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    Melty Blood: Act Cadenza FAQ
    Version: 1.0
    Author: ShadowJin
    GameFAQs Handle: Servbot001
    E-Mail: shadowjin_gpow@yahoo.com
    Co-Author: TokyoNeko
    GameFAQs Handle: TokyoNeko
    1. Version History [JUMP1.0]
    2. Introduction [JUMP2.0]
    3. Game Info [JUMP3.0]
    4. Menu Screens [JUMP4.0]
    5. Fighting Conventions [JUMP5.0]
    6. Basic Play Mechanics [JUMP6.0]
    7. Advanced Play Mechanics [JUMP7.0]
    8. Character Info [JUMP8.0]
    9. Starter Guide Info Translations [JUMP9.0]
    10. Story Mode Translations [JUMP10.0]
    11. Unlockables [JUMP11.0]
    12. Links [JUMP12.0]
    13. Wanna Help? [JUMP13.0]
    14. Thanks [JUMP14.0]
    15. Legal [JUMP15.0]
    1.0 2007/04/17ver Initial Release.  After struggling to attempt to include a 
    movelist, I decided not to since they are in-game.  Also, I've consolidated 
    what was originally going to be two FAQs into one.  The original plan was to 
    have a Story FAQ and a Gameplay/Normal FAQ, but that just didn't happen.  You 
    want a concise movelist in the FAQ, email me one and I'll be happy to add it 
    in with credits to you! Heh.  Hope you see what you like here.  Any comments 
    are welcome.
    I can't begin to say how wonderful of a game Melty Blood: Act Cadenza is.  
    Type-Moon and Ecole have really outdone themselves.  Starting off as a doujin 
    (or fan) game released for the PC, Melty Blood has been revised over the 
    years since its initial incarnation in 1996.  It was first revised into Melty 
    Blood: Re-ACT.  In an attempt to fix even more bugs and add more characters, 
    Re-ACT was later upgraded to Re-ACT Final Tuned.  Final Tuned featured many 
    of the play features that were added in Act Cadenza, but still wasn't the 
    game we know today.  After a rabid fanbase thirsted for even more Melty 
    Blood, an arcade conversion of the game was released on Sega's Naomi 
    hardware.  That version was Act Cadenza and it now graces us with its 
    presence on the Sony Playstation 2.  Sadly, since the fanbase was almost 
    purely Japanese, a localized US release (or any other release for that 
    matter) is highly unlikely.  Having imported this game, I'm glad to say its 
    well worth the premium price for imported games and I suggest anyone who 
    wants a good solid fighter to check it out.
    Something NEW to this FAQ from my older FAQs is what I call JUMP Keys.  Since 
    stories and movelists will be listed by the characters' appearance in the 
    game, I'll start each section with a list of JUMP Keys which one can use to 
    'jump' to a particular section.  They also serve as a table of contents.  To 
    use them, there will be a portion within brackets like [JUMP#.#] – take the 
    portion within the brackets and use CTRL+F (the FIND function) to 'jump' to 
    that section.  Not hard at all if you ask me.  Yeah, tons of other FAQs 
    feature this so I figured I'd go ahead and get with the times.  Hopefully 
    they help.  Enjoy!
    Melty Blood: Act Cadenza was released in Japan for the Sony Playstation 2 on 
    August 10, 2006.  This was more or less a carbon copy of the Naomi rendition 
    of the game with two added characters as a strew of gallery images and 
    different voices for both the characters in the game and the system voices.
    Melty Blood itself is a sequel to a popular doujin game, Tsuke-hime.  What is 
    quite amusing about the roots of Melty Blood is that Tsuke-hime was indeed a 
    Hentai (or pervert) game.  Melty Blood does not follow in the footsteps of 
    Tsuke-hime and thus, does not feature any sex, nudity, etc.  In fact, it 
    focuses more so on the actual story behind Tsuke-hime and its tightly, 
    interwoven plot and story.
    The main heroine of the story is a vampire, Arcueid Brunestud.  Through a 
    series of unfortunate events, Arcueid 'falls' (descends into madness after 
    tasting blood) and kills all of the True Ancestors, or most powerful and wise 
    vampires who need not the taste of blood.  After regaining from her madness, 
    Arcueid vows to make the one pay that caused her to fall and slaughter all 
    the True Ancestors.  A young man named Shiki one day stops Arcueid.  In 
    Shiki's Reversed (or 'evil') form, Arcueid is sliced into 17 pieces and this 
    leaves her helpless to attacks because of her weakened healing condition.  
    Shiki, not being reversed any longer, feels horrible for what he has done and 
    thus joins Arcueid and cares for her.  The two friends then pay Roa, the 
    vampire responsible for Arcueid's fall, a visit and finish what had been 
    taking place for hundreds of years: the battle between Arcueid and her 
    betrayer.  Roa is defeated and the strange and sordid cast of Tsuke-hime move 
    onto new more bizarre and exciting adventures.  While MeltyBlood isn't a true 
    sequel, it does reuse the characters in a fashion that there was a somewhat 
    fully 'happy' ending in Tsuke-hime – therefore, it's more like a spin-off.
    Amongst the cast of characters are vampires, familiars, maids, and even 
    robots.  Each has their own reasons for fighting as well as an amazingly 
    extensive background.  Many also have alternate personalities or forms.  
    Although I left out movelists (found in-game), I've have given a small 
    portion of each character's background (taken directly from the Starter Guide 
    which was released in Japan.)  If you're interested in the stories and the 
    rest of the Tsuke-hime drama, I suggest you check out some links I've given 
    near the end of this FAQ.  Also, there is a mass of text translated directly 
    from the game and the Starter Guide.  Big thanks to TokyoNeko for that!
    [4. MENU SCREENS] [JUMP4.0]
    The main menu has the following modes listed:
    Arcade, Versus, Survival, Training, and Option are what one would expect from 
    a fighting game.  Special is special items unlocked during gameplay (see 
    Unlockables [JUMP11.0] for more info.)  Credits displays the credits for 
    Type-Moon, Ecole, etc.
    The Option menu has a few key items of note.  The PS2 port of Act Cadenza has 
    been updated from its Naomi counterpart.  By default, the player is playing 
    the updated version.  Toggles are listed to switch both Gauge and Balance 
    between Arcade OR Original.  What does this boil down to?
    Arcade – This is Version A of the game and if you're lucky enough to have 
    played this game in the arcade, this is what you played.
    Original – This is Version B of the game and will soon be released in the 
    Arcade.  It features a number of balance changes as well as an updated gauge 
    location.  It's not 100% like the new arcade release, but it has all the
    changes for the cast found in this game (except White Len.)
    Note that these toggles are separate so you can play a mixed version of the 
    game – ie, New Gauges, Old Balance, etc.
    Like any fighting game, you need to know what you're looking at.  Each game 
    uses 'conventions' for the player to understand special moves and their 
    input.  This game is no exception and for this FAQ, I will be using the below 
    key to represent any inputs listed.
    f = forward
    b = back
    u = up
    d = down
    df = down-forward
    db = down-back
    uf = up-forward
    ub = up-back
    A = Light Attack
    B = Medium Attack
    C = Hard Attack
    D = Shield
    , = separator of inputs (ie f,df,f is a rolling motion from down to forward)
    + = combine inputs from both directions and attacks (f+A would be forward 
    plus light attack)  NOTE: This is not necessary for combinations of attack 
    buttons only (ie AC would be A+C, the + is understood.)
    o = or (d,df,f+AoBoC = d, df, f + A or B or C)
    Also note that ALL directions are listed in LOWERCASE and the Attack Buttons 
    are listed in UPPERCASE.  :)
    Any special moves can be broken down using theses terms.  
    At first glance, Act Cadenza may look like any other fighting game available 
    today.  Sure, it has the standard life gauges and super gauges, etc, but 
    there is actually more hidden away that the casual player may or may not be 
    privy to.
    Life Gauge:
    Your life gauge is split into two colors, Red and Yellow.  Your Yellow bar 
    represents your physical strength (or health) and the Red represents your 
    Vital Source.  When your Yellow bar reaches zero, your character is defeated.  
    Generally, your Red bar will never reach zero, since it always precedes or 
    equals the Yellow bar.  The differences are further broken down below:
    Yellow Bar
    - Physical Strength (also known as Health)
    - Reaches Zero = Lose
    - Decreases whenever damage is taken from an attack
    - Takes chip damage from Special Attacks
    - Regains in HEAT Mode at 1.0 Rate
    - Regains in BLOOD HEAT Mode at 2.0 Rate
    Red Bar
    - Vital Source
    - Never reaches Zero – Always larger than or equal to Physical Strength
    - Decreases whenever damage taken from an attack
    - Takes chip damage from Normal Attacks
    - Does NOT regenerate
    Magic Circuit Gauge:
    Your Magic Circuit Gauge can be referred to as your Special Gauge.  Your 
    Magic Circuit Gauge allows you to perform EX Moves, Arc-Drives, Last Arcs, 
    HEAT Mode, and BLOOD HEAT Mode.  There are three 'levels' to your Magic 
    Circuit Gauge, and thus your maximum gauge limit is 300%.  At 300%, your 
    gauge enters MAX Mode, which is similar to HEAT Mode.  Below, the Magic 
    Circuit Gauge is explained in more detail:
    Magic Circuit
    - Starts each fight at 100%
    - Can reach a maximum of 300%
    - Reaching 300% will trigger MAX Mode
    - Dealing damage and receiving damage moves build gauge
    - Blocking and dealing blocked moves builds gauge
    - 100% allows ONE EX Move to be done (standard, some exceptions apply)
    - HEAT Mode may be entered at any time when the gauge is at or above 100%
    - BLOOD HEAT Mode may be entered only during MAX Mode
    - Prolonged Shielding consumes gauge
    Movement is something that is immensely important in a fighting game.  This 
    game is no exception to that rule.  There are a few tricks to moving about 
    that are explained later in the Advanced Play Mechanics Area [JUMP7.0], but 
    for right now, we're going to cover the basics to moving.
    Your Eight-Way directional pad or joystick will allow a number of movements 
    to be executed.  Below is a list:
    - Forward moves you towards you opponent
    - Back moves you away from your opponent
    - Down crouches
    - Up jumps
    Any combination of forward/back and up will move your jump in chosen 
    HOWEVER, once jumping a direction, you cannot reverse your movement choice so 
    be aware when jumping forward or backwards that you can't change direction.  
    A remedy for this can be found in Advanced Movement Area under Advanced Play 
    Mechanics [JUMP7.0]
    Also note that when landing from a jump, there is a 'set-down' delay imposed 
    on your character.  This is basically frames of animation required for you to 
    re-enter a passive state.  Landing directly next to an opponent can spell bad 
    news because you're open for attack until you return to your passive state.
    Guarding is performed like so many of its predecessors before – by holding 
    back.  Holding back in the air will guard against many attacks.  Holding back 
    while crouched will block against low attacks.  NOTE: Some ground based 
    attacks CANNOT be blocked in the air, and rather, should be Shielded.
    Those pesky ground attacks got you down?  No worries.  The attacks that can't 
    be blocked by normal means can always be shielded (except of course for tried 
    and true unblockable attacks, but more on those later.)  Shielding is done 
    with the D button.  Your character will hold his/her hand out and a glow will 
    surround their hand.  During this animation, you can block any attack without 
    taking damage.  Be warned though, shielding consumes your Magic Circuit Gauge 
    quite quickly.  If you don't have any Magic Circuit Gauge available, you can 
    shield for merely a moment before re-entering your passive state.  AGAIN, be 
    warned, when leaving a shielded state without actually shielding an attack, 
    you are vulnerable for a number of frames until you reach your passive state.  
    This could be considered an advanced technique, however, there is even more 
    to shielding than mentioned above!
    You have three standard attacks available to your arsenal.  A, B, and C.  A 
    represents your weak attack and is generally rather quick.  B represents your 
    medium attack and generally can be used all around.  C is your strong attack 
    and is generally slower than the previous two, but deals more damage to 
    compensate for its speed.  Most of the time, these can be done anywhere, 
    anytime.  Some characters have limitations however – for instance, Satsuki 
    cannot attack during her forward dash.  It's up to a player to learn his 
    character's strengths as well as their weaknesses.
    To initiate a throw, press f,A+D.  If you miss on the ground, you will 
    perform a whiffed throw animation, allowing your opponent to see your mistake 
    and punish you.  In the air, a whiffed throw results in a shield.  Throws can 
    be incorporated into air combos too.
    So you've probably fiddled around with the basics and perhaps the game a 
    little to realize that there is something deeper to this game.  You bet ya!  
    In this area, I'm going to cover the more advanced techniques and play 
    mechanics found in Act Cadenza.  This is where the true fun begins.  Leave 
    your shoes at the door.
