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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DragonicFlare

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    -------God of War
    -Release date, March 13, 2007.
    -Maker of this guide: Toni Mobley (Dragonicflare on Gamefaqs)
    -Email: Love_Chic2003@yahoo.com
    -Yes, I am aware my screen name on Gamefaqs is a typo.
    -Please do NOT instant message me.
    -I will post and credit any tips given.
    -------Table of Contents:
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    -{ Introduction }-             00001
    -{ FAQs }-                     06660
    -{ Monsters }-                 20001
    -{ Controls }-                 30001
    -{ Upgrades }-                 40001
    -{ Walkthrough }-              00002
    ---/Rhodes\--                  00004
        Colossus 1                 10004
        Colossus 2                 20004
        Hades                      30004
    -{ Pegasus pt 1}-              40004
    -{ Typhon’s Lair }-            50005
    -{ Pegasus pt 2}-              40005
    ---/Temple of Lahkesis\---     00006
        Steeds of Time             10006
        Theseus                    20006
    -{ Copyright and Credits }-
    ---{ 00001 }--->  Introduction  <---
    So... You want to play God of War, ey? Well, be prepared for tons of anti-
    hero on hero action. Well, it’s fun, and you should play it with some fun
    action in mind. I see that humor is put in this game more compared to the 
    first God of War, but even in the goreiest/action games, humor should be in.
    The game only has limited amounts, so I try and help out by putting some 
    light heartedness in my guide, as with my previous guide for the first God 
    of War. I hope you enjoy the guide, if I miss anything, please tell me. Or 
    if there is something that should be in there (like a stronger strategy for 
    a boss battle) please email me and I will put it in as a tip or something 
    like that, along with proper credit.
    ---{ 06660 }---> FAQs <---
    All questions asked in emails repeatedly will be put here. Duh.
    Q: So, uhh... Are you a girl?
    A: Yes, girl gamers are not rare at all. Why don’t you just ask around?
    Q: You must be hot.
    A: It varies on opinion.
    Q: Will you help me on this point of the game that is not in your guide?
    A: I have beaten the game nearly twice and I can help you at all points in 
    the game.
    Q: Do you play a lot of games?
    A: I’m very picky, I do my research before I buy any game, and you should 
    too so you know you’re not going to get ripped off.
    Q: When will your guide be completed?
    A: I have a lot of studying to do, but probably in the middle of spring 
    break (April 5, ’07).
    Other stuff coming soon, still very early in this guide’s
    Creation. You can help out though by emailing me strategies.
    ---{ 00002 }--->  Walkthrough <---
    ------ 00004 ------  { Rhodes } ------ 00004 ------
    Are you ready for some ACTION!? Well, you got it. As the previous game, 
    you’re started off in a battle. If you ignored what the game automatically 
    told you when you were allowed to play, I will repeat what it says with 
    Heavy attack: Triangle
    Light attack: Square
    Grab: Circle
    Block: L1
    Okay, easy enough. Attack the soldiers, they barely attack, and are clumsy 
    as well, no worries. If you do get hit, I may have to laugh at you, 
    especially if you’ve played the first God of War, but not really.
    Anyways, attack the soldiers, more will pour in, merely attack and such. 
    Once you’ve killed them all, the soldiers behind the gate will run away, 
    fearing your strength. Dummies. Go over to the gate at press R1 when 
    prompted. However, slightly different from the last game, you have to press 
    circle rapidly rather than R1, which some people may prefer, and some may 
    not. Me? Eh, it’s okay.
    Once inside, you are told you can activate magic with L2, and use it with 
    square, simple enough. Currently you have maxed out Blades of Athena and 
    Poseidon’s rage. Now, attack anything that comes close, soldiers, that is, 
    and travel on down. Here you will meet three or so soldiers, cowering in 
    fear, but no worries, Mr. Madeofmetalman will kill them for you, and it 
    looks cool, too. Yay! Travel into the opening the Colossus created, and you 
    will be able to open your first chest. Hold down R1 to open a chest for your 
    health. Swing your blades around inside and beat up some crates and jars for 
    some Red Orbs. These Red Orbs are basically your experience points. Use them 
    to level up your weapons and magic later on.
    Go up the ladder, the game tells you that you can press X to jump up, Left 
    analog to slide down, and finally X and left analog to jump off. And after 
    that a rather useless message saying that you just got a tutorial message 
    and that you can turn it on or off in the options menu. Wooo! We’re rollin’, 
    now let’s finally go up the silly ladder and...
    You’re told you can jump with X and DOUBLE JUMP with X+X! Whoah! Take it 
    slow! Actually, take it fast, because Mr. Metalman will attack you with his 
    metallic fists of fury, destroying the platform that you were on. To avoid 
    this, quickly double jump out of the way, and fight the soldiers. Be sure to 
    use the Right Analog to avoid the attacks of both the soldiers and the 
    Colossus. When the soldier’s number start to dry out, attack the Colossus’ 
    hand whenever it meets the ground you’re on, this will temporarily stun the 
    guy, and after 3 separate attacks on his hand, he will take a breather. 
    Pathetic, almost. If there are any soldiers around, kill them, but it’s not 
    mandatory. Go up the platform opposite of the one that the Colossus 
    destroyed and go up to the catapult and press R1 to fling a conveniently 
    placed bolder at the Colossus’ face. Attack the soldiers that drop magically 
    from the sky and go get up on the ballista. Press Circle as rapidly as you 
    can, and this will fling you at the Colossus this time!
