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    Janemba by Die2shoot

    Version: 2 | Updated: 01/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
                     (Sparking Neo)
    Janemba Character Faq and Guide
    By Jake Pfisterer (Die2Shoot)
    --------   TABLE OF CONTENTS   --------
      1. Legal Notice
      2. Introduction 
      3. Version History 
      4. Contact Info
      5. Basic Controls
      6. Why a Janemba FAQ
      7. How to Obtain Him
      8. Janemba
           6.1 Encyclopedia
           6.2 B1, B2, UB
           6.3 Outfits              
      9. Janemba (Final Form)
           7.1 Encyclopedia
           7.2 B1, B2, UB
           7.3 Outfits
     10. Tactics When Using Janemba (Final Form)	
     11. Q&A 
     13. Special Thanks
     14. Conclusion 
    ============== 1. Legal Notice =============================
     This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
     private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly at any time unless given permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    ============== 2. Introduction =============================
    Hi everyone! This is my very first faq so I decided to make it a character faq.
     Sorry if this FAQ takes a while to complete because some of you made some 
    quotes that I put in here plus I don't have a lot of time on my hands. I have
     been with the series since Budokai 1 and have always loved this game. I hope 
    you enjoy this faq very much and that it helps some of the Janemba fans out
     there. I can honestly say I don't like Fat Janemba as much as I hoped I would
     but in his Final Form he's superb. Well enough talk get on with faq!
    ============== 3. Version History ==========================
    Finished/Submitted FAQ......................Version 1
     Corrected few grammar mistakes.
     Added 2 new sections "Basic Controls"
     and "How to Obtain Him."
     Added more questions and quotes............Version 2
    ============== 4. Contact Info =============================
    Contact me if you see a mistake on my faq or have a question to ask.
    I am going to list the different ways you can contact me below.
      - Email: Jakethegamerer@gmail.com
      - AIM: MKGamer88
      - PM me at gamespot: Die2Shoot
      - Find me at the boards on DBZ: BT2 or any other one.(Do not reccomend this
    ============== 5. Basic Controls ===========================
    X:         Dash and Step-In: Dashing enables you to get where you want to go
               quickly. Step-In allows you to step up to your opponent while
               ignoring some of their attacks.  
    Circle:    Guard: By holding Circle down you will block ordinary rush attacks
               and lessen the impact of stronger attacks.
    Triangle:  Ki: When pressing trinagle the character shoots a normal Ki blast.
               you hold it down it charges and produces a larger, more powerful 
               Ki blast.
    Square:    Rushing Attacks/Fist Fighting: Basically punches and kicks to hurt
               opponent. Can be charged by holding square down for a period of time.
    L2:        Ki Charge: Holding L2 down will begin to fill the Ki guage.
    R1/R2:     Jump: Hold or double-tap to start flying. While flying around
               you can fly upward with R1 and down to the floor with R2.
    ============== 6. Why a Janemba Faq? =======================
    I chose to do a Janemba FAQ simply because he is my all time favorite 
    character! Don't ask me why he is my favorite because he just is. Also I wanted
     to start my first faq with a simpler one then a walkthrough or something like
    that. I hope you like my faq so start reading it RIGHT NOW or else...
    ============== 7. How to Obtain Janemba ====================
    To get Janemba and his transformation you need two
    Z-Fusion potaras.
    To get Fat Janemba you need to fuse the purple potaras 
    "Saike demon" + "People's bad energy" 
    To get Final Form Janemba you need to fuse the potaras 
    "Janemba" + "Super Transformation"
    ============== 8. Janemba ==================================
    Janemba is a rather strange and funny character. The only thing he can say is
    his name and his voice is weird. His moves are alright and he is a good
    character to use, especially against weaker characters that can't fist fight
    against him.
    7.1 Encyclopedia
    NOTE: This is taken staright from the game.
    This is the form in which Janemba fist appears in "Other World."
    A low level servant of King Yemma named Saike was careless on the job one day
    while working at the Spirit Laundry Machine. The machine broke down; releasing
    the evil being cleansed within, and transformed Saike into the monster Janemba
    Shortly after his creation, Janemba sealed off King Yemma's Palace and released
    the spirits of the most evil deceased back into the world of the living.
