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    Game Script by SamuraiX-

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 05/31/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      "I am what the Gods have made me!" - Kratos
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                               |G|a|m|e| |S|c|r|i|p|t|
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                             God of War II - Game Script
                     Playable on the PlayStation 2 Gaming Console
                   Written By: SamuraiX- (MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com)
                                79 Characters Per Line
                   Format - Font/Style/Size: Courier New/Regular/10
           Copyright © 2007 Raul Copaciu                       Version: 1.10
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                              V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y
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    Version 1.10 | May 31, 2007 | 82 kb
    Thanks to a couple of contributions from some readers I was able to update the
    section of Euryale's dialogue that I couldn't pick up on when I played through
    the game. Many thanks to the two new contributors who are now listed in the
    "Acknowledgements" section. More updates on the way if necessary.
    Version 1.00 | April 18, 2007 | 82 kb
    The entire game script is completed. All of the sections of the FAQ have been
    completed. I believe that I am still missing some small side dialogue from the
    game, particularly those of which are not presented in cut-scenes. I plan to go
    back and record these as soon as I can. I also understand that I have certain
    parts of dialogue recorded incorrectly. There were a few sections in the game
    where I just couldn't understand what a particular character was saying. Any
    help that you can provide is always appreciated.
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                          T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
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             01) Introduction                                       [01INTD]
                   1.1 - Introduction                               [01INTD]
                   1.2 - Contact Information                        [01CTIN]
                   1.3 - God of War II                              [01GWII]
             02) Game Script                                        [02GMSC]
                   2.1 - Mount Olympus                              [02OLYM]
                   2.2 - City of Rhodes                             [02RHOD]
                   2.3 - Eastern Ramparts                           [02ESTR]
                   2.4 - Return From Hades                          [02REHD]
                   2.5 - Skies of Greece                            [02SKYG]
                Lair of the Titan
                   2.6 - The Hand Cavern                            [02HAND]
                   2.7 - Fire of Olympus                            [02FIRE]
                   2.8 - Typhon's Cavern                            [02TYPH]
                   2.9 - Return to Fire of Olympus                  [02REFR]
                  2.10 - Return to Skies of Greece                  [02RESK]
                The Temple of Lahkesis
                  2.11 - The Cliffs of Lahkesis                     [02CLIF]
                  2.12 - Pathway to The Steeds                      [02PATH]
                  2.13 - The Steeds of Time                         [02STED]
                  2.14 - The Divine Pools                           [02POOL]
                  2.15 - The Bog of the Forgotten                   [02BOGF]
                The Temple of Euryale
                  2.16 - The Ruins of the Forgotten                 [02RUIN]
                  2.17 - Inside Euryale's Temple                    [02EURY]
                The Hall of Atropos
                  2.18 - Courtyard of Atropos                       [02YARD]
                  2.19 - The Edge of Creation                       [02EDGE]
                  2.20 - The Great Chasm                            [02CHSM]
                  2.21 - Ascension of Atlas                         [02ATLS]
                The Palace of The Fates
                  2.22 - Auditorium of Lahkesis                     [02LAHK]
                  2.23 - The Garden of The Gods                     [02GARD]
                  2.24 - Auditorium of Atropos                      [02ATRO]
                  2.25 - The Phoenix Chamber                        [02CHMB]
                  2.26 - Releasing the Phoenix                      [02PHNX]
                The Temple of The Fates
                  2.27 - The Throne of Lahkesis                     [02THRN]
                  2.28 - The Inner Sanctum                          [02SANC]
                  2.29 - The Loom Chamber                           [02LOOM]
                  2.30 - Return to Rhodes                           [02RERH]
                  2.31 - The Summit of Sacrifice                    [02SUMT]
                  2.32 - The Great War                              [02GWAR]
                  2.33 - Return to Mount Olympus                    [02REOL]
             03) Conclusion                                         [03CNCL]
                   3.1 - Legal Disclaimer                           [03LGDS]
                   3.2 - Voice Actors                               [03VACT]
                   3.3 - Acknowledgements                           [03AKNW]
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     /  .-.                                                                 .-.  \
    |  /   \                 ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~                 /   \  |
    | |\_.  |                  Section 01 : Introduction                  |    /| |
    |\|  | /|                ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~                |\  | |/|
    | `---' |                                                             | `---' |
    |       |-------------------------------------------------------------|       |
    \       |                          [01INTD]                           |       /
     \     /                                                               \     /
      `---'                                                                 `---'
    Hey again, everyone! If you don't remember me, I was the same person who wrote
    the script for the first God of War game. So, naturally when the sequel was
    released I asked myself, "Why not?" And that's how I came to the conclusion
    that I would write the game script for God of War II. I don't actually mean THE
    game script, but it will be the only one on GameFAQs, so I might as well give
    it some uniqueness. Right? Right.
    This document has many purposes. Its primary purpose is obviously that of
    allowing those who are interested in examining the dialogue of the game to do
    so in text form rather than in audio form. You can also refer to it when you
    have any questions concerning a particular part of the story. You can also use
    it to better your knowledge about the context of the game. I also learned that
    the script can be very helpful to those who may not be familiar enough with the
    English language just yet to understand it at the pace with which it is
    presented to us in the game. There are probably some other purposes for this
    script, but I believe I have mentioned the primary few.
    I hope that all of enjoy reading this script as much as I enjoyed writing it.
    I would have to admit that it took me rather longer to write the script than I
    had first anticipated, considering most of the time I was stressing too much
    over my descriptions of what was happening while the dialogue was taking place.
    All in all, I would have to say that I am quite satisfied with the script as a
    whole. I'll hopefully get to see you all agian when God of War III is released.
    Until next time.
    	-------  1.2 - Contact Information  -------
    If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, or contributions then just
    send them in to the e-mail address that I provided below. Please remember to
    keep your messages relevant, primarily to comments, corrections, suggestions,
    or contributions. For your convenience, I have included a list of what TO do,
    and what NOT to do when e-mailing me. As long as you abide by the guidelines
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    	E-Mail : MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com
    - DO -
     - Write legible sentences
     - Include good grammar and decent spelling
     - Inform me of errors related to spelling, grammar, gameplay, story, etc.
     - Provide me with tips or strategies in relevance with aspects of the game
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    	-------  1.3 - God of War II  -------
    God of War saw Kratos, a mortal warrior, set upon an epic quest to dethrone a
    God. But his journey did not end there. In God of War II, Kratos sits atop his
    Olympus throne, as the new God of War - far more ruthless than Ares ever was.
    To end his continued torment, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the
    earth and defeat untold horrors and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever
    changed, his fate. God of War II sets an epic stage for a desvastating
    mythological war to end all wars.
       God of War II Official Website : http://www.us.playstation.com/GodofWar2/
     /  .-.                                                                 .-.  \
    |  /   \                 ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~                 /   \  |
    | |\_.  |                  Section 02 : Game Script                   |    /| |
    |\|  | /|                ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~                |\  | |/|
    | `---' |                                                             | `---' |
    |       |-------------------------------------------------------------|       |
    \       |                          [02GMSC]                           |       /
     \     /                                                               \     /
      `---'                                                                 `---'
    	-------  2.1 - Mount Olympus  -------
    Narrator        : By defeating Ares, Kratos, the once mortal warrior became the
                      new God of War. However, Kratos soon found himself alone on
                      Olympus, shunned by his fellow gods.
