Infinite red orbs?

  1. Is there a way here to get infinite orbs thats not bonus play

    User Info: Izak412

    Izak412 - 8 years ago

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  1. After defeating the Medusa Queen Eurayle infinite soldiers will come at you to turn to stone instead of turning them to stone use Cronos' Rage over and over.(Best done with Urn of Olympus on Bonus Play)

    User Info: Poxy013

    Poxy013 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Other than getting a hacker or a GameShark or something, no. I don't think so. I don't know if you can even get infinite orbs that way. Just go to a spot where enemies keep coming and beat them up for a while.

    User Info: AutoT

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  2. There is a few places in-game that you can do this but it is not worth it until the last one. One place to do it is in the bog of the forgotten, during the part right before the titan minotaur. You must first understand that doing large combos gets you experience (watch the lower right part of the screen for +10 or +20 "Savage" or whatever). Once you know this, any place with infinite enemies can potentially be used to gather infinite experience. This being said, go to the aforementioned spot, its right on those turning platforms above the death-water. Eww water so dirty it kills kratos. thats some water. anyways, here there are infinite soldier enemies that try to stop you from turning the platforms. just grab one, and slowly push circle. make sure to keep your combo meter going and just keep stabbing him til the next enemy shows up. once he does, finish the first one and do the same thing to the next one. if you can keep this up til the third enemy shows up, then you got infinite experience. technically. but its slow as hell.

    the best way is all the way at the end of the game anyways, but its kinda nice to show up to zeus on titan mode your first time playing and be maxed, even though titan mode doesnt normally let you max. this is very simple to do, just know how to fight. go to the sisters chamber and kill the first one, and when the second one pulls you out to the sword bridge, just keep killing the soldier enemies, they never stop yielding experience. make sure to grab one and throw it at her with square every time she tries to break the sword, or you will be very ticked when it breaks after you have collected a enough experience to max your hammer...

    anyways hope this helps.

    User Info: khaoz95746

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  3. There is a way of getting infinite orbs. It is in that level right after the lift puzzle, when the spikes are coming down from the ceiling and you gotta turn the lift to get to the door at the bottom, while those annoying skeletons are coming to life, and some of them jam the wheel. Right after this, when your climbing a rope across magma, and 3 of those guys comes on the rope with you, then after when your in the middle, 4 archer guys appear on on the right and shoot the rope in half, causing you to fall on the platform below. If you go on the platform, medusas and other guys will appear. Kill all of them except for one of the medusas. Make sure you are alone with one medusa, and make sure no more guys will appear.

    After you are alone with one medusa, let it attempt to turn you into stone with its green beam thing. Then counter it with your Golden Fleece and send it back to it (Default block button L1), causing IT to turn into stone instead of you. As soon as it turns into stone, use your Plume of Prometheus (Square+Square+Triangle) to shatter the stoned medusa. As soon as the stoned medusa cracks, and BEFORE ANY red orbs hit Kratos, pause the game, and return to the most recent checkpoint. When it loads, you will have collected the red orbs from the medusa you shattered before the reset. So just use your Plumes of Prometheus, shatter it, restart to last checkpoint, Plumes of Prometheus, shatter it, restart to last checkpoint, and just continue this process for as long as you want. I did this for 30 mins and i gained so much red orbs, that I managed to max out EVERYTHING, I even had enough red orbs to completely max out the expensive Blades of Olympus at the end of the game when you get it.

    Yes I know, it is pretty much far into the game, but you could try to do it to a medusa earlier in the game if you'd like. I haven't tried that yet, but I am planning to. This is the best way to get infinite red orbs FAST. Hope this helps.

    P.S. I dunno the name of the medusa thing, so I just called it medusa, but im pretty sure you know what creature I'm talking about.

    User Info: qwerky01

    qwerky01 - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. Thats impossible, unless you use gameshark nor AR max

    User Info: Head_shooters

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  5. It is possible...I have done it. I even said it in my answer that i maxed everything including the Blade of Olympus. Its not hard to do, its because after you stone the last medusa, then kill it with your Plume of Prometheus, the game will reward you with the red orbs even if you restart from the last checkpoint, then checkpoint before you killed the medusa. It is a glitch, and it works.

    User Info: qwerky01

    qwerky01 - 8 years ago 1 1
  6. After you get Typhon's Bane, there is an area nearby where you will see a bonfire surrounded by 4 or 5 Red Orb chests frozen in ice. Enemies continuously spawn in this area until you throw enough of them onto the fire to melt the ice around the chests. However, if you don't bother to do this, you can keep killing them (preferably with the circle button) for as long as you like until you get bored, collecting red orbs as you do so.

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  7. No you cant but you can earn red orbs in the begining when rhodes throws you to the pool you can destroy a wall and theres two topless girls that you can earn red orbs

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  8. HMHMHMHM, HAHAHAHAHA! That wouldn't be funny, sorry. Hey, Isak412, I don't think we can that free even in games. God of War II is one of the hardest games on this console!!!

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  9. Sorry. There's no infinite orbs, not even in bonus play.

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  10. Use gameshark that will help you.

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  11. You don't need infinite red orbs to max everything out in only one play. I did it 3 times and even my blade of olympus was maxed out in the end.

    User Info: EGGMaster157

    EGGMaster157 - 8 years ago 0 0

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