    Uh oh! You got a BUTTON SEQUENCE COMBO! What does this mean? (Many people 
    got confused with this on my previous guide)... Well, what it is, it’s a 
    period of time where you press no buttons but what flashes up on the screen. 
    If you press the wrong button that flashes up on the screen, you will fail 
    the combo, or if you take too long, you will fail it also. Progressively 
    over time the sequences will require less time and more quick reaction.
    The button sequence you get in the beginning is usually very simple. All 
    square, all X, all whatever. I got all Square, I don’t know if it’s the same 
    for every game or try. When you finish the sequence you will be flung off 
    into a random pool of water, where the game tells you how to swim..
    Left analog: Swim around...
    Square: Dive
    X or Triangle: To rise
    Simple enough? No. You will be automatically under water, and for a good 
    reason. If you rise up you will find that you are in a bath house. Whoah! 
    What do you find in bath houses? People with no clothes on, that’s what...
    Wanna see it? Rise up, and attack the shades covering the... naked women! 
    Two, as there were in the previous game. They must be so cold! So, if you 
    want, you can let Kratos give them a hug. Go over to them and press Circle. 
    You will go into a button sequence with them, and also an analog sequence. 
    All easy, but if you’re not used to the sequences yet, it can take a few 
    Okay, go back into the big pool of water and dive down, down, down... Until 
    you meet a barrier. You’re told to use R1 to bash through it. So do it! Hold 
    down R1 to get a good charge, yes, yes, and release! You will bash through 
    the glass and into a larger area. Rise up and climb the ladder on the 
    surface on the other side of the pool to find your first save point! Press 
    R1 to save, and save if you like.
    After you’ve saved, or not, you will find a lever. Pull it, and the game 
    gives you a new trick. There’s a lot more swinging around in this game! The 
    game tells you to press R1 to attach to the grapple point. Also, it tells 
    you that grapple points radiate when you are in range, remember that, and 
    also remember to keep a hold on R1 when on a grapple point. Press X to 
    release, blah, blah, and press X twice to double jump when off, blah. 
    Grapple your way over to the next area. Jump up the steps and open the gate. 
    Attack the soldiers that insist on angering the God of War. Go up the ladder 
    and be stomped on by the Colossererer, rapidly press Circle to get out. This 
    results in a rather satisfying view of the Colossus falling over on his 
    backside. Hehe. Cute. Find a nearly hidden chest in the rubble next to the 
    magic/health chest. It is behind a few broken pillars and in a cornerish 
    Walk over to the mossy wall by the magic/health chest and you’re told to use 
    the Left analog to move around on the wall, and pressing X while going 
    anywhere but down will allow you to travel faster up the wall. And finally, 
    pull the Left analog down and press X to jump off. Go up the wall, and the 
    Colossus will punch the wall a few times, knocking you off whenever 
    possible. Go on the upper platform above the magic/health chest to find a 
    Red Orb chest. Go up to the highest elevation and hop up on the next area.
    One on One! Finally! But first you have to jump down, or he will merely 
    attempt to smash the platform you are on. Jump down, and you will find that 
    the Colossus is A LOT faster and harder to dodge this time. All the other 
    battles were warm ups in comparison to this.
    --- /The Colossus part 1 \ --- Boss Battle – 10004 ---
    His attacks are faster, and he is a lot more... angry. Which is a 
    understatement. His main attacks consist mainly of this:
    Smashing: Hulk SMASH! GRAAHHHH!!! Sometimes, if you’re far away, he will 
    slam both of his fists down. First, to avoid this, don’t get under the 
    fists, and secondly, jump to avoid the shock wave.
    Sucker Punch: He also gives you a quick jab if you’re far away. Quick hit, 
    quick damage, one of his faster attacks, roll away to dodge. It’s hard to 
    dodge though, nearly.
    Fist smash: Pretty much like a sucker punch, except it’s a smash attack, not 
    a punch. Roll away, roll like... tumble weed.
    These are the attacks you will most often see. They run in a pattern, if 
    you’re far away he will do a lot of sucker punches, as well as Hulk smashes. 
    Once you do an attack his half finished arm 3 times (he will give you Red 
    Orbs and some health and magic when you do enough damage) he will be really 
    tired, or something, and retreat to the opposite area of you. Grapple your 
    way over and press Circle when close enough to him. This will throw you into 
    a button sequence combo. It’s easy, though. However, you have to do this 
    twice! If you were low on health, you will be healed up a decent amount 
    after finishing the combo. He has a new attack, it’s a powerful looking 
    punch that is extremely easy to avoid. It’s like a 90 degree angle when met 
    with the ground. It’s easy to avoid, as stated before. Attack his half 
    finished arm three more times and he will be stunned again. Do the combo. If 
    you fail, you will be flicked off, not much damage taken. Now, after this, 
    you will be grabbed and told to press L1 and R1 rapidly to escape the 
    colossus’ grip.
    And so this concludes part one of the epic battle with the Colossus.
    --- ---- -- ---- ---
    You will find yourself in a new area now. Use the health chest if needed. 
    Jump up on the platform and open the door. Go through the hallway and find 
    some soldiers with arrows! Fun. But you can’t attack them now. Turn right 
    and find your next save point. Save if needed or desired. Turn back and go 
    to your immediate right hallway. Fight some soldiers, simple enough. “SHOW 
    NO MERCY!” Don’t worry, you won’t. There are some archers at the end of the 
    hallway room, attack them first if you don’t like being annoyed by arrows.