    MAX, HEAT, and BLOOD HEAT Modes:
    No doubt your noticed above in the Basic area that I mentioned these modes.  
    Here's a further breakdown of what each does and how it can be activated, 
    MAX Mode
    - Activates when Magic Circuit Gauge reaches 300%
    - Physical Strength does NOT regenerate
    - Magic Circuit Gauge depletes gradually
    - EX Moves require standard amount of bar or remaining bar until bar is fully 
    depleted (at which point it resets to 200%)
    - Arc Drive Enabled
    - If Gauge empties without Arc Drive being used, bar resets to 200%
    - If Arc Drive is used, Gauge automatically resets to 100% during Arc Drive.
    - BLOOD HEAT Mode Activation Enabled
    HEAT Mode
    - Activation Enabled when Magic Circuit gauge is at least 100%
    - Press A+C to activate
    - Physical Strength does regenerates at 1.0 Rate to maximum of Vital Source
    - Magic Circuit Gauge depletes gradually
    - EX Moves require standard amount of bar or remaining bar until bar is fully 
    depleted (at which point it resets to 0%)
    - Arc Drive Enabled
    - If Gauge empties without Arc Drive being used, bar resets to 0%
    - If Arc Drive is used, Gauge automatically resets to 0% during Arc Drive.
    - Activation Enabled when Magic Circuit gauge is in MAX Mode
    - Press A+C to activate
    - Physical Strength does regenerates at 2.0 Rate to maximum of Vital Source
    - Magic Circuit Gauge depletes gradually
    - EX Moves require no gauge until bar is fully depleted (at which point it 
    resets to 0%)
    - Arc Drive Enabled (Powered Up Version)
    - If Gauge empties without Arc Drive being used, bar resets to 0%
    - If Arc Drive is used, Gauge automatically resets to 0% during Arc Drive
    - Last Arc enabled
    - If Last Arc is used, Gauge automatically resets to 0%
    Circuit Spark
    - This is similar to the BURST meter in Guilty Gear XX and allows you to 
    repel an attacking opponent
    - Uses ALL of your Magic Circuit gauge regardless
    - Repels opponent via wallslam
    - To perform, press AB or BC while receiving attack hits
    Circuit Break
    - Added to Act Cadenza is the ability to break your opponents Magic Circuit 
    gauge – this renders the opponent's Magic Circuit inoperable for a small 
    amount of time
    - The majority of the time, this can only be done via a Last Arc, except for 
    Neco Arc's EX Paw Poke
    - See each character's movelist for details
    Special Attacks:
    Each character has a myriad of special attacks including Blowback Edge 
    attacks, Special Technique attacks, Unnamed Technique attacks, EX Moves, Arc 
    Drives, and their Last Arc.  Below are listed how to distinguish between 
    these and in some cases how to perform them:
    Blowback Edge
    - More Powerful Standard attacks that require charging
    - Hold appropriate attack button and/or direction to charge
    - Some Blowback Edges have special attributes
    Special Techniques
    - These are command techniques that require a string of commands to be 
    - Each character has a number of special techniques available to them
    - Special Techniques should be treated like an extension of your arsenal and 
    shouldn't be overly relied upon
    - Remember that a well placed C attack is sometimes better than a dragon 
    Unnamed Techniques
    - So simplified command wise, they don't warrant full names
    - Like other command techniques, treat these as an extension of your arsenal
    - Generally, these consist of a direction plus an attack button
    EX Moves
    - These are powered version of Special Techniques with special properties
    - Generally, these are performed with the C button in place of A or B
    - As a standard, require 100% of Magic Circuit Gauge (some exceptions apply)
    Arc Drive
    - Must be in MAX, HEAT, or BLOOD HEAT Mode to use
    - Powered Version in BLOOD HEAT Mode
    - 90% of the inputs for this move consist of b,db,d,df,f+C
    Last Arc
    - Must be in BLOOD HEAT Mode to use
    - No inputs required
    - MUST EX-Shield an opponent's attack (shielding does take away gauge!)
    - Depending on the character, the EX-Shield must be done either while 
    standing, crouching, or jumping
    - Rather impractical in a match where both opponents are 'good' but flashy 
    Advanced Movement:
    There are some things to note about movement which are more advanced than a 
    character's basic movement.
    Dashing and Back-dashing
    - Execute by inputting f,f or b,b
    - Allows quick movement across the screen
    - Some characters have dual back-dashes, allowing for even quicker retreats
    - Some characters cannot attack during dashes
    - Slight invulnerability during back-dashes
    - Some characters have the ability to run
    - To run, execute a dash and hold the second f until you wish to stop
    - No characters have a retreating run (ie, back run)
    Air-Dash and Low Air-Dash
    - While airborne, input f,f or b,b to air-dash forward or backward
    - To Low Air-Dash, input uf,f or ub,b resulting in a extremely low air-dash
    - Can be used to change direction of character's movement
    - Can only be used once per jump
    Double Jumps and Triple Jumps
    - Press Up again to jump again while airborne
    - Can be used to change direction of character's movement
    - Some characters have the ability to jump twice while airborne
    High Jump
    - Press down, followed by up
    - Direction can be controlled – forward or backward
    - Very quick, higher jump
    - Character leaves trails during animation
    - Some characters have teleports allowing them to move freely around the 
    - Be aware of your character's delay on returning to a passive state after 
    their teleport
    Advanced Attacking:
    There are numerous additional notes one should remember when attacking, 
    especially in an advanced bout.
    - Combos can be performed both on the ground and in the air
    - Generally, combo strings are from light to hard attack and can be cancelled 
    into Special Techniques
    - The key to combos is experimentation -> ABUSE TRAINING MODE!
    - REVERSE BEAT are combos done in a reverse fashion – you can go from hard to 
    medium, etc extending combos even farther
    - INVALIDs occur when you perform an OTG attack to a downed opponent – see 
    OTG for more details
    - Ground attack that lifts opponent into the air
    - Allows pursuit for aerial combos
    - All characters possess at least one launcher
    Overhead Attacks
    - These attacks hit crouched opponents from a standing state
    - Must be blocked by standing
    - Good for mixing up with low attacks
    - Generally are an Unnamed Technique
    Sweep Juggling
    - After a sweep, connect with another attack
    - Some characters must utilize this in order to use their launcher
    OTG (Off The Ground)
    - Allows extra hits after opponent has hit the ground
    - Does not allow launcher to function as launchers – ie, launcher will knock 
    the opponent farther away but along the ground and not in the air
    - Chain combos can be done OTG, but are risky depending on the opponent
    - Combos will not fully function properly in an OTG status either
    - Also known as INVALID combos due to INVALID flashing on screen
    Advanced Defensive Maneuvers:
    Apart from blocking and shielding, there are some other defensive maneuvers 
    that can keep you always one step ahead of your opponent.
    Quick Stand
    - Moves that cause your character to fall to the ground can be countered by 
    pressing f,f or b,b
    - This does not apply to moves that instantly ground you such as a sweep
    Air Recovery
    - If airborne and falling, tapping attack buttons will allow you to recover
    - Easy method is to press two attack buttons simultaneously during fall
    - Cannot be executed immediately after launch, ie upward movement
    Simultaneous Impact
    - Regardless of strength, if two attacks connect to each other during their 
    active status, they will cancel each other out.
    - Risky alternative to shielding, but doesn't use any Magic Circuit Gauge
    - Cannot use same attack after it is cancelled, ie, if standing C is 
    cancelled, cannot counter with standing C after SI
    Attack-to-Movement Cancel
    - Cancel out of an attack into a back-dash, low air-dash, or even high-jump
    - Allows for escape in case opponent retaliates after whiffed string
    - Input shield at exact moment of impact
    - Allows easy counterattack
    - Builds Gauge
    Moment Shielding
    - Tap Shield without holding it at all
    - Allows for shielding regardless of Gauge content
    - If attacked during Moment Shielding, generally will result in EX-Shield
    - Builds Gauge if used to shield
    Shield Bunker
    - Input d,db,b+D
    - Character will shield for a moment then unleash a counterattack
    - Can be used during guard for small amount of Magic Circuit Gauge
    Shield Counter
    - Directly after successful shielding of an attack, counterattack
    - Quicker moves work best
    - Changed from older revisions of the game that performed the counterattack 
    for you via a command to start a Shield Counter
    Listed in this section is, of course, info on each character.  There are a 
    few neat things like mid and final bosses listed as well as a brief bio about 
    each character.  If you want to know more about a particular character, 
    consult the story sections of the FAQ.  White Len (or Shiro Len) is also 
    listed here and she is available using patch codes.  Consult the Unlockacbles 
    section of the FAQ on how to access her.
    On another side note, there is also a few name variations listed with some 
    characters to represent what a) either they were once called, or b) what 
    another name is for them.
    1. Sion Eltnam Atlasia [JUMP8.1]
    2. Sion Tatari [JUMP8.2]
    3. Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP8.3]
    4. Red Arcueid [JUMP8.4]
    5. Tohno Akiha [JUMP8.5]
    6. Akiha Vermilion [JUMP8.6]
    7. Hisui [JUMP8.7]
    8. Kohaku [JUMP8.8]
    9. Hisui & Kohaku [JUMP8.9]
    10. Mech-Hisui [JUMP8.10]
    11. Tohno Shiki [JUMP8.11]
    12. Nanaya Shiki [JUMP8.12]
    13. Ciel [JUMP8.13]
    14. Arima Miyako [JUMP8.14]
    15. Nrvnqsr Chaos [JUMP8.15]
    16. Warachia [JUMP8.16]
    17. Len [JUMP8.17]
    18. Yumiduka Satsuki [JUMP8.18]
    19. Kishima Kouma [JUMP8.19]
    20. Aozaki Aoko [JUMP8.20]
    21. Neco-Arc [JUMP8.21]
    22. Neco-Arc Chaos [JUMP8.22]
    23. White Len [JUMP8.23]
    Sion Eltnam Atlasia [JUMP8.1]
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Warachia
    Voice Actor: Natsuki Rio
    Short Bio: Highly Intelligent new-comer.  She was once bitten by Warachia.  
    Her brain's speed and thought processes are unparalleled.  This allows her to 
    keep control of her humanity.  Able to hack people's minds.  Learns new 
    techniques and power at astonishing speed.  Very cocky, but Shiki makes her 
    realize how lonely she is. 
    Sion Tatari [JUMP8.2]
    Alternate Name: Kyuuketsuki Sion (Vampire Sion)
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Warachia
    Voice Actor: Natsuki Rio
    Short Bio: Due to Sion's ability to hack people's minds, she suffers from 
    slipping into a state of confusion or identity crisis.  This is when her 
    vampire blood takes over.  She returns to normal when she pulls herself back 
    together.  The character in the game is not actually Sion but rather, Sion's 
    fear manifesting itself as a being thanks to Tatari. 
    Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP8.3]
    Alternate Names: Arcueid, Arc
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Nrvnqsr Chaos
    Voice Actor: Yuzuki Ryouka
    Short Bio:  Heroine of the Original Tsuki-Hime game.  Princess of the True 
    Ancestors.  Friend and love interest to Tohno Shiki.  Highly intelligent but 
    dumb as a box of rocks around Shiki due to her never being awake for extended 
    amounts of time.
    Red Arcueid [JUMP8.4]
    Alternate Name: Bousou Arcueid (Wild Arcueid)
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Arcueid
    Voice Actor: Yuzuki Ryouka
    Short Bio: Blood Thirsty and wild.  True nature of Arcueid when she's been 
    Awake too long and stretched to her limit.  Red Arcueid is a fear of 
    Arcueid's manifested into physical form thanks to Tatari.
    Tohno Akiha [JUMP8.5]
    Mid-Boss: Hisui&Kohaku
    End-Boss: Aozaki Aoko
    Voice Actor: Hitomi
    Short Bio: Head of the Tohno Household.  Sister of Tohno Shiki.  Assisted by 
    two maid sisters, Kohaku and Hisui.  Suffers from bloodline caused 
    'reversal'. Very protective of her brother and her family name.
    Akiha Vermilion [JUMP8.6]
    Alternate Name: Sekishu Akiha (Scarlet Lord Akiha)
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Arcueid
    Voice Actor: Hitomi
    Short Bio: 'Reversed' Tohno Akiha.  Vermilion refers to the color of blood in 
    Hisui [JUMP8.7]
    Mid-Boss: Mech-Hisui
    End-Boss: White Len
    Voice Actor: Matsuki Miyu
    Short Bio: Younger Twin Sister of Kohaku.  Very Quiet and exceptionally shy 
    around Tohno Shiki.  Closed her mind after the childhood incident that almost 
    killed Tohno Shiki.
