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    Slug by Litb007

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    Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 Character FAQ - Slug
    Welcome to the DBZ:T2 Character FAQ for Slug!
    In this FAQ, I will show you all the information about the character, his move-
    set, and ways to use him effectively in the game.
    This is my first FAQ, so bear with me if I have missed some details out.
    All damage calculations shown (unless otherwise stated) was tested in Practise
    mode with Normal Slug against Normal Goku, each being Lv.8 in the Wasteland
    To search a section quickly, Ctrl+F the words including the []
    -Table of Contents-
    Introduction                          [    ]
    Versions                              [VERS]
     Controls                             [XOTS]
     How to Obtain him                    [HWTO]
     Character Illustration Entries       [    ]
        Slug                              [CLES]
        Slug Giant                        [CLEG]
     Character Quotes                     [QUOT]
     Character Moveset                    [    ]
        Slug                              [MOVS]
        Slug Giant                        [MOVG]
     Credits                              [CRED]
     Contact & Legalities                 [CONT]
    -Versions- [VERS]
    1.0    FAQ written and published to GameFAQs
    1.17   Created Headers (because they were hard to read), added |Hyper Smash|,
           created -Controls- section, added a quote, fixed some errors, added the
           missing 'Rush In' moves
    -Controls- [XOTS]
    X          Dash and StepIn; Dashing enabling you to get to where you want to
               quickly. And StepIn allows you to get close to your opponent while
               ignoring their attacks.
    Circle     Guard, holding Circle down will block ordinary rush attacks
               and lessen the impact of other attacks by half.
    Triangle   Ki, when pressed, the character shoots out a small Ki blast. When
               charged it produces a larger, more powerful Ki blast.
    Square     Rushing attack, basically punches and kicks to hurt your opponent.
    L2         Ki Charge, Holding it down will begin to fill the Ki guage.
    R1/R2      R1 to jump, hold or double-tap to start flying. While flying around
               you can fly upward with R1 and down to the floor with R2.
    How to Obtain him [HWTO]
    To get Slug, you must complete the 'Lord Slug' storymode senario and obtain
    Z-Fusion items from it. To get him and his transformation your need two
    Z-Fusion potaras.
    To unlock Slug, fuse 'Namekian' and 'Mutation' together.
    To gain his larger transformation, fuse 'Giant Form' with the secret item
    Character Illustrations Entries
    *Slug* [CLES]
    Voiced:             Brice Armstong (English)/ ??? (Japanese)
    First Appearance:   Movie #4: Lord Slug
    "This is the form Slug takes after regaining his youth through the power of the
    Having originally come to Earth in search of fuel for his planetary cruiser,
    Slug was surprised to discover that the Dragonballs existed on Earth.
    He called upon Shenron to restore his ancient body to its former glory. Fully
    rejuvenated, Slug renewed his aspirations of galactic conquest, but found Goku
    standing squarely in his way.
    Slug is an ancient Namek of extraordinary power, one of the few remaining
    "Super Nameks" of legend.
    He is far more powerful than Piccolo and fights without a trace of mercy,
    causing much suffering for the Z-fighters.
    He has one real weakness: the sound of a human whistling."
    *Slug [Giant]* [CLEG]
    Voiced:             Brice Armstong (English)/ ??? (Japanese)
    First Appearance:   Movie #4: Lord Slug
    "This is the form Lord Slug takes after powering up and increasing his size to
    gigantic proportions.
    The fighting techniques he uses in this form do not change, but his overall
    power level is raised significantly.
    However, he is still vulnerable to the sound of a human whistling."
    Character Quotes [QUOT]
    *[As Slug]*
    "No Mercy! ...Even for a fellow Namek" ~ Battle start against Piccolo
    "At last, You get to test your power against me!" ~ Battle Start
    "How many seconds do you think you'll last?" ~ Battle Start
    "I don't really have time to play with you" ~ Battle Start
    "Muhahaha! The vibrance of youth" ~ Battle Win
    "Tchahaha, You fought well but this is the end of the line" ~ Battle Win
    "How could I lose to such a weakling..." ~ Battle Loss
    *[As Giant Slug]*
    "No Mercy! ...Even for a fellow Namek" ~ Battle start against Piccolo
    "Now...let's take our time and enjoy this" ~ Battle Start
    "What will you do now? Muhahaha" ~ Battle Start
    "How many seconds do you think you'll last?" ~ Battle Start
    "Hurm...Broken already?...Boring" ~ Battle Win
    "Oh my, is that all? Huhahaha" ~ Battle Win
    */Moves (Slug)\* [MOVS]
    Blast 1
    ­­­These moves use the Favourite/Blast stock gauges that slowly charge up in the
    battle. Slug's maximum stock points is 4, not very high compared to Goku's 7 but
    Slug's Blast 1 moves don't tend to have very high use costs.
