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    Titan Mode FAQ by Guardianfool

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    God of War II Titan Difficulty Battle FAQ
    Started on: March 23, 2007
    Latest Update: April 03, 2007
    Version 1.1
    By: GuardianE2000 at gmail dot com
    This FAQ is copyright of GuardianE. God of War II is property of Sony,
    Santa Monica.  This FAQ is for personal use only, and cannot be altered,
    printed or distributed for commercial reasons.  Anyone who I find violating
    this will be punished to the full extent of the law.
    Table of Contents
    Seriously.  Don't.
    I.    	Welcome to Titan Difficulty
    II.   	General Tips and Strategies
    III.  	Key
    IV.   	The Colossus of Rhodes
    V.    	Escaping Hell
    VI.   	Pegasus Riding
    VII.  	Theseus
    VIII. 	Barbarian King
    IX.   	Titan Minotaur 1
    X.    	Cerberus Bastard
    XI.   	Euryale
    XII.  	Titan Minotaur 2
    XIII. 	Wraiths Outside of Perseus' Lair
    XIV.  	Perseus
    XV.   	Titan Mintoaur 3
    XVI.  	Turntable Platform Before Receiving Atlas Quake
    XVII. 	On the Other Side of the Great Chasm
    XVIII.	The Rotating Spike Room Inside
    XIX.  	The First Translator
    XX.   	Closing Walls Spike Trap
    XXI.  	Cerberus Breeders
    XXII. 	Last of the Spartans
    XXIII.	Kraken
    XXIV. 	Lahkesis
    XXV.  	Atropos
    XXVI. 	Lahkesis and Atropos
    XXVII.  Winding Path to Clotho
    XXVIII. Clotho
    XXIX.   Zeus
    XXX.    Final Word and Credits
    Version History
    03/23/07- Version 0.7:  Began writing and listed out most of the bosses and 
    scenes that I plan on covering.  There are a few that I may end up adding, but 
    not many.  Finished up strategies on most of the bosses.  The next update
    will finish up bosses and finish most, if not all of the other battles.
    03/25/07- Version 0.75: Added more battles to the outline and completed some
    more of the boss fights.  Completed most of the harder fights in between.
    03/28/07- Version 1.0: Finished almost every fight I wanted to cover.  All
    bosses are completed with detailed strategies.
    04/03/07- Version 1.1: Added several strategies from user contributions as 
    well as many small corrections regarding grammatical issues.  Some gameplay
    clarifications made.
    I.  Welcome to Titan Difficulty
    I am GuardianE and I like challenging, well made games.  I've beaten
    Maximo, Shinobi, Nightshade, DMC3, DMC3:SE, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Gaiden 
    Black on all difficulties and I play them regularly.  God of War 2 is normally
    not even in the same league as the above in terms of difficulty.
    In the first God of War, the God Difficulty was a decent challenge.  In God of
    War 2, the Titan Difficulty will cause migraines and a possibly destroyed 
    controller.  It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  While it
    doesn't show great ingenuity in how they made it harder (see below for the 
    actual statistical difference list), it's still VERY HARD
    and VERY HARD is how the mode is self described.  See there?  When you
    chose the VERY HARD mode on the New Game select screen?  Yeah, this is what
    that means.
    You may have beaten God Difficulty in GOW2 and are happy with yourself,
    however, if you found God Difficulty at all hard, then this mode will kick
    your ass.  Seeing how much trouble some people were having with the mode, 
    I decided to write this FAQ to help people through the diciest battles 
    spread throughout Titan Mode.  This is not a Boss Faq, even though it does
    include every boss, but rather any challenging battles you will come across
    in Titan Mode will be outlined here with helpful strategies.  Boss fights
    will be separated into changes of attack patterns and I will tell you when
    the game graces you with a checkpoint during one of these fights.  More
    often than not, they don't.
    Difference in Titan Difficulty Compared to Other Modes:
    Kratos' Power: 75%
    Kratos' Damage Intake: 500%
    Health Orbs Worth: 25%
    Magic Orbs Worth: 25%
    Experience Orbs Worth: 75%
    Titan Orbs Worth: 25%
    Enemy Pressure: Merciless
    Enemy Recovery: Immediate
    These stats were taken from the God of War 2 Strategy Guide.  Basically, you
    take monster damage.  Enemies are more aggressive and they are harder to 
    stun.  You now do less damage.  Health, Magic, and Experience orbs are give 
    you less.  Enemies will not stop attacking until you are dead.  Sucks, don't
    II.  General Tips and Strategies
    This FAQ assumes that you've already played through on Easy-God difficulty and
    you have some skill at the mechanics of this game.  I will not outline where 
    to get all of the Red Orb Chests, but I highly suggest that you find a FAQ 
    that does.  It will save you big time.  Also, I will not tell you how to 
    solve puzzles or navigate platforming puzzles that should be obvious on your 
    second playthrough.  Here are some general hints to understand before 
    starting Titan Difficulty:
    1) Get all the Reb Orb Chests.  You'll need them, especially with considering
       they're worth less in Titan mode.  I REPEAT: Pick up every red orb chest
       you can.  You'll want your Athena's Blades MAXed by The First 
       Translator battle and if you do not pick up every chest, you have almost
       no chance of making that quota.
    2) Whenever you're given a new power, use Cronos' Rage to kill off the 
       fodder enemies with your unlimited magic.  Netting you a 1500 combo will 
       give you much needed red orbs.
    3) Upgrade Athena's Blades first.  Then Atlas Quake.  Then Cronos' Rage.  
       Cronos' Rage acts as a combo accelerator and stun magic.  In some cases,it
       is much better to have this move at level one as it costs less magic and 
       you can stun enemies longer while you pound them with your Blades.  Blades
       should be fully upgraded by the first translator... this will be very very
       close though.  Alternatively, some suggest upgrading Atlas Quake fully by
       the first translator and sacrificing the orbs for the Blades.  Choice is
       IMPORTANT: If you have any doubts about what you should upgrade first,
       the critical point seems to be The First Translator.  At that point, if
       you did not collect enough red orbs or did not upgrade correctly, then
       it is possible to be in a situation that you cannot continue from.  Go
       either Full Blades or save for Atlas, but pick one.  I'm merely outlining
       what I did in my run.
    4) Plume of Prometheus is your best friend in this mode.  Unless said 
       otherwise, this should be your default attacking pattern... at least until
       you get a juggle.  Even after you get Tartarus' Rage (L1 + Triangle),
       nothing beats the quickness, reach, and cancelability of this move.  And
       you'll find that cancelability in this game is a must.  THIS IS YOUR BREAD
    5) Throw WHENEVER YOU CAN and always if you have a choice always pick the
       throw that will allow you to toss him at another enemy.  In some 
       instances, these enemies will do MONSTER damage.  Kicking the little dogs
       is one of the strongest attacks in the game and will take out an entire
       group of enemies.  Same goes for the Female Hades Firethrowers.  This may
       be because the game uses the ENEMY's damage ratio (500%) when throwing them
       as opposed to Kratos', because they don't do this much damage on Spartan.
    6) Whenever at a climbing segment with enemies, throw them.
    7) Whenever in Rage of the Titaning with Level 5 Blades, try to get that
       combo meter up!  Even if it involves using a little magic in the form of
       Cronos' Rage.  This is because if you have an awesome move in your arsenal
       that is dependent on having a huge hit count by the end of Rage of the
       Titans.  This is Prometheus' Inferno.  After racking up a huge combo (you
       can't lose a combo while in Rage of the Titans mode) and you have a sliver
       of Rage gauge left, hold L1 and watch your enemies burn in an enormous 
       tornado of fiery death.
    8) Whenever facing Gorgons, reflect everything they throw at you.  This will
       really come in handy, since it turns everyone to stone.
    9) Keep multiple saves.  You never know when you either forgot something or
       possibly screwed yourself at a point by losing too much health.  
    10)If you're in a bind, Rage of the Titans won't save you and also it takes
       away your precious Plume of Prometheus.  It does, however, double your
       attack damage (200%) and reduce the damage you take by half (50%).  
       After the upgrade (the Kraken battle), Rage of the Titans amplifies
       damage by a whopping 300% and reduce damage to 25% of what it would do
       in Titan Difficulty.  So, while this won't save you, it is a valuable
       tool.  If nothing else, use it to reduce damage in sticky situations.
    11) The Barbarian Hammer can be your best friend in certain areas.  Even at
        level 1, it's T, T Rage of the Titans attack is about as strong as the 
        Blades of Athena at level 5.  Just keep in mind that you can't roll and
        will have to quick cancel into the Blades if you need an evasive
    12) Euryale's Gaze is not completely worthless in Titan mode.  It can
        really save your ass when you're fighting Legionnaires in particular,
        or any of the super soldiers, really.  It can also yield you more of
        those precious red orbs.
        for Titan Mode.
    14) Fast rolling is a way to get around faster.  This involves cancelling 
        Kratos' roll animation with a weak attack button press and further 
        cancelling that button press with another roll.  Utilizing this will
        limit further frustration on moving slower.
    This is not the be-all way to defeat Titan Difficulty.  This was my method.
    If you have a better method, then please use it.  Use my words as a guide to
    help you find your own means of getting through this challenge.  Sometimes
    what I write will work and sometimes one lucky bolt will find its way to you
    and kill you.  You will die when playing this mode.  I'm trying to help you
    keep that death count and your frustration level low.  Now, you can use this
    guide for the lesser difficulties, but I wouldn't really recommend it.  In the
    lower difficulties, you can go much faster and have much more fun throwing
    caution to the wind and just destroying your enemies.
    If you have any suggestions for more fights to cover in the FAQ, please go
    ahead and email me with the subject line: GoW2 Titan Difficulty FAQ.  I'll
    put down strategies for your suggestion as soon as I can.
    III. Key
    T= Triangle button
    O= Circle button
    S= Square button
    X= X button
    RoT= Rage of the Titans
    PoP= Plume of Prometheus
    TR= Tartarus' Rage
    AB= Athena's Blades
    Default Aerial Combo= Hold T, Double Jump, L1+Circle until grounded
    Promethus' Inferno= L1 during RoT
    IV.  The Colossus of Rhodes
    Form 1: Greetings (45 HP)
    Do the following in order and you'll come out just fine:
    1) Jump down to avoid the fistblow against the wall.  
