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    Athena by dante_croft

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    finished at 12/01/2008.
    updated at 02/21/2008 - corrected some errors.
    Hello, this faq is for Athena users (and lovers!)
    Well, letīs go.
    Note: Use Ctrl+F and the  writing at parenthesis to find the topic that
    you want.
    You must be asking: Why I would choose Athena? Because Athena is cute, fights 
    for justice and is very strong!!!Athena is one of the most strong and fast 
    characters, with a excellent fireball, a special throw, a DIVINE LDM and ma-
    ny tricks in her sleeve!!! Try!
    Table of contents:
    1.	Profile (PRF)
    2.	History (HIS)
    3.	Comands and special moves (CSM)
    4.	Normal moves (NMO)
    5.	Combos (COB)
    6.	General strategies and tips (STP)
    7.      Tips against all characters (TAC)
    8.	Curiosities(CUR)
    9.	Contact(CTC)
    NAME Athena Asamiya 
    MODE OF COMBAT Psychic powers + Chinese martial arts boxing 
    BIRTHDAY March 14 
    HEIGHT 163cm 
    WEIGHT 49kg 
    MEASUREMENTS 83cm, 57cm, 82cm 
    HOBBY Creating home pages. Shopping by catalog/online 
    PERSONAL TREASURES Peter Rabbit tea set 
    FAVORITE FOOD Maple-leaf-shaped bean cakes. Things with sesame flour 
    dissolved in milk 
    DISLIKES Grasshoppers 
    SPORT Lacrosse 
    Athena is a japanese high scholl girl with divine powers. Actually, sheīs the
    reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena.When sheīve discovered her powers,
    she abandonned her ordinary life and became a justice warrior. She understood
    the world needed her abilities and she decided train martial arts, with her
    master and good friend, Chin Gentsai. Thus, she knew her most beloved friend,
    Sie Kensou, a corageous boy with a tremendous power as well. They have passed
    togheter various adventures, like in 1999, when Athena was saved by Kensou, 
    who was without his powers (his powers returned, partially, in 2001) or in 
    1997,when Athena saved her big fan and friend, Kaoru. Athena is a famous song-
    tress with several fans around the world (see the ending of Athenaīs trio in
    2003). For whom know japanese, I suggest play the game: "Athena - Awakening
    from the ordinary life", for PSX. This game tells the whole story about how
    Athena discovered her powers and how she knew Kensou. The first Athenaīs 
    appearence was in the game with her name, for Arcade/Nes. After, she appeared
    in the game "Psycho Soldiers", for Arcade, fighting beside Kensou. 
    Here a list of Athenaīs appearences in games:
    Psycho Soldiers
    The King of Fighters 94
    The King of Fighters 95
    The King of Fighters 96
    The King of Fighters 97
    The King of Fighters 98
    The King of Fighters 99
    The King of Fighters 2000
    The King of Fighters 2001
    The King of Fighters 2002
    The King of Fighters 2003
    The King of Fighters Neo Wave
    The King of Fighters XI 
    The King of Fighters Maximum Impact
    The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2
    The King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A
    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
    SNK Gals Fighters
    Capcom vs SNK 2
    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    The King of Fighters Quiz
    The King of Fighters Kyo
    SNK vs Capcom Card Battle Fighters
    However this FAQ is for Athenaīs XI version, some of her moves work in several 
    games(she has a different game-play only in SVC Chaos and Neo Geo Battle 
    Iīll use the default NEOGEO/Arcade settings for buttons. 
    In the parenthesis, the default setting of PS2. 
    A: weak punch (square button)
    B: weak kick (X button)
    C: strong punch (triangle button)
    D: strong kick (circle button)
    E: Blowback (old CD attack – R1 button)
    1.Use AC or BD for change characters in battle.If characther is switched du-
    ring a combo, it uses some of the skill bar ( the bar above the gauge bar)
    2.A danger move costs one gauge bar.
    3.A leader danger move costs two gauge bars and can be performed only by the
    leader character (who has the green life bar).
    4.Use AB or BK+AB for roll (in the defense too, costs 1 gauge bar)
    5.Use E in defense to put away the oponnent (costs 1 gauge bar)
    6.Overhead: Must be high defended.
    7.Crossup: Jump that hit in opponentīs back.
    FD : forward
    BK : back
    UP : up
    DN : down
    FDN: forward down
    HCF: half circle forward
    HCB: half circle back
    QCF: quarter circle forward
    QCB: quarter circle back
    DPM: dragon punch motion (foward, down, down foward)
    Now, Iīll describe Athenaīs moves, with a brief note for each one.
