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"Don't you guys get sick of the same stuff over and over?"

Madden is one of the best-selling football games in the US, and I have no idea why. It first started out a long time ago, did well, and everyone was hooked. Now, I can see why people would buy it for a few years, but not for this long. What started out as a brilliant franchise, EA games has turned Madden into one of the most boring sport games out there, right on par with golf. No pun intended.

Now, the biggest reason for my review to be this low is the lack of upgrade and development put into the game. Year after year, they update a few stats and rosters, re-package it, call it new, and get millions of suckers into buying it. In addition, the plays don't get modified and the graphics keep a steady 'average' quality. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I do think that other sport games made by EA are of this quality. If you can tell me one other way that Madden has significantly improved on its game other than 1) stats, 2)rosters, 3)plays, 4)graphics, 5) and quality. You give me something that Madden adds to its former game to make it better and I will give you the deed to my house.

In addition to the "the lack of adding features to Madden to make it a better game than its predecessor" syndrome, Madden, has John "The Obvious" Madden in it, a horrific quality that will make gamers cringe at the thought of his announcing. If you disagree with anything that I have just said, you are A) wrong or B) biased towards Madden, both the game and the person or B) always going to lose on the Madden being in the game argument. It's like rock, paper, scissors, and sucker punch to the throat. The sucker punch to the throat always and it will always prevail in any argument about Madden.

I am going to save you a few bucks and give you a helpful tip: Don't buy this game or, if you do, buy it every few years. It makes no sense buying Madden 04', then 05', then 06', then finally 07', then a future buyer of 08'. I seriously doubt that from 05' to 08' will sport any significant changes in the gameplay. This game has a flaw, and it's the lack of addition that the game contains.

Final score: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/10/06

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