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    Boss FAQ by Godheval

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.2
    by Godheval (http://www.godheval.com)
    Questions/Comments/Requests can be sent to my name at my gmail dot com.
    Last Updated 3/23/2007
    This is a set of instructions and strategies on how to beat the major and 
    minor bosses in God of War II for the Playstation 2.  It also includes tactics 
    for some of the harder "regular" fights in the game.
    This FAQ was written based on playing through the game in God and Titan Modes.  
    If you are playing on an easier setting, it is possible that some of the 
    information here simply won't apply to you.
    This FAQ is the exclusive IP of Godheval, used with permission by GameFAQs, 
    Gamerhelp.com, and Neoseeker.  Any other use, reproduction, hosting, or 
    distribution of this document without consent is expressly prohibited.  
    Linking, however, is permitted.
    This walkthrough is pretty straightforward.  But to make things easier, next 
    to each section in the contents there is an abbreviation (Example: [CR5]) 
    that you can use to jump right to that section in the walkthrough without 
    reading the whole thing.  Just use CTRL + F to search for that abbreviation.
    1.0 - Original
    1.1 - Formatted for Style
        - Changed enemy names to official names
        - Got rid of ASCII art because it looked bad
        - Fixed some grammar & typing errors
    1.2 - Changed "Abomination" to Kraken
        - Altered a few details in Colossus and Inner Sanctum battles
        - Made a correction in the Zeus battle
        - Made a correction to Barbarian King battle
        - Made a correction to Lakhesis battle
        - Made a correction to the Stone Minotaur battle
    I. Colossus of Rhodes  [CR]
          A) First Encounter  [CR1]
          B) Second Encounter  [CR2]
          C) Third Encounter  [CR3]
    II. Theseus  [THS]
          A) Phase 1: Hand to Hand Combat  [THS1]
          B) Phase 2: Coward on the Roof  [THS2]
    II. The Barbarian King  [BK]
          A) Phase 1: The Horse Problem  [BK1]
          B) Phase 2: Crazy Hammer and Barbarian Mercenaries  [BK2]
          C) Phase 3: Giant King  [BK3]
          D) Phase 4: Final King  [BK4]
    III. Mini-Boss: Stone Minotaur  [SM1]
    IV. Mini-Boss: Hairy Cerberus  [CERB]
    V. Euryale  [EURY]
          A) Phase 1: Battle on the Ground  [EUR1]
          B) Phase 2: Pillar Vantage Point  [EUR2]
          C) Phase 3: She's Really Pissed  [EUR3]
    VI. Mini-Boss: Stone Minotaur II  [SM2]
    VII. Perseus  [PRS]
          A) Phase 1: Invisible Perseus  [PRS1]
          B) Phase 2: Swordsman Perseus  [PRS2]
          C) Phase 3: Shield-Bearer Perseus  [PRS3]
    VIII. Mini-Boss: Stone Minotaur III  [SM3]
    IX. The Kraken  [ABM]
          A) Phase 1: Fly in the Face of Evil  [ABM1]
          B) Phase 2: The Setup  [ABM2]
    X. Lakhesis  [LKH]
          A) Phase 1: On the Ground  [LKH1]
          B) Phase 2: In the Air  [LKH2]
    XI. Atropos  [ATR]
    XII. Lakhesis, Atropos & the Mirrors  [LATR]
    XIII. Quasi-Boss: Inner Sanctum Legions  [SCT]
          A) First Wave: Legionnaires and Juggernauts  [SCT1]
          B) Second Wave: Sirens and Gorgons  [SCT2]
          C) Third Wave: Satyrs and Minotaurs  [SCT3]
          D) Fourth Wave: The Nightmare  [SCT4]
    XIV. Klotho  [KLT]
          A) First Tier: Two Gates  [KLT1]
          B) Second Tier: Pinning the Arms  [KLT2]
          C) Third Tier: Face to Face with Ugly  [KLT3]
    XV. Zeus  [ZS]
          A) Phase 1: Giant Zeus  [ZS1]
          B) Phase 2: Kratos Has the Blade  [ZS2]
          C) Phase 3: Zeus Has the Blade  [ZS3]
          D) Phase 4: Lightning Shield  [ZS4]
          E) Phase 5: Kratos's Gambit  [ZS5]
                COLOSSUS OF RHODES                                           [CR]
    = First Encounter =                                                      [CR1]
    While you're facing off against the Colossus, you'll also have to deal with 
    some pesky Rhodes soldiers.  They're easy to kill, even on Titan Mode, but 
    they also serve another purpose - temporary invincibility.  If you didn't 
    already know, Kratos cannot be hurt when he is in the midst of a grapple 
    attack animation.  So one strategy for avoiding the Colossus's fists is to 
    grab a soldier right as the blow comes.
    Otherwise, the fight here is simple.  First off, if you notice it yourself 
    before the scene cuts to it, IGNORE  the catapult on the left side of the 
    area.  If you try to use it, the Colossus will just catch the boulder and 
    crush it.  If you're silly enough to try and catapult yourself at him after 
    that, then he'll catch you too and slam you on the ground.  So just wait.  
    Avoid his attacks by rolling or grabbing soldiers, then either use Rage of 
    Poseidon or light combos to damage his hands after they hit.  Once you've 
    done enough damage, the Colossus will roar in pain and be stunned.  THAT is 
    your cue to go use the catapult, which will do heavy damage and KEEP him 
    stunned.  Use the catapult again to initiate a button-pressing sequence, 
    where Kratos stabs one of the Colossus's eyes, and the battle is over.  
    For now.
    = Second Encounter =                                                     [CR2]
    After climbing up the wall, staying to the right to avoid the colossus's wall 
    punches, you'll come face to face with him again.  Move to the left 
    immediately and time your jump so that you're in the air as he strikes the 
    platform.  Jump down to the level below and get ready to follow a specific 
    pattern.  If you do this correctly, you can beat him without even getting 
    hit.  This is especially important for Titan Mode, since he can kill you 
    with 3-4 hits at full health.
    The Colossus will put his right hand (the one on your left) down on the 
    ground.  Positioning yourself to the right of it, wail on it with light 
    combos.  Chances are that he will use his other hand to try and smash you.  
    Move left to avoid it, then get in a couple of whacks against it before he 
    lifts it again.  He will put his other hand back down afterwards, so repeat 
    the pattern.  As long as you are to the right of the hand placed on the 
    ground, he will only attack with the other hand.  If by chance he does 
    attack with the hand on the ground, it's a dangerous attack that covers 
    almost the entire area and is normally hard to avoid.  However, if you're 
    in the right position, described above, a simple roll to the right will 
    avoid it altogether.  If you're confused about the position, just place 
    yourself at the center of the Colossus himself - between his two hands.
    If you are too far to the left on the left platform (or right on the right 
    platform), you risk being hit by a downward punch which does a lot of 
    damage and stuns you.  It also makes it impossible to avoid his forearm 
    strike.  If you are too far to the right on the left platform (or left 
    on the right platform), the colossus will follow up the hammering fist 
    with a sweeping backhand that hits multiple times for heavy damage and 
    is impossible to avoid.  This is why I suggest being in the position 
    BETWEEN the two hands and right in front of the Colossus.
    If you want to, you can use Poseidon's Rage for any of your attacks, 
    because it does more damage.  This strategy assumes the worst - that 
    you have no magic at all, so if you do have it, it's even easier.  
    Personally, I don't use magic unless I absolutely have to - it's good 
    insurance for desperate situations.
    Once you've done enough damage - which is only about 10-15 Athena Blade 
    hits, the Colossus will scream and leak magic orbs.  IMMEDIATELY start 
    to run to your right towards the end of the platform.  Jump and use the 
    hook to swing across to the other side before he does the double-fist 
    pound attack. You should have plenty of time to do this.
    ++ Titan Mode Note: If you are on the ground when this attack hits, you 
    are automatically dead. ++
    Once on the other side, quickly run all the way to the far right side 
    of the platform and stay close to the water.  The Colossus's next move 
    is a wide sweeping attack that trashes everything but will not hit you 
    if you are close to the water and all the way in the right corner.  
    After he does this, he will put his hand down on the ground like 
    before.  Follow the same pattern described above, but this time be to 
    the LEFT of the hand.  Again, just remember that you're going to be 
    positioned between the hands.  Once he screams again and leaks magic 
    orbs, run to the left and use the hook to swing to the other side 
    to avoid the double-fist again.  Move all the way to the left corner 
    to avoid the sweeping attack again as well.
