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"I liked it..."

One day I was at Wal-Mart, strolling around the electronics department. Then, a big unorganised bin of games for twenty dollars caught my eye. I looked around and I found this game. The concept seemed cool and I've been into spy/thief games ever since I got my PlayStation 2. So I decided to buy it. Before I started to play, I thought I should read some reviews before I took it out of it's package. The reviews were TERRIBLE! Even GameSpot didn't like it. As they put it, "Th3 Plan is made all the worse by its unintelligent artificial intelligence, unlikely scenarios, and rote, mundane gameplay." But then I thought to myself, "Hey, why listen to them? Many games I like get bad scores. Mind as well try it." I did, and I loved it. With a mix of creative schemes and daring heists, this game is a must have for all thriller fans.

"Worst Graphics Ever!"... Yeah right

I have to admit right away that the graphics will not astound you. You will not get the same look on your face as when you played any Final Fantasy XII. But, you will enjoy them. The characters are all different and have a look that suits their personality. Such as "Poker" (A.K.A. Alan Seigel) who looks like he comes straight out of a James Bond movie. The fact is he is a daring person who is most likely to jump into a room full of guards and try to shoot em' all. Anyways, the environment in this game looks perfect. If you are in a prison, there are guards walking around and jail cells to your sides. There isn't too much decoration around you nor too little. Also, there are comic book style scenes which look spectacular with their "hand-drawn" pictures. Overall, the graphics are nothing astounding, but very underrated.

Oh music, why art though so forgettable?

Ouch, simply ouch. The music is the worst aspect of this game because it is very forgettable. Unlike Kingdom Heart's "Dearly Beloved" or Final Fantasy's "Raid", the music in this game does not stick in your head and annoy you... wait... isn't that a good thing? Sure, you will forget the game songs minutes after you stop playing but they do sound well when you're playing. And also, who wants to be listening to the music when you are surrounded by guards and are about to be killed anyway? This game enforces concentration so you wont set off any alarms or be shot by twelve guards at once. Besides, the music is memorable at the menu screen. A place where you have time to listen to the funkadelic music.

I heard that

Now, onto the sound effects! The sound effects are really well done. The gunshots, the explosions... even the toilets... all sound great. The voice-overs, too, sound great. Every actor has a voice that really suits the personnality and mood of the many characters. Overall, the sound is pretty dang good!

GAMEPLAY ...finally...

Lastly we have gameplay. The sweet sweet core of Th3 Plan. You start off as Poker (Alan Siegel), a man who was arrested for theft because he was back stabbed by his ex-partner. He has to break out of jail with the help of his companion, the Mind. With the help of many characters such a the Cat (Valerie) and many others, he must seek revenge on the backstabber, Foster. Use many gadgets and weapons as well a skills to sneak up on guards, steal paintings (and other things) and much more. You may also use skills such as lock picking, pickpocketing, safe cracking, explosive triggering and even distracting. From a train to a museum, this game will take you to places you've never been before. There is even a multiplayer mode if you collect enough money in the a level. In multiplayer mode where you can play with up to two other people. All in all, the gameplay is way too underrated and should be appreciated for the amazing gameplay it is.

Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay/story: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Overall, this game has some flaws but it's spectacular gameplay shines through. You can't rent it so I recommend buying it because it is only $20. See ya

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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