          /\        /\        |  /     00          /  \
         /  \      /  \       | /                 /    \
        /    \    /    \      |/                 /      \
       /      \  /      \     |\                /        \
      /        \/        \    | \              /__________\
     /                    \   |  \     00     /            \
    /                      \  |   \    00    /              \
                              |    \        /                \
          0000      00000       00000000        0000       00000000000            
         000000    0000000      00000000       000000      00000000000
        000   000 000   000     000           000  000         000
       000     00000     000    000000       0000000000        000
      000       000       000   000         000000000000       000
     000        000        000  00000000   000        000      000
    0000                   0000 00000000  0000        0000     000                
    Table of Kontents
      1) Copyright info------------------------------[CWT]
      2) Meat's Backstory and info-------------------[MBS]
      3) Meat's moves--------------------------------[MMV]
        a) Wrestling---------------------------------[WST]
        b) Wrestling in Air--------------------------[WSA]
        c) Cleavers----------------------------------[CLV]
        d) Cleavers in Air---------------------------[CLA]
        e) Specials----------------------------------[SPC]
      4) Strategies----------------------------------[STG]
      5) Thanks--------------------------------------[TKS]
      6) Contact me----------------------------------[CME]
    1) Copyright Info---------------------------------------------------[CWT]
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2007 Matthew Ashworth
    This is my first ever FAQ, so I am new to all this and therefore this FAQ
    might not be as good as others you've seen. I doubt that I will update it
    later on, because I am a relatively busy person and do not spend too much
    time on video games. Therefore email me only if there is a major error in
    this FAQ or if you've got any questions about Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I
    will try to answer these, but I am not ace at this game.
    2) Meat's Backstory and Info----------------------------------------[MBS]
    Meat is a new character in MK: Armageddon, I think. According to the
    ending in MK: Armageddon arcade, Meat used to be one of Shang Tsung's
    experiments who managed to escape before being completed. He then rushed
    to the top of the pyramid and defeated Blaze. This victory gave him the
    power to shape shift. Shortly after that he disappeared somewhere.
    Meat was actually in Mortal Kombat 4 as a skin, but was not a proper
    character with a storyline. (Thanks to Sparda Sara)
    Meat's appearance is rather funny. He looks like a normal human but without
    his skin. There is some blood dribbling down his body and one of his 
    eyeballs is out of the eye socket and is only held by an optic nerve. His
    weapons are two meat cleavers.
    Meat is a locked character in the beginning of the game.
    To unlock Meat simply collect any 10 items (e.g. Kai's wristband, Kira's
    knife, etc) in the Konquest mode. If you manage to find all the items on
    your way, then you should be able to unlock him before you meet Sektor.
    3) Meat's moves-----------------------------------------------------[MMV]
    Note that coma (,) shows order of buttons, i.e. press one after the other,
    while plus (+) shows that two buttons should be pressed simultaneously.
    Also note that I haven't played an X-box version of the game, and therefore
    all the controls are for play station 2. Sorry about that.
