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    FAQ/Move List by DEATHSCHILD

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    System - PGM Arcade Japanese [V100]
    By - DEATHSCHILD (darpeigh@aol.com)
             /                   /
            /                   /
           /                   /
          /         __________/
          \        /__________
           \                  \
            \                  \
             \__________        \
             ___________\        \
            /                    /
           /                    /PECTRAL
          /                    /
         /____________________/_____        _____
                               \    \      /    /
                                \    \    /    /
                                 \    \  /    /
                                  \    \/    /
                                   \        /S
                                    \______/ ________________
                                            /                \
                                           /                  |
                                          /                   |
                                         /        ____________|
                                        |        / ___________
                                        |       | |           |
                                        |       | |           |
                                        |       \ |____       |
                                        |        \____/       |
                                         \                   /
                                          \                 /ENERATION
                                           \               /
    This 'FAQ' is for personal and private use ONLY, and not for promotional or
    profitable purposes. NO portions of this 'FAQ' may be changed, altered,
    displayed or reprinted in any Magazines, Websties or Anywhere else without
    consent from the author.
                              -Trademark & Copyright-
    This FAQ is Copyright(c) 2006 Anthony Gobin.
    NOTICE: Most of the Skill Moves names are from the IGS English home website.
    But some of the Skill Moves & names in this FAQ were not listed on the English
    IGS page, so I named some of the moves accordingly to what they were and did
    (most of these were either 2nd and 3rd parts to certain Skill Moves or some
    that were not listed on the site).
    Also Note that this FAQ is mainly for the Japanese version V100 of SvG. I only
    used the English names when listing and describing the Skill Moves.
    IGS is a trademark of IGS International of Taiwan.
    The PGM Hardware is a registered trademark of IGS International TW.
    Idea Factory is a Trademark of Idea Factory of Japan.
    Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos and all characters in this FAQ are
    registered trademarks of Idea Factory.
    I like 2D fighters, I do like 3D fighters, but the 2D fighter is what I like
    the most. While searching for info on 2 other IGS fighters, I stumbled accross
    www.system16.com and saw a game at the bottom of their PGM list (the hardware
    that SvG runs on) and saw this game. So it got me curious, and I started to
    search the NET for anything on this game, too which I did not find that much. I
    looked on eBay, nothing, emailed a couple of jamma board sellers, to which they
    were unable to find a copy. Then finally a Japanese seller put a jamma board
    of SvG on eBay and the rest is history.
    Why do a FAQ for SvG that was not in the top 20 for best Fighting game of 2005?
    After playing I saw what was different and what was not. IGS and Idea Factory
    put some time into this game (somewhat?). It has good graphics, nice special
    effects for quite a few of the Special Moves and it has an interesting combo
    system which differs per indidividual character making for some unique combos.
    AND to those who are going to buy the PS2 version when it's released. This FAQ
    is mainly for the Arcade version [V100]. I've been told that the PS2 version
    will be an upgraded version of the arcade version, it will have the usual
    features which are put into the home versions: Versus mode, Survival, Practice
    and a few other features that are not in the arcade version. Something else
    that I heard was going to be the PS2 version were enhanced combos (sigh) which
    I would have liked to seen for the arcade version.
    Also, If you look on www.IGS.com.tw and look in the English section, you'll
    see that there is supposedly an English version of SvG? I have not seen this
    version, and I've asked several coin op distributors, to which they have not
    heard anything about it. I'm not sure why IGS put an English version on their
    website (maybe they were going to release onr?). You'll also notice in the SvG
    section that some of the Skill Moves motions for certain moves have been
    changed as well mainly for Ryuken, as some of his motions were different, to
    say the least.
    1) INTRO
    2) CONTROL
       -Specific Operation
       -Outfit Color
       -Chaos Breaking
       -Time Freeze
       -Guard Attack
       -Chaos Cancel
       -Fall Recovery
       -High Jump
       -Pressure Move
       -Chain Combo
       -Anti Wrestling
       -Command Throw
       -Anti Air
       -Hiro2 & Jadou2 code.
       -Moves List
       -Skill Explanations
    5) COMBOS
    6) HISTORY
    7) CREDITS
    1) INTRO
    The background of Spectral Vs Generation adopts characters found in Spectral
    Force and Chaos of Generation. Here is brief introduction. These two games,
    produced by Japan's Idea Factory, are Role Playing (RPG) with multi-character
    slection. A common feature of both games is that everything takes place in
    Never Land. Players, who are interested in games with Never Land background,
    can refer to many other works available in the market.
    After inserting your coins and pressing Start you're given 2 options:
    STORY MODE: Will have you fight your way through all the characters and beat
                your final confrontation with Holy God Earth in this Unique
                2 Dimentional fighter desidned by IGS....
    PRACTICE MODE: Practice mode is just that, after inserting your coins you're
                   able to choose this, giving you 99 seconds, letting you
                   practice the execution of special moves and work on your
                   2 players are also able to pratice (though you'll be practicing
                   on each other)....
    2) CONTROL
    The control in SvG is set up like your basic 2D fighter. You have a control
    stick for executing special moves and 3 punch/slash buttons and 1 kick. This
    section will also tell what the different Defense and Offense button
    combinations do.
    The Basic Control is for when a player is facing RIGHT, reverse them for when
    facing LEFT.
                            (C)   (S)
                UB - U - UF
                   \ | /
                B -  N -  F    (A)   (B)   (C)   (D)
                   / | \
                DB - D - DF
     D-PAD                             BUTTON/s
    UB - Jump Back                    (C) - Coin/credits
    U  - Jump Up                      (S) - Start
    UF - Jump Forward
    B  - Defend & Walk Backwards      (A) - Light Slash
    N  - Neutral                      (B) - Medium Slash
    F  - Walk Forward                 (C) - Heavy Slash
    DB - Low Defend                   (D) - Kick Button
    D  - Crouch
    DF - Squat
    This section will tell you how to perform moves which are shared by all the
    characters in SvG.
      RUN: Press and hold F, F.
      DASH: Tap F, F.
      BACKDASH: Tap B, B.
      AIRDASH: While jumping tap F, F or B, B.
      GUARD: Press and hold B for mid and high level attacks and DB for low level
      GUARD ATTACK: While defending/blocking press C+D.
      CHAOS BREAKING: When attacked press A+B (can also be done in the AIR).
      TIME FREEZE: Press A+B+C.
      FALL RECOVERY: Press D button anytime after getting knocked down.
      SWORD SERIES ATTACK: Mid - B+C, Low - crouch B+C.
      HIGH JUMP: Press D, then one of the following UF, U, UF.
    Like most fighters out there, SvG lets you select between 6 different outfit
    colors for your character. The way to select any of the 6 colors is as
     1 - (A)
     2 - (B)
     3 - (C)
     4 - (D)
     5 - (A)+(B)
     6 - (C)+(D)
    I'm going to show what's on and where the SvG screen. Below is a graph of the
    SvG game screen:
      A) - Player's Health Gauge.
      B) - Player's Character Portrait
      C) - Timer
      D) - Super Skill Gauge
         |   ________________________   ___   ________________________   |
         |  |____________A___________| [ C ] |___________A____________|  |
         | /   \                                                   /   \ |
         | | B |                                                   | B | |
         | \___/                                                   \___/ |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |                                                               |
         |   _______________                           _______________   |
         |  |_______D_____  \__                     __/  _____D_______|  |
         |                \____|                   |____/                |
    The play mechanics and feel for SvG are similar to those of Guilty Gear X.
    SvG has Chain combos, Super Skill moves (super moves), Final Impact's
    (despreation moves) like most other Great 2D fighters, and like most of those
    great fighters (and not wanting to be the same) it does some of those things
    differently. Some of those things are as follows....
      -Chaos breaking plays a very big factor in how you play SvG. Chaos breaking
       is like a KOF style dodge when avoiding projectile attacks, unless your
       opponent shoots a multiple projectile (I.E. Hiros Deceased Soul Raging
       Flames or Holy God Earth's Beam-Canon SS) in which you'll most likely get
       hit by the ending of it. Chaos breaking is also like a SF3 Parry in that
       when your opponent is attacking you at close range you'll halt or stop their
       attack for about a half second letting you attack them back.
      -The time freeze is a move which will use 1 portion of your Super Skill bar.
       When using the TF the screen will get Blue somewhat transparent horizontal
       lines on it and your opponent will move in slow-motion allowing you to
       perform a Super Skill or a regular attack. The TF must be done the same time
       when executing/performing certain Special Moves, which are listed in the
       Skill's List section.
      -This attack will stop your opponents attack and attack them back knocking
       them away from you with a single hit. This gaurd attack will also use 1
       portion (1/3) of your Super Skill bar.
      -The chaos cancel will let you cancel out of certain special moves (not like
       the Super cancels in SF3) and perform a Super Skill move. What these mostly
       are, are you not finishing a certain sequencial 2 - 3 part special move in
       turn letting you do a Super Skill move for finishing a combo.
      -This will let you recover from a knock down. Basically by doing this you'll
       be to able recover before hitting the ground, enabling you to mount an
       attack while they're somewhat vulnerable. This is very similar to the
       recovery that you can do in Last Blade 2.
      -Something else I noticed about the fall recovery is if the Skill Move knocks
       you back and down you'll be able to recover. But I also noticed that if a
       Skill Move makes you 'Spin' you will not be able to recover (at least I have
       not been able to recover and have not seen the CPU recover from a spin attack
      HIGH JUMP:
      -A high jump will let your character jump higher and farther then you could
       do with a normal jump.
      -A pressure move is a move that is done by pushing the control stick in a
       certain direction while at the same time pressing a certain button.
      -Chain combos are a series of regular button attacks (which varies per
       individual characters) which cannot be blocked after the first initial hit
      -A series of attacks which upon contact are unblockable after the first
       initial hit connects.
      -Wrestling in SvG is known as Throwing in most other fighting games. Some
       might consider throws as Cheap, but to the experienced player they play a
       vital role in the mental starategy you use against your opponent. But like
       alot of the newer 2D fighters that have been made you can now cancel your
       opponents attempt at throwing you. Turtlers are the reason why throws were
       developed, and Tic-throwers were the reason why we can now escape from
       people overly abusing this easy win tactic.
      -Anti wrestling will let you push your opponent away from you when they're
       attempting to throw you.
      -Dashing will let your character advance forward quickly in small strides
       or will let you retreat backwards in the same manner. Note: only certain
       characters in SvG have the ability to dash forward.
      -Running will let you move quickly across the entire screen until you wish
       to stop. Note: only certain characters in SvG are able to run.
      ANTI AIR:
      -These attacks consist of certain normal or some kind of special attack
       that will knock or hit your opponent out of the air as they're are jumping
       in at you.