    [Kratos stands from his throne and walks forward. He approaches a large
    circular structure in the ground that presents him with a view of a savage
    battle that is taking place between his Spartan army and Rhodes soldiers.]
    Narrator        : But Kratos had no need for the love of petty gods. He had
                      found a new family in the warriors of Sparta. Bringing solace
                      from his past with carnage and battle.
    Young Spartan   : My lord, Kratos! Another city is ready to fall! Soon all
                      shall know the glory of Sparta!
    [Kratos walks away from the structure to find Athena standing in his path.]
    Athena          : Enough Kratos! With every city you destroy, the wrath of
                      Olympus grows. Soon I will no longer be able to protect you.
    [Kratos brushes her off.]
    Kratos          : I need no protection!
    [Athena continues to try to reason with Kratos.]
    Athena          : Do not forget that it was I who made you a god, Ghost of
                      Sparta. Do not turn your back on me.
    Kratos          : I owe you nothing!
    [Kratos turns and walks away from her.]
    Athena          : Then you leave me no choice...
    [Kratos is seen approaching the ledge of Mount Olympus and leaping downward to
    join his fellow comrades in battle on the Earth below.]
    Narrator        : Kratos had turned the pain of his memories into hatred,
                      hatred for the gods, who had refused to free him from the
                      nightmares of his past duties. And so he went to Rhodes to
                      deliver the final blow to the besieged city.
    	-------  2.2 - City of Rhodes  -------
    [Kratos reigns down from the skies like an asteroid, striking the ancient city
    of Rhodes. He emerges in his god form, bearing a size that could match that of
    the Titans. He begins to destory what is left of the city and its army. Just
    then, a peculiar looking eagle uses some type of magic on Kratos.]
    Kratos          : Athena!! You conspire against me!?
    [The same eagle approaches the Colossus statue in the distance and uses similar
    magic to fill the hollow structure with life. With the magic that was used on
    Kratos taking full effect, he is reduced to human size.]
    Kratos          : Athena! You will suffer for this!!
    [Kratos is attacked by masses of Rhodes soldiers, but easily and viciously
    slaughters them all without mercy. Three soldiers taking shelter behind a metal
    gate cannot believe what they've just seen.]
    Rhodes Soldier  : By the Gods, he's killed them all! He still has some of the
                      powers of a god! Ruuuunn!
    	-------  2.3 - Eastern Ramparts  -------
    [As Kratos traverses through the city of Rhodes, Zeus speaks to him from the
    heavens above after he exits the palace.]
    Zeus            : Kratos...
    Kratos          : I do not need your help, Zeus! I can take down this beast!
    Zeus            : I offer you more than help, Kratos. I offer you power.
    [A glowing blue sword reigns down from the sky, striking the ground a distance
    away with a great force.]
    Zeus            : I offer you the Blade of Olympus. It was this blade that
                      ended the Great War and defeated the Titans. Drain your godly
                      powers into the sword, Kratos. Only then will you reach your
                      full potential.
    Kratos          : Why do you aid me now?
    Zeus            : What I do now I do for the good of all Olympus.
    [Kratos makes his way to the Blade of Olympus and proceeds to transfer all of
    his power into the weapon.]
    Zeus            : With your godly power drained into the blade it will have the
                      strength to destroy all who defy the Gods.
    [Now wielding the Blade of Olympus, Kratos uses its great power to enter the
    interior of the Colossus and destroys the giant structure from the inside out.
    Kratos leaps from the mouth of the giant and lands on the platform below.]
    Kratos          : Do you see, Gods of Olympus!? Do you need more proof than
    [The falling Colossus makes one final attempt at attacking by bringing his
    giant sized hand down on the unsuspecting Kratos. The Blade of Olympus is
    knocked from his hand, striking the ground a short distance away from him.]
    Narrator        : Placing all of his godly power into the weapon had rendered
                      Kratos mortal, vulnerable to the arms of death. Bloodied and
                      beaten, he knew that to have any hope of survival he must
                      retrieve the Blade of Olympus.
    [Kratos coughs out a mountful of blood. His god armor falls to pieces as he
    attempts to regain his footing.]
    Narrator        : Humiliated before his Spartan army, Kratos dragged himself up
                      from the dirt.
    [Kratos slowly makes his way toward the Blade of Olympus, so weak that he can't
    even so much as swing his blades. Before he reaches the sword, the same eagle
    that used its magic to degenerate him from his godly size appears before him
    and reveals its true form. It is none other than the ruler of the Gods, Zeus.]
    Kratos          : You!?
    Zeus            : Yes, I am forced to attend to this matter myself. Athena
                      refused to undue her mistake. Imagine caring for a creature
                      such as yourself.
    Kratos          : Why? Why would you betray me?
    Zeus            : It is you who would betray me! Am I to stand idly by while
                      Olympus is threatened!?
    [Zeus retrieves the Blade of Olympus from the ground.]
    Zeus            : Your hands are already stained by the blood of a god! I will
                      not let Ares' fate be my own.
    Kratos          : The Gods are petty and pathetic and your rule is weak.
    Zeus            : I grow tired of this insolence! I am the king of Olympus!
    [Zeus places the Blade of Olympus at Kratos' neck.]
    Zeus            : And it is my way that is the way of the Gods. You must vow to
                      forever serve me.
    [Kratos pushes the sword away.]
    Kratos          : I serve no one!
    Zeus            : Then you leave me no choice!
    [Kratos is forced into combat with Zeus. It is clear that defeat is inevitable
    for the Spartan as he is assaulted with a barrage of attacks while being unable
    to defend himself.]
    Zeus            : Submit!
    Kratos          : I would rather die!
    [Zeus grabs Kratos and throws him to the ground. He then attempts stab Kratos
    with the Blade of Olympus. After a futile attempt in resisting by Kratos, Zeus
    plunges the sword into Kratos' abdomen.]
    Zeus            : It did not have to be this way my son. This path is of your
    Kratos          : A choice from the Gods is as useless as the Gods themselves.
    Zeus            : Even now as you draw your last breath, you continue to defy
    [Zeus plunges the blade further into Kratos' body.]
    Zeus            : Everything you have ever known, Kratos, will now suffer
                      because of your sacrilege. You will never be the ruler of
                      Olympus. The cycle ends here.
    [Zeus removes the Blade of Olympus from Kratos and uses its power to send a
    powerful wave of energy across the city of Rhodes, annihilating both of the
    battling armies.]
    Kratos          : You will pay for this... You... Be certain of that.
    [Zeus walks away from the defeated and dying Kratos.]
    Narrator        : As the life drained out of Kratos the arms of Hades reached
                      out to claim their prize.
    [Dark black hands reach out of the ground and pull Kratos below into Hades.]