    Kohaku [JUMP8.8]
    Mid-Boss: Nanaya Shiki
    End-Boss: White Len
    Voice Actor: Takano Naoko
    Short Bio: Older Twin Sister of Hisui.  Outspoken and cheerful only to hide 
    her sordid past.  Creator of Mech-Hisui(s).  Generally rather scheming and 
    mischievous.  Suffered childhood trauma from being molested by Akiha's 
    Hisui & Kohaku [JUMP8.9]
    Mid-Boss: Akiha
    End-Boss: Neco-Arc
    Voice Actor: Matsuki Miyu & Takano Naoko
    Short Bio: Tag-Team combo of the Twin Tohno Servants.
    Mech-Hisui [JUMP8.10]
    Mid-Boss: Neco-Arc
    End-Boss: Kohaku
    Voice Actor: Matsuki Miyu(?) 
    Short Bio: Created by Kohaku.  Prototype No.2 of Mech-Hisui.  Rather clumsy 
    and provides much comic relief.  Seeks to save the world.
    Tohno Shiki [JUMP8.11]
    Mid-Boss: Nanaya Shiki
    End-Boss: Aozaki Aoko
    Voice Actor: Nojima Kenji 
    Short Bio: Hero of Tsuki-Hime.  Removes his glasses to see the 'death lines' 
    in all things.  Suffers from Anemia and is generally weak.  This is offset by 
    his ability to kill the existence of anything.
    Nanaya Shiki [JUMP8.12]
    Mid-Boss: Akiha Vermillion
    End-Boss: Kishima Kouma
    Voice Actor: Nojima Kenji
    Short Bio: Awakened Tohno Shiki.  His fighting ability is amazing and the 
    Reason Arcueid refers to Tohno Shiki as a monster-killing monster.  This 
    character is what Tohno Shiki fears about himself and takes physical form 
    thanks to Tatari.  Because of Nanaya not being the true Shiki, he does not 
    share the same ability to wipe out the existence of anything.
    Ciel [JUMP8.13]
    Mid-Boss: Yumiduka Satsuki
    End-Boss: Warachia
    Voice Actor: Sakuma Kumi
    Short Bio: Agent of the Church.  Masquerades as Tohno Shiki's fellow student.
    Older than Tohno Shiki.  Has an odd love of curry and lacks the ability to 
    die. She is actually already dead thanks to Arcueid killing her years before.  
    Because Roa resides within Ciel, she is neither dead nor living.
    Arima Miyako [JUMP8.14]
    Mid-Boss: White Len
    End-Boss: Neco-Arc
    Voice Actor: Kouzuki Miwa
    Short Bio: Sixth grader.  On a quest to rescue her brother, Tohno Shiki from 
    Neco-Arc.  (Tohno Shiki is really an adopted son from the Arima family.)
    Nrvnqsr Chaos [JUMP8.15]
    Alternate Name: Nero Chaos
    Mid-Boss: Kishima Kouma
    End-Boss: Red Arcueid
    Voice Actor: 
    Short Bio: #10 of the 27 Dead Apostles.  Real name is Fabro Rowan.  Has taken 
    666 beasts into his body.  Killed by Tohno Shiki in Tsuke-Hime and his 
    presence in this game is thanks to Tatari.
    Warachia [JUMP8.16]
    Alternate Name: Warachia No Yoru (The Night of Warachia), Warakia
    Mid-Boss: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
    End-Boss: Aozaki Aoko
    Voice Actor: 
    Short Bio: #13 of the 27 Dead Apostles.  Changed Sion into a vampire.  True 
    name is Zepia Eltnam Oberon.  Fear and paranoia manifests itself into living 
    beings thanks to Warachia.  Also known as Tatari.
    Len [JUMP8.17]
    Alternate Names: Ren
    Mid-Boss: Nrvnsqr Chaos
    End-Boss: White Len
    Voice Actor: Mizuhashi Kaori
    Short Bio: Succubus and familiar (black cat) to Arcueid.  While silent for 
    majority of her role, she does speak rarely when things need to be said.  She 
    befriends Sion and Satsuki.  Heroine of Tsukihime's sequel, Kagetsu Tooya.
    Yumiduka Satsuki [JUMP8.18]
    Alternate Names: Yumitsuka, Yumizuka
    Mid-Boss: Ciel
    End-Boss: Nrvnsqr Chaos
    Voice Actor: Minami Oumi 
    Short Bio: Childhood friend of Tohno Shiki.  Rescued when younger by Tohno 
    Shiki and always looks to Shiki for rescuing.  Infatuated with Tohno Shiki. 
    Bitten by a vampire.  Possesses amazing magic potential and refuses to be 
    consumed by her vampirism.
    Kishima Kouma [JUMP8.19]
    Mid-Boss: Warachia
    End-Boss: Tohno Shiki
    Voice Actor: Jyuurota Kosugi 
    Short Bio: Mentioned in Tsukihime, doesn't make a true appearance until 
    Kagetsu Tooya – however, only as a memory or recollection.  The Kishima 
    family is a branched off section of the Tohno family with more beastial 
    demonic blood infusion.  Thanks to Tatari and Tohno Shiki's fears, Kouma 
    comes to life in a physical form, more than ready to fulfill his mission by 
    finishing off the Nanaya clan.
    Aozaki Aoko [JUMP8.20]
    Alternate Names: Teacher (by Tohno Shiki), Miss Blue, Magical Gunner
    Mid-Boss: Neco-Arc
    End-Boss: Kishima Kouma
    Voice Actor: Mitsuishi Kotono 
    Short Bio: One of only five wizards in existence, Aoko is the one who gave 
    Shiki his magical glasses that keep him from seeing the 'death lines' in all 
    things.  Shiki refers to Aoko as 'teacher' because she taunt him to not wield 
    such great power without responsibility (thanks Stan Lee for always getting 
    into EVERYTHING!)  While not a main character in the direct plot, Aoko 
    definitely supports the plot enough to be a main driving force in the events 
    of the games.  
    Neco-Arc [JUMP8.21]
    Mid-Boss: Yumiduka Satsuki
    End-Boss: White Len
    Voice Actor: Yuzuki Ryouka 
    Short Bio: I really don't know other than Len uses her as a shield.  She also 
    comes from the Feline Kingdom aka, The Belly of Hell.  Plays a significant 
    role in Miyako's story, but other than that, it's just a meddler in the 
    affairs of humans.  
    Neco-Arc Chaos [JUMP8.22]
    Mid-Boss: Yumiduka Satsuki
    End-Boss: White Len
    Voice Actor: 
    Short Bio: I...don't...know.  Read his story translation and you'll be as 
    confused as the rest of us.
    White Len [JUMP8.23]
    Alternate Names: Shiro Len, White Ren, Shiro Ren
    Mid-Boss: N/A
    End-Boss: N/A
    Voice Actor: Mizuhashi Kaori
    Short Bio: White Len is comprised of the parts of Len that she has decided to 
    do away with or forget.  Tatari revives these parts of Len into a physical 
    manifestation which looks to become Len.
    1. Sion Eltnam Atlasia [JUMP9.1]
    2. Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP9.2]
    3. Tohno Akiha [JUMP9.3]
    4. Hisui [JUMP9.4]
    5. Kohaku [JUMP9.5]
    6. Mech-Hisui [JUMP9.6]
    7. Tohno Shiki [JUMP9.7]
    8. Ciel [JUMP9.8]
    9. Arima Miyako [JUMP9.9]
    10. Nrvnqsr Chaos [JUMP9.10]
    11. Warachia [JUMP9.11]
    12. Len [JUMP9.12]
    13. Yumiduka Satsuki [JUMP9.13]
    14. Kishima Kouma [JUMP9.14]
    15. Aozaki Aoko [JUMP9.15]
    Character File 1: Sion [JUMP9.1]
    Her full name is Sion Eltnam Atlasia.  She is an alchemist belonging to the 
    "Mage Association."  The name "Atlasia" signifies her position as the next 
    chancellor of "Atlas," one of the three major factions within the 
    Association.  She possesses a serious and analytical personality, which has 
    allowed her to be a successful alchemist.
    However, in a cruel twist of fate, she has her blood sucked by Tatari - one 
    of the "Elite 27" "Dead Apostles" - while on a hunt for it together with the 
    "Church."  Thereafter, she finds herself a fugitive from both the Association 
    and the Church.  While suppressing the progress of vampirism within her own 
    body, she seeks to confront Tatari again in the hopes of finding a cure.
    She acts alone in this game.  However, in the original "Melty Blood," she 
    faces Tatari together with Tohno Shiki, the main character of "Tsukihime."  
    In "Re-ACT," although she maintains her cooperative relation with Shiki, she 
    often finds herself at odds with Shiki, as he seeks to discreetly take care 
    of Tatari's remains.  Along with an ability to process multiple thoughts in 
    parallel, she masters a variety of tools like "Ether Light" and "Black Barrel 
    Character File 2: Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP9.2]
    She is the white vampire who ends up sticking around Tohno Shiki as a result 
    of being slaughtered by him.  Known as the "True Ancestor," her age of over 
    800 years belies her lack of activity due to extended periods of hybernation.  
    Once an emotionless being, she has transfigured into a carefree and extremely 
    emotional woman.  It should be noted that she has sucked blood just once, 
    enabling Roa - a mage - to repeatedly incarnate as a Dead Apostle.  She has 
    been chasing Roa around for hundreds of years.
    Although she was the main heroine of the Tsukihime series, in the Melty Blood 
    series (including this game) she often goes off on different paths from those 
    of Shiki and Sion to solve issues.  Consequently, she frequently ends up 
    being pulled in as a helper.
    In addition to the normal form, she also appears in the berserker form and as 
    Neco Arc, and the storyline differs significantly depending on which form she 
    Character File 3: Tohno Akiha [JUMP9.3]
    She is Tohno Shiki's younger sister, a demon "Hybrid" and the current head of 
    the Tohno household.  She possesses considerable physical and supernatural 
    powers due to her bloodline, which is also the source of a dangerous 
    phenomenon called the "Reversal," something she supresses by a paper-thin 
    A firm disciplinarian who rules with an iron fist, she nonetheless has an 
    intense crush on her brother Shiki, all the while bombarding him with one 
    complaint after another.  She uses her father's death as an occasion to bring 
    Shiki back to the household, which brings about the beginning of his struggle 
    with his own destiny.  She also tends to shower people she takes a liking to 
    with kindness, and in particular shares a deep friendship with Sion.
    In the original Melty Blood and Re-Act, she turns into a gigantic boss 
    character thanks to Kohaku's evil scheme, but in her own scenario she seeks 
    to solve cases like a shadow.  In this game, she participates in her normal 
    form, as well as in her "Scarlet Lord" form caused by Tatari's powers.  While 
    the motives subtly differ depending on the form, either way she acts as the 
    head of the Tohnos to track down Tatari's remains and other vampires that 
    have become public hazards.
    Character File 4: Hisui [JUMP9.4]
    She is the younger of the twin maids serving the Tohnos, and Shiki's 
    childhood friend and personal attendant.  Her main duty is cleaning the 
    entire mansion, as her culinary skills are literally destructive and 
    therefore she is prohibited from cooking.  Although she tries to appear 
    emotionless and stiff, in truth she is intensely emotional and is very much 
    human.  She possesses a responsive power that allows to share her strength 
    with others.
    Originally an extreme neat freak with a morbid fear of men, both tendency has 
    been weakening since the reunion with Shiki in the original Tsukihime story.  
    In this game she participates individually and as a tag-team partner of 
    Kohaku, but in the original Melty Blood she only appears as Kohaku's partner.  
    However, after installing the update patch that accompanies the official 
    guidebook, she is playable as a single character.  In Re-ACT, she fights to 
    bring Shiki back to the mansion.
    Special moves like "Gikoyuu Kekkai: Guruguru Hisui World" (a hallucination-
    inducing barrier) and "Ankoku Hisui-ken" (Fist of the Dark Hisui) are based 
    on typos from the "Half-Moon" edition of Tsukihime, and on the anecdote of 
    the "Kagetsu Tooya" compilation.
    Character File 5: Kohaku [JUMP9.5]
    She is the older of the twin maids serving the Tohnos, and Akiha's personal 
    attendant.  She happens to be Shiki's childhood crush as well.  She is quite 
    skilled as a helper, but behind her constant smile is a heart full of extreme 
    darkness forged by a gloomy past.  Well-versed in pharmaceutics (especially 
    poison), she's a master tactician able to manipulate all kinds of things out 
    from behind.  Like Hisui, she is able to share her strength with others.
    Although she is the tragic heroine in the original Tsukihime, in other 
    stories she is firmly entrenched as the resident prankster, and this game is 
    no exception.  With the comical powers gained from Tatari, she indulges 
    herself with some dubious costumes and appears as "Magical Witch Amber" or 
    "China Kohaku" when she's not busy building Mecha Hisui with her technical 
    In other Melty Blood games, she creates quite a ruckus by maintaining an 
    underground empire in the basement of the Tohno mansion, by using drugs to 
    turn Akiha into a giant, etc.