      -These kind of throws require the input of a command or motion while
       pressing a certain button or buttons to finish.
      -This is a technique which is used to pesture and annoy your opponent. A
       poke or poking can be either a special or normal move that is a fastly
       executed and has little or no recovery time.
      -A whiff is when an attack fails to connect, this normally happens if you're
       doing the same attack repeatedly in a combo.
      HIDDEN CHARACTER/s codes:
      -Keep in mind that you'll have to enter these codes EVERYTIME you continue
       or start a new game. After doing the codes successfully you'll see their
       pictures in the space above their normal picture. The codes are:
      -Hiro2 - Put the curser on Hiro, press Start, up, up, down, down, left,
               right, left, right, Start.
      -Jadou2 - Put the curser on Jadou, press Start, down, down, up, up, right,
                right, left, left, Start.
    This section I'm going to tell you the characters Individual stories followed
    by their Skill List (special moves) and also I'll give small explanations for
    their SKILL LISTS, and explain how to properly perform and use them.
    There's nothing really new about S.V.G's play mechanics or that we have not
    seen before. There are certain Skill Moves you'll be able to cancel out of so
    you can do a 'Super Skill Move' and there are other Skill Moves which you'll
    be able to do whats called a 'Time Freeze' and finally something that SNK
    started is the Desperation attack or the 'Final Impact' as they're called
    in S.V.G.
    The English & Chinese versions for SvG have the same Skills List, the motions
    for performing the Special Moves are Identicle. The Japanese version on the
    other hand some of the Characters Skill Moves have completly different motions
    for executing/performing them. Why IGS or Idea Factory did this? I do not
    know. Well actually, I think I do. If you look at Ryuken's Skill List, you'll
    notice some of his Special Attacks are very unique (not to mention irritating)
    in how you perform them, so I can see why they would make them a little easier
    to pull off.
    Also, I don't know Japanese, so I'm going to be using the English names from
    the www.IGS.com.tw/ website when listing the Skill (Special) Moves.
    Refer to the following KEY notations for 'What Means What' when reading the
    Skill List's.
     <A>  = move can be done in the Air.
      *   = you can connect with Super Skill move.
     (*)  = you can connect with Time Freeze move.
     [SS] = Super Skill move.
     [F]  = Final Impact move.
     PM   = Pressure Move.
     Holy God
     Breed: Holy God
     Weapon: Spear of Alpha-Belt
    Story: Earth is an angel who was imprisoned in an ancient land and unknown holy
    territory called Eden. He has such great power that Gods can never overlook.
    Never Land is under his control, and he usually covers his eyes to conceal his
    magnificent strength.
     * - Powerful Elbow Smash:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     (*) - Shining Powerful Elbow Smash:
    after Powerful Elbow Smash press D + (D)
     Flaming Claw:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Tomb Hurl:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     Holy Kings Flaming Fist:
    B, DB, D, DF, F + (D)
     Postition Blink:
    D, D + A/B/C/D
     Thunder Strike:
    While jumping press D + A/B/C
     [SS] - Iron Fist Impulse-Thunder Attack:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - The End_1:
    F, DF, D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - The End_2:
    after The End_1 press D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - The End_3:
    after The End_2 press D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [F] - Purge of Sin:
    while Flaming Claw press in order (A), (B), (C), (D)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Powerful Elbow Smash-
    Earth will vault towards your opponent and hit you with his Elbow. The
    distance he moves depends on the strength and button used.
     Shining Powerful Elbow Smash-
    After Earth connects with his PES he'll do a jumping Axe Kick, which will
    knock your opponent down.
     Flaming Claw-
    Earth will dash towards opponent, grabbing them, slam them down into the
    ground, then turn around and slam you into the ground a second time.
     Tomb Hurl-
    This is pretty much an Air Throw. Earth will jump up at an angle and after
    succesfully grabbing the opponent he'll drive them into the ground.
     Holy Kings Flaming Fist-
    This is a Command Throw, you must be next to your opponent. Earth will grab
    opponent and hit them 3 times, the last hit will knock your opponent into
    the air.
     Position Blink-
    This is a Teleport move. Refer to the chart below to see what button puts
    you where. All Teletorts are for when Earth is Facing RIGHT, reverse them
    for when he is facing LEFT.
         Screen - |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  | (A)      (B)      (C)      (D) |
                  |                                |
     Thunder Strike-
    Earth will vault down towards and smash his fist into the ground.
     Iron Fist Impule Thunder Attack-
    This super skill move, Earth will punch you twice and finish with a leaping
    Axe Kick for a total of 3 hits. This is one of the few (if only) SS moves
    which can be used in combos.
     The End-
    This is the only 3-part SS move in SvG. The End is rather easy to do and
    you must be next to your opponent to use it.
    -The 1st part of "The End" Earth will grab you, then hit you up into the air.
    -The 2nd part Earth will do his Flaming Claw move and grab you as you're
    falling to the ground in which Earth will slam you into the ground then
    throw you back up into the air.
    -The 3rd and final part Earth will jump up and grab you while you're falling
    and drive you into ground...._
    _Here's how to properly perfom Earth's "The End" super skill move. After
    you do the first motion wait about 1 second and then do the motion for
    the second part, than after he slams his opponent down and as he's
    throwing them up is when you do the motion for the third part.
    NOTE: If you wait to long to do the second part, your opponent will hit
    the ground and the Claw will miss. If you don't do the third part fast
    enough as he's throwing them up, you'll actually end up doing his
    Iron Fist Impulse-Thunder Attack SS attack instead.
     Purge of Sin-
    Earth will do his Flaming Claw move, which after grabbing you he'll slam
    you into the ground a few times than he'll hold you on the ground until 2
    Ice Pillars crash up through your back, and then he'll fly up into the air
    and start to toss Energy Balls at you with the final one being a large
    Energy Sphere...._
    _Here's how to properly execute/perform Earth's "Purge of Sin" Final
    Impact move. As you do Earth's flaming claw move, after succesfully
    grabbing his opponent is when you start to press the buttons in the
    order as described in his Skill Moves section.
     Plough Knight
     Breed: Human Being
     Weapon: Evil Sword - Ralph + FlarelDiaz
    Story: Erile, the knight that fell in love with Princess Lucy of Fuleitehban,
    fled his burdensen duty of presiding his country. Now he decides to join the
    battle to bring justice and peace to the world.
     <A>, * - Recurring Bash:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     <A> - Barren God Stab:
    B, DB, B + A/B/C
     *, (*) - Kick N' Blade:
    D, DF, F = (D)
     Heavy-Whirling Wheel:
    F, DF, D, DB, B + (D)
     [SS] - Gravity Blade:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (A)
     [SS] - Rifaia Special Attack:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D) - "keep holding (D) and press A/B/C rapidly"
     [F] - Lucy's Love:
    D, DB, B (x2) + (D)
     PM - B + (C), DF + (C)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Recurring Bash-
    This move varies greatly and has different priorities by which button is
    When using the (A) button, Barren God will vault about 1 character length
    towards opponent and hit you up to 3 times.
    When using the (B) button, Barren God will will charge for about 1-2 seconds
    and then he'll vault towards you and hit you anywhere from 1-10 hits.
    When using the (C) button, Barren God will vault about 1 character length
    towards opponent and hit you up to 3 times with the final hit knocking them
     Barren God Stab-
    Again, this move varies and has different priorities per button used.
    When using the (A) button, Barren god will Slash in an upward angle in
    front of Erile.
    When using the (B) button, Barren god will do a Thrusting Stab towards his
    When using the (C) button, Barren god will Slash straight up knocking
    opponent up into the air.
     Kick N' Blade-
    Erile will dash towards opponent fisrt kicking them in the Shin and then
    will do a turn-around slash to them.
     Heavy-Whirling Wheel-
    This is one of the few command throws in SvG, so you must be next to your
    opponent. Erile will climb up his opponent, jump up, and then will procede
    to do a spinning body slash to them as he's falling down.
     [SS] Gravity Blade-
    Again, this SS move varies and has different priorities per button used.
    When using the (A) button, Erile will shoot a large energy Shere which will
    hit up to 8 times.
    When using the (B) button, Barren God will do a vertical slash that will
    knck your opponent up into the air, after which Erile and Barren God will
    slash their falling opponent in an 'X' formation.
    When using the (C) button, Erile will do a 'Spaz' attack to opponent.
     [SS] Rifaia Special Attack-
    Erile will sorta meditate with Rafaia for about 2-4 seconds, after which
    Rafaia will lunge towards opponent slashing. In order to do this move
    properly you have to keep the (D) button held after you do the QCF (x2)
    motion, after Rafaia lunges at opponent you can hit either A/B/C buttons.
    If you let go of the (D) button Rafaia will stop and go off the screen.
    NOTE: There's most likely a way or certain order you have to press the
    buttons in to get a nice flowing combo? Maybe? I'm guessing.
     [F] Lucy's Love-
    For this Final Impact move you'll see an image of Lucy appear behind Erile
    while he's holding his swords you'll see a puyple/pink glow start emitting
    from them to which he'll start to regain his health back.
    This Final Impact move will basically HEEL Erile (or give him about 1/3
    of his energy back, if he's almost out).
     Princess of Flaming Flare
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Gate of Heaven
    Story: Belonged to evil tribes yet with human blood, Hiro still keeps
    humanity inside. She looks young, yet has most powerful force and
    discrete wisdom.
     * - Flames Soul:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     (*) - Hell Sickle Strike:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     Resented-Imp Formation:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C/D
     Evil Spirit Zone:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     [SS] - Devil Costume Burst Flaming:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Flaming Zone Summoning:
    D, DB, B (x2) + (D)
     [SS] - Deceased Soul Raging Flames:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [F] - Last Heaven:
    D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F + A/B/C
     PM - F + A
     DASH - tap F, F
     Flames Soul-
    Hiro throws a projectile which looks like a small flaming Comet. You can
    also connect with a super skill during this move.
     Hell Sickle Strike-
    This move you'll see Hiro leap up into the air and then she'll procede to
    ride her sickle down at an angle towards her opponent.
    The button used will determine how far she travels accross the screen. So if
    you use the (A) button she'll move about 1 character in front from where she
    started, and if you used the (C) button she'll move about 5-6 characters
    lengths across the screen.
     Resented-Imp Strike-
    Hiro will summon flaming souls up from the ground which will hit up to 3
    NOTE: This move is great for juggling opponents in the air. Also remember that
    if you do it more than 2 times consecutively the 3rd attempt will whiff or
    only hit once, it depends.
     Evil Spirit Zone-
    Hiro will do a small horizontal leap forward. This move is only good for
    avoiding 'Certain' projectiles and other single hit attacks.
     [SS] Devil Costume Bursting Flame-
    This is one of those SS moves which varies per button used. This move is just
    a Multi-Hit projectile which look like Flaming Skulls.
