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"Still the best football game ever"

I have been playing Madden since 2001 and the game play has gotten much better ever year and this year is no different

Game play:10/10

With the new lead blocking control you can switch to a blocker like the fullback or linemen and make a key block for your running back. The new highlight stick lets you juke defenders out or just run them over. Then there's the new hall of fame mode which lets you create a player and try and make it to the hall of fame in Canton. Along the way you have to sign agents, take iq tests, get drafted, go thru training camp, and of course play football games! All of which is really fun.


The commentary is very repetitive...... boring...... the music on the other hand is really good . I don't like Rock/Hip Hop and Rap but I do like the Autumn Thunder soundtrack so just turn off all the songs accept the Autumn Thunder soundtrack and you will do fine. In the game the players voices are really cool the way they yell out " its a screen its a screen!" The crowds are fun when they start to chant it...... can really make you get into the game.


They are as good as you can get with a ps2 its always fun to use the hit stick and watch the ball carrier get slammed into the ground. The players move realistically and that's really all I can say about the graphics.

Re playability:10/10

Its a sports game so it can't really get all that boring ......each game is different
and with all the great game modes, you really cant get bored !! ........well worth the money

Final words:

There is a small delay between plays , but it only lasts 2-3 seconds and that's really the only downside to this great game.

Rent or Buy

I highly recommend that you buy this game but if your unsure , rent it first. then buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/09/06

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