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    FAQ/Walkthrough by blackmage0_15

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     ______                 _____      _____
    (_         |     |     |     \    |     \    | ______
      \        |     |     |      )   |      |   |/
       \_      |     |     |_____/    |_____/    |
         \     |     |     |          |          |
    ______)    |_____|     |           \_____    |
    /-----\    /-----\     /-------\  /------\  /------\  ___    ___
    |      |   |     |     |       |  |         |      |  \  \  |  |
    |       |  |     |     |       |  |         |      |  |\  \ |  |
    |        | |-----|     |_______|  |    ___  |      |  | \  \|  |
    |       |  |\          |       |  |      |  |      |  |  \  |  |
    |      |   |  \        |       |  |      |  |      |  |  |\ |  |
    \-----/    |    \      |       |  \------/  \------/  |__| \|__|
                           ___           ___
    /-----\     /------\  |   |         |   |
    |      \    |      |  |   |         |   |
    |       )   |      |  |   |         |   |
    |      /    |      |  |   |         |   |
    |_____/     |______|  |   |         |   |
    |     \     |      |  |   |         |   |
    |      )    |      |  |   |_______  |   |______
    |     /     |      |  |           | |          |
    |____/      |      |  |___________| |__________|
                    |                  /
                    |    _________    /
                    |   /        /   /
                    |  /        /   /
                    | /        /   /
                    \/        /   /
                             /   /
    	   	        /   /
                           /   /
                          /   /
                         /   /     /\
                        /   /     / |
                       /   /     /  |
                      /   /     /   |
                     /   /_____/    |
                    /               |
                  * AscII Art Created By Kyle Talbot :p (First One I ever made)
      Super Dragon Ball Z - In-Depth Walkthrough and Character Walkthrough
                    (A-2)  Titles, Disclaimers and Copyright, Oh My!
    Decided to put this at the beginning so that there is no confusion on my
    position on the issue. This is my first (!!!) FAQ created for Gamefaqs.
    Note, that I only allow Gamefaqs, Cheat Code Central and Super Cheats to use
    this FAQ unless that site has my permission. This FAQ copyright Kyle Talbot
    2006. Now, straight on to business.
    Version 2 - A few more updates to the system, nothing too much to say other
    then that.
    Version 1.5 - Thanks for all the feedback, I added some background info,
    some move updates and added some questions the the Q&A.
    Version 1.0  -  Woo Hoo!!! Let's Get Started!!! Base FAQ with a character
    walkthrough of Ultimate Gohan and detail of the Wish System and Orignal
    Battle Mode. Also, created a small walkthrough for Goku and Character
    Creation. Also made indexes for use of Find Tool. Also made a few suggested
    strategies for defeating characters in the Walkthrough.
                            (A-3)   Table Of Contents
    (A-1) - Top Of Document
    (A-2) - Titles, Disclaimers and Copyright, Oh My!
    (A-3) - Table Of Contents
    (B-1) - Introduction
    (B-2) - That's Right! The Walkthrough!
    (B-3) - Wish System
    (B-4) - Characters
    (C-1) - Character Creation Screen
    (C-2) - Skills & Abilities
    (D-1) - Questions & Answers
    (E-1) - Credits
                             (B-1)  Introduction
    Welcome to my first Walkthrough! I hope to do this right and help all
    other fans of DBZ fully enjoy this game.
    Although the game is based on DBZ, the art style is actually originated
    from the original Manga of Dragon Ball. I find that this makes the game
    more interesting, except for the comic text such as Whap, which IMO
    they could do without.
    ---Basic Controls---
    D-pad or L-Analog Stick moves character
    X - Guard
    O - Jump/Flight
    S - Light Attack
    T - Heavy Attack
    L1 - Throw
    L2 - Dash
    R1 - Light Dash Attack
    R2 - Heavy Dash Attack
    Enjoy the game and thank you for choosing my walkthrough.
                        (B-2)  That's Right! The Walkthrough!
    This is what you've been waiting for, hasn't it? This Walkthrough will
    cover 3 sections and 3 smaller sections. The first Section is the Main
    Walkthrough, covering Z-Survivor Mode, Original Mode and Training. The
    Next Section is the Wish System, which will cover all of the availible
    wishes. The Last Section is the Characters Section, which houses both
    their backgrounds and availible moves. But, first...