    When using the (A) button, the Skulls will move slowly and at an upward
    When using the (B) button, the Skulls will move in a slow, wave like
    When using the (C) button, the Skulls will move horizontally and fast
    across the screen.
     [SS] Flaming Zone Summoning-
    Hiro's body will be enveloped in flares, and she'll shoot a vertical column
    into the air.
     [SS] Deceased Soul Raging Flames-
    Hiro will grab the opponent, stick her Sickle in them, and then procede to rip
    it out from them while it's flaming.
     [F] Last Heaven:
    Hiro will strike opponent quickly, slash them a couple more times and then
    hit them with her Gauntlet a few times, pause, and finally tell them to
    "Go to Heaven" and then shoot them up into the air.
     Princess of Flaming Flare
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Gate of Heaven
    Story: ?
     *, (*) - Deceased Soul Raging Flames:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     *, (*) - Evil-Spirit Zone:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     Flaming Skeleton:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Devil Costume Burst Flaming:
    D, DF, F + AB or BC (press 2 buttons at once).
     Hell-Sickle Strike:
    while jumping press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     [SS] - Real Devil Costume Burst Flaming:
    B, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Flaming Zone Summoning:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [SS] - Deceased Soul Raging Flames-Secret Mode:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [F] - Final Heaven:
    D, DB , B (x2) + (D)
     DASH - tap F, F
     Deceased Soul Raging flamings-
    Hiro2 will do a horizontel slash with her sickle. The button used will
    determine how far she moves.
     Evil Spirit Zone-
    This is an Anti-Air attack. Hiro will do a spinning slash while rising up
    into the air. And when you're near the top of the attack she'll do a down
    slash which will send your opponent smashing into the ground.
     Flaming Skeleton-
    This is a projectile attack which looks like a flaming Skull.
     Devil Costume Burst Flaming-
    This is another projectile attack Hiro2 has but this one is done by pressing
    2 buttons at the same time. Hiro2 will throw 2 flaming Skull's, one will go
    high and the other will go low.
     Hell-Sickle Strike-
    This move is just like the normal Hiro's Hell Sickle Stike, with the exeption
    that this move is done while in the air. You'll see Hiro2 ride her sickle
    at an angle towards opponent while covered in flames.
     [SS] Real Devil Costume Burst Flaming-
    Hiro2 will reach her gauntlet out, and will shoot you towards the corner or
    wall to which flaming pillars of fire will bring you back towards her with
    the final one launching you up into the air (or behind her).
    NOTE: This SS is weird in that depending on where you opponent is, you'll
    sometimes have different results. Sometimes your opponent will fall on the
    ground instead of being shot up into the air. And also keep in mind that if
    you're in the corner you'll most likely only get 1 maybe 2 hits, and you
    will not be able to juggle your opponent for more hits.
     [SS] Flaming Zone Summoning-
    Hiro2 will do 3 horizontel slashes with her sickle, that upon contact will
    send her opponent towards the wall/corner.
     [SS] Deceased Soul Raging Flames-Secret Mode-
    Hiro2 will rise up into the air while at the same time spinning around
    slashing with her sickle.
     [F] Final Heaven-
    Hiro2 will grab her opponent, begin to engulf both in flames, and then both
    will disappear and reappear while she continues to slash her opponent, with
    the final attack she will lift her opponent with one arm and her gauntlets
    fingers will grow and stick through opponent.
     Prince of Darkness
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Tenticle
    Story: Jadou is an evil monster produced by the negative ideas of the King of
    Evil, Gunisi. Famous for his hands of whip-shaped tentacles, he usually fights
    against human beings with both hands.
     <A>, * - Evil SouL:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Vice Hermit:
    B, DB, D, DF, F + (D)
     *, (*) - Ground Horn:
    D, Db , B + A/B/C
     <A>, *, (*) - Rapid Walk:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     [SS] - Strength Explosive:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Myriad Piercing:
    D, DB ,B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Devil Costume Dark Soul Square:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     In AIR, [SS] - D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [F] - Devil Costume - Freezing Tree:
    D, DB, B (x2) + (D)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Evil Soul-
    This is a projectile attack which looks like Hiro's Flaming Soul.
    NOTE: When doing this move while next to your opponent Jadou will kick
    them towards the wall/corner with the fireball hitting them after they
    bounce off the wall.
     Vice Hermit-
    This move will turn Jadou Completely invisible.
     Ground Horn-
    Jadou will stick his Tenticles into the ground and they'll appear from out
    of the ground somewhere on the screen depending on the button used.
     Rapid Walk-
    From what I've noticed, this move is a FAKE. Jadou will act like he's about
    to throw an Evil Soul projectile out, but does not.
     [SS] Strength Explosive-
    Jadou will throw out up to 3 Evil Soul projectiles. When you do the QCF
    (x2) motion and hit the button, you'll have to hit the button 2 more
    times to throw out the other 2 fireballs. You can also wait about 1 second
    before pressing the buttons also, letting you play mind games with your
     [SS] Myriad Piercing-
    Jadou will kneel down and have his tenticles appear from out of the ground
    attacking opponent.
     [SS] Devial Costume Dark Soul Square-
    Jadou will leap and float in the air, then shoot several flaming Skull
    projectiles which will move about 2-3 character lengths in front of him and
    finishing with a large Skull.
     [F] Devil Costume Freezing Tree-
    Jadou will toss a very small Crytal at opponent, upon contact he'll sit in
    his Thrown (chair) and the tenticlaes will wrap all around opponent which
    will drain their energy (or blood) into a cup, too which he drinks.
     Prince of Darkness
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Tenticle
    Story: ?
     Evil Soul:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Vice Hermit:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     *, (*) - Trenchent Edge Dragon:
    F, D, DF + (D)
     (*) - Waving Path:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Python Tooth:
    while Waving Path press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     *, (*) - Thunder Press:
    while Waving Path press D, DB, B + (D)
     Thunder Strike:
    while Thunder Press press D, DB, B + (D)
     [SS] - Strength Explosive:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Real Devil Costume Dark Soul Square:
    D, DF, F - (D)
     [F] - Death Spirits Splash:
    D, DB, B - (D)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Evil Soul-
    This move has different priorities per button used. This is a projectile
    move which looks like a flaming Skull.
    When using the (A) button, the Skull will travel straight (mid level)
    across the screen.
    When using the (B) button, the Skull will travel High then will go back
    to mid level.
    When using the (C) button, the Skull will travel Low then will go back
    to mid level.
     Vice Hermit-
    Jadou2 will do a small/short Dash forward.
     Trenchent Edge Dragon-
    Jadou2 will do a leaping Knee followed by a Scoop-Side Kick.
     Waving Path-
    Jadou2 will turn his cape into a crecent like shape and do a forward slash
    with it towards opponent. The button used will depend on how far he moves.
     Python Tooth-
    Jadou2 will leap over opponent, and while on top will strike them with his
     Thunder Press-
    Jadou2 will do a reverse spin kick.
     Thunder Strike-
    Jadou2 will do a leaping spin kick.
     [SS] Strength Explosive-
    Jadou2 will use his Cape as a projectile and shoot it across the screen.
     [SS] Real Devil Costume Dark Soul Square-
    Jadou2 will float in the air with a large Skull behind him which will shoot
    out sveral smaller Skulls.
     [F] Death Spirits Splash-
    You must be next to your opponent for this Final Impact to connect.
    Jadou2 will hit his opponent that will stun them, and then will hit them
    with large Sickles and then he'll split in 2 and will hit you as he
     Sword Master
     Breed: Human Being
     Weapon: Evil Sword Breaker
    Story: Krayce used to belong to the elite group, Sword Master but became
    wanted after he assassinated Suoerti, the second emperor, in order to
    fulfill his faith. He regards all the evil swords as the hotbed of danger
    and is determined to eliminate all of them.
     Whirling Kick:
    D, DB, B + (D)
     Turning Sidewinder:
    while Whirling Kick press D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Speedy Screw:
    while Turning Sidewinder press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Throw with all One's Might:
    while Turning Sidewinder press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     (*) - Step Kick:
    while Whirling Kick press D, DB, B + (D)
     Wind Chopping Arc:
    D, DB, B + (C)
     (*) - Heavy Whirling Slash:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     * - Circle Saw Waving:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     [SS] - Tornado:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C.
     [SS] - Rising Force_1:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Rising Force_2:
    while Rising Force_1 press D, DF, F (x2) + AB
     [F] - K-I-L-L GOD
    F, B, DB, D, DF, F + A/B/C
     PM - DF + (D)
     DASH - tap F, F
     Whirling Kick-
    Krayce will do a reverse side kick.
     Turning Sidewinder-
    Krayce will do a slash upwards.
     Speedy Screw-
    Krayce will spin his Heavy Sword rapidly in a circular formation, which
    will hit multiple times.
     Throw with all One's Might-
    Krayce will dash forward about 1-2 steps and will grab and toss his
    opponent up into the air.
     Step Kick-
    Krayce will do just that, as he's taking a step forward he'll do a mid
    level kick.
     Wind Chopping Arc-
    Krayce will take his heavy sword, swing it downward and strike his
    opponent with its Hilt (tip of the handle).
     Heavy Whirling Slash-
    This is an anti-air or uppercut move. Krayce will swing his heavy sword
    in a circular formation up into the air while standing on the ground.
     Circle Saw Waving-
    Krayce will toss a Saw like projectile that will spin about 1-3 times in
    front of him depending on which button is used.
     [SS] Tornado-
    This SS is just that, Krayce will turn his back for about 1 second then
    will turn around and swing his heavy sword upward and a Tornado which is as
    tall as the screen will move forward about 4 character lengths in front of
     [SS] Rising Force-
    This is a 2-part SS move.
    The 1st part Krayce will take his heavy sword and will do mid level and
    downward slashes.
    The 2nd part Krayce will take his heavy sword which is covered by lightning
    and swing it like a hammer upon connecting with opponent, will knock them
     [F] K-I-L-L GOD-
    This is your typical 'Spaz' attack. Krayce will do a dash towards his
    opponent and upon conecting you'll see Krayce's outline as he's slashing his
    opponent several times with the final slash being his Heavy Whirling Slash.
     Hoarfrost Fury
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Ice Shield
    Story: With pure evil blood, yet Mayura is eager to become human beings. She
    specializes in all kinds of magic, especially Ice Magic. Her dazzling silver
    hair wins her the name of Hoarfrost Fury.
     <A> - Gush of Frost Jade:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Floating Iceness Emerald:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Falling Iceness Emerald:
    Jump, press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Devil Summon Icicle:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     Ice Mirror Illusion:
    D, D + A/B/C/D
     *, (*) - Frost Armor:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     [SS] - Icicle Splash Attack:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     In AIR - Tenma HyoKyoKen:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     Impregnable Ice Shield:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [F] - Paled Whiteness:
    D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B + A/B/C
     DASH - tap F, F
     Gush of Frost Jade-
    Mayura will toss out a sphere like projectile, which upon contact will freeze
    your opponent for about 1 second.