    Narrator        : But there was more resting on Kratos' shoulders than he could
    [Kratos' body is shown, slowly being pulled into the depths of Hades.]
    Narrator        : Kratos was destined to bring about change so severe that it
                      would shake the very pillars of Mount Olympus. His death was
                      something that I could not allow.
    [Images of his past suddenly flash through Kratos' mind. He remembers the
    battle in which he pledged his loyalty to Ares.]
    Kratos          : Ares!! Destroy my enemies and my life is yours!
    [Kratos remembers images of Ares, his daughter, and the many women that he
    slept with, but they each are speaking with voice he is unfamiliar with.]
    Gaia            : Fight Spartan!
    Gaia            : You are not meant to die here.
    Gaia            : This is not the end.
    [Kratos awakens in pure blackness, with a gentle white light illuminating him.]
    Kratos          : Who... are you?
    [A giant elderly woman covered with earth appears before Kratos.]
    Gaia            : I am the Titan, Gaia, ever present Mother of Earth. I have
                      watched you become a powerful warrior and I have been with
                      you through all the events of your life, but I can no longer
                      simply watch.
    [Gaia moves backwards, revealing four additional Titans in the background.]
    Gaia            : We will help you defeat Zeus. Death is an escape, Kratos.
                      You are a warrior of Sparta, not a coward. Only a coward
                      accepts death.
    Kratos          : I am no coward.
    Gaia            : Then you must fight. I will show you the way to the Sisters
                      of Fate. Only with their power will you defeat Zeus.
    [Kratos awakens in the pits of Hades with new life flowing through him. The
    wound inflicted on him by Zeus is fully healed. Kratos then proceeds to rip
    his way through the arms of Hades and scales his way back up to the surface.]
    	-------  2.4 - Return From Hades  -------
    [As Kratos resurfaces in the burning city of Rhodes he looks around to see the
    bodies of fallen soldiers. Among the dead, a single Spartan soldier seems to
    still be moving. Kratos helps the soldier to hs feet.]
    Young Spartan   : My lord! I knew you could not be killed. I never lost faith.
    Kratos          : Return to Sparta and prepare for battle.
    Young Spartan   : But... our brothers are dead.
    Kratos          : You can still hold a sword. Spartans do not surrender! Do as
                      your God commands.
    [A horse with wings of fire appears from the skies and lands on the platform
    where Kratos and the young Spartan are located. This steed is named Pegasus.]
    Young Spartan   : And what of you, my lord?
    Kratos          : I am going after Zeus! It seems I still have allies on
    [Kratos saddles himself onto Pegasus and takes flight into the skies.]
    	-------  2.5 - Skies of Greece  -------
    Kratos          : Turn back to Olympus, beast! I must face Zeus!
    [Pegasus continues onward, ignoring the command given to him by Kratos.]
    Kratos          : You defy the God of War!?
    [Gaia's voice echoes from above.]
    Gaia            : You are no longer a god, Kratos. Zeus, Olympus, and the blade
                      which holds all your power will forever more be out of reach.
                      Your only hope is to find the Sisters of Fate and travel back
                      through time to the moment Zeus betrayed you, for only then
                      will he truly be vulnerable. Kratos, to succeed, you will
                      need more help than I can give. My Titan brother slumbers
                      deep inside his mountain prison. Go. It is time for him to
    	-------  2.6 - The Hand Cavern  -------
    [Kratos and Pegasus fly through the skies, battling Gryphons on their way when
    a particular Gryphon rider knocks them off their course and into a large cave
    that seems to be the home of a Titan.]
    Typhon          : Who dares to enter this place?
    [As Typhon's voice echoes through the cave his breath sends a cold chill past
    Kratos as the Titan's form comes into view. Pegasus makes the mistake of flying
    too close to Typhon's hand and becomes trapt under its vast weight. Kratos
    attempts to free Pegasus from Typhon's grasp, but to no avail.]
    Gaia            : You do not have enough power to lift the fingers of the great
                      Titan. You must free the Pegasus, Kratos. It is your only
                      passage to the Sisters of Fate.
    	-------  2.7 - Fire of Olympus  -------
    [Kratos makes his way through the cave tunnels and arrives outside on the snowy
    mountain cliffs. He approaches a large bird that is feasting on a man.]
    Prometheus      : God of War! You... live!
    Kratos          : I no longer walk with the Gods. Who has placed you in this
    Prometheus      : Zeus! My only crime was helping mankind. When I took the
                      Fires of Olympus to the mortals, Zeus considered it a
                      betrayal. As punishment, he made me mortal and condemned me
                      to be savagely consumed everyday by this cursed bird. Then
                      with the fall of night I am healed. How long have I been
                      here? How long have I suffered this curse? I truly do not
    [Prometheus takes his last breath and then falls silent. His abdomen, where the
    bird had been consuming his internal organs suddenly takes on a very rapid
    regeneration process and Prometheus takes his first new breath of life.]
    Prometheus      : Please, Ghost of Sparta! Release me from my torment!
    [Kratos attempts to break Prometheus' chains, but it only causes him to hang
    over the Fires of Olympus by his neck. Kratos is unable to reach the remaining
    chain that holds Prometheus.]
    Prometheus      : I must burn in the Fires of Olympus! It is the only way! Kill
                      me, Kratos! Kill me!
    	-------  2.8 - Typhon's Cavern  -------
    [Kratos traverses the mountain cliffs and makes his way to Typhon's Cavern. The
    cold voice of Typhon can be heard echoing throughout the cave, commanding the
    once servant of the Gods to leave his cavern.]
    Typhon          : Begone servant of Zeus!
    Typhon          : Get out of my sight!
    Typhon          : I will not help you!
    [Kratos leaps onto Typhon's face and claws at his left eye with his chain
    blade, retrieving Typhon's Bane.]
    Typhon          : You will pay for that, Kratos!
    	-------  2.9 - Return to Fire of Olympus  -------
    [Kratos makes his way back to Promethesus and breaks the final chain that he
    hangs from with Typhon's Bane. Prometheus falls into the flames below and is
    relieved of his eternal torture. Gaia acknowledges Kratos for this.]
    Gaia            : You have freed Prometheus from the torment of the Gods. His
                      flesh has tainted the Fires of Olympus and embodied it with
                      power of the Titans.
    [Kratos is engulfed with the ashes of Promethesus, granting him a power
    power known as the Rage of the Titans.]
    Gaia            : These ashes will give you great strength, Kratos. Take them
                      within you and use this strength to defeat your enemies.
    [With his new found power, Kratos makes his way back to where Typhon had trapt
    Pegasus and is now able release him from Typhon's grasp using this new power.]
    	-------  2.10 - Return to Skies of Greece  -------
    [Kratos finally escapes from Typhon's lair and finds his new destination across
    the horizon.]
    Gaia            : Kratos, behold the Island of Creation, home to the Sisters of
                      Fate. Here, the path to your true destiny begins. The island
                      is fraught with danger. It was created to prevent all from
                      reaching the three Sisters of Fate. The power of the Sisters
                      will allow you to return to that moment when Zeus betrayed
                      and killed you, Kratos. Thus changing your fate and the fate
                      of others.
