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    Mileena by Ironboots33

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    Guide For Mileena in Mortal Kombat Armageddon:
    First of all, a little bit about me, the writer of this “fabulous” 
    guide. I love Mileena, and it upset me so much that she didn’t have a 
    guide all to herself on Gamefaqs, I decided to make one myself. This is 
    my first FAQ, so hopefully it doesn’t suck too much. Anyway, I have 
    been a Mileena fan ever since her first appearance in MK2, and I’ve 
    always ALWAYS thought her superior to Kitana, both in character depth 
    and usefulness in Kombat. I am always drawn to fast characters, and 
    Mileena has always been quick, even in MK2, where everyone moved at the 
    same speed. While she has lost a bit of speed in this game, and I can’t 
    argue that she’s the best character in the game (as I could in MK2) 
    she’s still quite good, and fun to play with. Her Tele-kick, which just 
    keeps getting better, has always been a killer move which can 
    absolutely out-do any special Kitana (or most other characters, for 
    that matter) has. Plus, she’s a monster underneath the mask! If that’s 
    not kickass, I don’t know what is. She’s a bitter, jealous, power 
    hungry mutant bitch, and that makes her awesome. What other fighter in 
    this game, or any other fighting game ever made, can claim to be all 
    that? In closing, Mileena is awesome, unique, and a pretty good fighter 
    too. Here’s how we’re going to learn to use her to her fullest 
    I.	Biography
    II.	Pros and Cons
    III.	Move Lists
    IV.	Strategies
    V.	Kredits
    But before we do any of that…let’s get the controls out of the way.
    Move		PS2			XBOX			Wii
    Attack 1		Square			X			Left D-pad
    Attack 2		Triangle		Y			Up D-pad
    Attack 3		X			A			Down D-pad
    Attack 4		O			B			Right D-pad
    Block		R2			R			Z
    Throw		R1			Black			A
    Change Style	L1			L			C
    Pick Up Weapon	L2			White			?
    (But ‘Pick Up Weapon’ doesn’t really matter, as I have never used 
    Breaker		R2 + Forward		R + Forward		Z + Forward
    Duck		Forward + Down	Forward + Down	No idea
    Alrighty, now that that’s done…
    I..Biography (taken from Wikipedia, so you KNOW it’s accurate…)
    	Mileena is a clone of Kitana gone wrong, created by Shang Tsung. 
    After Shao Khan conquered Edenia and merged it with Outworld, he 
    decided to keep the dead Edenian king’s daughter Kitana as his own. She 
    was too young to know what had happened, and grew up thinking that Shao 
    Khan was her father. However, Shao Khan feared that she would someday 
    find out the truth, and ordered Shang Tsung, his ‘trustworthy’ sorcerer 
    to make a clone of Kitana, which would be vicious and loyal to him, 
    able to take Kitana’s place if she should ever turn against him. To 
    accomplish this, Shang Tsung decided to combine Kitana’s appearance 
    with a Tarkatan’s essence. During the cloning process, something went 
    wrong, and Mileena was left with pointy Tarkatan teeth. Rather than 
    leaving her in a dumpster to die, Shang Tsung called her Mileena, and 
    decided that she would pose as Kitana’s twin sister, watching her, 
    making sure that she remained loyal to Shao Khan.
    	Mileena and Kitana grew up together (and how Mileena managed to 
    hide her teeth during these childhood years is beyond me…) and acted as 
    Shao Khan’s personal assassins. Mileena began to grow bitter towards 
    her “sister,” whom Shao Khan favored. Somewhere around this time, 
    Mileena met Baraka, and the two plotted to overthrow Shao Khan. This 
    plan never came to fruition, however, the two remained on friendly 
    terms. As the two girls grew older, Shao Khan began to have doubts 
    about Kitana’s loyalty, and ordered Mileena to watch her closer. 
    Mileena did so, and found out that Kitana was conspiring with 
    Earthrealm warriors. Mileena attacked Kitana, but unfortunately, Kitana 
    killed her, and she descended into the Netherrealm, hating her “twin” 
    even more.
    	While in the Netherrealm, Mileena was recruited by the former 
    Elder God, Shinnok. When Shao Khan made an attempt to resurrect 
    Mileena, Shinnok saw this as a great opportunity to have a spy 
    reporting on the events unfolding in Earthrealm, and allowed Mileena to 
    be revived. She was granted the ability to read Kitana’s thoughts. 
    However, Shao Khan was defeated again, and after her short-lived 
    resurrection, Mileena was summoned back to the Netherrealm to prepare 
    for Shinnok’s own attack on Edenia. Mileena saw this as a chance to 
    prove her worth and attacked Kitana yet again, but yet again, Kitana 
    bested her, and this time imprisoned her in an Edenian dungeon after 
    Shinnok’s defeat, perhaps hoping that she would reform. 
           Mileena remained imprisoned for many years, until the Dragon King 
    Onaga returned, and began his own invasion of Edenia. Baraka, a minion 
    of Onaga and old friend of Mileena, freed her, and she was ordered to 
    pose as Kitana in order to mislead the Edenian army while Onaga 
    gathered his strength. While Mileena was more than happy to pose as 
    Kitana, she began to enjoy the power she had a bit too much, and began 
    giving orders on her own, hoping that someday, once the Edenian army 
    was corrupted enough, she would be able to lead them under her own 
    name. Mileena was able to seize Shao Khan’s Outworld fortress, with the 
    Edenian army beneath her, but soon discovered that Shao Khan, Goro, and 
    Shang Tsung had mounted an offensive against her, thinking that she was 
    Kitana. Mileena surrendered to Shao Khan and revealed her true 
    identity. Shao Khan was pleased, and ordered her to capture Shujinko, 
    who would be used as a bargaining chip to gain Onaga as an ally. 