    2) To dodge any attacks:
       Roll laterally whenever the hand is on its downward trajectory, not while
       being raised or while at its apex
       Use Poseiden's Rage
    3) Attack his hand whenever you can and the Colossus will eventually become
    3) Press R1 to launch the boulder.
    4) Press R1 and O mashing Minigame to throw Kratos at the Colossus.
    5) Press S, S, S, S for the combination to the minigame
    Form 2: Old Dead-Eye (150 HP)
    The first thing you want to do is jump off the wall to avoid getting hit.  
    This is the only form that the Colossus is likely to kill you, so take a bit
    of caution when battling him.  Listed below is how to avoid his various 
    1) Straight punch is easy to roll away from and there's recovery time to hit
       him; if you hit him enough during the punch, then he won't be able to use
       his second hit swipe afterward
    2) Arm swipe- Long reach and speed, Poseiden's Rage if you can.
    3) Backhand Slap- Quick, deadly, and difficult to avoid
    4) Double Fist Slam- Instant Death, used after EVERY reeling animation!  Stay
       near the chain swing and use it before he executes this move, then MAKE
       SURE TO LAND BACK ON THE SAME SIDE QUICKLY.  If you don't, then the 
       Colossus will use...
    5) Grand Sweep- Colossus will use both arms and just sweep them across the 
       entire area.  You can avoid this by running to the opposite corner of the
       arena.  I would recommend using the chain swing, as it is faster and safer.
    In all honesty, you can almost abuse Poseidon's Rage at this stage every time
    he slams down.  One Poseidon's Rage plus a few hits to the stationary hand
    should be able to send him reeling.  
    Three reeling animations initiates the Context Sensitive Game:
    1) For the first arm-  O, T, T, X, X
    2) For the second arm- O, O, O, S, S
    3) End the fight with- L1 + R1 alternating
    Form 3: Hello, again (375 HP)
    The first thing you want to do is wait for the Colossus to perform his 
    Energy Trail move.  Once that's over, run up to the fallen fist on the side
    and hit R1.  Now, Colossus has a very limited moveset and an entire blind
    spot if you stand still slightly off from the sword.  All you need to do is
    use Poseidon's Rage and/or jump T or S over and over.  Just watch out for
    the following attacks:
    1) Fist Slam and Shockwave- Double jump over it
    2) Energy Trails- Stay in one spot
    Form 4: Me So Sleepy
    Colossus at this point is getting desperate and has only one move:
    Godly Flamethrower- Roll back as soon as you see it start
    Technically, now that you wield the Blade of Olympus, you can simply stand 
    back and use L1 + Triangle over and over.  If you're more adventurous, just 
    run up and do a few slashes before backward rolling.  It's really quite 
    simple.  He will reel back three times, and then you run up to him and press 
    V.  Escaping Hell
    Employ one of two strategies here.  Either alternate quick and heavy strikes
    while moving forward or simply grab the arms with O.  I would recommend using
    O, as it gives you precious moments of invulnerability and destroys several
    of the arms at once.  
    Don't fret if you're having a lot of trouble here.  Every time you die, the
    game takes pity on you and actually gives you more starting health when you
    VI. Pegasus Riding
    This isn't too difficult.  A few heavy hits and a L1/R1 ram will make most of
    these guys grabbable.  It helps if you try to circle the Griffons while 
    tapping S.  When under them, press T.
    Eventually, you'll face a Crow that rams right into you.  Press X to ram him
    instead.  Press one Context Sensitive button, then mash O to snap its neck.
    Then you'll face The Dark Griffin Rider and the two of you will speed through
    the skies at high speeds:
    In the wind tunnel, he will fire off three projectiles with an opening either
    up, down, left, or right.
    The order is:
    1) Move Down
    2) Move Left
    3) Move Up
    4) Get Hit
    Now, shake the L-stick.
    VII. Theseus
    Form 1: Melee Bout (280 HP)
    Block and parry like no other and Theseus doesn't stand a chance.  He only has
    three moves in his part:
    1) Triple swing-  Anticipate it and block accordingly.  He'll hit three times.
    2) Spear stab-  One hit.  Block it.
    3) Throw- Small Context Sensitive Game will appear.  It will always be a Half 
       Circle motion with the stick.
    After successfully blocking any of these, hit Theseus with Square, Triangle.  
    If you connect correctly, Theseus will actually go flying into the air and you
    can combo him with a full S, S, S, S, S, T combo.  Do this until he enters
    the next stage.  You should take very little damage, if any.
    Form 2: Magic Wielder 
    Theseus will now run one of two spots and summon crystals to explode up from
    the ground.  THESE WILL KILL YOU IN ONE HIT.  When you see him running, you
    can get a few hits in, orient yourself between where the crystals will appear,
    and then keep hitting him.  If that's too risky for you and you lack the
    reflexes for it, just hit him a few times when he's running and then roll
    away.  Otherwise, his attack pattern is the same as the melee bout, so it's
    nothing you haven't seen.
    Form 3: Summoner (270 HP)
    Theseus will now leap up to the top of the arched door and throw projectiles
    at you.  As soon as he does this, do the following:
    1) Back up against the wall opposite Theseus
    2) Pull out Typhon's Bane and unleash on him
    3) His first wave of projectiles will be fast that lead Kratos.  Simply
       strafe in one direction while firing your bow until he throws his magic 
       projectile and then strafe in the opposite direction.  You can continue 
       to do this until all magic is spent.
    4) He changes to slower, homing projectiles.  Now, just wait for him to fire
       one, wait until it gets halfway to you, then roll.  Repeat this until he
       summons minotaurs.
    Now, if you foolishly decide to get really close to the wall he's standing 
    on, he'll summon the Crystal Spikes around the door to kill you.  There's no
    real point in doing this anyway, since you can't hit him.  Once he summons
    the two minotaurs, play cat and mouse with them.  Your goal here is simply 
    to kill the minotaurs to get enough magic to shoot at Theseus with Typhon's
    Bane.  Use PoP to send the minotaurs flying.  I would not recommend juggling
    them with the default aerial combo until one of them is dead.  Doing the
    context sensitive kill WILL YIELD MORE MAGIC, so do it whenever you can.
    Theseus will do one of three things while you're facing off against the
    1) Summon Spikes- The Crystal Spikes will pop up in predesignated patterns.
       It helps if you can memorize which patterns pop up where.  It's not that
       difficult, as he only has three or so.  Get hit and you will die.
    2) Projectile Burst- Theseus will fire a burst of projectiles (about 3) and
       this is relatively easy to dodge
    3) Slow Projectile- Theseus will fire off a slow, homing projectile.  Dodge
       it like you did in his Magic Wielding form.  
    You cannot afford to get hit by the minotaurs often.  Recognize their attacks.  
    They can get hit by Theseus's spikes and projectiles, but I would not 
    recommend trying to do this purposefully.  Roll to each side of the arena 
    and keep your distance from the minotaurs.  The range of their attacks is 
    deceptively long.  You CANNOT block their overhead swing, so be cautious.  
    Use PoP as said before and KEEP AN EYE ON THESEUS.  Getting hit with the 
    projectiles isn't a huge deal when rolling, as they don't do much damage, 
    but if you get hit standing, you will be stunned and there's a very good 
    chance that the minotaurs will hit you.  Then boom, you could instantly die.
    You don't want that to happen.  When the minotaurs charge towards you (the
    readying animation is pretty obvious), make sure to block their attack and 
    then roll out of the way.
    After killing the erberus minotaur, fire off Typhon's Bane into Theseus.  He
    will get pissed and revert back to his initial attack pattern of varying 
    slow and fast projectiles.  Then he will summon another two minotaurs.  He
    does this for many, many waves so be prepared for the long haul.  Each time,
    wave Crystal Spikes erupt from the ground faster and faster.  
    The ONLY time RoT should be used is whenever the minotaurs first spawn.  
    Stand next to one of the spawning points and activate.  You have enough time
    for a S, S, S combo.  The minotaur may block it and he may not.  It's just
    to get an extra bit of damage in.  Deactivate RoT right after the S, S, S 
    Finally, a context sensitive game will appear that involves reeling with the
    L-stick and tapping O.  I bet it felt good to crush his head with the door.
    VIII. Barbarian King
    Form 1: Hitching a Ride 
    This first form is all Context Sensitive game involving 3 random buttons and 
    a 360 swirl.  No explanation needed.
    Form 2: Horseback (180 HP)
    As soon as the first starts, do the following:
    1) Pull out Typhon's Bane and start firing.  It does more damage than Cronos'
       Rage for the magic cost at level 1.  Stop at half magic.
    2) The Barbarian King will fire arrows at you while riding around the arena.
       Block them.  He always moves in a circling route, so just anticipate where
       he is heading and use PoP ahead of him so he runs into it.
    3) Whenever he does his charge attack and races towards you, roll laterally
       when he starts to get close to you, move closer to him, and then use PoP.
       Do not get too close because he performs an upward swing with his hammer.
       After you hit him a few times, watch out for his bow.
    4) Barbarian King performs a stupid move where he stands and fires off about 5
       arrows at you at a time.  Just block them.
    After you do enough damage to him, an O will appear over him.  Grab him to
    kill his horse and initiate the next stage.
    Form 3: On his feet (Invincible)
    He's invincible here.  Don't try to attack him.  Wait until he summons his
    barbarian mercenary spirits and simply press O next to them to throw them.
    You're invincible when throwing, so just do it in a row.  He does this in
    three waves.  Throw them all to initiate the next stage.  They give you
    practically no magic.  Tough luck.
    He WILL attack you with a foot stomp that creates a wave that travels towards
    you.  You can avoid this by double jumping.  Make sure not to jump into the
    bog and die, though.  You're close to a checkpoint. :P
    Form 4: He's huge! (240 HP)
    Imposing, but slow.  The Barbarian King will follow you around the arena and 
    perform a double swing whenever you get close (one lateral swing and one
    downward smash).  Some suggest to activate RoT and just try to hit the hell
    out of him.  I don't really recommend this because damage is not really 
    nerfed by RoT and you'll take a lot of hits.  I don't think it's worth it.
    You will probably want to save magic for the next part, so don't fire any of
    Typhon's Bane.  This part of the fight will be slow going, but otherwise not
    too bad.  Continuously roll away from him and stay on the perimeter of the
    arena.  Hit him twice with a S, S combo and roll.  S, S and roll.  Do this
    for as long as it takes and don't take any risks.  