    ----Main Walkthrough----
    This is the meat of the game. It houses Original Mode, Z-Survivor and
    Training. In this section, I will also include some suggested strategies
    for defeating some of the characters in the game. If I missed anything,
    or you want to expand my walkthrough, contact me at blackmage0_15@yahoo.ca
    This is probably the game mode that you will spend the most time in. As
    you fight, the battles become tougher and you will find that as you go
    through the mode, your enemy gains more abilities and skills.
    -Battle 1-
    Your first battle will be against someone with approx. 1000 B.P,
    equivilent to a starting character's B.P. I have seen on occasion that
    they do sometimes have an ability, but this doesn't happen often. Finish
    off your enemy, and move on to the next battle.
    -Battle 2-
    Normally, this one can be also handled quite easily, as the character
    doesn't usually guard often but can depending on who you are fighting.
    Character usually has about 20,000 B.P. and has a few low level
    techniques. If you get a Red Letter character (Boss, Scouter Breaks
    due to high energy) there may be some difficulty but you should be able
    to handle it without much trouble. 
    -Battle 3-
    Ok, so this one's a bit tougher. The character has a few more moves,
    and won't be afraid to use them. Also has some mid-ranged skills. The
    character will have about 40,000 B.P and shouldn't be too much trouble,
    but there could be some difficulty because of the characters new skills.
    If you get a Red Letter fight here, just keep your head and you'll pull
    -Battle 4-
    Lot's more skills and attacks to deal with here, and you might see some
    cheap moves against you, and it might guard more often then not. Keep
    pumping into him, and he will fall eventually. 70,000 B.P average here
    and a Red Letter battle will keep you on your feet. Just keep working
    at it and you'll get it, best idea in some cases it to be cheap with
    the Heavy Dash attack.
    -Battle 5-
    By now, the enemy will have all of skills and abilities, and will use
    them whenever possible. 100,000 B.P is about what you can expect, and
    a Red Letter battle will give any player a run for his money. Good luck
    if it happens, cause you'll need it! The enemy will use any moves that
    he can to win, and even on easy mode, you may hit the mat at least once.
    -Battle 6-
    Ok, Frieza. (Unless you ARE frieza.) Frieza always comes with either
    120,000 B.P, or as a Red Letter battle. If he is not Red Letter, just
    use L2 to dodge a lot of his attacks and keep close to him, as if you
    get to far away, he will endlessly throw energy moves at you and you
    won't be able to beat him. His Frieza cutter can be annoying, so it
    is best to block. If all else fails, wait for a block opportunity and
    then lay into him with an ultimate.
    -Battle 7-
    Starts with a cinematic. Cell comes to battle with about 170,000 B.P
    and all of his moves. Keep your distance and use dashing attacks and
    long range energy attacks to power through his moves. If he fires 1
    white shot, then a row of purples, then 2 white shots, he is preparing
    to ultimate. Once you beat him, another cinematic will play. By now you
    should have 7 dragon balls, if so, head on over to Shenron and the (B-3)
    Wish System. Congradulations on completing Original Mode!
    Remember, you can go through original as many times as you like to level
    up your characters! Have fun!
    Definitely the hardest mode in the game, and should only be attempted if
    you truly consider yourself a master. It starts out with weaker characters
    and the roulette at the end of the battles rotate slower. As you continue,
    the goodies on the roulette get better, but the roulette spins faster.
    Also, the battle will become much tougher and you may have quite a problem
    with the Red Letter battles, especially if you are low on health. Remember
    that your health and Ultimate bar carry over from fight to fight, and you
    may have some difficulty keeping each of them full. If you cannot decide
    on what to pick, go with health. Health is the only option you won't
    regret taking. Now, on to some battle strategies.
    Also, remember that a character with a Senzu Bean is a great idea to get
    through this mode.
    - Battles 1-4 -
    Battles for the novice players, as shown by the red medallion. Just finish
    the fights as quick as possible, and take the least amount of damage
    possible. I recommended that you be cheap, because it guarantees you to get
    through the battle. A Red Letter battle isn't so bad at this stage. At the
    end of battle 2, you will enter the 2 medallion battles, these still arn't
    so hard. Use the same strategy as in the one medallion battle.
    - Battles 4-6 -
    Three Medallions, Ok, now we got us a fight going. Watch out, as the
    characters are quite a bit stronger, and deal quite a bit of damage.
