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    FAQ/Walkthrough by genius of the hole

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 09/04/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Platform: Playstation 2
              Monte Cristo Multimedia/Ghostlight
    Author:   The Genius of the Hole
    Version:  0.9 
    E-mail:   kayko_2(at)t-online(dot)de
    Let's jump straight into the action. Just a piece of advice when it comes to
    using this guide: Keep an eye open for specially marked paragraphs, they 
    usually either warn you of glitches or flaws in the game or contain advice on
    how to handle particular tricky situations. 
    English is not my first language, so if anything does sound weird or you spot a 
    mistake in grammar or spelling... IGNORE IT. I am sure you will get what I 
    mean. Enjoy the guide.
    Once the opening cinema is over it is time to start your little breakout. 
    Switch back to TAYLOR aka THE MIND and just follow the map to his first
    destination. This means leave the room, go through the next door and turn left
    to make your way around the 'catwalk'. Once you reach the area with the control
    room a cut scene will show a leaving guard. Don't worry about him, you are 
    officially here as a lawyer and won't raise any suspicion.
    Go around the corner and use the door to the right. Time for your first kill.
    Sneak up on the guard and take him out by rapidly tapping the x-button as soon
    as you get the signal to.
    Once he is out check out the control box to the left. (On the wall next to 
    where the guard had been standing.)
    Once in control of SIEGEL aka POKER simply turn the camera in either direction
    and check out the wall next to the door. Ridiculously simple... Take a note of
    the numbers (2046).
    Back as TAYLOR use the control panel and enter the numbers. Confirm using the
    'V' button on the panel. 
    Back to POKER you will now be free to leave your cell. Do so and head down the
    Take care not to make any noise! There is a guard in the last cell to the left.
    Note that it is impossible to kill him, you will have to get past him without
    alarming him. Use the button next to the elevator and go up.
    Damn, another guard!
    As you can see this is going to be a sneaking mission. Here is what worked well
    for me: As soon as the guard moves leave the elevator. 
    Simply follow him around the room until you reach the other side. This means 
    you will have to take the long way around to the door, staying close to the 
    wall, and you will have to stop when ever the guard does. Stay far enough away 
    for him to be out of sight, but remain close enough to make it through the door
    (you'll have to open it) before his round takes him back to where he can see 
    Once in the corridor do not open any doors! There are guards in these rooms who
    won't be visible on your map and they won't be happy to see you.
    Sneak up the stairs to the right and watch the cutscene.
    This is going to be the first time you will have to work with a split screen. 
    Switch to TAYLOR and leave the control room. Walk over to the guard near the
    stairs and position yourself so that the guard will have to turn away from the
    doorway POKER is hiding behind. THIS IS VITAL. Now talk to the guard. 
    Immediately switch over to POKER. Time to do some sneaking. Knee down and make
    your way through the doorway and head to the control room Taylor had been in
    a couple of seconds ago. Depending on which way the guard is facing you will 
    have to either take the long way around the area or will be able to use the
    shortcut directly to the control room. Once you are out of sight and Taylor has
    stopped talking to the guard press the appropriate button of the D-pad in 
    order to give Taylor the signal to follow you. As soon as you have reached the
    control room, open the door to the left instead and get inside.
    Go to the window at the other end of the room and jump up. Pull yourself up and
    open the window.
    You heard The Mind, go and get some exercise. Go to the wall your back is 
    facing and lower yourself down. Now shuffle your way to POKER'S right.
    It doesn't matter how well you do, you will not make it to the other side. 
    However, this is going to be one of the few falls you are going to survive (and
    which is supposed to be happening). Meet Valerie Carrera aka Cat.
    Once the group has re-united you will be in control of CAT. Leave the room and
    cross the yard to enter the main building. 
    There is one thing you should know about Valerie: She is unable to do any 
    physical exercises and is therefore not a wise choice for every task. Here,
    however, she will come in handy. 
    Once inside the main building follow the corridor.
    Go through the door to the right and open the gate to get into the entrance 
    area. (Stay in the room before the metal detectors!)
    The guard you are looking for is the one next to the window of the security
    booth. Choose the pick-pocketing option and have a go at your very first theft.
    Don't worry if anything goes wrong, you will have as many attempts as you need.
    Just do your best and try and keep the more visible hand above the 'ghost hand'
    which will slowly close to signal the grabbing of the object. Pushing the
    analogue stick multiple times in the appropriate direction has proved the most
    useful method to me. I found it rather hard to just keep it steady by just 
    moving the analogue stick slowly into the right direction. But maybe that's 
    just me...every thief has to find his own, personal style, I guess. ;)
    Once you managed to grab the key make your way back to the room on the corridor
    Use the key and then the computer.
    Back with the boys you should soon be in control of TAYLOR. So hit the 
    'following'- buttons on the D-pad and run towards the gate as soon as the 
    orange signal appears on the lower screens. 
    Use the square button to get a move on it.
    Back in the control room you will be in control of VALERIE. Leave the room and
    make your way back to the entrance area. 
    There is one thing left to do before we are done here. Put the key back into
    the guards pockets. We don't want to get any attention when we walk through 
    the metal detectors, do we?
    Done here it is time to leave. Just walk through the metal detectors to end the
    Ok, things did sound more complicated than they are going to be. So don't 
    worry and just follow the plan...
    Choose either POKER or TAYLOR to complete the first steps of the plan.
    If you have decided to go for TAYLOR just leave the compartment and turn right. 
    If you have chosen POKER you will start from the bar. In this case make your
    way to the door to POKER's left.
    Follow the corridor and feel free to pick-pocket any one you can find. Just
    to get a bit of practice...
    Eventually you will come to a restricted area and need Valerie's assistance to
    proceed. Just hit the appropriate 'following'-button on the D-pad and she will
    come running. 
    Either switch to VALERIE now or use the L1/R1 option in order to make her start
    a conversation with the 'stewardess'. Make sure she has to turn away from the 
    door before you engage in the conversation or she will see your attempt to 
    enter the restricted area.
    Quickly switch back to TAYLOR(/POKER) and go through the door. Once you 
    are through follow the corridor until you cannot go any further. Go into the
    room next to the 'closed' door and use the D-pad to order POKER(/TAYLOR) to 
    follow you to the restricted area. 
    Use VALERIE again to allow him to get through. Once POKER(/TAYLOR) is inside 
    switch to the whoever is inside the control room and use the control panel you 
    will find to the right.
    Use it and switch back to POKER(/TAYLOR) on the corridor. Have him cross the 
    kitchen and he will come to the room with the trapdoor. Position him underneath
    the trapdoor and you will get the option to jump up. Do so and move into the
    correct position to pull yourself up. Follow the roof to the right and you 
    won't be able to go any further.
    Go to the edge of the roof and lower yourself down. Now shuffle quickly! to 
    the right. You should get the option to pull yourself up just before a passing 
    train is going to help you with your diet. Follow the roof until you cannot go 
    any further. Approach the edge of the roof but don't do anything just yet.
    Switch to VALERIE and follow the corridor until she has reached the position 
    where POKER(/TAYLOR) needs to make his way across the window. There is a guard 
    starring out of the window. Use VALERIE to distract him for long enough 
    for POKER(/TAYLOR) to make his way to the other side. Remember to position 
    VALERIE so that the guard has to turn around. Keep an eye on the 'conversation' 
    meter and switch back to POKER(/TAYLOR) as soon as possible. Now get a move on 
    it! And don't forget to watch out for passing trains.
    Once on the other side you will have to repeat this method with one more guard
    until you reach the end of the train. VALERIE will be done now, so just
    get POKER(/TAYLOR) to the end of the train without any collisions with passing
    trains and you should be fine. Once you reach the roof with the trapdoor climb 
    Time to put your MIND to some use...Leave the room you are in through the door
    that will take you back to the middle of the train (the other corridor leads
    to a 'locked' door). Take note of the first room to your right, this is where
    you will transmit the data from. Now proceed down the corridor and check out
    the next two rooms. One will contain the safe, the other one will contain a 
    note regarding the Foster's agenda. Pick it up and you will be rewarded with
    the code for the safe. (Write it down if you need to.)
    Go through the next door and knee down. Sneak into the compartment and 
    immediately turn right in order to crawl underneath the counter of the bar. 
    Once on the other side you will be safe from view and you will get the message 
    that this was the ideal spot to take the pictures...Time to get the camera out. 
    I have to admit that it took me a while to figure out that apart from zooming 
    in and out I had the opportunity to change the zoom itself....tried to vary the
    sharpness of the picture by finding the right position. But actually that is 
    not necessary at all once you have figured out how to handle the camera. Use 
    the right analogue stick forward and backwards to zoom in and out and left and 
    right to take a sharp picture. If you are handling it correctly and are 
    standing in just about the right spot (near the middle of the 'perfect area'
    you can take all three pictures in one go. Just be patient and keep trying.
    A message stating 'Maybe I should zoom in a bit' is the first hint that you 
    are on the right track. Keep centering and zooming. The bluer the field around
    the head of your 'target' gets the closer you are to the perfect shot. And
    unfortunately TAYLOR will not be satisfied with anything less....
    Note that sometimes the field will not turn blue because the person in question 
    was moving the moment you had the perfect zoom. Just wait until he returns into
    the previous position. 
    So, first, let's take a picture of Foster... . Done?
    Time to take another picture. Make sure the character you are taking the 
    picture of is facing into the right direction otherwise you will get a message 
    about an 'incorrect angle'. That's hopefully you done with the second picture. 
    But one more to go... 