    Mileena did so, but she was no longer content with being a minion. She 
    set her sights on ruling Edenia.
    Armageddon Ending (One of the better ones in the game, in my humble 
    opinion): The power of Blaze united Mileena and Kitana for a moment. 
    When they had separated, Mileena had become beautiful, but Kitana was 
    horrified to find her mouth filled with elongated, razor sharp teeth. 
    The change in appearance allowed Mileena to pose as Kitana and finally 
    take her rightful place on the throne of Edenia. She imprisoned Kitana, 
    who went mad in the palace dungeon.
    II..Pros and Cons
    Pros: First off, Mileena’s fast. Her attacks and combos are hard to 
    block because of her speed (at least, if you are playing a human…) 
    Secondly, she’s got a sweet move, which I call her Tele-kick. It is 
    wicked fast, and works VERY well against big slow boss characters like 
    Blaze. It can also help you escape other teleport attacks, like 
    Scorpion or Smoke’s Tele-punch. Both of her attack styles, Sai and Mian 
    Chuan, are useful and good, and both have plenty of combos and pop-up 
    attacks. She is also one of the most unique characters I’ve ever 
    encountered in a fighting game (she has teeth!)…not that that really 
    makes her a good choice in Kombat…whatever. 
    Cons: She’s one of the weaker characters (her best combo only does 27% 
    damage) and her combos are hard to execute because of her speed. Once 
    you get when to push the buttons to string the combos together, you 
    should be alright, but it takes a little practice. Also, one of her 
    specials, Rolling Thunder, should NOT be used unless you have just 
    uppercutted someone and they’re busy landing. If this special is 
    blocked, the other kombatant can just destroy you.  
    III..Move List
    We’ll start with special moves. These are moves unique to Mileena…
    1. Forward, Forward + 4 = TELE-KICK. Awesome move. Very useful. Only 
    does 9% damage, however, it’s good for both offense and defense. 
    It’s a great move if you just need to avoid something, and it’s also 
    a great finishing move to end a battle. It can be done in the air 
    too (yay!) Don’t whore this move, as it will piss off humans, and 
    computers will eventually catch on and uppercut you. It’s a great 
    move, but don’t let it be your only move.
    2. Back, Down + 4 = ROLLING THUNDER. A barrel roll attack on the 
    ground, like 
    Donkey Kong. As I said, do NOT do this move unless you have just 
    uppercutted your opponent and they are soaring through the air. If 
    they aren’t in the air, DON’T USE THIS MOVE. This is Mileena’s only 
    slow attack, and it’s easily blockable. It also only does about 7% 
    damage, even worse than Tele-kick. It’s a shame this move got 
    destroyed so much, it used to be much faster and thus much better, 
    but the game creators probably thought, “Gosh, Mileena has to have 
    SOME move that’s crappy!” 
    3. Down, Forward + 2 = SOARING SAI. A projectile attack. This is 
    good for boss characters also, as you can stay away from them and 
    still hit them. It’s a good attack. Mileena recovers from it pretty 
    quickly too, so don’t be afraid to do it at a closer distance. Like 
    TELE-KICK, it’s a good finisher. Also, this is one of those 
    “quarter-circle forward” moves, if you have ever played MK on the 
    Super Nintendo. Press down, and then just slide your thumb over to 
    the forward button. That is, if you are playing on PS2 or XBOX. Wii 
    people, just move your arm.
    4. R2 = THROW. Yes, this is special to Mileena. No one else has this 
    throw. It does 16% damage and looks cool. Throws are kind of hard to 
    land, so don’t get your heart set on doing it too often.
    Onto better things…here are all of Mileena’s Mian Chuan moves.
    1)	1 = PALM STRIKE. A punch. Actually, it’s more of an elbow to the 
    2)	Back + 1 = CRUSHING KNEE. Mileena knees the opponent. This is a 
    pop-up attack. You might want to jump in the air after you do 
    it…I prefer uppercutting. More on stringing moves together later…
    3)	Forward + 1 = HURTING STRIKE. A knockdown move, Mileena straight-
    arms the opponent. This move takes some time to recover from if 
    you miss, so be warned.
    4)	Down + 1 = CROUCHING FANG. A low punch
    5)	2 = COTTON PUNCH. A slightly lower punch.
    6)	Back + 2 = QUICK PALM. A fast punch. This is a good. You can hold 
    back and keep hitting 2 for a fast attack. It is weak, though.
    7)	Down + 2 = RISING UPPERCUT. The uppercut! Does 13% damage and 
    knocks ‘em up in the air. Surprisingly useful on boss characters.
    8)	Up + 2 = COLD FIST. A mildly damaging gut punch. It’s a little 
    slow, though. Don’t get this confused with Down + 2…even though 
    it makes more sense that Up + 2 is an UP-percut.
    9)	2 + 2 = COLD FISTS. 2 punches. Nothing special. I’d use Back + 2 
    10)	3 = VEIL SIDEKICK. A plain ol’ kick.