    I recommend that you get every health option on the roulette, because
    you are going to need it. If you get a Red Letter battle, fear it,
    because it's hard, and you WILL take damage. At the end of the fifth
    fight, you will enter the 4 Medallion battles.
    - Battle 6-10-The End-
    At the end of the 6th battle, you will enter the 5 medallion battles.
    Difficult. No strategies, just survive. Grab the health if you can.
    Good Luck!! If you make it to battle 10, you will be challanged to a
    double xp match. You will fight Majin Buu in the double XP match.
    You can get a lot of B.P and XP from this fight. Good Luck, it took
    many tries for me to get it.
    Training is quite possibly the most useful of all of the fighting systems.
    You fight in Capsule Corp's main training module, and includes character
    selection and allows you to practice combos. Beginners should start here.
                           (B-3)  Wish System
    Once you have 7 dragonballs, you may visit Shenron to get a wish. Choose
    an appropriate character who has all 7 dragonballs. He will greet you
    and you will have two options, unless this is your first few wishes. There
    is your "Wish is Granted" and "Your Wish Has Been Enhanced" options.
    --"Your Wish Is Granted"--
    There will be three windows, Stat Upgrade, Inherited Moves and Etc.
    -Stat Upgrade-
    Power To Drain Energy. - When Using Energy Blasts, you Ultimate Gauge
    will fill.
    Give Me Ultimate Power! - Health<35%, attack power increased, no guard.
    I Want More Stamina. - Action Gauge fills quicker.
    Show My Full Potential. - When hit while blocking or attacked, Ultimate
    Gauge fills.
    I want burning rage. - Gain More Ultimate Gauge when hit by attacks.
    I want to move faster. - Gain an extra Action Bar.
    I Want More Energy. - Ultimate Gauge starts with more power.
    -Inherited Moves-
    Learn My Rival's Super. - Learn a character's super move.
    Learn Yamcha's Move. - Learn "Wolf's Fang Fist" Super
    Train Like I used to! - Restores your character to 1st level, but returns
    all xp spent to the xp bar.
    Dragon, Please Change My Name. - Restores name to original Japanese Name
    of character.
    Show My True Power. - You can see your victory ratio on your character
    card in Customize.
    A new color clothes. - Obtain a new color for your character.
    I want a better outfit. - Gain a special costume...
    Learn the Ultimate Move - Learn the Dragon Finish (Finisher for all you
    MK fans)
    --"Your Wish Has Been Enhanced"--
    Player Character, Narration Voice and Etc.
    -Player Character-
    I Want To Use Majin Vegeta.
    I Want To Use King Piccolo.
    I Want To Use Ultimate Gohan.
    I Want To Use Videl.
    I want To Use Cyborg Frieza.
    -Narration Voice-
    Vegeta's Call. - Set Narration to Vegeta
    King Piccolo's Call. - Set Narration To King Piccolo
    Goku's Call. - Set Narration To Goku.
    Go to the world of the Kais. - Unlock King Kai's Planet.
    At the end of the wish, Shenron disappears and splits into the base
    seven dragonballs again. Good Hunting!
                               (B-4)  Characters
    Here is the characters of the game, inculding unlockables. Although
    everyones main move is down to forward Square, I will cover all of
    the moves anyway. Note that there are moves that are learned by
    inheriting the move from another character. These are different for
    everyone and I will cover what I can here. Remember, some moves are
    learned from leveling up a character. If anyone else gets some
    inherited moves that I do not have written down, send em in to
    --Character List--
    -Ultimate Gohan
    -King Piccolo
    -Majin Buu
    -Majin Vegeta
    -Android 16
    -Android 17
    -Android 18
    -Cell (Perfect Cell)
    -Frieza (Final Form)
    -Cyborg Frieza
    -Move Key (When Facing Right)-
    D - Down
    U - Up
    R - Right
    L - Left
    S - Square
    O - Circle
    T - Triangle
    X - Cross
    DR - Down, Down-Right, Right
    DL - Down, Down-Left, Left
    Z - Right, Down, Down-Right, Right 
    BZ - Left, Down, Down-Left, Left
    * - Inherited Move
    So, for example,
    Kamehameha- DR S, DR T
    -----All Characters Standard Moves-----
    These are basic moves, but can come in handy.