    Take a picture with both men and your will be done here. Well, didn't we have 
    fun?... (This part took me ages when I still thought it was all about finding
    the right position from which to take the picture...now I am done in 60 
    Anyway, this will not be the last time that you will be able to 'enjoy' 
    Taylor's perfectionism. But let's move on with the mission:
    Sneak back out of the compartment and return to where you came from. Pass POKER 
    and leave through the opposite door. Now go into the second door to the left.
    There is a computer to the left. Use it to cut the light. Unfortunately this
    will cause a timer to start. But don't panic, it will leave you more than 
    enough time to fulfil your next task. Switch to POKER.
    Check his inventory to find some very special glasses. These will enable you
    to see in the dark. Use them immediately and head to the compartment Foster is 
    in. The card is lying on the edge of the conference table. Grab it and get a 
    move on it in order to get out on time. But don't make any noise! SNEAK!
    Ok, now go to the room where you have found the safe in. (The second on the 
    left coming from Foster's compartment). Use the card and go inside. Time to 
    enter the code into the control panel (1978). Come to Daddy!
    Switch the diamond for the fake one (you'll have to press the triangle-button 
    to put the fake diamond into the safe.) and then grab the disk. 
    Leave the room and go to the room with the computer which is just next door.
    Now place the disc into the disc drive and use the computer to transmit the 
    Take the disc and head back to the safe. 
    We don't want to raise any suspicion, do we? Place the disc where it belongs 
    and go back to the room with the trapdoor (turn left). Hit the 'following'-
    button on the D-pad and meet up with The MIND. (Sometimes the game will not
    accept his presence if you haven't brought him into the room manually. Just
    switch to TAYLOR for a sec and move him a bit.)
    Seems there is trouble on the horizon...just when everything was starting to
    go just according to plan...
    Mission complete.
    Ok, keep calm and you will get out of this alive...(unless you are a really
    mean shooter, that is.) This next mission will basically consists of shooting
    your way through the train. But first things first:
    Hide POKER in the locker INSIDE the room you are in. The moment you open the
    door to the rest of the train you will trigger a cutscene with an Interpol
    agent. Do so using the MIND and then quickly return into the room you've just 
    been in. Place TAYLOR into the corner from where you started the mission from
    and have him face this locker-like looking wall in front of him (make sure he
    is as close to it as possible). Now just wait for the agent to leave. POKER
    can leave the locker now.
    Now choose any of the two men you like best and sneak outside. Take out the
    agent quietly by approaching him from behind (pick up the goodies he has for
    you) and proceed further down the corridor. Sneak through the door ahead and 
    take out the next agent. Leave through the next door and head down the 
    corridor. There is an agent in the first room on the right. You might want to 
    take him out before you move on. When you reach the last door on this corridor
    make sure you take out the agent to the right inside this room before you grab
    the stun gun which is highlighted in form of a bright spot. Now there's a handy
    weapon. (And a lot easier to handle than the 'real' guns you will have to use
    later on, especially when aiming is not your strong point.)
    Leave the room and sneak through the door ahead. Ignore the loo to the right
    and sneak through the next door as well. Now get behind the counter where the
    MIND took the pictures of the meeting and get up. Aim well and you will take 
    the first agent out before they even know you are there. Now take his comrade
    next to him and then aim for the third one in a distance. That's you done in
    here. The door will be locked which means it is time for VALERIE to do her 
    Leave the room and you will get aware of an agent outside. Make sure you don't
    cause any noise while heading down the corridor in the opposite direction. 
    You will come to a compartment which will be searched by another agent. He will 
    soon check one of small the rooms, so make sure you approach the room in 
    question, but stay far enough away to remain invisible when he comes back out 
    again. As soon as he has left the room and moves on to the next one, get inside
    the room and wait. You will see his head through the window when he passes the
    room. Get out immediately, BUT DON'T RUN or you will make noise. Leave the
    compartment through the door opposite from where you came in through. Time
    to do a lock-pick. Just keep rotating the analogue sticks until both sides 
    show a green light. The group will reunite.
    Well, who ever has the gun will have to clear the path for the rest of the 
    group. If you have already used some medipacks (I sure hope that you haven't,
    or you might not make it through the next part of the game) let the other
    members of the team borrow him one or two. Open the door ahead and shoot the 
    agent to the right. Cross the compartment and head down the corridors until
    you reach the corridor Valerie has started her part of the mission from (there
    is this lone agent standing around. Shoot him and prepare to immediately 
    shoot another one who will come running from the right (near where you killed 
    the first one). Go to the end of the corridor and open the door ahead.
    Aim to the right and move forward until you see an agent looking away from you.
    Shoot him and move on. 
    Shoot the agent you see on the corridor and immediately two back-up agents
    will open fire. Take them out as quickly as possible or the one in the distance
    will cause serious damage to your health. Withdraw if you have to to use a 
    medipack and remember that your other team members can supply you with some
    more (unless you already used them all up). Just use the 'following'-button to
    get them to your position, but make sure you have cleared the area before
    you do.
    Open the next door and you will almost immediately be spotted by the agent.
    Take him out and leave through the next door. But watch out. There are two 
    agents hiding behind the counter. Keep calm and do your best at aiming the gun.
    Go through the next room and shoot the agent in the next one. While moving
    down the corridor keep pointing the gun towards the door ahead. Any second 
    another agent will come running into the room so make sure you have shot him
    before he even realizes what went on. Approach the door carefully and point 
    your gun to the left (that's at least where he had hidden when I played through 
    the game). You should spot a shoulder between the luggage. Shoot the agent
    and go through the door ahead. Shoot the agent before he reaches the door on 
    the other side. Go through the door.
    Boy, this train is looong. Anyway, prepare for some fast shoot-out. Open the
    door and immediately open fire on the two agents on the corridor. Once they 
    are out proceed carefully and prepare for an agent to come running from
    the left near the door. Once he is out proceed to the door. You will see an
    agent ahead of you, a simple enough target. BUT there is another one hiding
    to the right so as soon as you are done with the agent in front of you turn
    to your right and blast away. Once they are both out go through the next door.
    There is a switch to either side of the team. Position POKER and the MIND in 
    front of a switch each. Now switch to VALERIE and go into the second room on 
    the right. Position her in front of the computer screen and use the L1/L2 
    button to cause both men to use the button (press x). Now it is VALERIES turn
    to hack the computer. Say bye-bys to the nice agents.
    Mission complete
    Got it? Sounds like a lot of work, but it will be simple enough. Let's get 
    NOTE: there are plenty of people here who can be pick-pocketed. Give it a go
    to unlock the multi-player version of the game.
    Once you are in control of TAYLOR hit the 'following'-button for POKER and 
    VALERIE. Turn left into the doorway and follow the corridor to the shop of the 
    museum. Now switch to POKER and prepare to pick the lock of the door to the 
    right. There is a female shop assistant 'patrolling' the shop, don't let her
    spot you because if you are spotted 3 times you will be kicked out of the 
    museum. To avoid this have TAYLOR have a chat with her (make sure she is behind
    the counter or she will see you despite your efforts). Now be quick to pick
    the lock. 
    In order to get VALERIE into the room just repeat the same method of 
    distraction, then, once she is inside have both men return to the hall where
    Poker and Valerie started this mission from. You will know why later.
    Now switch to VALERIE and open the safe. Since there is no timer involved you
    don't need to rush this. Just keep pushing the left analogue stick either to 
    the left or the right (multiple times, if you hold it down it will go too 
    fast) until you have found the appropriate numbers. Pick up an ID card and go
    to the desk with the computers in order to hack one. 
    Prepare for a timer to start, so immediately switch over to the boys who should
    be if you followed my guide in the main hall where Val and Poker started the
    mission from. Are they? If they are not: RUN! You will find the first camera
    to the right. Position POKER in front of it and use TAYLOR to distract the
    security guard nearby. Remember to position TAYLOR so that the security guard
    will have to look away. Now have POKER use the computer/ scanner you will find
    in his inventory. Hurry to be done before Taylor runs out of topics to talk
    about. Keep an eye on the conversation meter! (If you run out of it, stop the
    download and have Taylor start another conversation.)
    NOTE: if you are seen tapping the cameras three times you will be kicked out, 
    so always make sure that any security guards are distracted or you will be in
    NOTE also that you don't have to tap the cameras in the order given in your
    objectives, so if you pass one you have to hack into just do it.
    Here the order I do it in:
    Once you are done with the one to the right break of the conversation TAYLOR is
    involved in and hit the 'following'-button for POKER. RUN! Don't walk into the
    hallway to the right of the camera and follow the corridors until you come
    to a corridor with an elevator. There is a patrolling guard. Stop him using
    TAYLOR (out of sight of POKER) and hurry to tap into the system with POKER.
    Interrupt the conversation TAYLOR is involved in and RUN down the corridor to
    the right. There is a camera in this room ahead position POKER in front of it
    and have TAYLOR stop the patrolling guard somewhere where he cannot see POKER. 
    Talk to him and use the time with POKER to hack the system. Time to leave, 
    guys. The next camera will be in the room ahead, next to the doorway leading
    to the next corridor. Distract the guard to the right with TAYLOR (take up the
    right position) and hack the system with POKER. Move on, the clock is ticking.
    One more camera to go. Just keep following the corridor and turn right where
    it splits. Keep following the corridor until you are almost back in the main
    hall. Stop next to the camera and distract the guard. (Not the one closer
    to the exit! There is one in the corridor you just came from! Position yourself
    correctly to force him to turn around.) That's it, you are done with the 
    Use the 'following'-buttons to reunite the group in the entrance hall. You will 
    not need Poker for while since he will be rather useless for the next part of 
    the mission. Unlike Taylor who is a natural talent with words, he is hardly 
    able to distract anybody for longer than a couple of seconds. This is usually 
    not enough to complete any task, so you will have to rely on Valerie's charms 
    this time.
