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"A good game for people who like the Jackass series"

MTV Jackass: The Game for Playstation 2 is based off the TV series Jackass. This is the one and only game of my knowledge based off the television series.

After the game begins, the first option you can select is MTV Story mode which is the actual storyline of the game. What happened is they were starting a new season and the director got injured which makes the player of the game the new director. After becoming the new director, your objective is to complete the game one episode at a time. Now each episode has five mini-games and each mini-game has certain goals that need to be completed. Achieving those goals as well as getting hurt is what gets you money and once you get enough money, you can move on to the next episode. Here is also where you unlock other playable characters. Now each episode has a different movie sequence before the new episode begins. However you do not need to complete every goal in every mini-game to move on to the next episode which is nice because some of the mini-games can be very challenging. But once you complete MTV Story Mode, the game is not over yet.

Even though some of the mini-games are challenging, the games get even tougher in challenge mode. Challenge Mode is where you earn cash so you can buy extras. Where you actually buy the extras, I will discuss in a little bit. This part however is where one of my problems with this game exists. I said some of the challenges in MTV Story mode were challenging enough so imagine how frustrating it can be if those tough challenges are even tougher. To be more clear I'll even give a example. One of the mini-games, your objective is to enter button combinations that appear as fast as possible. Now on that mini-game, I have done that but it would seem like I would have time for a couple more combinations but no more appear. I'm pretty sure the game isn't rigged but it's just weird that it looks like you have time to enter more combinations yet no more appear.

The next gameplay mode is multiplayer. Your choices are Round Robin, Random Round Robin, or Ass-To-Ass which is their way of saying Head-To-Head. The only difference between the Round Robin modes are who decides which mini-games you and your friends compete in. Round Robin is where you select and Random Round Robin are where the events are selected at random. Here is where a couple of my other problems are with this game. In multiplayer, you have the same goals to achieve as you do in the challenge mode but achieving them in multiplayer doesn't carry over to achieving them in Challenge Mode. Also there are five events excluded from Round Robin which is in the Ass-To-Ass Mode. The problem I have with that is why couldn't all the events be put together into the same multiplayer mode?

The only mode left after that is the Jackass Mart. This is where you take the money you earned from challenge mode and buy unlockables in the game. The only things you buy here are what you wouldn't unlock when you did the MTV Story Mode.

The Gameplay is very fun and easy once you begin. The controls are easy to learn since there are no button combinations that require memorization and anyone who is familiar with a Playstation 2 Controller would not have any problem picking up the controls of the game right away. The game is fun because of all the mini-games which you must complete. The game starts off easy but some of the mini-games become harder as the game continues.

The graphics are mediocre at best. The graphics are nothing to write home about but they're not horrible either. The graphics do not affect Gameplay since you can still see and hear everything you need to just fine. However, I think the Playstation 2 could have had more impressive graphics then this.

The replayability is big in this game. Even if you play this game for hours at a time like I did, I still felt wanting to play this to take another shot at the challenges that I didn't complete. Even if you complete every goal in every mini-game in the MTV Story Mode and Challenge mode, you still can have some friends over and play the multiplayer mode.

I have to give this game a 8 out of 10. To sum everything up, it's mini-games with the Jackass crew. If you like a game with mini-games I definitely recommend you check this game out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/08/08, Updated 12/23/08

Game Release: Jackass the Game (US, 09/24/07)

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