    Thrust Down Attack - R R T
    Uppercut - R R S
    Backflip - L O
    Evading Dodge - U L2, D L2
    Super-Jump - UO
    Flight - O O
    The Hero of Earth, the First Saijan to hit Super Saijan in the
    Frieza Saga, and also known as Kakarot by Vegeta.  Came to Earth
    as a kid to destroy it, but had hit his head and was brought up
    by Grandpa Gohan.  After meeting Bulma and Master Roshi and
    learning the Kamehameha Wave technique, He grew up and married
    Chi-Chi, and had 2 boys, Gohan and Goten.  Learning the Solar
    Flare from Roshi, the Kaioken from King Kai, and the Spirit
    Bomb and Instant Transmission.
    Combo A - S T T
    Combo B1 - S S T
    Combo B2 - S S R T
    Combo B3 - S S U T
    Combo B4 - S S D T
    Kamehameha - DR S, DR T, Hold for power
    Flurry Kick - DL S, DL T, (after) S, T
    Blast Fist - Z S, Z T
    Kaioken - STX, S + R2 (Easier)
    Super Kamehameha - DR DR S, DR DR T
    Super Saijan - R LDR S, R LDR T
    Instant Transmission - DR O, DL O, Z O, BZ O
    Guided Kamehameha - BZ S, BZ T
    Blast Flurry Fist - DL DL S, DL DL T
    Kiai Blast - L R S, L R T
    Spirit Bomb - DL DL ST, DL DL L1 (Hold To Charge) (Full Bar
    *Fissure Kick - L R TO (From Ultimate Gohan)
    Named after Grandpa Gohan.  The first son of Goku, Gohan is
    probably one of the most loved characters in Dragon Ball Z.
    He is trained by Piccolo shortly after the fight with Radditz
    and from there on out, his life is forever changed, with it not
    going back to normal until Perfect Cell was defeated.
    Combo A - T T T
    Combo B - S S T
    Masenko Ha - DR S, DR T
    Soaring Dragon Strike - L R S , L R S (after) S, T
    Fissure Fist - Z S, Z T
    Dragon Shot - DR DR S, DR DR T (Can power through any move EXCEPT
    gatlick gun & Destructo-Disc)
    Energy Charge - L RDL S, L RDL T
    Super Saiyan - R LDR S, R LDR T 
    ---Ultimate Gohan---
    The grown-up version of Gohan.  During the Cell Games, he dates
    Videl, Hercule's daughter. Later in DragonBall GT, he has a daughter
    with Videl, Pan.
    Double Sting - U T
    Combo A - S S T
    Combo B1 - T T T
    Combo B2 - T T U
    Combo B3 - T T D
    Masenko Ha - DR S, DR T
    Stylish Buster - BZ S, BZ T
    Fissure Kick - L R S, L R T
    Spin Blade - Z S, Z T (after) S, T
    Energy Barrage - DL S, DL T (after) S, T
    Switch Sword - U D S, U D T
    Dragon Shot - DR DR S, DR DR T (Can power through any move EXCEPT
    gatlick gun & Destructo-Disc)
    Tornado Cutter - DL DL S, DL DL T
    *Kamehameha Wave - DR OT, Hold for power(Goku)
    *Wolf's Fang Fist - DR OT S S S T
    Born from the evil of Kami(Guardian of Earth and it's Dragonballs),
    he was bent on destruction. After the arrival of Goku's brother,
    Raditz, Piccolo trained Gohan, becoming good from Gohan's influence.
    V Punch - L T
    Combo A - S s T
    Combo B - T T T
    Demon Fist - Z S, Z T, Z ST (Determines Length Of Attack and
    Attack Power)
    Beam Cannon - DR S, DR T
    Dimentional Barrier - D U S, D U T (Hold For Power)
    Special Beam Cannon - DR DR S, DR DR T (Hold For Power, At Full,
    Break Guard)
    ---King Piccolo---
    King Piccolo is actually the original being that Kami separated from.
    In other words, King Piccolo is the very essence of evil that Kami
    purged from himself in order to become the Guardian of Earth. When
    King Piccolo is defeated by Goku, his last act prior to death is to
    spit out an egg from which the current Piccolo was hatched.