    11)	Back + 3 = FRONT SIDEKICK. I have no idea why this is 
    called “Front Sidekick.” It’s a sweep.
    12)	Down + 3 = SIDEWINDER. A low kick.
    13)	4 = WILD KICK. A double kick. Mileena first kicks them high 
    in the face, then brings her leg down and smacks them again. This 
    is a great combo starter.
    14)	Back + 4 = JUKE. A gut kick. Stuns the opponent for a 
    moment. SLOW recovery time though, so I wouldn’t recommend using 
    15)	Down + 4 = TOPPLING KICK. An ankle breaker kick. It’s a low 
    one. Good to use if you’re ducking an attack and want to stop 
    your attacker. I never go on the defensive, so I don’t ever use 
    it, but I imagine it could work.
    Here are all of Mileena’s Aerial Mian Chuan moves. A little note on 
    Aerial Kombat. I have never been able to execute some of these Combos, 
    however, I haven’t ever tried that hard, because honestly, if you just 
    jump up there and push a lot of buttons, something good is going to 
    happen. Attack 4 is the throw, so try to use that when you want to end 
    the Combo. I can’t tell you much more than just practice, and see what 
    kind of Aerial damage you like best. I probably use about the same 2 or 
    3 Combos every time. Also, Mileena is most damaging in the air at this 
    point, using Mian Chuan style. Just something to think about…
    1)	1 = WAR CRY. A punch in the air. 
    2)	2 = SMASH DOWN. This will slam your opponent to the ground. In 
    theory, they bounce back up to you so you can smack them down 
    again. In practice, they usually stay down…very annoying.
    3)	3 = GUT KICK. A kick in the air.
    4)	4 = FLIP THROW. An in-air throw. Again, this is supposed to 
    bounce your opponent back up to you. This does not always happen.
    5)	1, 1 = DOWNWARD SWAT. Don’t know why it’s called this. It’s just 
    two punches in the air.
    6) 2, 2 = AIR SAWS. Two smash downs. If you can get your opponent to  
    cooperate and bounce the first time, you can bounce them again. 
    Naturally, this does great damage. Unfortunately, it’s almost 
    impossible to guarantee it will work.
    7) 1, 1, 1 = DOWNWARD END. Punch, punch, swipe down. Knocks your 
    opponent down to the ground for good.
    8) 1, 1, 2 = SWIPE. Does about what 1, 1, 1 does. Plus, you don’t 
    need to switch buttons with that Combo.
    9) 1, 1, 3 = HOVERING KICK. Kick, kick, spinny kick. You spin, and 
    the opponent goes flying.
    10) 3, 3, 1 = SWAT TEAM. Well…Mileena swats them.
    11) 3, 3, 2 = POWER DOWN. Mileena ends with kicking them down.
    12) 1, 1, 4 = CLEANSING WIND. Don’t you love the poetic names they 
    give these brutal attacks?
    13) 3, 3, 3 = SPINNING WHEELS. Mileena does a flip kick at the end.
    14) 3, 3, 4 = END TIMES. Another throw down.
    15) 3, 3, 1, 1 = DOWNTIME. Just basic swipe punching the opponent 
    16) 1, 1, 3, 3 = PINWHEEL. Like how this is the reverse of DOWNTIME?
    17) 1, 1, 3, 4 = BOUNCEBACK. This one is kind of neat, but hard to 
    18) 3, 3, 1, 4 = THIS IS THE END. Of my Aerial Kombat list. Heh, 
    it’s a throw down. This is usually the Combo I use in the air…I 
    And here are the Mian Chuan Combos. These are what you’re really 
    looking for…As a note, it seems that this style, when compared to 
    her other style (Sai) is a bit lacking in set Combos, so I have 
    created a few of my own, and you should feel free to do the same. 
    1.	4, 1 = FLASHY. Don’t know why it’s called that…anyway, Mileena 
    kicks the opponent, then knocks them into the air. You can do 
    jump up and do some nice aerial Kombat from there. If you are a 
    beginner, I would NOT jump up and do Attack 2, as this is hard to 
    land (this goes for all Mian Chuan Pop-up Combos) Also, you will 
    need to push the buttons FAST in order for this to work.
    2.	4, Forward + 1 = RUBBERBAND PUNCH. Mileena double kicks the 
    opponent, and then stiff arms them and knocks them over. A 
    knockdown combo, it’s not bad, and does about 16 or 17% damage. 
    It’s actually good if your opponent has been breaking your Aerial 
    Kombat too, as you can string FLASHY along with it…4,1 (opponent 
    in air), 4, Forward + 1 (hits opponent in air, knocks ‘em down, 
    and is just as damaging as an air strike)
    3.	Hold Back + 2, 2, 2 = COTTON’S RAGE. This is a nice fast attack 
    you can use when the stupid game starts a battle with your 
    opponent an inch away from you. It might be a little unclear, but 
    you should hold Back the whole time.
    4.	Back + 3, Back + 1, Down + 2 = SWEEP, KNEE, UPPERCUT. You can 
    follow this with a ROLLING THUNDER (Back, Down + 4) if you want. 
    You’re going to have to practice this one. You can knee the 
    opponent (do Back + 1) as soon as they start getting up from your 
    sweep. However, your opponents have a way of moving after you’ve 
    swept them, such as rolling away from you (how annoying!), thus 
    making you miss your knee, so you are going to have to practice. 