    Switch to VALERIE and walk over to the receptionist. Now move TAYLOR into a 
    position from where you feel that he will be able to take a good (and quick) 
    picture of the gate to the right of the entrance hall (seen from where you
    come in). Now have VALERIE distract the receptionist and take a quick picture
    with TAYLOR. If you feel that this is going to take too long, break off the
    conversation and start it over again. Then have another go on taking the 
    picture. Done? 
    Before we move on A PIECE OF ADVICE: Do NOT save at a checkpoint immediately
    after you have taken a picture. Next time the game loads this savepoint you
    will be loaded with the camera in front of you, but your 'distraction' will
    not be loaded. This means that you will probably end up being spotted without
    having made a mistake yourself. To avoid this annoying flaw in the game get 
    over and done with the photo sessions before you save your game.
    Time to continue with our sightseeing tour, shall we? Next stop the access to 
    the store room. Use the 'following'-button for VALERIE and head into the main
    hall. Here turn right and follow the corridors until you reach the area in 
    question. The door you are looking for is to the right and there is a red lit
    card-reader next to it. Time to have a chat with the guard, VALERIE. Wait until
    he leaves his position next to the door of which you want to take a picture,
    then stop him while he is facing away from TAYLOR who should be positioned in
    the area with the red and green painting (before you have to go down a couple
    of steps). Zoom in and out until you have the perfect picture. Remember, 
    VALERIE can always start the conversation over again BEFORE her conversation
    meter runs out.
    (NOTE: you could just take the picture of the key control now. I will continue
    with the order foreseen by the game.)
    Press the 'following'-button for Valerie and follow the corridor until you
    reach the big room with the blue modern piece of art. It's one of the rooms 
    you had to hack one of the cameras in. Let's take the easier picture fist. Go
    into the small door to the right which will lead you to the restroom. Just
    take a quick picture of the ventilation shafts and move on. 
    Back outside you will have to take one of the trickiest pictures so far. There
    is a patrolling guard next door which could make your life a rather unhappy one
    if he spots you. The one next to the entrance you are supposed to take the
    picture of is easily distracted using VALERIE's conversation skills. Just make
    sure she forces him to turn away from TAYLOR. Position him to the right of the
    'piece of art' (you wish!) in an angle that makes it impossible for the 
    patrolling guard to see him from the doorway. 
    That's four down, two to go.
    Just follow the corridor and don't forget to take VALERIE with you. Turn right
    where the corridor splits and you will already be in the area with the 
    card-reader in question (Though I do believe you could just have used any 
    card-reader). Distract the guard with VALERIE by positioning her next to him
    and then take up an appropriate position with TAYLOR. Take the picture and 
    proceed to your next objective.
    Next stop elevator. Once both of you are near the elevator have VALERIE 
    distract the patrolling guard. I know you are a pro by now, but let me say it
    anyway: Make sure he faces away from TAYLOR. Take the picture and you are done
    Ok, time to bring POKER back into the game. Hit the 'following'-button for
    both VALERIE and POKER and make your way back to the big room with the
    blue piece of junk..er, art. Cross the room and move on until you reach a 
    corridor with two doorways leading into a theatre-like area (on your map it's
    the area that looks a bit like a massive stairwell). 
    Use the first of the two doors and stop near the entrance. Now have VALERIE 
    climb the ladder to her left and use the trapdoor on the roof. Position here in
    front of the projector, but DON'T do anything yet.
    Time for POKER's appearance. Position him near the two men in the front row and
    switch to VALERIE in order to use the projector. But don't leave her just yet!
    First hide her away in the locker, THEN switch back to POKER. 
    I hope you have been practicing your pick-pocketing skills. Use it on the
    director and relieve him of his key. Go back to TAYLOR and give him the key.
    Switch to TAYLOR and go to a safe place where you cannot be spotted by any
    guard. (They don't take the key off you, but you can get a warning for 'doing
    that here' - if it happens to be your third one this will be it for your team.)
    Scan the key and give it back to POKER. 
    Switch back to VALERIE and position her in front of the projector. Have POKER 
    go back to the director and use the projector with VALERIE. Now hide her away 
    again, and hurry to place the key back into the director's pocket using POKER's 
    'reversed' pick-pocketing skills. 
    That's it. Time to leave, but don't forget VALERIE inside the locker! Just 
    sneak out through the door and meet the boys outside. 
    !NOTE! - It sometimes happens that the guard will not take up the position in
    front of the projector which I anticipate in the scenario above in this case
    continue the plan with the boys and ignore Valerie for the time being, you 
    will be able to help her at the end of the mission.
    Back outside turn right and turn left where the corridor splits. See this guy
    pacing around? He is the one you are supposed to pick-pocket. This can be 
    tricky since you always have just a couple of second before he will change
    his position. Make sure to reach the orange circle as quickly as possible. This
    might take a couple of attempts. You will find that he stops at certain 
    positions a bit longer than at others. Try to find one of those and try your
    luck there. Oh, and by the way, this is a mission for POKER. And don't forget
    to 'talk' to him...what a waste of time.
    Take both men outside onto the corridor and exchange the key. Now scan it with
    TAYLOR and give it back to POKER.
    You know what to do. Bring the key back to where you found it. 
    That's it, guys, proceed to the exit. (Note, if you had difficulties getting
    VALERIE back out of the locker THIS IS THE TIME TO GO AND GET HER. Unlike
    any time sooner the guard will now be open for any conversations you might 
    want to start, HOWEVER, do send TAYLOR for her rescue, she might need some time
    to climb up the ladder, and this is time POKER cannot buy her.)
    Mission complete.
    Ok, this is where the real robbery begins. Get your gloves ready and your
    sneaking shoes on, here we go:
    Go to the card reader next to the reception and use your faked ID card. 
    Knee down and sneak up to the large doorway you just came through, but stay 
    hidden behind the wall. Get as close to the wall as possible and slowly move
    forward until you reach just an angle that enables you to see the direction
    the guard is facing in. Now wait for him to turn around and sneak past the
    doorway as quickly as possible in order to make it to the other side. Take the
    shortest path possible. You will only have enough time to just about make it
    across. Don't walk around the stairs, cut straight across and hope that you 
    will reach the other side just on time. However, don't worry if you don't. You
    can try this as often as you need to.
    Once on the other side approach the card reader next to the laser beams and use
    the scanner to switch it off. Unfortunately this will take a while....
    Be careful when you move on, there are pressure sensitive tiles nearby.
    Use your glasses to see where the tiles are. Avoid anything that is lit up in
    a bright green light. Proceed until you reach an area with fast moving pressure
    sensitive fields. 
    Use the scanner on the card reader in order to switch of the laser beams. Now
    time your movements well and make your way across the moving pressure sensitive
    fields. Start moving immediately after the field passes you and make sure to
    get off the area as soon as you possibly can. Walk over to the door you took a
    picture of the other day and use the scanner to open it.
    You will start this next part as POKER. If you are interested in some cash, use
    the ladder to the right and follow the catwalk to find a safe. Open it and get
    the money. Now go back down to TAYLOR and position both men in front of the
    key controls. Switch to their keys and use them simultaneously (L1/L2 button).
    Follow the corridor and meet GEEK. Switch to GEEK and use his scanner to switch
    off the laser beams blocking your way (card reader to the left). 
    Time for some exercises. But first switch on GEEK's glasses. Surprise! 
    CHECKPOINT (sometimes)
    Switch to POKER(/TAYLOR) and time your run with the moving fields. Your 
    destination? The show case just ahead of you. Be quick to pull yourself up! 
    Once on top of the show case more exercises need to be done. Jump up and make 
    your way round the larger Viterins which is blocking your way. Drop down on the 
    other side. Now it is time for the GEEK to try his luck. Follow Poker/Taylor 
    onto the first show case. 
    Unfortunately this body is not made for physical exercises, so this is about as
    far as the GEEK can get. Position him so that he has an overview of the room 
    so that you will be able to proceed with POKER(/TAYLOR) while using the 
    splitscreen to see where it is save to go. 
    Jump down at the other end of the small show case and walk over to that tree-
    like sculpture. Now climb onto the show case left of it and repeat the 
    shuffling part. Climb down at the other end of the second small show case. 
    Leave the room remaining close to the wall. 
    Before you do anything else get your gun out and sneak down the corridor. There 
    are three guards who need taking care of first, so do that before one spots you 
    while you are hacking away on the alarm system.
    The first guard will be patrolling the room. You might see him between the 
    what looks like a line of vases in the centre of the room. The second one might
    hide behind the door to the left and a third one will be coming from the
    doorway at the other end of the room also to the left. Once they are out return
    to your business at hand which is shutting down the pressure sensitive tiles.
    Go back to the elevator and lock-pick the card reader. 
    Reunite the group and head into the big room with the iron shutter. Now 
    position both POKER and the MIND in front of the key controls and have both men
    use their keys simultaneously.
    Now switch to TAYLOR. Remember when you took the picture of the ventilation
    shafts? Here comes why. Go into the restroom and get your gun out as quickly as
    possible. A guard has taken a leak. Shoot him and then proceed underneath the
    vent and use the drone. It's a bit tricky at first, but once you have gotten 
    used to it the handling is quite simple. But NOTE: THE DRONE CAN BE DESTROYED,
    so don't do anything stupid.
    First of all remove the screws using the laser of the drone. Then move it 
    into the vent and follow it until you reach a hole. Lower the drone and
    turn right. Follow the shaft all the way until you have are able to move up.
    Do so and turn left. Proceed to the next hole and lower the drone. Turn right
    and follow the shaft until the first grating to the right. Remove the screws
    and exit the vent. Turn right and use the drone to push the button of the
    doorway (you'll get the option to press x). Repeat with the next doorways until
    you get the objective complete signal. 