    Drill Kick - L T
    Combo A - S S T
    Combo B - T T T
    Demon Fist - Z S, Z T, Z ST (See Piccolo)
    Majin Rendan - DR S, DR T (after) S, T
    Masougenki - L R S, L R T (Triangle adds an extra attack)
    Bukiri Maha - DR DR S, DR DR T
    ---Majin Buu---
    The final threat to Earth in DBZ, Majin Buu was a demon created by Bibidi,
    a sorcerer, who wanted to destroy the Universe. After an assault by the
    Kaioshins, he was locked away for a very long time. But, during the 25th
    Tenkaichi Boudouki, he was brought out of his prison by Gohan's pure power
    and once again wrecked havoc. Though, he turned good once Mr. Satan simply
    told him don't kill people, it's bad and he just gave it up. Unfortunately,
    the evil in him escaped and became the real threat to Earth.
    Combo A1 - S T T
    Combo A2 - S T S
    Combo B - T T O
    Spread Ball - DR S, DR T   Hold for Power
    Hazard Breath D U, U D  S, T   Hold for Power
    Hurricane Dash - DL S, T
    Detonation -  DRULDRULD S,T
    The Prince of the Saiyajins, Vegeta is Goku's rival throughout the series
    and is always trying to outdo him. Some think he turns good, but he never
    truly does until he makes the ultimate sacrifice, which was blowing
    himself up to destroy Majin Buu, to save his family. That is when he
    finally understands how Goku always wins. By putting his heart into it
    and seeing fighting as only a game, an enjoyment to participate in.
    Unfortunately, Vegeta's efforts are in vain and Majin Buu survives.
    Combo A - S S T
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Lucora Gun - DR S, DR T (after) S, T
    G. Slicer - D U S, D U T, U D S, U D T (S and T Determines
    Speed of Fire, U D determines arc)
    Assault Rush - Z S, Z T (T has more hits)
    Counter Break - DL X (only for advanced players)
    Galick Gun - DR D-DR S, DR D-DR T (Can normally power through any attack
    EXCEPT Destructo-Disc)
    Super Saiyan - R LDR S, R LDR T
    ---Majin Vegeta---
    After Perfect Cell's defeat, he turns back to his evil self, allowing
    Babidi to control him through the Majin effect, making him once again
    an enemy. Thus, the cause he is always in the Super Saiyajin 2 Majin
    Vegeta state.
    Combo A - S S T
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Combo C - T T T
    Lucora Gun - DR S, DR T
    G. Slicer - D U S, D U T, U D S, U D T (S and T Determines Speed
    of Fire, U D determines arc)
    Assault Rush - Z S, Z T (T has more hits)
    Counter Break - DL X (Only for advanced players)
    Blast Flare - DL S, DL T (T is a faster shot)
    Galick Gun - DR D-DR S, DR D-DR T (Can normally power through any attack
    EXCEPT Destructo-Disc)
    Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma.  As a result, he is a great
    warrior, and also has keen technical abilities.  In order to save
    the world, he traveled back in time to organize the Z-Fighters, in
    a race to destroy Dr. Gero's Androids before they destroyed the planet.
    Because he is a half-saijan,he has the ability to go super-saijan.
    Trunks wields a sword, and uses it in his most powerful attacks.
    Combo A - S S T T
    Combo B1 - T T T
    Combo B2 - T T U
    Combo B3 - T T D
    Cresent Wave - DR S, DR T, DR ST (Determines Angle)
    Stylish Buster - BZ S, BZ T
    Aura Smash - L R S, L R T
    Slash Break - DL D-DL S, DL D-DL T
    Super Saiyan - R LDR S, R LDR T
    Despite his size, Krillin is one of the strongest men on Earth.
    However, because he is an earthling, there are times when he can't
    keep up with the Saijans and their massive power levels. Nonetheless,
    Krillin is a very good fighter, and he and Goku have fought alongside
    one another since childhood, when they trained together under Master
    Roshi.  Some of his Techniques include the Super Headbutt, and the
    Destructo Disc.
    Knee Drop - O D T
    Combo A - S S S T
    Combo B1 - T T T
    Combo B2 - T T S
    Destructo-Disk - Z S, Z T Hold To Charge (Guard Break When Charged
    Can power Through almost any attack)
    Scatter Blast - D U S, U D S, D U T, U D T
    Kamehameha - DR S, DR T
    Flicker - L R O
    Super Destructo-Disk - DR D-DR S, DR D-DR T
    Solar Flare - DL D-DL S, DL D-DL T
    Afterimage Attack - DL X
    Homing Blast - L R S, L R T
    The Daughter of the Orc King, Wife of Goku and Mother to Gohan and
    Goten. Very Strong willed, she is the only one that bosses Goku around.
