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"An excellent game of an excellent series"

Hi everyone. Well as you know I am going to review the ps2 version of MK: Armageddon. Mortal Kombat has come a long way, and with each new game comes new innovations, fighters, stages, etc. This game is no different. Anyway, on with the review!


The graphics are quite good. As with previous installments, the blood isn't really realistic, but still gets the job done. The character models are the same as Deception's so thats definitely a plus. I couldn't really see any flaws with the graphics, so its a job well done by Boon and co. Also, when you select your player, you see him/her standing up, which is a nice difference than just the plain old character portraits ( although you still have these ). I would say that the graphics in this game are crispy and neat, and it definitely doesn't hurt you eyes, which is good. the graphics arn 't as good as lets say...God of War, but they are still an improvement of the previous installments. Also the blood doesn't disappear, which is really cool because in other games blood stays on the ground for around 5 seconds then magically disappear. Now if you ask me, that isn't really realistic.


The sound is alright. Its the same old fighting showdown type of music, with no real musical variation with each of the different stages. However, the eerie chords at the start menu are good. Basically, its what you expect from a fighting game, with OOM-PHS and magical incantations coming out of the fighter's mouths. Also the music in Konquest is good, and you can clearly tell that the voice actor who plays Orin is the same one who played Damashi, who is in Deception's Konquest mode. The thumps when your opponents beaten body smashes to the ground is really gritty and effective.


This is the game's best aspect. There are 64 characters, so there is a lot of choice when it comes down to playing arcade. This time though, the fighters only have two fighting styles. Now you may think that this is bad because Deception had three, but really, it isn't. It makes the fighting a lot less complex and the game is just as fun without three styles anyway. Instead of character specific fatalities, now there is a new system called kreate a fatality. This basically lets you choose how you want to dismember you opponents, but as soon as you have done it a few times, you realise that there isn't that much depth in it. Konquest makes a welcome return too. From what started out as a simple training program in DA, is now a full on 3rd person action/adventure game. The newest innovation is motor kombat. You basically play as a mini version of the normal characters, driving in a go- kart type vehicle. You have special moves as well. Arcade is good, but the AI can become really cheap at times and some of the things they do is just plain unfair. For instance, I was playing against Kenshi, when he did around 3 short sword combos, which did a reasonable amount of damage, then he did his telekinetic slam. Then guess what came next? The same cheap combo I mentioned before. Although there are some bad things about Konquest. Some of the bosses are incredibly cheap and trying to beat them can be a real challenge. The controls are also a bit unresponsive. Press R2+square and you have your forward roll. I press this, and the protagonist does a punch, allowing a platform with spikes on them to crush him. Overall Konquest is a lot of fun to play, but it isn't without it's flaws. Another new thing is Kreate a Kharacter. In this you can create your own fighter. The choice of clothing is pretty broad, however the choice of moves isn't. For instance I gave my character KungLao's hat, and I expect to give my character the Hat Throw special move. Can I do this? No.

Replay- 6/10

Once you have all the fighters, all the stages and so on, you are basically done.

Rent or buy?


Overall score- 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/06

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