    This combo, which I made up, does excellent damage if you can 
    land all of it, (27% in all, with the Rolling Thunder. Does 24% 
    damage without it.) I warn you, though, if you don’t do Rolling 
    Thunder fast enough after the uppercut, it WILL get blocked, and 
    something awful will happen afterwards. Unless you have hit your 
    opponent at the highest point, don’t add on the Rolling Thunder. 
    Also, when you move up to Max difficulty, don’t even bother 
    adding Rolling Thunder.
    5.	4, 3, Change Style = OUTWORLD WONDER. Yes, that’s right, I said 
    Change Style. Mileena double kicks the opponent, then single 
    kicks them, then breaks out her Sai and knocks them down. It does 
    27% damage, which is pretty good. It’s  HARD to land. You must 
    push the buttons quickly. While Mileena is only on her second 
    kick (3) you should already have hit Change Style. I would 
    suggest seriously practicing this on Practice Mode, if you are 
    concerned with learning it. It strikes hard and fast and it’s 
    tough to block once it gets going (by humans, anyway, the 
    computer will block it about 40% of the time – depending on your 
    difficulty setting…so annoying), so I recommend it. A nice thing 
    about this combo is that you now have your Sai out.
    6.	Hold Back, 2, 2, 2, 1, Down + 2 = ADD ON. I made this one up too, 
    as the name implies, it adds on to the COTTON’S RAGE (Hold Back, 
    2, 2, 2) Combo. Works best against slower characters, and if you 
    are playing on easy and your opponents are crappy blockers. I 
    would shy away from this as you get better. You can keep holding 
    Back until you uppercut the person while they are in the air from 
    your Knee (Back + 1). This is a quick combo, and a good 
    substitute for SWEEP, KNEE, UPPERCUT if someone keeps blocking 
    your sweep or moving far away after you do sweep them.
    A note on Combos, before I go on to the next style. Combos are 
    great, but if you do the same ones too often, people or the computer 
    will catch on. You have to mix them up, and the only way to get good 
    enough to do that is to practice! Also, don’t be entirely reliant on 
    Combos. They can be blocked, parried, or broken. Get the basic moves 
    down, and you’ll be able to throw one of those in every now and then 
    to keep the opponent from guessing your next move. Also, although my 
    personal favorites are Pop-up moves, because aerial Kombat looks so 
    sweet, it is not very powerful, and gets broken all the time. You 
    should master all of the combos, not just the Pop-ups.
    Now that my lecture’s over…Onto Sai!
    1)	1 = SAI HILT. A quick Sai swipe. A good starter for many combos.
    2)	Back + 1 = OVERHEAD SMASH. A pop-up attack, this slams the 
    opponent into the ground so hard that they pop back up into the 
    air. It’s nice, but best in a combo, not on its own.
    3)	Down + 1 = LOW SWIPE. A low stab. Nothing much. 
    4)	1 + 1 = 2. Ha, but seriously. QUICKNESS. It’s two quick swipes 
    with the Sai. 1 + 1 is a combo all to itself. It’s very fast, and 
    takes little effort on the player’s part. A good beginner combo.
    5)	2 = GUT STAB. A poke. Sort of slow by Mileena’s standards. It 
    starts an alright combo though.
    6)	Forward + 2 = TWIN FANGS. A knockdown attack, Mileena lunges at 
    the opponent with both Sai. It’s fast, but the recovery time is 
    not. Don’t do this attack unless it’s in a combo.
    7)	Back + 2 = EYE POKE. Go for the eyes, Boo! Anyway, this is an eye 
    poke. It stuns the opponent for a decent amount of time. It, like 
    Forward + 2, has a slow recovery time. Also, I have trouble 
    getting it in a combo. This move is best done in practice or 
    against your younger brother, or other people who suck at MK, 
    because it’s not much good otherwise.
    8)	Down + 2 = SHIN STAB. Duck and stab. The only reason you will use 
    this is because you’ve gotten used to Down + 2 as an uppercut in 
    Mian Chuan. I do this move accidentally all the time. It’s 
    alright, as it’s pretty quick and has a good recovery. I just 
    disappoint myself…
    9)	Up + 2 = RISING SAI. This is the uppercut with Sai. It’s quick, 
    the recovery time is…okay. Good in a couple combos though.
    10) 2+ 2 = TWO STAB. A slow poke and a slow poke (not the Pokemon). 
    It would do 20% damage if your opponent was a rock, or frozen to the 
    ground. Do not pair 2 and 2 together unless it is in a certain 
    combo, which I will describe to you in detail later.
    11) 3 = FOOT SPIKE. A kick. Yes, a kick. No Sai are involved.
    12) Forward + 3 = FACE SLASH. A slightly quick slash that spins the 
    opponent. Sounds better on paper than it is in practice.
    13) Back + 3 = LOW POKER. A low quick stab. Good to use after a 
    certain Combo (you’ll see)
    14) Down + 3 = KNEE POKE. Mileena attacks from above and sticks her 
    Sai into a hopefully fallen player. It’s kind of like a reverse 
    uppercut. It’s really weak though. You’re best to stick with LOW 
    15) 4 = SWEEPING SAI. Trips your opponent up. Not bad. Good to throw 
    in after a couple runs doing combos. It will keep your opponent on 
    their toes. If you’re fast, you could switch styles and knee them…
    16) Down + 4 = HOOKING STAB. A low stab.
