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    Super 17 by FFKonoko

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for PS2
     - Character Guide for Super 17 by FFKonoko
    Version 2.00, Last Updated 24/09/2007
    - Introduction And Contents -
    This is my guide to Super 17. I haven't much experience doing FAQs, so
    apologies if the layout is odd. Hopefully it'll turn out ok in the end.
    Any damage calculations shown was tested in Practice mode with Normal
    Super 17 against Normal Goku, each being Lv.8 in the Wasteland stage.
    --------------Table of Contents--------------
    Introduction and Contents
     Controls                              [cnt]
     How to Obtain him                     [how]
     Character Description and Quotes      [quo]
     Character Moveset                     [mvs]
     Capsule set-ups/Comments              [cps]
     Credits                               [crd]
     Contact & Legalities                  [lgl]
    -Controls- [cnt]
    X           Dash/Step-in. Dashing lets you get around quickly,and Step-In gets
                you closer and opens up a few more options to continue combos/attack
    Circle      Guard, holding Circle down will block ordinary attacks and lessen
                the impact of ki attacks.
    Triangle    Ki Blast, various heavy/pursue attacks in combos.
    Square      Standard Attack button.
    L1          Z-Search, to lock onto opponent.
    L2          Ki Charge.
    R1          Jump/Ascend, press in the air to start flying.
    R2          Descend.
    L2+X=Dragon Dash
    L2+Circle=Blast 1
    L2+Down+Triangle=Ultimate Blast
    How to Obtain him [how]
    To get Super 17, you need to Z-fusion HFIL fighter #17 with Android 17.
    You start with the latter and get the former by completing the Ultimate
    Android saga.
    Character Description and Quotes [quo]
    "Voice: Chuck Huber
    This is the ultimate android formed by the fusion of the two Android 17's.
    After his defeat, the mad scientist Dr. Gero fell to the depths of Other
    World. There, he teamed up with Dr. Myuu to create a new Android 17, intended
    to fuse with the Android 17 still on Earth.
    The result of the fusion is the virtually indestructible Super 17. With his
    energy absorption system, he is able to absorb any energy-based attack,
    including Goku's 10x Kamehameha.
    In this form, Android 17 has become a ruthless killing machine, and all
    aspects of his original personality are lost. Nonetheless, he hesitated
    before attacking Android 18, which may mean he retains at least a small
    portion of his memories.
    While absorbing energy, he must dedicate himself exclusively to the task,
    leaving him defenseless for a short time. This is his only weak point."
    "Hmph. Come at me now." ~ Battle Start
    "Please...I won't even have to try." ~ Battle Start
    "Hm. Thanks to you, my clothes are ruined." ~ Battle Win
    "Hmph, done already?" ~ Battle Win
    "Theres no way..! I should have been able to absorb that!" ~ Battle Loss
    Super Saiyain 4 Goku ~ Battle Start
    Goku: "You're finiiiished!"
    Super 17: "Hm."
    "Like I thought." ~ Battle Win
    #18 ~ Battle Start
    Super 17: "Hmph, you're still alive? Well, arn't you tough."
    #18: "I'm gonna make you PAY!"
    "Catch ya later, 18...heheh." ~ Battle Win
    Dr Gero ~ Battle Start
    Super 17 Why should anyone listen to YOU?
    Gero: "You're just a defective unit. I should destroy you!"
    Cell Perfect Form/Perfect  ~ Battle Start
    Cell: Do you realy think you can beat me because you've powered up a little?
    Super 17: "Worthless...Insect."
    "Nothing you do can change anything. Your time is up." ~ Battle Win
    Super 17: "I must admire your ability to stand up after that."
    Vegeta: "And I admire your ability to DIE! Final Shine...ATTACK!"
    *super 17 is unhurt*
    */Moves\* [mvs]
    Blast 1
    These moves use the Favourite/Blast stock gauges that slowly charge up in
    the battle. His maximum stock points is only 3, which is pretty low,
    especially when compared to Goku's 7. You're not likely to rely on them though.
    Android Barrier can be handy negating rush or certain ki attacks, or simply to
    knock them back if they're pounding on you and Pump up is not too bad for extra
    damage. Not particularly good though.
     Android Barrier
      2 Blast Stock, L2+Circle
    200~ Damage per hit, probably just 1.
