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"Totally underrated"

I started playing this game not expecting a whole lot. In case you've tried a Beat 'em Up in the past five years, you'd know that they all fail...miserably, and God Hand looked like just another rushed Beat 'em Up trying to be old school. This is certainly not the case, though.

Story: 7/10
Gene is an easy going guy who knows a thing or two about kicking ass. You start the game in a Old Western town and Gene is with a woman named Olivia. Olivia has given him the God Hand because she needed someone worthy to use it. Gene, at first, is basically just going along beating people up because they want his God Hand, then he learns about Angra and the Four Devas. It then becomes his job to take care of them. I'm not going to spoil anything else important.

Story doesn't sound too exciting? It doesn't matter. There is so much comedy that it makes up for a lot of it. This is without a doubt, the funniest game I've ever played. I'm not going to mention any of it, because you should find it all for yourself.

Graphics: 7/10
These graphics aren't by any means bad, but they are lacking. The character and enemy models look nice and polished, but the enviorments are sometimes pretty weak. The western, carnival, and desert areas are all very basic looking, but the tower and mountains look pretty good.

There is also a clipping issue. Every time you get near a wall, you can see right through it. Although, it seemed intentional, because the things that are easiest to spot are crates to break and items to pick up.

Sound: 9/10
One of the first things you'll notice about the game is the catchy music. Every song fits the mood perfectly. Every boss and stage has a different song, so you'll never get bored of hearing any of them. I actually liked the music so much that I went to the in-game jukebox and listened to some of my favorite songs quite frequently.

All of the sound effects fit well and never sound off at all. Hearing the enemies get beat up is quite enjoyable, actually. Throwing objects and hearing it hit the enemies in the face, doing a continuous pummel, and kicking them into the stratosphere is all so enjoyable.

The voice acting isn't really top-notch, but it really wasn't intended to be. Since the game is quite goofy, so are the voices. They don't have a whole lot of emotion, but the dialogue is excellent.

Controls: 9/10
Here is almost everyone's main complaint about this game. The RE4 control scheme wouldn't seem right in this sort of game, but it works very well. The camera is locked right behind you, so you can't see what's behind you. It's also like RE4 in the sense that left and right turn you that direction, instead of actually running that direction, and holding back backs you up.

All of the face buttons are used to attack,and the right analog stick is your all-purpose dodge button. If you hit up, Gene will duck and make him invulnerable to quite a high number of attacks. If you hit left or right, Gene will side step, and if you hit back, he will do a back flip.

Gameplay: 10/10
Let me start by saying this: This game is VERY difficult. The enemies come in high numbers and attack ruthlessly. This isn't like most action games where the enemies stand around, watch you attack, and do no damage. You can easily die in 3-5 hits. If you beat down on an opponent enough, there is a chance they will get mad, and do even more damage than normal. You need to be careful with how much you attack and how you utilize the right analog stick. This game is the complete opposite of a button masher. Button mashing will get you killed in mere seconds.

There is also a level system. Instead of actually making you stronger, it makes your opponents stronger. They get faster, more powerful, and there are more of them. There are levels 1-3, and a level DIE. In DIE, enemies block/dodge almost everything you throw at them, attack swiftly, and can sometimes kill you in two hits. If you're doing too good, the level will raise to your level, and if you start sucking, it will drop to your level. I will say this again: Button mashing will get you killed.

There are a little over 100 basic attacks. They all range from basic punches and kicks to 6-hit punch combos and round house kicks. You can put them into your combo anyway you see fit, and put them on the other face buttons how you want.

By pressing R1, you can bring up the God Reel, which is a selection of powerful attacks that are used by collecting orbs. God Reels can take one to three orbs to use, and do a wide variety of things. Some attack all foes close by, others deal major damage to one foe, and some restore your health bar and Tension Bar, which is used for unleashing the God Hand.

If you tap R2, you can use the overpowered, yet short lasting God Hand. You can fill the Tension bar needed to use the God Hand by successfully attacking enemies, dodging attacks, and getting hit. The God Hand only lasts about 10 seconds, but your attacks are unblockable and you become invulnerable to all attacks.

There are also special commands for when the foes are dazed from you beating them too hard. By pressing O, you can use a special attack depending on who you're about to attack. You pummel and suplex the regular sized and tall guys, continuously knee the fat guys in the face, and spank the women to death.

A shop is available so you can buy attacks, God reel attacks, and health and tension bar upgrades. A casino is also right by it, as well as a fighting arena so you can make some extra money.

I think this game is well worth a purchase. This will go down as probably the most underrated game of all time for me. This game is as much, if not more fun than action games such as Devil May Cry. Clover surely went out with a bang.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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