    Explosive Wave is useful for buffing an opponent away with damage and negating
    Rushing finishers and Ki blasts.
    Hi-Tension is pretty good because not only does it raise attack power but it
    also regenerates Ki gauges too!
       |Explosive Wave|
      1 Blast Stock, L2+Circle
    Creates a forcefield around the character that harms the opponent and blocks Ki
    blasts and rush-finishers, the field lasts for about 3 seconds. Because of it's
    inexpensive cost, this makes a great defensive move in a tight situation.
      2 Blast Stocks, L2+UP+Circle
    Increases Attack power and speed until a finishing move is used. It also
    recovers two Ki gauges, enabling you to fire off a quick Finger beam if you
    choose to do so.
    The move takes about 2 seconds to activate and can be interrupted; however,
    this move does not take Blast stock unless it was used successfully unlike Ki.
    These moves are primarily Ki-based moves to cause some /real/ damage. Slug's
    B2 moves aren't as powerful as the other characters, but the Ki cost is just
    under or over half the max Ki, and Hi-Tension allows for quick regeneration.
       |Finger Beam|
      2 Ki Gauges, L2+Triangle
    A small beam attack from the fingers. The attack itself isn't very long, and
    allows the character to move one second after it in case it missed and their
    opponent was headding their way. It cannot power-struggle with Beam-based
    attacks and can be dodge easily from a distance.
       |Darkness Eye Beam|
      3 Ki Gauges, L2+UP+Triangle
    An attack which charges up during a cutscene and fires in a wide arc
    horizontally. This attack is more powerful than Finger Beam and can destroy
    a lot of nearby objects as well. The drawback to this attack is the beam can
    be avoided simply by your opponent flying up or down if they are in mid-air.
    Ultimate Blast (Must be in MAX POWER mode to work)
       |Power of Darkness|
      5 Ki Guages, L2+DOWN+Triangle
    A rushing finisher that must be used somewhat close to the opponent and at a
    good angle, othewise it will miss and will require 3 seconds to be used again.
    If it connects, a cutscene will play; Slug will gut-punch his opponent into the
    air then stretch his arm up to stop his opponent from acending while he pulls
    himself up. He'll hold his opponent while casually punching them 4 times before
    letting go stunned.
    A moment later, Slug will unleash a rapid combo of 17 hits with his flexible
    arms before dealing a heavy blow and sending them flying back a distance.
    Rushing finishers do not work if your opponent is using Power Guard or is in
    a Giant form like Oozaru, you will end up flying back and leaving yourself
    open to rush attacks or worse.
    Rushing Techniques
    Rushing techniques the the core of every fighter's fighting ability, they're
    basically punching and kicking attacks to hurt your opponent.
    An important combo trick is using step-in, pressing X to hop toward your
    opponent during a combo. You're able to get 10 hits if you do a full rush combo,
    step-in and do another combo after it.
       |Heavy Finish|
      Square, _Triangle_ [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Squarex2, _Triangle_ [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Squarex3, _Triangle_ [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
    Heavy Finish allows you to gut-kick your opponent, stunning them temporarily.
    You can continue heavy finish by pressing Triangle for two more times, hitting
    your opponent with a side-cross kick and a heavy right hook. You can send them
    flying by pressing Square; after this, Slug finishes the heavy combo off with
    another smash kick to send the opponent flying back.
    Finishing this move does not allow you to pursue for another hit, but you can
    manually dash towards them for a follow-up.
       |Blaster Wave|
      Squarex3, _Triangle_
    Blaster wave is a move emit a white aura that blows the opponent up into the air
    when charged, just tapping Triangle will only make the opponent flinch for a
    time shorter than you can attack again.
       |Lift Strike| (During a Rush combo)
    Most effective when charged up at the end of a rush combo. Slug punches
    downwards but then stretches his arm at a right-angle upwards to send
    the opponent flying into the air. This will allow you to set-up for and
    Aerial Combos.
       |Ground Slash| + |Dragon Tornado| (During a Rush combo)
      _DOWN+Triangle_, [Trianglex2, Square]
    Most effective when charged up at the end of a rush combo. Slug stretches his
    armand sweeps the opponent off their feet. Allowing you the chance to attack
    them during their mid-air fall.
