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"I offer to save you $50 by updating your Madden 2006 rosters myself"

Reviewing the Madden series for the past four years, I have never given any Madden since 2003 (and I would've given Madden 2002 a high rating as well, considering it's probably the best it's ever been) a rating under 9. I'm sad to inform you that this trend has changed, thanks to a lazy corporation that figured they could update their rosters, add a few cheap gimmicks, and resell a slightly better version of Madden 2006 for another $50. The saddest part is, they've pretty much accomplished what they set out to do, considering their goal is to make money, and there will always be people who need to buy that next-year's Madden.

As a person who doesn't necessarily plan on getting into the next-generation systems, I would venture that Madden 2006 will probably be the last effort put forth by EA for our current generation of systems (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube). So, since no one could probably just take my word for it, I suppose I'll take the time to give my explanations for each element of the game, even though I could probably just refer to my review of Madden 2006.

Graphics (8/10):
I'm pretty sure the graphics are exactly the same as Madden NFL 2006, but what do you expect? I'm being very kind in this department because I wasn't expecting much, and there's only so much you can do without buying a next-generation system.

Controls (8/10):
The new lead-blocker controls are a little awkward and it takes a while to get used to, but they aren't in any way horrible. The problem is, throwing a perfect block in a video game isn't exactly my idea of having fun, and more often than not, the defense catches up with you before you can even think about bursting through the hole.

Sound (7/10):
I'm very tempted to put in a copy of Madden 2004, listen to Michaels and Madden, copy down what they say, and then see if it matches this year's Madden. For some reason, I have a feeling that I hit the nail on the head, but I don't really want to waste the time to test my theory, so let's just say that it's the exact same commentary as Madden 2006. The Tony Bruno show seems rather repetitive too, although I didn't really want to listen to him in the first place. As far as the soundtrack, maybe the music on there is your forte, but it's not mine. That's one of the main reasons I buy the Xbox version, just so I can use my own soundtracks rather than EA's.

Presentation/Gameplay (6/10):
I've always loved EA's presentation, and I still do, but it would be more correct to say that I love Madden 2006's presentation rather than claiming that Madden 2007's presentation is absolutely amazing. It's the same. As much as people have complained about each year's Madden being the same as the previous year's, this is easily the worst. There simply isn't much to offer that isn't in Madden 2006 already, and the cheap gimmicks that EA added are already old after a day of playing. Franchise mode is mainly the same, with the addition of being able to work out rookies before you draft and play as them in the College All-Stars game. This year, free agency is both before and after the draft, which is a nice plus, but none of these things make the game that much different from '06. As for Superstar mode, it's pretty much the same with the addition of being able to workout to add to your attributes before you're drafted and a few other addons that I don't really feel like pointing out. Basically, SS mode is the same as before with a little more detail added.

Starting out this review, I was inspired to explain Madden 2007 in detail, but now as I'm pretty much sick of typing, I don't know what else to say. It's simple as this. If you have $50 to spend and are very intent on buying Madden each year, then by all-means buy it. If you're actually looking for something more than maybe a roster upgrade, please, do yourself a favor and save some money for something more meaningful, like Dead Rising where you kill a lot of things. Madden 2007 isn't worth 50 dollars, and EA really doesn't deserve to make a profit from it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/02/06

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