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"$50 for an updated roster and slightly new Superstar Mode?"

Madden over the Years has gone through many changes, but it seems EA Sports has let us down this time. Madden NFL 07 for the PS2 Has let me down big time. This game is nothing more than an updated roster with a slightly new Superstar mode, and who wants to pay $50 for that? I wouldn't recommend getting any EA game actually, unless its on a next gen system, where EA seems to be spending all their time now.

Graphics (8/10):
This shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Madden games have always have great graphics, ever since the first one. EA never has a problem with making games that have spectacular graphics. The only way they could get better is if you buy this game for the ps3, 360, and possibly the Wii.

Controls (6/10):
The controls are basically the same as the Past madden games. The only changes being that of the new Superstar mode. Lead Blocking can be a pain in the ass at times, and doesn't really get the job done. Sometimes the controls can be unresponsive, and that can lead to problems.

Game Play (5/10):
The game play is exactly the same in all modes except Superstar Mode. This new Superstar mode allows you to take a player from a college star entering the draft, into a Hall of Fame Pro NFL player. The Difference from this year Superstar's mode to last years, is this year, you only take control of your own player. The camera angles suck, and you get penalized for anything that you don't do, when playing the side of the ball that your player is on. Another let down is the coach picks all your plays for you. It's fun for the first few games, then just gets extremely repetitive and frustrating because you'll be yelling at your Coach, wondering why the hell he chose a run play on 3rd and 14, in the first quarter. It was a good idea, but EA just slacked off and didn't make it into it's full potential.

Overall (6/10):
This game is not worth $50. At most it's a rent to try out the new superstar mode. If you must have this game, wait until it goes into the bargain bin and get it then.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/16/07

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