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"Another bad Spyro entry on the PS2"

I'm a pretty big Spyro fan but none of them have been very good since the series left the golden age of the Playstation. Is A New Beginning a new spin on the series that brings it back from the dead or has this company yet again tainted a beloved series once more? Read on!

The plot this time is about how it all started. Think of Spyro as Moses. No need to go past that but it's kind of a lame plot. The problem is that the characters aren't very interesting, the dialog is more annoying than funny and the plot is just bland.

Graphic wise the game actually looks good. The levels are nicely detailed and have things lying around them. Character models look really good, even the enemies. Too bad the enemy variety is weak though.

The sound in the game is top notch. Music is tolerable but forgettable. Sound effects did nothing special and not a lot of work went into them. The big catch is the voice cast. Elijah Wood, David Spade and Gary Oldman (sweet!) lend their voices and do a great job (Spade is annoying). At least they did something right I guess.

Control in the game is responsive and easy to get the hang of. My only problem is that while I can invert any of the controls and camera motions the up and down for camera is always reversed so up is down and down is up. I hate that unless it's a flying game.

Spyro fans will be in a shock when they first play this game. You no longer collect gems and stuff but instead this game is all about combat. If you've played Tak 1 and 2 and remember those changes from an exploration game to a linear level driven game then you get the idea behind this new Spyro entry.

The levels are linear paths with jumps and push block puzzles. Enemies appear in groups and usually you'll need to kill all of the enemies to enter the next area.

Enemies drop gems. Red (health), green (flame) and blue (EXP for upgrading your flame). They drop a lot to so it's very hard to get near death most of the time.

Fighting enemies would be fun if the combat didn't feel so limited. The basic combo is three circle presses in a row and it's very forgiving in connecting them. Sometimes you can toss a jump in first to make it an air combo or just dive into the enemy or knock them into the air and then three circle combo them. It's limited beyond a doubt.

Replay value is low. You can't revisit levels. You do start a new game once you beat it and all of your upgrades cross over. I guess that's a plus but the only bonus thing in the game is unlocked by beating the game.

Spyro a New Beginning is a weak entry in the series. It's better than a few of the other offers in the series but the change wasn't needed and it really hurts the game because it's so limited. I really dislike the clear area and next section unlocks style as well. Just another bland and soulless game to hit the platforming market.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 7/10
Game Play - 5/10
Replay Value - 2/10

Final Score - 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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