    After the third time of doing this (Left side, Right Side, Left Side), 
    the Colossus will be stunned and put his fist down on the ground.  
    Follow the button prompts to have Kratos climb up the Colossus and 
    gash both of his cheeks.  It should be Triangle-Triangle-X-X if the 
    Colossus is on the left side, and Circle-Circle-Square-Square if he's 
    on the right.  After this, resume the attack pattern above for three 
    more rounds.
    After he's weak enough, he'll place his fist down on the opposite side 
    from the last time, and you just have to follow the button prompts to 
    finish this part of the battle.
    = Third Encounter =                                                      [CR3]
    This is really easy. When it starts, do NOT try to grab the Blade of Olympus. 
    You'll get hit before you can do anything, guaranteed.  The Colossus has 
    three different attacks.  If you are far away, he will either pound the 
    ground, releasing a shockwave - avoidable by jumping - or he will use his 
    severed wrist to create the blazing energy channels.  The channels follow 
    the same routes every time, and there are obvious places to stand and not 
    get hit by them.  Do NOT try to jump over them, or you will be hit by the 
    blue fire.  Just wait.  If you are close to him, he will do two sweeping 
    First thing to do - time it so that you are moving in to attack with Athena's 
    Blades as he is starting to do the blazing channels.  This will ensure you 
    enough time to get 3-4 hits in before you have to run away to avoid the 
    sweeping punches.  Repeat until he's stunned again, then go to the Blade of 
    Olympus to channel your red orbs into it.
    Once this is done, the Colossus will snap out his daze and start his pattern 
    again.  Next, wait until he starts to reach back to do the blazing channels 
    and move right next to him to unleash Poseidon's Rage.  DEFINITELY USE 
    POSEIDON'S RAGE for the second set of attacks.  You'll see why in a minute.  
    The timing on this is important, because you don't want to be near him while 
    the channels aren't there, because he'll do the two sweeping punches.  After 
    you've attacked, get away to avoid the punches.  Follow this pattern until 
    he's stunned again.  Go back to the Blade of Olympus and hold R1.  This time 
    you'll channel all your magic into the sword.  This is why I said to use it 
    for the second set, because otherwise it goes to waste.  
    For the third set, get to the severed fist.  Press R1 to throw it at the 
    Colossus's head and stun him again.  Quickly move to the Blade of Olympus and 
    hold R1 to channel your health into it.  Kratos will pull the blade out of 
    the ground and unleash a ray of light and blast a hole in the Colossus's 
    abdomen.  For the rest of the battle, you have to use the Blade.
    The fourth part is the easiest of all.  The Colossus will have his arm down 
    on the platform.  Move close, get in a few quick hits, but move away 
    quickly as he starts to use the severed wrist to spit out blue energy.  
    Stay out of its range, and as he starts to move right with it, make your 
    approach.  Use the L1 + Square attack to get a quick ten hit combo, then 
    immediately back away again.  Repeat this pattern until you are prompted, 
    then hit circle to have Kratos jump and smash his way through to the inside 
    of the Colossus.
                THESEUS                                                      [THS]
    = Phase 1: Hand to Hand =                                                [THS1]
    This is a VERY easy phase to win.  Simply go at Theseus full blast with your 
    light combos and whenever you see him about to attack you, parry it.  Hold the 
    block button down the first few times until you get the timing down, because 
    even if you miss the parry, his attacks will still be blocked.  
    Occasionally he will grab you with his spear, prompting you to do a half 
    circle motion with the left stick which causes Kratos to throw Theseus to the 
    ground.  The more of these the better, because if you miss they do next to no 
    damage, but if you succeed, they do a ton of damage to him.
    After about 10-15 seconds of pounding him, his spear will glow bright blue.  
    Don't be afraid, because the battle is still exactly the same, but he does 
    a bit more damage.  The only change is that occasionally he will run to 
    one of the corners and make giant ice thorns come out of the ground.  
    Just stay away from him and resume the attacking once he's done.
    ++ Titan Mode Note:  If the Ice Thorn hits you, you're 
    automatically dead. ++
    = Phase 2: Coward on the Roof =                                         [THS2]
    This battle is just one of endurance and following an easy pattern.  If 
    you're playing on Titan Mode, it just means that you have very little 
    room for error.
    After you've hammered him enough, Theseus will climb to the roof of the 
    building.  Hold down L2 to ready the Typhon's Bane while he's climbing, 
    and then immediately after he gets there, start firing.  Do NOT just rapid 
    fire at him, but instead fire with a slight delay between each shot - about 
    half a second.  Otherwise he will start blocking them and you'll be wasting 
    your magic.  If you notice that your hit counter is not going up while 
    shooting, it means he's blocking them, and you're wasting your magic.
    Once you run out of magic, or mess up the timing of the shots, Theseus 
    will start shooting ice bolts at you.  There are two different waves 
    of these - fast and slow, each one consisting of 6 consecutive shots.  
    If they're fast, just roll left and right constantly to avoid them.  
    Even if you get nipped by one or two of them, they don't do much damage, 
    but you want to conserve as much health as possible.  During the slow wave, 
    just delay your roll until the bolt is close to you.  Otherwise they may 
    "heat-seek" you and hit you anyway.
    ++ Titan Mode Note: The slow bolts sometimes hit the ground and circle 
    back to try and hit you again.  Be on the lookout for this. ++
    After the two waves of ice bolts, Theseus summons two minotaurs.  They're 
    very easy to kill just by striking from a distance with combos and 
    parrying their strikes.  All of their attacks - the charge, the 
    horizontal double swing, and the downward strike are parryable and 
    blockable.  BEWARE of the downward strike because it does a ton of damage 
    and stuns you.  While you're fighting minotaurs, Theseus will shoot ice 
    bolts three at a time - fast if you're close to the building, slow if 
    you're far away.  Roll to avoid them, because they stun you for less 
    than half a second, which may be enough time to get you smacked by 
    a Minotaur attack.  
    While all of this is going on, he is also making the ice thorns come 
    out of the ground.  Remember that these are his most dangerous attacks, 
    and if you're on Titan Mode, THEY WILL KILL YOU WITH ONE HIT.  It is okay 
    sometimes to take an ice bolt to the face to avoid the thorns or the 
    minotaurs, because they don't do much damage.
    every time you kill both Minotaurs, Theseus will do the two waves of 
    slow and fast ice bolts again.  After those, he'll summon two more 
    minotaurs and start the pattern all over again.  I recommend killing 
    6-8 Minotaurs to replenish a good amount of magic before firing Typhon's 
    Bane at him again.  Remember to delay your shots.  Once you've done 
    enough damage, he will scream with rage and start attacking with more 
    intensity.  This means the ice thorns will be coming out of the ground 
    in random places constantly, and if he's not raising them, he's shooting 
    ice bolts and summoning Minotaurs.  Just stick it out, following the 
    same pattern, and eventually he'll fall off the roof.  Hit circle when 
    prompted to yank him down, and then be ready to pound circle rapidly to 
    finish him off.  This is one of the funniest kills in the game.
                THE BARBARIAN KING                                           [BK]
    Note: If you are playing in Titan Mode, SAVE SAVE SAVE your magic and Rage of 
    the Titans, because they are critical to winning in the third phase.
    = Phase 1: The Horse Problem =                                           [BK1]
    This is a simple battle disguised as a hard one.  Just move to the left to 
    evade the first charge, then circle around to attack him from the horse's 
    front.  Keep on hammering him with light combos and every few seconds block 
    or parry his hammer strike.  As long as you are in front of the horse, he'll 
    stay in one place and almost never use the bow.  As long as you don't get hit 
    and keep hammering him, he won't move away.  Hit circle when prompted to kick 
    the King off and kill the horse.
    = Phase 2: Crazy Hammer and Undead Freaks =                              [BK2]
    As this phase starts, get away from the edges of the ring, because they will 
    fall into the bog and you'll die if you fall in with them.  The King will 
    summon weak Barbarian Mercenaries in droves of 4.  Use the circle-circle 
    grab to kill them instantly and get health and mana.  The circle-circle 
    grab is quick and you are invincible while the animation is playing out.  
    Be careful while trying to grab, though, because the Barbarian King will be 
    trying to hit you with ground waves from the hammer, which do lots of damage 
    and stun you long enough for the undead mercs to grab YOU instead.  They 
    do the annoying grabs that require you to wiggle the stick to get out of, 
    which put you in a dangerous position to get messed up by the 
    Barbarian King.
