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"A Game That Lived Up To Expectations (whatever those were)"

Yes Madden is back!!! I must admit the last console Madden I owned was for the PS-One, Madden '97, but I have caught up with the portable games, and this game is not half bad. It certainly lived up to expectations, but that's just it! There really were no expectations! There was no hype, no real talk about it, and when I went to the store to get my copy the day it came out, it had looked like the shelves hadn't even been touched!!! Well those people were certainly missing out on a good game.

Sound 7/10

The soundtracks selected for this game were very good. Rock, Pop etc... But now you are wondering why this got a seven. It's because the commentary was a real downer. I expected better from Madden, and Michaels but the commentary is really, really bad... It's very repetitive, boring, and it does not really flow... However if you can overlook the commentary, the nice crowd and player voices, will be very good to listen to.

Graphics 9/10

This really should be a ten but I'm too hard on them :). But seriously these graphics rock!!! You can see details on the players jersey and the graphics flow very nicely with no choppiness. Of course it's nothing to what the Xbox360 or PS3 game will be but it is still very, very good!

Gameplay 9/10

This is where the game really shines. While most Madden games focus on passing, this game actually focused on running adding many new controls, and features. The main feature added is the leadblocker control. This allows you to play as your leadblocker instead of your quarterback/running back to create holes on rushing plays. This allows for a break from the normal frustrations of CPU controlled players. They have also added the highlight stick similar to the hit stick in previous Madden games. The highlight stick is basically a trick stick while running with the ball. Push the stick to the right or left to juke, up or down to dodge in various ways, and overall just plain old fun to to do while playing against a human and then juking them to bust a huge run!

Game Modes 9/10

Yea I know this is a strange category but I felt I needed it. Once again a bunch of options here to choose from. The main new game mode is NFL Superstar: Hall of Fame. This allows you to create a player or import one from NCAA '07 and play as him all the way until he gets to the Hall Of Fame (or not IDK)!!! There is still online, franchise, tournament etc... Which will keep you busy for one more year until '08 comes out.

Overall 9/10

An extremely good game definitely worth all $50 I paid for it. I recommend it to anyone who has any idea's about it. If you must though, mute the commentary ;).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/06

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