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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nezuji

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough / Guide v 0.9
    Written March, 2007 by Chris McGuire.  All rights reserved.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The distribution of this document, in whole or in part, via any medium, by any
    person or agency other than GameFAQs.com is expressly forbidden.
    [INT] Introduction
    [PSP] What's changed from the PSP version?
    [CH1] Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Valve Air Ruins 1
    [CH2] Walkthrough Chapter 2 - Damper Rock Ruins 1
    [CH3] Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Damper Rock Ruins 2
    [CH4] Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Valve Air Ruins 2
    [CH5] Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Grinder Valley
    [CH6] Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Kingdom of Crank Belt 1
    [CH7] Walkthrough Chapter 7 - Kingdom of Crank Belt 2
    [CH8] Walkthrough Chapter 8 - Grinder Valley (Revisit)
          [CH8A] Walkthrough Chapter 8A - Kingdom of Crank Belt (Revisit, optional)
          [CH8B] Walkthrough Chapter 8B - Valve Air Ruins (Revisit)
          [CH8C] Walkthrough Chapter 8C - Damper Rock Ruins (Revisit)
    [CHF] Walkthrough Final Chapter - Master Gear Cave
    [LCH] List of Characters
    [LCI] List of Common Items
    [LAI] List of Analysis Room Items
    [LBU] List of Battle OverDrive Upgrade Costs
    [LRT] List of Rare Treasure Items
    I started playing this game without intending to write any sort of guide.
    However, I got stuck at one point (Otherspace Puzzle 2, if you're interested),
    and went looking for a walkthrough.  What I turned up was Alex Oliveres'
    walkthrough and guide for the PSP version of the game, which I quickly
    discovered didn't include the section I was stuck on.  When I finally managed
    to get past that sticking point, I resolved to write an ancilliary guide for
    the PS2 version of the game, designed to be used in conjunction with the PSP
    As I played on, however, I discovered more and more differences, eventually to
    the point where it was clear that writing an entirely new guide was in order.
    This is that guide.
    I have labelled this guide as version 0.9, since I know that there is a large
    part of the game that I have not completed (the Original Time Attack mode), and
    while -- from what I *have* completed -- it seems to be very close to the PSP
    version as far as rankings and unlockables are concerned, this guide won't be
    truly 100% finished until I complete it.
    Since you're reading this, I hope that you find this walkthrough and guide
    useful!  For reference, this guide is based on the PAL version of the game.
    (NOTE: The following is based on the reading of Alex Oliveres' guide on
    GameFAQs for the PSP version.  I haven't yet had a chance to play the PSP
    version myself.)
    It might be easier to say what HASN'T changed!  While the basic layout of most
    of the levels and the enemy types are intact, almost everything else has
    The most obvious and critical change is the complete reworking of the OverDrive
    system.  In the PSP version, you had to collect three kinds of parts in order
    to use OverDrives, more parts being required to use more powerful OverDrives;
    regular OverDrives required parts as well.  In the PS2 version, regular
    OverDrives are free, while Battle OverDrives use up an "OverDrive Meter", which
    is built up by attacking enemies and collecting Blue Capsules dropped by
    enemies.  Also, while Battle OverDrives are like temporary, controllable
    super-vehicles in the PSP version, they behave more like smart-bombs in the PS2
    version; when you hit the OverDrive button the action freezes, the OverDrive
    appears and attacks nearby enemies, then play returns to normal.
    Controls for Joint actions (i.e. TOKO-SCREW, TOKO-JUMP, etc.) have changed as
    well.  In the PSP version, the player can cycle through the three formation
    types with the triangle button, and perform any Joint action with the square
    button.  In the PS2 version, each formation type is assigned to a button -- V,
    U and O to square, triangle and circle respectively -- and to perform a Joint
    action the player must hit the respective button a second time.  That is, to
    perform a TOKO-JUMP, you would press the circle button to switch to O
    formation, Joint, then press the circle button again.