    If you get too close and initiate his swing, roll away.  Sometimes you're
    just too close and will get hit.  If this happens, make sure to roll away
    from the downward smash at least after getting hit with the lateral swing.
    The Barbarian King DOES have a blind spot in his swing on the left side.
    You could try yourluck and roll past him while he's swinging and take no
    If you're far enough away from him when he swings, then grin triumphantly.
    You get a free combo against him.  I recommend PoP to keep your distance, 
    but you could try to use a little of your RoT if you want.  I didn't but it
    might be a good idea.  After an exhausting amount of cat and mouse, he'll
    start to shrink back down to size.
    Form 5: Wait, you're not Hades... (140 HP)
    Last form.  Unleash everything you have.  This means all of Typhon's Bane.
    Plume of Prometheus him when you can, but be careful because he's fast here.
    Cancel the PoP short if you see him charging or summoning with a block and
    then roll accordingly.  When he charges towards you, roll away.  When he
    summons souls to attack you (raising his hammer in the air), roll TOWARDS
    him when he unleashes them and hit him once or twice before rolling back out.
    After you roll towards him, he'll swing the hammer at you, so you don't have
    time for an elaborate combo.  He does have the foot stomp move here and the
    best thing to do is double jump over it.  It tracks onto you a bit, so be
    careful about that.  After you do enough damage, a Context Sensitive game 
    here will finish it.
    IX.  Titan Minotaur 1
    Rocking Out (400 HP)
    Not so tough.  He has a very predictable attack pattern with only one being
    especially threatening.
    1) Rock Throw- Time your roll so that you go laterally as soon as the rock 
       leaves his hand.  They don't do that much damage anyway.
    2) Arm Spin- The minotaur will stretch out his arms and spin around.  You 
       have plenty of time to avoid this attack as there's lots of startup.  
       Just roll backwards.
    3) Ground Slam- This is the only dangerous move in his arsenal really.  
       Getting hit by one ground slam will result in getting hit by most of the 
       others.  When the minotaur kinda raises his arms into the air, ROLL BACK
    4) Roar- Not an attack.  He just roars in frustration.  Use this time to PoP
       his ass.
    Basically, keep a medium distance away from the minotaur and use PoP after 
    EVERY move he does.  Cancel it into a backwards roll if ever necessary.  
    During his ground slam move, you can hit his fists with PoP, if you want.  
    After his Arm Spin, you actually have time to activate RoT and use a S, S, S
    combo on him if you have some gauge to spare.  Make sure to deactivate it 
    when you're done and to roll away afterwards.
    After doing enough damage, Context Sensitive Game him to death.
    X.  Cerberus Bastard
    You've Got Something Between Your Teeth (600 HP)
    Start out by using all of your magic.  Use Cronos' Rage, roll in one 
    direction, Use Crono's Rage, roll back to where you started, and repeat this
    until you've used all your magic.  He can't hit you during this because of
    invincibility magic frames and rolling.  It'll take only a few PoPs to make
    him eat the arm in his mouth.  He essentially has three attacks now:
    1) Pounce- He'll run at you and try to pounce on you/claw you.  Roll away
       from him.
    2) Flamethrower- When he starts to rear his head and some flames come out of
       his mouth, roll away from him and stay away.  This move is blockable.
    3) Fireballs- Easy to avoid.  Just circle him.
    PoPing and rolling away is an excellent tactic.  Unlike most bosses, this guy
    can actually get stunned.  I recommend waiting for him to use his fireball
    move and maneuver to his side.  Pull out a T, T, T combo on him and he should
    get caught by the entire combo if he looks stunned by the first hit.  If in
    the rare chance he counterattacks while you're swinging, try to cancel into
    a block/evade.  This rarely happens, maybe once or twice a fight.  Repeat.
    XI.  Euryale
    Form 1: You're one... ugly... (200 HP)
    The trick is, almost every one of Euryale's attacks are blockable here.  The
    only one that's not is her Tail Combo, which she prefaces by LAYING DOWN.
    You'll spend most of this fight standing still and parrying.  More on this
    1) Tail whip-  She sometimes performs these a few times in a row.  Invite her
       to.  It's slow and easy to parry.  Make sure to hit S after for the
       counter hit.
    2) Short claw slash- Be wary of this.  It's just a small, quick slash.
       Parry it if you can and counter.
    3) Stone Gaze- You guessed it.  Parry.  This will initiate a short "Mashing O" 
       Minigame.  Pushing her back this way will yield some magic orbs.
    4) Tail Combo- Her only dangerous move.  She'll begin by laying down.  As 
       soon as you see this, ROLL LEFT OR RIGHT.  TWICE.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.
       Based on whichever side you have more room on, roll in that direction.
       Rolling back you will either narrowly avoid getting hit or get hit anyway.
       The reason behind this is Euryale will reach out towards you further than
       she sweeps left or right.  Rolling to the left or right will keep you safe,
       even though it doesn't look like it.  If you got hit, you didn't roll
       early enough.  Roll twice because the second part of the Tail Combo she
       moves towards you a bit.
    Stand still and parry all of the above.  Now, when I say stand still, I mean,
    keep hitting the S button so that you're performing easily cancelable attacks
    on her and can cancel to parry.  Dodge the Tail Combo like I said.  You
    should hardly get hit here.  I recommend not getting hit at all.  If you're
    continuously attacking her (you can get a lot of good hits in before she
    starts Stone Gaze) then she'll go down pretty fast.  I recommend using one
    Cronos' Rage on her early just because you'll get magic back during the
    fight and it's a waste to not use it.  
    Form 2: Hugging the Columns (180 HP)
    She has a limited moveset here:
    1) Stone Blasts- Slow moving projectiles.  She'll fire them three at a 
       time.  You can parry the first, then have just enough time to parry the
       last and reflect the blast back to her.  This does do damage, however 
    2) Tail Swipe- Not a concern.  You're not getting near her, so she won't even
       do this move.  If you DID get close, for WHATEVER reason, I think you can
       block this attack.
    3) Stone Wave- She starts by charging her energy at the ground and generating
       a wave that will turn you to stone.  You can reflect this BUT DON'T.  GET
       HIT BY IT INSTEAD.  More on this later.
    4) Body Slam- She climbs up the column a bit more and belly flops down on the
       center of the circle and creates a damaging shockwave.  Double jump over
    5) Once in a while when she's on the ground (rarely), she'll decide to attack
       you.  Just parry her like you did in the previous form.
    As tempting as it is, do not use magic here.  Stand just outside the large
    circle around where the book was at the beginning of the fight and wait.  Do
    not get near her.  Wait until whenever she does her Stone Wave and get hit
    by it.  Immediately begin to slowly break out of it.  I say slowly because
    you want to remain in stone until you see her begin to climb UP the column.
    Once she STARTS doing it, break completely out of stone.  You want her to
    initiate the Body Slam and as soon as she climbs up the column, she will.
    This is important.  Now that you're free from the stone, wait until she
    almost hits the ground and then double jump to avoid the blast.  You can
    double jump towards her, but DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE or you'll get hit by her.
    Now that she's grounded, initiate L1 + Square on her.  Twice if given the
    opportunity.  Very rarely, she'll try to swipe at you while on the ground.
    If this happens, just parry her and hit her again.  Usually she'll run back
    to the column as soon as L1 + Square finishes.  
    Do this repeatedly until you've done a good amount of damage to her.  After
    that, while she's on the column fire off ONE ARROW from Typhon's Bane.  You
    need to her hit while she's on the column to initiate the Context Sensitive
    Game.  If she doesn't slide down the column, looking weak, then wait until
    after the next round of Body Slam to shoot her again.  The context game will
    be repeating a circular motion with the L-stick.
    Do this for both columns and keep in mind it takes considerably longer to
    weaken her at the second column than the first.
    Form 3: Uh oh.  I think she's mad. (150 HP)
    This time, Euryale is going to throw out everything she can at you.  She's
    much faster and she does much more damage.  In fact, she's downright scary
    compared to her previous versions.  And look at that.  You get no checkpoint.
    Do the following and you might end up okay.
    1) Remember that magic I told you to save up?  Yeah, use it.  Use Cronos'
       Rage right at the start of the right.  Let one go AND THEN ROLL BACK AT
       THE VERY START.  The first move she'll do is an unblockable ground pound
       move right at your location.
    2) Now that you're a safe distance away, keep backing away from her while
       releasing Cronos' Rage.  Let out a short S, S combo if you have the room.
       Do this until you have no more magic.
    3) Dodge like a madman, hitting her a few times after a roll if you have
       COMBO.  She's much faster this time around and rolling backwards is very
    4) Parry her projectiles to hurt her a little.
    5) Initiate minigame and rip her friggin' head off.
    Now, all of Euryale's moves are the same as her first form with an added two
    that are dangerous.  Here they are:
    1) Ground Pound- She slams both her fists into the ground and then slithers
       forward a little, continuously punching the floor in front of her.  Uber
       dangerous.  Roll the hell away from her if you see her doing this.  This
       will be the reason you die.
    2) Stone Blasts- If you're bad at dodging, parrying, and breaking out of
       stone, then this will be how you die.  She fires off three projectiles
       like when she was on the columns.  This time HER MIDDLE PROJECTILE WILL
       HIT YOU FIRST.  It's faster than the others and so this one will likely
       hit you first.  Get the   timing down... parry it to get some magic back
       from Euryale and damage her a bit.
    Otherwise, this comes down to patience and reflexes.  You can activate RoT
    in this form, but it's risky.  You still take huge damage while in RoT and
    the only relatively "safe" move is his S, S, S combo.  This could be worth
    it, but you have to get a little bit closer to Euryale.
    XII.  Titan Minotaur 2
    Rocking Out, Again (500 HP)
    Okay, this guy is really really annoying.  He's the same as the last one,
    except with added health, annoying Fire Harpies hassling you, and a smaller
    dodging area.  I can give you a series of tips.  For dodging maneuvers, I
    suggest reading the first Titan Minotaur section.
    1) Unload either Cronos' Rage or Typhon's Bane (both still LVL 1, right?) on
       the minotaur.  Don't waste them on the harpies because they're infinite.
    2) Yes, the harpies are infinite, so only kill them when they dive at you or
       are right in front of you.  Do this with a throw.  Always.
    3) USE RoT against the Titan Minotaur after his Arm Swing.  This time, 
       it'll be very helpful instead of just optional as in the other fight.