    The good news is that the ground wave and his double hammer swing are 
    both easily blocked or parried, but the problem with it is that it keeps 
    you at a distance while having to worry about the mercs.  Focus 
    your attacks on the king, grabbing the mercs if they wander too close.  
    A lot of the times, though, if you're using weak combos on the King, the 
    undead mercs will get caught up in the storm and die too.  Just remember - 
    AVOID OR BLOCK THE GROUND WAVE at all costs, especially on Titan Mode.
    = Phase 3: Giant King =                                                  [BK3]
    ** Note: In Easy and Normal Modes, the King grows giant, but shrinks back 
    down immediately.  The battle skips to Phase 4 in those modes **
    This part is a checkpoint, so if you die, you get to start from here again, 
    which is wonderful.  Unfortunately, it is also the hardest part of the fight. 
    The Barbarian King is HUGE and does tons of damage.  He has two moves - a 
    sweeping hammer swing that is very hard to avoid and stuns you, followed by 
    a ground slam that releases a shockwave.  The other is a double sweep 
    followed by the shockwave.  One goes from right to left, the other from 
    left to right.  Circling him to his left or to his right will avoid one 
    or the other of the attacks, placing you behind him during the ground slam, 
    but unfortunately it seems impossible to determine which he will do.  My 
    strategy is to hammer him relentlessly while he's still growing.  This 
    may or may not do any damage; it seems not, because there is no hit 
    counter.  However, it does build up some extra rage for Rage of the Titans 
    if you haven't filled the meter up yet.
    ** Note: The meter does NOT have to be filled completely to use 
    Rage of the Titans **
    As soon as he is finished growing, activate Rage of the Titans and go to 
    town on him with square attacks.  The triangle combo does more hits, 
    but it also has a high chance of missing him entirely if his ground slam 
    maneuvers him out of the way.  Try to circle him while doing the square 
    combo which increases your chances of not being hit.  The great thing about 
    Rage for this battle is that it greatly reduces the damage you receive, 
    you can't be stunned or knocked back, and it does a ton of damage.  It is 
    also dangerous for that same reason, because you may neglect your health 
    meter, so be cautious.
    As your meter gets close to running out, roll away from him.  ROLL BEFORE 
    THE METER RUNS OUT.  The reason for this is that if you are caught in a 
    combo as the meter ends, you are vulnerable to his attack.  If he does 
    the double sweep, you're probably dead.  So use that last bit of rage 
    defensively to get out of his range.
    If you don't already have Cronos's Rage up to Level 2, and you have the 
    orbs to upgrade, then do it.  If you can't upgrade it, then...this 
    becomes a bit harder.  If you have Cronos level 2, just release an orb 
    near the King and move away, wait until he gets close again, then use 
    another, and keep doing this until either you run out or he shrinks 
    down again.
    If you don't have rage level 2, follow the same strategy above.  Chances
     are, though, that he won't shrink down.  If he doesn't, you have to 
    fight him the same way you fight the green giants.  Hit him twice and 
    roll away.  Hit and run, hit and run, over and over until he shrinks 
    down.  It may take awhile, depending on how well you did with Rage 
    of the Titans and how much Cronos you were able to use.
    = Phase 4: Final King =                                                  [BK4]
    By now you may be low on health.  If you are, then you have to be SUPER 
    CAREFUL on this phase, because it is very annoying to die here and have to 
    fight the Giant King again.  He has the same attacks he did in Phase 2, 
    except instead of summoning undead, he has a VERY FRUSTRATING summon soul 
    move that sends those blue spirits at you in a wave.  They seek you out, 
    so they are very difficult to avoid. But of course there's a trick to it.
    If the King holds the hammer up in front of his face, he is going to do the 
    summon soul.  Position yourself close to him, but not too close and start to 
    circle him.  The souls will not hit you.  If you are too close, though, 
    their release hits you for minor damage.  Because of the strange camera 
    angle, rolling becomes unpredictable, so if you try to avoid them any other 
    way, they are likely to hit you.  If you are in the midst of a combo as he 
    starts the summon soul move, hold block to get out of it, then start 
    circling him.  His other attacks - the hammer swing and the ground 
    wave - are both easily blocked or parried.  So just hammer away at him with 
    light combos, block when necessary, circle to avoid the summon soul.  
    Eventually you'll be prompted to hit circle and finish the battle.  
    Be careful, because although the circle signals the end, the King is still 
    able to attack you like normal.  You don't want to die when it's 
    almost over.
    After you hit circle the first time, IMMEDIATELY start mashing the 
    circle button to pull the hammer out of the King's hands.  You have ZERO 
    margin for error on this.  If you hit the wrong button, or fail to start 
    mashing in time, the King will throw you to the ground.  After you've got 
    the hammer, you have to hit several other random buttons to finish him off.
                STONE MINOTAUR I                                             [SM1] 
    This guy has three attacks. The first, which he'll always use at the start of 
    the battle, is to pound the ground ferociously.  If you get caught by these 
    hits, not only do they do heavy damage, but they stun you and for some reason 
    start to suck you back towards the Minotaur to get hit by more of them.  Just 
    avoid them altogether by staying back.  
    His second attack occurs when he starts to turn his back to you.  He will 
    start spinning in place and slamming you with his fists.  If you get hit 
    by these, they do heavy damage and they can't be parried or blocked.  They 
    also stun you, so if you get hit by one, you'll probably get hit by all of 
    them.  So when you see him turn, just back away.
    His third attack, done if you get medium-to-long distance from him, is to 
    throw huge boulders at you.  Wait just about a second before you start your 
    evasion roll, because he tracks you until he actually throws the boulder.  
    It's not fun to come out of a roll and find a boulder in your face.  No one 
    likes a boulder in the face.  If you're confident in your timing, they can 
    also be parried.
    Just keep doing light combos, backing away when necessary.  Lather, Rinse, 
    Repeat.  He's dead.
                HAIRY CERBERUS                                               [CERB]
    This battle is a lot easier than it may seem, even on Titan Mode.  The same 
    strategy used for Theseus Phase 1 also works here.  Just attack relentlessly 
    and block when you see that it's about to attack.  There are several cues.  
    It's first and most dangerous attack is the paw swipe, which early in the 
    battle it will almost always do twice in a row.  The cue for this is obvious; 
    it lifts its paw up.  You have plenty of time to block or parry.  
    Its second attack is dangerous because it's not as obvious. If it pauses and 
    seems to be doing nothing for half a second, then it is probably going to do 
    its charge attack.  The general rule for this battle is that if you're unsure, 
    block just to be safe.  
    Its third attack is the fire breath.  When I played the game for the first 
    time on God Mode, I rolled around like a lunatic trying to avoid it, but 
    then I found out during Titan Mode that swords can block fire.  It can even 
    be parried.  Go figure.  The cue for this is also obvious.  It cocks its 
    head back a little and...
    Its final attack is the barrage of fireballs.  If you are at a good 
    distance from it and it pauses and shrinks back a little, then it is going 
    to shoot 5 fireballs at you.  THEY ARE NOT BLOCKABLE.  In any case, 
    they're easy to avoid simply by rolling out of the way, or moving to an 
    even further distance, making them fall short.
    Once you've done enough damage, you'll be prompted to hit the circle 
    button.  That's the end.  No sequence or anything.
                EURYALE                                                      [EURY]
    In spite of her gruesome appearance, Euryale is one of the easier bosses in 
    God of War 2.  On Titan Mode, like with everything else, you just have a 
    smaller margin for error.
    = Phase 1: Battle on the Ground =                                        [EUR1]
    Euryale uses four attacks in this phase.  In between and during all of them 
    you should be wailing on her with light combos.  If she raises up and you see 
    red light in her eyes, it means she's going to do her stone gaze.  Time your 
    parry and then start hitting circle rapidly to deflect it back at her.  
    You'll receive a tiny bit of health and magic orbs.  If she raises up but you 
    do NOT see red light (and this one's faster) then she's going to try to 
    bite you.  Parry or block it.  Rarely she will stand at her normal height 
    and do a horizontal tail swipe.  Parry or block it.  Her most dangerous 
    attack is when she goes low to the ground and starts wriggling.  It means 
    she's going to do a horizontal tail swipe, followed immediately by a 
    downward tail slam.  You can parry the swipe, but not the slam, so 
    immediately roll out of the way. My recommendation, depending on how good 
    at defense you are, is to NOT WASTE your magic or Rage of the Titans.  