    	-------  2.11 - The Cliffs of Lahkesis  -------
    [After defeating the same Gryphon rider that attacked him before he entered
    Typhon's cavern, Kratos is able to reach the Island of Creation. He proceeds
    further toward his objective and arrives at a point overlooking the island.]
    Gaia            : You must find a way across to the island, Kratos. For there
                      lies your path to the Sisters of Fate.
    Kratos          : Why do you aid me, Gaia?
    Gaia            : Zeus must be stopped, Kratos. His story of revenge has been
                      told before.
    [A woman cuddling a baby appears at the top of a cliff side.]
    Gaia            : You know of the mighty Titan, Cronos. So fearful was Cronos
                      of the Oracle's prediction that his own children would rise
                      against him that he decided to imprison all in his belly.
                      Rhea stood by and watched as her children were devoured one
                      by one. But when the time came for the last of her children
                      to be eaten, she was unable to bare another such loss and
                      devised a trick to save the baby Zeus.
    [An eagle appears from the skies. Rhea holds the baby up and allows the eagle
    to retrieve him and fly away.]
    Gaia            : Rhea commanded the eagle to secretice on her way. He was
                      taken to an island far beyond the watchful eyes of Cronos.
    [Rhea picks up a rock uses it as a replacement for the baby. After rapping the
    it up in the same brown cloth that Zeus was rapped in, she places the decoy on
    the pedestal in front of her as Cronos approached the cliff. Cronos lowers his
    head to examine the offering, seemingly suspicious of it. Without giving it a
    second thought, Cronos grabs the pedestal, tearing out much of the cliff side
    along with it, and drops the inanimate object down his mouth. The eagle with
    baby Zeus is shown arriving at the island and releasing the baby into a cave.]
    Gaia            : It was I who cared for him. It was I who kept him safe.
    [After many years having past, Zeus immerges from the same cave he wandered in
    when he was an infant. He has now fully matured into adulthood.]
    Gaia            : I nurtured his desire to free his brothers and sisters from
                      Cronos. But my foolish act of compassion would haunt the
                      Titans forever. For in sparing Zeus, we allowed him to return
                      to us with vengance in his heart. He betrayed all of the
                      Titans for the sins of just one. The sins of his father,
    [Gaia is shown rising out of the sea, revealing that the island of which Zeus
    had grown up on had always been a part of Gaia's earthen body.]
    	-------  2.12 - Pathway to The Steeds  -------
    [Kratos continues on his way to find an alternative route to the island. He is
    able to come across four phenomenally sized steeds further in the distance.]
    Gaia            : The Steeds of Time. A gift from the great Titan, Cronos. His
                      unsuccessful attempt to gain the favor of the Sisters of Fate
                      and change the destiny which the Oracle foretold.
    	-------  2.13 - The Steeds of Time  -------
    [Kratos makes his way across to the Steeds and encounters a familiar face. It
    is the man holding the key he requires to gain access to the Steeds. As Kratos
    approaches, the man begins laugh dominantly.]
    Theseus         : The Ghost of Sparta. Then what they say is true.
    Kratos          : Theseus...
    Theseus         : Of all the fools who try, you would be the last I would
                      expect to seek an audience with the Sisters of Fate.
    Kratos          : And you are the last one I would expect to become a servant
                      of the Fates.
    Theseus         : I serve and protect the Sisters of Fate for the glory of
    Kratos          : The time of Zeus is coming to an end.
    Theseus         : Hmm... You seek the Sisters to kill Zeus?
    [Theseus begins to laugh hysterically.]
    Theseus         : You no longer possess the powers of a god, Kratos. I doubt
                      you're capable of killing me, let alone the king of Olympus!
    Kratos          : Let me pass and I will let you live, old man.
    Theseus         : I do not think that is your choice to make.
    [Theseus arms himself with his spear, prepared to battle with Kratos.]
    Theseus         : Come forward. Let us finally see who is the greatest warrior
                      in all of Greece.
    [After a fierce batle, Kratos kills Theseus and obtains the Horse Keeper's Key.
    Using the key, Kratos unlocks a door which grants him an audience with the
    spirit of the great Titan, Cronos.]
    Cronos          : Our destiny has brought us together, warrior. Before my fall
                      in the Great War with the Gods, I hid away the last remnants
                      of my magic. For the good of the Titans, I, Cronos bestoy
                      what is left upon you. Use it well.
    [Kratos takes hold of his new magic and uses it to aid him in slaying all those
    who stand in the way of his quest to return to the island. After Kratos is able
    to destroy the saddles that bind the Steeds of Time and miraculously pull the
    island closer to him, he hears Gaia's voice reminding him of his objective.]
    Gaia            : You must return to the island, Kratos. Your journey to the
                      Sisters of Fate has only just begun.
    	-------  2.14 - The Divine Pools  -------
    [After making his way onto the island, Kratos discovers an ancient artifact
    that belonged to the Sisters of Fate.]
    Gaia            : The relic that you hold, an amulet of the Sisters of Fate
                      will allow you to move swiftly through time while all around
                      you slows.
    [Kratos uses the Amulet of The Fates to gain an audience with a statue of one
    of the three Sisters. The decision maker of the pack, Lahkesis.]
    Lahkesis Statue : Hear me, fallen god. None defy what the Fates decree. That is
                      how it must be. Only death awaits you at the end of your
    Kratos          : My death is what began this journey.
    Lahkesis Statue : The Fates have not deemed fit to wait for you. Your soul will
                      never find peace for what you have become.
    Kratos          : I am what the Gods have made me!
    [Using his chain blades, Kratos furiously destroys part of the statue's face in
    a single blow, eventually knocking its entire head off the upper body. The head
    of the statue continues to mock Kratos, even as he is fighting enemies below in
    the courtyard.]
    Lahkesis Statue : We will never allow you to change your fate, Kratos. You will
                      die here, Kratos! You cannot change your destiny, mortal. We
                      will never allow you to reach our sacred temple, Kratos.
    	-------  2.15 - The Bog of the Forgotten  -------
    [As Kratos enters the mysterious bog, Gaia's voice echoes out from the earth.]
    Gaia            : Hidden deep within the spire lie the Sisters. They control
                      the Threads of Fate. Gain control of your thread and you will
                      be able to return to the moment when Zeus betrayed you.
    [Suddenly a horseman attacks Kratos from behind. He is able to evade and latch
    onto the rear of the horse, as he is dragged throughout the bog and into an
    arena surrounded by deadly waters. The horseman speaks, revealing an all too
    familiar voice that Kratos has yet to forget.]
    Barbarian King  : By the Gods, it is true! I have fought my way through the
                      guardians of Hades, and drove my way out of the fires of
                      torment and changed my fate. And for my efforts the Sisters
                      shine their light upon me, delivering the very object of my
                      vengance: Kratos.
    [The Barbarian King laughs with a tone vengance in his voice.]
    Barbarian King  : The servant of Ares. Do you remember that day, Spartan!?
    Kratos          : I will never forget that day!
    Barbarian King  : This time, Ghost of Sparta, I will have your head!