    While there are numerous touches throughout the levels (mostly replacing
    generic design elements with more unique ones), the other main additions to the
    game are:
    - Three new characters.  Taji is a mysterious loner who shows up now and then
      to make trouble for you; he replaces some of the Boss Battles in the PSP
      version, and adds others.  Aria is a strange young girl who only appears to
      Bolt (in what I call "Otherspace") for most of the game, and seems to
      have some connection to the Tokobots.  Dr. Viola helps out in Canewood's Lab,
      as Chief Researcher in the Analysis Room.
    - In an optional section, we also learn a bit more about Bart's history
      than is revealed in the PSP version.
    - A monetary system is introduced.  Certain Prehistoric items that are found in
      crates and pots scattered around the ruins can be traded back at Canewood's
      Lab for "Reward" (although the symbol "G" is used with the numerical values),
      which in turn can be used in the Analysis Room to buy useful items, research
      Battle OverDrive upgrades, and to buy gallery items once they've been
      unlocked in Original Time Attack mode.
    - The player must fight each Battle OverDrive in a strange arena (which I call
      the "Otherspace Arena") before they can collect it, with the exception of the
      OCTO-PULSE OverDrive; there is still a battle, but you do not fight against
      the OCTO-PULSE itself.
    - There is a new type of room, which I call "Guardian Rooms".  In the PSP
      version, these rooms either don't exist (they are inserted between two rooms
      which were directly linked in the PSP version), or they were empty with no
      apparent purpose.  When the player enters one of these rooms, three or four
      standard enemies will be teleported into the room.  As each one is defeated,
      an eye-shaped device floating near a wall teleports another enemy into the
      room to take its place.  Eventually, the stock of extra enemies will run dry,
      and the eye-shaped device will self-destruct when the last enemy is defeated,
      allowing progress further into the level.  In this guide, Guardian Rooms are
      described by a small table with two parts.  The first part lists the enemies
      that are teleported into the room at the beginning of the battle, while the
      second part lists the enemies that are teleported in, one by one, to replace
      enemies as you defeat them.
    - There is a list of Rare Treasures to be collected.  Some of these are found
      in the normal flow of the game, after clearing Guardian Rooms, but many are
      only to be found after using warp points which are scattered throughout the
      levels, some of them hidden.  These warp points almost always lead to short
      levels which seem to exist in another dimension (I call them "Otherspace
      Puzzles"), at the end of which the player will find a Rare Treasure.  There
      are also a few stashed in other plaves.  While four of the Rare Treasures are
      required to upgrade each of the four Battle OverDrives to their maximum power
      levels, there doesn't seem to be any use for any of the others.
    The Path of the Treasure Master!
    Bolt and the Six Tokobots!!
    After the opening movie and a bit of conversation with Mr. Canewood and Fuel,
    you'll be sent to Valve Air Ruins, where Ruby and Fuel will guide you through a
    tutorial of sorts.  Simply follow what they say and you'll be fine.  Along the
    way, you'll recieve two Files ("Formations" and "Joint Part 1").  If you like,
    check the big statue directly in front of the entrance, then head around to the
    right.  Follow Fuel's advice and you'll also recieve another File ("Toko-Attack
    After you climb the steps, you'll be facing an elevator.  Check it if you like,
    but it won't be activated until you complete the entire Valve Air Ruins area,
    and by then you won't need to use it.  I think it's a hang-over from the PSP
    version, where it's a useful shortcut later on.
    The levels in Tokobot Plus are quite linear, so there's not much worry of going
    off in the wrong direction, and this level is particularly simple.  Just keep
    ploughing ahead, taking Ruby and Fuel's advice as you go.  You'll pick up a
    Gear and a Spark Plug (in the open, which is unusual), break the pots for
    another Gear, and hit the Switch to lower a drawbridge, recieving two more
    Files ("Breakable Objects" and "Toko-Stomp") along the way.
    Once you cross the drawbridge, you'll recieve two more Files ("Number of
    Tokobots" and "Calling Back the Tokobots") from Ruby.  The pots just around the
    corner contain a Gear, as do the crates a little further on.  Fuel will tell
    you about enemies and send you two Files ("Toko-Attack 2" and "Keepers and
    Workers").  Take out your first enemy -- a Beepers -- and then duck behind the
    ruined wall on the right to pick up a Bell.