    Ok, you could just leave the drone here and pick it up later, but let me 
    introduce you to a mean trick: Follow the corridor further and open the next
    door as well (just approach it). You'll be shot at, so withdraw immediately!
    Once the door has close again take a higher position in a far enough distance
    to keep the door closed but so that the guards can see you. Here is the 
    highlight: They will keep firing away at the drone being totally distracted 
    from what is going on around them...hehe...and this is exactly where POKER 
    comes in. 
    Switch to him, get the gun out and sneak into the room. Shoot the first guard
    and the other one should continue to shoot at the drone. (You should be able
    to see this because the drone will display them on the map.) Just carefully 
    bring yourself into an angle which enables you to shoot the guard. That's it. 
    Some harm done, but none taken :)
    Reunite the group and go to where you left the drone. Pick it up again (Taylor
    will have to switch it off first). Go through the next four or so doors and you 
    will reach the area where the drone entered the corridor. Bring the group to a
    hold and choose any of the men with a gun. There are guards ahead in some kind
    of a cafeteria. I could imagine that it is possible to distract them using
    the drone and sending it through the vent into the area. However, I haven't 
    tried this since so far I have been to lazy to take this longer approach. I 
    just enter and shoot anything that moves. But, feel free to try the drone 
    distraction yourself. What you definitely can do with the drone is use it to 
    get the guards on the map before you enter the area yourself (just use the 
    appropriate exit in the ventilation shaft and you will have a nice overview 
    from up there). Once they are all down check out their bodies in order to find
    a magnetic card. Use it to enter the control room at the end of the corridor.
    Use the computer.
    Exit the room.
    CHECKPOINT (nothing worse than a game with too few savepoints, but this...)
    Turn right and enter the room to the left. Check out the second desk to the
    left and leave GEEK in this position. Exit the room and go into the opposite 
    room. Check out the second desk to the left and either leave TAYLOR or POKER in
    this position. 
    Using either POKER or TAYLOR (depends on who you did decide NOT to leave at
    one of the desks) run back to the area you shot the two guards in (where you 
    had to open the iron shutter). There is an elevator to the right. That's the 
    one you are looking for. Get inside and open the trapdoor in the roof by 
    lock-picking the system next to the elevator door (on the inside). 
    Climb up and shuffle around until you are able to pull yourself up. Now climb 
    up the ladder. Jump up and shuffle to the right to the opening. Climb in and
    feel free to open the safe you find up here. 
    Now use the computer to get the code you are looking for - all three men will
    have to use their computer at the same time (use the L1 + L2 button).
    Nasty surprise...well, pick up the card in front of you immediately and get 
    going. Rush to the elevator, do the shuffling part and drop down. There is a
    position from where it is possible to drop down from but you will have to 
    have your full health in order to survive this. It is better you take the long
    way. Down the ladder exit the elevator and run (I said RUN) down the corridor
    to the control room (this means turn left, when you exit the elevator). 
    Once there use the computer - phew.
    Reunite and leave. Go back to the area where TAYLOR and POKER started the 
    mission from. But be careful. Your break-in has been discovered. Choose either 
    of the guys to take out the guards (three of them on the corridor and one 
    inside the storage room). Approach the small door and a cutscene will show
    TAYLOR and POKER leaving.
    That's only the GEEK left. Just walk to the exit and the guard will open the 
    door to the entrance hall for you. Exit and leave.
    Mission complete
    MUSEUM HEIST - DAY 3, part 1
    Well, that's it for the easy part of the game. Here comes the 'real stuff'.
    Welcome your two new team mates: Boomer and the Wall. Note that the Wall is the
    most athletic one of the whole team. He will come in handy later on in the 
    Let's steal a Rembrandt.
    Choose any of the three men to complete the next couple of tasks. Go to the 
    desk where Taylor just 'eliminated' the guard and use the computer. Now go 
    through the gate you just opened.
    And for a good reason. Two guards ahead in a security booth. The problem: a
    window. But don't worry. Just lean against the wall and draw your gun. Now peek 
    around the corner. If you manage to shoot the guard who is looking away from
    you first the other guard shouldn't be much of a problem. He might not even 
    notice you are there. Take him out as well. (If one of the guards hides next 
    door you will have to hack the door first and get in there whether you like it 
    or not.)
    Once the guards are out get TAYLOR and use his scanner to unlock the door.
    Go into the room the guards have been in and use the keypad on the wall. Enter
    the code (8472). 
    Go to the elevator next door and use it to go up. If you are extremely unlucky
    this is the moment when you will already be discovered (patrolling guard).
    But usually he shouldn't notice you. Get a gun out and sneak up to the corner.
    But don't do anything stupid like rush into the area! Three guards ahead. If
    you are lucky they are still having a chat. You have no choice but to start a
    shoot-out here, so use the corner for cover as much as possible. Once they 
    are out search them for a 'A zone' card. 
    Make sure you switch to !!!BOOMER!!! once you have got the card (give it to 
    him in case you used anyone else to search the guards),because if you enter the 
    next area with anybody else you will be trapped and have to restart the mission 
    or a previous savegame!! You won't be able to switch between characters anymore 
    once you have used the card to open the door to the area with the safes!!
    Hold it right there. See this blue spotlight on the floor? If you step in there
    you will be on TV, so avoid it at any cost. Wait until it passes you on its way
    to the right (to your right, that is). Then rush to the left and stop in the 
    doorway. The reason being: another camera covering the next area. Follow its
    light (careful it will take a turn) and rush into the corridor to the left.
    Use the keycard and enter the control room. Now use the computer in order to 
    switch off the cameras.
    Too bad. Two of the guards actually paid attention to their surrounding.
    As soon as you are back in control of BOOMER hide him in the locker next to 
    him. (I guess you could just try your luck in a shoot-out, but why bother when
    there is a safer way to go?)
    Get one of the other guys to the control room as soon as the guards have 
    entered it. They will be distracted and won't see him coming until he fires the
    first shot. Take the guards out and get Boomer out of the locker.
    NOTE: From now on you will pass small metal doors now or then. Those are safes
    with cash. So, if you want to complete your secondary objective as well, take
    the opportunity to get the money. Use BOOMER to open the safe's external door,
    then let TAYLOR open the safe itself. Don't forget the one near the entrance
    where you came in.
    Ok, now comes a tough part. Leave the room (you might want to use the WALL 
    since he has these really handy 'sleep grenades') Go down the corridor and 
    stop next to the door to the left (not the safe, a real door). Now you can 
    either just shoot the first guard you see once you open the door, thereby 
    starting a rather crazy shoot-out or try your luck with those 'sleep 
    grenades'. What ever way you choose, you will have to take out four!(yes, four)
    guards in this room and they will be hiding in every corner. Here is a trick
    I use in case you are having difficulties with this part. Take out the guard
    which is the easiest to hit (the one straight ahead). This will alarm the rest
    of the merry bunch and will cause them to shoot you on sight. Withdraw 
    when you feel that you can't take any more guards out this way and go through 
    the sliding doors to your right. In case you did knee down stand up so that 
    everyone inside the room can see you. The will keep blasting away at 
    you...hehe. Now get one of the other guys from the control room and sneak into 
    the room and shoot the guards as quickly as possible. This works particularly 
    well if there is only one or two left inside the room.
    Go inside the room and search the guards for a keycard. Now leave the room,
    choose one of the guys (he needs to have the key card) and follow the corridor 
    to the left. Turn left (sneak past the window!),and be careful once you 
    approach the next corner. Lean against the wall, draw your gun and peek around 
    the corner. Shoot both guards and use the card reader. You could just use the 
    same distraction method I mentioned for the first room, or just get in there 
    and shoot the two guards in here.
    Now use the computer to shut down the next security systems.
    Ok, more security systems waiting for you. Get the guy with the keycard and
    leave the room through the door next to the computer. Turn right, left, right
    and left into the small door. But be careful, the camera has not yet been 
    switched off. This means watch where you step. Cross the room by crawling 
    underneath the pipes to the right (unlock the door from the other side. It
    might not be necessary (I once ran through it in a later part of the game 
    without having unlocked it first) and exit on the other side. Shoot the guard
    you see in a distance and turn right. Watch out for the blue spotlights! The
    path to the left is blocked, but you can follow the spotlight to the right and
    make it through the small door before the camera will spot you.
    Take note of the fuse box on the opposite wall, you will need it later.
    There are guards in the next room, so get your gun out and shoot anything that
    moves (just shoot the guard standing in front of you and immediately hit the
    trigger- button again because the other guard will attempt to escape).
    Three guards in the next room, but don't relax just yet. Keep your gun pointed
    at the door to the right (the one you did not come in through if you followed 
    my guide). The moment you hear a strange sound prepare for a guard to come in.
    Shoot him and pick up the 'C-zone' card. Use the computer. 
    This would be a good opportunity to break into any safe you might have missed 
    out yet. You will not be able to do this later on.
    Anyway, reunite the group and send any of the guys ahead down the corridor to 
    the room with the main safe. Two more guards need to be taken care of, then
    the main safe is all yours. Check out the room next door to find another fuse
    boxkls. Position your character in front of it and switch to one of the other
    two. Remember the fuse box I mentioned earlier, in the storage room? 
    (One of the rooms next to the computer room) Send the second character there 
    and have both men use the boxes simultaneously. Reunite the group in front of 
    the main safe.
    You might want to safe now just in case you are going to have difficulties with
    the next part of the game.