    A move called Dragon Tornado can be used by pressing Triangle twice and then
    Square; Slug knees his opponent in the back, then teleports with an uppercut
    to send his foe into the air, and with Square he teleports to smash his
    opponent down with double-fists.
    Dragon Tornado almost requires pre-emptive button presses to work, as the
    timing is quite strict. Press the required button at the start of the next
    attack animation.
    Also note, this attack uses Teleportation, if you do not have enough Ki to
    pull off at least two teleports (one and a half Ki bars), you can't finish
    the combo.
       |Counter Throw| (During a Rush combo)
    After a rush attack, holding down the Circle button will make Slug go into a
    stance. If he is hit, he will counter by grabbing his opponent and using his
    throw technique against them automatically.
    This move uses Ki to execute a throw, but does not drain to remain in the
    stance for any length of time.
    Signature Technique
       |Step-in Heavy|
      X, _Triangle_ (When close)
    Pressing X to step-in, Triangle will start off the Heavy Finish combo.
       Punishing attack (After a Full-power Smash hit or Dragon Smash hit)
    After sending your foe flying with the above methods, Pressing Triangle along
    with a direction quickly after sending them will trigger a teleportation and
    will pinball them in the direction used. Pressing Triangle by itself will
    trigger a downward punishing attack.
    Each teleportation uses up 3/4ths of one Ki bar, it is reccomended you use
    this move in conjunction with MAX POWER to avoid draining your Ki during a
    long Dragon smash combo.
       |Rush In|
      Squarex5, X
    Rush In is the ability to execute long combos and to prevent your
    opponent from getting a chance to fight back. Slug does his Rush combo, then
    once X is pressed after it, he will step in and will be able to do a Rush
    combo all over again!
    Rush In makes Slug temporarily untouchable during the animation, it's possible
    to make a rush attack that'll last longer than your opponent's, giving you the
    chance to start your own chain of combos.
       |Rush In Lift-Strike|
      X, UP+Triangle
    Immediately after Rush In, you can do a |Lift-Strike| attack to send your
    opponents into the air.
       |Rush In Ground Slash|
      X, DOWN+Triangle
    The same mechanics as above, except you can do a Ground-slash attack to trip
    your opponent up instead.
       |Chase Attack|
      Squarex5, UP+Circle (During a Rush combo)
    At any time during a combo, if you press Circle and a direction, you will
    teleport around, away or toward your opponent. Enabling you to catch them
    at any angle or even around their back. Teleporting uses about 3/4 of one
    Ki bar so use it sparingly unless you are in MAX POWER mode.
       |Giant Throw|
      UP+Triangle (When the opponent is laying on the floor)
    Slug's throwing move, he grabs his opponent's leg and tosses them away
    behind him. Very useful if used in conjunction with Finger Beam and even
    to continue that same combo of Giant-Throw, Finger Beam, Chase so long as
    you have the Ki to do so.
       |Sonic Impact|
      Triangle, Square (After Dash Smash hit)
    After hitting your opponent with a Dash Smash, quickly press triangle then
    square. Slug will uppercut his opponent and then smash them down to the
       |Rolling Thunder|
    Slug can spin his opponents around with a fist or leg strike by pressing
    Triangle and either left or right.
    This is a very useful melee ability which makes it difficult for your
    opponent to defend themselves because they cannot block attacks from behind.
       |Power Guard|
    Power Guard allows Slug to resist Rushing finishing moves, sending them back
    with a crash. This stance drains Ki quite considably, so use only when your
    opponent is about to do a Rushing finisher.
    For powerful and undodgable beams and volleys, Power Guard can be useful in
    minimising damage when you can't really dodge well yet. As it quarters the
    damage done instead of the usual half.
       |Hyper Smash| (Must be in MAX POWER mode to perform)
    A suped-up version of the Smash hit attack, the camera focuses in in
    slow-motion of the Smash hit and hits the opponent. The good thing about
    this is that it's completely unblockable, allowing you to move on to
    something like the MAX POWER combo whether your opponent's blocking or not.
       |Dragon Heavy| + |MAX POWER combo| (Must be in MAX POWER mode to perform)
      L2+X, _Triangle_
      Squarex2, SquareRapid, Triangle, L2+Triangle
    Fly towards your opponent with a Dragon Dash, hold down Triangle to charge
    up Slug's punch. When it connects, rapidly press Square to pummel your
    opponent. After a while, you should press Triangle to swing kick them away;
    at this point, You can fire off a finishing Finger Beam by pressing
    The time spent pummeling your opponent is equal to the time left in the
    MAX POWER guage; Maximise the amount of pummeling time by making sure to
    finish with Triangle to send them away before the blue guage disappears.