    When Goku and Pikkon learned of the unfolding disaster, they raced to the scene
    to face Janemba. 
    though he appears to be stupid and innocent, Janemba is actually a very
    powerful, possesing potent Psychokinetic abilities. Also, from this state he 
    can transform into his real more powerful form. 
    7.2 B1, B2, and UB
    Blast 1
      Mystic Breath:
       Uses 1 Blast Stock 
       Paralyzes Opponent
       Press L2 + Circle to use.
       Uses 2 Blast Stocks 
       Gives you Max Power, adds Strength and Speed
       Press L2 + Circle + up on D-Pad to use.
    Blast 2
      Chou Makouhou:
       Uses 4 Ki Bars
       Press L2 + Triangle to use.
      Rapid Cannon :
       Uses 4 Ki Bars
       Press L2 + Triangle + up on D-Pad to use.
    Ultimate Blast
      Illusion Smash:
       Uses 5 Ki Bars
       Needs to be in Max Power Mode
       Press L2 + Triangle + down on D-Pad to use.
    7.3 Outfits
    Fat Janemba has 2 outfits.
    1. Normal outfit
    2. Same outfit but has a lot of scratches and bruises.
    ============== 9. Janemba (Final Form) =====================
    I started this FAQ mostly because Janemba in his Final Form is my favorite
    character! I can't put voices because, well.... he doesn't talk normal. I hope
    this gets you to like Janemba and give him the respect he deserves unless you
    already like him. Even though most of whats in this section is copied straight
    from the game, GET READING!
    7.1 Encyclopedia
    NOTE: This is taken straight from the "Character Illustrations" part of the
      This is Janemba after powering up from his original, comical form.
      The intial, silly form of Janemba was no match for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and 
    he was defeated. However, after taking this form, Janemba becomes powerful
    enough to turn the tables and knock Goku down.
      In addition to various techniques invovling his powers of teleportation and
    psychokinesis, Janemba also attacks with a sword made from an Ogre's Club.
    7.2 Move Set
    Blast 1
      Mystic Breath: 
       Uses 1 Blast Stock
       Paralyzes Opponent
       Press L2 + Circle to use.
     Instantaneous Transmission: 
      Uses 2 Blast Stocks 
      You instantly Appear Behind Opponent.
      Use L2 + Circle + up on D-Pad to use.
    Blast 2
      Chou Makouhou 
       Uses 3 Ki Bars
       Press L2 + Triangle to use.
      Lightning Shower Rain 
       Uses 3 Ki Bars
       Press L2 + Circle + up on D-Pad to use.
    Ultimate Blast
      Dimension Sword Attack 
       Uses 5 Ki Bars
       Press L2 + Circle + down on D-Pad to use.
    7.3 Outfits
    Janemba (Final Form) only has 2 outfits.
    1.Normal outfit
    2.Same outfit but has many bruises and scratches on him.
    ============== 10. Tactics When Using Janemba ===============
    I am not going to say much in this section because I think you can use him
    however. I think its just an opinion on how you use him so I will tell you what
    I think is a good strategy.
    When I am using Janemba in his Final Form. I tend to teleport to the back of my
    opponent punch him a few times then grab him. As soon as you grab him if you
    have the right energy bars use Lightning Shower Rain or if you can't use it yet 
    then charge up and if he charges at you use it. If you are trying to get a good 
    combo with him then charge up to max power and use Dimension Sword Attack. 
    Since it is a rush attack as soon as its finished you can immediately charge 
    at him and attack him with your longest combo.
    I do not use fat Janemba that often but when I do I really just use smash
    attacks on my opponent and then use blast 2 attacks. Thats basically all I got
     for him.
    ============== 11. Q&A =====================================
    1. Kazuki Kazama
     Q: Can Fat Janemba Transform?
     A: Yup, he can transform.
     Q:Ya know... Is it possible to revert to Fat Jannemba after you transform?
     Kaz13 - A: No Super Janemba can't revert back to Fat Janemba.
     Q: How much does Fat Janemba pwn?
     A: This is not measurable because he pwns infinitly.
     Q: Which Form of Janemba is best for fighting opponents?
     A:The larger form is good for fighting weaker opponents who cannot cause a
    large character to flinch. However, if that character has a form that can fight
    the large characters hand-to-hand, use his Final Form. The Final Form is
    stronger and has a devestating Blast 2 attack.
     Q:Fat Janemba is awesome!!! Everytime someone rushes at me they bounce off, 
    how can I use this to my advantage?