    [The Barbarian King laughs feverishly, seemingly enthusiastic about the battle
    that is to come with the Spartan captain that he once knew. As the battle had
    progressed, the barbarian had summoned souls from the Underworld, one of them
    being the unlucky boat captain that Kratos had encountered twice already.]
    Boat Captain    : No! Not you again!
    [Kratos defeats the Barbarian King once and for all, using the warrior's own
    massive hammer. He then proceeds on to Euryale's Temple.]
    	-------  2.16 - The Ruins of the Forgotten  -------
    [As he makes his way around the outside of the temple, Kratos spots a soldier
    that tries to escape a nearby cave. A pair of minotaurs are seen dragging him
    back into the pit as he begs Kratos for his assistance.]
    Soldier         : You! Warrior! Help me! Help mmeeeee!
    [Kratos continues onward and finds another soldier that has suffered severe
    battle wounds. Kratos lifts him by his collar to see if he still lives.]
    Jason's Guard   : God of War... Jason. That beast took him. All our men are
                      dead. Jason has the Fleece. You must save him! The Fleece is
                      the key to Medusa's Temple!
    [Kratos realizes the only way to reach Jason is to stop a giant wheel of spikes
    blocking his way. Since there is no other proper tool lying around, Kratos uses
    the wounded soldier to jam the wheel.]
    Jason's Guard   : Help me... No! What are you doing!? I need your help!
    [The wheel tears the guard to shreds, but stops its rotation in the process,
    allowing Kratos to destroy it and proceed onward. Jason is already dead by the
    time Kratos reaches the other side. He kills the Cerberus creature that
    devoured the warrior and retrieves the Golden Fleece from its throat.]
    Gaia            : This Golden Fleece has the power to deflect approaching
                      weapons and thrust them back to those who deliver them.
    	-------  2.17 - Inside Euryale's Temple  -------
    [Using the Golden Fleece, Kratos enters Euryale's Temple. The voice of Euryale
    can be heard accusing Kratos as he descends deeper within the temple.]
    Euryale         : Kratos... Murderer of children! I know this! I am aware of
                      the misery you have brought upon my brood!
    [Kratos encounters another soldier that is apparently seeking an audience with
    the Sisters as well. He removes the crank from the second elevator that Kratos
    ascend on. Kratos is easily able to use different methods to proceed onward.]
    Elevator Guy    : You'll never reach the Sisters, Ghost of Sparta! It is my
    [Kratos manages to delve further into Euryale's temple, only to here the voice
    of the snake monster continue to taunt him.]
    Euryale         : Ruthlessly cutting down my line. Your hands wear their blood.
                      Praise to the Sisters; for on this day Kratos, you will meet
                      your end!
    [Kratos later encounters Euryale. After a fierce battle with the creature
    Kratos manages to kill her by method of decapitation, similar to how he
    murdered her sister Medusa.]
    	-------  2.18 - Courtyard of Atropos  -------
    [As Kratos enters the courtyard and makes his way through the Hall of Atropos,
    he continuously hears a voice echoing down from the upper regions of the
    courtyard, seemingly calling for help.]
    ????            : Is someone down there? I can hear you! Please help me! I'm
                      trapt! Up here! Yes, yes! Up here, quickly!
    	-------  2.19 - The Edge of Creation  -------
    [Kratos enters highest chamber in the Hall of Atropos and discovers the person
    who was calling for aid. It is one of the mythic heroes of Greece, Perseus. As
    the door closes behind Kratos, Perseus desperately makes a dash for freedom,
    but is unable to make it before the wall crashes down.]
    Perseus         : No! That door was my only escape! I have faced test after
                      test in search of the Sisters. And now you have dashed it all
                      away! You certainly do not live up to your reputation, Ghost
                      of Sparta! But... perhaps this is a test? Are you watching me
                      now, Sisters!? Give me a sign! Am I, the great Perseus to
                      kill this fallen God to receive an audience with you? Will
                      that allow me to bring my love back from the grasp of Hades
                      himself!? If not, at least I can bathe in the glory of being
                      the one who brought down the mighty Kratos, the slayer of
                      gods. Although I hardly think a harpie's fool such as
                      yourself deserves such praise.
    [Perseus places a helmet over his head that allows him to seemingly disappear,
    turning his entire body invisible. As Kratos battles with Perseus, the unseen
    warrior mocks him when he is unable to discover his presense.]
    Perseus         : I'm right here!
    Perseus         : Over here!
    Perseus         : No, not there! Over here!
    Perseus         : I'm over here!
    [Kratos becomes sick of this game of hide and seek, causing him to destroy
    Perseus' helmet and weapon, leaving him with only a shield and a slinging type
    weapon. Kratos eventually kills Perseus, and uses his shield to proceed with
    his quest.]
    	-------  2.20 - The Great Chasm  -------
    [As Kratos approaches the chasm that separates him from the Palace of The Fates
    he encounters a vile looking man that appears to be on the edge of insanity.]
    Icarus          : Go back! Go back, warrior! There is no passage here. You will
                      never make it across! You think you can but you cannot!
    [Kratos stares annoyingly and attempts to step past the man but is stopped
    short when the man continues his impulsive babbling.]
    Icarus          : Do you hear me!? It is my wings that will make it across! It
                      is my test! Do you not know who I am? Have you not heard of
                      Icarus? It is my fate to make it across! This is my test! The
                      Sisters will grant me an audience. Not you! You will die
                      white warrior, you will die!
    [Kratos grabs Icarus and pulls him toward his face.]
    Kratos          : I will reach the Sisters of Fate and I will use your wings
                      to do so.
    Icarus          : The Sisters will not allow you, a fallen god to bathe in
                      their light!
    [Icarus works his way onto Kratos' back in a panic and drags him down into the
    great chasm. Kratos and Icarus are throwing punches back and forth as they are
    continuously falling into the abyss. Kratos eventually gains the upper hand.]
    Icarus          : Wait! Perhaps the Sisters have sent you to help me! I
                      realize now!
    [Kratos is through listening to Icarus as he rips both his wings off and lets
    him drop into the abyss.]
    	-------  2.21 - Ascension of Atlas  -------
    [As Kratos makes a landing on what appears to be the face of a very large
    creature, he hears Gaia's voice echoing from all around him.]
    Gaia            : The Sisters' temple is far above, Kratos. You must get back
                      to the surface.
    [Kratos eventually transcends the gaint creature and reaches his destination
    where he can resurface into the upper world. As he destroys one of the links
    that bind its chains, a voice echoes out.]
    Atlas           : Who breaks my chains of torment?
    [The creature grabs Kratos and squeezes his body between two of his fingers.
    Kratos does his best to retaliate by attempting to push his fingers apart.]
    Atlas           : You are strong but you are far too small, even for an
                      Olympian, to be a god. Hmm... Kratos.
    [The Titan begins to crush Kratos using his two fingers.]
    Atlas           : You dare show your face to me? After what you have done? I
                      will make you suffer, Kratos.
    [Atlas continues to try and crush Kratos using only his fingers.]
