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    Broly by XvFaustvX

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Sparking Neo)
    Broly FAQ and guide
    Table of Contents
    Legal notice............................20A
    Intoduction and information.............20B
    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 encyclopedia....20C
    Broly Info and quotes...................20D
    Basic controls and combos...............20E
    Blasts, ultimate blast..................20F
    Tactics when using Broly................20G
    -------------------Version history----------------------------------
    1.00 - FAQ creation
    1.25 - I have fixed a few typos, grammatical errors (although I am sure
    there is still more.)
    1.50 - I have added this section, corrected a few more errors, and added
    some information.
    -------20A--------Legal Notice---------------------------------------
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Copyright: 2006 Alan Calhoun.
    -------20B-------Intro and Info--------------------------------------
    Welcome to my guide and FAQ to the budokai tenkaichi 2 character Broly.
    Broly is my personal (but not only) favorite character on BT2. I will cover
    most of the guidelines I can think of in the following, but I am open to more 
    so feel free to e-mail me comments, questions or suggestions at
    -------20C-------BT2 Encyclopedia------------------------------------
    The following quotes are taken from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2's 
    encyclopedia and do not belong to me.
          Broly was born on Planet Vegeta on the same day as Goku. He remembers
    being tormented by the sound of Goku's crying from the neighboring incubator,
    instilling in him a deep-rooted resentment toward Goku.
          Also, because King Vegeta saw the child Broly's tremendous power as a
    threat, he ordered Broly's father to kill him, which caused Broly to resent
    the royal family as well.
          Because Broly's sheer destructive power and brutal nature were too
    dangerous, his father Paragas attached a circlet to his head that allowed
    him to control his son. This made the teenage Broly quiet and expressionless.
          However, the memories reawakened by his chance encounter with Goku 
    caused his powers to burst free, once again rampaging out of control.
    Super Saiyan Broly:
          A chance encounter with Goku awakens Broly's suppressed memories,
    and his powers burst to the surface. The circlet around his head normally
    restrains Broly's brutal nature, but when he becomes a Super Saiyan, his
    power is too great to be controlled.
          He displays incredible strength while in this state, brushing aside
    even Vegetas fiercest attacks.
    Legendary Super Saiyan Broly:
          When Broly's power is released, he transforms into the Legendary
    Super Saiyan.
          Meeting Goku for the first time, Broly's hidden powers were awakened,
    and the resulting surge of energy caused the headband that had previously
    restrained his transformation to be broken.
          When he transforms into the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's true
    brutal nature takes hold, and his power seems to rise without end.
    In addition to hsi hated enemies Goku and Vegeta, Broly will destroy anyone
    and anything that crosses his path.
          It was thought that Broly was destroyed along with New Planet Vegeta,
    however, just before the planet exploded he escaped on a spaceship and
    made an emergency landing on Earth.
         Afterward, in a near-death state, Broly was frozen. However, the sound
    of Goten's crying awoke him from his deep slumber.
    -------20D------Broly Info/Quotes------------------------------------
       Broly is amongst the slower/stronger character categories. He is generally 
    used as a powerhouse that can absorb damage, and dish out more. Unlike most
    other characters on BT2, all (or most depending on your tastes) of his blast 
    attacks are useful, and you will find yourself using all of them in a evenly
    matched battle. Broly has 3 transformations (including base) and are all 
    useful in their own ways, of course some being more useful than others.
    Broly (normal form):
          This is the basic form of Broly, and is the first one you will be able
    to use if you cannot unlock all forms at once. The Z-items used to unlock
    Broly's normal form are Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku. This is Broly's
    weakest form and is not recommended to use in important battles. This form
    is much slower than Broly's others, and this is a major disadvantage. The
    combos aren't that strong, and the smash attacks take a few seconds to
    charge up. 
    Rating 2/5
    Broly (Restricted Super Saiyan):
          This is Brolys more useful form. The Z-items to unlock Super Saiyan
    Broly are Broly + Super Saiyan. Broly gains exceptional speed with this
    form, which makes him much more useful. His hair changes from black to
    a neon aqua color. His circlet still remains, which shows he is not at full
    potential yet. The blast attacks used by Super Saiyan Broly are exceptionally
    useful compared to that of his base form. The restricted form will now on be
    refered to as Super Saiyan.
    Rating 5/5
    Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan):
          This is Brolys final and strongest form. The Z-items to unlock Legendary
    Super Saiyan Broly are Super Saiyan Broly + Breakthrough Limit. In this form,
    Broly gains a massive amount of body mass, and the circlet on his head is 
    missing. His hair is now golden, and spiking in various directions. 
    This is where Broly shows his true power and psychotic behavior. Broly is 
    suprisingly fast in this form, despite his massive size. I believe
    this leads people to hate fighting this form, due to its massive 
    overpowerment. This form is not recommended to use in a vs. battle against 
    friends, as they will end up hating you. Although I would recommend using it 
    if your friend is using a giant character (or perhaps a very powerful 
    character like SSJ4 Gogeta) themselves.
    Rating 4/5
    Oh, it's you.
    Foolish insect, don't waste my time!
    Is that all!?