    If this is your first time through the game you might want to skip this next 
    paragraph for the sake of experiencing the full excitement of the game. If this
    is your second time through, OR YOU ARE HAVING REAL DIFFICULTIES GETTING
    THROUGH this next part of the game, go ahead and read:
    Open the safe to the left or the right of the main safe BEFORE you place the 
    explosives on the main safe. Because once you have triggered of the timer you 
    will be in a hell of a hurry and potentially in a lot of trouble (depending on 
    your safe cracking skills). This way you can take all of the time you need and 
    still get out alive.
    I will go on describing as if you had not read the paragraph above.
    Place the explosives and you will trigger of a cutscene. 
    Oh-uh. Get a move on it TAYLOR! Open one of the safes as quickly as possible 
    and position each of the men in there. You will have to do this one by one 
    since they will not follow inside.
    Mission complete.
    MUSEUM HEIST - DAY 3, part 2
    Enter the safe but stay away from the floor with the blue laser beams. 
    Switch to TAYLOR and go to the wall to his right. Jump up and shuffle along the
    wall. Once on the other side switch off the security system using the panel to
    the left. Now open the safe. 
    Grab the Rembrandt.
    Take the group back to the main room. Now, if you check out the WALL's 
    abilities you will find that he has one the others have not. He can roll. 
    This will be the ability you will have to rely on for the next part of the 
    game. (And your ability to make good use of the analogue stick.)
    Go over to the switch panel for the gates outside (next to the computer desk). 
    Have the WALL use it and take the other two guys outside. You might just want
    to send one of them ahead to take out the guards before you send for the other
    Which ever way you do it, follow the corridor to the control room on the
    left (stay low in order not to be seen through a window). A cutscene will warn 
    you of some company.
    Take this guard out first. Just lean against the wall near the corner and 
    Now to the guard inside the room. You can use the 'window trick' again, which
    will mean that you need BOOMER(/TAYLOR) to show himself in the window in order 
    to distract the guard while you use the other guy to shoot the guards.
    Which ever way you choose, gain access to the room and reunite both men inside.
    Now switch to the WALL. Release the button and immediately RUN (Square-button!)
    through the door and around the corner. Hit the roll-button just in time (you
    will have to be in full speed or he won't roll) and you should make it through
    the gate just before it closes. This might take an attempt or two, but you will
    get there. Head to the control room and go inside. 
    Use the next control panel in order to open the gates for the next zone. 
    Unfortunately this will release some guards as well, so send a scout ahead 
    again to take them out. You be likely to encounter one on the corridor near 
    the first guard you took out. Once you have taken care of him go through the
    door the first guard had been standing in front. You will find yourself inside
    the room where you had to crawl underneath the pipes in order to proceed.
    Go through the door in the middle of the room and open the next door. There are
    two guards facing away from you just behind this door. Shoot them go through
    the gate and get BOOMER(/TAYLOR) to your current position. Now it is time to 
    repeat the same method with the WALL you used before. Release the button and 
    run like hell. Follow the rest of your team.
    Send your favourite guy ahead to clear the area. Careful when you approach the 
    next corner: three guards at once. Best method: Lean against the wall and peek
    out and fire away as quickly as possible. You should be able to take them down
    before they can reach you. Get their cash and go to the next control room in
    the corridor to the right (left-hand side). Reunite the group. 
    Ok, there is a tricky part ahead, and unfortunately no safepoint anytime soon,
    so concentrate.
    Have the WALL use the switch and switch to any of the other guys. Get a your
    gun out and go back through the door you came in through! This is important or
    you will get trapped in a nasty situation between two shooting guards. Turn
    left through the doors and immediately right and go into the safe. There is a
    guard inside! But he will be as surprised as you will, so just make sure you 
    get over and done with this quickly. You'll be fired at from behind so get away
    from the doorway and shoot the guard inside simultaneously. Once you feel ready
    go back outside and shoot the other guard. 
    Follow the corridor and go through the doors ahead. Be patient. There will be
    two guards coming from the left and there is another one further down the 
    corridor to the right. So in order not to get trapped between them remain in
    the corridor next to the safe and wait for the two guards to show up. Take them
    out and proceed to the right. Shoot the guard and get BOOMER(/TAYLOR) to your
    position. This is where the WALL comes in again. Release the button and RUN 
    like hell. Reunite with your friends. Ignore the guards in the room where you 
    did find the key card in. Send one man down the corridor and lean against the
    wall near the next corner. Peek out and you should see a guard aiming at the
    window. Shoot him. Now send the WALL to the first control room up ahead and 
    have him take out the two guards inside. Now use the control panel and switch
    back to the other guys. There will be a guard on the corridor now, so shoot 
    him (You will have to approach the doors in order to do so). Go to the door
    which will take you out of the safe area (SAFE area..haha not very safe now...)
    and get your partner to follow you. Point a gun towards the door, this way your
    character will shoot who ever might approach him without you having to watch
    out for him.
    Get the WALL out of the control room and rush up to the exit. A guard should
    have tried to approach your team, but if you had pointed the gun towards the 
    door as I advised you to he should be out before the WALL reaches the door.
    Go to the elevator and use it.
    Send out who ever you like best. The reception committee will be waiting in
    the main hall from where you entered the museum. Use the doorway as cover and
    blast away. If you use the WALL try his magical sleep grenades to help you
    out. If you run low on medikits get one of the other guys to help you out.
    Don't forget to grab their money before you proceed to the exit.
    Mission complete.
    Damn, so close... And this is where the whole plan started to go wrong...
    For all of you who thought this game was all about a big heist: your life as a
    normal thief is over. Now it is getting serious.
    You will start near the entrance of the warehouse. Say hello to HEADSHOT who
    will be your best friend for quite a huge part of the mission. (Though each one
    will have to play their part.)
    The bad news: the team has exchanged their electric 'shock-weapons' for real
    guns which means it will take precise aiming and usually more than one shot to
    take out an enemy (unless you manage to shoot them in the head). This is why
    HEADSHOT comes in so handy. Make use of her ability as often as possible and
    you should be fine.
    Here we go:
    Switch to HEADSHOT and try out her sniper rifle on the two guards in the area.
    One is high up on the wall, the other one near the gate. Now switch to POKER
    and go to the gate. Lock-pick the keypad to the left (not the door itself!).
    Back to HEADSHOT. Move up to the end of the left part of the gate. There is a 
    guard in the right corner of the yard. Slowly move forward bit by bit until you 
    can see enough of his head to take him out with one shot. Once he is out sneak 
    to the left wall next to the open gate ahead - take the long way around in 
    order not to get spotted straight away. Ignore the small door in this yard for 
    now. In this next yard there are four(three) more guards. The easiest ones to 
    get are the ones on the wall to the right. Just position yourself next to the 
    palm tree and take them out. Next withdraw back to the middle of the yard 
    you are in. See the white van in the yard with the guards? There is another 
    guard patrolling around the car. Shoot him. Three down, one more to go (not 
    necessarily. I once played through the game and only three guards showed up.)
    If a fourth guard is there he will probably be hiding behind the left (seen
    from where you come in through) part of the gate. Make your way in keeping to 
    the right as much as you can and take the long way around towards the white 
    van. From here you should be able to shoot him without getting shot yourself.
    Now approach the elevator which is to the left of the warehouse (near the 
    gate). Call for the boys and position HEADSHOT and POKER near the valve. 
    Use both valves simultaneously to get the WALL into the warehouse. Now get 
    your gun out and carefully approach the railing. There is a guard down there
    somewhere between the crates. Shoot him. Now focus your attention on the window
    in the back wall. You should see a guard patrolling in this room. Shoot through 
    the window and take this guard out as well. Now position yourself underneath
    the supporting beam with the first row of lights. Jump up and make your way to 
    the crates. Drop down if you are 'low on strength'. Then jump up again and move
    on in order to reach the other side. Use the ladder and climb down. 
    Enter the room you shot the second guard in if you like. There is some cash in
    the lockers, just shoot the locks. 
    Now go through the other door in the warehouse in order to come to an elevator.
    Let's clean the area first. 
    Head down the corridor and open the first door you find. Shoot the lock on the 
    locker and get the magnetic card you are looking for (and some cash if you want 
    to). Now leave the room, your current character has not the necessary ability 
    to proceed here. 
    Instead head further down the corridor and shoot the guard in the next room. 
    Get the money and leave. 
    Now go back to the elevator and go down. Use the magnetic card on the door
    you see up ahead.
    In the large room ahead (not the door to the left) you will find a note from a
    guard and the machine you are supposed to use to send the paintings to the 
    other team. Now go through the door (now on your right) and head down the 
    corridor. Open the door at the end of the corridor with your magnetic card.
    Get the other team members into the elevator (you will have to do it one by 
    one) and go down. That's the team reunited. Now, how to get the bunch of guards
    out of their secured room. Your guns will do no good. 
    Here is the trick. There is an alarm switch on the wall in the large room where
    the note from the guard could be found. It is slightly to the left on the 
    opposite wall seen from the door leading to the corridor you are currently in.
    How you take out the merryjl bunch is your choice and probably a matter of 
    ability as well as preference. 
    Here is what worked well for me:
    Send one of the team to the alarm switch and position the rest of the team in
    the doorway leading to the elevator HEADSHOT and POKER just came down with. 
    Have POKER or the WALL prepare a sleep grenade so that all you have to do is 
    to hit the button to release it. Point it towards the door the guards will be
    running towards in order to get to the large room, not the door the guards
    are currently in. 
    Now have the team member near the alarm switch raise an alarm. If you time it
    correctly the gas will take out the guards before they even reach your team 
    member in the large room. But just in case it doesn't have him/ her draw her
    gun immediately so that he/she will be able to defend herself even when you are
    still busy releasing the gas.