    And here are all Mileena’s Aerial Kombat moves in the Sai style. The 
    same note I left you for the previous air attacks still applies. 
    However, you can totally start an air Combo with Attack 2 now, and I 
    would, in fact, recommend it. 
    1)	1 = DOWNFALL. In spite of the name, it’s just a kick.
    2)	2 = LUCKY CHANGE. A neat looking backflip kick.
    3)	3 = MARKED HUMANOID. With a name like this, you’d expect 
    something a little weirder, like an alien or a UFO or something. 
    But it’s just a kick.
    4)	4 = SPINNING FEET GRAB. A throw attack. Don’t push this button to 
    start a Combo. It’s a good ender.
    5)	1, 1 = STINKY AIR. Just two kicks.
    6)	3, 3 = HYPER GUST. Again, just two kicks.
    7)	1, 1, 1 = FRESH AIR. Two kicks, then a flip kick down.
    8)	1, 1, 2 = AIR SLINKY. These names…I’m pretty sure nothing 
    resembling a slinky happens here.
    9)	1, 1, 3 = AIRWAY. Two kicks, then a spin kick.
    10) 1, 1, 4 = SHOVE IT. Two kicks, then the foot grab throw. 
    11) 3, 3, 3 = BARREL ROLL. Were you hoping to see ROLLING THUNDER in 
    the air? Well, too bad!
    12) 3, 3, 4 = DOWNWARD SPIRAL. Another throw down. Decent one.
    13) 3, 3, 1, 1 = IT’S ALL OVER. But unless your opponent only has a 
    few HP left, it isn’t all over.
    14) 1, 1, 3, 3 = AIR BARREL. This ends with a flip kick, so I guess 
    they were thinking, hey, that flip kick kinda looks like a barrel 
    15) 3, 3, 1, 2 = BACK IN ACTION. This is a pretty nice one, there’s 
    a lot of the variety in the attack that you don’t see in some other 
    16) 1, 1, 3, 4 = BOOT SLAM. Another throw down. It does fine.
    17) 3, 3, 1, 4 = ZERO G. Yet another throw down.
    18) AIR SLINKY, 2, 2, 3, 3, 1, 4 = MY FAVORITE COMBO. This is the 
    air Combo I usually use. It does great damage, and looks good doing 
    And now, everyone’s favorite…Combos!
    1.	2, Forward + 2, Back + 3 = SABERTOOTH. This is FAST if you do it 
    right. Hit Attack 2, then immediately start holding down Forward, 
    even before you start hitting 2 again. This is a nice Combo, 
    because you knock down your opponent. Does 19% damage. Pretty 
    basic, but also pretty easy once you get the hang of the button 
    speed. The Back + 3 part is not really part of the Combo, but it 
    is good for defending yourself against the newly fallen opponent, 
    as Mileena will step toward them automatically after knocking the 
    opponent down. It keeps them down for a bit longer and gives you 
    time to get away from them.
    2.	1, 1, Back + 1 = ANARCHY, but a better name is POP-UP. Beautiful 
    Combo. A fast attack leading into a Pop-up. Again, like the 
    previous Combo, start holding the back button after you hit 1 for 
    the first time. Yes, the first time. Hit Attack 1 as fast as you 
    want, just be sure to hold back, and it should work. You could 
    jump up in the air and kill them now, or….
    3.	1, 1, Back + 1, Up + 2 = MORE ANARCHY! Hit them again before you 
    go up there to crush them! Once they are in the air, (after the 
    original 1, 1, Back + 1) they’re pretty helpless, and it should 
    take barely any effort on your part to whack them once more. Then 
    jump up there and finish the job. Before you go pushing Up + 2, 
    you might want to wait for them to fall just a little bit, and 
    make sure you are under them. Mileena will end up jumping up 
    there and kicking the shit out of them if you don’t time this 
    right (not that it would be that big of a deal if she did)
    4.	1, 1, Up + 2 = RISING DRAGON. Another nice Combo. Another Pop-up 
    Combo too. Mileena has a lot of these, which is fine, because 
    she’s great in the air. You can use this as an almost identical 
    substitute for POP-UP.
    5.	4, Change Styles, Back + 1, Down + 2, Forward, Forward + 4 = 
    INSANITY! Naturally, I made this one up. Anyway, you trip them up 
    with your Sai, switch styles to Mian Chuan (takes about a 
    second), knee them, uppercut them, then Tele-kick as they start 
    getting up (Note: START getting up, do not wait for them to 
    actually be up). Does around 26% damage, and can only be broken 
    at the point where you knee or uppercut them. The hardest part is 
    changing the style and kneeing them before they recover from the 
    knockdown, BUT it’s not impossible. Takes practice and fast 
    fingers! However, it’s definitely an impressive Combo, and does 
    great damage (by Mileena standards, anyway).
    6.	 1, 1, 2 = WHIRLING DEMON. This will knock down the opponent, and 
    get them the heck away from you if they’re too close. Nothing too 
    special, but it is easy to execute. Make sure you hit Attack 2 
    fast enough. Does about 17% damage, so it’s nothing too powerful. 
    Looks nice though.