    1.PSYCHIC THROW : FD+C/D (near oponnent)
    Description: Athena grab the opponent, throwing him/her to
    opposite side (D version) or the same side (C version).
    Hummm...A normal throw, I think.
    2.PSYCHIC SHOOT : FD, BK or DN + C/D (in the air, near oponnent)
    Description: She grabs the opponent in air and does a 360š move,throwing 
    her/him to ground.
    Dream Blossoms is a great air-throw.Try use it when the jumpīs 
    punch/kick donīt work in  aerial dispute against your oponnent.
    1.TRIANGULAR JUMP: In the corner, jump against the wall and jump 
    again in the opposite side.
    Description: The famous triangular jump, like Maiīs/Choiīs.
    Very useful when cornered, donīt hesitate to use it!
    3.LINK KICK: FD+B (cancelable in any aerial special move/DM).
    Description: Athena does a foward two-hit kick.
    Very useful when used correctly! This move has the ability of throw the
    opponent in air, being possible hit another attack. Has high priority
    against low attacks and moves like the Vanessaīs run-punch.
    4.PHOENIX BOMB: in the air, DN+B (overhead, cancellable).                       
    Description: Athena uses her buttock to perform a aerialattack.
    Very useful too, has a high priority in aerial battles. Itīs cancellable
    of two ways: immediately that move hits or when Athena jump back after
    the attack is done. If the enemy try to attack Athena when she jumps
    back, surprise him/her!
    Description: Athena make a energy ball, that flies the screen.
    The Athenaīs best move! with a high-speed recovery time, use this 
    move often! Only watch the distance, or Athena would suffer a 
    QCF+B/D, work in air too (the air version is cancellable in DM/LDM)
    Description: Athena runs the screen, letting several shadows.
    A bit little slow than the fastestīs (in 2002), but still works
    fine. Use to confuse the opponent, īcuz Athena pass trough her
    enemy during the move, but this move isnīt invincible. Donīt forget 
    that the air version is super-cancellable!
    DPM+A/C, work in air too (both versions are cancellables in DM/LDM)
    Description: She does a "uppercut move", rising up the screen.
    In my opinion itīs a almost-useless move. Itīs slow and has low prio-
    rity. Well, if you insist in use this, try to make the move before
    opponent reaches Athenaīs body, or itīll certain fail. You can use
    this move in combos too.
    Description: Athena make a shield that reflect projectiles
    A good move against "fireball-most-attack-enemies". Remember: The
    only projectile that Athena canīt reflect is Ashīs fireball DM.
    QCB+B/D in air (cancellable in DM/LDM)
    Description: Athena transform her body in a ball of flames,attacking her
    This year this move is better than old versions. Like in KOF 96, the
    strong version has a good recovery time and many times works as a crossup.
    Use often, but caution with uppercuts, īcuz this move doesnīt have a
    very good priority.
    Near, HCF+A/C 
    Description: Athena throws the opponent to air.
    Yeah! Her special throw is back! Absent since 99, this move is quite use-
    ful against oponents that defend too much.But caution: Athena must be
    very, VERY near of opponent, or the moveīll miss. Donīt forget: like
    all other special throws, this move has high priority against ground
    HCB,HCB+A/C, work in air too (cancellable in LDM)
    Description: Two crystal fly around Athenaīs body, protecting her.
    This is "THE DM".Itīs invincible in the beginning. Use it as a anti-air,
    without fear. Try use it when the enemyīs attack being almost in Athenaīs
    body. Chance: 95% of sucess! Donīt forget: When you hit it, immediatly
    press the four attack buttons, for cancel or Athenaīll be with the
    guard open.
    During Shinning Crystal Bit, QCB+A/C 
    Description: Athena throw the crystals toward the opponent. A version: 
    straight, C version: diagonal superior.
    In 2000 and 2001 it was a great move: fast and high priority. Now is so
    weak.Donīt make it, use only of far distances.The only priority this move
    has is against normal projectiles (like a Ryoīs Haoshokouken).
    In the air, QCB, QCB+B/D
    Description: Athena does several phoenyx arrow in sequence.
    A really nice DM! With a excellent recuperation time , even the opponent
    defend it Athena wonīt be with the guard open. Use it in combos and if
    enemy be in corner.
    QCF, QCF+E, work in air too
    Description: Athena, wrapped in psychic energy, became a phoenix and go up,
    going down after.