    Continue on, taking out another Beepers, and then after Ruby talks to you,
    attack the Prickles, too.  Approach the blocks ahead to recieve a File ("Moving
    Objects"), then follow those directions to pull a block out of the way, and go
    through the gap that you've created.
    In the next area, four Beepers will ambush you.  Take Ruby's advice and
    TOKO-SCREW them into the dust.  You'll also recieve a File ("Toko-Screw").  The
    crates here contain a Pear.  Push on until you reach a clearing in front of a
    large door.  To the left of the door is a Save Point.  I recommend grabbing the
    Gear from the crates behind the Save Point, and then saving your game before
    approaching the door.  You will also recieve a File ("Save Points").
    When you try to open the door, Taji will show up with his Karakuri, Scorpio, to
    wreck your fun.
    Scorpio is very easy to "defeat".  It only has one attack, which is a straight
    downward strike with its tail.  This attack has a long start-up time, and can
    only target the area right in front of Scorpio.  As long as you keep moving,
    there's no reason that Bolt should get hit.
    To defeat Scorpio, circle around to its rear, then perform a jumping
    TOKO-ATTACK to its top.  Scorpio turns very slowly, so it won't be hard to
    circle around.  The only time that you need to be careful is the moment after
    you attack; when you attack, Scorpio will quickly turn to face Bolt but it
    won't attack any faster, so as I said, keep moving and you'll be fine.  Three
    hits are all it takes to end this battle.
    After you deplete Scorpio's life bar, Taji will cause it to transform into
    another form -- Hunter -- then knock you to the ground and leave, threatening
    to return once you have eight Tokobots.  After the cutscene, head through the
    door.  Inside you will find a glowing panel on the floor; this is an elevator.
    Check it to travel to the upper level.
    Behind you are two jars containing a Gear and a Bread Loaf.  Continue along the
    path to trigger a cut scene about using jumping TOKO-ATTACKs to reach distant
    Magnets, and receive a File ("Joint Part 2").  Take Fuel's advice, and proceed
    until you reach a ledge from which you can see a Speedy patrolling far below.
    Ruby will tell you that you can't get down there (for now), so head for the
    doorway to your left.
    Check the floor tile with the circular arrow for a brief cutscene, then
    TOKO-SCREW the gears either side of the doorway.  Move around the newly-risen
    towers to the right, and use the Magnets to climb up.
    As you near the top, you might notice that directly opposite the top doorway is
    a weak-looking wall.  TOKO-ATTACK it to reveal a warp point that will take you
    to Otherspace Puzzle 6.  As you might guess from the number I've given it, you
    can't complete it yet; you require the TOKO-SWING Slate in order to get through
    this Otherspace Puzzle.  If you teleport in, Ruby will interject that it
    doesn't look like you can get through.  You can use the warp point at the start
    to return to the room in Valve Air Ruins.
    Walk through the top doorway.  Outside you will face three Beepers (one of
    which will drop a Pear).  You will also find the other end of that (still
    deactivated) elevator from the start of the area.  Smash the crates for a Spark
    Plug, cross the gap, and enter the doorway on the other side.
    This room is an indoor Save Point.  The pots here contain two Gears.  Don't
    forget to check the Save Point, even if you don't want to save your game right
    now, then proceed through to the next room.
    As you approach the large, octagonal block in the centre of the room, Ruby will
    tell you that you should be able to move it.  She doesn't mention how, nor does
    she tell you that she's sent you a new File ("Carrying").  Move the block
    anywhere convenient to reveal a switch that was hidden underneath.  Activate
    the switch to unlock the Boss door in front of you, and proceed through it.
    Fuel will give a a brief warning about facing the Morphbot, and then you'll be
    free to fight it.  On the sides of the room are a Gear, a Spark Plug, a Pear,
    and a Life Bottle (+1/2 heart).
    Morphbot has two seperate attack phases.