    Puzzle time!
    It’s very simple. Look around the immediate area and find a movable statue 
    of a bird. The game tells you to press R1 to push around and R1+(Hold)X to 
    charge up some force to kick the object farther. Drag the statue on the 
    nearby switch, easy enough. The gate opens. Go inside to find a few pots and 
    a new hallway to travel. Go walk through travel down to the back of the 
    hallway to find a gate you can open. Open it to go back to where you found 
    the statue. Blah, completely useless. Now, do this, take the statue (that 
    remains on the button switch thing and drag it just enough to where you are 
    on the switch, and not it. Charge up a kick, and kick it to the next room at 
    which the statue opened. If you get off the switch, the gate will close, so 
    now what? Easy, while on the switch, roll into the next room. Easy. Now, 
    take the statue and drag it onto the switch in the room you rolled into. 
    This will open a gate farther down the hall. You find a health chest here. 
    Kill the soldiers around the corner and travel down the hallway. At the end 
    you’ll find a lever to a elevator, but first walk away from it and find a 
    Red Orb chest opposite from it. Go back to the elevator lever and pull it 
    and you will go up and up and up, but not really that far, actually. Walk 
    towards the doorway and the Colossus will come in to take a peek, attack it 
    and he will cry in agony as usual and knock down the platform you’re on, 
    which makes you slide down to the next area. Now, walk forward, Zeus will 
    “help” you out with his almighty Blade of Olympus. Joy. Kratos, as always, 
    is suspicious. In my opinion, Zeus’ cheesy voice cannot be trusted! Oh well, 
    let’s play and be unexpectedly drawn in.
    Now, grab the ledge, or rather, jump on it, use the Left Analog to move 
    around on the ledge, then double jump up to the next ledge, and up to the 
    next again. Kill the archers and soldiers, simple enough. Kick open the 
    doors at the end of the path and find a health chest. Use it if needed. One 
    thing I recommend is to not use chests if you don’t need them. Why? Well, 
    what if you needed it later when you did have less health? Anyways, 25% 
    magic/health loss is a good enough reason to open a chest. Okay, smash up 
    the glass and... balance your way? No, no. Jump off and kill the soldiers 
    and archers first. After you kill the soldiers, go back to the starting 
    point of the balance, and go up the ladder to balance over again. Once you 
    get to the point where you have to jump across the balance beams, turn to 
    your right and jump onto the platform to find two Red Orb chests. Yum! Now, 
    jump back, or fall, or whatever, and balance your way over to the save 
    point. Save if you like. Go up the ladder and slide down the chain. Kill the 
    soldiers that greet you and use the health and magic chests if needed, and 
    finally, open the gate between them.
    Wooosshhh! The Colossus will smash the bridge that you’re on and so you will 
    have to escape! Roll or run away from the crumbling bridge and onto the safe 
    platform. Safe?
    --- /The Colossus part 2 \ --- Boss Battle – 20004 ---
    Oh noes! Mr. Metalmanthingthatwantstokillyou attacks again! The Blade of 
    Olympus is right there, grab it! But you will soon realize that you can’t 
    because the Colossus will interrupt whatever attempts you make. So now what? 
    Simple. See the metallic hand over by the Colossus? It’s somehow fell off, 
    poor guy. So now we use it was a weapon! But first, some of the attacks he 
    Magically Blue Stuff Attack: The Colossus will slam his arm with the missing 
    hand into the side of the platform you’re on and it will cause crevices to 
    appear with blue energy coming out. Easy to avoid, just walk away before the 
    energy spews out.
    Fist Smash: Easy to avoid as well, merely jump to avoid the shockwave. He 
    will usually smash his first down when you’re by the blade. Just jump, bro.
    When close to the Colossus, he will use his damage arm to do this, same 
    result, just jump.
    “Oh No You didn’t!” Slap: When you walk toward the Colossus, he will slap 
    you. Roll away if you can, it’s one of his harder moves to dodge in this 
    Now, now, go over to the hand missing from the Colossus and press R1 to use 
    it against him! This will stun him long enough to let you go and grab onto 
    the Blade of Olympus. All your Red Orbs will drain, or life blood, whatever. 
    The Colossus will recover and you will have to attack his wounded arm to 
    give you another chance to let your power suck into the blade. To attack his 
    wounded arm, I found it best to go towards the blade, a little behind, and 
    wait for the Colossus to use his Magically Blue Stuff attack. Before the 
    rifts turn blue, roll over to the arm and attack, you won’t get too many 
    hits in, but it’s one way to get some hits in. You can also wait for him to 
    do his Fist Smash attack with his wounded arm as well. It doesn’t take too 
    many hits before he is stunned again. After he is stunned for the 3rd time, 
    go to the blade and let your health suck in. This will allow you to finally 
    gain control of the blade. Kratos will blast a hole in the Colossus’ side 
    and now you must attack the arm rested on the platform. But when you come 
    close he will use his wounded arm as a blow torch to burn you away, which is 
    annoying. But you can easily dodge the attack. Continue attacking the arm 
    rested, three times he will scream in agony before a Circle prompt appears 
    over his head. Press circle and...