    Excellent! EXCELLENT!!! I did say that move is excellent? Has a HIGH 
    priority (99%, maybe). Itīs indefensible in the 2nd part. Can be used in 
    combos and causes a ULTRA-MEGA-BIG-DAMAGE ( + - 60%).
    Here is the normal Athenaīs moves. I posted a description; an information of
    moveīs range; if the move is cancellable in a command/special/danger move 
    andmy opinion about them.
    1. Far stand A
    Description: Athena does a fast attack with her left arm.
    Range: very short
    Cancellable: No.
    Itīs fast, but its range is poor! Forget it!
    2. Near stand A
    Description: She does a rapid hunch, using her left arm.
    Range: very short
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Use only in combos after a down+B.
    3. Crouching A (near and far)
    Description: Athena stretches her arms,in the knee height. 
    Range: short 
    Cancellable: Yes.
    A cheap move! Use it continually against nearby enemies.
    4. Right jump A
    Description: She does a attack like a cross, using her left arm.
    Range: very short
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Maybe (and maybe!) this move be useful when the other attacks jumps donīt 
    work. Donīt forget that is cancellable.
    5. Diagonal jump A
    Description: Like a T in the air, she attacks with her right arm while the 
    left is on her waist.
    Range: short
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Good for combos. Use it and after a Phoenix Fang Arrow DM. Very cheap!
    6. Stand B (near and far)
    Description: Athena does a fastkick with a diagonal direction 
    (45š degrees) 
    using her left leg.
    Range: medium
    Cancellable: Yes.
    A fast move, but it isnīt very useful.
    7. Crouching B (near and far)
    Description: Athena does a crouching weak kick, while support her arms on
    Range: medium to large
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Use for start combos or only to cheap. Very fast!
    8. Right jump B
    Description: Athena uses her right leg to do an attack with her knee.
    Range: short
    Cancellable: No.
    10. Diagonal jump B
    Description: Athena does a attack using her right knee. Remember a 
    kung fu move.
    Range: short
    Cancellable: No.
    Too weak, but there is a small possibility of crossup.
    11. Far stand C
    Description: Athena streches her left arm.
    Range: large
    Cancellable: No.
    Her more cheap move! Use often. But isnīt cancellable...What a pitty...
    12. Near stand C
    Description: She does a attack with her left elbow.
    Range: short
    Cancellable: Yes.
    One of her best combo starter. Use often,`cuz is a fast move.
    13. Crouching C (near and far)
    Description: Like crouching A, but more strong.
    Range: medium to large
    Cancellable: Yes
    Excellent combo starter!!! And is very cheap too (high priority).
    14. Right jump C
    Description: Using her left elbow, Athena makes an attack.
    Range: short 
    Cancellable: No.
    Use as a anti-air. Unique utility...
    15. Diagonal jump C
    Description: Athena does a very fast move with her left arm, like a 
    Range: short to medium
    Cancellable: No.
    This move was great in other versions because was cancellable. But 
    16. Far stand D
    Description: With her left leg, she does a move-foward kick in the 
    chest/breast height.
    Range: large
    Cancellable: No.
    Although its large range, this move is slow and isnīt very useful.
    17. Near stand D
    Description: She does a attack using her right knee.
    Range: short
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Use for combos. Nothing special.
    19. Crouching D (near and far)
    Description: Using her both legs, Athena does a low attack.
    Range: large
    Cancellable: No.
    What did they do with your best low kick, Athena?!? Since 2002 itīs a 
    slow attack. Worse: Itīs no more cancellable!!!!
    20. Right jump D
    Description: She does a straight attack using her right leg.
    Range: medium
    Cancellable: No.
    Use it like a anti-air. Very effective in some cases.
    21: Diagonal jump D
    Description: She goes back and do a kick using her left leg.
    Range: medium
    Cancellable: No
    The Athenaīs best jump for start combos. 
    22: Fierce Attack (old CD attack, now done with the E button-R1)
    Range: medium
    Cancellable: Yes.
    Description: Using both hands, she attacks with her right elbow.
    Fast, but low priority. Its only advantage is be cancellable.
    23: Fierce Attack in air
    Range: Large
    Cancellable: No.
    Description: Athena uses her both legs to do a straight attack.
    Good for aerial battles.