    In phase one, Morphbot starts with three laser turrets scanning the room for
    targets.  If Bolt moves in front of one of the barrels, the turret will stop,
    charge, and fire.  The turrets turn very slowly and the laser takes a few
    seconds to charge, so there should be no problem in avoiding these attacks.  To
    damage Morphbot in this phase, use the TOKO-SCREW to take out one turret layer
    at a time.  When all three turrets have been knocked out, Morphbot will change
    to phase two.
    In phase two, Morphbot drags itself out of the ground, and sprouts arms and
    legs.  Run away from it immediately.  Morphbot will enter a cycle of dashing
    across the room twice, arms flailing, and then pausing to rest in the middle of
    the room.  When it rests, that's your chance to TOKO-ATTACK it, then get out of
    the way.  Three hits will be enough to finish off Morphbot in this second
    Once Morphbot has been defeated, Ruby and Fuel will give a bit of
    congratulation.  Then a pedestal will rise from the floor, and you will recieve
    an Unknown Piece and the Emblem Slate.  After the cutscene, grab any remaining
    items (especially the Life Bottle!), and head into the next room.  The crates
    in this room contain a Gear and a Spark Plug.  Check the glowing tile on the
    floor to trigger a cutscene, and you'll automatically return to the Lab.
    The Illegal Digging Team!
    The Desert Ruins are full of traps!!
    Go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Damper Rock Ruins".  When Bolt arrives,
    Bart and Flames will observe him from afar.  After the cutscene, you will find
    yourself facing a locked door.  If you check it, Ruby will suggest that you try
    to find another way in, and the camera will show a ravine leading to the left.
    Following the ravine, take out the Beepers, and use the Magnets to climb over
    the wrecked wall.
    After the brief cutscene showing the layout of this area, head forward.  Drop
    down two levels, and cross the sand.  Be careful when you jump up to the next
    stone ledge; there is a Prickles waiting just out of sight to the left.
    TOKO-ATTACK it into oblivion, use the Magnets to cross over the water, and then
    drop down onto the sand.  Kill the Beepers waiting there for you, then
    TOKO-SCREW the Spikey to the right.  Head back and smash the pots near the Save
    Point for a Gear, then check the Save Point.  Finally, head through the door.
    Hit the switch directly ahead to activate the Elevator Block, and use it to
    ride up to the ledge above.  If you want to, you can drop back down and head
    through the hole that was being hidden by the Elevator Block.  You'll find
    three Spikeys, and jars containing a Spark Plug and a Bell.  There is also a
    hole in the left-hand wall which we cannot yet reach.  Since we have to come
    back through here later anyway, I recommend simply ignoring this room for now.
    Head through the door on the upper ledge after riding the Elevator Block.
    Once through the door, turn to the right and deal with the Sashi that is
    hovering there.  On the left, opposite the Sashi, there is a switch on the
    wall.  Hitting this switch will start a countdown, so you may want to read
    ahead so you know what to do.  Once you hit the switch, a platform will spring
    up on Bolt's side of the pit in the middle of the room.  This platform will
    have two switched on it; once both of these switched have been activated, a
    second platform will spring up to fill the remaining gap.  Once the countdown
    has elapsed, both platforms will drop down again.  Once you are across the pit,
    kill the second Sashi if you wish, then leave through the door.
    Climb to the tomp of the room by using the Magnets.  The jars here contain two
    Gears.  At the top, continue through the doorway.  There is a Speedy in the
    next room.  Personally, I find them to be a real pain in the arse.  I recommend
    switching to U formation right away, and then just TOKO-SCREWing right next to
    it so that you hit it every time it gets up.  Once you kill the Speedy, it will
    drop a Pear, the door to the next room will unlock, and a Slate will appear on
    the nearby pedestal: The CRANE-O-MATIC Super Chip.  After the cutscene, head
    through the next door.
    Climb the ramp while dodging the rolling logs (don't worry about the Tokobots,
    just make sure that Bolt doesn't get hit), then hit the switch at the top right
    to call the Elevator Block.  Ride the Elevator Block to the upper ledge and
    smash the jar for a Bread Loaf.  If you turn around and look away from the
    door, you will see a floating platform that will take you to a warp point.  The
    warp point leads to Otherspace Puzzle 7, but the platform doesn't move close
    enough for you to make the jump yet; you'll need the TOKO-GLIDE Super Chip
    first.  Continue on through the upper door.