    Creates a forcefield around the character that harms the opponent and blocks
    Ki blasts and rush-finishers, the field lasts for about 3 seconds.
     Pump Up
      2 Blast Stocks, L2+UP+Circle
    Increases Attack power, Defence (And...ki?), but reduces speed, until a
    finishing move is used. The move takes about 2 seconds to activate and can be
    interrupted; however, this move does not take Blast stock unless it was used
    successfully, unlike Ki.
    These moves are primarily Ki-based moves to cause some /real/ damage. Super
    17s B2 moves are reasonably good and combined with his ki absorbtion ability
    and standard android ki regeneration can be very effective. A Majin Seal is
    recommended though.
     Full Power Energy Wave
      3 Ki Gauges, L2+Triangle
    1 hit, 10,000~ damage.
    A single beam attack from the hand. It can power struggle with other beams
    and is quicker off the mark than chargeable ones, although can be dodged so
    I tend to use it when they are off guard, perhaps directly after a throw.
     Hell's Storm
      4 Ki Gauges, L2+UP+Triangle
    30 hits, 340 per hit, 10,200~ damage.
    This is where its at. He disengages his arms in a cutscene then shoots them
    very rapidly for 30 hits. Unless they are already flying in a circle around 
    you at a fair distance, its very likely to hit them. It also does wonders for
    your hit rating on things like Ultimate Battle Z as well as damage, if
    following a strong combo. With high B2 and a Majin Seal, this can do a lot of
    damage and often.
    Ultimate Blast (Must be in MAX POWER mode to work)
     Shocking Death Ball
      5 Ki Guages, L2+DOWN+Triangle
    5 hits, 15,800~ damage.
    A reasonable ultimate blast. I can't say much either way as to its accuracy
    as I'm in the habit of only using UBs in instances where its hard to dodge
    them anyway. It does seem to move fairly fast and look large enough to be
    challenging but doesn't home to any degree. Use relatively close, or while
    they're dashing towards you, or after missing. Maybe toss in the odd Hyper
    Smash or Dragon Heavy before surprising them with it.
    Rushing Techniques
    Rushing techniques the the core of every fighter's fighting ability, they're
    basically punching and kicking attacks to hurt your opponent.
    An important combo trick is using step-in, pressing X to hop toward your
    opponent during a combo. You're able to get 10 hits if you do a full rush
    combo, step-in and do another combo after it. The timing can be tricky at
    first though and you might prefer aeriel combos.
     Heavy Finish
      Square, Triangle [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Square, Square, Triangle [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
      Square, Square, Square, Square [Triangle, Triangle, Square]
    110+850, 320+850, 1060+850 respectively.
    Heavy Finish allows you to gut-punch your opponent, stunning them temporarily.
    You can continue with the Heavy Crush from this.
     Heavy Crush
      Triangle, Triangle, Square. (Following Heavy Finish)
    3 hits, 2020~ damage
    A follow up blow then two kicks, knocking away your opponent.
     Flying Kick
      Squarex3, Triangle
    5 hits, 1500~ damage.
    A quick, non-chargeable attack, two spinning kicks in the air. You can go
    straight back into rush after this, another Flying Kick will knock them away.
     Lift Strike (During Rush combo)
    1020 damage
    Most effective when charged up at the end of a rush combo. Super 17 punches
    downwards but then stretches his arm at a right-angle upwards to send
    the opponent flying into the air. This will allow you to set-up for and
    Aerial Combos.
     Ground Slash (During Rush combo)
    850 damage
    Effective either charged up at the end of a rush combo or thrown in on an
    unsuspecting opponent, Super 17 does a low reverse roundhouse kick, to
    sweep the opponent off their feet. Allowing you the chance to attack them in
    Dragon Tornado
    Trianglex2, Square
    6310~ (+600 more if they hit something)
    Dragon Tornado can be used by pressing Triangle twice and then Square; He
    does a heavy punch, teleports to kick them up in the air, then smashes them
    down to the ground with both fists. A useful move to get the hang of.
    Dragon Tornado requires you to be somewhat pre-emptive with the button
    presses, so don't be slow with it. Also note, this attack does not use any ki.