    7.	1, 1, 1 = LIGHTNING STAB. I would never do this move on purpose, 
    because in attempting to land the other Combos that start with 1, 
    1, you are going to invariably do this move a few times. It’s a 
    fine move, though, so don’t worry if you do it instead of ANARCHY 
    or something. However, this isn’t a Pop-up, just a really quick 
    One more note on Combos: You might have noticed that a good deal of 
    Mileena’s Sai Combos start with Attack 1. While this is a very fast 
    attack, the fact that you are starting most of your attacks with this 
    button will be spotted quickly, either by a human or a computer. When 
    you have Mileena’s Sai out, don’t think that Combos are the only 
    important things and forget to use her special moves, like SOARING SAI, 
    or TELE-KICK. These will bolster your move roster and keep enemies from 
    predicting your next attack. However…do NOT use ROLLING THUNDER on it’s 
    own EVER!!!
    Here are some basic strategies for certain types of characters. I 
    grouped the characters into 7 categories and you can take it from 
    1. Mileena VS Fast Characters (Reiko, Sareena, Tanya, Kira, Darrius, 
    Smoke, Johnny Cage, Mileena, Stryker, Liu Kang, Sonya)
    When you’re playing fast characters like yourself, you’re going to run 
    into a little trouble. I especially have problems with characters like 
    Sareena, Tanya, Smoke, and Johnny Cage, who deal a lot of damage as 
    well as being speedy. Reiko, who I hate fighting, has some really tough 
    Combos to defend against, which aren’t that powerful, but he loves 
    stringing a bunch of them together, and they can be hard to break. Like 
    Reiko, Stryker has some really nice Combos, and his aerial Kombat is 
    different from anyone else’s, as he uses a gun, plus, he’s super fast. 
    Liu Kang does great Combos with his Nunchuks up close, so I would stay 
    away from him, watching out for his projectiles/air-kicks. These can be 
    dodged and taken advantage of. Sareena has some really annoying moves 
    that hit multiple times (she throws knives), and her sword is strong. 
    Her voice really bothers me also. Tanya has an annoying move where she 
    slides on the ground that she likes using 2-3 times in a row, and like 
    Sareena, her weapons (and regular style too) do some good damage. 
    Johnny Cage isn’t too hard to deal with, just keep away from him and 
    pound him with SOARING SAI, as his Nunchuks will really hurt up close. 
    Darrius has a spinny kick which is tough to dodge, and some really fast 
    weapon attacks. Smoke has a tele-punch attack, a lot like Mileena’s 
    TELE-KICK, except Mileena’s is better, but it’s still something to 
    watch for. He also has “Stinky Cloud,” which will stun you if you don’t 
    avoid it, and Smoke will just tear you a new one. Sonya is always low 
    on the “Kombat ladder” when I play her, so hopefully this is 
    accurate…Anyway, you’ll be surprised how fast she is. She’s got some 
    decent kicks, and she does decent damage with the Kali Sticks, but her 
    specials are stupid. Avoiding her air attacks is easy (TELE-KICK 
    kombats them really nicely, actually) and the only decent one is “Kiss 
    of Death,” which will stun you for a moment. When you play yourself, 
    don’t get too worried, the computer’s Mileena just won’t be as good as 
    yours. Watch for her Tele-kick, because she likes it. Almost all of 
    these characters are bad against your projectiles, because they are 
    close range attackers, so try to stay mid to long range. As Mileena is 
    probably best as a mid-range fighter (without her Sai), she should be 
    okay. Be ready to block and break, you’ll be doing both a lot. Use your 
    SOARING SAI and keep your distance, if you’re not on the offensive.
    2. Mileena VS “High-Quality” characters (Rain, Mavado, Noob, Frost, 
    Ermac, Taven, Daegon, Sektor, Chameleon, Meat, Shinnok)
    Here are some characters that I occasionally have trouble with, thus, 
    “high quality.” If I haven’t included someone you think is deserving of 
    the “high quality” status…sorry.  It’s just my humble opinion. Looking 
    back on it, I probably should have switched Mavado and Tanya…oh well. 
    Anyway, these guys and gal have good specials, good power, and aren’t 
    too slow either. Frost has awesome specials, a tele-punch, and she’s 
    fast with her daggers, though for some reason, she never gives me that 
    much trouble. Mavado’s just a unique character with his springy 
    hookswords, you should be fine if he doesn’t have his weapons out. Rain 
    can be a real pain sometimes, he has good specials and occasionally 
    will go nuts on you with his Storm Sword. I would say that the main 
    theme of all these characters is that they’re strong without their 
    weapons, but with their weapons out, they are really deadly and that’s 
    when they’re going to be the biggest problem. Meat, Sektor, and Daegon 
    all dual-wield, so they have great combos and reach too. Chameleon, 
    Rain, and Shinnok can really mess you up with their sword/staff. Taven 
    and Ermac have great specials, and Noob has a big ol’ hammer that’s 
    really damaging. Here’s how to combat them. First of all, you should 
    keep your distance from certain characters, like Meat, Daegon, Shinnok 
    (if he’s using his Amulet Staff), and Noob (if he’s using his hammer). 
    Attack them with SOARING SAI, and use TELE-KICK to get close and into 
    Combo positioning. Watch for Teleport attacks, as Shinnok has a great 
    one, and Meat will just teleport if you do TELE-KICK too often. Daegon 
    has an annoying charge move, but it takes him awhile to recover from 
    it, so try to avoid it if you can. A note on Shinnok: Do not stand 
    still! He will summon a hand to grab you if you do this. I would group 
    Rain, Sektor, Chameleon, and Mavado in another group, these characters 
    only being really threatening if they have their swords out. You should 
    definitely be ready to block or break if they whip out their weapons. 