    4) The harpies do far more damage than the minotaur.  Avoid them like the
    5) Occasionally, you can use the harpies like a shield and the Minotaur's
       Rock Throw will hit them.  You can then grab them while they lie on the
    This is pretty much all I can tell you.  You need fast reflexes and some
    luck to get past this one.
    A strategy that you may wish to utilize if you're really having problems with
    this part is to run away from the minotaur and back towards the chest.  The
    harpies will follow you, but the minotaur will go into idle animation.  You
    can then deal with the harpies safely.  I believe the Titan Minotaur does
    retain the damage he took.
    XIII. Wraiths Outside of Perseus' Lair
    Wraiths of Asphodel X5
    These guys will fire boomerang projectiles and underground blades.  There are
    first only three.  Once those are defeated, two more take their place.
    In Titan Mode, these guys are incredibly aggressive.  It is possible to be 
    completely cornered and unable to move because they are constantly throwing
    their blades like boomerangs.  While you can block, you just can't move
    without getting hit.  The trick is to not get stuck in that situation... so
    what should you do?  Run.
    Run/roll away from them and play a game of keep away.  Don't let them get
    close to you and instead whip out a PoP off screen in the hopes that the
    last hit will connect.  Hopefully, one of them will stray from the pack.
    This will be your opportunity to turn things around.  Use throws and juggle
    the enemy with L1+O attack in the air.  After launching with the throw, you
    are able to execute 2 L1+O attacks and then aerial throw them with a simple
    tap of O.  You should be safe from the other two wraiths. 
    One bad hit and you can die, so be careful.
    XIV.  Perseus
    This is the easiest battle in the entire game.  You take such little damage,
    you can hardly die.  All of his attacks are either blockable or parryable.
    It has been brought to my attention that the Barbarian Warhammer can actually
    be very useful in this fight.  If you'd like, use the Hammer's T, T combo
    any time I suggest you attack.
    Form 1: You can't see me! (150 HP)
    You can make out Perseus by a slight haze over the water and the tiny
    splashing footsteps that he makes to get to you.  He has the following
    1) Slingshot- Perseus will use his slingshot to fire a green energy ball at
       you.  You can parry this and reflect it back at him.
    2) Sword Rush- Perseus will rush you down with a series of sword 
       slashes/stabs.  You can block/parry all of this.
    3) Spread Shot- Fires a spread of three green energy balls.  Treat it like 
       the slingshot and parry it back at the fool.
    Perseus is weak after every one of his moves.  Hit him with an S, S, S, S, S
    combo and block whenever you need to.  If you're having trouble reflecting,
    get used to it.  There are some boss battles where you'll spend most of your
    time reflecting.  You can even get one or two hits on him as he Sword Rushes
    you, but just be careful to start blocking early.
    Eventually, he will fall to one knee, visible.  He has an O over his head.
    Grab him quickly because the option to grab this guy disappears fast.
    Just try and grab him if you can to smash his invisibility helmet with your
    Form 2: Desperate Swordsman (150 HP)
    More aggressive, but the same Perseus.  Your strategies from the previous
    fight will work here, except that this time you can actually parry and
    counter him because you can see when he strikes you.  You can actually now
    hit him with moves like Cronos' Rage if you so choose.  He has one new
    worthless move:
    Blinding Flash- Perseus will run to one of two places where the sun in shining
    into the room and raise his shield.  By reflecting the sunlight, he will blind
    Kratos momentarily.  You will then be asked to shake the L-stick as Kratos is
    stunned by the flash.  You really should have no problems with getting this
    in time and rolling away from Perseus before he can get his sword swipe in.
    Form 3: Shields Up (210 HP)
    Armed with only a shield, Perseus will now mainly stick with projectile
    attacks.  He will parry your attacks, but simply keep the attacks coming and
    do not stop.  Parry his projectiles and use square combos whenever you can.
    He can bash with the shield and use his Blinding Flash move, as well.  Just
    stick with your attack pattern and eventually he will run to the far wall
    and a Context Sensitive attack option will appear- 1 random button, wiggle
    the stick, and 1 more random button.
    XV.  Titan Minotaur 3
    Rocking Out... For the Last Time (730 HP)
    You'd think that him being able to move would make things difficult.  Not so.
    This is a much easier fight than Titan Minotaur 2.  Just stick to the same
    strategy as the other two, using PoP and S, S, S (RoT) after every time he
    performs his Arm Swing.  Use magic  of your choice and he'll go down in no
    time.  Stay a medium distance away and you'll never see a Rock Throw from
    him until the next part of the fight.
    Once his health goes down a certain amount, the platform will descend into
    the lava.  You must run and cling onto the nearby climbable wall.  Just
    stay in one spot, wait for the Titan Minotaur to release the rock from the
    Rock Throw and simply leap in one direction to evade.  Repeat this over ten
    times and the platform will rise out of the lava again.
    Repeat the first attack phase and until the Titan Minotaur explodes.
    XVI.  Turnable Platform Before Receiving Atlas Quake
    Hades Legionnaires X4
    Fire Harpies
    This is a tough fight, no doubt.  First, one Legionnaire will appear and then
    a second.  They will double team you while Harpies make their descent upon
    you.  Hades Legionnaires are block/countering fiends and these Harpies deal
    massive damage.  The best you can do is throw the Fire Harpies whenever you
    can.  Use Cronos' Rage to stun them and then throw them for the kill.
    Roll around the platform using this tactic while watching the Legionnaires
    carefully.  If you parry and counter them, you can knock them off their feet
    and then use Cronos' Rage to keep them suspended.  Then you can Use Icarus
    Lift (Hold T) to launch them and perform the L1+O move on them while the
    Harpies/other Legionnaire are being stunned by Cronos' Rage.
    RoT is almost worthless here as the Legionnaires will block most of your
    attacks.  If you want to give it a try, by all means do it.  Every little
    bit helps, but it's not necessary.
    XVII. On the Other Side of the Great Chasm
    Beast Lords X 8
    Female Firelaunchers
    Cyclops Berserker X 2+
    The key strategy here is to throw, throw, throw.  Never stop throwing.  It
    may not be the most efficient strategy, but it is the safest.  You can
    continally throw the Best Lords with practically no recovery time in between.
    Whenever the Beast Lords grab onto a Cyclops Berserker, go ahead and pull him
    off, since their moves are deadlier together.  Throw the Female Firelaunchers
    and keep hitting O so that Kratos grabs them with his blade in midair and
    slams them into the ground.  While Kratos is spinning them around, the body
    of the Firelauncher might hit a Cyclops, doing massive damage to it.  
    The reason to focus on the Beast Lords is that if you defeat the Berserkers,
    the Beast Lords will just call more Berserkers.  Unless you want to fight
    them for orbs, I would suggest killing off the Beast Lords when you can and
    deal with the Berserkers separately.  Use Atlas Quake or something if you're
    having trouble with the both of them, but they roar so often that you can
    keep a safe distance and PoP them.
    XVIII.  The Rotating Spike Room Inside 
    You don't need to open anything in this room.  Every gate will automatically
    open up once you pull the concrete block out and jam the rotating room.  The
    best tactic here is to reflect all of the green projectiles you can.  They
    will take out several Nymphs at once.  Try to hit L1 as soon as the Nymphs
    start glowing green and spinning in the air.  Once the open slot is at the
    concrete block, lay down three Cronos' Rage Cores right outside to block any
    enemies and pull that block out.  Any Nymphs that get in your way will get
    XIX.  The First Translator
    This was by far the hardest part of Titan Mode for me.  The Translator can die
    in two strong hits.  By this time, you should have MAX LVL AB.  If you don't,
    you should be close if you followed my instructions, gotten all of the red
    orb chests, and comboed high with Cronos' Rage.  If you do NOT have MAX LVL 
    AB, but are ridiculously close to having enough, try getting orbs through
    the three different waves and upgrading in mid fight.  
    Note, the first two waves can be beaten with the gate trick.  After making
    the enemies appear, run back into the room where you first found the
    translator and close the gate.  You can attack the enemies while safely
    staying behind the gate.
    If you do not want to exploit this bug (I didn't.  I didn't even know it
    existed until I read it on the gamefaqs forums), then follow the directions
    Wave 1-
    Fates Guardians
    Rabid Hounds
    Drop the translator right away and walk forward to intercept.  Perform PoP
    when the enemy is offscreen and then approach them.  Throw the rabid hounds.
    Simple as that.  They do absolutely devastating damage.  Ignore the Guardians
    and just throw the hounds at the Guardians.  If the Context Sensitive Throw
    appears above the Guardians, go ahead and throw them too.  Couldn't be easier.
    Wave 2-
    Satyrs X 2
    Fates Guardian X 6
    Walk far enough out into the circular area where the enemies appear, then 
    turn around and high tail it out of there.  Walk back a few steps and drop
    the translator.  There will only be one Satyr and two Fates Guardians out
    at any given time.  Then cast Atlas Quake once the enemies get close, but make
    sure they stay on the other side of the choke point.  Approach the enemies,
    but stay at the opening of the narrow walkway so that they won't get past
    to the Translator.  You can use Atlas Quake about 2 more times max during
    this fight, but you probably won't need to.  Just do a bunch of parrying with
    the counter, as this will knock back both Satyrs (if they don't block) and
    Fate Guardians.  Throw Fate Guardians whenever you have the Context 
    Sensitive option and throw them AT the Satyrs.  If you're left with only
    one Satyr in the end, take the safe route and throw him until he dies.
    Wave 3-
    High Priest of the Fates X 3
    Rabid Hounds
    Fates Guardian
    This is where everyone fails.  Prepare to weep.  Make sure that the 
    translator is at full health (or at least very close to full health) when
    you start.  Begin the fight by attacking the High Priest as soon as he 
    appears (off to the left) a few times and then running back to the
    translator. Here are a few strategies to employ:
    1) Use Atlas Quake whenever you're overwhelmed.
    2) Throw the hounds whenever you can because they do insane damage for some
       reason, BUT DO NOT AIM NEAR THE TRANSLATOR.  Since it counts as an enemy
       "attack", it does massive damage AND it can hit and kill the translator.
       Do not bother throwing pretty much anyone else, ESPECIALLY the priests...
       the translator will get killed during your animation... except when the
       enemy count is low and few are on screen.
    3) Cross your fingers that the High Priest comes somewhere near the center
       of the room so they get pummeled by Atlas Quake. Make sure to smash him
       with Plume of Prometheus when he's down.
    4) Use RoT and Hold the S button while standing on top of the translator.