    Kratos          : Atlas! You must trust me! Much has past since we last met!
    [Kratos pushes Atlas' fingers apart but only to have them pushing against him
    yet again shortly afterwards.]
    Atlas           : Why would I ever trust a servant of Zeus?
    [Kratos pushes the fingers of the mighty Titan apart once again.]
    Kratos          : Because I seek to destroy Zeus!
    [Kratos is released from Atlas' grasp as the Titan laughs humorously.]
    Atlas           : Kratos, still the arrogant and foolish warrior. You have not
                      changed. Hmm... and how do you plan to defeat the king of the
    Kratos          : By taking the Blade of Olympus back and driving it into Zeus'
                      heart! It holds the power I once wielded as the God of War!
    [A flashback of the Great War between the Titans and the Olympians is shown.]
    Atlas           : The Blade of Olympus? I have not heard that name in many
                      years. Since... since the end of the Great War!
    [Zeus is shown using his lighting and gathering it together in a whirlwind of
    of pure energy.]
    Atlas           : Blood-lust and power raged within Zeus. His desire to rule
                      over mortals was intolerable to us.
    [A battle between Cronos, Atlas, and Hades is shown.]
    Atlas           : The war between the Titans and the Olympians forged the
                      landscape of the mortal world. It was a war that we knew the
                      Titans must win. If we lost, it would an end to the golden
                      age of the Titan rule. Peace and prosperity for mankind would
                      be no more.
    [The combined power of Poseidon and Hades proves to be too much for Atlas, as
    his spirit is ripped from his body and is no longer able to fight.]
    Atlas           : The battle continued despite my capture. Then Zeus created a
                      powerful weapon to end the Great War. A weapon forged from
                      the heavens and the earth. The Blade of Olympus.
    [Zeus is shown using the power of the Blades of Olympus to defeat the entire
    army of the Titans in one swift wave of energy.]
    Zeus            : I banish you to the darkest pits of Tartarus!
    [The scene switches back to Atlas and Kratos.]
    Atlas           : I awoke in the torment of the underworld! Banished to the
                      darkest pits of Hades! I would have destroyed Zeus if you had
                      not put me here, slave of the gods!
    Kratos          : I no longer do the bidding of the gods, Atlas! I have
                      stomached their betrayal for the last time! Show me the way
                      to the Sisters and I will kill Zeus once and for all!
    [Kratos is given the final remains of Atlas' magic, proving that he knows how
    to use it by defeating several undead enemies.]
    Atlas           : What Gaia says is true, Ghost of Sparta. You are a powerful
                      warrior and a worthy ally of the Titans.
    Kratos          : Then tell me how to find the temple of the Sisters of Fate!
    Atlas           : None, not even the Titan know how to reach the Sisters'
                      temple. But it is said he who finds it will wield great
                      power. I have given you the last of my magic, Spartan. And I
                      will help you across great chasm. But that is all I can
    [Atlas uses his hand to take Kratos back up to the upper world.]
    Atlas           : May fate grant you passage, Kratos. For many rely on your
    	-------  2.22 - Auditorium of Lahkesis  -------
    [Kratos makes his way through the palace and encounters the a translator that
    he needs to transcribe a passage of text for him. He is not willing to leave.]
    Translator 1    : Leave me be! I do not want to die!
    [Kratos and the translator are assaulted on their way back to the book.]
    Translator 1    : I cannot read the words while they attack!
    Translator 1    : I... I have forgotten the words.
    [The translator seems to have forgotten the text of the book, so Kratos
    persuades him to remember.]
    Kratos          : Read it!
    Translator 1    : Hear me, Sisters who control the threads!
    Kratos          : Keep going!
    [Kratos slams the translator's head into the book.]
    Translator      : Another searches for what only the Sisters may give.
    Kratos          : Read it!
    Translator      : As proof that he is worthy... No, please, no! I cannot do it!
    [Kratos slams the man's head in the book again.]
    Kratos          : Read!
    Translator      : Accept this sacrifice of my blood!
    [Kratos kills the translator and the blood sacrifice is accepted, opening part
    of the passage to the temple.]
    Lahkesis        : Well done, warrior. With this sacrifice you have proven your
                      resolve to seek out the Sisters of Fate. However, this is but
                      a small step in your quest to gain an audience with us.
    	-------  2.23 - The Garden of The Gods  -------
    [Kratos comes upon a garden with statues of many familiar gods. A statue of
    Athena begins speaking to Kratos, apparently trying to warn him.]
    Athena          : Kratos, you know not what you do. There are things far more
                      important than your revenge. Zeus did what he must to
                      protect Olympus. Gaia speaks nothing but half-truths and
                      falsehoods. The Titans are not to be trusted. In you, Zeus
                      feared the destruction of all he stands for.
    	-------  2.24 - Auditorium of Atropos  -------
    [Kratos observes the second translator he needs behind an metal gate.]
    Translator 2    : Ghost of Sparta? It was foretold that you would come. I will
                      not let you reach the Sisters!
    [The translator suddenly leaps over the ledge to his doom. Using a mirror in
    the same room that allows one to go back in time, Kratos returns to the exact
    moment before the translator jumps and uses the Amulet of the Fates to slow
    down time, allowing him to grab the translator before he jumps. Kratos then
    proceeds to force him to read from the book of ancient text.]
    Kratos          : Read the words!
    Translator 2    : Hear me, noble Sisters who forge our destinies. Another seeks
                      an audience to change their fate...
    [Using the same method of persuasion that he used on the first translator,
    Kratos slams the man's head into the book.]
    Translator 2    : As proof that he is worthy... No, Kratos! This will be the
                      end of us all! You must stop!
    [Kratos bashes the man's head into the book yet again
    Kratos          : This is your purpose! Die with honor.
    Translator 2    : I give my blood to illuminate the way.
    [Kratos sacrifices the second translator to fully open the way to the temple.]
    Lahkesis        : Kratos. Like the fiery Phoenix who is resurrected from his
                      ashes, you too search for a second chance at life. Find these
                      ashes and free the Phoenix. Only then will you find a path to
                      the temple of the Fates.
    	-------  2.25 - The Phoenix Chamber  -------
    [Kratos discovers the Phoenix's ashes and Gaia explains what he must do.]
    Gaia            : The ashes of the Phoenix... Only fire will set them free.
    	-------  2.26 - Releasing the Phoenix  -------
    [Kratos enters a dark room and a mysterious figure cries out from the shadows.]
    ????            : I have come too far to fail!
    [Kratos and the unknown warrior engage in battle. Kratos easily claims victory
    but the shadowy figure is able to put up a brave retaliation. After throwing
    both of their bodies into daylight, Kratos is able to recognize the warrior.]
    Kratos          : You!?
    [The young Spartan warrior that survived the chaos at Rhodes was his opponent.]
    Young Spartan   : My lord?
    Kratos          : I told you to return to Sparta! Why do you leave Sparta
    [Kratos grabs at the soldier's collar, demanding answers.]
    Young Spartan   : Sparta... is no more.
    Kratos          : What treachery is this!?