     Counter Throw (During a Rush combo)
    1060 damage
    After, or during, a rush attack, pressing the Circle button will make Super 17
    go into a stance. If he is attacked, he will counter by sweeping, then kicking
    his opponent to knock them away. Holding down circle will hold the stance.
    Signature Technique
     Ki Blasts
      400 normal,
      1660 Charged.
    Fully Charged launches 2, stun on contact.
    12 hit, 3220 damage.
     Ki Absorbtion
      Circle when attacked with ki.
    This move is not listed on the skill list and I'm not 100% sure if I have
    it exactly right, I know that at the moment I'm a bit hit and miss if I get
    it to happen. Press and hold Circle when they are shooting ki, and Super 17
    will assume a stance and absorb any ki blasts that come his way, including
    B2s and Ultimates.
    I believe there are some attacks that you cannot do this with, like Hell Storm,
    Exploding Blast Wave and any Explosive Wave attacks, but I'm not sure yet.
    Its a very useful technique though, nullifying the damage and giving you the
    ki that they used to shoot at you. It does not work on ki shot at your back.
     Sway Heavy
      X, Triangle (When close)
    850 damage
    Pressing X to step-in, Triangle will start off the Heavy Finish combo.
     Punishing attack (After a Full-power Smash hit or Dragon Smash hit)
    4140 damage
    After sending your foe flying with the above methods, Pressing Triangle along
    with a direction quickly after sending them will trigger a teleportation and
    will pinball them in the direction used. Pressing Triangle by itself will
    trigger a downward punishing attack.
     Rush In
      Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, X
    Rush In is the ability to execute long combos and to prevent your
    opponent from getting a chance to fight back. He does his Rush combo, then
    once X is pressed after it, he will step in and you can start another Rush
    combo! This can be used to make your rush combo longer than the opponents, to
    avoid stalemates with normal combos meeting.
    Rush In makes you briefly invincible during the animation, which can be helpful
    too and potentially avoid a smash attack, then counter attack. But thats
    pretty tricky to pull off.
     Rush In Lift-Strike
      X, Up+Triangle
    Immediately after Rush In, you can do a Lift-Strike attack to knock them up,
    potentially for an aeriel combo.
     Rush In Ground Slash|
      X, Down+Triangle
    And likewise, you can do a Ground-slash attack to trip your opponent.
     Chase Attack
      [direction]+Circle (During a Rush combo)
    Anytime during a combo, you can teleport toward, away or around your opponent.
    This costs about 3/4 of a Ki bar but can let you catch them at another angle,
    perhaps getting the drop on them, or avoiding something nasty.
     Dash Smash hit
      Square while dashing.
    510, can be charged to 1360 damage
    Standard dashing punch.
     Sonic Impact
      Triangle, Square (After Dash Smash hit)
    3370, +250 hitting the ground.
    After hitting your opponent with a Dash Smash, quickly press triangle then
    Square. Super 17 will kick his his opponent and then smash them down to the
     Power Guard
    Power Guard lets you resist Rushing B2 moves, at the cost of draining ki
    and getting your guard broken. Its not too reliable, as you need to actually
    press and hold Triangle after he starts blocking, which can be tough in the
    face of very fast dash attacks. So you may be simply be blocking when they
    reach you. Androids Barrier may be more helpful, if costly, to stopping these
    at least until you get the hang of it.
    For powerful and undodgable beams and volleys, Power Guard can also be useful
    in further reducing the damage if you can't really dodge. Super Explosive
    Wave while in close quarters, for instance.
     Super Dash
      X, Square (Must be in MAX POWER mode to perform)
    Varies, I got to 58 hits, 15460 damage.
    You can just hold down square and a continual rush will occur, until you
    run out of power, when it'll finish like a normal rush. You can do any of
     the o
     Hyper Smash (Must be in MAX POWER mode to perform)
    3390 damage
    An improved version of the Smash hit attack, the camera focuses in for an
    unblockable slow motion version of the Smash hit. This can easily lead into
    the Dragon Heavy+MAX POWER Combo too.
     Dragon Heavy (Must be in MAX POWER mode to perform)
      L2+X, Triangle
    1590 damage
    Fly towards your opponent with a Dragon Dash, hold down Triangle to charge
    up Super 17's punch. When it connects, rapidly press Square to pummel your
    opponent. After a while, you should press Triangle to swing kick them away;
    at this point, You can fire off a finishing Finger Beam by pressing
    Violent Rush
      Squarex2, SquareRapid, Triangle to finish.
