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    Majin Buu by CRAZIE_GUY

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    Dragonball z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2  ---  Guide to Buu
    Ver 1.02
    1a. Legal/Intro 
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site without my
    permission, or otherwise distributed publicly at any time. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    This is my first FAQ. Ever. Im hoping it won't end up being a short,
    useless little faq, so lets hope that i dont run out of things to say
    :P. I heard once that about 10 percent of the people who use the
    internet contribute to it, and with this faq i would like to be a part
    of that 10 percent.
    1b. Site Permissions
    This FAQ can be posted on the following web sites:
    2. Table of Contents 
    1a. Legal/Intro
    1b. Site Permissions
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Preface
    4. Fat Buu
    5. Pure Evil Buu
    6a. Super Buu
    6b. Super Buu Gotenks Absorbed
    6c. Super Buu Gohan Absorbed
    7. Kid Buu
    8. Q and A
    9. Special Thanks
    10. Contact Information
    3. Preface 
    You may be thinking "what made you choose a DBZ BT2 faq as your first
    ever faq?" Well, everyone has to start somewhere, and at my skill level
    a LoZ:TP faq is the fevered dream of a madman. I don't really know what
    spurred me to make a faq here and now, looking back it's obvious that i
    could easily have sat back and lazily done nothing like i have my whole
    life, but somehow i ended up writing my very own faq... so to all you
    kids out there, dont be afraid to contribute!
    Anyway, Im doing a Buu faq because, well, Buu is freakin awesome! Hes
    powerful, hes ruthless, and hes a pink polymorphic blob. And everyone
    loves a polymorphic blob. EVERYONE. Buu would give kirby a run for his
    money, IMO. These reasons and more solidly place Buu at the top of my
    favorite character list (along with Goku, but common, who doesnt love
    4. Fat Buu
    Attack: 280 - 290
    Rush: 5 Hits, 2130 - 2220
    Throw: 4550 - 4730
    Ki: 360 - 380
    Ki Rush: 5 Hits, 1800 - 1900
    Charged Ki: 1200 - 1250
    Kaikosen: 2450
    Flame Shower Breath: 10000 - 12230
    Chocolate Beam: 9810 - 12030
    Angry Explosion: 14400 - 14700
    While not the best of the bunch, Fat Buu can certainly hold his own.
    His melee attacks deal a fair amount of damage, but he is rather slow.
    Feel free to go head on against slower opponents, but youll have to
    rely more on your blast2 attacks against faster opponents who can slip
    in between your rushes. His Flame Shower Breath is a great move, I
    prefer it over beam attacks, and the infamous chocolate beam has a fair
    range, so dont be shy about using it. Unfortunately, Fat Buu makes very
    poor use of MAX power, as he cannot perform a continuous rush like most
    characters, and his UB is little more than a renamed version of the
    all-too-common Super Explosive Wave. You will notice that Fat Buu
    starts his ki charge process very quickly, almost immediately after you
    press the charge button. Most characters go through a little animation
    where they flex there muscles and go into a "powering up pose" before
    their ki starts to charge. This little bonus gives Buu more time to
    charge up after youve sent the enemy flying before he gets back to you,
    though unfortunately this is largely wasted on Fat Buu due to his
    lackluster support for MAX power mode... Still, most of the time you
    should have no trouble readying another blast2 before your opponent has
    a chance to disrupt your charging. Also, remember to throw. Fat Buu has
    the stongest throw of all the Buus, and indeed one of the strongest in
    the game when you factor in its superior grabbing range. Kaikosen is a
    nice touch that can help to even the odds against speedy melee based
    enemies, but unfortunately his other Blast1, sleep, is essentially
    useless, considering that it takes way too long to work, and you are
    unlikely to get it to work against anything but the lowest level COM
    (if your lucky!)