     Floating Iceness Emerald-
    Mayura will toss out the same sphere projectile as above, but this version of
    it will stay floating on the scrren for 1-2 seconds. Also the button used will
    place this projectile at different spots on the screen. Refer to the following
    chart below to see what button places it where when near the far left corner.
    This is also for when Mayura is facing RIGHT, reverse them for when she is
    facing LEFT.
         Screen - |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |   (A)         (B)         (C)  |
     Falling Iceness Emerald-
    Mayura will toss out a ice crystal which will fall just underneath her and
    when it hite the ground will form an upside down Icicle. The priorities
    differ per button used.
    When using the (A) button, the Falling Ice Emerald will fall below directly
    below her and will make a small ice pillar when hitting the ground.
    When using the (B) button, the Falling Ice Emerald will fall about 2-3
    character lengths in front of her creating a small ice pillar when it hits the
    When using the (C) button, the Falling Ice Emerald will fall about 2-3
    character lengths in front of her and will create up to 3 small ice pillars
    when it hits the ground.
    NOTE: When doing these try and mix them up between the (A) and (C) button
    versions and the (C) version will hit multiple times and the (A) version is
    good for if your opponent tries to run underneath you. This will also
    freeze your ooponent long enough so when you land you're able to start a
    Also keep in mind that if the Falling Ice Emerald will act like a Gush of
    Frost Jade if it hits your opponent or collides with another projectile.
     Devil Summon Icicle-
    This is another projectile type move Mayura has in her arsenal. Mayura will
    shoot Ice up into the air, you'll hear a little Ice-tingle sound that tells
    you the 3 Icicles are decending (falling) above your opponent.
    NOTE: The place where your opponent is last standing when you hear the tingle
    noise is where the Icicles are going land on the screen. So you're going to
    learn some good setups with the other skill moves to use it properly and
     Ice Mirror Illusion-
    This is a teleport move, a rather slow one at that. Refer to the following
    chart below for what button places her where. The spots are the same whether
    shes facing the RIGHT or LEFT.
         Screen - |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  | (A)     (B)        (C)     (D) |
     Icicle Splash Attack-
    For this SS move Mayura's 2 Ice Shields will form a shield and then will shoot
    several Icicles out that will travel about 5-6 character lengths in front of
     Tenma HyoKyoKen-
    This SS move Mayura will create a giant sword out of Ice and as it's forming
    starting at the handle it will finish with the Blade which will hit your
    opponent for a single hit.
     Impregnable Ice Shield-
    Mayura will float slightly off the ground and will create a large sphere
    around her that will last for about 2-3 seconds after which the sphere will
    disappear and Mayura will have a glowing golden aura around her.
    From what I've seen and noticed this Ice Shield will reduce the amount of
    damage done to her. I've had the CPU do this in a combo but the sphere does
    not. Also as shes starting this SS move she invincible until the sphere
    fades away.
     Paled Whiteness-
    For Mayura's FI move she'll first hit you with her palm and then you'll see
    pillars of Ice smash up through your opponents body with her finally
    launching you up into the air.
    NOTE: You must be next to your opponent to successfully do this FI.
     East Flying Dragon
     Breed: Dragon
     Weapon: Rising Sun
    Story: East Flying Dragon, possessed by the spirit of the royal dragon, can
    easily control a dragon. He can wield a greatly destructive force by combining
    his swords and Rising Sun Blade.
     (*) - Flaming-Dragon Sword:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     * - Thwart Hack:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Fierce Wind:
    after Thwart Hack press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     (*) - Dragon-Emblem Fist
    while Fierce Wind press A/B/C
     Dragons Flame:
    while Dragon-Emblem Fist press (D), (D)
     Slash of Katana:
    while Fierce Wind press (A)+(B) "You can also do the Slash of Katana after
                                     doing a standing (B) slash from a distance
                                     or a standing (C) slash when next to your
     Dragons Flaming Tail Slash:
    while Slash of Katana press (A)
     Dragons Strike:
    while Slash of Katana press (B)
     Dragon Killing Slash:
    while Slash of Katana press D + (A)
     (*) - Wild-Dragon Chopping:
    while Slash of Katana press (C)
     Dragons Wind:
    while Slash of Katana press F or B
     Thug Attack:
    F, DF, D, DB, B, F + (D)
     [SS] - Swing Sword with Double Dragon Flash:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - King of the Dragon Thunder Palm:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [SS] - Dragons Flight:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     [F] - Seventh Secret Sword-Heaven Horse:
    D, DB, B (x3) + (D)
     PM - F + (D)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Flaming-Dragon Sword-
    Orochimaru will do an upward slash while his blade is engulfed in flames.
     Thwart Hack-
    Orochimaru will do a horzontal slash while he's doing a short lunge at his
     Fierce Wind-
    Orochimaru will do a downward slash after his Thwart Hack skill move.
     Dragon-Emblem Fist-
    Orochimaru will do a head-level punch to opponent after his Fierce Wind.
     Dragons Flame-
    After his Dragons-Emblem Fist Orochimaru's fist will be engulfed in flames
    which will look like a Dragons skull/head.
     Slash of Katana-
    Orochimaru will get into a defensive stance where his feet will be spread
    apart and his sword will be held up close by his head with the blade
    pointing towards your opponent. After you do this Slash of Katana you have
    a few different options at your disposal. You'll be able to stay in this
    stance for a little over 1 second.
    NOTE: This skill move is very interesting and will take some time getting
    used too. This skill move is more for breaking or getting past your
    opponents guard/defense. This move will make your opponent guess as to what
    you're going to do next and is pretty much a High-Low offensive attack.
    What I mean by this is: If your opponent is blocking High you can do his
    Dragon-Killing Slash, or if they're blocking Low you can do his Flaming
    Dragons Tail Strike and so on.
    _Here's how to properly use the Slash of Katana skill move. First you can
    perform it after Orochimaru's Fierce Wind attack or you can perform it
    by doing a (B) slash to an opponent when you're in range of them (just make
    sure you're not standing next to them) or by standing next to your opponent
    and doing a (C) slash. When doing any of these versions you can do the
    Slash of Katana whether your attack connects or if they block it. This move
    is better done if your opponent is blocking as there are more options to use.
     Flaming Dragons Tail Strike-
    Orochimaru will do an overhead swing his sword in an arch formation while
    it's engulfed in flames.
    NOTE: You can use this move in a combo but it's more for when your opponent
    is crouching or blocking low.
     Dragons Strike-
    This move Orochimaru will do a very quick thrusting slash at opponent. You
    can pretty much do 2-4 of these in a row, or you can do 2 and then do one
    of the other moves that you can do after the Slash of Katana!?.
     Dragon-Killing Slash-
    Orochimaru will do a Low-level slash at his opponents feet.
     Wild-Dragon Chopping-
    Orochimaru will do a overhead slash at opponent. This move will CRUSH your
    opponents gaurd leaving them vulnerable for about 1-2 seconds in which
    you can Chaos Cancel out as he's connecting with his Dragons Flight SS
     Dragons Wind-
    Orochimaru will do a small hop forward or backwards. You can mix this up
    with the Dragons Strike and go between the 2 and finally finish with one
    of the other ones which will knock down your opponent.
     Thug Attack-
    This is a command throw in which Orochimaru will grab his opponent, strike
    them with his sword and then push them away. You have about 1 second to
    attack your opponent after pushing them away. this move works better if
    you are in a corner.
     [SS] Swing Sword with Double Dragon Flash-
    This SS move Orochimaru will swing his sword upward while at the same time
    he'll create a large pillar of flames that will shoot out at a 90 degree
    angle with the tip looking like a dragons head/skull.
     [SS] King of the Dragon Thunder Palm-
    This SS move is a reversal. Orochimaru will hold his sword up by his head
    with the blade pointing down and if your opponent attacks, he'll catch
    their attack and will raise his free arm up above his head and summon three
    Pheonix's that will knock his opponent up into the air while hitting them
    multiple times.
     [SS] Dragons Flight-
    This SS move Orochimaru will swing his sword up which will create a small
    light wind and upon connecting will create a large Tornado that will lift
    opponent up into the air and as they're falling Orochimaru will do one
    horizontal slash to the Left and another to the Right.
     [F] Seventh Secret Sword-Heaven Horse-
    Orochimaru will do a large over-head slash and if it connects he'll do a
    lunging slash through them after which the hits will register and his
    opponent will fall down.
    NOTE: This FI move truly is brutal, it has about a 2-3 characters reach and
    even more if your opponent is slashing at you in that it will pull them in
    to your attack. But on the downside, you can do a hit-for-hit and knock him
    out of the second part of the attack.
     Princess of Darkness
     Breed: Devil
     Weapon: Sacrif Via-Rouge
    Story: Offspring of the evil tribe, Roze's stepmother and her stepsister were
    procecuted by human beings, which made her resent everything. She joins the
    battle to eliminate human beings.
     Magic Sword:
    D, D + A/B/C
     In AIR, * - Array of Illusional Devil:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     * - Shady Array of Evil Spirits:
    F, D, DF + A/B/C
     (*) - Comet Battering:
    B, F, A/B/C
     Demon-Pheonix Shooting:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Twin Demon Pheonix Shooting:
    D, DF, F + AB or BC
     Hazy Devil Pheonix:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C/D
     [SS] - Guilty Desight:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [SS] - Real Costume of Infernal Regions and Array of Dark Spirits:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Archduke Demon Pheonix:
    D, DB, B (x2) + A/B/C
     [F] - Sacrif Via Rouge:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     PM - DF + (D)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Magic Sword-
    Roze will face toward the screen and then she'll lift her sword up, hold it
    horizontally and run her hand across it at the same time creating a mist.
    NOTE: If you look right under Roze's power bar you'll see what looks like a
    sword and a number zero. Everytime you do her Magic Sword attack you'll see
    the number next to the sword go up. This tells you how many Magic Swords you
    have aquired and are able to use.
    What this does is enhance or double Roze's Demon-Pheonix Shooting projectile
    attack, so she'll throw 2 at once. This also uses a little of your Chaos
     Array of Illusional Devil-
    Roze will do a diving kick with a mist around her body straight down at a
    slight angle.
     Shady Array of Evil Spirits-
    This is an anti air move. Roze will leap up into the air while the same time
    be engulfed in a void-misty looking pillar of light.
     Comet Battering-
    Roxe will lunge towards her opponent while poking them with her sword.
     Demon-Pheonix Shooting-
    This is a projectile attack which kinda looks like a molecule.
