Where can I find the golden fleece?

  1. I just found out that i need the golden fleece to get access to the temple of eurayles. But where is the golden fleece?

    User Info: TheKid7

    TheKid7 - 8 years ago

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  1. You have to go along the path to the right, take the key from the dead soldier, and then go back across the front of the temple and take the path to the left. And then you fight your way through a bunch of monsters and a couple simple puzzles and then fight a boss that has the fleece in its' mouth. You'll then backtrack a bit and you'll be back in front of the temple.

    User Info: fasteddiemerc

    fasteddiemerc - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. By the by the flece thats in his mouth came from jason who aperantly got eaten.

    User Info: darkfearskis

    darkfearskis - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. Alright. I know where to get it now. If you run through the land of the forgotten once, then kick out the random-shaped chest... put the initial one next to the door on the loose rock. And the second, that you kick out of the hole behind a statue... kick it out and place it also near the door, next to the other chest.
    A glowing stage should show. Jump off the loose platform, and press R1 to knock the platform into the water. You'll need to do that to go get the fleece. Just across the chasm on the platform, and climb the loose wall.
    Once you reach the cave, you'll see a gear and a pathway left.
    Go attack the stone being in the pathway on the left. Press R1 to interact with the half-dead soldier. Carry him on to the right-side path and place him on the conveyor belt to the gears. Keep going ahead to the two unmarked chests. Come back, attack the gears, jump over the smaller gears, and get the chest there, if you need it.

    Open the gate, fight cerberus. [By the way, he has a flame-throwing middle head. It's only mid-range, so stay away from that. Don't worry too much about the attacks... just block, and when you get the chance to press the circle button, do it.]

    You now have the fleece. Pull the lever in the room, and the screaming-face wall decor to the right will start spitting fireballs at you. Timing is everything. I died a few times trying to get this one right. [it's easier with a long burst of attack...] tap L1 like crazy right as the fireball connects... it will shoot it back and break the door.

    Now go back to the door and use that on the conveyor belts and then Medusa's head. [The second belt for me was the urn of the gorgons.]

    Then use it on the door opening to get into the temple.

    User Info: Rynnie

    Rynnie - 7 years ago 0 0

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