    Young Spartan   : Zeus... He came under the cloak of darkness into Sparta.
    [The city of Sparta is shown during a time of nightfall. It is eerily quiet.
    The young Spartan and two archers are shown looking out from the top of a watch
    tower. Suddenly, a lightning bolt is hurled down from the sky without warning,
    destroying watch tower and sending the three soldiers flying to the ground.
    Young Spartan   : The people cried out for you. They begged for their God to
                      save them. But you did not come.
    Young Spartan   : I was left with no choice. I had to seek out the Sisters to
                      change the fate of our beloved Sparta, for I am all that is
                      left. Now you are all that is left. I have faith that our
                      brothers of Sparta will live on through the true God of War.
    [The young Spartan soldier takes his last breath and falls silent. Kratos
    becomes enraged, screaming at the skies.]
    Kratos          : ZEUUUUUSS!! Is this how you face me!? Coward! I am through
                      doing the bidding of the Gods! Come down here and face me
                      now, Zeus!
    [A kraken appears from the depths behind Kratos. Without fear, Kratos casually
    walks towards the beast, still shouting out to Zeus.]
    Kratos          : I grow tired of the lies of the Gods! Come down here and face
                      me now, Zeus!
    [The kraken grabs Kratos and clenches him tightly in one of its massive
    tentacles. Kratos then experiences an illusion where he is standing on a hill
    that overlooks the burning city of Sparta. His deceased wife approaches him.]
    Kratos          : I am so sorry, my love... Can you ever forgive me?
    [The voice of Gaia speaks from the woman.]
    Gaia            : All is not lost, Kratos. You must go on. There is much at
                      stake here.
    Kratos          : I cannot defeat the Gods.
    Gaia            : Victory favors you, Kratos. But you must grab hold of your
                      destiny and command it. There is a war on the horizon and we
                      need you to lead us into battle.
    Kratos          : To what end?
    Gaia            : The death of Zeus. If you relent, Zeus will torment you
                      still. He will not rest knowing you live. And when you die,
                      his brother Hades will see that your soul is tortured for all
                      eternity. You will have no rest until you destroy him.
    [Gaia places the power emitting from the flames of the destroyed Sparta into
    Kratos, intensifying his rage.]
    Gaia            : Take within you this power that burned your beloved Sparta.
                      Let it fuel your rage and hasten your steps towards destiny.
                      The time to act is upon us, Kratos. This battle is just the
                      beginning of a great war that is to come.
    [Using this new found rage and power, Kratos defeats the kraken and uses the
    Phoenix to enter the temple of the Fates.]
    	-------  2.27 - The Throne of Lahkesis  -------
    [Kratos approaches the throne room and is greeted by Lahkesis.]
    Lahkesis        : We've been expecting you.
    Kratos          : Out of my way!
    Lahkesis        : Your resolve is admirable, even if it is misguided. None can
                      change their destiny, Kratos. We Sisters determine the fate
                      of all. It was I who deemed that the Titans lose the Great
                      War and I who have allowed you to come this far. It is not
                      your destiny to kill Zeus.
    Kratos          : You no longer control my destiny.
    Lahkesis        : I see Gaia has filled you with her lies.
    [Kratos grabs Lahkesis by the neck, forcing his rage upon her.]
    Kratos          : I have warned you! Let me pass!
    Lahkesis        : You have always amused us, Kratos. But know this mortal.
                      There is no power greater than the Sisters of Fate. If you
                      challenge us, you will die!
    [Kratos engages the Sister in battle and manages to greatly anger her.]
    Lahkesis        : You do not defy fate, Kratos!
    [Lahkesis thrusts her spear into the ground, emitting a black darkness.]
    Lahkesis        : For we have woven the events of your life.
    [The second Sister of Fate appears before Kratos. The one who cuts the woven
    threads and terminates ones life, Atropos.]
    Atropos         : And now, that life is at an end!
    [Atropos grabs Kratos and flies with him through one of the magical mirrors
    surrounding the throne room. They appear to have teleported to the Aegean Sea,
    but Kratos is able to see himself fighting the former God of War, Ares.] 
    Atropos         : We control your destiny, foolish mortal! With our weaving we
                      can end your life! Or allow you to remain. Search your
                      memory, Kratos. The sword which you stand on delivered your
                      victory against Ares. Without it, you will be the one who
                      dies this day. Not Ares! We can change your past and set your
                      future! This is the power of the Fates!
    [Atropos initiates the battle by destroying different parts of blade using her
    magic. Kratos eventually defeats her and is able to trap her within her own
    twisted mirrored world. Lahkesis waits for Kratos on the other side.]
    Lahkesis        : I'm through playing games with you, Kratos. This power was
                      never meant for a mortal like you!
    [After killing two of the Sisters, both Lahkesis and Atropos, Kratos proceeds
    further into the temple, into the inner sanctum.]
    	-------  2.28 - The Inner Sanctum  -------
    [Kratos hears the third Sister's voice echoing through the inner sanctum.]
    Clotho          : It is through my threads that all life is born. You must not
                      tamper with destiny, Kratos. You will destroy everything.
    [After a ferocious battle with the temple guardians, Kratos is able to open the
    doors of the loom chamber. Gaia's voice can be heard still aiding Kratos in his
    unforgotten quest.]
    Gaia            : Clotho weaves the thread of life for every mortal, god, and
                      Titan. Find your thread and you will be able to control the
                      mirrors of the Fates, the source of their power and use them
                      as a gateway to return to the time when Zeus betrayed you.
    	-------  2.29 - The Loom Chamber  -------
    [As Kratos scales his way to the top of the chamber, he is able to hear to
    voice of Clotho taunting him.]
    Clotho          : You will never control your thread, Kratos. You were not
                      meant to travel through the mirrors of destiny. You are
                      medeling with powers that you do not understand.
    Clotho          : This power was never meant for mortal hands.
    [When Kratos finally ascends to the top of the chamber, Clotho gives him one
    last warning before engaging him in battle. Kratos brutally kills Clotho and
    continues on his quest.]
    Clotho          : You will never control your thread, Kratos!
    [Kratos proceeds to an above balcony where a large mirror resides on the wall.
    Gaia instructs him on how to use the mirror.]
    Gaia            : The power of the Fates resides within these great mirrors.
                      Find your thread and you will be able to control the mirrors
                      and use them as a gateway to return to the time when Zeus
                      betrayed you.
    [After finding his thread, Kratos returns to the exact moment in time when Zeus
    is plunging the Blade of Olympus in his body.]
    	-------  2.30 - Return to Rhodes  -------
    Zeus            : Even now as you draw your last breath you continue to defy
                      me!? No matter.
    [Kratos appears from an energy portal and throws Zeus away from his body.]
    Zeus            : What? How can this be? The Sisters of Fate have aided you.
    [Kratos retrieves the Blade of Olympus.]
    Kratos          : The Sisters are dead.
    Zeus            : Hmph. I underestimated you. A mistake I do not intend to
    [Zeus lifts his hand into the air engulfs his hands with lightning. The two
    men charge at each other, flying into the skies on impact. Kratos eventually
    is thrown onto a mountain summit.]