    Position the team members not triggering the alarm so, that they will be 
    discovered when the guards leave the room. This will keep them from running
    into the large room. Make sure your characters have their guns drawn, with a 
    bit of luck they will kill the guards without you having to do anything (they
    will start shooting all by themselves as soon as they have been discovered). 
    If you are good with the gun just engage the guards in a shoot-out with the
    character triggering the alarm.
    It is possible that only two of the three guards leave the room. It will be 
    nevertheless accessible now. Just shoot the remaining guard, pick up the cash
    and have POKER use the computer. Once done leave the room.
    Ok, get at least POKER and HEADSHOT and go back to the elevator the wall did
    come down with. (Leave the control room turn right and right again). Remember
    the room where the Wall couldn't go any further, the one with the locked door?
    Go there, just head down the corridor and use the first door. Switch to POKER
    and unlock the door. Now switch to HEADSHOT. There are guards practicing their
    shooting skills in the yard. They are best simply sniped down. 
    Sometimes all you will have to do is to keep the rifle steady, they will all 
    stop at exactly the same spot where you did shoot the first guard. Use the 
    crate to the right as cover. 
    Moving on. Depending on who you are more comfortable with you can either use
    HEADSHOT or POKER to clear the next warehouse, you will need them both at the 
    other end. My advice, send only one of them in. If you don't mind playing 
    multiple characters at once use them in a combination, but don't leave any of
    them unattended or without a drawn weapon. You don't want the other one to die 
    in a shoot-out, do you? There are three guards on the ground and one on the
    catwalk above the big gate you are supposed to go through. Use either ladder 
    and shoot him. Then use the power button next to the gate and go through. 
    Careful now, there are guards on the corridor. Lean against the wall and peek
    around the corner in order to see them. Use the crates as cover and take them
    out. Now open the large gate to the right by using the power button next to it.
    The yard itself will be a playground for HEADSHOT, BUT wait and alarm the guard
    nearby first and take him out the usual way. Nothing is worse than being 
    unprotected in sniper mode and being surprised by a guard who comes out of 
    nowhere. Done with him clear the yard with HEADSHOT.
    Go out onto the yard and turn left to find the small door POKER is supposed to
    open. Do so. Sneak inside and sneak over to the metal door opposite the one you
    came in through. Look down the hall you are supposed to be going and you will
    see a guard slightly to the right. Snipe him down.
    Now take care of the other guard in here who will be to the left. Approach 
    the elevator.
    Ok, position POKER and the WALL so that they are next to a valve each. Now
    have them use them simultaneously. Once HEADSHOT is up she will warn the boys
    of incoming reinforcements. You will automatically be switched back to the boys
    and draw your guns. Aim towards the entrance, there will be six (or so) guards
    coming for you. Take them out and make sure to keep an eye on your health while
    you do. 
    Now you will return to HEADSHOT again. Get your sniper rifle out and aim 
    towards the window on the opposite side. Just snipe down who ever moves, that's
    all. The first ones will be easy, the rest will be a bit smarter, but nothing
    You can either use the door with the valve to the right in the area you 
    entered by unlocking the door. Or you just leave the way you came through using
    the door you had to unlock and making your way across the yard back into the
    building. Either way I advise you to send HEADSHOT ahead, though any other 
    character will do as well. The reason I would use HEADSHOT is that there are
    guards ahead in the warehouse where you had to kill a whole bunch of them 
    before. Headshot seems the most suitable character for this since she can take 
    them out with her sniper rifle, but that's probably just a matter of personal
    preference. If you haven't alarmed him by loud running, the first guard will be 
    in the corridor, but he will withdraw if he hears you coming. The second guard
    will be between the boxes to the right close to the centre of the room. You 
    will have to enter the room in order to lure him into your sight. Take him out
    and get the rest of your team. Leave the warehouse and follow the yard back 
    into the other building. Cross the room and head down the corridor to the
    elevator. Go down. Once the elevator doors open, don't rush outside. See the
    guards at the end of the corridor? Take them out. Try using the barrel next
    to them but your guns will do the job nicely as well. Go through the door
    and head to the transfer system ahead in order to complete the mission.
    Mission accomplished.
    Ok, this mission is a kind of tough - at least parts of it. So let's get over 
    and done with.
    Switch to VALERIE first. The boys won't be able to proceed without her having
    accomplished part of her objectives. Leave the corridor (turn right) and enter
    the big entrance hall (the one with another guard in it). Pick-pocket him for 
    a key and return to the corridor you have been in before. 
    Now enter the restroom (near the position you started the mission from) and you 
    will have gotten rid of Liu Ling for 2 minutes. This should be plenty of time 
    to open the trapdoor for the boys. Go through the second door inside the 
    bathroom (not the one you came in through) and proceed through the other 
    restroom. Back on the corridor don't worry about the guard, he won't tell on 
    you, just make sure to be quiet while sneaking past the back of Liu Ling. If 
    she hears you you will have to start over again. Use the door to the left and 
    you will be in some kind of art gallery. Proceed to the entrance hall and use 
    the door to the right (you will have to use the key). Now turn left and you'll 
    be in the kitchen. Cross the room and you will see another door. Go through and 
    open the trapdoor you find. Time to hurry back. You can run all the way 
    (remember to use the door leading to the gallery!) just make sure you make it 
    past Liu Ling without making a sound. Take the way through the second restroom 
    to get back to where you started from. That's this part done.
    Use the GEEK to lock-pick the door of the garage. Once inside open the trapdoor 
    and climb all the way down. If you don't climb all the way Boomer won't go down 
    into the hole. Once both men are in the sewer make your way to the house. Climb
    up the ladder. 
    Now choose either character and take out the cook. He seem harmless, but you 
    never know. Sneak up on him and do what you have to. Now go outside and follow 
    the corridor to the door with the keypad. It would have been too easy, wouldn't
    Well, you will probably need VALERIE's assistance again in order to proceed, 
    though it is possible with a bit of good timing to make your way across all 
    by yourself. I will give you an description for Valerie's part anyway. Get her 
    into the entrance hall and have her talk to the guard. Make sure he is facing
    AWAY from the door GEEK (yes, you will need GEEK) will have to come out of in
    order to cross over to the other corridor (the one Valerie has been in). 
    Engage in a conversation with the guard and switch immediately to the GEEK who
    should be waiting behind the door. Cross the room quietly so that no-one will 
    see you. There is a safe spot where he can rest and knee down. Your destination
    is the left door, if you knee down in front of it, as close to the stairs as
    possible no-one will see you. Switch back to VALERIE. 
    Go back to the corridor you have been in before, you will have to distract the
    other guard, but make sure to USE THE WAY THROUGH THE GALLERY! or else you will
    lead Liu Ling directly to the Geek. Distract the guard when he is near the door
    next to the gallery. This will give the GEEK time to enter the corridor and
    lock pick the door to the left. Be quick! Done make your way back out onto the
    corridor before the guard will come back. Knee down next to the stairs again in
    order to be safe. It is easier to distract the guard for a second time with 
    VALERIE and have the GEEK steal the code from the office, than having to get
    rid of Liu Ling again in order to get it. So have the GEEK get the code from
    the desk in the office (Don't panic, TAYLOR will distract the guard and Foster
    well enough for you to get safely to the desk and back).
    Once you have the code get back to your safe position behind the door near the 
    stairs. (YOU might need Valerie's help for that.) Make your way across the room
    back into the corridor with the door with the keypad. Use Valerie's assistance
    if you need it just like I described it above. Once back in the corridor get
    Boomer and go to the keypad. Enter the code (2308) and go inside. 
    Once inside you will have to take care of one guard Headshot has missed. Once
    he is dead get into the elevator and go down. Shoot the guard ahead.
    CHARACTERS IS INSIDE THE ELEVATOR! When you load the game next time he will be
    trapped and unable to get out. 
    Go through the door ahead and shoot the guard to the right before he is able to
    shoot you. Now have GEEK use the computer and pick up the magnetic card from
    the guards pocket. 
    Go back outside and use the door to the right after you have
    turned slightly left into the main area. Check out the desks in the 'cages' and
    you will find a note which will give you the code to deactivate parts of the
    automatic guns in the next room.
    Use the first code on the pad on the wall opposite from where you found this
    code (1406). Now go to the remaining door (with BOOMER!) and make sure you are
    ready to run. Your destination: up the small flight of stairs to the right. 
    There is another pad on the wall next to the elevator. Use the second code 
    (1954) here - you will be safe as soon as you reach it the pad, but you will 
    probably lose a lot of health. Once you have entered the code the guns will
    be shut down.
    Go through the door to the left and a cutscene will play.
    Back as VALERIE use the old 'I need a pee' trick to get rid of your guard. 
    Take the long way through the gallery and reenter on the other side immediately
    next to Foster's office. Sneak in and grab the bottle (if you have found a 
    glass: it is useless). Go back the way you came and exit the bathroom to 
    stop the timer. 
    Now go to the door to the gallery and enter, but don't go any further. Make
    sure Liu Ling stayed where she was (check your map, if she is not right behind
    you you are safe). Now make sure GEEK has his scanner ready and do the same 
    with VALERIE. Have them both use the scanner simultaneously.
    Now use the obtained fingerprint with the control panel next to the door. Done
    with it send GEEK in but only as far as he can go without touching any beams.
    You should get the hacking option, but don't press anything just yet. Now 
    position BOOMER next to the control panel and prepare to either be quick to 
    switch between characters or use them simultaneously. Have BOOMER use the 
    switch and start the hacking with GEEK as soon as the timer starts. It is 
    impossible to make it in one go, keep an eye on the timer and withdraw from the
    hacking process before it runs out. Repeat the method and GEEK will continue
    his work from where he left off. Once you are done the safe will open. Grab
    the paintings and the cash. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP THE MAGNETIC CARD!! (Give
    it to BOOMER.)