    They're more useful later.  Once you've gotten her low enough, she'll 
    cough up more health and magic orbs.
    = Phase 2: Pillar Vantage Point =                                        [EUR2]
    Euryale climbs one of the two pillars.  Move right up to her and start using 
    light combos.  If it's the left pillar, stand to the left of it, if it's the 
    right pillar, stand to the right of it.  This way you'll connect with more of 
    your attacks instead of hitting the pillar.  You SHOULD NOT jump 
    to attack her, because it sets you up to get hit by her tail.  She will do a 
    double tail swipe, both of which can be parried or blocked as long as you're 
    on the ground.  
    Her second attack is to shoot red orbs at you.  These orbs do ZERO damage, 
    but have a percentage chance of changing you to stone that seems to increase 
    the more you get hit by them.  If you're close, chances are they'll miss you 
    anyway.  If you get hit, don't worry about it.  If you get turned to stone, 
    just wiggle QUICKLY, because her next instinct is to crush you to pieces 
    with her tail or to do her third attack.  The third attack is where she 
    climbs to the top of the pillar, jumps off and smashes the ground, 
    unleashing a shockwave.  Time it so that you are jumping as she comes down, 
    then double jump to make sure you don't get hit by it.  You don't even have 
    to leave the pillar to do this.
    Her third attack is to do a massive stone gaze that fills the area near 
    the pillars, then flows forward across the whole room in a wave.  This 
    wave can be parried with the right timing.  It's usually a half-second 
    SOONER than you think.  Even if you're stoned by it, just wiggle to get 
    out of it, and get ready to double jump to avoid her body flop shockwave.
    Once you've gotten her low enough, you'll be prompted to hit circle to 
    attach your chain blades to her, then whirl the stick to yank her down.  
    Get a few more hits in, block if necessary, and then she'll climb 
    onto the other pillar.  Follow the same strategy until you yank her 
    down off of that one too.
    = Phase 3: She's Really Pissed =                                         [EUR3]
    She starts off this phase by coming at you fast and slamming the ground.  
    After the first two, she lunges to do two more.  These attacks CANNOT be 
    blocked or parried, so be careful and keep your distance while she's 
    doing this.  If you have a good amount of health, now would be a good time 
    for Rage of the Titans.  Just take the reduced damage she'll deal to you, 
    and go to town on her.  But be careful and don't let your health get too low.  
    You could also just not attack as much and block where possible, but 
    personally I like to get in as many attacks as I can with rage, taking 
    advantage of the increased defense.  
    This phase is also a great time for Cronos's Rage, because it enables you 
    to keep your distance and do a good amount of damage.  Start dropping shock 
    orbs and keep your distance if she starts ground pounding.
    Her second attack this phase is to start unloading tons of those red orbs.  
    The same rules apply.  They do no damage, but have a higher chance of 
    turning you to stone.  And since there are so many of them, that chance 
    only increases.  Do a combination of rolls and parries to avoid them, 
    because they're too fast to parry all of them.
    Once you've wittled her down enough, you'll be prompted to do several 
    button presses to finish her off.  An ironic death.  
    Not only does she NOT avenge her sister, but she dies the same way.  
                STONE MINOTAUR II                                            [SM2]
    This one has the same attacks as the last one.  Unfortunately, this one also 
    has an unlimited supply of Hades harpies that come to annoy you two at a 
    time.  The best way to win this battle is to go full fury and kill the minotaur 
    as soon as possible.  Just like before, he'll wake up swinging and pounding the 
    ground.  If you use light combos and attack under his arms to the left, you 
    can avoid those attacks while dealing heavy damage.  If you have magic, use 
    Cronos Rage as well, to hit the minotaur AND keep the harpies at bay.  
    As soon as he starts to turn his back to you, it means he's going to do the 
    spin move, so back away.  Keep doing this and throwing harpies that manage to 
    survive your attack flurry.  If/When you get low on health, go back and use 
    the chest for green orbs.  
    Back away enough so that the minotaur turns back into a pile of rocks.  This is 
    so that he starts off with the ground pound pattern, enabling you to attack 
    without being hit again.  Move back in under his arm and resume your attack.  
    If you have Rage of the Titans at this point, use it to do extra damage and to 
    have good defense just in case you do get hit.  After enough of this, the 
    circle will appear.  Follow the prompts and destroy him.
                PERSEUS                                                      [PRS]
    This is arguably the hardest boss battle in the game.  If not, then it's second 
    only to the last battle.  The key to winning, especially in Titan Mode, is 
    blocking constantly and parrying well.  And patience.  
    = Phase 1: Invisible Perseus =                                           [PRS1]
    He isn't QUITE invisible.  If you look carefully you'll see a faint shadow 
    moving around or the splashing of his feet.  But it's not even worth it to try 
    and seek him out to attack.  It's better to just block all the time - ALL THE 
    TIME - and wait for him to do his 7-hit combo.  When it's done, while still 
    holding L1 to block, hit Circle to do the Rampage of the Furies Attack.  Make 
    sure you're facing the direction the hits were coming from, and make sure to 
    do it IMMEDIATELY after Perseus's seventh hit, or he'll move.  You should be 
    able to get anywhere from 5-14 hits with it.  BLOCK right away after it's 
    done.  You can try to get in a few light attacks in between the Rampages if 
    you see him nearby, but just be careful and keep blocking, because he can 
    turn the tides of this battle in a few moves.  If you get caught by one of 
    his hits, chances are he'll follow it up with another and combo you.  Once 
    you've gotten in a good number of hits (somewhere around 50 for Titan Mode, 
    so probably less for the easier modes), Perseus will appear with a circle 
    over his head.  Grab him to crush the invisibility helmet and start Phase 2.  
    IMPORTANT: You must grab him QUICKLY when the circle appears.  It is only 
    there for a second or less. If you're too late, he'll turn invisible again, 
    and you'll have to hit him 30-40 more times.  The key to this is not to 
    overdo it.  Use the Rampages of the Furies first to get your hit count up, 
    then start using light attacks.  You don't want to be in the midst of a 
    Rampage combo when the circle appears, or you'll never get him in time.
    ** Note: Don't bother using magic during this phase.  Typhon's Bane is 
    inconsequential.  Cronos's Rage won't be able to find him.  And obviously 
    you'll never see him, let alone have enough time to do Euryale's Gaze. **
    Phase 2: Swordsman Perseus                                               [PRS2]
    Without his invisibility helmet, Perseus starts attacking more ferociously.  
    He has several slash combos and lunging strikes, all of which can be blocked.  
    Parrying them requires precision timing, but it can be done, and is very 
    effective, especially with the Argo's Revenge counter attack.  Did you know 
    that you're invincible while doing the counter?  VERY useful in this battle.  
    This is the part that requires patience, because Perseus allows practically 
    ZERO openings to do any major combos, so you have to peck at him where you 
    can, while evading and blocking his attacks.  He's also got a new move.  
    When you see him jog backwards to the rear of the room, he's going to use 
    his shield.  It shines bright and blinds you, and you have to wiggle the 
    stick to get out of the daze.  Roll immediately, because while you're 
    stunned, Perseus is preparing to hit you with a heavy attack.  I've never 
    gotten hit by it, but I assume that it's devastating.  It may even auto-kill 
    you in Titan Mode.  In any case, I highly suggest you don't let it hit you.  
    Once you've gotten him low enough, the circle will appear again briefly.  
    Grab him and Kratos will break his sword in half, leaving him only with his 
    shield and sling.
    **Note: Turns out that magic is mostly useless in this phase too.  He's too 
    fast for Euryale, and he mostly blocks Chronos and Typhon. **
    Phase 3: Shield-Bearer Perseus                                           [PRS3]
    This is the easiest phase, but don't get careless.  Whereas before you had to 
    constantly block to avoid Perseus's attacks, now you need to attack him 
    non-stop.  He will try to hit you with his sling, but you can stop it simply 
    by hitting him during his swing. He still has the shield-blinding move, which 
    he'll follow with either a sling-attack or a shield bash.  Wiggle out and 
    roll away like before.  The key is to just be careful, so that you don't 
    die after getting through the hard parts.  Once he's been weakened enough, 
    he'll move to the back of the room and become slightly more aggressive with 
    the sling.  Just wail on him until you're prompted to do the awesome 
    finishing sequence.  It involves button presses, a stick wiggle and another 
    button press, so be prepared.  I think this battle was personal for Kratos, 
    because the way he kills this guy is brutal even for him.  No fancy-pants 
    nancy-boy's gonna come in here and talk crap on the GHOST OF SPARTA!