       This will prevent him from taking most, if any, damage. If you upgraded
       the blades, like I told you, by then end of the combo and the very last
       sliver of Rage, you can press L1 and initiate Prometheus' Inferno and
       hopefully wipe out another Priest.
    5) Once numbers dwindle, PoP is your best friend.
    6) Parrying is your 2nd best friend.  It is actually possible to intercept a
       blade that is coming toward the translator by being right next to the
       translator and parrying the blade.  It slows time so you can counter and
       send the would be attacker (and any other non-blocking enemies) flying. 
       This gives you much needed breathing room.
    7) It is possible to lead the enemies away from the translator, but this can
       be tricky.  You essentially have to round them up and herd them so that 
       attack you instead.  This creates a very dicey situation where you might
       be stuck behind a wall of enemies and a hound spawns next to the 
       translator.  Then you're screwed.  You can herd them, but I suggest doing
       this only once the numbers dwindle a bit.
    Three Priests appear. After the first dies, two appear in its place.  The PI 
    move does wonders at clearing the room and so you may want to save it for if 
    you can take out both High Priests in the second phase.
    Wave 3 Alternate-
    Alternative Strategy for Wave 3 provided by MasterOGA on gamefaqs.com:
    "If you follow this word for word, you and your translater shouldn't get hit!
    When the fight starts, walk up to the top of the screen. Grab the puppy on
    the right and kick it into the puppy on the left, now go pick up the puppy
    again and kick it into the 2 soldiers that are now on the right hand side of
    the top section of the screen. Both of them will be stunned. Grab the soldier
    that is closest to you and square toss him at the approaching soldier from
    the southwest area. At this point, walk a few steps down to the translator
    and the first Summoner will now be approaching (since you stayed at the top
    of the screen so long), make ONE chronos rage orb and square, triangle,
    triangle, triangle the summoner. Make a second orb and square, triangle,
    triangle, triangle the summoner...he dies! Put down another orb if anything
    lived and run to the location of the second summoner....repeat the orb stun
    lock and square,triangle triangle, triangle move till he's dead, then do the
    same for the final summoner.
    I did this 2x in a row just to be sure it was no fluke. Enjoy making one of
    the hardest parts in the game, the easiest! :)"
    XX. Closing Spike Walls Trap
    Undead Legionnaire
    Fates Sentries
    A ton of these soldiers will fall from the sky as two spiked closing doors 
    slowly sandwich you.  The only thing you need to press during this trap is
    the O button.  Throw the enemies, especially the Fates Sentries, and you'll
    hit all the other enemies, knocking them into the spiked walls.  Easy.
    XXI. Cerberus Breeders
    Cerberus Breeders X 4
    Fates Juggernauts X 2
    There's a very particular strategy that I employed here and if you do it
    correctly, you should have only a little trouble finishing this fight.  
    You will need both MAXed AB and MAXed Atlas Quake and a most of your RoT
    for this strategy to work.
    1) First thing to do upon entering the room is roll towards the left.  This
       will put you in position.  You want to be on the bottom of the screen 
       during the fight, pushing the two Cerberus Breeders up closer to each
       other.  This will allow you to hit them both at the same time.
    2) Begin by using PoP on the Cerberus Pups immediately.  Follow with 1 or 2
       PoPs on the Cerberus Breeder closest to you.  (This will damage the pups
       a bit before the next part to help ensure that they do not turn into more
       Cerberus Breeders.)
    3) Stand in the middle of the pups, activate RoT, and hold S.
    4) Move so that you are hitting both Cerberus Breeders AND the pups.  It is
       important that you are hitting both.  The pups cannot be allowed to turn
       into more Breeders and the Breeders must take enough damage during this
    5) Once RoT is down to a sliver, release Prometheus' Inferno with L1.  If you
       managed to catch both Cerberus Breeders in the blast, they should both 
       either be dead or have the 2nd O over their heads.  Throw them, or finish
       them off however you like.
    6) Two more Breeders will now appear (there was a time that only one Breeder
       appeared for some odd reason, but I believe this was a bug) and they will
       be accompanied by two Fates Juggernauts.  Fates Juggernauts have one of the
       highest HP counts in the game, more than many bosses do.  Be careful.
    7) Make sure that you are near the Breeders and activate Atlas Quake.  Mash O
       like there's no tomorrow during the casting.  Repeat this until you are
       out of magic.
    8) You may wish to use PoP sparingly during the 7th step on the Breeders.  
       This will weaken them and allow you to save your Atlas Quakes to destroy
       the pups whenever they appear.  Just be careful from the Juggernauts.
    9) Finish off the Breeders if they are not already dead.  If you cast all of
       your magic, then they should be very close to death.
    10)Now, with only the Juggernauts left, play cautiously and remember that 
       you can block/parry every one of their attacks.  They will be very 
       aggressive, but you can usually roll away from some breathing room and
       get off a two hit S, S combo on them before they charge up next to you.
       Effective parrying and counter hitting with S will also help you 
       immensely during this last step.
    There you have it.  Following these steps was how I defeated this stage.  The
    Breeders will release some RoT orbs and you will be racking up big combos to
    help build your RoT meter.  If you have some left, you may want to try it
    against the Juggernauts, but keep in mind that you will still take pretty
    heavy damage from them.
    Pushing Statue Against Flame Wall Trap
    Hades Legionnaire
    Fire Harpies
    Fastest Method:
    One Legionnaire and two Harpies at a time will attack you during most of the
    trap.  Two Legionnaires will appear once you push the statue towards the two
    weight activated switches.
    Stop only to let off a single Cronos' Rage.  
    Take a break from pushing against the outward protrusion from the switch.
    Place the Statue on the left weight switch and release it only during a 
    break in the flames.
    Hurry to the other platform, double jump forward, R1, double jump forward.
    Red Orb Friendly Method:
    The enemies will eventually stop coming.  At the beginning stage, a total of
    2 Hades Legionnaires and approximately 20 Fire Harpies will spawn.  If you
    back up to the entrance of the room and use the Hammer's jumping L1 attack,
    you can take them out from a distance as long as you keep baiting them
    towards you.  This allows you to kill more enemies for orbs and allows you
    to access the red orb chest on either side of the flamewall room.
    XXII. Last of the Spartans
    Old Friends Die Hard (300 HP)
    Reminiscient of Perseus, this brave soldier will charge at you with a series
    of slashes and stabs on a 2D-plane. To get your bearings, block all of his
    attacks right off the bat to get a feel for his attack patterns.  All of his
    attacks are blockable.  
    Since all of his attacks are blockable, all of his attacks are also parryable.
    Once you get the patterns down, you can continually parry and counterhit over
    and over again.  If you're not too skilled at parrying, this is a good place
    to practice a bit since he does little damage.  
    If you can't get the timing down, simply double jump and hit T twice.  He
    should be able to hit you rarely if you do this since the majority of his
    moves are very short ranged and he can't jump.
    XXIII. Kraken
    Kraken is not truly a mythological beast, but he seems an appropriate foe in
    this epic tale.  He's not too hard and it should only take you a few tries to
    beat him if you follow the strategy below.  I'm doing to be calling his
    tentacles left and right in relation to Kratos' position and not his own, FYI
    for all you nitpickers out there. :P
    1) The very first thing you want to do is pick up your old Spartan buddy's
       corpse and move DIRECTLY left.  This means, hold the L-stick due left.  The
       reason behind this, is if Kraken decides to perform his tentacle slam move
       it will just miss you.
    2) Once you've gotten reasonably close to the left tentacle, release the 
       Spartan corpose and run towards the left tentacle.  Try to position 
       yourself to behind it to the left (not too close, or it'll hit you 
       whenever he lifts the left tentacle).
    Form 1: Get off of that switch!  (100 HP)
    3) Unleash Tartarus' Rage (L1+T) on it over and over.  It should not take
       too long before he raises his tentacle.  Quickly grab the Spartan body and
       race towards the weight switch.  Release the body on top of it.
    Form 2: Sticking It Where It Doesn't Belong (50 HP)
    4) This phase will go by quickly.  Just run up to the middle air vent and
       use it to propel you towards the Kraken's head.  Unleash your L1+S move
       again and again.  It shouldn't take much more than two air lifts to get
       the Kraken to the next stage of this fight. 
    5) Stabbing his tentacle into the air vent will allow you to climb his 
       incapacitated limb and strike at the large protrusion at the base of the
       claw.  Use the T attack, as it is significantly more powerful.  Press O
       for the Context Sensitive attack.
    Form 3: Oops.  Stuck again? (125 HP)
    6) Repeat the pattern for Form 1 and 2.  It will take slightly longer because
       Kraken's forehead has more HP this time around.
    7) This time, Kraken will stab his right claw in the wall across the area.
       You're going to have to move close to the stabbing point and double jump
       so that Kratos can reach up and stab his swords up into the tentacle.
    8) Move yourself towards the knob with the X button.  This time, do not use
       your T attack, because there's a chance it'll miss.  I suggest sticking
       with S attacks.  Press O for the Context Sensitive attack.
    Form 4: Got Bridge? (100 HP per tentacle)
    9) Now clawless, the Kraken will thump his stumpy limbs wildly, as well as
       blow you away with his breath.  Your goal is to run up to the middle of 
       his two tentacles and unleash your Atlas Quake.  
    10)Often, the Kraken will blow you to the other side of the room while 
       you're performing this.  While discouraging, this is only a minor 
       hindrance. Repeat the process.  You're goal is to take out both tentacles
       at approximately the same time.  Sticking with this strategy will help
       you achieve this.  You can alternatively use Cronos' Rage here as well as
       they are guaranteed to hit both tentacles even if you're blown away.
    11)Once both tentacles are down, hit the switch in front of the Kraken's
       face to finish the fight.
    XXIV.  Lahkesis
    Form 1: Mano a Mano (650 HP)
    Lahkesis is as deadly as she is beautiful.  Play defensively until she goes
    aerial and you'll be fine.  Her movelist is as follows:
    1) Energy Blast- Fast and direct.  This projectile is easy to see, parry, and
       reflect.  It is otherwise unblockable, although you can dodge it.  I
       would recommend simply reflecting it.
    2) Reflect- Lahkesis has the ability to reflect your reflections back.  Simply
       volley the energy back and forth between Kratos and Lahkesis until she
       gives up and gets hit by the blast.