    You'll find yourself standing in the anteroom to a larger chamber beyond.  In
    two corners of the anteroom there are inactive Elevator Blocks in the floor.
    Ignore them and head into the main chamber, where you will find two Beepers and
    a Stompy (which drops a Bread Loaf), as well as jars containing a Gear and a
    Bread Loaf.  When all the enemies have been defeated, a recess will open in the
    wall ahead, revealing a pedestal with a Slate.  Check the pedestal to be
    teleported to the Otherspace Arena, to fight SAMURAI HOVER.
    After a brief cutscene with Ruby and Aria, you will face SAMURAI HOVER.
    The strategy to defeat this OverDrive is very simple.  If SAMURAI HOVER gets
    close to you, it will perform an overhead slash with ridiculously short range.
    In order to damage it, you must first make it move into a guard position by
    simply TOKO-ATTACKing it.  Then, while it is guarding, quickly run around
    behind it and TOKO-ATTACK it again.
    After six successful attacks, SAMURAI HOVER will concede the fight.  After
    another cutscene, use the blue elevator pad to claim the SAMURAI HOVER
    OverDrive Super Chip.
    Once you have been returned to Damper Rock Ruins, go back to the small anteroom
    to find that one of the Elevator Blocks has been activated.  Use it to travel
    down to a lower level.  In this room there is a Save Point; approaching it will
    trigger a short cutscene with Ruby, and you will return to the Lab
    After a cutscene with Ruby and Viola, you will be taken to the Analysis Room
    and forced to analyse the SAMURAI HOVER Super Chip to gain SAMURAI HOVER Level
    1, Straight Slash (Cost: 1000 G).  You will also receive two Files ("SAMURAI
    HOVER" and "OverDrive").  When it's all over, go to the Deployment Hatch and
    select "Damper Rock Ruins -> Chamber of Guidance".
    Move forward a little to trigger a cutscene about the CRANE-O-MATIC OverDrive,
    and receive a File ("CRANE-O-MATIC").  After the cutscene, continue past the
    ramp with the glowing floor tile until you see the holographic projector.
    Check the screen to be shown a diagram of a triangle on a square with some odd
    markings.  If you want to figure this puzzle out for yourself, copy this image
    down onto a piece of paper.  Now head back to the ramp and check the
    CRANE-O-MATIC tile once for a short cutscene with Ruby, and then a second time
    to transform the Tokobots.
    You will be shown a field with a selection of blocks on the left side, and an
    incomplete circuit diagram with holes on the the right.  The goal is to link
    the points on the right as shown in the holographic projection, by dropping the
    correct blocks into the correct holes.  Here is the starting position:
      A   |        *
        B |    #
          | *      *
    C   D | *    #
      E   |   #
    F     | *      *
             *  *
    And here is the solution:
      A   |        *
          |    C
          | *      *
        D | *    B
          |   E
    F     | *      *
              *  *
    Completing the circuit will cause a ramp to rise up in the room where you found
    the SAMURAI HOVER Super Chip.  After the cutscene, make your way around the
    puzzle to the side opposite the Save Point.  Smash the pots for a Gear, then
    take the Elevator Block back up to the anteroom.  The Stompy is now in the
    anteroom.  You can attack it to charge up your new OverDrive meter, or leave it
    alone and head into the ramp room.  Head up the ramp, dodging the rolling logs,
    and collect the Gear and the Spark Plug on the way.  At the top of the ramp, if
    you face away from the door, you will be able to see a line of Hook Magnets
    leading to a warp point.  Unfortunately, you need the TOKO-SWING Super Chip
    before you can get over there, so ignore it for now and head through the door.
    Smash the pots in the next room for two Gears and a Pear, and then proceed
    through the smashers.  Although they have cute shapes that match up with
    Tokobot formations, you can ignore them freely, since you only actually need to
    worry about getting Bolt through unscathed.  After two sets of crushers, you
    will enter a Guardian Room.
