Review by MarkoftheFighters

Reviewed: 08/19/07

Ready to develop your Persona?

P3 has a unique style of gameplay and development. Although this may be my first game I've played from the Shin Megami Tensei series, I do love to play RPGs and I very much do enjoy playing this game. It will offer a great experience and satisfy your RPG needs.

The main character who is you (you can name him) looks more so like a cool guy but you can select his attitude or behavior by the answers you select when given during conversations. It is most important to know what kind of answers you will choose because the right answer is always the best. The most important act for this game is to develop your "Persona" which are powerful entities that a few special people in Japan can summon to fight creatures called Shadows which appear during Dark Hour. Dark Hour is a "hidden" hour between every end of a day and the next.

You discover that your mission is to defeat these Shadows along with your party members who can also access their Persona. Tartarus, your high school in game that transformed by Dark Hour is the "dungeon" throughout game. Tartarus may be the solution to defeating these Shadows and so you will lead your party and explore the dungeon.

A few RPGers would need some second thoughts for this game because P3 it's like a "dating sim" with a sci-fi twist put up with a RPG-styled battle. To develop your Persona, you will need to talk to people and try to get to know them well and becomes friends. As you increase relationships, your Persona will become stronger for your dungeon crawling advancement. Given about one year, that's right, a lot of days in game, you have many different choices to make. Making your own decisions are always fun. By day, you engage in dating sim action but by night, you are a protector and fighter of evil.

One dungeon may sound boring and turn you away but Tartarus changes it's interior every night and has many floors. The battle is turned based, nothing special. You are in control of your own character only. Your party members will will do what they want unless you give them commands as the leader. Your party members are not dumb. They will assist when the moments are critical but it's a pain that they don't some things that you expect them to do. Personas are a great lend in battle and they can level up to become stronger and learn new attacks. Your character is the only character allowed to changed Personas as well as fusing two or three to form stronger Personas.

You won't beat Tartarus in one day so expect leaving and returning any night.

P3 is strong in it's environmental development. How you want the outcome is your choice. Standard RPG players should consider but think before purchasing the game. It will also come with nice art book and soundtrack from the game which I should mention is great.

The 3D animation may not be great but the game includes nice anime cutscenes. I am still very impressed how the PS2 still has great titles such as this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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