Review by whiskers4469

Reviewed: 02/06/07

NOT the Spyro we know and love

I received this game as a Christmas present and right away I knew I shouldn’t have asked for it. I love all the old Spyro games. They were so much fun. I even beat the first, second, and third ones for PlayStation, but this game is nothing at all like those ones.

In the beginning of this game it starts out with a huge cutscene informing you about how Spyro came to be. After the cutscene finished I thought it seemed like something from Eragon the movie (which I personally didn’t like because I thought the book was way better). I hate to say it, but I haven’t even finished the game yet because about an hour into the game I hated it so much that I couldn’t take playing it any longer and I sold it. Which I think I did mostly because I didn’t want to have to remember Spyro being so different and weird.

This game is nothing like the happy and fun Spyro we know. This game is dark and nothing like the old ones. The controls for Spyro are also way different and so is the way you defeat enemies. It takes you a lot longer to defeat them. You can’t just hit them a certain number of times, you have to empty their life gauge by burning them or just hitting them. There is also a fire gauge that puts a stop to continuously torching them.

In the short time I played this game I noticed that they really like having you fight a lot because when I was fighting, more enemies were constantly coming. Every time I turned around there would be another thing to fight. It felt like they would never stop coming after me.

Gems are money, right? Wrong. Now they’re used to replenish your new gauges which is really not as fun to collect as money.

I thought the graphics were okay, but they were too dark for me and I’m not a “Everyone should wear pink and smell like flowers” kind of person. The only thing I kind of liked about this game was that the characters actually talked. It wasn’t just another boring paragraph to read, you could actually just watch and listen.

If you like dark games, then you might like it. If you don’t like dark games, then you’ll hate it even if you love the old Spyro games.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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