    5. Pure Evil Buu
    Attack: 100
    Rush: 5 Hits, 1530
    Throw: 2420
    Ki: 300
    Ki Rush: 4 Hits, 1200
    Charged Ki: 1000
    Kaikosen: 2450
    Mystic Breath: 980
    Super Kamehameha: 5040 - 13200
    Flame Shower Breath: 10000 - 12000
    Super Explosive Wave: 15000
    This version of Buu is by far the worst, and my least favorite. Of all
    the Buus, he has the weakest melee, and the weakest throw. His Super
    Kamehameha is essentially useless considering that Flame Shower Breathe
    does almost as much damage as a fully charged kamehameha, but without
    the charge time and at a cost of 3 ki bars instead of 4. Sure,
    kamehameha has better range, but lets face it, anything beyond the
    range of flame shower breath makes it too easy to dodge a beam attack.
    His UB is again Super Explosive Wave, Slightly stronger that Fat Buus
    UB but still not really worth it, although he can perform a continuous
    rush in MAx power mode. Both of his Blast1 attacks freeze the opponent,
    Mystic breathe only takes 1 blast stock but doesnt last as long as
    kaikosen, which costs 2. If you are playing competitively, dont use
    this Buu. If you are playing for fun, then go ahead! After all, there
    is a strange fun factor in playing with a character that is merely
    competent, rather that the best of the best.
    6a. Super Buu
    Attack: 290
    Rush: 5 Hits, 2220
    Throw: 4260
    Ki: 360
    Ki Rush: 6 Hits, 2160
    Charged Ki: 6 Hits, 1200
    Explosive Wave: 490
    Vice Shout: 490
    Genocide Blast: ----
    Chocolate Beam: 10000 - 12030
    Revenge Death Bomber: 20040
    Super Buu is an excellent fighter. The only Buu fighter with
    transformations. This first form is great, he does fair damage with
    melee and ki, and has an extremely versatile set of moves. His throw is
    the second best, just less than fat buu, although unfortunately he does
    not have a ranged grab, so youll have to be more picky about when you
    try to grab the opponent. Explosive wave is a dazzling move, works
    great for stopping those annoying rush techniques, and Vice Shout is a
    fair binding move that hold the enemy for a fair amount of time.
    Genocide Blast is a good move, it can be hard to avoid, though it isnt
    likely to do a whole lot of damage since not many of the blasts
    actually hit the other person. Chocolate beam is as awesome as ever,
    and with more than enough range to it. His UB is once again a let down,
    yet another Super Explosive Wave variant, this time with some extra
    damage but with the effect of bringing you down to a sliver of health,
    so if you dont kill them with it your in big trouble, Which makes this
    move even more useless than the normal Super Explosive Wave. Still,
    this is a very good Buu.
    6b. Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed)
    Attack: 2 Hits, 300
    Rush: 6 Hits, 2250
    Throw: 3400
    Ki: 2 Hits, 360
    Ki Rush: 6 Hits, 1080
    Charged Ki: 6 Hits, 1500
    Explosive Wave: 490
    Mystic Breath: 980
    Galactic Donut Volley: 10000 - 12000
    Special Beam Cannon: 1200 - 15830
    Super Kamehameha: 15040
    Super Buu's second form. This is the worst version of Super Buu, unless
    you are strictly melee. Every single one of his special attacks are
    easily dodged if there is any amount of distance between the two
    fighters. Special beam cannon will never be usefull, it takes so long
    to charge it gives the enemy more than enough time to prepare for it,
    or if you release it right away it just barely does more damage than a
    charged ki blast. Galactic Donut Volley moves painfully slow, and super
    kamehameha will never be a good choice for a UB. Explosive Wave helps,
    but for some reason his mystic breath uses up two blast stocks, instead
    of the one it used on Pure Evil Buu, and it doesnt seem to stop them
    any longer than Pure Evil Buu's version, either. Dont stay in this form
    any longer than you have to before you move on to his final form.
