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"Madden at the Goal Line but definitely not getting past it."

First off let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Madden and that I am doing this review in a non-biased way. I am not mad that ESPN football is no more and I didn't even like that game so here goes.

Game play- Well, it's Madden and it hasn't changed much except in bad ways. The new feature introduced is controlling blockers. This at first may seem stupid and unimportant but after you use it for a while it is a nice addition to the game. However, that is where it ends. Everything is this game is recycled from older maddens. They try to make it seem different or new by throwing in a different color scheme or something but you can tell. The intro to the games have not changed in years, they still have the same comments and so have the ending of games and when you win the super bowl. Same old tackle animations. They have some new comments but not enough. Now let's talk about the serious bad stuff. How come you can throw a ball right into Champ Bailer's hands and he won't intercept it? This isn't just now and then its all the time. It's like there playing volleyball not even trying to catch the ball. It isn't realistic. How about the random popping up of stats at the wrong time. One time I was on defense and a stat popped up of my kicker, mmm misplaced a little. Oh, I forgot all the newspapers articles are EXACTLY the same no new ones. Franchise is the same good fun and the best part of the game. Thought instead of the dumb newspaper that is the same to where you can predict what it is going to say can we get some kind of sport center type clip where it goes over highlights of big plays from each of the games and the controversies of some players. Oh well, maybe next year.

Graphics- The graphics are typical of a new madden better than last year but nothing special. If you played previous maddens you know what to expect. That's about all there is to say about that.

Sound- New songs on the soundtrack but like I said before when it comes to in game it's the same old commentary. It seems like EA is just lazy and won't add in extra features because they know they have no competition. A cool addition would be better crowd chants or when the away team kicker goes to kick a field goal the crowd goes crazy trying to distract him.

Rent or buy?- If you are a fan of Madden OF COURSE you have to get this game. If you aren't a fan of madden well that's too bad because it is your only choice so if you want a football game you should maybe rent it first if you haven't played madden before.

On line- Well, honestly this is the best part of the game and the main reason people buy it. It's great simply put. It is nice to test out skills against other human players because playing against the EASY computer is just not enough. The stat system and rankings are really fun too.

Final Word- Well, it seems like I said more good things than bad but to me it just seems like this game CAN be MUCH better than it is. It isn't good and it isn't bad it is just average short of being great. I seriously think that EA doesn't care about fixing bugs or adding in the small special things because they know people can't go anywhere else for there video game football fix.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/04/06

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