    5.COMBOS (COB)
    A.Basic combos:
    1. Link Kick, jump C/D.
    2. Stand C, Link Kick, Psycho Sword (version C only in corner)
    3. Jump D, stand C, Psycho Sword
    4. DN+B, stand A, Psycho Sword
    5. Jump D, stand C, Psycho Ball Attack (C version)
    B.Average combos:
    1. Jump D, stand C, Link Kick , Shinning Crystal Bit (in the most of times 
    works only in corner)
    2. Jump D, stand C, Link Kick, Phoenyx Arrow, Phoenyx Fang Arrow ( in the
    most of times works only in corner).
    3. Jump D, stand C, Link Kick, Psycho Sword, Shinning Crystal Bit ( in the
    most of times works only in corner).
    4. Jump A, Phoenyx Arrow, Phoenyx Fang Arrow, Super Phoenyx Infinity.
    C.Complex combos:
    1. Team: B. Jennet, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya - need 3 DM bars and a
    full skill bar (this is for girls fans!)
    First part, B. Jennet: Jump C, still in the air C, stand A, A, A, 
    QCB,QCB+A/C,change to Mai
    Second part, Mai: D still in the air, stand C, FDW+B, 
    QCB+C (1hit),change to Athena
    Third part, Athena: D still in the air, stand C, Link Kick, 
    Psycho Sword (C only in the corner), Super Phoenyx Infinity.
    2.Team: Malin, Benimaru, Athena – need 2 DM bars and 2 skill bars.
    First part, Malin: Jump D, stand C, F+B, HCF+B, 
    change to Benimaru
    Second part, Benimaru: D still in the air, stand C, FD+B, QCB+D, 
    change to Athena
    Third part, Athena: D still in the air, stand C, Super Phoenix Infinity.
    3.Team: Kula, Kensou, Athena - need 4 DM Bars and a full skill bar.
    First part, Kula: Jump D, stand C, FD+A, change to Kensou
    Second part, Kensou: D still in the air, crouching C, QCF,HCB+B, 
    change to Athena
    Third part, Athena: Shinning Crystal Bit, *Super Phoenyx Infinity (*only
    in corner)
    With these examples, Iīm sure you now able to create new awesome combos.
    Good luck!
    Well, have in mind that Athena has a great agility, so, try donīt stand
    stopped for much time. Abuse of her Psycho Ball Attack of a far distance.
    Her Phoenyx Bomb has a great priority in the air and several times itīll
    be a crossup. When you need a anti-air, donīt think two times: use her
    Shinning Crystal Bit or her Super Phoenyx Infinity.These moves work well
    too when Athena is lifting. If you are in the corner,simply use the tri-
    angle jump for escape, donīt try to use the Psycho Sword,this move has a 
    very, very low priority against ground attacks. The best combo to do in 
    defense is jump D, stand C, Psycho Ball Attack.Use other combos only when
    the first attack hit. One of most cheaps strategies is stand at middle 
    distance of oponnent and do several Psycho Ball Attack. If he/she roll, 
    use the Link Kick or crouching C. If he/she jump,use the Shinning Crystal
    Bit or super Phoenyx Infinity. If he/she get near Athena,use her standing
    C, crouching A or C until he/she drive away. A very good trick is do her
    crouching C cancelled in the Psychic Teleport, confusing the enemy. At 
    last,Athena has another excellent trick to keep distance: do back, back 
    and, when Athena be in the air,do her Phoenyx Bomb.Thus, Athenaīll get 
    more distance of opponent, drawing back quickly.
    In this section Iīll show tips of how Athenaīs users must act against each 
    Pressure him with many Psycho Ball Attacks and several crouching C. Attack 
    him constantly.
    Chance of Victory: 9/10
    Beware with his jumps,`cuz Iori has the advantage. Do many crouching C can-
    celled in Psycho Ball Attack. Try to confuse him with the teleport and if
    he jump, use Athenaīs SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 7.5/10
    Fight against him like you do with Kyo. But donīt forget his special throw!
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Use her Phoenyx Arrow often. Caution with his fireball and his special 
    throw.Try to keep distance with Athenaīs fireball.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Oswald is one of the most strong characters in the game, but donīt panic!
    Keep distance and abuse of her psycho ball attack. Fight him only with DM 
    bars in stock, `cuz Oswaldīs moves are really cheap!
    chance of Victory: 7/10
    As Shen is slow, abuse of her fireball. Keep distance and use it!If he 
    approaches, use her crouching C or A to put him away.