     Twin Demon-Pheonix Shooting-
    This looks exactly like her Deomn-Pheonix Shooting but Roxe will throw
    out 2 at once.
     Hazy Devil Pheonix-
    This is a Warp or Teleport move. When using the (A) button Roze will warp
    or stay in the spot she's in.
    When using the (B) button, Roze will warp just above and in front of her
    When using the (C) button, Roze will warp right behind her opponent.
    When using the (D) button, Roze will warp just above and behind her
     [SS] Guilty Design-
    This SS move Roze will raise and point her sword toward the sky and you'll
    see what looks like a grey/purple smoky mist form a tall cone from her
    This is another Super Skill move which will heal or give the player back
    some energy, but unlike Erile's Heeling move, Roze's works a little
    defferently in how you get back your energy.
    After you do the motion you'll see a little Greyish energy bar appear on
    top of her Super Skill bar which will slowly drain.
    Now in order to get energy back you have to attack your opponent. This
    might sound easy at first, but in order to get energy back, each hit
    you do to your opponent has to connect, so if your opponent blocks your
    attacks, you get nothing back. Have I confused you yet? Everytime you get
    a successful hit on your opponent you'll get about 1/30 of your health
     [SS] Real Costume of Infernal Regions and Array of Dark Spirits-
    This SS move is pretty much a 'Spaz' attack. Roze will vault towards her
    opponent while doing a few lunge thrusts with her sword after which she'll
    do a low kick followed by a high kick that will knock them up into the air
    after which she'll drop to the ground and finish it with her Shady Array of
    Evil Spirits move.
     [SS] Archduke Demon Pheonix-
    This SS is basically a larger version of Roze's Demon-Pheonix Shooting which
    will hit up to 8 times and will move across 8/10's of the sceen. If you
    opponent is in the corner you'll be able to juggle them with 2 of these.
     [F] Sacrif Via Rouge-
    Roze will vault towards her opponent and stab them, after which you'll see
    a few shadow images of the same attack, then she'll appear above opponent
    with a shadow on the opposite side of facing her to which both will do a
    cross type slash attack, finishing with both doing a rising flip-kick.
     Fist Master
     Breed: Human Being
     Weapon: Knuckle of Fenri
    Story: Offspring of Fist Master, Ryuken is famous for his martial arts, which
    is equally competitive to his brother, Zeki.
     Wolf Ambush:
    D + (B)+(C)
     * - Rapid Fist:
    while Wolf Ambush press (A), (A), (A)
     * - Palm Thrust:
    whlie Wolf Ambush press (B)
     (*) - Shoulder Collide:
    while Wolf Ambush press (C)
     Wolf Ambush Ferocious Kick:
    while Wolf Ambush press D + (D)
     Rolling Tumbleweed:
    while Wolf Ambush press Left of Right
     Tumble Scissor Kick:
    while Tumbleweed press (B)
     Haze Wraith:
    press (B)+(C)
     Misty Crecent Rain:
    while Haize Wraith press (A)
     (*) - Floating Clouds Kick:
    while Haze Wraith press (B), (B), (B), (C)
     Wolf Ambush Ferocious Dive Kick:
    while Haze Wraith press (C)
     Mist Posture of Mist Posture:
    while Haze Wraith press (D)
     A Shooting of Dictator:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     (*) - Rupture:
    D, DB, B + (C)
     [SS] - Legend Martial Art-Burst Arbitrary Assault:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     <A>, [SS] - Legend Martial Art-Burst Wolf Roaring:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [F] - Wolf Tooth & Meteor Falling:
    F, B, DB, D, DF, F + (C)
     DASH - tap F, F
     Wolf Ambush-
    Ryuken will get into a defensive posture for a couple of seconds (or until
    he attacks), and is immune against certain attacks.
     Rapid Fist-
    Ryuken will do a 1-2-3 punch to opponent which will knock them away from him.
    You can also connect with a TF when the 3rd hit is connecting.
     Palm Thrust-
    You'll see Ryuken take a step forward and do an open palm strike, which will
    cause them to stumble slightly.
     Shoulder Collide-
    Ryuken will hit opponent with his shoulder knocking them somewhat up and away
    fom him. You'll also be able to cancel this into his Legend Martial
    Art-Burst Wolf Roaring SS (and maybe into another certain SS move if you're
    fast enough?).
     Wolf Ambush Furocious Kick-
    Ryuken will do a sliding kick on the ground torwards opponent.
     Rolling Tumbleweed-
    Ryuken will roll on the ground towards opponent.
     Tumble Scissor Kick-
    At anytime during the Rolling Tumbleweed you can do this attack and Ryuken
    will do a small jump followed by a double kick (scissor kick).
     Haze Wraith-
    Ryuken will do a small-medium high Jump into the air.
     Misty Crecent Rain-
    Ryuken will shoot a projectile down at an angle at opponent.
     Floating Clouds Kick-
    Ryuken will knock opponent up into the air after making contact with them,
    and finish with a Twin Punch which will smash them into the ground.
    NOTE: When doing this in a combo, when doing the 4th hit (the Twin Punch) is
    when you can cancel out into a certain SS move.
     Wolf Ambush Furocious Dive Kick-
    This move Ryuken you'll see Ryuken dive down and kick his opponent.
    NOTE: Try not to do this to early or it will leave you open and your
    opponent can either throw or do a nasty combo. Now if you do it Late, you
    will be able to connect after landing with a Rapid Fist which will not
    reset the combo counter, letting you do a nasty combo.
     Mist Posture of Mist Posture-
    This move is like a feint attack of sorts, in that Ryuken will drop/fall to
    the ground and get into his Wolf Ambush defensive stance, in turn letting you
    do any of the moves that follow it.
     A Shooting of Dictator-
    This is a 2 part move. The first part Ryuken will do a Palm Strike and the
    second part Ryuken will follow it up with an Elbow strike. When the Elbow
    strike is connecting is when you do the Time Freeze.
    This move Ryuken will take a step and do an overhead Hammer like strike.
     [SS] Legend Martial Art-Burst Arbitrary Assault -
    This SS move Ryuken will concentrate energy and than shoot out a fire burst
    (not next to your opponent). If Ryuken is next to his opponent he'll
    concentrate, and then he'll press his palm on his opponents chest, which will
    hit twice, after which he'll shoot the fire burst, for another 2 hits which
    will send them flying back.
     [SS] Legend Martial Art-Burst Wolf Roaring-
    Ryuken will do a headbutt, followed by a leaping front-kick, after which
    he'll do another kick where he's engulfed by a Wolfs head.
    When doing this move while in the air Ryuken will first do a dive kick then
    go into the kick where he's engulfed in the Wolfs head.
     [F] Wolf tooth and Meteor Falling-
    Ryuken will take a step and do an uppercut which will knock you up into the
    air, after Ryuken will appear above falling opponent and begin to punch them
    svereal time in the body with his final punch sending them smashing into
    the ground.
      A Gust of Wind
     Breed: Human being
     Weapon: Twin Sword
    Story: Accredited with A Gust of Wind, Well's is famous for his speedy sword
    movement. He joins the battle to seek more challenges.
     * - Ferocious-Hurricane Slash:
    D, DF, F + A/B/C
     *, (*) - Ceaseless Sting of Thunder:
    while Furocious-Hurricane press D, DF, F + A/B/C
     Lightning Smash:
    while Furocious-Hurricane press D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Rumble-Hooked Chopping:
     * - F, D, DF + A/B/C then D + A/B/C
     (*) - Wraith-Beam Beat:
    D, DB, B + A/B/C
     Death of Sword Dancing:
    D, DF, F + (D)
     Fierce Fly X Slash:
    while Dancing press A/B/C
     Fierce X Thunder Attack:
    while Dancing press D + (D)
     Windy Fly X Slash:
    In AIR press D, DF, F + A/B/C
     [SS] - Dark Baron:
    D, DF, F (x2) + A/B/C
     [SS] - Another Dark Winds:
    D, DB, B (x2) _ A/B/C
     [SS] - Another World:
    D, DF, F (x2) + (D)
     [F] - Change the World:
    D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B + A/B/C
     PM - While jumping press D + (A)
     RUN - tap and hold F, F
     Ferocious Hurricane Slash -
    Well's will dash forward with while slashing upwards. When canceling this move
    it's better to do his Another World super skill move.
     Ceaseless Sting OF Thunder-
    After doing his FHS (as listed above) Well's will follow up with a lunging
    thrust or stab. You're also able to Time Freeze this move.
     Lightning Slash-
    This move Well's will thrust his sword into the ground with lightning engulfing
    it. This move is best done if your opponent blocks the first part (Ferocious
    Hurricane Slash), in that if you do this move and your opponent tries to counter
    attack it, they'll sustain damage as will you. But this move will also be able
    to knock (or cancel) characters out of certain SS and FI moves (if done at the
    same time and near opponent). Also keep in mind that you can do this as a final
    hit when done on a downed opponent after a knock down from a move or combo.
    Also keep in mind that this move will also hit crouching opponents.
     Rumble-Hooked Chopping-
    This move has different priorities per button used. If you use the (A) button
    Well's will do a small leap twards his opponent and slash upwards. If you use
    the (B) button Well's will fly/dash up at a 90 degree angle and will make his
    body into an arrow shape. If using the (C) button Well's will fly/dash almost
    vertical (straight up) and will make the same arrow shape with his body. After
    ALL of these attacks you can do the D + A/B/C attack. I know on the Idea Factory
    web page it says that you can Time Freeze with either the (B) or (C) button
    versions, but I've only been able to do the TF with the (C) button of this skill
     Wraith Beam Beat-
    Well's will faint or dash backwards and than lunge forward while doing a small
    up-thrust with one of his swords.
     Death Of Sword Dancing-
    This move will have Well's jump up in the air almost at a vertical angle in
    which if you do nothing he'll decend back to the ground or you follow it up
    with a certain skill move.
     Fierce Fly X Slash -
    This move differs per button used (somewhat). This move Well's will make his
    body like an arrow and will shoot down at an angle towards the ground.
    Refer to the following picture below to see what button places him where on the
    screen. Also this is for when Well's is facing RIGHT, reverse them for when
    facing LEFT:
         Screen - |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |                                |
                  |    (A)       (B)       (C)     |
     Fierce X Thunder Attack-
    Well's will drop down at an angle and do a slide kick which will knock opponent
    off their feet.
     Windy Fly X Slash-
    This move is the exact same move (priorities and all) as Well's FFXS, with the
    exception that this move is done in the air and without doing his Death Dance.
     [SS] Dark Baron-
    This SS move Well's will join both of his Swords at the bottom of their
    handles to form a long Double-Bladed like staff than lean forward and shoot a
    horizontal bolt of lightning at opponent.