    You will be inside of the Colossus! Interesting, I think. Once you are 
    inside, follow the path up and kill what greets you. You will have the 
    occasional jump to do, easy enough. After the second jump you have a few 
    more soldiers to kill, and after that you have a beam to jump. Do not touch 
    it, it doesn’t feel very good. Now, go toward the second blue beam, but turn 
    to your left to find that you can get up close to the center beam! Attack 
    it! Or, just press R1 and Kratos will do all the hard work. You will be 
    shown a climbable wall afterward. Now, jump over the gap over to the new 
    wall and climb! Up on the next level, a soldier conveniently dies and a new 
    way is shown. A rope! Guide your way across, press X if you want to go 
    faster, and R1 to jump off. Kill the soldiers that decide to mess with the 
    God of War (and die pathetically) and follow the path and such. Now you have 
    to balance your way across! Easy enough. Balance yourself away from the view 
    of the camera toward the new middle beam. Go back even farther to find a 
    health chest, use it if needed. Attack the beam this time, there are chains 
    to cut! Now press R1, and feel the energy flow into the blade! Oh wait, you 
    can’t, but neither can I. Balance your way back and over to where the beams 
    once were, cross the burning beams and jump your way up and kill the 
    soldiers, but you can’t, because Fate is on your side and killed them off 
    for you. Jump across the new gap and kill the soldiers. Climb up the mesh 
    wall and kill the soldiers at the top. Now what? Easy, go up to the fence 
    wall and hug it over to the left and you will find a beam in your way. Press 
    R1 to drop and X to go back up once you’re in a safe area. On the new 
    platform, there is, of course, the beam’s energy to suck up and a mesh wall. 
    Kill the beam first. Attack it to get rid of the chains and R1 to suck in 
    the energy to the Blade. Now, the mesh wall behind you has a chest up top, 
    it holds a Gorgon Eye, so you should grab it, these upgrade your health once 
    you get 6.
    Now, down the mesh wall you go and climb up the rope you were introduced to 
    recently. Jump off the rope, jump the gaps and climb up the ladder. Now 
    what? Oh, that lever, pull it. An odd object will fall, a counter balance 
    weight I can only assume. Once it’s down, go climb down the ladder and hit 
    it with your blade, and hit it again until the weight is at full swing, 
    which isn’t very fast, and for a good reason. Go back up the ladder and pull 
    the lever again, this will raise the weight and it will rock back and forth, 
    blocking the eye beams that blocked your path previously. It will only cover 
    the beam for a short amount of time, so get a move on before the beam comes 
    back to hurt you. Jump up on the rope by the lever and climb across. Drop 
    down, jump the beam and attack the center beam, and once the chains are 
    gone, finish it off with R1! YES! Yes? Oh no! With all the energy gone, the 
    place falls apart! Where to go? Where to go? Jump across the gaps, with 
    ease, I hope, and jump out the mouth of the beast!
    A few cheap explosions later, Kratos’ pretty armor is smashed by that 
    horrible metal man! Now a mortal, what to do? Grab the blade you must!
    --- ---- -- ---- ---
    Kratos’ Spartan army watches you, or him, or it, as he tries pathetically to 
    grab the blade. This is one of my favorite parts of the game, you are 
    totally helpless. All you can do is walk, sorry guys. But it’s still very 
    Walk toward the blade, and Dr. Zeus will save the day! His prescription 
    drug? Your life. Well, time to fight, but you can’t do anything; really, I 
    don’t even think you even give him a paper cut. Sorry kids. Zeus kills you 
    with this cheesy voice and then with his blade. After a few hits, you’ll go 
    down, and he will drive the blade in you, but you have a chance! Rapidly 
    press Circle to escape! Or not, because either way, you lose. Darn. It 
    almost looks like Kratos is crying, but he never cries, he just grunts and 
    stabs. Zeus kills your army, and you are sent to Hades.
    Gaia decides to help, and counsels you into not giving up, essentially.
    ------ 30004 ------  { Hades } ------ 30004 ------
    Ah... Doesn’t this place just smell fresh? I mean, fresh hair, hands that 
    give you back massages (that rips off your flesh) and warm baths in the sun. 
    Nice. But Kratos doesn’t want that. So what must you do? Climb up to escape 
    this torment.
    The hands constantly respawn, so you will have to move quickly. Move up and 
    right to find your first wall jump. Climb to the very edge and press X to 
    jump. Jump up after the first jump and kill the hands, they will slide down 
    in attempt to push you off if you’re by a fall off area. Once you reach the 
    top, you’re up in Rhodes again. Joy!
    Save if you like.
    Now walk around and investigate the soldiers on the ground. They are dead, 
    except for one. If you approach him (he’s the one without a puddle of blood 
    around him) he will move. Press R1 to talk to him, and Kratos is battlerific 
    as ever. “Return to Sparta, you mortal soldier that barely lived Zeus’ 
    rage.” And then the soldier would say, “I, umm, well, everyone’s dead! Like, 
    my friend’s limb is... right there!” and then Kratos would go, “Dude, go to 
    Sparta, and kick butt, because... you can stand and hold a sword, so there 
    for you are able to fight! Why? Because you god said so! Even though I’m not 
    really a god anymore...”
    After all of that nonsense, Pegasus will randomly appear and such. Mount him 
    and Gaia will give you some Hard Reality talk.
    You are now in part one of two flight battles. Woo.
    --- /Pegasus flight 1\ --- The Birds Attack! – 40004 ---
    Okay, the gist is... You have to get from point A to point B. Simple enough. 
    You can attack with hard and soft attacks like you would on ground, and move 
    around with the left analog stick, easy enough. Now what? Attack the eagles 
    that come for you. Press X for a sort of dive thing, useful, but it does 
    drain some of you magic. Later on in the flight, the eagles will start 
    shooting white ray magic stuff at you. It’s very to dodge, no worries. Later 
    on ravens will start attacking you. They will attack you with the same dive 
    attack you are able to use earlier. If you see one, dive at them 
    immediately, and you can snap their neck. If they get to you first, just 
    shake them off.