    Chance of Victory:9/10
    8.AGAINST Kī:
    Kīis fast, consequently use only low jumps on him. In an aerial dispute, 
    use her Phoenyx Bomb. Donīt forget: If he attack too much, do a SCB DM or 
    her LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    Maxima is strong, but he is slow. Donīt stand stopped! Run, jump, do 
    fireballs,use her teleport. If he approaches jump to far and continue the 
    Chance of Victory: 9.5/10
    VERY difficult battle...Kula has a high priority in air and her combos are 
    fast!Abuse of Athenaīs crouching C, because it is only move that has a 
    tenuous priority against Kulaīs moves. Caution with your Psycho Ball Attack,
    īcuz Kula revert fireballs. And she does that very fast!!
    Chance of Victory: 6.5/10
    Only keep distance and do several fireballs. If she jump, use SCB DM or LDM.
    If she roll, run and do Athenaīs crouching C or Link Kick. 
    Chance of victory: 7/10
    Ohouuu...Gato is very cheap in ground, then, try keep the fight on air,
    abusing of Phoenix Bomb and Phoenix Arrow.Only caution with his anti-air 
    Danger move.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    Use the same tatic used against Maxima.
    Chance of victory:9.5/10
    Use his slow jump against him, abusing of her jump+C/D,fireballs and 
    teleports.When he be confused and jump, do her SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory:8/10.
    I donīt have much experience against him...Treat him like other enemies 
    without fireballs.
    Chance of Victory: ?/10
    Keep distance!!!!If he approaches, jump back with her Phoenyx Arrow. 
    In corner use the triangular jump to escape. Donīt let him near you because
    Kim moves have a high priority on the ground. 
    Chance of Victory: 1.5/10
    Use the same tatic use against Kim, but caution doing Athenaīs fireball: 
    Vanessa has several moves to beat it. But you too has a trick on sleeve: 
    the Link Kick has a high priority against some Vanessaīs moves.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Donīt abuse of Athenaīs fireball or Maryīll start a killer combo! Mary 
    doesnīt have fireballs or large ranged attacks, then, wait until she jump
    or attack nearby and do SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Ramon is a throw character.But a fast one!In the air forget Athenaīs 
    Phoenyx Arrow because of Ramonīs special throw. Itīs very cheap and has a 
    high priority on the ground. Keep medium distance. Not too far, not too 
    Chance of Victory: 7/10.
    Like Kim and Vanessa, her moves on ground are really cheap and have a high 
    priority.Then, abuse of low jumps with D and crouching C, because these 
    moves have a advantage against Elisabethīs special moves. Only caution with 
    her LDM!
    Chance of Victory: 7.5/10
    Duolon is strong, but kinda slow. Use her fireball of medium distance and 
    jump often because Duolon doesnīt have a great anti air, only his DM.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    Keep doing Athenaīs fireball. One time Benimaruīll jump. Then, do SCB DM or 
    LDM.If he donīt jump, use Athenaīs crouching C.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Interesting battle. Try to keep your reflex focused and when Athena attack, 
    do your SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 10/10 (are the same character!)
    Keep near!!Do a crouching C cancelled in a fireball. Do again. And again. If 
    he be desperate and roll or jump, use SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    Use Athenaīs Phoenyx Arrow, and her DM Phoenyx Fang Arrow often, īcause 
    Momoko doesnīt have any fast move to counter attack.
    Chance of Victory: 9/10
    Only watch out her counter moves. Keep distance and use Athenaīs triangular 
    jump if you was cornered.Try to decease her, using Athenaīs teleport and her
    Super Psychic Throw.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Malin is pretty fast, consequently watch out her!Donīt abuse of fireballs!
    Try keep near, using low jumps. He she attack too much, use SCB DM or LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    A complex fight...Eiji has high priority on ground and on air!Try move with 
    caution and wait for a error.Use Athenaīs crouching C until Eiji do a 
    mistake. Then, use a powerful combo and cause the bigger possible damage.
    Chance of Victory: 5.5/10
    Try to keep the fight on air. Caution using fireball, cause Whip is fast and
    has several combos.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Use the same tatic used against Maxima and Tyzoc.But watch out Clarkīs speed, 
    he isnīt so slow.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    Ralph has excellent normal moves on ground and on air. Jump with caution, or 
    Athenaīll be catch by Ralphīs punches and kicks.Try to keep him far doing 
    fireballs and using her trick back,back, Phoenyx Bomb.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Only watch out his uppercut, because itīs very strong!Try to deceive him with
    Athenaīs teleport and wait for a mistake.Donīt forget: Athena can reflect his
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Danger!! Trouble! Trouble!Like Ralph, Yuri has excellent normal moves on 
    ground and on air. But Yuri has fireballs too: on ground and on air...A good 
    trick against Yuris that abuse of her aerial fireball is counter attack with 
    Athenaīs DM Shinning Crystal Bit.Like her brother,caution with her uppercut 
    too, itīs very strong!Phoenyx Bomb or aerial throw is a good way of win 
    aerial disputes.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    Abuse of Athenaīs Phoenyx Bomb īcuz it has priority against the Kingīs 
    anti-air move (QCB+ B or D).Remember too that King doesnīt have more her
    special throw. Keep near!