    Character File 6: Tohno Shiki [JUMP9.6]
    He is the main character of the Tsukihime series and the oldest son of the 
    Tohno family.  Through to a series of childhood incidents, he attains the 
    power called the "Demon Eyes of Instant Death" (which allows him to see lines 
    of death on anything), at a price of a side effect in the form of chronic 
    anemia.  He is an adopted son, originally belonging to a clan of demon 
    hunters called the Nanayas.
    Influenced by Aozaki Aoko during childhood, he strives to grow up as a 
    "righteous man" and is a good kid equally courteous to anyone.  But 
    underneath it all is a vision so vivid in his mind to the point of haunting 
    him.  Furthermore, he is completely clueless when it comes to women, which 
    prompts all kinds of insults.
    In the original Melty Blood, he works together with Sion to face Tatari.  In 
    Re-ACT, he is called out by a bell and eventually runs into White Len.  In 
    this game, he appears in his normal form, as well as that of Nanaya Shiki 
    awakened as a killing machine.  As a manifestation brought on by Tatari's 
    powers, Nanaya does not possess the Demon Eyes of Instant Death and must rely 
    solely on his natural abilities to fight.
    Character File 7: Mecha Hisui [JUMP9.7]
    She is a "humorous-type" urban-warfare weapon created by "Magical Amber," 
    a.k.a. "Mad Doctor Kohaku."  Because she is a direct result of Tatari's 
    comical influences, she's a minor character seen only in the Melty Blood 
    series.  Although she basically operates at Kohaku's command, her AI appears 
    to be extremely problematic; she has been known to misinterpret 
    reconnaissance orders as permission to destroy the target(s) on sight, for 
    In the original Melty Blood, only Prototype No. 1 is in existence.  But in 
    Re-Act, she is a mass-production model manufactured in huge quantities, 
    designed to pose a major military threat and capable of dominating the 
    land/air/sea.  For this game, she has been further developed nearly to the 
    point of achieving self-awareness.  Her primary source of power is the 
    "Magical Heart," the secondary being rubber windings.  In this game, however, 
    she relies on electric charging, which raises a cloud of suspicion over the 
    specs.  She is often seen working together with the original Hisui.
    Character File 8: Ciel [JUMP9.8]
    She is the other main heroine of Tsukihime, as a patient and gentle-natured 
    upperclasswoman on one hand, and as an heretic exorcist and the No. 7 "Agent" 
    of the "Burial Agency" on the other.  She has a rather gruesome past, having 
    left her hometown a sea of blood as Roa's incarnation and being reborn as an 
    immortal after being killed by Arcueid.
    Like Kohaku, she is a heroine burdened by the past... or at least so should 
    be.  Instead, her obsession with curry - which seems to worsen from one story 
    to the next - has made her a comic relief, time and time again.
    As far as the story goes, her pivotal role in this game is her involvement 
    with vampires like Sion and Arcueid.  She also makes appearances as the mid-
    boss for many of the characters.  Considering that she doesn't have much of a 
    role in the original Melty Blood and that her role is limited to that of the 
    Agent in Re-ACT, this could be seen as a step forward for her.
    Character File 9: Arima Miyako [JUMP9.9]
    She is the oldest daughter of the Arima family, a branch of the Tohno lineage 
    that took care of Shiki.  Currently a sixth-grader, she is almost like a 
    little sister to Shiki.  She has a crush on Shiki, which is but a one-way 
    street because she has difficulty telling him her feelings.  She's your 
    typical honest and straight-forward girl.
    Although she is a practitioner of "Nanchatte Hakkyokuken," she isn't much 
    stronger than her average peers due to the fact that there isn't much demon 
    blood left in the Arima clan... in theory.  But thanks to Tatari's power, her 
    abilities now exceed even the authentic Hakkyokuken itself.
    Although she does have a part (speaking lines only, no visual) in the 
    original Tsukihime, her true debut is in Melty Blood.  In the original, 
    believing that Kohaku is the "scary one," she tries to take Shiki back from 
    the Tohnos.  In Re-ACT, she follows the ringing of a bell in her fight to 
    rescue Len, the black cat she has befriended.
    Character File 10: Nrvnqsr (Nero) Chaos [JUMP9.10]
    His human name is Fablo Rowain.  He is one of the Elite 27 Dead Apostles, a 
    chaotic mage who hosts 666 beasts within his own body.  He becomes a Dead 
    Apostle through sorcery, and satisfying his own desires is his top priority.  
    The side effect of hosting 666 beasts appears to be the gradual fading of his 
    own conscience.
    He debuts in the Melty Blood series through the the update patch that 
    accompanies the official guidebook.  In this game and Re-Act, he is reborn as 
    a phantom thanks to Tatari, and his sole objective is to spread chaos around 
    in a fashion befitting his name.  In Re-ACT, although it goes unused, there 
    is a hilarious episode in which he covets Neco Arc's footprints.
    Character File 11: Warachia No Yoru (Night of Warachia) [JUMP9.11]
    He is No. 13 among the Elite 27 Dead Apostles.  Also known as Tatari, "the 
    vampire who sheds bloody tears with a crying smile," he is more commonly 
    called "Warachia No Yoru."
    His human name is Zepia Eltnam Oberon.  As the name implies, he is Sion's 
    ancestor, a mage also originally belonging to the Atlasia faction of the 
    Association.  Having turned himself into a Dead Apostle for the sake of 
    ageless immortality, he even manages to acquire an intangible "soul" and 
    integrate it as part of his "developing" process of transformation.
    As a result, even after his body is destroyed, he is able to reincarnate 
    under the right time and place when the necessary cyclical conditions are 
    met.  Although he usually takes the form close to the original, depending on 
    how he reacts to certain people's hopes and fears, random events and 
    phenomena can also occur.  He is the final boss in the original Melty Blood, 
    and his remains cause all kinds of chaos in Re-ACT.
    Character File 12: Len [JUMP9.12]
    Black Len is Arcueid's familiar and a succubus.  Originally a black cat 
    embodying the soul of a young child who died from an illness, she is 
    entrusted to Arcueid's care at the death of the cat's owner.  Generally she 
    doesn't speak, but that's only because she is bound by a certain rule, and 
    she is not completely silent in this game, either.  She appears to have 
    developed friendly relationships with Sion and Satsuki while hanging out in 
    the streets.  She is also the heroine of Kagetsu Tooya.
    White Len is the other half of Black Len, formed out of parts that Black Len 
    has abandoned and revived by Tatari's powers.
    Both Black Len and White Len make their Melty Blood debuts in Re-ACT.  Their 
    presences and actions are important elements of Re-ACT's Story Mode, and they 
    are partially integrated into this game as well.
    Character File 13: Yumizuka Satsuki [JUMP9.13]
    A classmate of Shiki's from the middle-school years, this unlucky girl gets 
    roped into the serial murder case and ends up a Dead Apostle.  Already 
    endowed with natural talents befitting a Dead Apostle, she acquires power 
    within a very short period of time after turning into one.  But although her 
    powers have the potential to equal those of the Elite 27, they're only 
    equivalent to those of half a vampire because of her efforts to carry on with 
    her life as a human.
    Her first appearance in the series is in Re-ACT, and it's worth noting that 
    she's fighting for Len's sake.  In this game she does so for the sake of the 
    town and its human residents.  From the time of Tsukihime, fans have longed 
    for an alternate ending for her, and her story in this game is effectively a 
    sequel to the "good ending."  There is supposedly another completed scenario 
    for her, which is your typical "boy meets girl" tale, but it's not sure 
    whether or not it is true.
    Character File 14: Kishima Kouma [JUMP9.14]
    He is the firstborn and the head of the extinct Kishima clan, which had 
    branched off from the Tohnos.  Thanks to the demonic traits (including the 
    mixture of demon blood) exceeding even that of the main Tohno clan, as well 
    as considerable strength and agility, he boasts tremendous hand-to-hand 
    combat abilities.
    Although the reference to the Kishima clan is already made in Tsukihime, his 
    first definite appearance as a character is in Kagetsu Tooya.  However, the 
    only direct depiction of the "real thing" resides in the anecdote of Kagetsu 
    Tooya, and any other incarnation is either another person's recollection of 
    him or an image that manifests for some particular reason.
    His incarnation in this game is no exception, as the fear that was planted in 
    Shiki's mind when he massacred the Nanaya clan causes him to come to life 
    under the influence of Tatari's powers.  He makes his Melty Blood debut in 
    this game, so he is not a part of the original Melty Blood or Re-ACT.
    Character File 15: Aozaki Aoko [JUMP9.15]
    She is one of only five wizards in existence.  To Shiki, she is a "teacher" 
    who provided him guidance when he was young and saved him by giving him the 
    "Demon Eye Killer."  Shiki has a tremendous amount of respect for her, and 
    she relates to him openly and almost like an older sister, but in truth her 
    morals are incredibly corrupt.  Ironically enough, she grants a wish for 
    Miyako in the arcade version of this game, raising suspicions that she is 
    soft towards kids in general.
    Although her skills as a wizard is below average, she wields exceptional 
    destructive powers, which have earned her names such as "Magical Gunner" and 
    "Miss Blue."
    She only appears in the prologue and the epilogue in the original Tsukihime 
    storyline, and is the hidden final boss in Re-ACT.  Although she doesn't 
    surface often in all the stories, she definitely leaves a mark.  She is 
    pretty deeply involved in the plot of this game, but you'll need to find out 
    for yourself.
    1. Sion Eltnam Atlasia [JUMP10.1]
    2. Sion Tatari [JUMP10.2]
    3. Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP10.3]
    4. Red Arcueid [JUMP10.4]
    5. Tohno Akiha [JUMP10.5]
    6. Akiha Vermilion [JUMP10.6]
    7. Hisui [JUMP10.7]
    8. Kohaku [JUMP10.8]
    9. Hisui & Kohaku [JUMP10.9]
    10. Mech-Hisui [JUMP10.10]
    11. Tohno Shiki [JUMP10.11]
    12. Nanaya Shiki [JUMP10.12]
    13. Ciel [JUMP10.13]
    14. Arima Miyako [JUMP10.14]
    15. Nrvnqsr Chaos [JUMP10.15]
    16. Warachia [JUMP10.16]
    17. Len [JUMP10.17]
    18. Yumiduka Satsuki [JUMP10.18]
    19. Kishima Kouma [JUMP10.19]
    20. Aozaki Aoko [JUMP10.20]
    21. Neco-Arc [JUMP10.21]
    22. Neco-Arc Chaos [JUMP10.22]
    Sion Eltnam Atlasia [JUMP10.1]
    Sion: Is this the town where Tatari has appeared?
    Sion: Although there are too many uncertainties, the abundance of resistance 
    forces should be considered a plus.
    Sion: The True Ancestor, the 27 Apostles, the Agent, the aboriginal 
    Hybrids... I need to get a grasp on all of them, and I must take Tatari down 
    this time...! 
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    Sion: The Agent of the Undertakers...  I have no business with you.
    Sion: You have other concerns of higher priority than me, don't you?
    Ciel: Priority has nothing to do with it. 
    Ciel: I can't just overlook this, now that I've received a request from the 
    Atlas for your protection, as well as an arrest order from the Church.
    Ciel: At any rate, from their side there's some suspicion over a certain Dead 
    Apostle.  Do you have anything to say in defense, Sion Eltnam Atlasia?
    Sion: For what purpose?  The Agent's only purpose is to exterminate heretics.  
    Now that you've appeared, what's the use of any explanation?
    Ciel: That's right.  Then, under the lord's command, I shall take your life. 
    <10th Stage - vs. Warachia>
    Sion: I finally caught up.  It's all over for you tonight, Tatari.
    Sion: My revenge... no, I'm going to clear the shamed name of Eltnam right 
    Warachia: Oh, how brave of you, Daughter of Eltnam.  You seem to have done 
    all the necessary preparations, right? 
    Sion: Of course.  I will take out Reedsbife's memoirs with the Conceptual 
    Armament of Lifespan.
    Sion: I may not be able to erase the program, but I can create a small 
    Warachia: Hmph, then it might be of some use. 
    Warachia: Alright, Sion, why don't you test out your theory?
    Warachia: As my descendent, try and destory the Tatari.
    Sion: Although it's impossible to completely eradicate Tatari with today's 
    technology, I successfully widened the gap in its reincaration cycle by a 
    Sion: Tatari should not appear again for another 200 years. 
    Sion: I suppose I've finished my fight with Tatari.
    Girl: Asst. Director, regarding the vampire sample mentioned on the document, 
    it had arrived today.
    Girl: Should I take it to your collection?
    Sion: Yes.  Place it at Osiris instead of Isis.
    Sion: Summon Curia and Sia from the Custodial Committee.  Notify them that 
    the clinical pathology session will take place in two hours.
    Sion: Tatari might be finished, but my fight is still ahead. 