                STONE MINOTAUR III                                           [SM3]
    By now you should know what to expect.  The third minotaur doesn't throw 
    rocks at you, but instead uses the ground pound attack far more often, and the 
    cues for it and the spinning attack are similar so be careful.  If you get 
    caught up in the storm of fists, it's over for you, especially on Titan Mode. 
    The other difference is that it is not stationary.  However, it will only move 
    but so far, and there is always enough space along the edges of the platform 
    to stay out of range of its attacks.  Keep circling it and attacking - the 
    best time being in the midst of its ground pound attack.  Once you've done 
    enough damage, it will do a double fisted pound and cause the rear wall to 
    crumble, revealing a climbable surface.  Jump and glide over to it right away 
    before the ground sinks beneath the lava.
    While clinging to the wall, the Minotaur will NOW throw rocks.  Delay about a 
    second to let him home in on you, then jump to the left or right.  If you 
    jump too early, he'll lead you, and the boulder will hit you.  I've heard 
    that you can hit the boulders out of the air, but I've never tried it, and it 
    seems awfully risky.  I don't recommend it.
    Once he's had enough target practice, the ground will resurface, and you can 
    jump back over.  Follow the same pattern above and eventually you'll kill him. 
    There's not even a timed-button sequence for this one.
                ABOMINATION                                                  [ABM]
    I really didn't know what else to call this thing.  I'm sure it has an official 
    name at SCEA SM headquarters, but I have no idea what that is.
    = Phase 1: Fly in the Face of Evil =                                     [ABM1]
    The very first thing you should do at the start of this battle is to pick up 
    the corpse of the Spartan and carry it straight down the middle towards the 
    Kraken.  Drop it off close to the button, but not too close or you'll 
    get tentacle stabbed for sure.
    Despite the look of it, the Kraken is predictable and simple to defeat.  
    It has three types of attacks.  There's a lashing tentacle whip with the 
    right or left, depending on which side you're on.  If you see either of the 
    tentacles suddenly uncoiling from the pillar, back away immediately.  Then 
    there's a three-hit tentacle stab that knocks you down.  If you see movement 
    behind/above its head, move to the opposite side of him.  The stab doesn't 
    track you, it just hits in three places on the side you're on.  The third 
    attack is some kind of acid breath with nasty green chunks.  It blows you 
    back, but doesn't seem to do much damage.  Added to that, the chunks are 
    parryable and can be sent back at him.
    Now, to the killing part.  Its weakspot is the jewel in its forehead, but 
    unfortunately, Kratos can't jump or fly that high.  So you must wail on the 
    left tentacle, being careful to avoid the lashes and stabs.  Once the 
    tentacle lifts up a bit, you can put the Spartan's body on the button, which 
    opens the vent in the center of the area.  Run over to it, use the Icarus 
    wings to fly up and glide into the Kraken's face.  Unleash a Rampage 
    of the Furies (L1 + O) and mash the circle button to sustain the attack.  
    Depending on what level your Blades are, it may take one or two flurries.  
    Once you've done enough damage, the Kraken will stab one of its stony 
    tentacles into the ground.  Run over to it, climb it, and start hacking away 
    at the protective coating.  There will be a button prompt (usually circle) 
    that you must hit for Kratos to sever the tentacle.
    Repeat.  It will take more damage the second time, but once its hurt enough 
    it will stab its other stony tentacle into the building behind you.  Move to 
    where its lower and jump up to cling to it.  Scale along the tentacle until 
    you reach the stony covering and hack it to pieces.  Another button prompt 
    and then another tentacle severed.
    = Phase 2: The Setup =                                                   [ABM2]
    Believe it or not, it's already almost over.  The Kraken will eat the 
    Spartan, so that's the end of the flying face attacks.  It's desperate now and 
    will use more deadly attacks.  If you get too close it will do a flurry of 
    tentacle slams in front of its body, which on Titan Mode will probably kill 
    you instantly.  It also still has its acid breath, which is still just as 
    easy to parry or block.
    The goal now is to do enough damage to one of the tentacles coiled around the 
    pillar.  Once that's done, the Kraken will start falling off of the 
    platform.  QUICKLY move to the other tentacle and hack at it until it uncoils 
    as well.  Once it has fallen again, move to the switch in the center and pull 
    it.  A bridge will extend and...good night.  Battle over.
                Lakhesis                                                     [LKH]
    = Phase 1: On the Ground =                                               [LKH1]
    Lakhesis has four attacks.  The first is a looping triple staff swing that 
    starts slow enough to be parried, but to be safe I'd recommend just rolling 
    out of the way of it.  If you get hit by one, you'll get hit by all three, 
    and you'll be more than half-dead.  She blocks the Argo's Revenge Counter, so 
    it's really not worth it.
    Her second and more common attack is to fire a green orb at you.  This is 
    what you WANT her to do, and what makes the battle so fun.  Parry it and 
    send it back at her to knock her down, stun her for two seconds, and make her 
    leak magic orbs.  BE CAREFUL though, because sometimes - more often as you 
    weaken her - she'll parry your reflection and send it back at you again.  
    On Titan Mode, I've gone back and forth with her as many as 12 times.  The 
    game is very forgiving on the timing of the parry, so you shouldn't have 
    much trouble.  It's easier if you put some distance between you, but it's 
    faster, more fun and more intense if you do it from close range.  As soon as 
    she's down, move to her and do a light 7-8 hit combo. Roll away right 
    afterwards, because she'll probably come out of her daze with a triple 
    staff swing.
    Her third attack, which she'll almost never do, is to send her staff 
    spinning towards you.  The staff's not the problem, it's the barrage of 
    green orbs that come out of it.  Just roll towards the staff and you'll be 
    able to avoid them. Once you've done enough damage, she starts to 
    take you seriously.
    Her fourth attack, done rarely in this phase but more often in later phases, 
    is to send three green orbs along the ground in two consecutive waves.  
    If the first wave hits you, the second wave will too.  But if you 
    parry/reflect the first wave, then you'll be impervious to the second wave.  
    The trouble with this attack is that the cue looks very similar, if not 
    identical, to her triple-staff swing.  If you roll expecting the staff swing, 
    you'll get hit by the ground orbs, so parrying really is the key.
    = Phase 2: In the Air =                                                  [LKH2]
    In this Phase, Lakhesis adds a few attacks to her arsenal.  She spends most 
    of her time in the air, so you can forget about hitting her with your 
    blades, but a jumping Cronos Rage will do the trick.  Her most common attack
    will be to dive from the air to the ground, creating a small radial energy 
    well around her.  As long as you're not in its range on impact, it can't hurt 
    you.  So as soon as she lands, move in and start attacking.  Still beware of 
    the triple staff swing.
    Another common attack, and the most dangerous of all, occurs when she starts 
    twirling her staff rapidly in the air and a small bolt of green energy 
    appears. That is your cue to IMMEDIATELY use one of the air hooks to get off 
    of the ground.  The whole floor becomes covered with green energy and does a 
    TON of damage.  On Titan Mode I didn't get hit by it, but given the pattern 
    of this game so far, I'm guessing its auto death.  It is not enough to get 
    off of the floor, though.  Lakhesis will try to knock you down by shooting 
    an energy orb at you.  Delay a half second, then jump to next air hook to 
    make her miss. After the third shot, the green energy on the floor will 
    disappear and you can drop down safely.
    She still has her flying staff trick, which she will use a bit more often in 
    this phase.  Just watch out for the orbs.  She will also still be shooting 
    single orbs at you, which you can still reflect back at her.  Her parrying 
    ability is much better in this phase, so be prepared for a tennis match, 
    especially on Titan Mode.
    Use plenty of Cronos Rage, combo her when she dives down, and avoid the 
    attacks as described, and eventually a circle will appear over her head.  
    Quickly use the nearest air hook, then jump and glide towards her to 
    activate the prompt.
                Atropos                                                      [ATR]
    After giving Lakhesis the work, she'll talk more of her trash, then summon 
    Atropos to deal with you.  You'll be sucked into one of the mirrors and back 
    into the past.  If you played the first God of War, you'll recognize the time 
    and the place - the final battle between Kratos and Ares.
    The objective here is to take out Atropos before she can break the giant 
    sword.  There will be an endless spawning of weak minions.  You can use Atlas 
    Quake on them, or you can try holding block and parrying one of their attacks, 
    followed by an Argo's Revenge to knock them all back.  Meanwhile, Atropos will 
    be shooting slow and tracking green orbs at you.  Forget about avoiding them.  
