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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VampireHorde

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    God Of War II
    Authored by VampireHorde
    What it do nephews? I'm back with my first walkthrough for 2007! If you 
    are reading this, it's because you got the God Of War II demo and want 
    some hot tips right? OF COURSE! 
    Let's start with the basics. The Blades Of Chaos are now known as the 
    Athena Blades and are MAXED out for the demo. They still have the same 
    functions from the previous game but now have a few extra tricks up its 
    sleeve. Kratos also retains the Poseidon Magic attack.
    Kratos is given MAX Health and MAX Magic in the demo so feel free to go 
    crazy! The Athena Blades have three new moves:
    --THE HURRICANE: Press L1 + Square
    --THE EARTHQUAKE: Press L1 + Triangle
    --THE FURY: Press L1 + Circle
    The attacks above DO NOT drain magic and cover a large area in terms of 
    damage (especially the Hurricane). Abuse these moves to rack up the 
    combos and the body count. My max number of combos was 154 hits, what's 
    yours? Anyway, that's all you really need to know.
    Looks like Kratos isn't happy being a god. Sigh, here we go again!
                             +++   AREA: ATHENS   +++
    The level begins inside a chamber room with multiple enemies. Begin 
    slashing away using hard combos. All the enemies here are too simple so 
    slash away until a short cutaway occurs.
    With the room cleared, go up to the door and press the R1 Button and 
    then rapidly tap the Circle Button to open the door. Head outside and 
    continue the onslaught of fast combos.
    Once the walkway near the door is clear, head for the other end but 
    WATCH OUT! The Colossus will smash his fist through the walls leaving 
    an open gap. Jump past the large hand and into the gap. Open up the 
    Green Chest and then climb up the ladder to the next area.
    Jump down to the lower area and start slashing at the enemies. The 
    Colossus is prone to using slam and swiping attacks. Use evasive rolls 
    when the Colossus starts to rear its arms (that means it's gonna pound 
    the floor).
    Attack the boss's arms with hard combos until it falls back in pain. 
    Repeat the tactic two more times and the Colossus will become stunned. 
    From there, a cutaway will show the catapult machine.
    Jump up to the catapult machine and toss a rock at the boss (press the 
    R1 Button at the base). When the boss is out, press the R1 Button to 
    mount onto the catapult and then rapidly tap the Circle Button to fling 
    yourself sky-high onto the Colossus.
    From there, a series of buttons will show onscreen. Press the button 
    that is shown onscreen to deal massive damage to the boss. If 
    successful, Kratos will remove the boss's right eye and then get thrown 
    halfway across the city to another area. If you pressed the wrong 
    button, the boss will grab Kratos and slam him back to the ground. If 
    that happens, I suggest memorizing the button layout!
                    +++   AREA: WATERWAYS AND ROOFTOPS   +++
    Swim through the large pipe and use a Dash Charge on the gate and then 
    swim up to an open area. Swim towards the ledge on the right side and 
    then jump up and climb the ladder.
    Access the lever across from the ladder and press and hold the R1 
    Button to activate your first grip holder. Jump up to the grip holder 
    and press and hold R1 to swing. Swing and jump to the next ledge and 
    then continue forward. Jump up to the higher ledge and open the door 
    and head outside.
    Destroy the small number of soldiers and continue upwards to the 
    ladder. Climb it up and head forward but WATCH OUT! The Colossus will 
    smash its foot through the wall in an attempt to squish you down. 
    Rapidly tap the Circle Button to throw it back. Continue towards the 
    Blue Chest (open it if you want) and then climb up the wall to the 
    rooftops. Its boss battle time again!
    Jump down the balcony to face off against the Colossus again. The 
    strategy is still the same: evade and counter. The boss has some 
    unblockable and unavoidable attacks (like its goddamn forearm attack) 
    but all you have to do is stay evasive and continue to pound hard 
    combos on its arms.
    You'll notice that on the right side of the balcony, there is a grip 
    holder. You can jump and swing to the opposite balcony and continue 
    your assault from there. You can alternate from balcony to balcony to 
    avoid its pound attacks and then attack it while it turns around.
    When enough damage is dealt (when it reels in pain three times), the 
    Colossus will keel over on the other balcony and a Circle Button will 
    appear above its arm. Quickly make your way to the arm and then press 
    the button to begin the kill sequence. You then have to press the 
    buttons that appear onscreen to finish the first half of this battle.
    When successful, Kratos will land back onto the balcony. You then have 
    to damage the boss until it keels over again. Repeat the kill sequence 
    and then the boss will grab Kratos and try to squish him. Rapidly press 
    both the L1 and R1 button to set Kratos free.
                           +++   AREA: THE PALACE   +++
    Open the Blue chest and jump up to the upper area and open the door. Go 
    around the corner and you'll see some archers on the other side of the 
    gate. Ignore the archers and turn right and then turn right again into 
    another hall.
    Eliminate the enemies that appear here. First, roll towards the archers 
    on the other end of the hall and kill them first and then get rid of 
    the other soldiers until the room has been cleared. Now its time for 
    your first puzzle! 
    You'll notice two buttons (one on the other side of the gate). When 
    Kratos steps on the button in front of him, the gate will open and then 
    close if he steps off. Look to the left side of the wall where the 
    button is located to find a statue pedestal.
    Grab the pedestal and then drag it to the button to open the gate. Do a 
    light charge kick to kick the pedestal to the adjacent button. Roll 
    under the gate and then drag the pedestal on the button to open the 
    adjacent door.
    Make your way into the hall (ignore the hallway on the right side) to 
    encounter the last batch of soldiers. Before you eliminate them, roll 
    towards the archers at the end of the hall and get rid of them. Now 
    finish off the soldiers and then head for the elevator (open the Red 
    Chest if you want). Activate the lever to head to the top.
    When the elevator stops, the Colossus will peek through the open 
    window. Perform a hard combo on it to end the demo.
    The only way to get the demo is to pre-order the game at EBGames or at 
    Gamestop. Official Playstation Magazine will probably have it on their 
    upcoming issue but it may end up on their demo disc AFTER the release 
    of the game.
    So did you enjoy the demo? It's more intense than the first God Of War 
    demo, I can say that much! BUY THE RETAIL VERSION!
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not copy, reproduce, or 
    link to this FAQ without permission. If you want to use this FAQ on 
    your website or publication, please e-mail me at kroqjock@gmail.com. I 
    have no problems with anyone who asks. February 2007.

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