    And, like the first group, keep your distance from these as well. Also, 
    Sektor has a REALLY annoying flamethrower attack, and Rain can shock 
    you with a bolt of lightning, so don’t stay in one spot. Ermac, Frost 
    and Taven all have great specials. They are good with or without their 
    weapons, but not particularly threatening at anything. Taven has an 
    annoying ground pound which will hit you anywhere, so watch out for 
    that. Ermac doesn’t have any super annoying move that I can remember, I 
    believe he has a Teleport attack of some sort though, and he’s got a 
    big old axe too. He’s quick. Frost has a nice slide move and, like I 
    said before, she’s really fast with those daggers, so be ready to break 
    her. You will want your Sai for the second group, but you won’t need 
    them for the others. A note: I could have put Kitana in this group, 
    but, personally, I don’t really think she’s high quality in this game.
    3. Mileena VS Powerhouse Characters (Jax, Kitana, Kano, Quan Chi, 
    Scorpion, Drahmin, Hsu Hao, Havik)
    Although these guys and gal are “Powerhouses” that doesn’t mean they 
    are slow, it means their moves are really damaging. While none of these 
    are ‘fast’ characters, they aren’t super slow, so don’t think fighting 
    them will be a cakewalk. Jax, Kano, and Drahmin are probably the 
    slowest. Jax has an annoying ground pound that will hit you anywhere, 
    but most of his other specials are easily dodged, and I think he’s sort 
    of fun to fight because of his humorous dialogue when shooting you. Hsu 
    Hao and Kitana are the fastest, I would say, with the rest falling 
    somewhere in the middle. You are going to want to strike hard and fast 
    on these characters. If you’re fighting Scorpion, Kitana, or Kano, it 
    would be especially unwise to stand still, as they have 
    spears/hellfire, fans, and eye-lasers, respectively. Scorpion also has 
    a neat Tele-punch which does better damage than it should, and a really 
    powerful throw. His “Get Over Here” spear can be broken, which is a 
    good thing. Kitana pisses me off, because she loves to block. She also 
    loves “Fan Lift” and “Ground Fan.” While Fan Lift can be broken easily, 
    it’s ANNOYING! Ground fan is just a fan throw, and does good damage, 
    plus, Kitana will do it a few times in a row until you dodge it. Kano 
    has some relatively quick special attacks – his cannonball is 
    definitely the most annoying, but he’s much more threatening with his 
    weapons out, as is Hsu Hao (his Combos are incredible, and his strikes 
    are FAST!). Havik’s spike club is very powerful, so when he gets that 
    out, put your finger on Block and get ready. Quan Chi, though pretty 
    quick, and equipped with some decent specials, isn’t too horrible to 
    fight unless he has his swords out. Then he’s a real pain. Drahmin is 
    just sort of a pain, as his attacks are very strong and he has a few 
    annoying specials, like his Earthquake stomp and this ‘windmill’ punch 
    in the air, but on the other hand, he has virtually NO reach with his 
    weapon, and his fighting style is just about the same. Also, those 
    stupid flies that buzz around him really annoy me, I hate buzzing. 
    Anyway, If you’re diligent about breaking and blocking, these guys 
    can’t touch you. If you let them hit you, watch out, because they’re 
    all very strong attackers.
    4. Mileena VS Reach Characters (Raiden, Sindel, Baraka, Jade, Bo’Rai 
    Cho, Jarek, Nightwolf, Hotaru)
    I call these ‘Reach Characters’ because they all have staffs, except 
    Baraka and Nightwolf, of course, with incredible reach. Most of their 
    staff/blade combos are very powerful. Jade and Sindel are definitely 
    the fastest (and probably the best in this group) and have some good 
    specials (Sindel’s scream, Jade’s energy kick) to back up their speed. 
    Raiden’s staff Combos are powerful and very annoying, but if you break 
    them, you should do fine, as he’s really crappy in this game (which is 
    a shame). Raiden and Jade have teleports too, so watch for those, as 
    they can really mess you up if they catch you unaware. Jarek’s pretty 
    crappy, as far as I’m concerned, but you should watch out for his whip. 
    He can catch you off guard, and he can get you with it from a good 
    distance. He also had an axe, which also gives him decent reach. Hotaru 
    has a staff, and he’s about the same quality with or without it, not 
    that great. He’s not that slow, but he’s not that fast either. I don’t 
    have much to say on him. Nightwolf has the least reach out of everyone, 
    but his Tomahawks are fast and still have pretty decent range. He can 
    be annoying, and for some reason, I have trouble with him. Baraka’s 
    blades are not as strong as you would think, but, he can definitely hit 
    you from a long distance, which makes it tough to get in there and 
    execute a Combo on him. I don’t have much to say on Bo’Rai Cho, as I’ve 
    never had a bit of trouble with him. He’s actually not as slow as you 
    would think, though, but he’s no threat at all without his staff. ALL 
    of these characters can be absolutely destroyed if they don’t have 
    their weapon out. I would say the ones who will be hardest, even 
    without their staff, are Jade and Sindel, with Nightwolf maybe in 
    third, though his specials are pretty lacking. Even so, they won’t be 
    nearly as difficult as some of the harder characters UNLESS they get 
    out their weapons.