    It's really a hassle, especially with the minions attacking you at the same 
    time.  They also do damage within a certain radius, so even when you think 
    you've avoided them, you probably haven't.
    The best thing to do is to parry them and reflect them back at Atropos.  
    After 3 or 4 of them, or after enough time has passed and minions have been 
    killed she'll laugh and fly closer to the sword, either in the center, the 
    far left, or the far right.  Move to where ever she is and hit her with a 
    Cronos Rage. If you get too close, you'll be hit by the green energy she's 
    channeling into the sword in her attempt to break it. So be careful.
    Once you've hit her, she'll stop channeling, and you can jump right in her 
    face and use an Air Rampage of the Furies.  Like always, mash the circle 
    button to stay in the air longer and dish out more hits.  She'll laugh again 
    and fly to her favorite position out of your reach.
    This is the pattern.  Keep on reflecting her orbs, Chronos Raging, and Fury 
    Rampaging, and eventually she'll get winded and fall over on the sword.  Hit 
    circle and follow the button prompts to finish her off.  Brutal.
                Lakhesis, Atropos, & the Mirrors                             [LAA]
    = Phase 1: Bringing Lakhesis to Her Knees =                              [LAA1]
    After stabbing Atropos in the forehead, you're returned to the Temple of the 
    Fates for part 4 of this epic battle.  The sisters are really pissed now 
    and will both be attacking you.  Fortunately, Atropos is stuck in the past and 
    can only attack you from the left or right mirrors. She has two attacks - 
    firing green orbs, and an area-sweeping green beam.  Neither does much damage, 
    but they can add up if you're careless.  If you're nervous, take solace in 
    the fact that this battle is a checkpoint, and if you die, you won't have to 
    go back to the beginning.  
    You'll want to focus most of your attention on Lakhesis, who is still doing 
    the same attacks from the earlier phases. You start this battle with full 
    health and magic, so don't be stingy with the Cronos Rage.  She loves it, so 
    give her a full dose.  It's best to hit her with it when she's near Atropos, 
    so you can damage them both and keep Atropos from using her sweeping green 
    beam. And about the beam - it can be avoided in two ways.  By using the 
    Icarus Wings (L1 + X) to leap over it as soon as she starts firing.  Or by 
    moving to the far opposite side of the area from where she started the beam. 
    Rolling will not work.
    Lakhesis will spend most of her time doing dive bomb attacks, so move out of 
    the way and combo her as soon as she lands.  Once you've done enough damage 
    to her, she'll fall to her knees and start glowing green.  This is your cue 
    to use the Amulet of the Fates (L1 + R1) to freeze time.  Move over to Atropos 
    and wail on her.  Two doses of Air Rampage of the Furies, and she'll fall 
    to the ground.  When time unfreezes and you have control again, immediately 
    attack the mirror and shatter it.  Be careful of Lakhesis, who almost 
    certainly will be dive bombing you right after time unfreezes.
    Maintain the pattern, freeze time when Lakhesis kneels again, then attack 
    Atropos in the other mirror.  Once you've broken that mirror, Lakhesis will 
    move to the one in the center.
    = Phase 2: The Finale =                                                  [LAA2]
    Atropos is finished, so now all you have to deal with is Lakhesis.  She will 
    hover near the center mirror the whole time, making this pretty simple.  Just 
    parry/reflect her green orbs when she shoots them at you.  She will also send 
    them along the ground in two waves like before.  They're particularly hard to 
    parry when you're close to her, so be cautious.
    She also has yet another new attack.  She'll summon a group of green energy 
    columns, which will spread out as they come towards you.  They move along 
    the same paths every time, so they're easy to avoid as long as you keep your 
    distance.  They cannot be blocked or parried, and do a lot of damage.
    They're only difficult to avoid if you're close up and attacking Lakhesis. So 
    don't be greedy.  Get in a good number of hits (7-8), then back away. You 
    have plenty of time to avoid the columns.  Lakhesis will go down surprisingly 
    quick, and you'll have to hit circle to start a sequence.  Atropos makes one 
    final desperation appearance during the sequence, and really pays the price 
    for it.  After a stab to the head for Lakhesis, Kratos traps them both in the 
    center mirror.  Break it to finish the battle and open a path to the next 
    How great was that battle?!  Pretty great.
                INNER SANCTUM LEGIONS                                        [SCT]
    While technically this isn't a boss battle, on Titan Mode it's harder than 
    all three Sisters of Fate, so I decided to include it.  As you proceed down 
    the ramp leading to Klotho, you'll be faced with wave after wave of monsters. 
    There will be a barrier blocking you from returning to the save point once 
    the battle starts and it won't come down until you've defeated everything.  
    Let me tell you in advance that this battle SUCKS.  You will die.  Often.  
    And sometimes after getting SO close to winning.  Stick with it.
    My strategy for this required:
    Blades of Athena (MAX)
    Euryale's Gaze (MAX)
    Atlas Quake (at least level 2)
    = First Wave: Legionnaires and Juggernauts =                             [SCT1]
    As you run down the ramp, the serious music starts, and a cursed legionnaire 
    (red guys with swords) will drop down and immediately attack.  Ignore him and 
    keep running, also moving past the second one waiting for you.  Back yourself 
    up near the second barrier (has a face on it) and get ready to parry.  Right 
    about the time that you parry the legionnaire(s) attack, another barrier will 
    appear to block off your retreat.  Two Fates Juggernauts will appear right 
    near you as well.
    Immediately use Gorgon's Rage with the Head of Euryale (Hold L2 and Hold 
    Circle, then release circle after 1-2 seconds).  It will flash freeze 
    everything near you - most importantly, the juggernauts.  Use Tartarus Rage  
    (L1 + Triangle), aiming to hit both juggernauts at the same time.  If you 
    followed these instructions precisely, then you'll already be in the right 
    position to do it.  You'll definitely crush one, and if you miss the other, 
    quickly do another Tartarus Rage before he recovers.  If done correctly, you 
    should've shattered both juggernauts and 2-3 legionnaires.
    A third juggernaut will come out of the ground.  Keep your distance and watch 
    for the jumping flash attacks of the legionnaires.  They're your best friend 
    because they're easily parried, and the Argo's Revenge counter will knock 
    any others backwards and damage the juggernaut if he's nearby.  But the real 
    key to this is rolling.  Roll to avoid the flash attacks, roll to avoid the 
    juggernauts.  Keep moving up and down the ramp, and the temporary barriers 
    will often separate the legion into more manageable groups.
    Whenever you're able to, use the circle-square grab on the sentries to 
    toss them at the juggernaut.  The juggernaut will almost always be the target 
    of the throw automatically if he's in range.  This does a good amount of 
    damage, often knocks a chunk of his armor off, and always staggers him.
    You should - and really need - to come out of this wave with no damage 
    and with that first Gorgon's Rage being the only magic used.  If you took 
    a few minor hits, don't worry about it.  But do NOT get hit by the 
    juggernauts, because a fifth of your bar in this madness can make all the 
    difference in the world.
    In the next section - the brightly lit one with windows - Fates Sentries 
    (gray axe-wielders) and Legionnaires will drop down.  There are two 
    good ways to tackle these guys.  They'll all come at you at once, so if you 
    parry one attack (and even with poor timing you're bound to parry at least 
    one of them), Argo's Revenge will send the whole lot of them flying away.  
    With breathing room, move for the gray ones and use the circle-square grab.  
    Be quick in your button pressing so that your grab is not interrupted.  
    This grab is especially useful because you're invincible while doing it, and 
    it hits at least two enemies.  When the red ones are weak, also use the 
    circle-square grab.  It's the swinging one from the first GoW, and is very 
    effective at clearing the room.  
    I'm sure you're used to dealing with these kinds of enemies by 
    now, so why am I even giving you a strategy for them?  Because the 
    objective is to NOT GET HIT at all.  You really need to conserve 
    as much health and magic as possible for the third wave.
    = Second Wave: Sirens and Gorgons =                                      [SCT2]
    Others on the GF boards seem to disagree with me, but this is a very 
    difficult wave.  The enemies themselves present problems, but the real 
    danger they present is weakening you too much for the third wave.  So you 
    need to be close to perfect here.  