    Sion: For my sake, and for the sake of the friends I made in Japan, I will 
    beat this disease called vampirism here in Atlas.
    Sion Tatari (Sion Cursed w/ Vampirism) [JUMP10.2]
    Sion: I shouldn't be at the limit yet, but the deterioration has already 
    Sion: I suppose it means a part of Warachia is alive within me.
    Sion: Ah, I'd rather peacefully...  No, before I lose my mind, I've got to 
    put an end to this... 
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    Sion: Blood...  So thirsty...  No, at this rate...  I...
    Ciel: At this rate, you'll end up being an ugly vampire, right?
    Ciel: Although I'm searching for the cause of this uprising, my job also 
    includes extermination of heretics like you. 
    Ciel: You don't look to have sucked any blood yet, but it appears impossible 
    to supress your vampirical urges, Sion Eltnam Atlasia.
    Ciel: You already are a vampire.
    Sion: I... I don't need to hear that from you...
    Sion: You make me sick, get out of my sight, human!
    <10th Stage - vs. Warachia>
    Sion: (Breathing heavily) I made it.  I'm still a human being.  If I take 
    down Tatari now, surely...
    Warachia: It's no use, Sion.  Unfortunately, there's no way to cure 
    Warachia: Do you know the name of the disease that can't be overcome no 
    matter how advanced the medical science may be?
    Sion: (Breathing heavily)
    Warachia: It's "death," Sion Eltnam Atlasia.
    Warachia: Admit it, that you've already died the moment your blood was sucked 
    by me. 
    Sion: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Sion: Am I already dead?  Nonsense.  Doesn't vampirism transcend death?  
    Isn't that the reason that the Dead Apostles are rejected by death itself?
    Sion: Sion Eltnam is no more.  What's left here is a Dead Apostle crowned 
    with the name of Tatari.
    Sion: Well then, let's begin the blood-soaked Act II.
    Arcueid Brunestud [JUMP10.3]
    Arcueid: I can't believe this.  He just had to choose this island country out 
    in the Far East to reincarnate.
    Arcueid: Oh well, just you wait Roa.  I'll fish you out soon enough.
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    Ciel: It's been a while, Arcueid.  Do you remember me?
    Arcueid: Beats me.  All you church agents look the same, so there's no way I 
    can remember.
    Arcueid: But anyway, can you step aside?  There shouldn't be any reason for 
    us to kill each other. 
    Ciel: There is.  No matter how many other vampires I have to hunt out, you 
    are a vampire after all.
    Ciel: Keeping in line with the Church's teachings, I shall exterminate you 
    right here.
    <10th Stage - vs. Nrvnqsr>
    Arcueid: Nrvnqsr Chaos!  What a surprise, to find a big shot like you here.  
    Just what the heck is going on?
    Nrvnqsr: What, there's something of concern to the vampire society.  You're 
    not the main objective, but I might as well put an end to it here. 
    Nrvnqsr: I've followed you all the way here to have your head on a platter.
    Arcueid: Oh really?  You weren't part of the original plan, but if you're 
    eager to die I'll take you on.
    Arcueid: You're a sworn friend of the snake, aren't you?  I'll leave your 
    head intact, so that you can tell me where he is.
    Arcueid: Geez, in the end I couldn't figure out Roa's whereabouts.  Oh well, 
    at least I know for sure he's around here somewhere.  All I can do is to 
    search him out little by little.
    Arcueid: Whoa, I almost tripped over and fell...
    Arcueid: That's funny...  Tripping over a stone...  There shouldn't be 
    anything useless like this...
    Arcueid: The wounds from Nrvnqsr haven't quite healed, I suppose...
    Arcueid: But I wonder why...  For some odd reason my heart is thumping. 
    Arcueid: (Giggling) It'd be cool if it's a sign that Roa will be found 
    Red Arcueid (Wild Arcueid) [JUMP10.4]
    RArc: Hmph, just when I thought I finally got myself out, I'm just the 
    vampirical urge out of the original body.
    RArc: That's all good, I'll just have a little fun with whatever I come 
    across while looking for the original body. 
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    RArc: Hiiiii, Ciel.  Good to see that you're your usual cheerful self.  All 
    the other living things are way too easy, and I've been bored lately.
    Ciel: Arcueid... why you...
    RArc: Ahahahahaha, no matter what I'd do to you you'd follow me, won't you? 
    RArc: Even if I make mincemeat out of your limbs, you'd try to rip my head 
    off with just your mouth.
    Ciel: Well then, whatever you are, according to the lord's will, I shall 
    exterminate the vampire.
    <10th Stage - vs. Arcueid>
    RArc: Hiiiii, you've been doing well, Arcueid?
    RArc: But of course you've been doing well.  After all, you just cut off your 
    sore point and are now having all the fun by yourself.
    RArc: So if you say that it's been boring, I'll tear you to pieces.
    RArc: Ahahahahaha, even if you don't say that I'll tear you to pieces anyway.
    Arcueid: Unfortunately, it has been boring.  I didn't think that small part I 
    shed would turn into a clone like you.
    Arcueid: So it is true that a vampire doesn't face the mirror because he 
    doesn't like looking at himself.
    RArc: Quite a big mouth there.  So you're saying I'm nothing more than your 
    fingernail or something?
    RArc: Aren't you an impressive monster, Arcueid?  Compared to you, I'm but a 
    little speck.
    RArc: Oops, that was an easy kill.
    RArc: That's strange, she should've been someone who can't be killed even if 
    hundreds of me took on her together.
    RArc: Or could it be... that she was killed before running into me?
    RArc: (Evil giggle) If that's the case, many thanks to you, some unknown 
    killer.  Now I've become the real thing.
    RArc: Just you wait, I'll make sure you bear the consequences of killing me.
    Tohno Akiha [JUMP10.5]
    Akiha: What is with all this unsighty loitering?  I don't know where those 
    Hybrids came from, but it ticks me off that they're wandering around without 
    my blessings.
    Akiha: Looks like Nii-san has gone out somewhere as well... 
    Akiha: While going over to meet him, shall I put the strangers in their 
    <5th Stage - vs. HisuKoha>
    Akiha: Unbelievable!  What are you two doing here?
    Kohaku: Kyaaaaa, Akiha-sama, why are you out and about?
    Kohaku: Oh no, it's not what you think.  It's just that, since we don't want 
    to interrupt your busy schedule, we're taking it upon ourselves to 
    Akiha: Save your excuses.  Your duty is maintenance of the mansion.  No other 
    activity is allowed.
    Akiha: Now that you've snuck around my back, you're prepared for the 
    consequences, right?
    <10th Stage - vs. Aoko>
    Akiha: I've found you.  Although a lot of dangerous people are gathering 
    around here, you're the most dangerous of them all.
    Akiha: You can leave this town quietly, or...
    Aoko: You'll kick me out by force, right?  Great!  I don't hate strong-willed 
    Aoko: I can see you're a superhuman.  Onee-san will take you in as a coach 
    and train you.
    Akiha: I refuse.  I have no intention of having someone like you as my 
    Akiha: I'll skin you alive right here, then take back Nii-san's mind and 
    Kohaku: Akiha-sama, tea is served.
    Akiha: Thank you, Kohaku.  Please bring it here.
    Kohaku: Coming right up.  Oh, is Shiki-san taking a nap with Len-san?
    Akiha: Yes, he's happy-go-lucky, totally oblivious to everything I went 
    Akiha: But that's all right.  It's good that Nii-san is feeling well.
    Akiha: I'm in a good mood, so I suppose I'll let him sleep a little longer.
    Akiha Vermilion (Reversed Akiha) [JUMP10.6]
    AkihaV: What is with all this unsighty loitering?  I don't know where those 
    Hybrids came from, but they're wandering around without my blessings.
    Kohaku: Akiha-sama, could it be that they are dissing the Tohno househo... 
    no, making light of you?
    Kohaku: You see, you've been pretty quiet in front of Shiki-san these days...
    Kohaku: And surely everyone else is getting arrogant because of it.
    AkihaV: I don't like your tone, but what you say is true. 
    AkihaV: As the head of the Tohno household, I can't just let it go of anyone 
    making a fool out of me.
    AkihaV: I'll show them who's above them all.
    Kohaku: Kyaaaaa!  Wonderful, Akiha-sama!
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    Ciel: Akiha-san?
    Ciel: You look to be cleaning house in this town with a lot of zeal, but what 
    are you up to today?
    Ciel: Did we have some sort of an appointment?
    AkihaV: There's no need for an appoinment.  My business is as what came out 
    of your mouth, Ciel-senpai.
    AkihaV: Now, prepare to die.
    Ciel: Huh?  Aren't the ones you are cleaning out the town's disturbances? 
    Ciel: Then your objectives are the same as mine, making us partners so to 
    speak, aren't they?
    AkihaV: Shut your mouth.  You and that woman are the first in line to be 
    dealt with.
    AkihaV: Peace in the town is secondary.  I'll squash any bug that comes close 
    to Nii-san. 
    Ciel: Grrr, if that's how you want it, let's go.
    Ciel: Yes, we needed to decide who is whose bitch anyway.
    <10th Stage - vs. Arcueid>
    Arcueid: Ah, it's Imouto.  Yo, what's going on?
    Arcueid: You look like you've been on a rampage lately, but if you don't take 
    it easy Shiki is going to worry.
    AkihaV: How slimy...  Talking like a shrewd thief. 
    AkihaV: Arcueid-san, we'll settle this once and for all here.
    AkihaV: Sliding around like some snake and getting all you want...  Even if 
    the heavens let it go, I will not.
    Arcueid: Hmm...  I don't really mind, but no matter what Shiki is still mine. 
    AkihaV: Do you get it now?  Does everyone understand who rules this town?
    Kohaku: Kyaaaaa!  Wonderful, Akiha-sama!  Now all the obstacles to the 
    Kohaku: (Cough) Well, all those who disturbed the peace in the town are now 
    swept aside. 
    Kohaku: Akiha-sama, you're the baddest of them all.
    AkihaV: That's obvious.  Until now I've been a little unlucky and made a few 
    small mistakes here and there.
    AkihaV: Well now, Kohaku, get ready.  Since Nii-san is not coming home, we're 
    going to him.
    Kohaku: Yes, as you wish.
    Kohaku: (Giggle) I got the data now.  Akiha-sama, the fun is just beginning.
    Hisui [JUMP10.7]
    Hisui: Shiki-sama?  It can't be, he was asleep just a few moments ago...
    Hisui: I'm terribly sorry, Akiha-sama.  I'll take responsibility and bring 
    Shiki-sama back.
    <5th Stage - vs. Mecha Hisui>
    Hisui: Is this another one of Nee-san's prank?  I overlooked the medicine 
    prescribed to Akiha-sama, but not anymore.
    Hisui: Before you cause any trouble, I'm taking you back to the mansion.
    <10th Stage - vs. White Len>
    WLen: You're here, Hisui.  I don't recalling calling you out with the sound 
    of the bell.
    Hisui: Please return Shiki-sama to me.  It'll soon be dawn, and if he doesn't 
    return to the mansion by then...
    WLen: As your meanie sister said, you should've waited at home.
    WLen: You have the audacity to come to the ball without a dress...  Don't you 
    think it's shameful?
    Hisui: This is my uniform.  Please return Shiki-sama to me.
    WLen: Hmm...  I thought about giving you glass shoes, but it looks like 
    there's no need.
    WLen: You fail as Cinderella.  You can spend your the rest of your life here 
    as a servant.
    Shiki: Hisui, about yesterday's summer clothes...
    Hisui: Yes, Shiki-sama.  If it's about your school uniform, Akiha-sama 
    instructed to get all of them wholesale...
    Shiki: Ah, okay.  Take your time, Hisui.
    Akiha: Hisui, scan through all the envelopes that arrived this morning, then 
    burn them.
    Hisui: Ah... If it's the letter from Kugamine-sama, I thought Nee-san had it 
    a moment ago...
    Akiha: Darn Kohaku.  But first, Hisui, you're going to catch a cold like that 
    even in summer.
    Kohaku: Awawawawa, Hisui-chan, Hisui-chan, I was just doing some cleaning, 
    and the clock fell from the wall by itself and...
    Hisui: Clocks don't fall off the wall by themselves.  Nee-san, do you want to 
    avoid cleaning the mansion so badly that...
    Kohaku: ...and that towel-blanket alone just won't do.  Here, use this 
    cushion as a pillow.
    Kohaku: Well then, good night, Hisui-chan!
    Hisui: Z... Z...
    Kohaku [JUMP10.8]
    Kohaku: That's odd, tonight there seems to be an abundance of powers.
    Kohaku: It's not as though I've taken any drugs with this kind of effect.
    Kohaku: Well, neither Akiha-sama or Shiki-san is around, and there's 
    something strange going on in the town.