    Now go back to the room where you entered the first code for the automatic guns
    and use the machine your are supposed to send the paintings with. Choose the
    paintings from your inventory (they won't light up!) and press the 'exchange'
    button. The paintings will be in the machine now.
    Now position both men in front of one button each and have them push the 
    buttons simultaneously. 
    Ok, this next part could be the hardest part of the game, depending on your
    skills with the gun and on how quick and well-coordinated you are when it comes 
    to exchanging equipment. The moment you set the first explosive a timer will
    be triggered which cannot be stopped. Guards will show up as well and you will
    be extremely busy shooting, setting explosives and exchanging equipment. The
    time-limit is very strict and hardly leaves room for mistakes. Make sure you
    know exactly where your explosives are, whether you have to push the button
    up or down, and how to get back to your gun as quickly as possible.
    If you are having real difficulties with this, here is a tiny relieve: Do not
    set the explosive straight away, get your gun out and exit the room. Shoot the
    guard and go into the room with the automatic guns. Two guards will be coming
    down the stairs. Get rid of them. With those out of the way in advance, you 
    should have a little bit more time to set the explosives. It might even be
    possible to go ahead with the magnetic card and get rid of all the guards in
    the area - haven't tried it.
    Use your map to check out the different locations for the explosives. Be quick,
    there is not very much time. Set one next to the door of the room you have been
    in (take out the guards first) one in the room with the machine guns, one in
    the room after using the magnetic card and one at the end of the last room down
    the corridor. Kill the guards along the way, just get your gun out the moment
    you have set an explosive.
    Once you set the last explosive you are done.
    Mission complete.
    Ok, you are back in control of the other team. Immediately get ready to shoot
    two guards who will be coming in. Once done with them get the paintings and 
    pick up a magnetic card from one of the guards. Exit through the door just
    opposite from the machine you picked up the paintings from (not the one 
    leading to the right). Now use the magnetic card on the door to the left and 
    proceed until you come to a room (not the one to the left) with two guards 
    inside. Shoot them, then go up the stairs to the right. Go to the security
    box at the end of these rooms.
    This timer is working for you not against you, so either go to the door and
    shoot the guards with your sniper rifle (as HEADSHOT) or just point the gun 
    in the direction of the door and shoot the moment the guards enter. Make sure
    that there are three of them, one is likely to get stuck at the bottom of the
    stairs, but he will nevertheless shoot you when you try to leave. Kill him and
    go back down. You can now proceed through the door POKER has opened. Follow the
    corridor and you will encounter two more guards.
    Done with them, pick up a magnetic card from one of them. Proceed through the
    next door, killing the guard along the way. Keep going through doors using the
    card where necessary until you reach a room with some crates. It looks as if 
    you were unable to proceed from here, but there is a way out: switch to one
    of the boys (in case you haven't been using one of them anyway) and position
    him right in front of the crates. Jump up and pull yourself up. Now climb onto
    the 'pipe' above you and walk forward until you cannot go any further. Drop 
    down and walk over to the wall with the fuse box-like looking boxes. Now 
    climb up and use the first one. This will open a door through which the rest
    of the team can proceed. 
    There is a ladder to the right. Choose the person you are most comfortable with
    (or who has the most health packs left!) and climb up. Now shoot the lock
    and proceed forward. 
    Just avoid the gas by waiting until the stream of gas stops before proceeding.
    Now climb up the next ladder. Go through the hole and follow the 'corridor'
    until you reach a hole in the floor. Climb all the way down and shoot the
    guard. A second one will be coming from an office to the left behind the 
    barrels, take care of him too. Approach the office and the other two team 
    members will join you. Now (pick up some cash from the office if you like) 
    position two of the team in front of the valve on either side of the gate and
    have them use them simultaneously. Go through.
    Ok, this next part can be annoying and tricky. Here is what you will have
    to do. Approach the next gate and HEADSHOT will take position on the ground in
    order to shoot incoming reinforcements. The boys on the other hand will have to
    use the valve simultaneously in order to open the gates. Sounds not so 
    tough? It is, since the reinforcements will keep coming and every time you have
    to switch back to headshot the gate will drop down again. This means you have
    to be really quick in order to get the gate open and get all three of them
    through in time. Do this twice and you will come to a slightly different
    The gate is not the answer this time. But there is a trapdoor in the ground.
    My advice: use HEADSHOT to shoot the lock from a distance, this will buy you
    time to get down there. Only one of them needs to reach the ground in 
    time but keep an eye on the other ones and don't just focus on climbing the 
    Shoot the lock of the gate ahead and use one of the guys to go through. Go 
    forward until you can't proceed and jump up near the wall to grab a ledge.
    Shuffle across the gap and use the ladder on the other side. Follow the cat-
    walk-like thing to the other side and shoot the lock of the trapdoor.
    Climb down the ladder you used to get up here (not the one underneath the trap
    door and proceed through the open gate. Shoot the barrel to the left from a 
    distance and then knee down in order to make your way through the hole in the
    gate. On the other side you will find windowlike features in the wall to the 
    right. Use those to shoot the lock of the gate to the right. Once it is open
    return to the other side of the hole and go into the 'room' you just opened.
    Use the valve and walk past the pipes once the steam has gone. In the next
    room use the ladder to get onto a catwalk and cross over to the other side by
    shuffling along a ledge above you. Now shoot the lock of the gate ahead and go
    through. Knee down to make your way past the pipes, then get up again and jump
    up to reach the upper platform. Immediately get a gun out and knee down.
    If you are in the correct position you should see the head of a man through the
    bars ahead. Aim well and take him down in one shot. If you are lucky another
    men will appear in exactly the same position, so be quick to shoot him as well.
    I suggest you clear the area before doing anything else, so take care of two
    more gunmen on the level above your. One is to the left (you have to shoot the
    window first) the other is to the right and more difficult to hit since you
    have to approach the doorway in order to get him. Once you are done with them
    climb down the ladder to the left and use the valve. Now get the rest of
    the team to your position.
    NOTE: it is possible that all you have to do is use the valve and that it is
    not necessary to get the team to your position manually. Try to get to the
    entrance by climbing all the ladders, POKER should call the rest of the team 
    If it does not work:
    The problem is HEADSHOT who is unable to perform any shuffling or climbing. She 
    will have to use the ladder and the trapdoor you opened earlier in order to get 
    across the gap. The WALL can just shuffle across. Now go to the room you had to 
    shoot the lock from the other side in and go past the pipes into the next room. 
    Now turn right. There had been water in here so Poker had been unable to use 
    this way. Now with the water gone just use the tunnels to get to POKER's 
    position (knee down). Now climb up the ladders to the exit.
    But, not done yet:
    POKER will need to pick the lock and he will need about 60 seconds to do so. 
    Your job: stay alive and shoot the incoming enemies. My advice: use the 
    flammable barrels to your advantage. The enemies will hide right behind those, 
    so blow them up.
    Mission complete
    Hide VALERIE... well, that sure is easy enough. Just use the wardrobe right 
    behind her and wait for the gunman to come in and search the room.
    Back to the boys. Get a gun out and proceed back to where you placed the bombs.
    You will have to shoot a guard along the way, then you will get a message about
    the bombs being defused. Get your gun and go through the door ahead. Shoot both
    guards and go further down the corridor back to the room with the automatic 
    guns. Don't let go of your controller, you will need to get back into action
    any moment. Once you are back in control immediately shoot the guard and turn
    left to take care of the mafia. A checkpoint should pop up but it is likely to
    be too late to be of any use for you. (Plus, if you have died after it popping
    up you will start out without a gun so you will be in trouble.)
    Once you are done here immediately go through the door ahead and turn left into
    the room where you did 'post' the paintings. Two more guards need taking care 
    of. Phew, that's this problem solved. Time to help Val.
    Go into the elevator - not the one you had been coming down here with but the
    one the Mafia came out of. You will end up in Foster's office. Leave through
    the door GEEK had picked (the other one will lead straight into the barrel of
    a gun). Shoot the two gunmen on the corridor, then go into the bathroom where
    VAL is hiding. 
    Leave the bathroom and go to the door next to Foster's office. There is a 
    single gunman guarding the main entrance, so get rid of him and leave through
    the front door.
    Knee down and give the other two cover while they will make there way to the 
    right to the door leading to the garage. Just shoot all the gunmen who get too
    close. Then it is your turn. Run to the garage and get inside.
    Mission succeeded
    Ok, The Mind is obviously in trouble. Time to get him out of there. As soon as
    you are in control of Poker and Val, get POKER's gun out and aim towards this
    tiny card reader you see slightly to the right near the door through which you
    will have to proceed. Now wait. What you are waiting for is a guard using 
    exactly this card reader. Once he has taken position right in front of it, kill
    him with a headshot. Done with him knee down and slowly proceed forward but
    stay close to the left wall. You should soon see a guard in a window above you.
    Shoot him through the window with a single shot and a second guard should take
    up position at exactly the same spot. Shoot him as quickly as possible. 
    Now get the magnetic card from the first guard you shot. Use it and the 
    intruders will be detected. But don' panic, that is not really relevant for 
    you. Take care of both automatic guns (the one on the corridor where Valerie is 
    waiting and the one on the corridor you are facing now) - shoot the green 
    light. Go through the door you just opened and proceed carefully through the 
    one just opposite of this one. There are two guards in the room down the 
    My advice: don't use the first of the ramps. Knee down and go to the opposite
    one. Shoot the guard who will be running around in the doorway area and then 
    slowly proceed down the ramp. Aim to the left and you should soon see parts
    of a guard (the rest is behind obstacles in your way). Shoot him and use the
    ladder near the position you shot the first of these two guards.