    Now, here comes a sort of mini-boss fight! A rider on a different eagle type 
    critter (gryphon) and you will have to do these annoying dodge maneuvers on 
    your Pegasus. Wooo! You will go into this high speed tunnel action and the 
    rider will shoot off 3-5 or so random balls of energy that explode when you 
    come close. But the trick to avoiding them is finding out where the balls 
    are located, and quickly diving into the area where the explosion will not 
    hit you. At first they are fairly easy to avoid, but toward the end there 
    will be some nearly impossible to avoid attack. But after 4-5 of these 
    attacks, you will arrive at...
    ------ 50005 ------ { Lair of the Titan } ------ 50005 ------
    When you arrive, there will be some harpies you can attack, but they don’t 
    do much of anything to you. After a short tunnel you will meet Typhon! Ah 
    yes, Typhon, how angry you be... Well, he will pin Pegasus down and now it 
    is your responsibility to free him, but not now, though. Go down the steps, 
    and attack Typhon’s fingers that block your path. Go down the path, kill the 
    harpies that come near and climb the climbable wall at the end of the path. 
    In this game you can slide down the wall with R1 and such, very fun. Kill 
    the undead that come near and stuff, simple enough. Jump over the gap and 
    just follow the path, its straight forward. At the end of the climbing stuff 
    you can save if you want.
    Follow the path down and down and kill the Minotaur that comes near, along 
    with some harpies too. After all of that walking and stuff open a red orb 
    chest at the end of the path. Walk back over toward the rope you just passed 
    and take out the box with a few simple attacks. Travel down the rope to 
    another little pathway. You will find yourself outside now, very snowy 
    There will be some archers you will have to bring down, along with some 
    Minotaur, all very easy, I hope. Well, there will be around 6 or so to kill, 
    Minotaur that is, but compared to the first God of War, they’re cake.
    Now, if you took out all of the wooden support stuff that the archers will 
    on, you can now travel on up the cliff! Jump up on the platform to your 
    right on the cliff and hug the wall to the other side. Jump up and you will 
    find a health and red orb chest. Take them if you want and slide down the 
    rope, whee!
    Hmm, travel up the arm and find a strange bird eating.. a dude? Well, after 
    the rather interesting scene, attack the man you’re trying to rescue. Heh. 
    Wow, this dude is really suicidal! “Kill me, in the fires of Olympus!”
    Anyways, travel down the path, ignoring the man completely and at the end of 
    the path you will find a climbable wall. Climb it on down toward the area 
    shown to you previously. Kill the enemies on the climb over and when you’re 
    on your feet again you will find a red orb chest and a save point. Use if 
    needed. Go down the path to find some enemies, a chest, and another 
    climbable wall. Open the chest for a gorgon eye, and climb up the wall, 
    killing the enemies that greet you. At the top go inside the doorway and 
    stuff, not hard (walking that is) and follow the path right on down. You 
    will find a red orb chest and a health chest. Travel down the path still and 
    find a grapple point. Grapple your way over and you will find a chest 
    covered by some bars you cannot break for now. Go down the path and some 
    gorgons will greet you with their green gaze. Attack the shinning pillar of 
    rock to find a new path and follow it down to find a health chest and a red 
    orb chest, alongside a save point.
    Now, you can go and have a chat with Typhon down the road! Well, he doesn’t 
    want to talk and insists on trying to blow you away with his stinky breath! 
    Well, when he isn’t being a blowhard, you can move to one of several safe 
    points that block you from the wind, but you will have harpies constantly 
    attacking you. Well, it’s not hard to dodge the wind and the harpies, so 
    attack and run your way down. If you find yourself stuck in the wind of 
    Typhon, to try and save yourself run toward the wind and you will either 
    fall off or barely make it, sometimes. 
    -Hidden area-
    Follow the path, there’s only one way to go, but now at the end there will 
    be a clearance, well, instead of going toward the titan, get away from him 
    and find a hidden path! You’ll find a fire with several undead enemies near. 
    Instead of killing them with your blades, throw them with the circle button 
    into the fire and it will flare up melt the chests which are encased in ice. 
    You should be relatively near the fire when doing this so you can guarantee 
    a fire buildup. After its all melted you can open the 3 red orb chests and 
    phoenix feather.
    Go back the way you came and find Typhon’s ugly face again. There will be a 
    breakable pillar of rock, so smash it up and push it over to reveal another 
    path. Go up it and Typhon will trash talk you. Oh no he didn’t! Well, at the 
    top you will find a grapple point... on Typhon’s eye! Well, grapple your way 
    onto his eye and Kratos will totally pwn it. Now that you have your magic 
    you can attack Typhon! Well, you can’t leave until you do. Activate your 
    magic by pressing the left thing on the d-pad and then press L2 to activate 
    it, and square to fire! Easy enough, after all that you can travel on down 
    the path again to find some enemies that enjoy greeting you with their 
    blades of rust. There will be some archers, so take them out with the magic 
    you just received from Typhon, Typhon’s Bane. After the battle the barrier 
    will fall and you will find a grapple point covered by a box. Attack it with 
    your bow of lightning and grapple your way on over to the next area. But 
    first kill the archers, because they’re a pain. Smash up the rocks on the 
    other side and work yourself away from the titan. Save on the way if you 
    like. Now, remember that chest with the bars on covering it? Well, to open 
    it grab onto the rope and slide down, but be quick and grapple back to open 
    the chest before the bars close. You will get a phoenix feather.
