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"A Pretty Decent Game. Hmm."

Hi, thanks for reading my review. I just got Madden 07 over the weekend, and I've been playing it ever since. I have had fun playing it for the most part, and after trying basically almost everything, I decided to sit down and type this up. Since I have only played Madden '04, I don't know if this is going to be TOO reliable, but anyways.

Madden. This name is pretty much recognizable as a football game. You hear it being discussed in school, within your friends, people like that. Does this 07 live up to the hype? Well.. in my opinion, yes and no. Madden '07 is basically the same things as other Madden games: You pick any NFL team you like, and you can play "Play Now" modes or "Franchise" modes, or anything else that is offered. You can also create your own fans (which I haven't tried as it seems pointless), teams, and players.. as with other Madden games. Madden is basically the same thing as other years! Improved graphics for the PS2 version is the first thing I noticed. They basically pushed the system to its max.

Madden '07 is pretty straightforward. Once you get the hang of the controls (since they are tweaked differently than other years), it's pretty much smooth sailing. The one thing I was dismayed to find.. scrambling option for your QB? I depended upon that control in '04! I was upset to find that it was gone, although I perked up when I found the Lead Blocking Controls. This is pretty neat. Just press the O button to basically control a player pre-snap. I still haven't figured the whole capabilities of this option yet, but since you're probably sharper than me, you'll figure how exactly to work it. Anyway, you can pick your own primary receiver, and get slide protection, all of which you couldn't do on Madden '04. Another new feature for me was the Superstar Mode. I kind of liked it, but I thought it was a little.. well.. boring! I couldn't choose my own plays, and the camera would stick out at funny angles whenever I'd try to look around from my QB position with my superstar. The coaches also tend to make the dumbest decisions ever. I couldn't call an audible in time, and there was a stupid running play at third and long. This section receives an 8/10.

Yeah. This is where Madden kind of went blaaah for me. The graphics are pretty much stunning. I had no problem with those. My letdown comes with the utterly terrible soundtrack. It is just rap and emo-kind of music. When I looked the lyrics up to all of these songs, they basically had NOTHING whatsoever to do with FOOTBALL! Give me a break! Not everyone has fit into the hip-hop scene. I would've preferred to see some classics, maybe some hard rock to counterbalance this junk. At least if you're going to have music, don't play songs by *cough* washouts *cough*. Forgive me if you like any of these artists, but geez. I just listened to my iPod during the times I was browsing the menus because it was really, really horrifying. 4/10 for this section. 4/10 for this section.

Play Time/Replayability:
If you pretty much play this game often, you'll be able to finish the season relatively quickly, as with other Madden games. Replayablility: In my opinion, I found this game hard to replay. There really wasn't much to other seasons, although if you're bored, you can try going through another few seasons. I think there's like 25 seasons you can play through, so it's not like it gets taken away anytime soon. Of course, I wouldn't know, since I haven't done all 25 yet. 8/10 for this section.

Final Recommendation:
If you're a real Madden junkie, by all means get this game. It's good for people who are really passionate about this series. However, I'd suggest you rent it first before straight-out buying it, as it still is pretty expensive for kids my age (13) at $39.99, I think it is.

But if you aren't so enthusiastic about this, then just rent it. If you don't like it, then don't bother buying it.

Final Score: 8/10 (not an average).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/06

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