PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (Japan)

Save Game File08/05/13Masaki-39K
Masaki Andou Lv 91 Max Money 99999999 And the monsters are all leaders in your class and all weapons Enjoy the game.!!!
Save Game File12/17/13Masaki-39K
SRW-OG2 Ex-Hard Final Boss, All Characters Lv 99 & PP 9999
Save Game File11/26/13Masaki-38K
STAG-14. Kyosuke Lv99 Money-5000000-Million
Save Game File11/26/13Masaki-38K
STAG-16. Kyosuke Lv99 Money-5000000-Million

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Japan)

Save Game File07/26/07Basel43K
Game completed 10 times (OGx3, OG2x3 & 2.5x4). Ex-Hard and Special Mode (15 slot upgrade) unlocked for each game.
Save Game File07/20/07mohmade42K
Super Robot Taisen OG1

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