    Abbrev:    PS2 configuration:
    Attack 1 - Square         - S
    Attack 2 - Triangle       - T
    Attack 3 - X              - X
    Attack 4 - Circle         - O
    Fwd      - Forward
    Bck      - Backward
    Dwn      - Down
    Up       - Up
    CS       - Change style   - L1
    G        - Grab           - R1
    B        - Block          - R2
    PW       - Pick up weapon - L2
    Layout is the following:
    Combination - Name - Description (how much out of 10 I like it in brackets)
    a) Wrestling--------------------------------------------------------[WST]
    1           - Back breaker        - Meat picks up an opponent and breaks 
                                        their back against his knee (8.5)
    Bck+1       - Shoulder Toss       - Meat flips enemy to the other side
                                        with one arm (7.5)
    Fwd+1       - Toe Jam             - Meat grabs enemy by the feet and throws
                                        him/her up (7)
    Dwn+1       - Mid-section punch   - Crouching punch to the mid-section (3)
    2           - Rightcross arm      - A decent quick punch (6)
    Dwn+2       - Uppercut            - Can bounce an enemy in the air with it
                                        up to 3 times (7.5)
    3           - Foot planter        - Straight kick into the stomach (4)
    Bck+3       - Quick trip kick     - A forward sweep (6)
    Up+3        - Leaping boot kick   - Jumping kick which hits enemy into the
                                        the air near you. Very useful! (9)
    Dwn+3       - Low flesh kick      - Low forward swing kick (4)
    4           - Brutal knee         - A single powerful blow with the knee (7)
    Bck+4       - Jumping spin kick   - A jumping roundhouse kick to the face
                                        that hits enemies well away (8.5)
    Dwn+4       - Creeping toes       - Low kick which looks like Meat is
                                        walking in crouched position (2)
    2,2         - Twister punches     - Two quick punches (7)
    2,2,2       - Knocked out         - Three quick punches where last one 
                                        knocks enemy down (8.5)
    2,2,4       - Bloody Monday       - Two punches followed by a knee blow
                                        that knocks enemy down (8)
    2,2,CS      - Rotting flesh       - Two punches followed by hit with cleavers
                                        which Meat takes out (8)
    b) Wrestling in Air--------------------------------------------------[WSA]
    These moves can be performed only when Meat hits enemies into the air near
    him and is in Wrestling style
    1           - Bombardment         - A punch (2)
    2           - Updraft             - Hits an enemy so he/she spins (4)
    3           - Fire fly            - A kick (3)
    4           - Whiplash            - Grabs and flips over backwards (6)
    1,1         - Airmatic smacks     - Two punches (3.5)
    3,3         - Double air kicks    - Name says it (4.5)
    1,1,1       - Power bash          - Two punches plus a slap that hits an
                                        enemy away (6)
    1,1,2       - Backup              - Two punches plus hit that spins enemy
                                        vertically (6.5)
    1,1,3       - Reset fists         - Two punches and then a whack that causes
                                        enemy to bounce back. Add more combos
                                        afterwards (9)
    3,3,1       - X marks the spot    - Two kicks and last hit hits away (6.5)
    1,1,4       - Zero cool           - Two punches and a flip over (8)
    3,3,2       - Ploted tree         - Two kicks and then an overhead smash
                                        towards the ground (8.5)
    3,3,3       - Shaddy heel         - Two kicks and then last one hitting
                                        towards the ground (8)
    3,3,4       - Null G              - Two kicks and a flip over (8.5)
    c) Cleavers----------------------------------------------------------[CLV]
    These moves are done when Meat takes out his meat cleavers
    1           - Upward slash        - A single vertical slash (4)
    Bck+1       - Downward circling   - Vertical spin with cleavers down (7)
    Dwn+1       - Low upward knife    - Low hit with cleavers to the groin (4)
    2           - Twisting slash      - A powerful horizontal slash (7)
    Bck+2       - Upward circling     - Vertical spin with cleavers up (7)
    Dwn+2       - Cleaver cut         - Uppercut with cleaver (7.5)
    3           - Double cleaver      - Slide forward with cleavers in front (7)
    Bck+3       - Rising blood teeth  - Cleaver hit into the air but near Meat.