    3) Spread Wave- Lahkesis will perform a sweeping motion with her staff and
       release 3 ground traveling projectiles in two waves.  While this can be
       dodged by standing between the projectiles, simply reflecting the first
       wave will grant Kratos invincibility for the second wave AND fire a shot
       back at the boss.
    4) 3 Hit Melee- Lahkesis will only perform this move if you're too close to
       her.  You can parry each of these hits in succession and follow up with
       the S counterhit without any risk of being hit.  Otherwise, simply roll
       out of harm's way.
    Your basic strategy here should consist of reflecting everything that you can
    back at Lahkesis.  Learn to intercept all of her attacks.  Become proficient
    in besting her in her reflection game (where the blast will volley back and
    forth between you two).  Most of the time, when struck with a reflection
    bolt, she will be knocked down.  Use this opportunity to PoP her.  
    Let out a single Cronos' Rage early in the fight, because you'll get this
    magic back.  Every time you knock her down, she'll drop a few blue and one
    green orb.  Don't worry about the blade swings for this phase.  Just stay
    grounded.  You CAN use the blade swings to avoid every attack, but as I said
    before, you should be using the opportunity to parry them back.
    Form 2: Take It to the Air (200 HP)
    Flying away from you, Lahkesis retains her previous set of moves and has a 
    whole new set added to her arsenal:
    1) Dive Bomb- Lahkesis will spin a tiny bit in the air, watch you for a bit,
       then slam down into the ground towards you.  A small circle of green
       energy will erupt from the ground around her and can damage you.  This
       move is very easy to spot and very easy to avoid by rolling or simply
       running in a given direction.  Just watch for it.
    2) Boomerang- Throwing her staff in the air, it will spin and rain down green
       energy upon you.  This is pretty easy to roll away from, but you can also
       use the Blade Swing to pull yourself away from harm.
    3) Nebula Explosion- Generating a cloud of energy, Lahkesis essentially sets
       down a bomb in the hopes that you'll stay there and take the damage.
       Unblockable, so just roll out of the way.
    4) Floor Energize- Raising her staff, Lahkesis will cause the entire floor to
       light up, charged with her power.  This move lasts a surprising duration,
       so be careful and use the Blade Swing to get out of harms way.
    Lahkesis will now use her magnificient wings to lift herself into the air, but
    she's not the only one with wings here.  At first, you can stay grounded a bit
    because she will toss Energy Blasts at you that you can reflect easily.  If
    you're not very good at reflecting these, you can alternatively use the Blade
    Swings to leap around the perimeter of the circular arena.  As long as you
    never jump towards her, you can't get hit.
    Reflecting the blasts works for a little bit, but you have the liberty to be
    much more aggressive this time around.  Leap up to a Blade Swing that is 
    close to where she is hovering.  Now, leap towards her, and use Icarus' Wings
    to float near her (ideally, very slightly above her).  Now, unleash your
    L1+S move on her a few times.  Ideally, you're still close enough to attach
    to a Blade Swing as you descend, so simply tap R1 to get back into position.
    Now repeat.  Sometimes Lahkesis will get caught between two of the Blade 
    Swings and you can continually pummel her with L1+S, R1, jump, L1+S, R1....
    until she is weakened.
    Occasionally, you will knock her out of the air using these tactics.  This 
    is a good opportunity to hit her by leaping out and using L1+T.  Refrain
    from doing this if she was performing her Floor Energize move and the floor
    is still dangerous however, because you'll just take damage.
    She'll soon appear weakened with an O over her head.  Float yourself over to
    her and say goodnight.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind using the Blade Swings with R1 will
    cancel ANY ANIMATION that Kratos is in, including recovery time of some of
    his more powerful moves (including the last hit of PoP or Tartarus' Rage).
    Just tapping R1 may get you out of a sticky situation and paves the way for
    some advanced combos against this boss.  You can basically perform moves that
    are unpunishable.
    XXV.  Atropos
    No Fate But What We Make (400 HP)
    The trick here is to ignore the soldiers.  Yes, ignore them.  Run to and from
    either side of the sword and keep moving away from these Undead Legionnaires.
    Roll away while blocking and they can't hit you, unless you run into one of
    them.  Whenever in a hairy situation, use Cronos' Rage to keep your enemies
    at bay.  Then, Atropos will perform the following moves:
    1) Homing Blasts- Floating a good distance away, Atropos will send slow moving
       homing projectiles your way while you're dealing with the Legionnaires.
       She will send 2 projectiles, one right after the other.  Try to parry the
       first one on the early frames that it hits you.  Kratos will reflect it
       and have just enough time to hit L1 again to reflect the second blast.
       Occasionally, the first blast will completely miss you.  Once you get the
       timing down, it's not too difficult to deflect these.
    2) Sword Destroyer- Atropos will fly offscreen for a short while and will
       reappear next to the sword bridge in one of three different positions.
       Run up to her while she's starts pumping energy out onto the blade in an
       effort to crack it.  Deploy three Cronos' Rage near her and whip out a PoP
       on her if you have time.  Don't get caught in the blast, though, or you
       will take damage.
    This fight shouldn't be too bad.  Use your magic whenever you can on Atropos
    and every once in a while on the Legionnaires.  Some of the Legionnaires have
    magic orbs, so you will be able to replenish some of your stores.
      Hit her
    hard when he appears closer to the sword bridge and she'll go down in no time.
    The O will appear over her head and a short three button combo will follow.
    XXVI. Lahkesis and Atropos
    Form 1: Taking Out Lahkesis (150 HP)
    Now you're going to have to take on both of these sisters at the same time.
    Don't worry.  It's not as hard as it seems.  In fact, this may take you less
    time than the fight with Lahkesis alone.
    Lahkesis has the following moves in her arsenal:
    1) Dive Bomb- Same move as in her previous flight mode, this move is very
       easy to spot and very easy to avoid by rolling or simply running in a
       given direction.  Just watch for it.
    2) Boomerang- Throwing her staff in the air, it will spin and rain down green
       energy upon you.  This is pretty easy to roll away from, but you can also
       use the Blade Swing to pull yourself away from harm.
    3) Nebula Explosion- Generating a cloud of energy, Lahkesis essentially sets
       down a bomb in the hopes that you'll stay there and take the damage.
       Unblockable, so just roll out of the way or use Blade Swings.
    4) Energy Blast- Fast and direct.  This projectile is easy to see, parry, and
       reflect.  It is otherwise unblockable, although you can dodge it.  I
       would recommend simply reflecting it.
    5) Reflect- Lahkesis has the ability to reflect your reflections back.  Simply
       volley the energy back and forth between Kratos and Lahkesis until she
       gives up and gets hit by the blast.
    6) Spread Wave- Lahkesis will perform a sweeping motion with her staff and
       release 3 ground traveling projectiles in two waves.  While this can be
       dodged by standing between the projectiles, simply reflecting the first
       wave will grant Kratos invincibility for the second wave AND fire a shot
       back at the boss.
    7) 3 Hit Melee- Lahkesis will only perform this move if you're too close to
       her.  You can parry each of these hits in succession and follow up with
       the S counterhit without any risk of being hit.  Otherwise, simply roll
       out of harm's way.
    The only attacks that cannot be reflected is the Nebula Explosion, Boomerang,
    Dive Bomb, and the new Atropos attack:
    1) Energy Beam- Atropos will do a very elaborate motion with her arms, over
       her head and such, and then launch a green energy beam out from her hands
       and sweep them across the entire arena.  This attack seems to only be 
       avoidable by using the Blade Swings.  As long as you're suspended or in
       suspension animation, you cannot get hit.
    TWO OF THE BLADE SWINGS.  As long as keep moving and are suspended in the air,
    you cannot get hit.  Of course, this doesn't give you much leverage in
    attacking the bosses.  I suggest you get pretty good at parrying.  As long
    as you were pretty good at parrying in the Lahkesis fight, then you should be
    good here.  Simply keep reflecting at Lahkesis and she'll get knocked out of
    the air.  The is the safest time to hit her, but be cautious since Atropos
    will also be launching Energy Blasts at you.  Simply reflect these as well.
    PoP is still your friend here to hit the downed Lahkesis.  Maybe whip out a
    Tartarus' Rage if you think you've got time.
    Eventually, Lahkesis will expose a green Time Slow Icon.  Active the time
    slow, run up to Atropos, double jump and aerial L1+S her until she starts
    falling.  Strangely enough, Lahkesis is likely to be the one that breaks
    this mirror for you.  She'll try to attack you during a cutscene and destroy
    the mirror herself.
    Repeat the pattern for the second mirror.  It'll take a little while, and
    you may wish to use the Blade Swings with Icarus' Wings to float over to
    Lahkesis and hit her with L1+S, but keep in mind that this is risky.
    Break the next mirror with Tartarus' Rage.  For a few seconds, Lahkesis will
    continue her attack pattern.  Eventually, she'll land in front of the third
    mirror to protect her sister.
    Form 2: Being Trapped in a Mirror is Bad Luck (125 HP)
    Lahkesis will now pretty much be stationary and grounded in front of the 
    center mirror.  She'll be using the following moves on you:
    1) Pillars of Light- Lahkesis will summon a circle of green energy pillars
       around her.  A short moment after they appear, they will fire out in a
       large circle pattern.  The farther away you are from Lahkesis (ie. on the
       other side of the room), the easier this move is to dodge.
    2) Energy Blast- This is Lahkesis' traditional fireball move.  She'll fire
       two or three of them off in a row.  You can reflect these back at her,
       like you've been doing this entire fight.  Sometimes the reflection
       animation is finicky and on of the balls will not fire a reflection blast,
       but rest assured that at least one should.
    3) Spread Wave- She's still holding onto this move.  She'll fire it out
       every once in a while.  Just parry and reflect like you've been doing.
    You can play this boss fight very safe and never get hit OR you can be a
    bit more adventurous.  To play it safe, find a spot on touching the outer ring
    of the arena that is never struck by Lahkesis' Pillars of Light.  Pummel 
    Lahkesis with Typhon's Bane and reflect every projectile she throws at you.
    You're completely safe and she'll take damage (almost) every time she attacks
    Alternatively, run towards her and use PoP on her a few times, reflecting
    projectiles whenever appropriate.  Make sure to run away as soon as she
    powers up Pillars of Light so that you can effectively evade the columns
    as they approach you.  
    Either way you choose, Lahkesis will eventually have an O over her head.