     [SS] Dark Winds-
    Again, Well's will connect his Swords by the bottom of their handles and than
    raise them up and create a large Tornado with him being in the center.
     [SS] Another World-
    This is your now average/basic 'Spaz' attack. Well's will vault towards his
    opponent and hit them with several hits on the ground than will finish the
    move with him and victim in the air with him kicking them to the ground.
     [F] Change The World-
    This is Well's FI move and as with some of his other skill moves, the button
    used depends on where he'll land on screen. This move Well's will jump up near
    the back corner of the screen and will dive towards his opponent, after
    contact, he'll knock them up into the air and procede to slasm them in a
    criss-cross formation with the final hit having him above them, and slashing
    them to the ground. Refer to chart above (after his FFXS move) to see what
    button places him where on the screen, and yes it is for when he's facing
    RIGHT, reverse for when he's facing LEFT.
     Breed: Holy God
     Weapon: Spear of Alpha-Belt
    Story: Earth is an angel who was imprisoned in an ancient land and unknown holy
    territory called Eden. He has such great power that Gods can never overlook.
    Never Land is under his control, and he usually covers his eyes to conceal his
    magnificent strength.
    HGE is the final boss in SvG, and has a severe case of SNK Boss Syndrome. As
    far as I know, there are no codes to select him, although, they might put one
    in the PS2 version when they release it in Japan.
    HGE is a more powerful version of Earth. While Earth can be considered a
    "Grappler" character in how he plays, HGA is not. HGE doesn't have any
    Anti-Air moves, but he hoes have quite a arsenal of projectile attacks, and
    most of his Skill Moves have priority over every other move in the game.
    I'm going to list what his moves are and what they do to you.
      -SKILL LIST-
      Powerful Elbow Smash:
    This is just like Earth's powerful elbow smash, in HGA will dart towards you
    and hit you with his elbow, but his version can go full screen length and at
    twice the speed.
      Shining Powerful Elbow Smash:
    Just like Earth's version, HGA will finish his S.P.E.S. super skill with a
    lightning axe kick, in turn knocking you down. And if he's in a bad mood,
    he'll cancel out of it and hit you with his Holy Gleam of Light super skill
    move, for a nasty (and cool looking) combo.
      Flaming Spear of Alpha Belt:
    This is an unblockable projectile move (looks like a flaming version of Shao
    Kahn's spear in MK2). While this move might be unblockable, there's a start up
    time of about 2-3 seconds before he actually throws it, so you can avoid it by
    jumping or Chaos Breaking.
      Holy Illusion:
    HGE will shoot a projectile body image of himself at you, which will cancel
    out most (if not all) other projectiles and some super skill attacks.
      Snap of Lightning:
    This move HGE will snap his fingers and a Bolt of Lightning will shoot down
    from the Heavens and land somewhere on the screen. For those who have played
    KOF-96, this move is just like Goenitz's tornado attack. Also, this move
    can hit you when you're laying on the ground (while on your back).
      [SS] - Holy Gleam of Light:
    HGE will shoot what looks like a laser beam accross the screen which will
    hit about 33 times if it connects, and will do some major chip damage if
    blocked. YES, this move is just like Justice's canon super in Guilty Gear.
      [SS] - Feathered Gleam of Light:
    This super skill is pretty much the same as the HGoL attack above with one
    exception, the only way you can block this super is with a Chaos Cancel (only
    at the begining when he's striking you with his wing). HGA will first hit you
    with his Wing, which will crush your guard (if you're blocking) and will
    procede to hit you with a RED colored laser beam.
      [F] - Heaven's Wrath
    This Final Impact is pretty brutal in that it can inflict as much damage on
    you if you're laying on the ground as it can while you're standing. You can
    block it and it does not do as much damage as his other 2 super skill attacks.
    Yes, he can use it in combos. HGA will float up into the air and will fill the
    screen with Lightning Bolts.
     5) COMBOS
    Idea Factory and IGS didn't really do anything too different with the combo
    system in SvG. You can do the same cancel combos as in IGS's other 2D fighter
    [Martial Masters] where all of the characters had a couple of moves which had
    multiple 3-4 part sequences to them, and in most cases instead of finishing
    them, you could stop after the second part and either do a Super Combo or a
    Shadow Attack. Well IGS sorta took that same idea and did it with the combos
    in SvG, but they also added what's called a "Time Freeze" which is explained
    above in the Gameplay section.
    SvG also has Chain Combos most of which are not like the ones found in
    Capcom's Night Warriors. The chain combos are somewhat similiar to those found
    in Night Warrior's, but tend to go their own way. Most of the chain combos in
    SvG can be followed up with a Skill Move and then into either a Time Freeze or
    Super Skill move.
    Almost all of the combos in SvG follow the same patten. Listed below are a few
    of the main ones that I'll be using for my SvG combos:
     1) Chain - Special - Super Skill
     2) Jump In - Chain - Special - Special
     3) Jump In Chain - Chain - Special - Time Freeze - Super Skill
     4) Throw - Super Skill
    You'll either start a combo with a Jump-In attack and than procede into the
    Chain sequence, followed by a certain Special Move, to which after you can
    either do a Time Freeze - into a Special attack or Super Skill. Just keep in
    mind a TF will use 1/3 of your Super Meter as will any Super Skill. Also,
    the Super Skill attacks which have multiple parts will not require the use
    (or more) of the Super Meter.
    I'm not going too list every possible combo in SvG because most of them are
    just extended or enhanced versions of previous ones. I will tell you which ones
    are better done in corners and which ones will connect anywhere on screen. I'll
    also explain which Throws you're able to combo after excecuting and if you can
    do a Super Skill twice (one after the other) in a row.
    Alos note that most of the time after you execute a Time Freeze in a combo
    you'll only be able to follow it up with a single move/hit? after which you're
    opponent will immediatly recover and any other attacks will whiff. But I've
    noticed that if you're fast enough you'll be able to connect a normal hit into
    a Super Skill move. The best time to use the TF is if your opponent is in or
    near the corner as you don't have to worry about them floating and moving out
    of range of certain attacks, but then again, some characters are able to RUN,
    letting you chase them and if fast enough will be able to finish their combo.
    In some of my other FAQS I'd normally tell how much damage each of the combos
    do, but in SvG if you notice that the less energy you or your opponent have,
    the less damage the combo will do. So if you have a combo that does 55% damage
    on a full health, and you do the same combo to a person who only has a half of
    a life of energy, the same combo would do about 35-40% damage instead.
    I'm going to list the combos by how many hits each one does. I'm also going to
    list the characters individual Chain combos in a seperate section.
    I'm going to use a short cut that almost every 1-on-1 fighting Faq uses for my
    combos section. Because in order to perform a combo properly sometimes you have
    to use a weaker attack button because some of the stronger attacks have a lag
    (or start up) time so they'll come out not as fast making the combo impossible
    to do. So instead of writing out "D, DF, F + A" I'm just going to use the
    QCF/QCB abreviations.
    Refer to the KEY chart below for what means what when doing combos in SvG.
    JI = You have to do a Jumping In attack to start combo.
    JF = You have to do a Jumping Forward + specific button.
    If you ssee 'A - C' after the JI it means you have to do the A followed by
    the C while you're Jumping In (it's an Air Chain combo starter).
    <C> = Means your opponent has to be In or NEAR the corner of the screen.
    QCF = Is short for: D, DF, F
    QCB = Is short for: D, DB, B
    HCF = Is short for: B, DB, D, DF, F
    HCB = Is short for: F, DF, D, DB, B
    F-QCF = Is short for F, D, DF, F
    F-HCF = Is short for F, B, DB, D, DF, F
    I'm going to use one of Erile's combos for an example on how to read and
    understand the combos in SvG:
          [1]___         _____________________/_____________
              | |       |                                   |
               5, <C> - JI C, A, B, C, QCB + A, QCF (x2) + A
    [1] - Number of hits the combo does.
    [2] - Combo can only be done in or near corner.
    [3] - The Combo.
    NOW, for the combos. I'm goimg to list the characters combos in Alphabetical
    order as how the Skill List's were listed. I'm going to start by listing the
    characters Chain Combos, followed by the Combos, after which there will be a
    Notes section expalining some strategies and tips for playing them.
    All letters like A B C D you see in the combos mean your character needs to
    do that attack while standing. If you see Down + A, this means you have to
    be crouching when pressing that button (like you didn't already know that).
     [Holy God Earth]
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  D - D
                  Jump - A - C (air chain)
    4 - JI C, C, QCF + A, Down + D.
    5 - JI C, C, QCF + A, Down + D, Time Freeze, F, QCF + A/B/C.
    8 - JI A - C, C, QCF + A, Down + D, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + A/B/C.
    Earth is pretty much the 'Grappler' character in SvG, so that is how he
    should be played.
    Aside from of his Powerful Elbow Smash, all of his skill moves are command
    throws and with the exception of his Flaming Claw, you have to be next to your
    opponent to successfully use most.
    Earth is also one of the few characters who has a Jump-In air chain attacks
    when doing combos.
    Earth's standing (B) has great range (about 3+ characters lengths) and is
    good for poking. The only bad thing about this attack is you can't follow it
    up with any other attacks.
    Earth's only decent anti-air attack would be his Tomb Hurl, you just have to
    make sure to do it early when your opponent is at the top of his jump. And as
    you saw in the second combo (the 5 hit) I listed for him you can use it to
    finish certain combos.
    Chain Combos: C - C - C
                  A - B - C
    5 - JI C, A, B, C, QCB + A.
    8 - JI C, C (2 hits), QCF + D (2 hits), Time Freeze, QCB + C, QCF (x2) + B.
    13, <C> - JI C, A, B, C, QCB + A, QCF (x2) + A.
    15, <C> - JI C, C (2 hits), QCF + C, QCF (x2) + A.
    First off, as far as special moves are concerned and use of them, Erile is
    one of the most unique characters ever. It's not that I haven't played other
    characters like him before, he just feels different.
    Take for instance this Barren God fellow, I don't know who he exactly is but
    for most of Erile's skill moves he'll be the one doing the attacking. "So
    what" you're probably saying, well for some of these moves you can use him
    to cancel out projectiles and other skill moves that your opponent is trying
    to hit you with, which in turn will leave them somewhat open for Erile to
    attack. But some of these skill moves where the Barren attacks your opponent
    will actually leave Erile stunned. So be careful when using your QCF and QCB
    skill moves that use the Barren.
    Some good anti-air moves for Erile are his QCF + (A) or (C), as these will
    juggle your opponent for about 2+ hits (unless they Chaos Break?) letting
    you run after and combo them.
    Another really good anti-air move is his 'QCF (x2) + B' SS move, and if your
    opponent chaos breaks it, you'll be able to execute another one, and if you
    have another SS stock left you'll be able to do it a 3rd time. The best time
    to do this SS move is when your opponent is at the top of their jump, as if
    you do it to late you'll end up doing a hit-for-hit.
