Review by PinkFloydMan73

Reviewed: 09/11/06

Madden is back!(Thankfully not on the cover)

Probably one of the best selling series of all times, Madden has seen it's ups and downs over the years but still stands tall as the best football series to grace the Earth. The franchise has been on a downward path since Michael Vick was on the cover(That's the reason for the drop in quality...joke). Now Madden has its best game since 2003 and is as good as ever!

Madden graphics are as good as last years(and the year before that). But EA's lack of upgrading in graphics is understandable because the graphics are great snd push the PS2 about as far as it will go. The only thing that keeps this from getting a 10 is the periodical slowdowns that the game suffered from last year too.

As far as audio goes, Madden is decent. The commentary is the same and only features a few new lines from Madden. The EA Trax is decent at best, with the same old mix of Alternative Rock/Emo and Hip-Hop. The only thing that keeps this category above 5 is the NFL songs from Autumn Thunder and the remixes of those songs, which are all splendid

Madden has just about every feature/ mode you can associate with the term football. Featuring your now standard Create-a-player,create-a-team, playbook maker and the useless create-a-fan. But where the game really shines, as always, is in you guessed it, franchise mode! Franchise mode is the same as last year with the exception of one thing: rookie scouting and the draft. Now you can play as NFL hopefuls in the college all-star game and put the draft class through mini-camp drills. Superstar mode is back, with a new way of playing called "Total Player Control", meaning when your Superstar is playing, you only control him. Also note that the coach calls the plays in Superstar:Hall of Fame mode as it's now called. The gameplay for Madden pretty much remains untouched, with the exception of the new highlight stick, which you use to juke(left or right on the right analog stick),back juke(down on the right analog stick) or your players unique type move(Up on the right analog stick).Also QB vision is now optional and is activated by pressing the right analog stick in any direction and there is a new kick meter, like a golf swing in the Tiger Woods games.

Buy. Madden 07 is truly a great game.

Madden is back on top as the best(and only) football game on the Ps2 and is one of the better games in the series. Go get this game and you won't regret yor decision. I hope you have found this review helpful to you.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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