    Kohaku: For now, I suppose I should skip work a bit and see what's going on.
    <5th Stage - vs. Nanaya>
    Nanaya: Hey, fancy meeting you here, Kohaku.  You're on a night stroll, too?
    Kohaku: No, no, I'm just a rubberneck here.
    Kohaku: I'm just here as a spectator of people like you who shouldn't exist.
    Kohaku: So please, don't mind me and enjoy.
    Nanaya: Huh?  You okay with this?  Hmph, just as I thought, you're the old 
    man's doll.
    Nanaya: Asking me to do whatever I want, you sure have good manners.
    Kohaku: Yeah, if you're okay with me as the opponent, I can spar with you, 
    Kohaku: You shouldn't underestimate me.  I'm used to dealing with mad dogs 
    like you.
    <10th Stage - vs. White Len>
    Kohaku: Uh oh, before I know it I end up in some strange place.  How 
    romantic: snow in summer.
    WLen: Go back.  There's no business between you and me.
    Kohaku: No, no, there is.
    Kohaku: Although the current situation is now amusing, serenity suits our 
    mansion the most.
    Kohaku: Can we take back the Len-san that we know?
    WLen: So, are you so eager to sleep, Kohaku?
    WLen: And to think that I'd grown fond of all of you...
    Kohaku: Pardon me.  Staring at the mirror was from the last tim
    Kohaku: My self right now probably won't get along all that well with you.
    Kohaku: Okay, the dinner preparation is about done...
    Kohaku: (Sighing) The mystery is solved, and I'm as busy as before.
    Kohaku: If I could take some holidays, I'd like to hit some hot springs and 
    Kohaku: Hmm?  Len-san, you're with me on this, too?  You don't like baths... 
    but hot springs are something else, right?
    Kohaku: Alright, I got it.  Then, on the next holidays let's all go out.
    Hisui & Kohaku [JUMP10.9]
    Hisui: Nee-san, there's no sight of Shiki-sama and Akiha-sama.
    Kohaku: Really, Hisui-chan?  Hmmm...  I got some bad feeling about this.
    Hisui: Uh, Nee-san.
    Kohaku: It's all right, I get it, Hisui-chan.  Well, let's head out on into 
    our town tonight, shall we?
    Kohaku: (Giggle) We're not going to let Akiha-sama have all the fun.
    <5th Stage - vs. Akiha>
    Kohaku: We found you, Akiha-sama.
    Akiha: ... I was wondering who it might be, and it's you two.
    Akiha: What are you doing walking around this late at night?  Quietly return 
    to the mention.
    Hisui: N, no, Akiha-sama.  About Shiki-sama...
    Kohaku: Shut up, Hisui-chan!
    Kohaku: The Akiha-sama who doesn't understand the concerns of her courageous 
    servants isn't really Akiha-sama at all!
    Kohaku: To maintain the peace of the Tohno household, we have no choice but 
    to knock some senses into you, Akiha-sama!
    Akiha: Geez, I have no idea what you're up to, but now that you picked a 
    fight with me I'm not going to go easy on you.
    <10th Stage - vs. Neco-Arc>
    NArc: Meow meow meow...
    NArc: So you came after all, maids.  As you alredy know, Shiki is in the 
    hospitable hands of our Great Cats Company.
    NArc: I get a feeling he'll become a very good customer.  I'm not giving him 
    Kohaku: Babababababa...  (As in "ba" in "baka")  That's a really stupid-
    looking cat monster!
    NArc: Mmm...  Woe is me, being called a fool in all kinds of ways.  I'm so 
    pissed off I might just blow off my top and die on the spot.
    NArc: But since cats love dried sardines, they're very considerate.
    Kohaku: I... I can't keep up.  I feel defeated even before fighting.  (Sob)
    Hisui: Nee-san can step aside.  Cleaning is my specialty.
    Hisui: I'll have that Arcueid-sama bring him to us quickly, so that we can 
    take him back.
    Kohaku: We've found Shiki-san!
    Kohaku: Are there any injuries?  Are you okay?  Did you have anything 
    dangerous done to you?
    Hisui: Ne... Nee-san, please stop it.  You're scaring Shiki-sama.
    Kohaku: It's okay, it's okay.  We're the heroines who saved the day, so 
    Shiki-san will let us get away with it.
    Kohaku: Isn't that right, Shiki-san?
    Shiki: Yeah... It's true that you two saved me, so I'll go along with it for 
    a little bit.
    Kohaku: Therefore, we can do whatever we want with Shiki-san for today!
    Kohaku: Hey Hisui-chan, hurry up!  You don't get a chance like this very 
    Hisui: Ah...  I... I don't know if... something like that...
    Kohaku: Geez.  Well then, starting with Shiki-san, here we go.
    Shiki: Eh?  Wait, Kohaku-san, what are you...!
    Hisui: (Shock)
    Kohaku: There.  The case is now closed.
    Mecha Hisui [JUMP10.10]
    MHisui: Charging complete.  Embarking on patrol duty.
    Kohaku: Then I'll entrust you with the peace of the town, Mecha Hisui-chan.
    Kohaku: Please randomly patrol the area and check up on any suspicious 
    MHisui: Repeating order: Annihilate enemies on the spot.
    <5th Stage - Neco-Arc>
    NArc: You're here, Mecha Maid.  The last time you had the upper hand with 
    that steel body of yours, but not this time.
    NArc: If you've been polishing your hardness, I've been working on my flesh's 
    NArc: How 'bout it, can't you feel this anger about to burst out?
    MHisui: Enemy defense, power down 50% from previous engagement, out of the 
    NArc: Cuuuuurses...  Grr...  So am I a step behind in the intellectual 
    NArc: So in the end, I need to let my fists do the talking.
    NArc: Here I come, Mecha Maid.  Feel the wrath of my fists that not even 
    radishes can break!
    <10th Stage - vs. Kohaku>
    Kohaku: Welcome back, Mecha Hisui-chan.  The results this time were pretty 
    good.  With this data, I'm going to build Unit No. 3.
    MHisui: Doctor, there is no need for that.  We do not need a second 
    Kohaku: Geh, is it a rebellion of the creation? Ahaha, Mecha Hisui-chan, you 
    aren't seriously going to take down your own creator, are you?
    MHisui: No worries.  After imprisoning you, Doctor, we will take care of the 
    MHisui: Air Force, secure air superiority.  Infantry, commence invasion.
    MHisui: Roger.  "Humanity is Our Master" plan is hereby in operation.
    Kohaku: Uuu...  There goes Mecha Hisui-chan's dreaded technical might...
    Kohaku: Ahh...  What will happen to the world?
    Tohno Shiki [JUMP10.11]
    Shiki: There's a bad moon rising.  I can see the line everywhere.
    Shiki: At a night like this, it's really better to stay put at home and wait 
    for the morning, but I guess I don't have a choice.
    Shiki: Shall I go make my rounds around the town?
    <5th Stage - vs. Nanaya>
    Nanaya: Hey brother, it's good to see you here.
    Shiki: You are... me?  Shit, what's the big idea?  There are limits to bad 
    jokes like this, you know.
    Nanaya: Don't say that.  It's your very self born from the same parents, 
    Nanaya: You came out because you couldn't stand it, either, didn't you?  
    That's right.  It's a great moonlight for some slaughtering.
    Nanaya: It's especially a bad dream to kill yourself...
    <10th Stage - vs. Aoko>
    Aoko: Hiiiii, it's been a while, Shiki.
    Aoko: I thought it could've been you.  You've come a long way and grown up.
    Shiki: Sensei?  Were you drawn in by all this commotion, too?
    Aoko: Yeah, but it looks like you took care of all the problems.
    Aoko: It appears I'm little more than warm beer, but it's kind of like fate 
    that we met here.
    Aoko: How about it, still got some power left?
    Shiki: Yes, for just one match I can go all-out.
    Aoko: Very good.  Then, to celebrate our reunion, I'll teach you a thing or 
    Shiki: (Sigh) At any rate, the case is closed.
    Shiki: The dawn is here, and Sensei is gone as well.
    Shiki: I feel bad about Akiha and others, but I'll rest a bit.
    Nanaya Shiki [JUMP10.12]
    Nanaya: Sleepy...  Don't be waking up the dead like this.
    Nanaya: Just when I was beginning to enjoy the pathetic existence of the 
    dead, all I see after waking up is a cage full of cumbersome flesh.
    Nanaya: Well, I don't know who it is, but whoever woke me up must be saying 
    <5th Stage – Akiha Vermilion>
    Nanaya: What a surprise, Akiha.  I suppose tonight's that kind of night, 
    running into you of all people here.
    AkihaV: Yeah, you're surely in luck, Shiki.  The others just didn't cut it 
    for you, did they?
    AkihaV: Surely I will be able to slay you to your satisfaction.
    Nanaya: Ah...  That's what I like to hear, Akiha.
    Nanaya: To have someone like you who gets it as his sister, I'm really 
    jealous of him.
    Nanaya: Siblings should absolutely have that kind of relationship, or the 
    whole thing is a lie.
    AkihaV: Could it mean that there's no keeping secrets between the two?
    Nanaya: Of course.  And there's one more thing: there's no holding back no 
    matter what you do.
    <10th Stage - vs. Kouma>
    Nanaya: It's about time.  We finally meet, Red.
    Nanaya: There's nothing that tops this moment.  It seems we've both been 
    eagerly waiting for this day.
    Kouma: True.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for this.
    Kouma: All right, come and get me, killer.
    Nanaya: Yeah, let's beat each other's brains out!
    Nanaya: Hah, there's nothing left.
    Nanaya: I'm something that didn't exist in the first place.  If there is 
    nothing to be gained, then there is nothing to be lost, either...
    Nanaya: Or so I thought...  But I guess not.
    Nanaya: I don't feel like just disappearing like this.  I didn't think I'd 
    fear death.
    Nanaya: Ah, whatever.  If I die, I can't kill anyone.  And only the dead are 
    over there.
    Nanaya: It doesn't look like much fun here, but I suppose I deserve what I 
    Nanaya: Oh well, I'll just hack 'til I drop.
    Ciel [JUMP10.13]
    Ciel: The town is under invasion from the Dead Apostles.  I must cut off the 
    source of this disease immediately.
    Ciel: Here we go.  I just hope no ones jumps in and interfere.
    <5th Stage - vs. Satsuki>
    Satsuki: Se... Senpai!  Wh... What do I do?  The scariest person out there 
    found me out!
    Ciel: Yumizuka-san...  I thought you fell prey to a vampire...
    Ciel: But you're alive...  No, you were reborn, no longer as a human being.
    Satsuki: N... No, I... I'm still human!  I only suck blood once a week!
    Ciel: So you still haven't given up humanity.  However, now that we have met, 
    there's something you must understand.
    Ciel: If you don't want to die, at least run away from me.
    <10th Stage - vs. Warachia>
    Ciel: The 27!  How could a big shot like you nest in this town?
    Warachia: Oh, I was wondering who it was.  You're the Agent from the Church.
    Warachia: Oh dear, you're working a little too hard, lady, showing up even at 
    an armpit of a place like this.
    Warachia: You should at least pick your hometown as the place to die.
    Ciel: That's my line, Tatari.  This wasn't part of the plan, but I'll wash 
    away that sin right here.
    Ciel: My hands are tools of the lord.  Know that you can't escape them.
    Ciel: (Sigh) Today was a miss as well.  That's strange, I'm sure this is the 
    Ciel: Um?  Is that... Arcueid Brunestud?
    Ciel: The fact that she's appeared means... this is it for sure!
    Ciel: So, if that's the case, I need to charge my batteries.
    Ciel: Excuse me!  Two more servings of beef curry, please!
    Arima Miyako [JUMP10.14]
    Miyako: Huh?  What's this strange letter?
    NArc: Since I'm sick of humans, I'm going to assimilate them.
    NArc: Oh, and your brother is in custody.  If you want him back, get yourself 
    over to the Belly of Hell.  (Stamp)
    Miyako: T... This is awful!  I'd better hurry up and go rescue Onii-chan!
    <5th Stage - vs. White Len>
    WLen: This is as far as you go, Miyako.  I'm sorry, but I can't let you go.
    Miyako: The Black Cat... no, it's the White Cat.  Did that stupid cat pay you 
    off to get in my way?
    WLen: How rude.  I would't cooperate with something like that, would I?
    WLen: It's just that Len is worried about you, so I thought I'd do something 
    about it.
    WLen: Well, in my own way.
    Miyako: I don't need anything from you.  If you don't back off, I'll just 
    plow through you!
    <10th Stage - vs. Neco-Arc>
    NArc: Nyanyanyanya!  Welcome to the Belly of Hell, China.  So unlike the rest 
    of humanity, you couldn't refuse our challenge.
    NArc: I'm one cool cat.  After all, humans exist only to make canned cat 
    food, and I want to keep it that way for a long time.