    It seems you want to die.
    You're too weak to do ANYTHING!
    Stay out of this weakling!
    My power is rising.... I am invincible!!
    Struggle all you want, in the end you'll still be dead!
    Scum is scum afterall.
    Come on, now is your time to die.
    Me, a monster? No, I am the DEVIL! Haha!!
    It doesn't matter how many of you there are, you're all weak.
    Kakarot, i'll start the carnage with you!
    Kakarot, i'll put you out of your misery right now.
    Ha, I will enjoy watching you die.
    Ha, finished already?
    -------20E----------Basic Controls and Combos------------------------
    	This section will teach you various controls and combos most
    of which can be found in the pause menu under "Moves list."
    L2 - Power up
    L1 - Lock on/Search for enemy/unlock enemy
    R1 - Jump, push again in air to hover, raise altitude while hovering, back 
    away from enemy up (in close range combat)
    R2 - Lower altitude, back away from enemy down (in close range combat)
    D-Pad - Basic movement on horizontal scale.
    Left Analog stick - Same thing as D-Pad
    Right Analog stick - Adjust camera from left side to right.
      R3 - Super Saiyan, R3 + up, Skip to Legendary Super Saiyan
    Square - Attack button
    Circle - Block (Left analog stick to block in various directions)
    X - Dash
    Triangle - Ki blast
    Start - Pause game
    Select - Change camera zoom (there is 3 levels, close,medium, and far.)
    L2 Combinations:
    L2 + R1 - Raise altitude (uses energy and is much faster)
    L2 + R2 - Same thing as R1 except its down.
    L2 + square - Unblockable smash attack (must be in MAX power mode)
    L2 + Circle - Blast 1: attack 1
    L2 + Circle and up - Blast 1: attack 2
    L2 + Triangle - Blast 2: attack 1
    L2 + Triangle and up - Blast 2: Attack 2
    L2 + Triangle and down - Ultimate blast (must be in MAX power mode)
    L2 + X - Dragon dash use in any direction you want, push no direction to
    dash towards enemy (follow, destroys objects that are in your way)
    Other Combinations:
    Triangle + Circle: Power guard (very strong block, used against blasts and
    rush attacks)
    Hold square: Smash attack (plus direction you wish to hit)
    Combos (The x button will be represented by the word dash, as that is what x
    does and all the x's in the following category will be used to represent
    a multiplication symbol. A comma will represent what buttons that
    should be pushed in an order and not at the same time):
    Square x 5
    Square X 1, Triangle (Heavy finish)
    Square X 2, Triangle (Blaster wave)
    Square X 3, Triangle (Heavy finish)
    Square x 4, Triangle (Heavy finish)
    Up + Triangle: Lift stike (used to knock your enemy up)
    Down + Triangle: Ground slash (used to sweep your enemy off their feat)
    dash,triangle: Step in Kiai Cannon
    Square x 5, dash, (used to dash up to an enemy after a short combo for
    a follow up attack)
    After ground slash: Triangle, Triangle, Square
    After Heavy finish: Triangle, Triangle, Square
    After dash smash it: Triangle, Square
    Dragon Heavy hit combo:
    During MAX POWER mode:
    L2+X to dash towards enemy, Triangle to attack as you reach them,
    tap square at least 3 times, then as much as you want afterwards (unblockable
    combo, do be aware that this combo drains max power time very fast, so keep
    an eye on it as you attack so you can finish the combo before it runs out)
    Triangle to hit them away,(push when you have about 1 bar of blue MAX POWER 
    energy left so you can finish the combo. follow it up with L2+triangle to 
    blast attack them as they are blown away. Add this to a couple teleport 
    attacks beforehand for a massive combo.
    -------20F------Blasts, Ultimate blast-------------------------------
    Broly (base form):
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle: Wild sense. Wild sense automatically teleport-dodges
    one attack, this includes (but is not limited to) punchs, and energy
    attacks. It will not dodge a ki blast.
    This attack is OK, but sometimes is easier to dodge it yourself which
    makes it a slight waste of 2 blast stocks.
    Rating: 2/5
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle and up: Kakarot! This is one of the most useful blast stock (L2+
    circle) attacks for Broly. It takes one blast stock, and it increases all
    of your fighting stats (Damage, Speed, etc.) and instantly boosts you to
    MAX POWER mode, allowing for some quick combos and blast attacks.
    Rating 5/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle: Full power energy wave. Typical energy wave attack, if you
    have played this game before you know what to expect. It can be used to save 
    you from another beam attack in a beam struggle. It doesn't do that much damage
    and cannot be charged up like many other wave attacks.
    Rating 2/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle and up: Delta combination. Rush attack where Broly knocks
    enemy around while teleporting. A few other characters have an attack
    similar to this. For a rush attack it has a long distance, but still
    does little damage. It should not be relied on.
    Rating: 1/5
    Ultimate Blast:
    L2 + Triangle and down (MAX POWER mode): Eraser cannon. Horrible, horrible
    horrible. This attack does barley any damage for an ultimate blast. And is 
    very easy to dodge at a distance This is a bad way to use your blast stock up,
    just go Super Saiyan already!