    Shoot the lock and go through the vent you see. On the other side get off the
    catwalk and go through the door. Immediately get your gun out and aim towards
    the door ahead. It will soon slide open and this is when you will take care of
    a guard. He might even already be on the corridor ahead, so prepare for this
    case as well. Now aim towards the left past the boxes. There is another guard
    hidden. Slowly move forward and prepare to shoot him. Now it is time to take
    care of the automatic gun. Once done with it, get Valerie to your position.
    Time to go through the door the guard came out of. But watch it. What the 
    cutscene does not prepare you for is another automatic gun. Now I haven't found
    a way to get rid of it, so here is what I do. RUUUUUN!!!!!! Poker should be
    better off since he has the possibility to run faster, but Valerie will just
    about make it (10 points left). Get them both past the gun and to the door the
    cutscene has shown. Now heal them both and use POKER to pick the lock. 
    Go inside.
    Ok, once inside position POKER(/Valerie) in front of the locked door you see. 
    Now have VALERIE (/Poker) use the computer left of the door. Immediately get
    a gun out and point it towards the door you came in through. It does not 
    always happen, but now or then a guard comes in and it's really not good for
    your health if you leave one of your characters unattended and she/ he is being
    shot at. 
    Now switch back to POKER(/Valerie) and enter the room you have just gained 
    access to. There is a switch on the right wall underneath the covered window.
    Use it and immediately knee down. You will now be able to see the guards on 
    your map (STAY LOW!) and more importantly, as soon as they have turned away 
    again, you will be able to shoot the automatic gun from here. This might draw
    the guards' attention towards you, but what the heck, you have to get rid of
    them anyway. If you have done it properly however, meaning, that you have 
    hidden away immediately after having fired the shot towards the gun, the guards
    will only check out what happened and return to their former position. If you 
    are lucky you can kill each one with a single headshot without the other one
    Once you are done with those guards it is time to leave the room again. Go into
    the area with the two doors and have VALERIE use the computer again. This will
    free POKER. Now switch to POKER and go into the corridor where you just took
    out those guards. But stop near the corner. There is an automatic gun in the 
    next room, but this is not really the problem yet. The three guards around the
    corner to the right form more of a problem at the moment. Since you can't see
    them yet it is difficult to shoot them without having all three of them firing
    back at you. We need a better plan to get rid of them: check your inventory and
    you will find some of the 'sleeping gas'. Now aim the beam directly at the 
    corner to the right and send one of these little babies towards the guards.
    You should see them drop if you have been successful. But it never hurts to 
    proceed forward a bit, find a different angle to that corner and send them 
    another goodnight-kiss. Once you are done get your gun out and shoot the 
    automatic gun. Now proceed forward but remain alert just in case one of the 
    guards is still awake. Turn around the corner where the guards have been hiding
    and pick the lock. Get VALERIE to your position and proceed slowly down the
    The reason why you should proceed slowly are two guards in the room ahead.
    It is possible to sneak in their back and take at least one of them out 
    unnoticed, but what about the other guy? Simple, got any 'sleeping grenades'
    left? Send them in and if your angle was about right, they should take out at
    least one of the guards. If all else fails, there is the good old shoot-out.
    Done with those guys there is something extremely important to do:
    Make sure you give the MAGNETIC CARD TO !!!!!!!!!VALERIE!!!!!!!
    POKER will have to proceed on his own, but he will be TRAPPED afterwards and
    will need to be rescued by VALERIE. So make sure you have given the magnetic
    card to her or else she will not be able to proceed.
    Now to POKER: There is a valve right next to where the guards have been 
    standing. Use it and then use the ladder to climb all the way up. Now shoot
    the lock of the vent and go through. On the other side jump up and pull 
    yourself up. Go through the open vent to the left and drop down through the
    hole in the ground. Haha! GOTCHA!!! Just kidding. Yes, you are imprisoned, but
    if you did give the magnetic card to Val as I advised you earlier on, you 
    won't be in trouble (just yet). 
    Ok, you might have been wondering why you do have the drone with you. This is
    where it will come in handy. Use it to locate the automatic guns in the room 
    and then shoot them with your gun. This can be a bit tricky since you will
    have to find the right location to shoot through the bars AND hit exactly the
    green light of the gun. Anyway, if you are having a hard time getting them 
    both just make sure you take out the one facing the door to the right. This
    is the door Valerie will come in through and you don't want any holes in that
    girl, do you? If you are not sure which gun I am talking about get VALERIE to
    the appropriate door and check our map. You will see the angle the gun can see.
    If it is the correct one the remaining one should be facing away from Val's 
    position. You are asking which door Val is supposed to be going to? In the 
    room where you took out the three guards there is only one other door despite
    the one POKER had to lock-pick. Use the card to open the door and take care of
    any remaining guns in case Poker didn't get them all.
    Ok, another tough part ahead unless you are good with the gun. First make sure
    both of your characters are fully healed. Now use the computer to the right (go
    up the stairs). Now that Poker is free again it would be time to proceed. But
    be careful, the moment you open the next door with your card you will be faced
    by multiple opponents (around 7 or 8) who will be coming in groups.
    NOTE ALSO: A glitch could happen here which disables POKER'S camera, this means
    you will only be able to proceed using VALERIE'S camera - it is still possible
    to proceed with both characters, just make sure POKER is in VAL'S sight all
    the time.
    If you are lucky the glitch won't happen. The shoot-out will be tough enough
    anyway. If you are uncomfortable with having both characters being shot at 
    (they sometimes die at the most inappropriate moment) get the one without the
    magnetic card outside through the door VALERIE came in through. This way you 
    can fully focus on the remaining character and the incoming enemies. 
    Here we go, open the door and good luck. Follow the opening door with your gun
    and the moment something moves shoot. Since they are coming in waves make sure
    you don't relax too early, keep an eye on the map, it will show you, if a 
    guard comes into sight. Once you are done with them take care of the automatic
    gun in the corridor before you proceed!
    The door to the right (it's locked) will lead to Taylor and his hostage-taker.
    You can open it, but it is to risky just to start a shoot-out. Plus you are
    not supposed to. 
    Instead proceed down the corridor, but make sure you aim to the right when you
    go through the next door. There is a guard hidden behind the corner (or will
    be soon). Shoot him and go through the door to the left.
    Ok, no time to waste. Kill the Chinese lady and the three guards on the
    corridor within the given time limit AND use the right switch before the timer
    runs out. Just blast away, you have plenty of time, so don't panic. Once you
    used the switch the timer will stop. Watch the cutscene.
    Mission succeeded.
    Oh dear, like all the good guys Taylor has made a typical mistake. When will 
    they learn not to let the bad guy live??
    Anyway, time to end this. This is going to be a boss battle and rather 
    different from the rest of the game. Here is what is going to happen and what
    you are supposed to do:
    As soon as you are inside the room prepare to run. DO NOT TRY TO SHOOT FOSTER
    AT THIS POINT OF THE GAME! He cannot be harmed at the moment - at least not
    with a bullet from your gun. There are automatic guns underneath the ceiling 
    which will be triggered one by one by Foster. The first one will come down to
    your right, so hit the 'running' button and try to evade the bullets as good
    as you can. NEVER RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE AWAY FROM THE GUN! It will deplete
    your health meter in no time. Make sure you are close to a wall when the gun
    starts to blast away, this will give you more room to run away from the 
    bullets. Run to either side and only turn to run into the opposite direction 
    when you cannot go any further (MAKE A QUICK TURN!). Once the gun stops, make 
    sure you are aiming at it immediately. See the light? Only if you manage to 
    destroy it you will be able to get rid of the gun. The good news: It will 
    destroy parts of the protecting glass covering Foster. AND: if you are lucky 
    Foster will also take damage from an explosion of a barrel nearby. If you did 
    not manage to shoot the gun in time make sure you get away from the next one 
    which will soon be shooting at you. Keep running, but MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT 
    The moment it stops, shoot it. Repeat this method until either a certain 
    amount of time has past, OR you have emptied Foster's health meter by half. 
    Note that you can try to harm Foster by shooting the barrels through the
    broken glass, however, if you are experiencing difficulties with this part 
    of the game my advice would be to focus on the guns - they are a real threat
    to your health.
    Now the game will change. A huge part of the ceiling will fall into the water. 
    You COULD use it as cover, but my advice is: get away from that thing and take 
    Foster head on. The reason being: Rocks will keep falling from the ceiling, 
    Foster will be shooting at you AND he will throw the remaining barrels into the 
    water and light them by shooting them. If you remain behind the part of the 
    ceiling you will light up like a torch! Get over and done with him as quickly 
    as possible, in particular if you have used up all your health packs for the 
    earlier part. This is a tough boss battle and it might take a couple of 
    attempts to beat it. 
    Mission succeeded - Game complete.
    As usually all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    Taking this guide as a whole or in parts and presenting it as your own work is 
    illegal. This is guide is for private use only, and if you have anything else 
    For all honest user of this walkthrough: I hope you enjoyed my work and 
    found what you were looking for.
    If, any further problems arise, or something should be unclear, you can e-mail 
    SURPRISE, and I will see what I can do to help. Also, only friendly and serious 
    mails, and make it clear in the title of your e-mail that you are referring to 
    'THE PLAN'!, since anything else will probably be deleted as junk mail.
    By the way, it also doesn't hurt to say 'please' or 'thank you'....
    ++=++=++=++=++=++=++=++=++=++The genius of the hole++=++=++=++=++=++=++=++=++=+
                           Copyright 2006 Katrin Koblischke

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