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Reviewed: 06/14/07

Leyeth the Smack-Down!

First there was SmackDown vs Raw. Then, SmackDown vs Raw 2006. And now, SmackDown vs Raw 2007 is taking names and kicking ass. THQ's latest installment of the Smackdown vs Raw series does not disappoint. In fact, it pleases many fans and we want more!

There were a ton of new features added to the new game such as the controls. Even if you have or have not played the original games, the controls are much much different. When you first pop in the game and it asks if you would like to watch the video tutorials, do it. You'll be glad you did. The controls are much different from last year's game and if you don't study, you'll get your ass handed to you Stone Cold style!

And as always, new superstars. This time around, we have superstars like the Boogeyman, Khali, Mark Henry, and more. Legends have been updated including the late great Eddie Guerrero and even Shane McMahon. You may hate him but I love that dance he does.

Only one new match has been added. And it's my favorite match. The Money in the Bank ladder match. Six superstars, ladders, weapons, one ring, one briefcase. Who will win? For those of you who are like Jerry Lawler and you love the divas so much you drool every time they walk by, you'll be upset. That one match with the bed in the middle, (I forgot what it was called) is now no more. First Bra and Panties and now this. Jerry Lawler must be crying. But besides that, all the other matches we've come to know and love are still there. Such as the Ladder Match, Hardcore, Buried Alive, TLC, Tables, Hell in a Cell, Steel Cage, and more!

In 2006, you were able to defend the WWE titles or have somebody else win them. The champions have been updated and if you don't like them, well, you'll know what to do.

The locker room is better than last year's as now you can walk through the whole place! You can't see yourself but imagine a First Person Shooter only there are no guns and you are walking around a room with posters and couches. More cool items have been added in the WWE shop and you can customize your locker room in any way.

Season mode. Ahh how I remember season mode. The same repetitive storyline over and over and over again. This time, it still is repetitive as no matter what options you choose, you will end up in a storyline that you've already been in.

General Manager mode is still here and only a few changes have been made. But they are good. Win the GM of the Year award and you can choose cool options to use in GM mode. One option is you don't have to pay the superstars anymore. If their contract expires, renew it! Your money does not get wasted! Turn off injuries and more!

Just like last year, you can also create your own championship and your own superstar. Oh how I wish they still had better customization options for your Create-A-Wrestler's. The customization options for the Create-A-Championship is the same as well. They really didn't focus too much on these two which I really like to use a lot!

Put your user created championship on the line! Against your friends or against the world! Play online and use your created superstars and title and face off against thousands of players from around the world!

So really, not much has changed except for a few things. They are all good though. The music is good too! Every year, there will be music in SmackDown vs Raw and I will always remember the lyrics to each one.

Overall, the game is really good but they still need to work on Season Mode. It is so repetitive and it gets boring really easily. But with Season Mode aside, the whole game deserves a well earned 9 out of 10. If you are a WWE fan like me you will definitely buy it. But if you aren't then don't buy it. If you want to play your first wrestling game go with one of the old ones as these new controls may confuse you. Well that's my review of SvR 2007 which again got a 9 out of 10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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