    Go slide down the rope, and basically just backtrack your way out of the 
    cave. Once outside, you will find a grapple point covered by a box. Take it 
    out with your bow and grapple your way to the other side. Take out the box 
    covering the rope thingie and climb up. You may notice two chests covered by 
    a wall of rock with cracks revealing the chests to you. How do you get to 
    them? Well, first free Prometheus (the suicidal guy) with your bow and you 
    will get the RAGE OF THE TITANS! Woo! Oh wait, now there are enemies to 
    kill. Well, kill them! Use the rage of the titans if you wish. Climb back up 
    the rope you freed and you will find a newly tightened chain by the chain 
    you used to go back down to Prometheus, or didn’t. But now use the tightened 
    chain to go down find a cave you and jump into. Open the two red orb chests 
    and another chest with a gorgon eye. Go back up the chain and onto the 
    platform. Instead of using the other chain, go up the climbable wall in the 
    background and follow it to find 3 chests, one with a phoenix feather, red 
    orbs, and another red orb with some health and magic in it too. Go back out 
    and over the climbable wall and climb the other chain. You will have some 
    enemies to attack, and sometimes they will grab onto you, at which then you 
    would have to shake them off. 
    Jump down the cliff and find a familiar door. Use the rage of the titans to 
    open it by smashing it into pieces! Well, follow the pathway and kill the 
    undead that come. Use the grapple point to cross and at the save point find 
    some more of your buddy ol’ pals. Save if needed and climb the climbable 
    Once you reach the end you will find your jolly Pegasus still pinned by the 
    titan. To free him, turn on your Rage of the Titans (if you need to charge 
    up, just hit Typhon’s hand a few times to charge it back up to full) and 
    starting from the pinky, hit all the fingers so that they contract and lift 
    up, from the pinky to the thumb. Only then will your horse be free. Mount 
    him and you will go on another flying quest! But was this stop at Typhon’s 
    lair even necessary? Well.. Anyways, just go on out and stuff.
    --- /Pegasus flight 2\ --- The Birds Attack! – 40005 ---
    When you’re up and flying again it will be much of the same as before. 
    Except now you can use Typhon’s bane to kick butt, but it’s up to you. I 
    just dived and rolled as before, not even considering the magic. There will 
    also be mounted soldiers on the gryphons, but really, it’s all easy. Roll 
    and dive a lot. Later on, the mysterious rider returns with a vengeance. He 
    comes close enough for you to attack now, and once you whack him a few 
    times, you will do that tunnel action again, just dodge the explosions and 
    you will soon be able to attack him like previously, except you won’t be 
    able to attack him, you will be thrown into a button sequence thing again. 
    Just press whatever buttons pop up on scream and you’re gold. Afterwards you 
    will go in a freefall so... watch for a button prompt and press whatever you 
    need to press! Or.. you’ll keep on falling and you’ll die. Yay!
    ------ 60006 ------ { Temple of Lahkesis } ------ 60006 ------
    Now climb your way up and find a split path. Go to the left and find two 
    chests, one with a phoenix feather and the other with some red orbs. Go back 
    toward the right and find a save point. Save if you like and go up the 
    ladder then climb the climbable up and kill the undead. After you’ve killed 
    them go to the right and jump onto the ledge and climb up the ladder. When 
    you’ve reached the top, kill the cut puppies! There are quite a few of them, 
    but it’s all easy. When the area is clear investigate the hanging bodies 
    nearby. Hack them all down and get a little bit of red orbs. Eventually, one 
    will drop (it’s towards the back by the chests) that still has a little 
    flesh on it. Open the chests in the back for some red orbs. Now, take the 
    body and go back to where you fought the dogs. Over to the left there is an 
    elevator, so place the body on it. Use the health chest if needed and go 
    down. When you’re down take the body and place it on the button in front of 
    you. Go over to the crank nearby and pull! After you’ve pulled it to its 
    max, quickly run through the newly opened doorway before it closes.
    Run over to the end of the clearance and kick down the bridge. A prettyful 
    scene will come on, major plot development. Woo. 
    Okay, after all that jazz walk back and find a new path, not the one you 
    previously traveled, but over on the edge of the bridge or whatever. Walk it 
    down, or run, actually, because the ground will crumble beneath you! When 
    you find that there is a dead end, jump on in the only available path and 
    find a few goatifyed Cerberus! After you’ve killed the whatever go over to 
    the right and destroy the statues! A block will fall and drag it over to the 
    platform the Cerberus was on. Use the magic and health chest if needed and 
    travel on up. A few more of the dogs will attack you, but you will also find 
    a save point and red orb chest. Walk to the left and through the narrow 
    opening and climb the climbable wall down and go left to find a red orb 
    chest and a health chest. Climb the ladder and go up and climb wall thing, 
    ceiling, rather. A few enemies will attack, just take them out. When you’re 
    up top kill the critters and shoot out the archers. After all that hub bub 
    go to the right and jump over the gap. Use the magic chest if needed and 
    follow the path and kill the undead. Pull the switch at the end of the path 
    and meet a old friend, the siren! Except their voices are more drag queen 
    this time. Maybe that’s what they are! Drag queens! Well, you have to snap 
    the necks of at least 4 of them to pass. Walk through the path and find.. 
    the steed of TIME! Corny name. But save if you like and stuff.