    Initiate the Context Sensitive attack.  4 random button presses later and
    you'll have trapped both sisters in the last mirror.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind using the Blade Swings with R1 will
    cancel ANY ANIMATION that Kratos is in, including recovery time of some of
    his more powerful moves (including the last hit of PoP or Tartarus' Rage).
    Just tapping R1 may get you out of a sticky situation and paves the way for
    some advanced combos against this boss.  You can basically perform moves that
    are unpunishable.
    XXVII. Winding Path to Clotho
    This is the final big obstacle before the end of the game.  It is pretty
    grueling, so brace yourself.  Wave after wave of enemies will be dropped 
    down upon you.  As soon as a wave appears, BACK UP.  Retreat as far back as
    you can and use the magical barriers that appear for breathing room.  Use
    the following strategies in general:
    1) Save Atlas Quake for when you're in trouble, but use Atlas Quake instead
       of other magic because you'll do more damage per enemy per casting.
    2) You need practically no move other than PoP thorughout this entire fight.
    3) There is one health chest, one magic chest, and one dual magic/RoT chest
       on the way down.  A health chest and a magic chest await you at the very
    4) You CAN hit the enemies through the barriers with Atlas Quake or 
       preferably PoP.  The last hit of PoP will explode and hit all enemies that
       are standing next to the barrier.  (This does not work if you stand TOO
       close to the barrier)
    5) Utilize the magic barriers for breathing room.  This means, keep track of
       where they appear and stand near them while blocking.  Once they begin to 
       appear, roll in one direction so that some of the enemies will follow you
       through the barrier and some will get stuck on the other side.  This will
       help you take on some of the harder enemies on a one-to-one basis.
    6) If you absolutely need a chest and there are enemies present, you can
       activate RoT in desperation and open the chest because you will not be
       knocked out of the openning animation, even if you're attacked.
    Wave 1: Cursed Legionnaire  X 10
            Fates Juggernaut    X 4
    This wave is surprisingly difficult, especially since you shouldn't use too
    much magic.  2-3 castings of Atlas Quake should be sufficient.  Basically,
    you're going to want to take out the Cursed Legionnaires through parrying
    and countering (this is easiest when they do their bluish spinning move.  
    Avoid the Juggernauts as best you can during the beginning by trapping them
    behind barriers.  Whenever you're going to stand and block, DO SO WITH YOUR
    BACK TO A BARRIER.  This way, you can roll away as soon as the barrier
    disappears.  If you neglect to do this, it is possible to get trapped
    in a corner, surrounded and unable to escape without using magic.
    Once any of the Cursed Legionnaires are weakened with an O above their heads,
    GRAB THEM and hit S!  Use them and throw them at the Juggernauts for
    massive damage.  This is a little flakey and will sometimes miss, but it's
    always a great opportunity to use an enemy as a missile.  Please keep in mind
    that until you are in the S animation, YOU CAN GET HIT (especially by those
    annoyingly aggressive Juggernauts), so don't do it when any enemies are about
    to attack you.
    Once it's down to you and the Juggernauts, the fight becomes much more simple.
    Be extremely careful.  The Juggernauts do massive damage.  Roll away from them
    and use PoP whenever you can, BUT CANCEL IT IF YOU SEE EITHER CHARGE AT YOU.
    Ideally, you can get one of the Juggernauts trapped behind a barrier so that
    you can take on one at a time for a bit.  Keep in mind that parrying these
    guys is very very easy.  Doing so will allow you to counter for some damage.
    While the Juggernauts cannot be stunned (with the exception of armor pieces
    falling off after every hundred damage or so), their attacks are slow.  Doing
    small S, S combos and blocking is a slow going strategy, but effective.  
    Don't panic and you'll be okay.  Feel free to use up a little magic on them.
    Perhaps the most important thing to remember during this wave is YOU CAN
    BLOCK EVERY SINGLE ATTACK.  The only exception to this is the rare Cursed
    Legionnaire throw, and you can simply wiggle the L-stick to get out of that
    unharmed.  Keep the parries coming.  If you can just keep some breathing room
    and rarely string anything more than two attacks in a row against those
    Juggernauts, then you'll come out of this with at least half of your health.
    Wave 2: Cursed Legionnaires
            Undead Legionnaires
    Very easy wave.  The only issue is that you're in a very enclosed space.  The
    first thing you'll want to do is block/counter the first hit aimed at you.
    Countering will send all of the enemies flying back and allow you to turn this
    fight around.  That counter is crucial.
    Alternatively, you can cast Atlas Quake, although I do not really recommend
    doing so because you may want to save it for the next fight.
    Once you counter an attack (or skip this step if you're comfortable), grab the
    nearest UNDEAD Legionnaire and throw him at another enemy.  Repeat this until
    every enemy is dead.  Use PoP on anyone remaining, or the Default Aerial
    Combo if you're feeling adventurous.
    Wave 3: Sirens X 4
            Gorgon Queens X 4
    The Gorgon Queens are very similar to regular Gorgons except faster, with
    longer reach, more health, and a new Freeze Bolts move that is reminiscient
    of Euryale's Stone Blasts.  If you reflect these, just as you can reflect the
    Stony Gaze, you can instantly freeze any enemies around you.  Take advantage
    of this.  This is an easy way to take out the Sirens.
    The Sirens also throw energy bolts at you.  You can reflect these back at them
    if you're timing is pretty good.  They also create small bursts of electricity
    that are stationary on the floor.  Just stay out of the way of those.
    By reflecting the Stony Gazes, you can instantly and easily take out those
    pesky sirens with a quick PoP after freezing them.  This is by far the
    easiest way to take them out.  Even after the Sirens are dead, this is still
    a good strategy as it will let you get a few good hits in while the Gorgon
    Queens are frozen.  They will only stone shatter every once in a while, but
    it's worth it.
    Use some magic if you get in a bind, considering that there's a chest around
    the bend.  The Gorgon Queens will usually rear back before they strike, but
    be wary of the incredibly long range of their slashes.  They'll dash very far
    to get that hit in.  
    Once you get down to ONE Gorgon Queen, you can use the Default Aerial Combo
    on her to easily take her out.  Do not attempt this when more than one Gorgon
    Queen is present because if you're frozen in midair you will instantly die.
    Play a poking game with PoP, reflect the Stony Gazes AND Freeze Bolts, and
    use magic where necessary.  From now on, this is where it really gets hard.
    Wave 4: Cursed Legionnaires
    Unfortunately you cannot simply throw your enemies like in the last tight
    Legionnaire phase, but you CAN still perform a counterhit after parrying and
    finish off the downed legionnaires with some healthy PoPs or Tartarus' Rage.
    Throw the Legionnaires when the options are available and they will destroy
    most of the remaining enemies.
    Wave 5: Satyr X 4
            Hades Minotaur X 3
    This could prove difficult.  As you know, Satyrs are mean enemies.  Hades
    Minotaurs, while pushovers in the other difficulties, do massive damage in
    Titan mode.  My suggestion to you would be to try your best to isolate the
    Satyrs via the energy barriers and try to throw them.  This will do guaranteed
    damage to them (make sure no one is around to hit you while you're mashing O)
    and they cannot block.  Additionally, after throwing them you can strike them
    on the ground with Tartarus' Rage.  
    If you get cornered, do not be afraid to use your magic.  This is a hard
    fight.  Getting trapped in a corner by a Satyr can mean instant death.  
    The Hades Minotaurs ARE stunnable with PoP, but just be cautious for when
    they charge against you.  Cancel, roll away, and keep blocking.
    Parry and countering is still just as effective as it has been.  Satyrs are
    the easier of the twp to parry and if you can get used to their attack
    patterns, a good counterhit will send them flying back AND give you some
    much needed breathing room.
    Wave 6: Cursed Legionnaires
            Undead Legionnaires
    This is a break fight for you.  Just follow the above guidelines for the 
    identical Wave 2.  In this fight, it may be in your best interest to use one
    magic attack if you're unsure of your parrying ability, but otherwise just
    unleash on them with parries, throws (ONLY THROW UNDEAD LEGIONNAIRES AT THE
    START), and juggling.  This is the quiet before the storm.
    Wave 7: Cursed Legionnaire X 8
            Undead Legionnaire X 8
            Cyclops Brute X 3
    Here we are.  Last wave.  Use everything you can here.  Some advise using
    RoT to grab the two chests (one health and one magic) at the end of the
    winding road.  I did not do this personally, but if you're in trouble, it's
    not a bad idea.  Do not start casting magic until the Cyclops Brutes make
    their appearances.  You're going to want to damage them as much as possible
    with that magic.  You won't have to wait long.
    In the meantime, PoP and throw the Undead Legionnaires.  Throw the Cursed
    Legionnaires when the O appears over them in order to inflict good damage
    on the Cyclopses that appear.  After repeated castings of Atlas Quake, most of
    the Legionnaires will be dead.  After casting all of your magic, I suggest
    fleeing by rolling back up the ramp and taking potshots at the Cyclopses
    as they follow you.  You may want to initate their club slam move by letting
    yourself get a little close and the rolling away.
    After they club slam, the Cyclopses will follow up with a roar usually.  You
    can take this opportunity to Tartarus' Rage or PoP.  Don't let up.  Use RoT
    if you have any left.  Prometheus' Inferno could come in handy if you rack
    up a strong combo.  
    Congratulations!  You just made it through one of the hardest parts of 
    Titan Mode.
    XXVIII. Clotho
    Grossness Incarnate (75 HP per Hand)
    Okay.  Time to take on the big blob.  Good thing this is one of the easiest
    fights in all of Titan mode.  I'm not going to outline what you have to do
    to get UP to Clotho's face because if you're playing Titan mode you already
    know how to do that.  If you don't remember, consult a walkthrough.  It's
    incredibly easy, anyway.  Just like with Kraken, my left/right delineations
    are based off of Kratos' position.
    Now, follow the instructions below and you will make it out with no problem:
    1) The first thing you want to do is freeze time.
    2) Run to the right and climb up the climbable wall.  Destroy the corpses
       that are blocking the path of the pushable girder with a T attack.
    3) Land by pressing R1 and freeze time again.
    4) Unload on Clotho's right hand.  Do this with Tartarus' Rage or an aerial
       L1+S move.
    5) Once the hand is disabled, proceed to push the girder pulley THREE spaces
       over.  This means one short of completely pushing it to the center.
    6) Pull the switch in the center.
    7) Freeze time.
    8) Use Atlas Quake in front of Clotho's face so that it hits both her arms.