    Erile doesn't have the best range with his normal attacks so that doesn't
    leave him with any real good poke attacks, but his QCB + A Barren Stab is
    very quick and is a good mid-high level pokes.
    Though Erile's QCF + B attack has a little charge or start-up time it's
    another good pester move which after executing will let you run along with
    the Barren as he's doing his multiple stabs, which in turn letting you mix
    up your normal attacks by either jumping in or doing a low/crouching attack.
    The only negative with using the QCB + B is it will not hit most opponents
    if they are crouching and some if they are standing.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  B - C
                  Jump - B - C (air chain)
    4 - JI C, B, C, QCF + C.
    7 - JI C, B ,C, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, QCB (x2) + B.
    10 - JI B - C, B, C, QCB + B, QCB + B, QCF + C.
    11 - JI B - C, B, C, QCB + B, F-QCF + C, QCB (x2) + B.
    14 - JI B - C, B, C, QCB + B, QCB + B, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze,  QCF (x2) + C.
    When you first play Hiro, you'll think she's not the most powerful player in
    SvG, but after you get used to the priorities of her Skill and normal attacks,
    you'll see she is one of the higher Tier characters in SvG.
    Hiro's 'Resented-Imp Formation' is one of the better juggle attacks in SvG and
    pretty lenient. If you're doing certain combos then you'll have to be quick
    with the after-attack. But you can also pace yourself when using it if your
    opponent is near the corner. You can also Space or Zone yourself with this
    skill move from your opponent by which button you use. Just keep in mind that
    if your using this in a combo on a cornered opponent, you can only use the (A)
    button on them as the other 2 will be off the screen.
    Hiro's 'Hell Sickle Strike' is very fast and is excellent for going over all
    single and most multiple projectile attacks, plus if you connect with it
    you'll be able to Time Freeze into a combo.
    As for anti-air attacks? Her best is her 'Flaming Soul Summoning' as it goes
    straight up and hits multiple times.
    For poking, again Hiro's Hell Sickle Strike is good as is her Resented-Imp
    Formation. Her Flames Soul is decent if you're doing it after her A - B - C
    chain combo and when your opponent is blocking or getting up.
    Chain Combos: A - B
                  A - B - C
    5 - JI C, A - B - C, QCB + C.
    8 - JI C, A - B - C, QCB + B, QCB (x2) + B.
    10 - JI C, A - B, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + B.
    20 - JI C, A - B, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + B, take a step forward,
         QCF (x2) + D.
    Hiro2 might have an anti-air move and a twin projectile but when you get down
    to her combos...they're not that reliable. What I mean is, when you are using
    SS attacks for her combos, some of the priorities will change, making it
    difficult (and somewhat frustrating) when doing combos with her.
    She has quite a few combos which you can do one SS attack followed into
    another SS attack, but if your opponent is in the corner and you do some of
    these combos, most of the hits will miss your opponent.
    One of Hior2's main weaknesses is her unstable combos. What you can actually
    do will almost vary per individual character as do the skill priorities.
    Her Flaming Zone Summoning SS and her Evil-Spirit Zone (which you can time
    freeze) are good anti-air moves.
    If your opponent is jumping at you, you can jump backwards and do her
    Hell-Sickle Strike using the (C) button to hit them before or as they're
    You can actually do Hiro2's full A - B - C chain combo into her F-QCF + B,
    to Time Freeze with certain characters (which ones? I'll let you experiment,
    or you just have to be fast enough), but most of the time it's better to
    just do her A - B chain to F-QCF + B, Time Freeze combo.
    As I said before, when doing combos with Hiro2 you have to watch where you
    are on screen, as if you are to close to the wall/corner some of your SS
    moves will not fully hit and vice-versa.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  Crouch - A - B - C
                  Crouch - B - C (will knock opponent up)
    5 - BD (throw), QCF (x2) + B, B, B.
    6 - JI D, Crouch B - C, QCF + A, QCF (x2) + B, B..
    9, <C> - JI D, A, B, C, QCF + B, QCF (x2) + A, A, A.
    15 - JI D, A, B, QCB + B, QCB (x2) + B.
    Jadou lacks any real anti-air attacks which might turn some people away from
    using him seriously. But his standing C attack can be quite annoying if your
    opponent likes to jump around alot and has exellent range.
    If you want to be annoying with Jadou you could also kick back and just toss
    out Evil Soul's one after the other. If you do decide to do this tactic you
    might want to throw a Ground Horn in the mix to keep them on their feet.
    If you connect with a Ground Horn, SS cancel it into his Strength Explosive
    and pace the other 2 projectiles by waiting about a 1/2 second before shooting
    them or if they are within range cancel it into his Myriad Piercing SS attack.
    With skill moves like his Ground Horn, Evil Soul and his Strength Explosive SS
    move, Jadou is better played from a distance, somewhat aggressively, abusing
    his projectile.
    As for his Invisibility Skill? When playing the CPU, it's pointless, as the
    CPU knows where you are, and you'll most likely get lost on screen, now when
    playing against another player it's pretty useful.
    Chain Combos: A - B
                  A - B - C
                  Crouch - A - B - C
    7 - JI D, Crouch A - B - C, QCB + C, QCB + D, QCB + D.
    8 - A+D (throw), QCF (x2) + A.
    11 - JI D, Crouch A - B - C, QCB + C, QCF (x2) + B.
    13 - JI B (2 hits), Crouch A - B - C, QCB + C, QCB + D, Time Freeze,
         QCF (x2) + B.
    27, <C> - JI B (2 hits), Crouch A - B - C, QCB + C, QCF (x2) + A, QCF (x2) + A,
              QCB (x2) + A, F-QCF + D, QCF + B.
    If you like a character who has mean and powerful combos, an anti-air attack,
    a projectile, a SS projectile move? If you're one of these players who likes
    these kind of characters (which some might consider CHEAP) then Jadou2 is your
    character in SvG. Also I might add that he's one of the few characters who is
    able to connect with a SS move after throwing you, and if you're in a corner?
    just cringe and watch your life drain.
    Keep in mind that if you do Jadou2's (B) attack a little early while jumping
    in you'll get 2 hits.
    Jadou2 is one of the few (if only) characters in SvG who can do 3 SS moves
    in a row to an oppnenet who's in the corner.
    Jadou2's F-QCF + D attack is a great anti-air attack and is even better when
    you follow it up with a Time Freeze into his Strength Explosive SS move.
    When playing Jadou2 aggressively, you can alternate between his Python Tooth
    and his Thunder Press after his Waving Path which starts this 3-part move.
    His QCF + A is good for poking as is his QCB + A/B/C into his QCB (x2) + B.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C (will knock down opponent)
                  C - C
    4 - JI B, C, QCB + D, QCB + D.
    4 - JI B, C, C, F-HCF + ABC.
    6 - JI B, C, C, F-QCF + A/B/C, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + A/B/C, Down + C.
    7 - JI B, C, C, QCB (x2) + A/B/C, QCF (x2) + AB.
    9 - JI B, C, C, QCB + D, QCF + A/B/C, QCF + A/B/C.
    11 - JI B, C, C, F-HCF + ABC.
    12, <C> - JI B, C, C, QCB +D, QCB + D, Time Freeze, QCF + C, QCB (x2) + A/B/C,
              QCF (x2) + AB.
    Krayce has a wide variety of moves which makes him a powerful character: He has
    an anti-air (uppercut) type move, a projectile attack (sorta) and excellent SS
    attacks. His only negative would be that his normal attacks are not the fastest
    and have a little bit of lag too them.
    But if you've played SvG enough times you'll notice that his standing (C)
    slashes have a hidden deflect ability for when your opponent is attacking you,
    giving him an advantage when attacking (or being attacked) when in close.
    Also note that you can only do his Heavy Whirling Slash 2 times in a row when
    using the (C) button, which after the second one you will not be able to
    cancel into a Time Freeze.
    His standing (C) slash will knock opponents down. You can also do a crouching
    (C) attack on a grounded opponent (when they are knock down) for an extra hit.
    You can do a JI C instead of a JI B when starting his combos, I just used his
    JI B because he swings his Heavy Sword from underneath him, making it easier
    when Crossing Over.
    For anti-air attacks you can use Krayce's Heavy Whirling Slash and his SS
    Tornado move is excellent as well, but just remember that the Tornado will only
    hit once, so if your opponent (like Erile) uses a multiple hit attack you'll be
    left open for them to counter.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  B - C
                  B - B (will knock opponent up into air)
                  Crouch - D - D
    6 - JI D, Crouch D - D, F-QCF + A.
    10 - JI C (2 hits), B - C, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, JF B, QCF (x2) + B "while
         still in the air."
    11 - JI C (2 hits), B - C, F-QCF + A, QCF (x2) + B.
    15, <C> - QCF + D, JI C (2 hits), B - C, F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, JI B,
              QCF (x2) + B "while still in the air."
    25, <C> - QCF + D, JI C (2 hits), Crouch D - D, F-QCF + A, JI C, B - C,
              F-QCF + C, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + C.
    Mayura, she's one of the more aggressive characters in SvG. With skill moves
    like her Gush of Frost Jade, Floating Iceness Emerald and Devil Summon Icicle
    makes it difficult for her opponent to get near her not to mention these let
    her Zone during a fight (which some people call cheap).
    The one thing Mayura lacks is any kind of a anti-air move.
    I'm going to explain a very effective (and annoying) skill move Mayura has,
    her Devil Summon Icicle. When doing this skill move you'll first see it go
    up and off the screen (right), now when you here the tingle-like noise means
    it's going to fall back towards the ground, supposedly on your opponent? Now
    where it's going to fall? It's going to fall the last place your opponent was
    when you here the tingle-like sound, makes sense?
    Some good follow ups to this attack as the icicles are falling is to either
    Ice Mirror Illusion behind them or to jump backwards and do her QCB + C.
    Mayura's best combo is any that use her Frozen Giant Sword SS move. While
    this might not give her alot of hits, it will inflict much more damge then
    her Icicle Splash Attack SS move. Now if you're in the corner, that's when
    you can really do some nasty combos with her.
    Mayura has the most projectiles in the game which all (or 3) have different
    priorities to what they do. Her QCB + A/B/C projectile is good, but will
    only stay on the screen for about 1-2 seconds, so you'll have to be creative
    (and fast) when using it.
    Her QCF + A/B/C is pretty fast and good to throw out if your opponent likes
    to jump alot? When doing this you'll want to toss it so they land it (a
    trick I have with Galford in SS4).