    Go travel down the rather long and large chain, pretty, huh? When you reach 
    the end, climb the wall to your left and stuff, easy, straight forward. Once 
    you’re topside, go to the door and you will discover that you need a key, 
    hmm... Go over to the other side of the platform and pull the lever, a rope 
    will be lowered, so quickly run over to it slide over to meet...
    --- /Theseus! \ --- Boss Battle – 20006 ---
    Wow, what a punk! He’s just probably the most annoying awesome to kill boss 
    ever! By that I mean, he is a prick, and depending on the mode you’re on, he 
    can be a pain to beat! Woo! But the end for him is rewarding..
    Now... there are two main stages and a short third stage for this boss.
    Stage 1:
    Fun! No, not really, his attacks are swift and punishing..
    Spinneroo: He will jab his spear into you and twirl you around, to avoid 
    taking damage you must complete the mini analog combo!
    Jab combo: Eh, this is no fun, he will first jab you and then spin around 
    and stuff, easily avoidable with a block.
    Earthly love: What else could I name it? After you attack him a few times, 
    his spear surges with energy and he will occasionally jab the spear into the 
    ground causes holes to appear around you with spikes that come out. This 
    isn’t fun to get hit by but it’s very easy to dodge, just walk away before 
    the ground opens up completely, and you’ll be fine.
    Now, attacking him, use light attacks to keep a good distance away and BLOCK 
    like crazy when he attacks, which is nearly after every hit you try and give 
    him. You may get hit a lot at first, but his attacks become easier to dodge.
    After a few hits, he will scream or something and raise his spear and it 
    will light up! Pretty! Nah, because he becomes more aggressive now. Just 
    continue to attack him, all of his attacks up to this point are easy to 
    Stage 2:
    This will take the bigger part of the battle. He will climb up and basically 
    shoot stuff at you or summon Minotaurs.
    Sparklers: Once up top, Theseus will shoot blue energy attacks at you, dodge 
    them by rolling, may take getting use to, but this is the easier of his 
    attacks to work around.
    Minotaur summon: Well, after he rounds off a few sparklers at you he will 
    summon exactly two Minotaur, which isn’t fun, but it’s one of the only ways 
    to recharge your magic in this battle. Just defeat them all, get the magic, 
    Spikes!: Eh, same as before, he will jab his spear into the ground he’s on 
    and some spikes will come out of the earth, dodge them. However, if you get 
    too close to theseus spikes will automatically come out, so keep your 
    At the beginning, he will shoot some sparklers at you, dodge them and stuff, 
    but in this battle you will be mostly using Typhon’s bane on him, it’s the 
    only attack that can really reach him. There is a pattern to this battle, as 
    with all the other battles, first he will shoot sparklers at you, this is 
    one of your only good opportunities to attack Theseus, after that he will 
    summon the Minotaur, then he will repeat the sparklers, and so on. Basically 
    that’s it for this battle, but it can be challenging for anyone on Titan 
    mode. So what advice do I have for them? Dodge carefully, defeat the 
    Minotaur more quickly and safely with the button mash combo that you get to 
    do with them, and keep away from Theseus during this; you don’t want those 
    silly spikes attacking you!
    Stage 3:
    Well, this stage really just consists of button sequence thing. After you 
    attack him enough, Theseus will fall down and a circle prompt will be over 
    his head. Head toward him, press circle, then rapidly press circle. Quite 
    rewarding, isn’t it?
    --- ---- -- ---- ---
    Phew, with that over, you got the horse keeper’s key! Wasn’t that just fun? 
    Yes, it was. Now go through the door and open the magic/health chest if 
    needed, and grab some red orbs while you’re at it. Go to the book at the 
    back of the room and read, well, apparently no one can please the Sisters of 
    Fate! Sheesh. Go either left or right out of the room, climb up the latter 
    and go up the platform. Jump up to the red orb chest and open it, want more 
    red orbs? Go to the right of the platform and find a teeny weeny chest at 
    the end of a path towards a steed. Travel down it and open the chest for 
    some orbs. Go back up to the top platform and use the rope to slide down. 
    Look familiar? Use the key to get inside and go to the back of the room, 
    insert your key and Cronos will have a chat with you. Yay! His voice doesn’t 
    really fit him.. but okay. You get some magic, Cronos’ Rage! It’s decent, 
    can help in a pinch. Use the magic on the enemies if you wish or you could 
    just attack them with your blades, either way is fine.
    Go outside via the newly opened doorway to the left and go up another 
    latter. If you want, you can save, grab the red orbs, and go to the right 
    side of the platform and find another relatively hidden chest! You get a 
    phoenix feather here. Now, go down to where the steeds’ faces are and..
    You will notice some cranks, ignore them for now and explore the steeds 
    themselves. The steed to your left has a gorgon eye on its snout; the steed 
    to your right has some harpies that you’ll be happy to take down now rather 
    than later. You can’t go to the other steeds just yet so go back to the 
    You may notice that they’re all a different color! Pretty, or put there for 
    a reason? Well, what you’ll want to do is go from the inside out with these 
    cranks, but only one at a time. Firstly, crank out the green one and quickly 
    go to the steed to the left you explored previously, or not. You will notice 
    (the game makes you notice) a closing contraption with a miniature harpy on 
    top, well, the harpy will go away once you insert your key into the socket, 
    and this will free the blinds from the steed. Get the picture? The harpy 
    will fly away and create a grapple point. Go back to the cranks, the green 
    one will go away and now 3 are left! The cranks correspond to the steeds’ 
    position; left most crank goes to the left most steed, and so on. Easy 
    enough, crank the red crank and quickly unlock the blind off the steed, the 
    keyholes will close after a short amount of time. Repeat this for each 
    steed, this really doesn’t require a description, once you free the inner 
    steeds, the outer steeds will become accessible. You can explore them before 
    you crank their cranks, hehe, well... they have nothing on them. Sorry. 