    Combo A - S T T
    Combo B1 - T T S
    Combo B2 - T T T
    Power Pole Attack - DR S, DR T, (after) S, T
    Power Slugger - DL S, DL T
    Banana Fan - L R T, L R S
    Super Power Slugger - DL DL S, DL DL T
    Tsuten Swirl - D U S, D U T
    Feng Shui - R L S, R L T
    Power Pole Tornado - DR DR S, DR DR T
    ---Android 16---
    Android 16 was an experiment of Dr. Gero's that was never supposed to
    be set free. Disobeying Dr. Gero's orders, Android 17 & 18 did just
    that.  His programming was never complete, so he was very single
    minded: determined to destroy Goku while neverharming anything else.
    After almost being demolished by Cell, Bulma reprogrammed him to fight
    for the good side.  The strong, silent type, he is massive and muscular,
    but can be very gentle outside of a fight.  He has the abilities of
    Rocket Punch, and Self-Destruct, to name a few.
    Combo A - S S T
    Combo B - T T 
    Rocket Punch - DR S, DR T
    Mega-Tackle - L R S, L R T
    Gigantic Press - (in the air) D ST
    Evolution Buster - DRULD S, DRULD T (Continue to hold for more attacks,
    stay away from obstacles)
    Hell Flash - DR DR S, DR DR T
    ---Android 17---
    Android 17 is a teenage boy who travels around with 18. His programming
    was never fully completed and fought, (and nearly died) during the Cell
    Games. He killed Dr. Gero, and with Bulma's help, decided to fight for
    the good.
    Violence Hold - SX S
    Combo A1 - S S T T
    Combo A2 - S S S
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Blaster - DR S, DR T
    Savage Combo - Z S, Z T (T deals more)
    Avenging Fork - DL S, DL T (after you hit) S, T (after) S, T
    Ultimate Blaster - DR DR S, DR DR T
    Energy Field - DRULD ST
    ---Android 18---
    Android 18 is one of the most dangerous creatures to ever threaten the
    Earth. She and her twin brother, Android 17, were the brain-children
    of Dr. Gero.  The Androids were originally programmed to destroy Goku,
    but in the spirit of teenage rebellion, they disobeyed their creator,
    and wreaked havoc around the world in a carefree manner. While she may
    look delicate and graceful, Android 18 can be virtually emotionless,
    and she is very, very powerful.  She has the ability to shoot a solid
    energy beam, and to self-destruct.  After Cell was defeated, using
    the second wish of Shenron to remove her bomb from her, Krillin had
    fallen in love with Android 18.
    Violence Hold - SX S
    Combo A1 - S S T T
    Combo A2 - S S S
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Blaster - DR S, DR T
    Savage Combo - Z S, Z T
    Infinity Hold - DL S, DL T
    Ultimate Blaster - DR DR S, DR DR T
    ---Cell (Perfect Cell)---
    One of the most strongest beings in the Universe, Cell was the ultimate
    creation of Dr. Gero. Cell was made up from the DNA of all the strongest
    fighters around. After traveling back from the future, since he needed
    Androids #17 and #18 to reach his Perfect stage and that in his time
    they were dead, he held a tournament. If someone beat him, he wouldn't
    destroy the Earth. After an attempt from all the Z-Fighters, it was Gohan
    out of everyone that brought Cell to his knees.
    Combo A - S T T
    Combo B - T T T
    Hell Needle - DR S, DR T (after) S, T
    Interrupter - D U S, U D S, D U T, U D T
    Drain Life - Z S, Z T, Z ST (S drains Action Bar, T drains
    Ultimate Bar, ST drains Health Bar)
    Drain Life(Skill Drain) - L R S, L R T (T makes him dash
    Judgement - DR D-DR S, DR D-DR T
    ---Frieza (Final Form)---
    The most feared being in the Universe, during his time, Frieza was
    the most powerful thing around. His obsession for power led him to
    wanting Immortality, which lead him to the Dragonballs, which could
    grant him that wish. This ultimately lead to his demise, with Goku
    stopping him and later, Future Trunks finishing him off. In the game,
    he appears in his final form, which is his strongest one he has.  His
    techniques including shooting energy from his eyes, homing ki blasts,
    homing destructo disk, and to create a Death Ball.