    Varies, I made 16750 with 28 hits.
    The time spent pummeling your opponent is equal to the time left in the
    MAX POWER guage; Maximise the amount of pummeling time by making sure to
    finish with Triangle to send them away before the blue guage disappears.
    Air Combos
    Using Lift Strike, or its Rush-in version to launch your opponent, you can
    follow with an aerial combo. To remind you, its up and Triangle during rush,
    doing it after 4 or so Squares is standard and does 3130~ damage on its own.
    A single square then up and triangle does 1700~. Following that, to start
    the air combo, you push X to start one of the following options.
    The damages for these are likely wrong, as I was working off mental arithmatic
    at 2 AM.
    1.)  X, Squarex5
    13410 for the whole combo.
    A simple aerial combo, mostly a series of kicks, that finishes with the
    opponent falling to the ground a little distance away.
    2.)  X, Squarex4, Triangle.
    10150 for the whole combo, including 490 for hitting the ground.
    This combo follows #1 up to the end where you instead slam them down to
    the ground.
    3.)  X, Triangle, Squarex5
    12380 (1020 for the Triangle, 11360 for the Squares.)
    This combo starts with a heavy gutpunch to stun them, and then continues on
    with the the average kick-punch combo of combo #1
    4.)  X, Triangle, Squarex4, Triangle
    14240 for the whole combo.
    The strongest Aerial combo that starts off with a heavy knee strike,
    continues on with quick kicks and punches, then finishes off with a
    double-fisted hammer down to the floor.
    It's best not to hold down Triangle when starting this, as you'll most likely
    miss right at the end. Just press triangle for the heavy opening knee and it'll
    stun the opponent like always.
    -Capsule set-ups/Comments- [cps]
    At the moment my set up for super 17 is as follows:
    Majin Seal
    Genuine Power
    Eternal Energy Device
    Health +19
    Defense +19
    Blast 2 +19
    Sometimes Attack+19/Speed +19/a capsule I'm raising/something special
    that would help in particular against the enemy, replace one of these,
    usually the Eternal Energy Device or the Ki+. Your personal preferences may
    come in here too.
    You'll start with max ki, use little, regenerate it fast and do quite a
    lot of damage. And can abuse the two ki attacks pretty bad. And absorbing
    their ki attacks only lets you let loose even MORE Hells Storm.
    The eternal energy device is of debatable use, but I like it, particularly
    for survival matches. The basic strategy only revolves around Majin Seal and
    him being an android with strong blasts, the rest is just fine tuning.
    Also, since the setup doesn't depend on them being high level, starting him
    off with level 10 ones and leveling them up to +19 through fights works well.
    A decent rush combo, perhaps into Lift Strike and Air Combo 2 or 4, can lead
    into Hell Storm and link into a combo that can get you Z on both combo and
    damage during Ultimate Battle. And being able to toss out so many high damaging
    ki blasts and play aggressively, you're likely to get a reasonable rating on
    time too. Keep mixing up the various rush, smash, throws or Dragon Tornado in
    between blasts. Speaking of which, use them whenever moments of opportunity
    come up. After a throw, while they're dashing, after you've dodged/blocked one
    of theirs...you get the idea.
    Credits [crd]
    Move-sets taken from ingame menus and haphazardly tested by me, the damages
    and so forth noted down.
    Description taken from the Character Illustrations entry on the character.
    Thanks to Zerobeta for pointing out a few minor errors. :D
    I copied and pasted the Lord Slug faq, then extensively edited it to
    fit Super 17, so apologies and thanks to Louis Fitzgerald (Litb007).
    Theres very little thats left relating to the content of his, but
    still, giving a mention.
    Contact & Legalities [lgl]
    Copyright © 2007 FFKonoko
    Do not take this guide without permission, ask first, etc, etc.
    Super 17 and the characters of Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 are the
    copyright of Akira Toriyama, Toei, whatever.
    If you have any comments, questions, concerns, additions or ideas,
    or any mistakes I may have made, please send me a message at
    FFKonoko at gmail dot com
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for PS2 - Super 17  by FFKonoko
    Version 2.00

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