    Rating: 2/5 
    Broly (Super Saiyan):
    Blast 1: 
    L2 + Circle: Saiyan soul. Increases damage more than Kakarot! but is still not
    as good in my opinion.
    Rating: 3/5
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle and up: Kakarot! This is one of the most useful blast stock (L2+
    circle) attacks for Broly. It takes two blast stocks (in Super Saiyan form), 
    and it increases all of your fighting stats (Damage, Speed, etc.) and 
    instantly  boosts you to MAX POWER mode, allowing for some quick combos 
    and blast attacks.
    Rating 5/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle: Eraser Cannon. A bit more useful now that it is a regular
    blast attack. Moderate damage and can be charged now. 
    Rating 3/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle and up: Trap Shooter. A very useful attack in which Broly
    fires 6 small balls that seek out an enemy. This one is a bit harder
    to dodge for most and does decent damage given how much ki it takes.
    Rating 4/5
    Ultimate Blast:
    L2 + Triangle and down(MAX POWER mode): Super Explosive Wave. This attack is 
    rather useful also. Works on enemies in close and mid range. It creates a 
    massive sphere of explosive proportions and damages enemies inside, but CAN 
    be guarded against. Has the ability to destory planet.
    Rating 4/5
    Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan):
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle: Explosive wave. This is a very small wave and is used as
    a defensive tactic. It can be executed very fast (even while in a combo)
    and knocks the enemy away doing little damage. It can be used to guard against
    energy and rush attacks also.
    Rating 2.5/5
    Blast 1:
    L2 + Circle and up: Kakarot! This is one of the most useful blast stock (L2+
    circle) attacks for Broly. It takes three blast stocks (in Legendary Super 
    Saiyan form), and it increases all of your fighting stats (Damage, Speed, 
    etc.) and instantly  boosts you to MAX POWER mode, allowing for some quick 
    combos and blast attacks.
    Rating 5/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle: Eraser cannon: Same as always, does double damage compared
    to the Super Saiyan form of it.
    Rating: 4/5
    Blast 2:
    L2 + Triangle and up: Gigantic Hammer. A rush attack where Broly uppercuts
    the enemy, grabs their face as they are flying up, slams them to the ground,
    and finishs with a destructive punch which sends the enemy flying away.
    This attacks rush distance is very short so do not use it from far away.
    It does moderate damage, but it is still a rush attack so do not rely
    on it too much.
    Rating 3/5
    Ultimate Blast:
    L2 + Triangle and down: Omega Blaster. A normal ultimate blast. Fires a ball
    similar to Eraser cannon, but more large and more sinister looking. It does
    decent damage, around 10K (one health bar) and explodes the planet. Not bad
    to use if you use Kakarot! first. (Legendary Super Saiyan takes a LONG time
    to power up)
    Rating 4/5
    -------20G-------Tactics when using Broly----------------------------
       Keep in mind that Broly is a powerhouse. As a Legendary Super Saiyan
    he will not react to most normal punching and ki blasts, allowing you to
    power up while being attacked by weak stuff. Take advantage of Broly's
    balance of speed and power in Super Saiyan mode, and take advantage of the
    quick smash attacks in Legendary Super Saiyan mode. Do not focus on 
    Ultimate blasts that much with Broly, as it takes too much powering up for a 
    moderate sized amount of damage. Avoid Broly's base form whenever you can, 
    as there is not much advantage of using it.
    Q: What can I E-mail you about?
    A: Please feel free to E-mail me anything about this FAQ, share whatever
    you are thinking with me.
    Q: My friends are angry at me for using Legendary Super Saiyan, 
    what should I do?
    A: Simple don't use that form, Broly is exceptionally good in Restricted
    Super Saiyan form, which is what I used most of the time anyways.
    Q: Where do I find the Z-Items to unlock Broly?
    A: Complete the Broly sagas (there is 2 seperate ones)
    Q: I can't beat Legendary Super Saiyan Broly! What do I do?
    A: Take advantage of smash attacks to knock him away, and use many
    energy attacks.
    Q: Broly is too slow, why is it like this?
    A: Keep playing the story mode to unlock Super Saiyan Broly, base form
    Broly is very slow.
    Q: How strong is Broly compared to other characters?
    A: I dare not touch on this subject, as there is various opinions
    and theories about this. However, I do not believe Broly had the
    chance to reach full potential before he died.
    E-mail me any questions you may have, and if you wish to have it added to
    this section. If not, I will do my best to reply via e-mail, please type
    "BT2 Question" as the e-mail subject, so I can distinguish it easier.
    Although I haven't got any yet, please keep anti-broly hate mail to yourself.
    I can see somthing like this coming, and I would rather not deal with it.
    I understand you may have your own opinion of Broly's power and since I
    understand that now, don't e-mail me trying to convice me.
    Many thanks.
       Thank you for reading and/or learning somthing from my FAQ. That
    is why I made it and I hope it benefited you in some way. Please keep
    in mind and I am open to e-mail so do not hesitate to speak up about
    somthing. I need your help to perfect this FAQ too.
    I also want to the thank GameFAQS for considering/posting this FAQ.
    and you for looking at it.

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