    Combo A - S S T T
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Round Dash - L R O, R L O (after) S, T (Continually press S or T
    to fire)
    Sonic Warp - DR O, DL O, Z O, BZ O
    Frieza Cutter - DR S, DR T (T moves faster)
    Psychokinesis - DL S, DL T (T makes the rocks move faster)
    Flex Laser - L R S, L R T
    Death Ball - DR DR S, DR DR T (Hold to Charge)
    ---Cyborg Frieza---
    In his quest to aquire all 7 of the Dragonballs, he destroyed the
    planet Namek. The only person capable of defeating him was Goku,
    who did not quite finish him off, and Frieza was rebuilt by King
    Cold, his ruthless father.  With a new cybernetic body, Frieza
    went to Earth to get revenge.
    Combo A - S S T T
    Combo B1 - S T T
    Combo B2 - S T S
    Sonic Warp - DR O, DL O, Z O, BZ O
    Frieza Cutter - DR S, DR T
    Crack Bomb - DL S, DL T (after you hit) DL S, DL T (T throws
    Flex Laser - L R S, L R T
    Death Ball - DR DR S, DR DR T (Hold To Charge
    The Daughter of the popular Hercule, she becomes Gohan's girlfriend.
    He teaches her to use ki abilities, including how to fly. They later
    become involved, creating the new character, Pan.
    Trick Shoot - O D T
    Combo A1 - S S T T
    Combo A2 - S S S
    Combo B - S T T
    Triple Crush - DR S, DR T (after) S, T
    Slash Drop - DL S, DL T
    Trick Move - D U O, U D O (after) S, T
    Volteks Aura - DR DR S, DR DR T
                     (C-1)  Character Creation Screen
    The main screen of Customize presents three options, Character
    Customization, Create A Character Card and Delete A Character Card.
    I will cover them all here.
    --Create A Character--
    First, select a memory card, then a base character. This will determine
    your stats and your base abilities. Then, you will name your character,
    and create another card if you so desire.
    --Character Customization--
    Possibly one of the best "Create A Character" modes in any game, you can
    Level Up, Edit your Character's Name, Change Color/Appearance and Inherit
    A Skill. There is also the ability to check the skill tree. Note that
    Inherit A Skill requires at least 2 character cards at max level.
    --Delete A Character--
    First, select a memory card, then a character card, and confirm
    the deletion. Do not do this unless you are sure you do not want that
    character card anymore.
                     (C-2)  Skills & Abilities
    Every Character has access to almost every skill and ability in the
    game. Lets start with some of the basics.
    -All Character Abilites-
    ATK Up - Raises Attack
    Rapid Movement Recovery - Increases the rate of recovery on the Action
    Dragon Soul - Increases the Ultimate Gauge at startup
    Flying Speed Up - Increases Flying Speed
    Ultimate Gauge Upgrade - Ultimate Gauge will increase during attacks.
    Weight Increase - Makes aerial combos harder to execute for the enemy.
    Assault Style - If Health is lower than 35%, ATK rises, DEF falls.
    Dragon Vitality - Action Gauge gets another bar.
    Wolf's Fang Fist - Yamcha's Super move, time the button right!
    Fissure Kick - Hyper Speed Movement. Hit opponent in the stomach.
    Senzu Bean - Restores Health if you have been KOed. Works once per battle.
    Flex Laser - Frieza's Special Move; fired from the fingertip.
    Movement Up - Adds another block to the action gauge.
    Impact up - When opponents are hit, they are thrown farther.
    Armor Strike - While doing a dash attack the character will not be struck
    down when hit.
    Ultimate Guard - Allows you to use an Ultimate while guarding.
    Enhanced Force - Useable when under 35% health, abilities slowly increase.
    DEF Up - Increases defence
    -Character Specific Abilities-
    Learned in the Character Customization Tree
    Super Kamehameha - Father's Super Blast. Tap the button for more damage.
    Power Barrage - Rapidly fires energy blasts in a criss-cross formation.
    -Ultimate Gohan-
    Spin Blade - Jumping Sword Slash
    Energy Barrage - Blasts that make big explosions when they hit.  
    Tap for more shots.
    Tornado Cutter - Two swords spinning rapidly.
    Spirit Bomb - Gather Spiritual Energy to create massive damage.