    NOTE: In this guide, Guardian Rooms are described by a small table with two
    parts.  The first part lists the enemies that are teleported into the room at
    the beginning of the battle, while the second part lists the enemies that are
    teleported in, one by one, to replace enemies as you defeat them.
    After the Guardian Battle, you will receive a Rare Treasure (White-Silver
    The next room has a walkway suspended above a pit, and lined with eye statues.
    Walk in front of one to trigger a little cutscene.  Afterwards, smash the jars
    for a Gear and a Bread Loaf, then ride the Elevator Block to get back to the
    previous room.  Listen to what Ruby says, then ride the other Elevator Block to
    get to the level above.  Here you will find a replica of the eye statue room
    below, two Sashis, and a crate (in an alcove around to the right) containing a
    Don't bother attacking the Sashis unless you want to power up your OverDrive
    meter; when defeated, they simply respawn.  What you need to do here is move
    the blocks to create a safe path through the room below.  Pushing a block in
    front of an eye statue replica in this room will cause a block to appear in
    front of the matching eye statue below, preventing it from working.  To create
    a safe path all the way across, you can follow a simple pattern: each time the
    path branches, one branch will be guarded by one eye statue, while the other
    will be guarded by two.  Simply use a block on the lone eye statue.  Here is a
    @ = Eye statue
    # = Blocked space
    o = Unblocked space
         |       END|
         |___    ___|
             |  |_____
             |        |
             |   __   |
             | o|@ |  |
        ____@|o |  |  |
       |        |  | #|@
     __|   __   |__|  |
    |     |  |        |
    |   __|  |   _____|
    | #|@    | o|@
    |  |_____| o|@____
    |                 |
    |__    ________   |
       |  |        |  |
       |  |   _____|  |
       | o|@ |        |
       |  |  |   _#___|
       |  |  |  | @
       |  |@_|  |
       |   o    |
       |_____   |
             | #|@
          ___|  |___
         |          |
         |START     |
    Once all four blocks are in place, take the Elevator Block back down, traverse
    the walkway, and go through the door on the other side of the pit.  The next
    room is a Save Point, with crates containing three Gears.  Check the Save
    Point, save your game if you want to, then continue on through the next door.
    Before you hit the switch in this room, the the Magnets to climb the various
    platforms and smash the jars, which contain a Gear and a Spark Plug.  Now drop
    back down to the bottom of the room, make sure that you have all sixe Tokobots
    with you, and hit the switch.  This will unlock the Boss door at the top of the
    room, and start a countdown.  Make it to the top before the countdown finishes
    to open the Boss door and face Flames' Worker, Chocoroc.
    After a cutscene, you'll need to carefully time a run across to the left
    covering wall (or wait a little while) before Taji butts in and activates the
    switch that you need to use in order to defeat Chocoroc.  Once he does, you can
    begin the battle proper.
    This battle is all about timing.
    First, you need to hit the switch on the wall.  This will deactivate the
    rotating lasers and start a countdown.  The lasers will remain inactive until
    the countdown finishes.  Once you deactivate the lasers, Flames will find
    herself vulnerable, and use Chocoroc to pick up a large boulder.  Switch to U
    formation and TOKO-SCREW Chocoroc to make it drop the boulder before it can
    throw it at you.  Flames will panic for a moment, and this is when you can
    TOKO-ATTACK Chocoroc to do some damage.  If you're fast, you can get in two
    attacks before she can pick up another boulder.  Keep TOKO-SCREWing and
    TOKO-ATTACKing until the countdown is about to finish.  Then run for cover,
    wait for the lasers to start firing again, and time another run to hit the
    Rinse and repeat.
    Once Chocoroc has been destroyed and Flames has made her getaway, the Elevator
    Block in the middle of the room will be activated.  After the cutscene, use it
    to go down to the next room and retrieve the last two Tokobots, making eight
    all together.  Afterwards, use the Elevator Block on the other side of the room
    to travel back up and into the next area.
    In the next room, take Ruby's advice and TOKO-ATTACK the big wind-up key on the
    back of the device.  Once the power has been restored, smash the pots in the
    small back room for a Gear, a Spark Plug, and a Roast.  At the moment there is
    no point in climbing the platforms with the Magnets, so just leave through the
    newly-unlocked door.