    Chance of Vitory: 8/10
    Keep near, attacking constantly. Hotaruīs uppercut donīt have the same power 
    ithad in Garou. Jump on her! Only watch out her LDM.
    Chance of Victory: 7.5/10
    Robert has nice special moves, but lacks on normal moves (are too slow).
    Then,keep near, doing low jumps followed by crouching C, cancelled in 
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    This old man is a strong one!He has many anti-air attacks, consequently, 
    try donīt jump. Abuse of Athenaīs fireball, īcuz Tung is fast, but donīt 
    have a long range jump.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    He is a very strong character. Heīs very fast. Try deceive him and wait for 
    a mistake. Athenaīs Psycho Reflector doesnīt work against him.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    The Big Chief is strong, but slow.Use it in your help. Keep Mai running, 
    doing katchosens and ryuembus.Jump on him with Mussassabi no Mai, īcuz his
    anti-air attacks are ineffective against it.
    Chance of Victory: 9/10
    Like Kasumi, watch out his counter-moves.Deceive him with teleports, doing 
    him miss his counter moves. 
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Keep distance!Keep distance! Did you understand? If he approaches, use 
    Athenaīs trick back,back+ Phoenyx Bomb. If you was cornered, use Triangular
    jump.The Gaiīs moves are very cheap and have a high priority.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    Use her Phoenyx Arrow move often, īcuz jazu is slow .But caution with his 
    uppercut: a really cheap move.
    Chance of Victory: 8.5/10
    Adel has slow moves, consequently abuse of crouching C cancelled in fireball. 
    If he approaches too much, use Athenaīs teleport.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Another slow-strong character. Keep moving and donīt let approaches you!
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Use the same tatic used against normal Kyo. They are a bit different, but at
    the same time, very similar.
    Chance of Victory: 8/10
    Keep caution against Maiīs jumps!Fight her when you have DM bars in stock.
    Chance of Victory: 7/10
    Well, if the opponent wonīt do the infinite combo is a geat start yet. Like
    against Mai, figh her when you have DM bars in stock.
    Chance of Victory: 6.5/10 (without infinite combo)
    Whoīll choose a boss in a challenger?I donīt know what say about this 
    situation... Maybe a bit of luck? Try to make him miss some moves and do 
    a powerful combo.
    Chance of Victory: ?/10
    * Athena is one of SNK characters who has many voice actresses. The most 
    popular is Haruna Ikezawa, who perfoms Foxyīs voice too in 2001.
    * On the first game who Athena appeared she has the same cloth that she uses 
    in SVC Chaos and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. 
    * She uses her goddess armor in her DM where she change clothes. Her armor
    was first used in her first game.
    * Athena is the only KOF character who never repetead a cloth among the 
    * Athena is the only KOF character who has a game in 32 bits generation:
     "Athena: Awakening from ordinary life", for PSX. 
    * In SNK vs Capcom Chaos Athena is the last boss and is very, very, very 
    powerful!She fights in heaven. When she is defetead, Zeus appears to rescue 
    * Athena is one of the most few characters who have participated of ALL KOF 
    versions. Arcade, Sega Saturn, PSX, PS2, Game Boy, GBA, Neo Geo Pocket. All.
    Well, I think itīs all. If anyone have a question about Athena,
    her moves, combos , or to tell me errors in this FAQ, 
    contact me: dante_croft@hotmail.com.
    Iīll be happy for help Athenaīs users, after all, Athena is the 
    cuttest female character of SNK/Playmore!!
    Ah, Gomenasai!!
    I want to thank:
    The genius that created Athena Asamiya
    The SNK Playmore for put Athena in several games
    The site Gamefaqs for give me this opportunity
    And all Athenaīs fans around the world!!!!
    Durval Oliveira
    Copyrighted (c) 2007
    Athena Asamiya and The King of Fighters are trademarks of SNK Playmore (c). 

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