    Miyako: Looks like you still don't get it and want another beating, you 
    stupid cat.  I don't know what you're babbling about mankind, but anyway give 
    me back my Onii-chan!
    NArc: Nyanyanya!  Shiki is permanently employed to tickle our throats, so we 
    can't just let him go like that.
    NArc: On an unrelated note, this ravine is called the Belly of Hell because 
    400 hungry cats danced like lunatics a long time ago.
    NArc: In other words, do you have anything you want to say, my brother?
    Miyako: I get it, it's the same as usual.  I'm ready, so let's go!
    NArc: That's the spirit.  So as is custom...
    NArc: One, two...  You... Will... Be... One... Of... Us!!!
    Miyako: And so the case is closed.  The Feline Kingdom is destroyed for the 
    second time, and Onii-chan was rescued unharmed.
    Miyako: Onii-chan, over here!  The watermelon is chilled!
    Shiki: Wait, Miyako, running around is dangerous!  Don't go off too far!
    Miyako: It's okay, the sun is still high.  You're going to play with me all 
    day long!
    Nrvnqsr Chaos (Nero Chaos) [JUMP10.15]
    Nrvnqsr: I'm not much into playing around, but it's another story when the 
    target is the Ancestor Princess.
    Nrvnqsr: Just you wait, Arcueid Brunestud.
    Nrvnqsr: I, Nrvnqsr Chaos, will consume all of you!
    <5th Stage - vs. Kouma>
    Nrvnqsr: You... are not human.
    Kouma: That's true, but to hear that from someone who abandoned even the 
    appearance of a human...
    Kouma: You're finished here, vampire.
    Nrvnqsr: I won't stop you if you're so eager to die.  And do not worry: I 
    won't put my mouth on some moldy old thing.
    Nrvnqsr: I'll just return the body to the soil.
    Kouma: I know a man who is hell incarnate, but this is my first time dealing 
    with a beastly being.
    Kouma: So that's it, you do enjoy the fact that you're alive.
    <10th Stage - vs. Red Arcueid>
    Nrvnqsr: Got you, Ancestor Princess.  Feel free to show your power so feared 
    by all kinds of Dead Apostles right here.
    RArc: Oh, come to think of it, you're an emergency snack.  How thoughtful, I 
    was just getting thirsty.
    RArc: You alone won't do it, but I'll make a refreshing gulp out of you.
    Nrvnqsr: Hmph, so you've already fallen.  You're just another one after the 
    True Ancestor whose mind is still intact, but it can't be helped.
    Nrvnqsr: With that kind of attitude, you're unmistakably recognized as my 
    Nrvnqsr: So you're gone.
    Nrvnqsr: It was either an impostor created by an Ancestor, or some vampirical 
    urge expelled from the Ancestor Princess.
    Nrvnqsr: Whatever it is, it can't be called the real thing.
    Nrvnqsr: I'll catch up to you eventually, Ancestor Princess.  And when that 
    time comes, I will capture the almighty "Ultimate One."
    Warachia (The Night of Warachia) [JUMP10.16]
    Warachia: How about that, it's not everyday that I can attain a form like 
    Warachia: The humans in this town seem to fear vampires in the flesh, but 
    it's not a bad idea to hold an evening party for the first time in 500 years.
    Warachia: And so, what kind of comedy will Tatari turn out to be this time?
    <5th Stage - vs. Sion>
    Warachia: Oh, this is a surprise, to find you in this country.
    Warachia: I'm kind of curious; were you following me?
    Sion: How shameless.  What other reason do you think I have?
    Sion: Tatari, this time I will be victorious against you.
    Warachia: The issue with you, Sion, is that you can't say "I'll take you 
    down" in a clear-cut way.
    Warachia: There's no way to exterminate me, now that I have taken form.  
    Challenge me after you have learned the concept of a higher death.
    Warachia: Although there is no one in this world who has mastered that 
    <10th Stage - vs. Aoko>
    Aoko: Hmm, you're pretty amazing, even if you don't become Tatari.
    Warachia: Is that so?  Attacking people is about what I can do in this 
    humanly body.
    Warachia: Taking on the system the way your kind does is quite something.
    Aoko: Ah, will you stop likening me to all those other monsters?
    Aoko: The other may have given up humanity, but I'm a full-fledged human 
    Warachia: Hmm, so you yourself are the only one who doesn't know?
    Warachia: I just broke it down, but take a look good look at your shadow.  It 
    resembles that of a otherworldly demon.
    Aoko: O-kay, get ready.  Did you just ask to take care of the sick?
    Warachia: The night is over...
    Warachia: A leading role like Zephya is useless.  Without courageous suicide, 
    Tatari cannot maintain itself with one form.
    Warachia: And so, this scene is over.  I shall leave the clean-up of the 
    stage to someone else and hastely make for the next one.
    Warachia: I wish for the next one to be filled with pleasant slaughters.
    Len [JUMP10.17]
    Len: .....
    <5th Stage - vs. Nrvnqsr>
    Nrvnqsr: Hmm, you're the century-class familiar.  You're not the main target, 
    but certainly a work of a well-known practitioner.
    Nrvnqsr: A succubus in flesh doesn't appear just like that these days.
    Nrvnqsr: So how many humans have you consumed in that form so far, bretheren?
    Len: .....
    Nrvnqsr: Mmm?  I suppose I got on your nerves there.  If you want to fight, 
    I'll take you on.
    Nrvnqsr: What, don't hold back.  I could use some handy nourishment right 
    about now.
    <10th Stage - vs. White Len>
    Len: .....
    WLen: So just what do you have in mind now, Len?  You abandoned me.
    WLen: You locked me up in some dark place and pretended not to notice.  You 
    have no right to stop me now.
    Len: .....
    WLen: Making a fool of me...  I don't need your pity!  Fine, I'll just get 
    rid of you right here and become you!
    Len: .....
    WLen: Fine, the loser submits to the winner quietly.
    WLen: You're not going to last long anyway.  I'll be with you until you're 
    broken down, Len.
    Len: .....
    WLen: Are you saying that it won't happen if I'm around?
    WLen: Hmph, I can't stand being used however you please, but I'll lend a hand 
    as long as I'm being trusted.
    WLen: We are two and yet one.  Whatever you want to protect is very important 
    to me as well.
    Yumizuka Satsuki [JUMP10.18]
    Satsuki: For some reason, the back of my neck is shivering.  It's like that 
    time... no, something even stronger is here.
    Satsuki: Then, it's up to me to do something about it.  If I let even my mind 
    turn into a monster, it's all over.
    Satsuki: Just watch, Tohno-kun.  I will protect the peace of this town.
    Satsuki: ... Uh, that's all good, but I am really hungry.
    <5th Stage - vs. Ciel>
    Ciel: Stop right there, Yumizuka-san.  I will not tolerate any more of your 
    Satsuki: (Ciel-senpai...  With that look, she's not going to hear out any of 
    my excuses...)
    Ciel: So that you won't suffer, at least I'll turn you into dust at once.
    Ciel: I'll put an end to your nightmare right here.
    <10th Stage - vs. Nrvnqsr>
    Satsuki: Found you!  So you're the new vampire.  You can quietly go somewhere 
    else, or I'm going to beat the hell out of you.
    Nrvnqsr: .....
    Satsuki: Uh oh...  Does he have a really bad taste in his mouth?
    Satsuki: Umm... did I say something quite rude to a great veteran as a rookie 
    Nrvnqsr: Not really.  Come to think of it, it's been a while since a Dead 
    Apostle challenged me to a fight.
    Nrvnqsr: Besides, it's quite rare to see something done for the sake of 
    humans, as opposed to attempts to take the place of the Ancestor.
    Nrvnqsr: I'm pleased, little girl.  Your flesh is precious, and your soul is 
    Nrvnqsr: As a great veteran, I will educate you on the ways of a Dead 
    Satsuki: Here he comes!  I know nothing about the ways of a Dead Apostle, but 
    I won't let you guys do whatever you want anymore!
    Aoko: And thanks to Satsuki's heroics, Nrvnqsr Chaos, the great vampire, has 
    left Misakichou behind.
    Aoko: Saving the lives of the people about to be attacked by his beasts, 
    Satsuki the rookie vampire protects the tranquility of the town, albeit 
    Satsuki: Yeah, I'm getting the hang of it.
    Satsuki: I just need to fill my stomach with 200cc once a week, and I'm fine 
    as long as I don't walk around during the day.
    Satsuki: Alright, the True Ancestor, the Agent, Tohno-kun's sister, or 
    whoever you are, come and get me!
    Satsuki: Yumizuka Satsuki will protect the town and Tohno-kun!
    Kishima Kouma [JUMP10.19]
    Kouma: I don't know this town.
    Kouma: Why am I at a place like this?  Was I brought out here by force?
    Kouma: Whoever he is or wherever he is from, he must be some weirdo to call 
    me out.
    <5th Stage - vs. Warachia>
    Warachia: My my...  I'm the one who's been the cause of all the disasters 
    around this country, but...
    Warachia: It's the first time I called out a real ogre.  Welcome, the extinct 
    Kouma: I see, so I'm the manifestation of the image you reflected.  I 
    shouldn't exist in real life.
    Warachia: You're a failed experiment after all.  As Tatari, I can't reflect 
    my own image perfectly.
    Warachia: Your original was quite a powerful being.
    Warachia: I may as well dispose of the image that should've been cut off a 
    long time ago.
    Kouma: Do whatever you want... if you can with those frail arms.
    <10th Stage - vs. Shiki>
    Shiki: You are... Kishima Kouma.
    Kouma: I was about to disappear in a few minutes, but I suppose it's fate 
    that we meet, son of Tohno... no, of Nanaya.
    Shiki: Whatever.  I didn't really want to see you.
    Shiki: No, I really thought it'd be better off if we didn't meet.
    Kouma: Then should we just go our separate ways?  We didn't mean to run into 
    each other after all.
    Shiki: Too late.  You just blurted out a name you shouldn't have.
    Shiki: I can't just back off after hearing that.
    Kouma: Hmph, I see you got a backbone.
    Kouma: In that case, will you follow the footsteps of your own father, brat!
    Kouma: Good timing.
    Kouma: You don't feel the pain or the sensations of a body breaking down.  I 
    thought you were near death, but this is no different from a dream.
    Kouma: You escaped death, Tohno.  If you still feel like going down your 
    father's path, you can come to my forest.
    kouma: When that time comes, the answers to that one evening shall be 
    Aozaki Aoko [JUMP10.20]
    Aoko: So this is where the trail leads me, my home under a moonlight.
    Aoko: I'd like a nice drink at the usual joint, but there's work to be done 
    <5th Stage - vs. Neco-Arc>
    NArc: (Giggle) So we meet at last, my greatest rival!
    NArc: It's the inevitable clash of fate, the crab vs. the lobster, a one-off 
    between the demon king vs. the magician to determine the earth's best.
    NArc: At a production cost of 5,000 yen, the number one spot in all of 
    America is not a dream... kind of?
    Aoko: ... A cat?
    NArc: Nyanyanyanya.  This body is of a cat hidden inside a cat!
    NArc: But my true form is that of a cat disguised as a shamisen.
    NArc: In other words, I'm a cat... sort of...
    NArc: Gaaaaaah!  For someone like you found guilty within the first three 
    pages shall be rewarded with violence!
    NArc: I feel like taking care of business on those gray brain cells...
    Aoko: Ah, um...  A cat?
    <10th Stage - vs. Kouma>
    Aoko: Hello there, do you live in this forest?
    Aoko: You don't look like much of a mountaineer.  Perhaps a meditating 
    Kouma: Kind of.  I suppose I'm doing something resembling that, but I don't 
    yet comprehend all this.
    Kouma: No, if that is revealed to someone like me, it would be an act of 
    divine providence.
    Aoko: No, that's not it.  Just because you are a Hybrid doesn't mean that you 
    can't comprehend it, Mr. Monk.
    Aoko: You should know that, just by living in this forest all these years, 
    you've been learning by yourself all along. 
    Kouma: I'm grateful for those words, but just who are you?
    Kouma: You look human, but you appear to be even more of a weirdo than I am.
    Aoko: I'm just some annoyance, that's all.
    Aoko: Well, I'm going to do something about that closed-up mind of yours.
    Aoko: That's just great.  That was hardcore, and I wasn't even much of a 
    Aoko: Oh well, that's life.  Someday the right master will come along.  I 
    suppose I'll call it good this time.
    Aoko: Let's see...  Up next is the summons from the Association.
    Aoko: It doesn't look all that interesting, but the travel expenses are 
    pretty stiff, so I guess it's time to take on a big gig. 
    Neco-Arc  [JUMP10.21]
    NArc: Whoa, it's an SOS signal!
    NArc: CQ, CQ.  Wait, stranger.  Here comes the cat to the rescue now!
