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"Madden Is Back!!!"

Madden has been one of the longest running football videogame franchises in history and has made a huge impact on society. Each year, Madden is released with new features and emphasis on different positions on the field. This year the emphasis went from the QB to the QB's best weapon, a HB. Shaun Alexander is on the cover of the newest iteration of the franchise and let me break it down:

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay this year feels a little different, but the core mechanics are still there which is good. Also implemented this year is the new feature"Run to Daylight" which allows the player to control a pulling guard, lineman or fullback and lets you set up your own holes and blocks for your running back, which is good, since the reliance for the A.I to set up holes has gone down.

The QB Vision Cone has been turned off, but it is optional. EA has made some changes to the Superstar Mode from 06' which has opened the realm of the exclusive camera perspective, for each off the main positions on the field, both on offense and defense. The new camera angles are a neat addition and the incentive is to make it into Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame at the end of your career.


The graphics for the PS2 are still so so, but the 360 version has graphics that will blow you away, since it's more accurate and life like. Framerate has always been an issue for me, and it's still present in the PS2, which slows down gameplay for just about 2-3 sec. before the action resumes, this holds true during the Superstar Mode after the play gets called.


The stadiums in the game are looking good for a current-gen game, but of course the 360 takes the cake, but the stadiums look accurate to their real life counterparts. The stadiums still look decent and that's very important.


EA has never failed to impress when the game gets released, and I just like millions of others, I waited til midnight to get my hands on the game and I was happy to play it. Despite it's framerate problems, the game is still good and it's definitely a Must-Purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/06

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