    Instant Transmission - Teleport close to the opponent.
    Guided Kamehameha - A Kamehameha that can be guided while the button is
    held down.
    Blast Flurry Fist - Throw Out an Ultra-fast flurry of attacks.
    Kiai Blast - A penatrating energy blast.
    Homing Blast - A large energy blast that homes on it's target.
    Afterimage Attack - Create an afterimage and counterattack!
    Solar Flare - A powerful flash that dazes opponents.
    Tsuten Swirl - A banana leaf fan is used to swirl up a giant wind.
    Feng Shui - Creates a giant tornado.
    Power Pole Tornado - The Power Pole is held over the head, and quickly
                         (D-1)  Questions & Answers
    Thank you to all who sent in questions, and don't stop! I'd be glad to
    help you in playing this game.
    Dukeman Asks: I wonder if there are any more transformations then super
    saiyan . Is there a super saiyan 2, 3 or 4?
    A: Unfortunetly no, you cannot reach higher levels of Super Saiyan
    beyond level one.
    Neil Asks: How can you get to play on King's Kai Planet?!?!?!?
    A: After making the initial three wishes, you can wish in the extended
    level of wishes. Then, make a few more wishes and eventually it should
    unlock. I believe it is 3 more wishes after that.
    Emma Asks: Can you explain the inheretance part of the game?
    A: You can obtain Inheritance moves by...
    Wishing for a move at the Dragon.
    Learning a move from another Character Card.
    Note: Both Character cards must be at max level in order to inherit,
    and the learner must have a full experience bar.
    These moves that are learned can be Goku's Kamahameha or Ultimate
    Gohan's Fissure Kick, and can be learned from and to any character.
    Neil Asks: Can I play on King Kai's Planet in Original Mode?
    A: Nope, it can't be done, the level can only be accessed in
    Ryan Asks: Hey, just wondering if there was an alternate ending in
    Original mode other than watching Cell blow everything up?
    A: Not that I've seen, though I haven't played with Cell yet. Does
    anyone else know for sure?
    Jeremy Asks: How come I canlt use the ultimate finish move? 
    (dragon finish)
    A: Your enemy must have less than 10% health and it must be the FINAL 
    round. Not the 2nd Round. The Final round. Remember that it is hard
    to keep the enemy alive with less than 100% health.
    Anthony Asks: How many fusions and characters are there? (reg. 
    and secret)
    A: If you mean like Gotenks, then there are none.
    Matthew Asks: Hey how do I unlock characters on Super DBZ?
    A: Make 3 wishes to unlock an enhanced set of wishes, then wish for
    new characters.
    Kevin Asks: I was fighting the computer, I saw on their scouter that
    they have many skills, 8 or 9 types while I only have 6 types or so
    can I get more skills that way ( add another block)?
    A: Though I haven't found many ways, there are a few. The boxes
    that you start with is how many your character can have if he
    takes all the skills he can in level up. Then, you may recieve
    2 more. 1 for inherited skill. 1 for dragon's skill.
    Brian Asks: Is there a way to switch the language to English?
    I'm not used to the Jap voices!
    A: Um... in my version there is no japanese voices...
    Do you have an NTSC version? Or, check the options in the game,
    because my voices are english...
    Scragar Asks: just wondering at what BP the scouter breaks, my
    first assumption was around 500,000. But my freind informs me
    that the number is more likely to be one million.
    A: In the show, it breaks at 35,000. In the game, it only breaks
    when a character is under a power up move, (such as kaioken, but
    more permanent). It shows up as a character with red letters.
    However, I have not played with a single character long enough
    to reach that amount of BP.
    Trenten Asks: How do you get the I want a better outfit wish?
    A: It seems to appear only for certain characters. I suggest
    you check out the Color's guide on the same page as my FAQ.
                             (E-1)  Credits
    Some Character Backgrounds(because I can't remember all of 'em):
    Kain Stryder's Hyper Dimention FAQ, thanks to him!!
    Kenjiblade, from GameFAQs message boards, for fixing my King Piccolo
    Go Go Gobot for pointing out that the Destructo-Disc is more powerful
    than the Gatlick Gun.
    And Atari and Funimation for this great addition to any DB collection.
    And You, for reading this FAQ, thank you. If you want me to write an
    FAQ for another game, you can request it at blackmage0_15@yahoo.ca
    Kyle Talbot, signing off.

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