    6c. Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)
    Attack: 2 Hits, 300 - 320
    Rush: 6 Hits, 2270 - 2420
    Throw: 3650 - 3860
    Ki: 400 - 430
    Ki Rush: 6 Hits, 2400 - 2580
    Charged Ki: 1710 - 1810
    Super Kamehameha: 5040 - 16200
    Chocolate Beam: 10000 - 12510
    Super Ghost Buu Attack: 21500 - 22350
    The final and best form of Super Buu. He does the most damage out of
    all the Buus, except with his throw. Afterimage is a wonderful blast1
    move, and hi tension isnt bad, although i would rather have explosive
    wave or kaikosen. despite my distaste for the inaccuracies of beam
    attacks, Super Kamehameha in this case works out just fine, and once
    again chocolate beam is back for more, this time with the coolest
    looking animation (IMO). Super Ghost Buu Attack marks the first truly
    good UB of the Buus, doing excellent damage with a guided attack. The
    lack of long range grabs in the Super Buu line was a bit disapointing,
    but oh well. If your looking to do some serious butt kicking, this is
    the Buu for you! Also, if you don't listen too closely when he starts
    to charges up, it kind of sounds like he says "Pickles!". I love
    7. Kid Buu
    Attack: 2 Hits, 200 - 220
    Rush: 7 Hits, 1710 - 1810
    Throw: 2500 - 2600
    Ki: 360 - 380
    Ki Rush: 6 Hits, 2160 - 2280
    Charged Ki: 1200 - 1250
    Super Kamehameha: 5040 - 15300
    Mystic Combination: 10040 - 12300
    Planet Burst: 16500 - 16860
    THE BEST BUU! I love this little guy. He may not do as much damage as
    some of the Buus, but he is a speed demon. I urge everyone to focus on
    melee with Kid Buu. Super Kamehameha is ok, and Mystic Combination,
    while doing essentially the same damage as chocolate beam, is still a
    refreshing change of pace to watch. Planet Burst is a good UB, the
    second best after Super Ghost Buu Attack. Sleep can be made useful this
    time around, thanks to mystic combination, which sends the enemy through
    a preprogrammed arch in the air before they can retaliate, giving you
    just enough time to use sleep if you have equipped the aura barrier
    potara, which halves the time sleep leaves you immobile. Intantaneous
    Transmission is a beautiful addition which should fit into many
    strategies nicely. You should enter MAX power mode as often as possible,
    and if you arent using MAX power plus then you must be crazy. The only
    setback is that while in MAX power mode his dash attack has the annoying
    tendency to send the opponent flying so that you cant unleash your melee
    fury without rushing in again and wasting precious MAX time, although
    you can avoid this if you have enough blast stocks to use I.
    Transmission right after you power up. While his throw isnt as powerful
    as some other Buus, it does have range. Also, keep in mind that Kid Buu
    has the awesome ability to teleport AT ANY TIME simply by pressing
    O+any direction while he is in MAX power mode. Don't ever underestimate
    the ferocity of Kid Buu.
    8. Q and A
    The following questions are made up, as I have not yet had a chance to
    recieve any feedback for the first version of this guide.
    Q: Will you do any more FAQs on this game?
    A: I would like to, depending on the feedback i recieve for this one
    and the time i have i may make another one or just wait and make a FAQ
    for the next awesome game I get.
    Q: Can I post this FAQ on my website?
    A: I may allow this FAQ to be posted on certain websites other than
    Gamefaqs, however, please email me with a request and a link to your
    website first, then I will reply to you either approving or denying
    your request.
    Q: Why didnt you include Uub and Majuub?
    A: I may include them in a later version, however I do not consider
    them to be true Buus.
    9. Special Thanks
    Thank You...
    Akira Toriyama, for creating one of the best anime series on tv
    Funimation, for bringing one of the best anime series on tv to america
    Spike/Atari, for making/producing this wonderful game
    WingedRegent, for writing an excellent Goku FAQ which helped inspire me
    to get off my butt, and which i used as an example when writing my own
    Super_Turles, for providing the infinitely useful move damage FAQ
    10. Contact Information
    You can contact me at CRAZIE.GUY@gmail.com. Please make sure
    the subject makes it clear that you are emailing me about this FAQ so
    that i do not ignore or delete you. I will accept anything regarding
    this faq, such as corrections, suggestions, and feedback, postitive or
    negative (as long as the language is clean). I will not tolerate
    messages sent for the singular purpose of saying "DBZ sucks" or "that
    game is stupid". Whether or not you like the show or the game is your
    opinion, and i don't need or want to hear it. Besides, if you don't
    like it, you shouldn't be reading this FAQ.
    Copyright 2007 Keenan Siegfried (CRAZIE_GUY)

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