    Sirens are easy to kill, but their ground-fount spell and the little energy 
    balls are a distraction and sometimes set you up for a nasty combo by other 
    enemies.  The Gorgon Queens are the real problem, though.  They dodge 
    almost everything, counter constantly, and can attack from a distance in a 
    split-second.  Just when you think you're at a safe distance, they're in 
    your face with a claw or two.  And of course there's the Gorgon Ray and the 
    Gorgon Orbs, which make them the only regular enemies in the game that can 
    instant kill you.  So whatever you do, never jump anywhere near them.  
    Falling while stone equals instant shatter death.
    If you parry the ray or the orbs, then you can flash freeze everything 
    around you.  If you catch the sirens, then shatter them immediately.  
    Attacking the Gorgons can be risky, because they unfreeze very quickly, 
    and attack immediately after recovering.  A few readers told me that 
    if you use the Barbarian Hammer's "Might of the King" attack 
    (L1 + Triangle), they shatter easily, but I haven't confirmed this.
    Atlas Quake is your friend here.  A few of these, even at level 2, will 
    definitely critical the sirens, and will bring the Gorgons pretty close.  
    If you have an instant kill prompt on any of them, use it immediately, 
    because it gives you a break, and always causes them to release magic 
    orbs.  If you're feeling conservative, you can try doing a few light 
    attacks against either the sirens or gorgons, but be careful of their 
    counter-attacks.  Be constantly aware of the Gorgon rays and the Sirens' 
    ground-fount.  The ground fount does considerable damage and opens you 
    up to other attacks.
    If you have to grab either of the two chests to stay alive or replenish 
    magic, then use Rage of the Titans before opening them so that you 
    won't be interrupted by any attacks.  Turn Rage off again once you've 
    gotten what you need.  Finish off whoever is left.
    Moving on, you'll see Rage/Magic chest.  Grab it. Magic is the more 
    important of the two.  A little further ahead you'll have to face 
    another wave of Cursed Legionnaires.  Use the same strategy as before.
    = Third Wave: Satyrs and Hades Minotaurs =                            [SCT3]
    This wave can be tough, especially if you've already been weakened 
    or depleted of magic by earlier waves.  If you've been doing well, you 
    should have at least 3/4 of your health, 3/4 of your magic, and a full 
    (or almost full) Rage of the Titans meter.  Ignore the first Satyr to 
    appear, rolling to avoid his attack as you go by, and two minotaurs 
    will appear, along with another satyr.  Immediately use Atlas Quake 
    until it's all gone.  The minotaurs will be ready for the kill sequence 
    so take them out.  A third minotaur will appear.  If you have any 
    Atlas Quake left, use it.  If you don't have enough for a Quake, but 
    do have enough for Cronos Rage, then use that.  There's no point at all 
    in saving magic - this is the wave you need it for.  There will also 
    be a chest for the last wave.
    Once you're out of magic, get moving.  Put some distance between 
    yourself and the enemies. Block if a Satyr gets too close or if you have 
    to wait for a barrier.  What you want to try and do is get a barrier 
    to pop up between a satyr and anyone else remaining.  One on one, Satyrs 
    can be taken out easily in two ways.  The first is just to block their 
    flurry, then immediately grab them.  After you knock them to the ground 
    grab them again.  Do this while they're still on the ground, because 
    they rise with an attack.  4-5 of these will kill a satyr at full health, 
    but chances are that they were weakened by the Atlas Quakes anyway.
    The second is to throw them down first or use a Chronos Rage to stun them, 
    then immediately hold triangle to launch them into the air, Kratos 
    jumping up with them.  Use and Air Rampage of the Furies (L1 + O) and 
    mash the circle button to stay in the air longer.  As you come close 
    to the ground, tap circle to do an air grab.  If this doesn't kill it, 
    then one more grab on the ground should do it.  If you see a minotaur 
    coming, do not try to grab the Satyr, or the Minotaur will just smash you.  
    If you're able to clear out the Satyrs and only have Minotaurs remaining, 
    then there's a simple strategy for them. They have four attacks.  
    There's the horn charge, which is quick and hard to see coming, but it 
    also doesn't do much damage.  The Minotaur will do it after blocking 
    several of your attacks.  So if you see it blocking, just roll away.  
    The second attack worth noting is the unblockable flaming 
    hammer strike.  If the Minotaur starts to turn around slowly to do a big 
    swing, then get out of range.  It's easy to see coming, and easy to avoid 
    but becomes tricky when you're also dealing with Satyrs or another 
    Minotaur.  If it hits you, it does a ton of damage and grounds you. 
    Avoid it at all costs.
    Its third attack is to jab you with the club, followed by two very long 
    and wide range swipes.  If you parry the jab, you'll knock the Minotaur 
    back and it won't do the swipes at all.  If you roll - not recommended - 
    then be sure to be ready to parry or block the swipes.  This is another 
    one that you DO NOT want to hit you.
    Is fourth attack is a downward vertical club slam, which is blockable 
    and parryable.  It is immediately followed by a surprisingly quick 
    horizontal swipe, so be ready to parry that as well.  Parrying 
    really is your friend against the minotaurs.  Learn their attack cues 
    and you don't even have to hit and run with them too much.  They spend 
    most of the time roaring and breathing harmless fire, so you can get 
    off full combos before having to parry, block, or roll.  They're also 
    surprisingly weak, and it won't take too many combos to get them ready 
    for the instant kill.
    If you get low on health (and for this 50% or anything less is low), then 
    use Rage of the Titans as a last resort to up your defense and finish 
    them off.
    = Fourth Wave: The Nightmare =                                           [SCT4]
    As you run towards the end of the ramp, you'll see two lovely chests - 
    health and magic.  Make your way to them quickly if you need them, 
    which you almost certainly will, ignoring the sentries and legionnaires that 
    drop down.  You should have just enough time to grab both before the Cyclops 
    Brutes drop down and start attacking you.  Use a little Rage of the Titans 
    if a pesky grunt follows you, to avoid interruption.  
    In this wave there will be 4 cyclops, two at a time, and a whole horde of 
    sentries and legionnaires.  Focus your attacks on the sentries/legionnaires, 
    getting in a few whacks on the cyclops at the same time if they're nearby. But 
    most importantly, avoid AVOID AVOID the cyclops' attacks.  You'll want to 
    spend most of this battle staying out of their reach.
    Right off the bat, use Atlas Quake - or if Chronos Rage is level 3, you 
    can use that instead. The Quake is strong and has a wider range, but 
    it also uses more magic each time.  Either one is good, but if both are 
    level 2, then the Quake is better.
    Once you're out of magic, parrying the legionnaires' attacks and using 
    Argo's Revenge gives you a very short moment of invincibility, but there 
    is also a slight delay following it that leaves you open to a strike.  
    This game has the uncanny ability to let horrible attacks slip in these 
    openings.  So just be aware of the cyclops at all times.  Any time you get 
    a chance to throw an enemy, use the circle-square toss to hit the cyclops 
    with the body.  This is a good way to kill the sentries/legionnaires and 
    damage the cyclops at the same time.  You are also invincible while in the 
    throw animation.
    As with the last wave, use Rage of the Titans if your health gets too low, 
    but do not make the mistake of thinking that it makes a difference against 
    the Cyclops.  Their attacks will still do considerable damage, and they 
    are still unblockable, and they will still ground you, causing you to 
    waste valuable rage time.  I recommend using the standard square attacks 
    while in rage, because they are strong and fast and easy to block or roll 
    out of just in case you have to avoid a cyclops attack.  
    The final hit of the regular square attack will send smaller enemies 
    flying, and will even stagger the cyclops. Prometheus' Torment (Holding 
    Square) is actually VERY WEAK, and is only useful for building up the hit 
    count for Prometheus' Inferno (Hold L1).  It may be worth doing 
    once you have less than half of your rage meter remaining, to go out in a 
    fiery blaze.  Use it in the last second of the meter, because the effect 
    will keep going until the hit counter runs down, even if the meter 
    should've already been depleted.
    The SECOND you see a cyclops ready for a kill sequence, GO FOR IT!  The 
    sooner you get the first two done, the faster you can deal with the second 
    pair.  If you can get rid of these guys, then the worst is over.  If there 
    are any sentries/legionnaires remaining - which there shouldn't be - then 
    play it conservatively so that you don't lose it all at the very end.
    There are going to be all kinds of variations to this strategy, but this 
    is just how I beat it on Titan Mode - after trying for literally a 
    whole day.
    Good luck.
                KLOTHO                                                       [KLT]
    = First Tier: Two Gates =                                                [KLT1]
    After that terrible, terrible downramp to get to the loom, you'll be glad to 
    know that this battle is one of the easiest in the game.  It's just as much 
    of a stage as it is a fight.