    Zeus            : Now I will show you the true power of a god!
    [Zeus takes on his full godly form and attacks Kratos.]
    	-------  2.31 - The Summit of Sacrifice  -------
    [The mortal and the god engage in ruthless combat. At one point, Zeus steals
    the Blade of Olympus from Kratos.]
    Kratos          : I have come to kill you, Zeus!
    [Kratos retrieves the Blade of Olympus again.]
    Kraots          : I will not let you destroy Sparta!
    [Kratos uses a stone pillars and slams it into Zeus. As the battle continues,
    Zeus mocks Kratos of his power.]
    Zeus            : Your powers are no match for me!
    [Kratos becomes enraged and crushes Zeus with a stone block.]
    Kraots          : I told you I would make you pay for what you did!
    [Zeus eventually becomes angry and reappears in his enlarged godly form.]
    Zeus            : I am through playing with you Kratos!
    [Zeus attacks Kratos with a burst of great lightning.]
    Kratos          : I lay down my arms Zeus!
    [Kratos places the Blade of Olympus before Zeus and stands on his knees. Zeus
    reduces to a size of a human again and approaches Kratos questioningly.]
    Kratos          : Release me from this torment of mine...
    [Zeus picks up the Blade of Olympus and readies himself to execute Kratos.]
    Zeus            : I will release you from your life, my son, but your torment
                      is just beginning!
    [As Zeus says what he believes will be his final words to Kratos, the Spartan
    slowly raises his head in surprise. As Zeus swings down, Kratos retaliates
    using the Golden Fleece to block his attack. Kratos pins Zeus against some
    stone rumble and begins stabbing him continuously with the Blade of Olympus.]
    Athena          : You cannot do this Kratos!
    [Athena climbs up from the ledge of the summit and attacks Kratos.]
    Kratos          : You dare stand against me, Athena!?
    Athena          : I do not wish to fight you Kratos but I will defend Olympus!
    Zeus            : Know this, my son. You have started a war you cannot possibly
                      win. The Fates have already deemed me victorious!
    [Kratos pushes Athena out of the way and makes a run for Zeus.]
    Athena          : No Kratos! Stop!
    [As Kratos makes a stab at Zeus, Athena places herself in the way of the
    attack, having her body pierced by the Blade.]
    Kratos          : Athena! No! Why do you sacrifice yourself?
    [Kratos removes the blade from Athena's body.]
    Athena          : To save Olympus.
    Kratos          : I do not seek to destroy Olympus. Only Zeus.
    Athena          : Zeus is Olympus!
    Kratos          : He brought this to himself.
    Athena          : Because of fear Kratos. A fear felt by his father, Cronos. A
                      fear that naught the Great War. A fear that drove Zeus to
                      kill you. His own son.
    Kratos          : His son!?
    Athena          : Just as Zeus was compelled to destroy his father, Cronos. You
                      are compelled to do the same. No son should destroy his own
    Kratos          : No! I have no father.
    Athena          : God after god will deny you, Kratos. They will protect Zeus.
                      Zeus must live so that Olympus will prevail.
    Kratos          : If all on Olympus will deny me my vengance, then all on
                      Olympus will die. I have lived in the shadow of the gods for
                      long enough. The time of the gods has come to an end!
    [With Athena saying her last words, her body explodes into a wave of green
    energy. Kraots is left with Gaia's voice encouraging him to continue onward.]
    Gaia            : Remember, Kratos. You have the power to control time itself.
    [Kratos reappears in the loom chamber where he uses his thread yet again to
    return to another time.]
    	-------  2.32 - The Great War  -------
    [Kratos appears in the midst of the fighting in the Great War. He sees a very
    familiar Titan before him.]
    Kratos          : Gaia!!
    [Gaia lowers herself to examine the Spartan warrior.]
    Gaia            : We have been expecting you, Ghost of Sparta. The Gods are far
                      too powerful for us to defeat now.
    Kratos          : All Olympus tremble at my name! Zeus is weak. Ares and Athena
                      are dead and I wield the Blade! We can win the Great War but
                      not in this time! Together we will destroy the petty gods and
                      we will see Olympus crumble before us! Come with me Gaia.
                      Return to my time! Victory awaits!
    [The power of Zeus and the Blade of Olympus can be seen exploding off in the
    distance. However, Kratos is able to teleport himself and all of the Titans
    before the power of the Blade wipes them all out.]
    	-------  2.33 - Return to Mount Olympus  -------
    [A meeting between the Gods of Olympus is shown. Zeus has an audience with four
    of most legendary gods, including Hermes, Helios, Hades, and Poseidon.]
    Zeus            : We have faced far worse than this one fallen mortal. But we
                      are the Gods. We whom the mortals worship. We who rule over
                      this land. We will not be swept aside by this petulant fool!
                      Gods, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us
                      for so long. We will unite. We will stand together. And I
                      will wipe out this plague! Olympus will prevail!
    [The council is interrupted by a sudden rumbling that is shaking the very
    foundations of Mount Olympus. The Gods scramble to ledge overlooking the mortal
    world below. Gaia can be seen scaling the mountain. As we move in closer, we
    are able to see Kratos on her back, pointing the Blade of Olympus toward Zeus.]
    Kratos          : Zeus! Your son has returned! I bring the destruction of
    [As we are shown the lower regions of the mountain, it is apparent that the
    entire surviving Titan army from Great War is making their way toward the
    palace of the Gods to begin another war. A burning city is shown below.]
                                   The End Begins...
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    	-------  Section 03 : Voice Actors  -------
    Narrator, Gaia - Linda Hunt
    Kratos - TC Carson
    Atlas - Michael Clarke Duncan
    Athena - Carole Ruggier
    Perseus - Harry Hamlin
    Zeus - Corey Burton
    Theseus - Paul Eiding
    Babarian King, Icarus - Bob Joles
    Lahkesis, Bathhouse Girl 2 - Leigh Allyn Baker
    Atropos, Bathhouse Girl 1 - Debbie Maewest
    Euryale - Jennifer Martin
    Young Spartan - Josh Keaton
    Typhon - Fred Tatasciore
    Clotho - Susan Silo
    Prometheus - Allan Oppenheimer
    Translator 1 - Robin Atkin Downs
    Translator 2 - Armin Shimerman
    Cronos - Lloyd Sherr
    Hercules - Cam Clarke
    Boat Captain - Keith Furguson
    Elevator Guy - Stefan Marks
    Jason's Guard - Marc Worden
    Rhodes Soldiers - Greg Ellis, Khary Payton, Peter Lurie
    Spartan Soldiers - Peter Lurie, Khary Payton, Greg  Ellis
    Door Guy, Soldier - Keythe Farley
    	-------  Section 03 : Acknowledgements  -------
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       Instruction Manual : For the names of all the characters in God of War II
                            and their respective voice actors.
       Kitdan100 : For providing part of the missing dialogue that I left out when
                   Euryale is taunting Kratos in her temple.
       Mccracken : For providing the remaining dialogue that I wasn't able to
                   understand in Euryale's temple.
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