    <5th Stage - vs. Satsuki>
    NArc: Yo, what's up Sacchin.  By the way, I smell some misfortune from you.
    Satsuki: Eh, and who are you, saying inconsiderate but truthful things...  
    Huh?  It's the first time, but I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.
    NArc: Yep, thanks for everything at the moonbox.  We made our fighting debut 
    at the same time, so you don't feel like a stranger to me.  Regretfully you 
    exhibit no feline attributes whatsoever.  You don't have what it takes, 
    Satsuki: Y... Yeah.  So, can I get going now?
    NArc: Go ahead.  I took an SOS sign from someone, but if it's from you I'm 
    sorry.  Or should I say, even a cat's fate isn't as awful.
    Satsuki: Am I so unlucky that I get told by cats?  Ah, but someone told me 
    that if I keep at it I'll be a heroine someday.
    NArc: Nyanyanya.  That's a wish not even the Holy Grail can grant. But well, 
    that courage is your asset, Sacchin.  I'm so full of kandou (kanji written as 
    "jealousy" instead of the usual "being moved emotionally") that I'm about to 
    lose myself.
    Satsuki: Kyaaah, you backstabbing cat!  And you're wrong; that kanji isn't 
    read that way!
    <10th Stage - vs. White Len>
    WLen: Go back.
    NArc: So you're in battle mode already.  Feline territorial battles are for 
    real, I'll have you know.  By the way, I smell some misfortune from you too.  
    Umm, was the SOS signal from you?
    WLen: I don't remember calling for help.  So leave.  Leave now.  The only 
    ones who can come to this snow filled are the ones with darkness in their 
    NArc: Hmm?  So what is this darkness?  You might just act coldly when you're 
    in a pinch, but from the bottom of your heart you want to be soft.  Don't 
    you, my sister?
    NArc: Umm, you're still young.  In full throttle mode.  Could it be, that you 
    are my younger twin sister separated from birth?
    WLen: Oh geez.  I beg you, please leave.  Don't make me out to be some sort 
    of a joke. 
    NArc: Joke?  Umm, Ciel is not around here.
    WLen: Grrrr...  I'm talking about you!  Please save me from this demon, 
    NArc: Damn it!  I forcefully blasted myself through the atmostphere and out 
    in space by accident.  Hmm, so this is what they call the vacuum state?
    NArc: It's cold...  It's lonely...  The earth is drifting farther away...
    NArc: Wait, now is not the time to space out like this.
    NArc: CQ, CQ.  Somebody h-e-l-p m-e!
    Neco-Arc Chaos [JUMP10.22]
    NAChaos: Whoa, it's an SOS signal!
    NAChaos: CQ, CQ.  Wait, stranger.  Here comes the cat to the rescue now!
    <5th Stage - vs. Satsuki>
    NAChaos: Yo, what's up Sacchin.  By the way, I smell some misfortune from 
    Satsuki: Eh, and who are you, saying inconsiderate but truthful things...  
    Huh?  It's the first time, but I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.
    NAChaos: That's someone else who just looks like me, so forget about him.  
    But somehow, someone using an alley as your base doesn't feel like a stranger 
    to me.  
    NAChaos: Regretfully you exhibit no feline attributes whatsoever.  You don't 
    have what it takes, Sacchin.
    Satsuki: Y... Yeah.  So, can I get going now?
    NAChaos: Permisson granted.  I took an SOS sign from someone, you're a 
    hopeless case.  Or should I say, even a cat's fate isn't as awful.
    Satsuki: Am I so unlucky that I get told by cats?  Ah, but someone told me 
    that if I keep at it I'll be a heroine someday.
    NAChaos: Nyanyanya.  That's a wish not even the Holy Grail can grant. But 
    well, that courage is your asset, Sacchin.  I'm so full of kandou (kanji 
    written as "jealousy" instead of the usual "being moved emotionally") that 
    I'm about to lose myself.
    NAChaos: Go run into something; I want to see some blood now.
    Satsuki: Kyaaah, you backstabbing cat!  And you're wrong; that kanji isn't 
    read that way!
    <10th Stage - vs. White Len>
    WLen: Go back.
    NAChaos: So you're in battle mode already.  Feline territorial battles are 
    hellish, I'll have you know.  By the way, I smell some misfortune from you 
    too.  Umm, was the SOS signal from you?
    WLen: I don't remember calling for help.  So leave.  Leave now.  The only 
    ones who can come to this snow filled are the ones with darkness in their 
    NAChaos: Just where the hell do you have your eyeballs stuck at?  You're 
    pitch dark no matter how I look at it.
    NAChaos: Or is it that you only act like a badass but from the bottom of your 
    heart long for a prince on a white horse.  Isn't that right, my sister?
    NAChaos: Umm, you're still young, in maiden mode with a guillotine axe.  
    Anyway, what are you up to tonight?
    WLen: Oh geez.  I beg you, please leave.  Don't make me out to be some sort 
    of a joke. 
    NAChaos: Joke?  Umm, Ciel is not around here.
    WLen: Grrrr...  I'm talking about you!  Please save me from this demon, 
    NAChaos: When Gregor Samsa opened his eyes, he had already transformed into 
    an insect.  From "The Metamorphosis" by Kafka.
    NAChaos: Well, forcefully blasting myself through the atmostphere was a big 
    problem.  Hmm, so this is what they call the vacuum state?
    NAChaos: It's cold...  It's lonely...  The earth is drifting farther away...
    NAChaos: Wait, now is not the time to space out like this.
    NAChaos: CQ, CQ.  Cat speaking.  Requesting rescue via Thunderbird No. 3.  I 
    repeat, requesting rescue via Thunderbird No. 3.
    NAChaos: WHAT, only No. 4 is available?  No. 4 gets no love as usual!
    [11. UNLOCKABLES] [JUMP11.0]
    Surprisingly enough, the content in this game is rather deep.  Sadly however, 
    it's not like one would initially think for a fighting game.  There are two 
    secret characters, but most of the hidden extras are in the form of extra 
    voice sets and voice samples.  What's also different is that you have to beat 
    survival mode numerous times with the same character.  Yeah, it's that odd.  
    Neco Arc
    - Complete the Arcade mode with ALL 22 default characters
    - To select, press Start while Arcueid is highlighted
    Neco Arc Chaos
    - Complete Survival with Neco Arc a total of 6 times.  During the sixth 
    completion of Survival, Neco Arc will face you.
    - After completing the above, complete Arcade mode with Neco Arc.
    - To select, press Start while Nrvnsqr Chaos is highlighted
    Neco Arc Voices
    - Completing Survival with Neco Arc will unlock numerous extra voices that 
    can be selected in the Special menu.
    - Sakuma Kumi (Ciel) voice -> complete Survival one time
    - Hitomi (Akiha) voice -> complete Survival two times
    - Kouzuki Miwa (Miyako) -> complete Survival three times
    - Natsuki Rio (Sion) -> complete Survival four times
    - Mizuhashi Kaori (Len) -> complete Survival five times
    Extra System Voices
    - Complete Survival multiple times with Hisui & Kohaku (the tag team)
    - Yuzuki Ryouka (Arcueid) -> complete Survival one time
    - Sakuma Kumi (Ciel) -> complete Survival two times
    - Hitomi (Akiha) -> complete Survival three times
    - Matsuki Miyu (Hisui) -> complete Survival four times
    - Takano Naoko (Kohaku) -> complete Survival five times
    - Mouzuki Miwa (Miyako) -> complete Survival six times
    - Natsuki Rio (Sion) -> complete Survival seven times
    - Minami Oumi (Satsuki) -> complete Survival eight times
    - Mitsuishi Kotono (Aoko) -> complete Survival nine times
    - EX Yuzuki Ryouka (Neco Arc) -> complete Survival ten times
    Character CQ Backgrounds and Endings
    - Complete Arcade mode with each character
    Extra Omake Voices
    - Complete Survival mode with each character
    Currently, the only way to play as White Len is to use a codebreaker / 
    gameshark style device.  The below codes are listed as their RAW versions and 
    thus, should work on Codebreaker v1-9, Gameshark v3-5, and any Xploder 
    version.  Please also note that playing as White Len is NOT supposed to 
    happen.  You may experience glitches and crashes.  We're not responsible to 
    anything that happens to your save or whatnot due to these codes.  You've 
    been warned.
    Master Code
    F0100208 0026365B
    Player 1 White Len (Always)
    00925350 00000017
    Player 2 White Len (Always)
    00925352 00000017
    Advanced Character Modifier Code
    Player 1
    D06871F0 00000005
    00925350 00000014
    D06871F0 0000000A
    00925350 00000019
    D06871F0 00000003
    00925350 00000017
    Player 2
    D06871FE 00000005
    00925352 00000014
    D06871FE 0000000A
    00925352 00000019
    D06871FE 00000003
    00925352 00000017
    - Pressing the following commands on the character select screen should 
    change your character to the appropriate character.
    - L1+L2 -> Neco Arc
    - R1+R2 -> Neco Arc Chaos
    - L2+R2 -> White Len
    NOTE: White Len DOES NOT have an Ending.  Completing the Arcade mode will 
    cause the game to crash.  She is 100% useable in Survival, Versus, and 
    Training.  Getting a High-Score with her will still be valid, however, her 
    portrait for the ranking table does not exist.  Her name will still be 
    present.  Lastly, her movelist page is blank.  She also only has ONE color.  
    Using another color will cause 'strange' things to happen, much like the PC 
    patch for ReACT.  Please see [JUMP8.23]
    [12. LINKS] [JUMP12.0]
    A ton of information was taken from the Starter Guide Book.  This book can be 
    obtained various ways.  I chose to acquire it through Amazon.com in Japan.  
    You can access their website at:
    Book Information:
    Title: Melty Blood Act Cadenza Starter Guide Book
    ISBN: 4-7580-1065-X
    MSRP: ¥1200
    Publisher: Type Moon / Ecole
    Design: Vac Creative
    I also gathered some info from the English Translated Manga books from 
    DrMaster publishing.  Sadly, they are hard to find unless you go directly 
    through DrMaster's website and order at Cubic Mall.  DrMaster's Website is 
    DrMaster Books
    I also gathered a slew of information from the following websites:
    (designated with JPN or US for their native language)
    Type-Moon (Official Website)(JPN)
    FrenchBread (JPN)
    Official Melty Blood Act Cadenza Page (JPN)
    The Moonlit World (US)
    Mirror Moon (US)
    Type-Moon Unofficial BBS (US)
    [13. WANNA HELP?] [JUMP13.0]
    If you find that something is wrong in this FAQ and doesn't work how I
    said it does, email me and we'll figure out the problem and I'll make any
    changes to this FAQ as needed.  Also, if you happen to find out anything 
    pertaining to the movelists or unlockables that I haven't mentioned, drop me 
    a line.  I'm always up for corrections.
    So you don't fall victim to a spam filter, just put "MBAC FAQ
    INFO" in the subject so I'll see the message and get back to you as quickly 
    as possible.  My email address is shadowjin_gpow@yahoo.com.
    [14. THANKS] [JUMP14.0]
    I'd like to first thank anyone and everyone who has contributed info to this
    FAQ and if you feel like you've been left out, please email me and I'll fix 
    it immediately.
    Thanks to TokyoNeko for translation help with the Starter Guide amongst other 
    things.  His translations are used in the storylines portion of the guide.  
    Without his help, this guide couldn’t be possible.  Seriously.
    A major thumbs up to Peter Tsai's FAQ on the PC games and the moveset 
    translations.  Peter, if you're reading this, PLEASE help us out with this 
    FAQ.  Heh.
    I'd also like to thank my wife for keeping me sane and putting up with my
    antics since I'm nothing more than a big kid :)
    Thanks to Kao Megura for his wonderful FAQ on many of the fighting games I 
    grew up with.  Check out his other FAQs. RIP bro.
    Thanks to GameFaqs and CJAYC for hosting such a wonderful (and FREE) database
    of info and I can only imagine how much hard work he puts in daily.
    A big thanks goes to Ecole and Type-Moon for keeping up with this series.  
    Also thanks to French Bread for getting the whole fighting series started.  I 
    know it took a few revisions and an arcade release to get this to PS2, but 
    I'm so glad it did.  I can't explain how happy I am to be privileged to play 
    this game and series.  Also thanks to their release of the Starter Guide.
    [15. LEGAL] [JUMP15.0]
    This work is copyright 2006 of Wes Arnold.  It may not be published,
    reproduced, or hosted without express permission from the author.  It may
    however be distributed on a personal level as long as the info found within
    stays intact.
    As of now, the following sites host this FAQ:
    ShadowJin's Personal Webpage (always most recent version)
    Any uses of this FAQ without permission are not welcome and if you see this 
    FAQ being used without permission, please inform the author asap.
    Other than that, have a nice day, and kick some Melty Blood ass!

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