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"Great Madden Game"

Just want to let you guys know, that I really do own both XBOX 360 version and the PlayStation 2 version of Madden. The PS2 version is far much better than the 360 except the graphics.

Gameplay: 9/10
Last year, EA made the passing cone mode which actually makes the game harder just like in the real life. This year, EA also makes the game more real with the new Lead Blocking. With Lead Blocking, you can take control of your fullback or any offensive linemen and block for your runningback. For the first time ever, small runningbacks such as Tatum Bell or Warrick Dunn can not actually run over a 300 lbs linemen or Ray Lewis. Instead, those small runningbacks will evade or dodge the defense.

I love what they have done with the Superstars Mode. They change it into NFL Superstars: Hall of Fame. If you choose as a QB, then the only thing you can control on the field is you, as the quarterback of your team. Also, just like last year's Madden, if your father is the NFL Hall of Fame player, your overall rating will boost high. This year's SS mode, the coach will pick the play for you. Sometimes, the SS mode will get boring because all you can do is practice and play the game. Punt return is still a problem, which is sucks, because only few players actually block.

Franchise mode is still awsome. You get to be an owner of one team or however many teams you like. You get to train your players and scout new players and all of those fun things that owners do. Franchise mode lasts 30 years, which is enough to keep you busy until Madden 08 comes out.

Graphics: 8/10
Nothing change from last year or the year before. All players on the field looks like they are on some kind of steroids or drugs to make themselves buff. Gang tackles are still absent, but its not too big of a deal. Rain drops is still the same just like the other previous Madden, which is not too realistic.

Sounds: 9/10
Nothing change but its still a great sounds. Commentary from Al Michaels and John Madden is ok, but not much of a difference, so do not get too excited. Crowd noises is kind of a disappointment because sometimes they sound too fake.

Rent or Buy?
Off course BUY! What do you think?! Madden is great and always be great. Rent if you don't know what a quarterback is or what is an "I" form.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/06

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