    After entering the door and getting past the swinging blades, walk around the 
    circle to your left.  Use an Air Rampage of the Furies (or your combo 
    of choice) to take out the baby arm.  Use the switch to pull up the gate.  
    Take out the arm again if it has recovered, then use the stairs to glide to 
    the place under the gate.  Grab the chest if you need it.  Climb the wall to 
    the left to get up to the ceiling and scale all the way around the ring until 
    you reach the gate on the other side.
    Chances are that you'll get grabbed by the right baby arm, so be prepared to 
    wiggle out of it.  This will disable the arm.  Destroy the two corpses that 
    are attached to the gate, then drop down.  Use the switch to raise the gate, 
    take out the baby arm if needed, then use the stairs to glide to the spot 
    with the magic chest.  Use the rope to climb up.
    = Second Tier: Pinning the Arms =                                       [KLT2]
    Once you come up, move to the right.  Block any attacks from the baby arm, 
    and disable it if you want to.  Ignore the strange device and keep moving to 
    the nearby switch.  Pull it and a trap door will open.  Grab the red orb 
    chest.  Come back out, disable the nearest arm, then pull the switch again 
    to trap it inside the compartment.  Keep moving right.  Disable the next arm 
    you come to, then climb the rope to pull the switch to drop the blade and 
    pin the arm.  Go back to the strange device and start to pull it around the 
    perimeter, until you get to another blade on a rope.  You'll have to 
    disable the last arm to do it.  Then wait for the arm to recover and 
    disable it again, which will make it hit the blade and get pinned.  Use the 
    rope attached to that blade to climb up to the platform with the other 
    switch and it will take you up.
    = Third Tier: Face to Face With Ugly =                                 [KLT3]
    Immediately roll to avoid her first attack.  Use the Amulet of the Fates to 
    freeze time.  Go to work on her right arm - 12 regular hits with Maxed 
    Blades will disable it, but use whatever you want.  Once it's down, move to 
    the far right, jump, and use Chronos Rage.  It will hit some corpses that 
    are stuck to a beam above you.
    Grab the nearby lever and use it to slide the beam left around the ring.  
    You'll only be able to move it a slot or two before the right arm recovers. 
    Freeze time again and take it out.  What you want to do is get the switch 
    that is three slots away from the lever to line up with the center of the 
    ring.  If you need health, move all the way to the left of the ring, 
    disable the left arm, and pull that switch.  A corpse will be lifted and 
    placed in front of Klotho.  If she hits it at all, it will explode with a 
    ton of green orbs.
    Disable the right and left arms, freezing time to make it so that one's 
    not recovering while you're taking out the other.  Once both arms are 
    down, use the center switch to raise one of the giant swinging blades 
    from below.  The arms should still be disabled so move to the blade, 
    press R1 when prompted, and rotate it so that the blade is pointing 
    towards Klotho.
    Disable the arms again to be safe.  Then get behind the blade, pull it 
    back and be prepared to do a button-pressing sequence.  It will end 
    with a rotation of the joystick and... GOODNIGHT.  Too easy.
                ZEUS                                                         [ZS]
    = Phase 1: Giant Zeus =                                                  [ZS1]
    At the start, keep your distance so you don't get hit by the energy from 
    Zeus's weird summoning spell.  Then immediately focus your attacks on the 
    Siren Widows.  I recommend Atlas Quake since it hits them all at once. When 
    they have circles over them, finish them.  If you're using the quake, you 
    can jump from one to the next - up to 3 if they're close to one another. 
    Once their death cries have done enough damage to Zeus, he'll put his hand 
    down on the ground.  Press circle to finish this phase.
    = Phase 2: Kratos has the Blade =                                        [ZS2]
    Zeus has three attacks.  He'll throw lightning bolts most often.  
    They can be parried and thrown back at him with the fleece.  If your 
    counter hits him, he will ALWAYS follow with a charging palm thrust.  
    If you keep your distance, it won't even touch you.  If you're close to him, 
    then roll to the left or right of his path.
    The palm thrust is also a part of his second attack - a three hit punch 
    combo ending with a ground slam that has a small radius on impact.  On Titan 
    Mode, a direct hit by this final shot will kill you instantly.  It's very 
    easy to avoid by just staying away from him.
    His third attack is completely ineffective and easy to avoid.  He calls 
    lightning from the sky, pounds the ground in front of him, then sends a 
    shockwave running along the ground.  If you're circling him - as you should 
    be - then this thing has zero chance of ever hitting you.  It's only 
    dangerous when you're close to him and the first ground slam hits.
    In addition to parrying lightning bolts, you should use the distance attack 
    on the Blade of Olympus (L1 + Triangle).  Whenever it hits, Zeus is 
    momentarily stunned.  If you make sure that you're lined up with him so 
    that it will hit, you can actually take advantage of his stun and hit him 
    repeatedly.  The problem is that each one moves you a bit closer to him, so 
    backing away and doing it again can allow you to do it multiple times with 
    no threat.
    Once you've done enough damage (how many times have I said that?) Zeus will 
    start ONLY charging you.  Let him hit you, because it's part of the 
    process, and it does no damage.  He'll take the Blade from you.
    = Phase 3: Zeus has the Blade =                                          [ZS3]
    With the Blade, Zeus has four new attacks.  He has a double swing which 
    can be blocked or parried/countered.  It is the least predictable, so if 
    you're ever close to him, be sure to block.
    If he brings the sword up near his face, pointing it at you, then he will 
    unleash a ray of light towards you.  Just keep circling him and it won't hit 
    you.  But if you're too close, you may get hit by the horizontal swing that 
    releases it.
    For his third attack he jumps towards you and swings down, releasing a ray 
    of light.  Another attack that's easy to avoid by continuing to circle him.
    His final attack is to call lightning down into the blade and then unleash it 
    in...you guessed it...another ray of light.  This one's the most powerful, 
    but it's also very easy to see coming and easy to avoid.
    You want to hit him with the Blades of Athena from a distance - 2 or maybe 3 
    hits before backing away.  He will be moving lightning-fast and may 
    sometimes trick you into walking right into him.  If you find yourself 
    suddenly close to him, block immediately.  If you see him jump or point the 
    sword, then start circling him again to avoid the light rays.
    Your BEST friend in this fight, though, is Chronos Rage.  It does good 
    damage, keeps him stunned, and prevents him from phase-shifting away from 
    it.  Use as much as you have.
    Eventually Zeus will tire out and will do a few clumsy desperation strikes.  
    Just stay back like usual and a circle will appear over his head.  Press 
    and get ready to mash it afterwards to take the sword back from him and 
    throw him against a pillar.  Run over to the shining spot and press R1 
    to smash him with the pillar.  "I will not let you destroy Sparta!"  
    The battle then returns to Phase 2.  Repeat the process until Zeus 
    takes the blade again.  And here's where things get a little more 
    = Phase 4: Lightning Shield =                                            [ZS4]
    Zeus will be circled by electrical orbs.  If you get too close you'll get 
    hit by them repeatedly.  Zeus will be coming for you like usual, phasing 
    all over the place, so it's easy to get caught in the shield's proximity.  
    Once again Chronos Rage is helpful, but be careful not to get too 
    close.  Rage of the Titans and Prometheus' Torment (Hold Square) is your 
    best bet, though, as it will keep Zeus stunned, reduce the damage of the 
    lightning shield to almost nothing, and prevent you from getting stunned 
    or staggered.  Build up the hits, and if you need it, unleash Prometheus' 
    Inferno (Hold L1).  A circle will appear over Zeus's head, and you'll have 
    to mash it to take the sword back yet again and throw Zeus into the pillars 
    on the opposite side.  Run over and hit R1 to drop them on top of his head.
    = Phase 5: Kratos's Gambit =                                           [ZS5]
    This isn't really a phase, but be careful not to botch it.  Zeus will grow 
    big again and unload streams of electricity.  Press circle rapidly to resist 
    them, and Kratos will tell Zeus that he surrenders.  Zeus will move to 
    finish Kratos with the Blade of Olympus, but a button prompt will pop up.  
    YOU MUST PRESS IT IMMEDIATELY or you will die instantly.  Press it in time 
    and you'll trigger a button-pressing sequence.  Random buttons and then 
    ending with mashing circle.
    Congratulations.  After a little bit of running around, you've beaten 
    God of War II.
    FAQ (c)2007 Godheval
    God of War II (C) 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment
    All Rights Reserved.

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