                                        Allows to do air combos (8)
    Up+3        - Head stab           - Stabs one cleaver into enemy's face and
                                        stuns (7.5)
    Dwn+3       - Low tippy kick      - Low kick similar to Creeping Toes move
                                        in Wrestling stance (2)
    4           - Crunchy boot        - Powerful kick that hits an enemy far
                                        back (7.5)
    Bck+4       - Spinning dragon     - A forward sweep (7.5)
    Dwn+4       - Low spin kick       - Forward sweep kick, but unlike sweeps it
                                        doesn't knock enemies off their feet (5)
    1,1         - Double ripper       - Two upward cleaver slices (6)
    Bck+1,Bck+2 - Psycho cleavers     - Downward cleavers spin followed up by
                                        an upward one (8.5)
    1,3         - Fleshy push         - Upward cleaver slice followed by forward
                                        slide with cleavers (7.5)
    1,1,2       - Neck chopper        - Two upward cleaver slices and then a
                                        powerful horizontal slice (8.5)
    1,1,Up+3    - Cleaver tips        - Two upward slices and then a face stab
                                        in the end which stuns (8)
    1,1,4       - Bloody slime        - Two upward slices and then a powerful
                                        kick at the end (8.5)
    d) Cleavers in Air---------------------------------------------------[CLA]
    These moves can only be performed when Meat has cleavers out and is in air
    next to an airborne opponent
    1           - Downfall            - A kick (3)
    2           - Lucky change        - Backflip kick (6)
    3           - Marked humanoid     - A kick (3)
    4           - Spinning feet grab  - Grabs enemy's head with his feet and
                                        flips him/her over (6.5)
    1,1         - Stinky air          - Two kicks, similar to scissors (5)
    3,3         - Hyper gust          - Two kicks in a different fashion (4.5)
    1,1,1       - Fresh air           - Two kicks followed by a forward flip
                                        kick that hits enemies down (8)
    1,1,2       - Air slinky          - After two kicks, Meat bounces off the
                                        ground diagonally, kicks this way and
                                        gives room for one more air combo (9)
    1,1,3       - Airway              - Three kicks (6)
    3,3,1       - Gut kick            - Three kicks (6)
    1,1,4       - Shove it            - Two kicks with a flip over grab at the
                                        end (8)
    3,3,3       - Barrel roll         - Two kicks and a horizontal spin kick
                                        at the end that hits away (8)
    3,3,4       - Downward spiral     - Two kicks with a flip over grab at the
                                        end (8)
    3,3,1,1     - It's all over       - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                        Fresh air (9)
    1,1,3,3     - Air barrel          - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                        Barrel roll (9)
    3,3,1,2     - Back in action      - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                        Air slinky, but doesn't allow another
                                        combo (9.5)
    1,1,3,4     - Boot slam           - Series of kicks with a Spinning feet
                                        grab finish (9)
    3,3,1,4     - Zero G              - Series of kicks with a Spinning feet
                                        grab finish (9)
    e) Specials----------------------------------------------------------[SPC]
    These are Meat's special moves!
    G           - Fleshy approach     - Meat picks up an enemy and throws them
                                        to the other side. Nothing special (5)
    Dwn,Bck+1   - Head roll           - Meat takes his own head off and throws
                                        it at enemy's feet like a bowling ball.
                                        Useful as it is low (7.5)
    Bck,Fwd+3   - Meat leg slide      - Meat slides using blood really quickly.
                                        Also a low attack and even more useful
                                        because it is quick (9.5)
    Bck,Fwd+2   - Body mutilation     - Meat pulls on his dangling eye and then
                                        releases it, allowing it to recochet.
                                        This move heals a small portion of Meat's
                                        health. With each new time it heals less
                                        than before. You have to wait for ages
                                        if you want to perform the same move
                                        again (7)
    Up,Dwn+3    - Flesh teleport      - Meat falls forwards disappearing into a
                                        puddle of blood and then appearing out
                                        of newly made puddle on opponents other
                                        side. It's his way of teleporting (8)
    4) Strategies--------------------------------------------------------[STG]
    Meat has a pretty much balanced fighting style, with some quick attacks and
    some powerful knockdowns. Here are a few tips that I came up with:
    Knocked out (2,2,2) is a very useful attack as it is quick and is easy to
    input. Use it when you need speed. His uppercut (Dwn+2) is impressive too.
    Compared to other characters' uppercuts, Meat does his pretty quickly, 
    but unfortunately it is very short ranged.
    Use rotting flesh move (2,2,CS) in order to get out meat cleavers quickly.
    Cleavers have slightly better range than unarmed moves, but in general they
    are a bit slower, usually slow to recover. Double cleaver cross
    (3) and Head stab (Up+3) for example are fast but are slow to recover.