     A:Actually, not all of the rushes bounce off. Tapion's rush, and SSJ3 Goku's
    rush hit giant characters as well. To use this to your advantage...just be
    creative. When they bounce off, rush at them or take the time to charge your 
    5. SSJ2Carlito
     Q: Does Janemba charge up normally underwater?
     A: Super Janemba powers up normally under water. (not sure about 
    Fat janemba though)
    6. michaelP4o
     Q: What items are the best for him?
     A: f you ask me, the best Z items for Janemba is defintly 
    eternal life as it works for both forums and Tension up, 
    same reason. I then just equipped Perfect Stance because 
    fat janemba is too fat to dodge them... 
    NOTE: I am taking these quotes straight from real people and will only write 
    the exact words they say.
    1. eds41591:  
      Well Janemba does growl so I think all the evil he's made up of is detrimental
    to his voice.... like a smoker...
    2. TheHitman31791:  
      Personally I think anybody who could give SSJ3 Goku a whoopin is a pretty
    powerful character and his moves in this game are pretty good too (IMO).
    Lighting Shower Rain owns and his ultimate isn't too bad.
    3. VitaminDudley:  
      Janemba is a powerful fighter with skills in many areas. His lightning Shower
    Rain is perfect on a stationary opponent, or one that has been knocked flying.
    Dimension Sword Attack is a very cool looking and powerful UB, and his regular
    attacks hit so fast that there's barely any time to block. He's a great
    character with amazing potential.
    4. CS2_Sasuke:
      Janemba has a good skill set. Both Fat and Final Form Janemba. Also, F.F.
    Janemba having Instant Transmission, makes him all the better. (I.E.) Instant
    Transmission+Lighting Shower Rain is a deadly combo.
    5. elemental_guy2:
      Super Janemba
      His moves melee are fast and hard hitting.
    He has a variety of moves to match the situation.
      I.T. loss opponents lock-on and run away for a surprise attack
    Mystic Breath (IIRC). Short range stunning again to retreat of to start a combo
      Super Mouth Blast (Can't remember its name so i'll use BT1's name). Can be use
    for beam struggles and quick no nonsense damage as you don't need to wait to
      Lightning Shower Rain. Good Multi-hit blast that will follow moving enemies to
    a certain extent.
      Dimension Sword. A fast rush move that deals a lot of damage before being
        Fat Janemba
      Can't review haven't played as him enough
    6. vivvav:
      Janemba is a good fighter, but it seems to me that the character is an evil,
    DBZ alien version of Snorlax or something. It's huge, fat, only says its name,
    and has a ton of strong attacks.
    7. Kaz13:
      He's utilized most effectively in a balanced style. His step in heavy 
    attack is his most deadly weapon as if can dodge all melle attacks, 
    including Rush B2's (with good timing). His B1 & 2's are very useful 
    if you use them primarily for defense. I suggest using IT to catch 
    opponent who flee off guard or when you want to surprise them while in 
    MAX Power.
      Like Piccolo and the Buu's he can also use a longer ranged throw 
    than most and is capable of making Giants flinch. His most deadly 
    attack is his MAX Power combo -- it deals great damage, especially to 
    giants. He is also able to use afterimage at will as long as he's in 
    MAX Power. (any direction + O)
    8. Malficious:
     "Janembas Lightning shower Rain has found a place in my heart for 
    one my absolute favorite Blast 2 moves, Utter pwnage, good damage, 
    and it's somewhat hard to dodge. His charged blast attack is also 
    unblockable which is a nice feature to have to an already great 
    character. On top of that he puts SSJ3 goku and SSJ2 vegeta in their 
    place. He's also killed by the most badass fusion character 
    ============== 13. Special Thanks ==========================
    Akira Toriyama - For creating Dragon Ball Z.(Obviously)
    Spike - For making making this awesome series of DBZ games.
    Atari, Bandai - For producing this game.
    Everyone that wrote a quote or question for my FAQ
    You for reading my FAQ
    A very special thanks to CantStayStill for helping me on the B1, B2, and UB
    section while I could not check it myself!
    DarkOne19 - For correcting a mistake on my FAQ.
    ============== 14. Conclusion ==============================
    I hope you enjoy my FAQ very much and I plan on adding more sections to it and
    making another character FAQ in the future. I hope that some people will contact
    me and tell me anything they like about my FAQ. So goodbye for now!

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