       Continue to do this until both arms are weak.
    9) Rotate the blade and pull it back.  Context Sensitive attack will follow.
    10)Three button presses and quick rotations of the L-stick.
    Ding-dong the Fates are dead. 
    XXIX. Zeus
    Time to take on the big bad King of Gods himself.  Don't worry.  He's not all
    that bad.  You just need patience for this fight.  As long as you have that,
    you'll be okay.  As a warning, the guy does massive damage.
    Form 1: Play Fair, Zeus...
    At this point, Zeus is in his godly form and summoning Siren Widows to take
    you out.  Lucky for you, these Siren Widows will be his undoing.  Walk right
    up to Zeus' face and wait for him to summon the Siren Widows.  Deploy two
    Cronos' Rage (hopefully fully leveled by now) as soon as the Siren Widows
    appear.  It will take only two Cronos' Rage to weaken them.  The Cronos' Rage
    will also hit Zeus' hand and face in the process.
    As soon as the Siren Widows have an O over their heads, grab 'em.  The
    sonic shockwave they emit upon death with hurt Zeus and he'll drop some green
    and blue orbs for you.  Repeat this.
    If you do not make it out of this phase with more than half health, you may
    wish to consider restarting.  You don't get your health recharged for the
    next part and it won't take long to take out this form again.  
    Form 2: Bringing Him Down to Size (400 HP)
    Zeus comes down to your size to fight hand-to... well, sword.  You now wield
    the Blade of Olympus.  Zeus has the following moves in the upcoming melee:
    1) 3-hit Melee- Zeus will punch twice and slam his fists into the ground, 
       creating a small explosion of lightning.  Getting hit by all of this move 
       will kill you.  whenever you see him start up this move, run away and once
       a safe distance away, hit him with L1+T.
    2) Lightning Wave- Zeus will raise his arms in the air.
    3) Lightning Bolts- Very fast projectile that Zeus throws at you.  He will
       throw two of them, one right after the other.  Get used to the timing of
       this move... you'll see it a lot.  Use the Golden Fleece to reflect this
       sucker back at him.  Alternatively, you can roll as soon as the first
       bolt is about to hit you and both should miss.  This is not nearly as
       effective as reflection.
    4) Rushing Palm- As far as I can tell, Zeus only uses this move after you 
       reflect one of his Lightning Bolts.  This does massive damage if it
       connects.  Make sure it doesn't.  As soon as he's about to dash forward,
       roll on either side 90 degrees of this move.  If you're feeling more 
       adventurous, try double jumping over Zeus when he performs this move, as it
       opens him up to a L1+T move.  This may stun him and allow you to combo him
       with up to 8 L1+T's in a row.
    5) Evasive Teleport- Zeus will use this move to dash around the arena.
    The first thing to do in this fight is get the timing down to reflect the
    bolts.  This shouldn't take too long.  Every time the reflected bolt makes
    contact with Zeus, two things will happen.  First, Zeus will drop one health
    orb and three magic orbs.  Second, Zeus will perform his Rushing Palm 
    technique.  Avoid this move like the plague.  You can do so by rolling to 
    the right or left as soon as he dashes.  The Rushing Palm ALSO has a limited
    range, however.  If you know you're outside of range, let him miss and take
    the opportunity to slice him twice with the sword before rolling away.
    Resist the urge to roll when not necessary.  This will put you in prolonged
    recovery animation and you'll likely be hit by the Lightning Bolts.  Roll
    whenever Zeus is performing a move, but do not perform it to move away from
    him in general.  This is a surefire way to get hit.
    As for the Lightning Wave and 3-hit Melee, these moves are easily avoidable
    by rolling.  Simply circling Zeus by running is enough to avoid the Lightning
    Wave.  After evading either of these moves, use the Blade of Olympus' L1+T
    move from a safe distance and aim at Zeus.  This is sometimes difficult to
    accomplish if you're too far away, since Kratos will not lock onto him.
    You can still be safely away and still have Kratos aim towards him, though.
    You just need to find the right distance to unleash the move.
    In addition to reflecting, using the L1+T move, and taking a few slashes at
    Zeus in his recovery animation of the Rushing Palm, you will be doing the
    most damage by doing the following:
    1) Reflect the bolt.
    2) Back far enough away so that the the Rushing Palm misses.
    3) Run up to Zeus and release 3 Cronos' Rage Cores.
    4) Activate Rage of the Titans.
    5) Perform an entire S, S, S, S, S combo while Zeus is stunned.
    This does massive damage to Zeus.  I would suggest only doing this once
    or twice, since you do want to conserve some magic and RoT for the later
    forms of this fight.
    Once he's weakened enough, Zeus will release a bunch of different orbs and
    before continually Rush Palming you.  Let him hit you to initiate the next
    part of the fight.
    Form 3: You Took My Sword! (375 HP)
    Yes, Zeus takes the Blade of Olympus from you.  Don't fret.  Use the
    strategies I list below and keep your cool.  His moves are listed below:
    1) Power Up and Beam- Zeus will power up the blade and fire off a shot, just
       like your L1+T move.  Guess he's fighting fire with fire.  Run circles
       around Zeus and he can't hit you with this.
    2) Leaping Slash Beam- Almost the same as his Power Up and Beam.  Zeus will
       jump into the air and slam his blade down and fire off a beam in your
       direction.  All you need to do is run in a circle around Zeus.
    3) 2-slash Combo- Zeus' most dangerous move.  He performs a double slash,
       oftentimes right after an Evasive Teleport.  It may not be as powerful as
       his other moves, but the 2-slash combo is the easiest to get hit by.  Block
       roll away.
    4) Evasive Teleport- Zeus seems to use this way more often during this portion
       of the fight.  It gets a little scary when he teleports right next to you
       to perform his 2-slash combo.
    Luckily, you have more range with your Athena's Blades this time around and
    you can kind of keep a safe distance away from Zeus and his newly acquired
    weapon.  Running in circles around him and doing a quick S, S combo on him
    after each of the move he performs is the best strategy here.  You can cast
    some magic and use that to stun animation to belt out a few combos on Zeus.
    Something important to note, after hitting Zeus twice, he will often Evasive
    Teleport.  Resist the urge to roll.  You may inadvertantly roll INTO the path
    of his 2-slash combo.  Stay still and roll away when necessary, but do not
    try to anticipate his Teleport.
    It is possible to stay in one position for a long time while Zeus teleports
    all around you and gets hit with the simple S, S combo.  Just stay on your
    toes and roll whenever necessary and circle run when necessary.
    After doing enough damage to him, Zeus will start to amble about drunkenly
    while swinging the sword.  He will have an O over his head.  Grab him and get
    ready to mash the O button.  Then run up to the broken column and press the
    R1 to initiate the Context Sensitive attack.
    Form 4: That's MINE! (400 HP)
    You got your sword back, so now it's time to repeat the previous pattern 
    listed in Form 2.  Honestly, you can sit back and reflect Lightning Bolts
    back at him until you have a comfortable amount of health and magic (that will
    take a while), all while watching out for his deadly Rush Palm.  Unleash
    magic on him whenever you feel comfortable to.  This is the home stretch.
    Just don't use any RoT.  You are going to need it for the next portion of the
    Use the above pattern of attacks.  Be reserved.  This will take a while, but
    you're almost done.  Just stick with it and don't lose sight of the goal.
    He has no new attacks, although he may be a little faster.
    Eventually he'll be weakened and then Rush Palm you repeatedly.  Get hit by
    it to initiate the final phase of the fight.
    Form 5: Putting Up a Shield, Girly Man?
    Not only does Zeus take your sword again, BUT he creates a Lightning Shield
    around him.  Remember that Rage of the Titans I told you to save?  Yeah, it's
    time to use it.  Activate Rage of the Titans and use the S, S, S combo.  The
    Hold S move just doesn't do enough damage and the T, T, T combo all too often
    whiffs Zeus.  Using S, S, S again and again until RoT runs out will most
    assuredly destroy Zeus' shield.
    Make sure to use the last of your magic on him in either the form of Cronos'
    Rage or Atlas Quake.  Cronos' Rage is preferable because you can hit Zeus
    with your Athena's Blades while he's getting hit with the Lightning AND
    it costs less per casting (even though Altas Quake does more damage).
    This phase will not last very long at all.  It only takes a few hits before
    Zeus has a O over his head and you can grab him.  Once again, an O mashing
    game appears and then press R1 on the broken column.
    Zeus will become huge again and you cannot win.  Mash O as he's casting
    Lightning down upon you, but it's over.
    Kratos will force Zeus back down to the arena by feigning surrender.  In a
    quick and random 5-button Context Sensitive Attack, Kratos will parry Zeus'
    blade with his Golden Fleece and then make him pay for his treachery.
    Congratulations!  You just beat every fight in the game!  All that's left is
    to turn back time and watch the ending cutscenes.
    XXX. Final Word and Credits
    SO, congratulations!  For your efforts, you get the Athena alternate costume
    and every costume that you have not unlocked yet via game clearing.  Of
    course, the real fun is going back through Titan Mode, using the Urns and
    alternate costumes, and destroying all the enemies that gave you so much
    trouble your first run through.  :)
    You stuck with it and you overcame Titan Mode.  Congratulations.  Too bad
    there's no phone number you unlock in this sequel for beating the hardest
    If you havn't already, go beat Challenge of the Titans and get at least
    a God Ranking as your final grade.  THEN open Arena of the Fates and gather
    the rest of your Cyclops eyes.
    Only then can you officially say that you've unlocked everything this game
    has to offer.  Good luck and happy gaming!
    Escaping Hell Strategy-
      PapaZeb, Jonathan Lansang, Isaac Childres, Isaac De La Cruz, Ben Anderson
      Colossus dodging maneuver, Perseus Hammer Strategy, First Translator 
      Alternate Strategy, Flamewall Trap Red Orb Strategy, Zeus Palm Rush Dodge
      L1+T Sword Stun on Zeus
    Alexander Pagliere-
      Titan Minotaur 2 Clarification
    Thanks to Sony Corporation Santa Monica for creating such a phenomenal sequel
    to an amazing series.
    Thanks to my friends who have been supportive despite me hogging the TV to
    beat Titan Mode.
    THESE GUYS ARE SPESHUL:  WingedSavior/GuardianMKII, Donkeypunch, LevyLive,
    Poo, and MarimbaMike.
    To ME.  Email me if you've got any questions: GuardianE2000 at gmail dot com

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