    Air combos is also a good option. In wrestling style, uppercut (Dwn+2) and
    Leaping boot kick (Up+3) hit enemies into the air. Meat has one of those 
    rarest uppercuts that gets enemies into the air close to you. In cleavers
    style, only Rising blood teeth (Bck+3) hits enemies into the air near you.
    Against fast enemies your best option might be to take defensive role. Block
    constantly. 8-way run might be a good option too. Be patient and at right
    moments strike your opponents. Perhaps low attacks would be best to use,
    because your enemy is more likely to block high rather than low. I wouldn't
    advise grabs on fast enemies as you need to come very close to them in order
    to perform grabs.
    Against enemies that block a lot Meat can pull out some tricks out of the hat 
    too. Firstly you can use a lot of low attacks, especially the specials, i.e.
    Head roll (Dwn,Bck+1) and Meat leg slide (Bck,Fwd+3). They tend to block high
    and get tricked. Another strategy can be for you to stand near them and to
    block as well and when suitable time comes (e.g. they need to recover from a
    performed move) then strike them with a good combo that starts quickly and
    ends nastily. For example Bloody Monday (2,2,4). There is yet another
    strategy against constantly blocking opponents. Meat is a master for grabs!
    He's got 4 (G; 1; Bck+1; and Fwd+1)! Why not use them?! Block does not stop
    the grabs.
    Against enemies with long ranged weapons, try to block a lot, because they
    are likely to reach you before you reach them. Using a parry (Bck+B) would
    be even better. Another technique is to use long ranged specials like Head
    roll and Meat leg slide. Teleporting could be a good idea to trick them too,
    but it can become lethal if you overuse it.
    Against boss-like enemies use fast moves, like Knocked out. Also it should be
    relatively easy to use parry and breaker on most of their moves as they are
    tanks and have slow attacks. Jumping towards them and kicking seems to work
    too. Don't overuse it though. And mainly use low attacks a lot and block
    a lot. It is better to take your time with these guys, I think. If you get
    a chance hit them into arena kills. It can save you a lot of trouble. Blaze
    is a very special case. Use block a lot and I would strongly advise fast
    attacks. The best one probably is Knocked out or Bloody Monday. You would
    also need attacks which allow you to recover quickly, because if it gets 
    blocked Blaze can seriously mess your life up with his downward slaps. Using
    cleavers is also a good idea, just don't use slow attacks. Head roll just
    like most other characters' ranged attacks does not work on Blaze. Meat leg
    slide is not very advisable either as it does not trip him up and just hits
    him and takes ages for Meat to recover. Even if Blaze gets hit, he is very
    likely to hit you after that attack. Combos is the key.
    Enemies that tend to shoot a lot can be a pain sometimes... but not if you
    know how to deal with them. 8-way run and block is the key at long range. You
    can use your long ranged specials on them, but you'll need to get closer to 
    them if you want to hurt them properly. They are not very likely to shoot at
    close range. Another good technique to avoid being shot at is teleporting. In
    fact it is probably the best option against these opponents.
    Enemies that perform parry and breaker a lot must be rather difficult
    to fight against. Firstly if they perform these a lot and succeed then they
    must be experts at this game and most likely to know most of your moves, but
    I will try my best here. The best idea if I had to say probably would be to
    change your attacks very frequently, i.e. do not repeat the same attack too
    often. Try combining high and low attacks together and also attacks of
    different speeds. Grabs should work as well. Also long distance attacks, like
    specials have got to work.
    And that is Meat. I hope that you enjoy playing as him as much as I do. I
    think that he is a very funny character. I also hope that this FAQ was
    5) Thanks------------------------------------------------------------[TKS]
    I want to say thanks to:
    * gamefaqs.com
    * makers of MK: Armageddon
    * Sparda Sara for info about Meat being in MK4
    * readers of this FAQ
    * to Meat for being so cool!
    6) Contact me---------------------------------------------------------[CME]
    My email address is matthewseb2611@yahoo.co.uk
    Remember to email me only if there is a major error in this FAQ or if you've
    got any questions relating to MK: Armageddon.
    Thanks again for reading this FAQ!

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