    Crank their cranks and stuff, be quick as usual, kill the harpies on the 
    left most steed stuff..
    Now that the steeds aren’t blind anymore, go back to where the cranks once 
    were and unlatch the latch thing. The horses are free!!!
    Press R1 and you will go through a analog sequence, your favorite! Once 
    that’s done and done, the steeds will.. will... drag the island closer? Yes, 
    they will. Once that’s done go back up and save if you wish. Drop down to 
    the door you had to unlock and defeat the enemies. Phew, kill the random 
    lone enemy that spawns by the chain and go back.. up the chain! Yippee! 
    Longer walk this time. Once you’re back on the island, climb up the wall and 
    follow the path to a new save point, save if you like.
    Go into the open area and fight these strange bug things, they will blow up 
    after you’ve killed them, annoying, huh? Well, explore the area and go to 
    the back of the bottom level of the pool, there is a cracked carved thing, 
    so attack it and find a red orb chest. Jump up to the top level of the 
    divine pools and you may notice a ledge you can jump on (located behind you) 
    jump over on it and travel down to find another red orb chest. Okay, let’s 
    get outa here! Go back to the area you jumped from and jump to the other 
    ledge opposite from the hidden chest. You will find another bug critter to 
    kill and a climbable wall. There are several paths to this wall, so...
    First path: Climb the wall and slide down to the ledge, walk to the left and 
    find a large door and a few bugs to kill. Go to the opposite side of the 
    door and find a red orb chest. Kick open the door and find a large statue 
    that will be out next puzzle, but first let’s explore some more!
    Second path: Go down farther from the ledge you slid down on to. Go to the 
    right of the wall you slid down on and find another wall to climb, climb it 
    on down and you will find a rock with cracks in it at the end, smash it up 
    and find a chest with a phoenix feather.
    Third path: Instead of sliding down with the second path, go straight to the 
    left and jump over the gap. You will find 3 chests, 2 red orb chests and a 
    gorgon eye.
    When you’re done with that, go back to the first path and go into the room 
    with the statue. Walk down and step on the button, the arms will move down 
    for you to stand on their hands! But wait, if you try to get on now you’ll 
    never make it. So what do you do? Jump off the bridge and find a gate, 
    hmm... Go to the left of the gate and find a lever, pull it, the gate will 
    open but barely because of that stupid dead body. What do you do now? 
    Firstly, go all the way to the back of the room and find another button, 
    ignore it and open the chests that are hidden behind it for a phoenix 
    feather and a gorgon eye! Ignore the button still and go to the pool in the 
    middle of the room, you may notice a round object you can grab and drag, 
    well, drag it! Drag the thing until the reveals a new path. Swim down the 
    new opening and charge through the face of... Zeus? Well, rise up find the 
    room that was blocked by the gate, go over to it and take the Amulet of the 
    Fates. Cool, huh? Go and swim back to the main room now. Go back to the 
    button by the hidden chests and step on it, then activate the amulet and run 
    to the raised pillars and jump up to the upper level. Go and step on the 
    button that lowers the statue’s arms, stop time and quickly get on the 
    hands. Phew, not really. The sisters of fate are just so mean! Kratos sure 
    knows this, and gives a one two on the statue’s face! Beat that! Swell, 
    smash down the statue’s face and jump down. Before you go into the light, go 
    to the left of the statue’s body and find phoenix feather, go to the right 
    and find a red orb chest. NOW you can go into the light. :)
    Go and jump down off the ledge to the level of the now broken face. Some 
    wraiths will spawn and so will some harpies. Phew, smash down the face and 
    cross the bridge. You will find that the sisters simply hate you and will 
    block your path at any cost! Well, open the health chest if needed and go to 
    the left and find a red orb chest. Go to the right and find a gorgon eye. 
    Yay! Eh. Look around and find a latter, use it to go down to ground level 
    safely. Or not, because then you’ll get to fight Cyclops! Yes! Some hogs 
    will spawn too, take them out so that the Cyclops don’t use them as weapons.
    After you’ve killed everything, go over to the latter nearest to the statue 
    to the right and climb up. Go to the opening nearby and find a statue, try 
    to drag it out over to the eye beams and find that it can’t! Well, drag the 
    statue over to the raised ledge. Go to the opposite side of where you found 
    the statue and pull the lever. Drag the statue onto this lowered ledge and 
    pull the lever again. Jump up on the ledge and give the statue a fully 
    charged kick toward the eye beams. NOW you can push the statue in the way of 
    the eye beams. :) Push the statue into the opening. Not much brain power 
    required here. Go to the left and find a statue that you can drag into the 
    other opening you saw, so do it. This will take out the force field and 
    allow you to go onto the island, finally! Save if you want.
    To be continued. :O
    ------ Yay!! ----- Copyright and Credits ----- Yay!! ------
    This guide has been written by Toni Mobley.
    Email: Love_chic2003@yahoo.com
    God of War is Copyrighted to Sony and stuffs.
    I hope you enjoyed your stay!..?

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