    Her Jumping QCB + A/B/C has a few uses and varies greatly from her other
    projectiles in that it will actually create a mini cone when it hits the
    ground and will stay for about 1 second. As with most of the skill moves in
    SvG the button used will change the move (somewhat). Now depending on what
    you want to do and where your opponent is will determine the button you'll
    want to use. For best results and most hits a good set-up is by doing her
    QCF + D, jump back and do her QCB + C, so you'll get the multiple Ice cones.
    Also note that if you press the (C) button a little early you'll get 2
    In some fighters you could actually do the characters Warp move to get away
    or on the other side of them, well Mayura's is a little slow for doing that.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C (will knock down opponent)
                  A - B - Up + C
                  A - B - Down + C
    3 - JI C, B, QCF + A/B/C.
    5 - B, AB (Slash of Katana), C, QCF (x2) + A/B/C.
    6 - JI C, C, QCB + B, QCF (x2) + B.
    6 - JI C, B, QCB + A, QCB + A, B, D (press multiple times if needed).
    8 - JI C, C, QCB + B, QCB + B, B, Time Freeze, Run, QCF (x2) + B.
    14 - JI C, B, QCF + B, Time Freeze, QCB (x2) + B.
    If you see "SoK" anywhere in Orochimaru's notes section it is short for his
    Slash of Katana skill move.
    Orochimaru has a couple of moves which will take some time getting used to in
    how they work and how you use them. In a way if you like to annoy your opponent
    then you'll like Orochimaru, he has a few moves that are just for that. He has
    a wide variety of skill moves. He has a anti-air move (some might argue this),
    a SS move which is a reversal and a guard smash/crush attack to name a few.
    Alright, I'll explain how to use his 'Slash of Katana' skill move again. You
    can start the slash of katana move after you successfully connect with a
    standing (B) when within the slashes range, you just can't be next to your
    opponent or you can do the SoK (Slash of Katana) attack with a standing (C)
    when you are next to your opponent. You can actually combo when using the (C)
    version. The best time to use the (B) slash is when you want to play mind
    games with you opponent. When you do a (B) slash into the SoK, you have 4
    options which I listed in the Skill Explanations section above.
    If you want to get 2-5 hits with the SoK (not to mention annoy the hell out of
    your opponent) then just keep doing the standing (B) slash, and when you get
    pushed out of contact range just press forward on the control stick to do a
    small hop foward (or you can do a hop back) and keep doing the same attack.
    Orochimaru's QCF + A/B/C, his standing (A) slash and his Dragons Flaming Tail
    Slash after doing his SoK move are good anti-air attacks and depending on
    where your opponent is when they're jumping, his Swing Sword with Double
    Dragon Flash SS move can be painful (if they don't Chaos Break it?).
    Aside from Orochimaru's Final Impact, the next most damaging move in his
    arsenal would be his Dragons Flight SS move. His Swing Sword with Double
    Dragon Flash is decent if you're looking for maximum number of hits in a
    combo, but his Dragons Flight does alot more damage.
    Most of Orochimaru's skill moves will leave him open if his opponent blocks
    them, so if you're looking for some Chip damage, you'll want to abuse his
    SoK (B) slash and mix it up with his (C) slash into his QCF (x2) + A/B/C
    SS move.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  A - A - A - A (will knock up oppnent)
                  A - B - Down + C
    5 - Magic Sword, A, B, C, QCF + AB.
    7 - JI B, A, B, C, B - F + C.
    7 - Magic Sword, JI B - QCF + D, Time Freeze, A, B, C, QCF + AB.
    16 - AB (throw into corner), QCB (x2) + B, QCB (x2) + B.
    17 - JI B - QCF + D, Time Freeze, A, B, C, B - F + C, QCF (x2) + B.
    21 - JI B - QCF + D, Time Freeze, A, B, B - F + B, QCB (x2) + B, QCB (x2) + B.
    Roze's only weakness could be that she lacks any really good Range with her
    normal attacks.
    She has an anti-air move, different variations to her projectile attack, a
    warp-type move and a SS move which can give her back energy in her arsenal.
    The only Skill moves which leave her open would be her Shady Array of evil
    Spirits (tho she's only vulnerable as she's landing) and her Real Costume of
    Infernal Regions SS move.
    When doing Roze's 17 hit combo as listed above if you're fast enough (and have
    a full Chaos Bar and want to be fancy) you should be able to do a second
    JI B - QCD + D, Time Freeze
    Roze's Comet Battering has very minimal recovery time (especially when using
    the A button) and is her best Poke move next to her Twin Demon Pheonix
    projectile attack.
    Out of all the character in SvG who have a Warp move, Roze's is the best as
    it's fast and is the most useful when you wish to toss out a slow projectile
    and warp next to your opponent.
    Roxe's JI C attack can hit multiple times and if your opponenet is one of
    the taller characters in the game can hit up to 4 times. But, this jumping
    attack is useless when fighting Erile, as he's a little too short for it
    to connect so you're better off using her JI B.
    But it is good for doing an early attack if both you and your opponent are
    both in the air, the only drawbak is that it lacks range, so you'll most
    likely get hit first.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C (will knock opponent back)
                  A - C
                  Crouch - A - C
    4 - Down + BC, C, QCF (x2) + D.
    5 - JI C, A, C, QCF + B, QCF + B.
    6 - BC, B, B, C, QCF (x2) + D.
    8 - Down + BC, C, QCF (x2) + D, QCF (x2) + A.
    10 - BC, D, A, A, A, Time Freeze, press forward, B (2 hits), QCF (x2) + A.
    12 - BC, B, B, B, Land, F-HCF + C.
    12 - BC, D, A, A, A, Time Freeze, press forward, B (2 hits), BC, B, B, B, C,
         QCF (x2) + D. "You have to be Extremely FAST with the BC into the B, B
    Where to begin with Ryuken? Ryuken has the strangest motions when executing
    most of his Skill Moves, some of which, are very different, which might turn
    some people away from using him (specifically his Wolf Ambush).
    The Wolf's Ambush will put Ryuken into a somewhat crouching Defensive stance
    at which he is somewhat imune to attacks for about 1-2 seconds. When in the
    Wolf's Ambush stance you can press Down + (D) and do a ground slide which will
    move you about 2-3 character lengths or you can press Up + (A) to do a low
    Misty Crecent Rain just above your opponent. You can also press Up + (B)
    which will just catch you opponets head and will lift them up into the air
    letting you do Ryuken's Floating Clouds Kick NOTE: This will barely catch your
    opponent if he's standing, but it is possible. You can also mix certain attacks
    up that use the Wolf's Ambush, like you can start with (A), (A), and instead of
    doing his 3rd (A) you can press up and (D) to which he'll do his dive kick.
    The combos that I have listed use some of these mix ups, just experiment with
    these to create some other unique ones.
    Some good anti-air moves for Ryuken are: Floating Clouds Kick and his Wolf
    Tooth and Meteor Falling final impact move.
    Use (or abuse) Ryuken's Wolf Ambush attack as he is imune to most attacks
    while he's in the stance. His Misty Crecent Rain is good for what I call
    the Stall-Poke, in that you go into his Wolf Ambush, wait 1 second and then
    press Up + (A) simultaniously.
    You can also abuse Ryuken's Wolf's Ambush Ferocious Kick and mix it up
    with his many different high-low attacks.
    Ryuken's big strength lies in his High-Low game. He has quite a few attacks
    which he'll be able to mix up when doing pressure combos to his opponent
    which will then lead to opening them up.
    Chain Combos: A - B - C
                  B - B - C
                  A - B - C - D - C
                  Down + A - C
                  Crouch - A - B - C (will knock opponent down)
    4 - JI C, C, QCF + B, QCF + B.
    10 - JI C, B, F, QCF + C, Time Freeze, QCF (x2) + A/B/C.
    10 - JI C, Down + A, C, QCF + B, QCF + B, Time Freeze, QCB (x2) + A, QCF + A,
         QCB + A.
    12, <C> - JI C, B, B, C, QCF + B, QCF + B, Time Freeze, QCB (x2) + B, QCF + A,
              QCB + A.
    14 - JI C, B, B, C, QCF + A, QCF (x2) + D.
    Aside from not having a normal projectile (tho his Dark Baron SS more than
    makes up for it), Wells is one of the more well rounded characters in SvG.
    Wells crouching (A), (B) and standing (A) slash's are excellent for poking.
    From a far you'll want to poke with his crouching (B) slash, but if you're
    somewhat near your opponent you'll want to poke with his crouching (A) slash as
    you'll be able to chain into his standing (C), and then into a combo.
    Wells jumping (C) is great cross overs (cross ups).
    Wells best move when wanting to catch an opponent off guard or as a get-up
    move is his 'Dark Winds' SS move, as you are pretty much invicible to most
    attacks. It's an excellent anti-air move also, just make sure you don't do it
    too early or you won't get the damage results you'll want.
    When doing his Furocious Hurricane Slash in combos or when your opponent is
    blocking, mix them up using each buttons different priorities and to keep
    your opponent on their feet.
    If your opponent has you trapped in the corner, use Wells 'Death of Sword
    Dancing' skill move for getting out, and if your opponent is guessing this you
    can mix this move up as well and place yourself on the other side of him or
    just fall back down to where you were by not pressing any buttons, or just
    stay and hover until you fall.
    If you do a move that knocks your opponent off their feet, you can almost
    always connect with a QCF + A - QCB + A. The first QCF + A will miss, but the
    second QCB + A will hit them when they're on the ground.
     6) HISTORY
    12/00/05 - Bought SvG JP Jamma board on eBay.
    12/16/05 - Started FAQ layout.
    12/20/05 - Started confirming special moves.
    12/21/05 - Went to IGS's SvG webpage and saw that the English and Chinese
               version's were different for certain characters special moves.
    12/22/05 - Started looking for the English version.
    12/25/05 - Figured out Earth's 3 part Super Skill move.
             - Started answering questions on gamefaqs message board.
    01/26/06 - Figured out Krayce's second part motion for his Rising Force Super
               Skill move.
    02/01/06 - Decided to do an Explanation section for the Skill Moves.
    03/01/06 - Finished with the Skill Explanations, started the combos section.
    03/05/06 - Changed the layout for the combos section (on how to read them).
    03/26/06 - Finished Combo section.
    03/27/06 - Could not confirm the Sword Series Attack and the Fierce Flame
               Awakening attacks so I took them out of the Gameplay section.
    03/28/06 - Checked FAQ?!....Finished (sigh).
    04/01/06 - Added the Outfit Color section.
     7) CREDITS and THANKS
    -IGS and Idea Factory for making this unique 2D fighter.
    -You, for taking the time and reading this FAQ for SvG.
    -zer0kage, with a few of the names.
    -GAMEFAN and GAMERS' REPUBLIC Magazines (R.I.P).
     COPYRIGHT(c) 2006 Anthony Gobin [DEATHSCHILD]

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