    After a cutscene with Ruby, Fuel and Mr. Canewood, the chapter will come to a
    Get the new power!
    8 Flying Tokobots!!
    Turn around and smash the pot to the right of the ramp to get a Gear, then
    check the Save Point, saving your game if you wish.  Then tackle the Stompy and
    continue around the corner.
    Watch out in this section; the camera angle will change, and once you have
    moved far enough down the canyon, logs will start rolling from the hole at the
    top of the screen.  Not to worry, though!  There are three trenches along the
    path that you can drop into and avoid the logs.  Well, there are three
    trenches, but you can only drop into two of them; the second trench is lined
    with spikes, so be sure to jump over it.  When you reach the bottom of the
    screen, jump up onto the ledge.
    Once the camera angle changes again, you'll see a Spikey.  You can ignore it,
    but if you want to kill it, jump up to the next ledge above it, start
    TOKO-SCREWing, then jump back down the the ledge with the Spikey on it.  At any
    rate, there's a pot slightly hidden in the small gap below the Magnets; it
    contains a Spark Plug.
    Cross the gap to face two Prickles and a Stompy.  Before you enter the doorway,
    smash the pot to the right for a Gear.
    Once you're back inside, go straight ahead and check the pedestal to be
    teleported to the Otherspace Arena, where you will face MEGA-HAMMER.
    After a brief cutscene with Aria, you will have to fight MEGA-HAMMER.
    This fight is pretty easy.  MEGA-HAMMER only has one attack pattern; It will
    ratchet its striker back two times as it charges up, then it will dash forward
    to try and nail you.
    Simply attack it while it is charging.  You can usually get in two
    TOKO-ATTACKs, or two hits with the TOKO-SCREW if you're quick about it.  Then
    move away, and keep moving as it charges toward you.  As long as you keep
    moving, it shouldn't be able to land a hit on you.  After it attacks, the
    MEGA-HAMMER will head in a random direction, so make sure it doesn't run over
    A little ways into the battle, Fuel will cut in with some advice, but it
    doesn't change anything.
    Once it is worn down, MEGA-HAMMER will concede the fight.  After another
    cutscene, use the blue elevator pad to claim the MEGA-HAMMER OverDrive Super
    Back in the real world, smash the crates near the pedestal for a Gear and a
    Bread Loaf.  Defeat the Speedy and two Beepers in the next room, TOKO-ATTACK
    the Magnets to climb up to the next level, and check the Save Point.  Once
    you're done with that, keep climbing up the tower, breaking the pot along the
    way for a Gear.  When you reach the upper platform, activate the switch to
    start another platform moving up and down.  With careful timing, jump across
    and TOKO-ATTACK the Magnets to climb up onto the moving platform.  Continue
    through the doorway to find yourself outside again.
    Although the next area seems to be an empty corridor, it's actually something
    more: an ambush.  Walk toward the other end of the corridor and Taji will pop
    up to fight you again.
    Although Hunter's attack patterns are rather simple in this fight, I still
    found the battle a little tricky.
    Hunter will mostly stay at one end of the corridor, and use one of two attacks.
    If you stay far away from it, Hunter will thump the ground with its fist,
    sending out three columns of fire.  The columns are relatively slow-moving, and
    not too hard to avoid.
    If you close in on Hunter, it will try to thump you directly.  Dodge out of the
    way to make it hit the ground, and it will spend a few seconds recovering.  In
    this time, you need to run around behind it and perform a jumping TOKO-ATTACK
    to the orange dome on its back.  Whether you are successful or not, once Hunter
    has recovered, it will dash to the other end of the corridor, so make sure you
    stay out of its way to avoid getting hit.
    After eight hits (or less, if you use a Battle OverDrive), Hunter will be too
    damaged to continue the battle.
    Once the battle is over, Taji will leave with Hunter, but vowing to return.
    Yeah, whatever you say arsehole.  Keep heading down the corridor and go through
    the door at the other end.