    You can also finish of with a Finger beam for a stunning finish to your
    Aerial Combos
    Using |Lift Strike| to launch your opponent into the air, you can do an
    aerial combo to continue the damage.
      Squarex4, UP+Triangle, X...Squarex5
    A simple aerial combo, Slug sends his opponent into the air and does an
    average combo kicks and punches them to cause the opponent to spiral
    short distance away.
      ...Squarex4, Triangle
    This combo follows #1 up to the end where Slug slams his opponent downward
    with a double-fisted hammer strike.
      ...Triangle, Squarex5
    This combo starts with a heavy knee kick to stun them, and then continues on
    with the the average kick-punch combo of combo #1
      ...Triangle, Squarex4, Triangle
    The strongest Aerial combo that starts off with a heavy knee strike,
    continues on with quick kicks and punches, then finishes off with a
    double-fisted hammer down to the floor.
    It's best not to hold down Triangle when starting this, as you'll most likely
    miss right at the end. Just press triangle for the heavy opening knee and it'll
    stun the opponent like always.
       |Giant Form|
      3 Blast stocks, R3
    Slug transforms into his most powerful form, Super Slug. His size increases
    by four times and becomes immune to grabs, dashing finishers and doesn't
    flinch when attacked with simple melee moves.
    The downside to this is that his movement and fighting speed decreases
    dramatically, but this is offset by a full bar of health regeneration and
    presumed increase in attack and defense power.
    Moves (Slug Giant) [MOVG]
    Blast 1
       |Explosive Wave|
      2 Blast Stocks, L2+Circle
    Exact same move as before, except it takes two stocks instead of one, a
    slight offset is that Slug's size increases the range of the Wave up to
    three or four times farther than before.
       |Pump Up|
      2 Blast Stocks, L2+UP+Circle
    Boosts Attack power and speed, and increases defense for 10 seconds, but
    reduces speed.
    Blast 2
       |Darkness Eye Beam|
      3 Ki Guages, L2+Triangle
    Same move as before, except this takes the place of Finger Beam.
       |Super Explosive Wave|
      4 Ki Guages, L2+UP+Triangle
    A massive and very powerful blast that hits the opponent with 5 waves.
    The attack only flinches the opponent up to the last blast, but usually
    makes it easier to follow up with rush combos afterwards.
    Ultimate Blast
       |Darkness Blaster|
      5 Ki guages, L2+DOWN+Triangle
    A super powerful beam attack from the mouth. This attack can beam-struggle
    with another beam attack if done at the right time.
    Rushing Techniques
       |Heavy Finish|
      Square, _Triangle_
    Squarex2, _Triangle_
    Squarex4, _Triangle_
    After the rush combo, Slug swings his foot up to stun the opponent and
    brings it back down to send them spiraling away. Charging the Triangle
    kick will cause more damage.
       |Blaster Wave|
      Squarex2, _Triangle_
    Slug stomps in front of him and emits a powerful kinetic blast to blow
    his opponent away. Tapping the Triangle instead of charging it will
    make the opponent flinch, enabling you to make another rush combo.
       |Lift Strike| (During a Rush attack)
    Same Lift Strike as before to send your opponent into the air for
    an Aerial combo.
       |Body Strike| (During a Rush attack)
    After a rush attack, press and/or hold Circle to get into a stance.
    If the opponent rush attacks, Slug will negate their attack and bat them
    away with a backhand punch.
    Because of Giant Slug's size, if the 'smaller' opponent standing is on
    the ground, their attack will be negated but Slug's backhand will miss.
    Credits [CRED]
    Now to thank and credit those who helped build content for this guide
    amongst other things;
    *People & Organisations*
    GameFAQs       For hosting this guide
    Amazon.co.uk   The website that delivered the game into my possession.
    Move-sets taken from ingame menus, all attacks were tried by me to help
    in the description of the moves themselves.
    Character Illustration Entries taken from the menu 'Character
    Illustrations' after the character was unlocked.
    Quotes taken from Character Illustration voice test and in-game play.
    Contact & Legalities [CONT]
    Copyright © 2006 Louis Fitzgerald (Litb007)
    Do not take this guide without permission, this guide is only to be
    handled and displayed by GameFAQs. You must ask if you wish to put
    this onto your website, or use parts of it for another FAQ.
    Slug and the characters of Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 are the
    copyright of Akira Toriyama.
    If you have any comments, concerns or ideas for additions to this FAQ
    or any mistakes I might of made, please send me a message at
    litb007 at gmail dot com

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