    5. Mileena VS Finesse Characters (Reptile, Khameleon, Shujinko, Fujin, 
    Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, Li Mei, Nitara, Ashrah, Sub Zero)
    None of these characters, with the exception of Shang Tsung and Sub 
    Zero, should give you any trouble unless they are played by a human, 
    hence ‘Finesse Characters.’ Without the proper human finesse behind 
    them, these characters are, well, not very good. Shang Tsung is mildly 
    difficult because he has good speed, great Combos, and a teleport 
    attack which will counteract your TELE-KICK rather nicely. He’s not 
    that powerful though, and he doesn’t have any great moves. Sub Zero, a 
    destroyed character, at least, from what I remember from MK1 and 2, has 
    lost most of his nice specials. He is still pretty fast, but that’s 
    about all he’s got. Watch out for his “Ice Clone” attack, his slide, 
    and his sword, as it does decent damage. I’m not going to waste my time 
    talking about everyone else, because they suck if they’re computer 
    controlled, and this guide isn’t meant to give you a good strategy 
    against humans. I’m not saying that these characters are necessarily 
    bad, and that you should never use them, BUT, they aren’t controlled 
    well by the computer.
    6. Mileena VS Boss Characters (Onaga, Goro, Kintaro, Sheeva, Motaro, 
    Moloch, Shao Khan, Blaze)
    TELE-KICK, TELE-KICK, TELE-KICK. Is it cheap? Of course. So are the big 
    ol’ boss characters. I really hate these guys. Mileena has a lot of 
    pop-up Combos, and these guys make those Combos utterly worthless. You 
    can only pop-up Shao Khan, Motaro and Sheeva (who isn’t REALLY a boss, 
    but she’s big and ugly, so I counted her as such). Anyway, you’re not 
    going to want your Sai unless you’re fighting Shao Khan, Motaro or 
    Sheeva. These three are faster than the others, Motaro has a super 
    annoying charge attack that’s hard to dodge unless you TELE-KICK, and 
    Sheeva’s got some beautiful Combos with her weapons out, so be ready to 
    break when playing her. Motaro also has this weird attack where he sits 
    with his tail like a scorpion, poised to attack…but he never does! Use 
    this time to pound him, just aim low. Sheeva has a jump-tele-kick-
    attack thingy that does good damage, but you can counteract this easily 
    with your very own TELE-KICK. She can do mean damage with her weapons, 
    so watch it. Shao Khan is the easiest one in my mind. Stay the hell 
    away from him though, unless you’re attacking, as he can really put the 
    smack down on you if you get too close. Do SOARING SAI and wait for him 
    to do some silly attacks that he recovers slowly from before you go to 
    get him. And keep your Sai out. Onto the biggest bosses. You’re best 
    doing TELE-KICKs, jumping and kicking, and uppercutting. You can do a 
    few basic Combos, (FLASHY, OUTWORLD WONDER, LIGHTING STAB) but the 
    thing about those is that you need to be close to your opponent, and 
    you do NOT want to get close to these guys. They can waste you. You’ve 
    absolutely got to be ready to block and break. A little note on Moloch, 
    he has a move that can recover his HP, it’s when he stands still and 
    howls, so give him a good kick or uppercut when he decides to do this. 
    Also, an annoying thing about the bigger guys (Onaga, Blaze, and 
    Moloch) is that SOARING SAI does NO damage. So don’t bother. It’s good 
    against the other bosses though. Onaga is the worst big boss, so if you 
    feel like you’ve absolutely got to do some Combos, do them on him. 
    7. Mileena VS Why would you play as these characters? (Kobra, Mokap, 
    Kai, Cyrax, Kabal, Dairou)
    Yes, these are the characters I couldn’t fit in any of the categories. 
    Sure, I could have put them all into “Finesse,” but I really don’t even 
    think Finesse would make them that much better. If you want to see a 
    ‘good version’ of Kobra, play as any of the Ninja characters (Scorpion, 
    Sub-Zero, etc). A good version of Mokap is Stryker. Kai is just a bad 
    version of Darrius. I’ve never even had to fight Dairou, but if you 
    want a bald guy, Quan Chi is your man. If you want a cyber-ninja, play 
    as Sektor, and as for Kabal, Mavado and his hookswords beat him hands 
    down. I have heard from a few sources that Kabal is a great character. 
    This may be true, but he has never shown me, so from the evidence I’ve 
    witnessed, he belongs here. If you play as any of these guys, I don’t 
    mean to insult you. I know that anyone good can play any character and 
    do quite well (and probably kick my ass), however, none of these guys 
    have ever threatened me EVER. I play on Max, so…they have just as much 
    of a chance to be difficult. They just aren’t. Please don’t be offended 
    by my grouping!
    VI.	Kredits
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2007 Ironboots33
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    A big thank you to Midway, of course, for creating such a sweet game 
    and sweet characters to put in it. Thanks to gamefaqs.com for letting 
    me put this up!
    And thanks to Wikipedia for having Mileena’s bio.
    If you’d like to contact me, my email is nvh2pc@mizzou.edu. If you’d 
    like to tell me what a crappy guide this was, please don’t contact me. 
    I will take questions etc. so long as they are relevant. And please try 
    to use decent grammar (doesn’t have to be perfect), no chatspeak.
    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I hope it was helpful!

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