    The next room has two Prickles to take care of, as well as four crates
    containing a Gear and a Bread Loaf.  There are also two huge gears on the
    floor.  TOKO-SCREW into them to start them spinning.  If you hit the left gear,
    the gears will start spinning one way, unlocking the door on the left.  Hit the
    right gear to spin the gears the other way, unlocking the door on the right.
    You need the LAUNCH-A-BOMB Super CHip to get past the room behind the center
    door, so let's start by going through the left door.
    In this room there's a huge fan below a grating in the floor, and some sort of
    steam-valve system on the far wall.  The two gears below the dials will make
    the needles on the dials move in different ways; the objective is to have both
    needles point directly upward.  Hitting the switch on the wall will reset the
    needles to their starting positions.  The solution is to TOKO-SCREW the left
    gear twice, and the right gear once.  I actually went in the order
    right-left-right, but I don't think the order matters.  Once the needles are
    both pointing up, the fan will begin to turn.  Stand in the middle of the room
    and TOKO-SCREW to be carried upward on the draft to another room.
    After you defeat the Red Spikey and the Prickles, you will receive a Super Chip
    Piece.  Drop down through the hatch in the floor, hit the right-hand gear, and
    head through the door on the right.
    It's another room with a fan in the floor, but this time there are coloured
    panels instead of dials.  As you approach the center of the room, you'll be
    shown a cut-scene where the panels light up in a sequence, like the old
    Simon(tm) toy.  You need to repeat the sequence you were shown by TOKO-STOMPing
    the panels in the correct order (TOKO-ATTACKs don't work).  If you get the
    sequence wrong, you'll be teleported back to the previous room.  Get it right,
    and the fan in the floor will start spinning.  It's the same deal; TOKO-SCREW
    to ride up on the wind.
    This time, you're facing a Stompy and a Sashi.  Kill them both to receive
    another Super Chip Piece, which combines with the other Super Chip Piece to
    make the LAUNCH-A-BOMB Super Chip.  Drop back down through the hatch, back out
    of the fan room, and now head for the center door.  As you approach it, you'll
    trigger a cut-scene with Ruby about the LAUNCH-A-BOMB OverDrive.  She'll also
    send you a File ("LAUNCH-A-BOMB").  After the cut-sceneontinue through the
    Check the LAUNCH-A-BOMB floor tile, and use it to break the dome covering the
    switch on the opposite wall.  Hit the switch to unlock the other two doors in
    the room, as well as raise a pedestal which holds the TOKO-GLIDER Super Chip.
    Grab it for a quick cut-scene, and to receive a File ("Toko-Glider").
    Now that you have the TOKO-GLIDE skill, you can go back and get to the
    Otherspace Puzzle that we passed earlier!  However, since we'll have to pass
    back that way again later on anyway, I recommend leaving it for now and moving
    ahead.  The left door leads to a dead-end for now, so head through the door on
    the right.
    Break the pots for a Gear and a Spark Plug, then check the Save Point.  Walk
    toward the nearby ledge for a cut-scene, then proceed through the area.  The
    two pots contain a Pear.  Check the LAUNCH-A-BOMB tile, and take out the
    hovering Bittas with a few well-placed shots.  Once that's done, climb up the
    Magnets and break the pot for a Gear.
    You should be able to see a warp point from here; it leads to Otherspace Puzzle
    1.  You can get to the warp point by using the TOKO-GLIDER skill.  Just start
    spinning on the first platform (the one with the pot), and don't stop spinning
    until you're on the warp point platform.  Make sure that you don't jump until
    you're right at the edge of a platform; remember, being jointed will stop you
    from going over the edge.
    This Otherspace Puzzle is pretty simple.  You start with just four Tokobots,
    looking down on the level.  Move into U formation, and start spinning.  You
    must use TOKO-GLIDE to decend through a series of spike-covered floors.  There
    are holes in the floors where it is safe to pass through, but as the level goes
    on, the holes become smaller and move further away from each other.
    When you reach the last platform, the hole is blocked by a pair of doors that
    open and close.  Manoever so that you are directly above the hole, then stop
    TOKO-SCREWing as soon as they open, and you should drop through unscathed.
    At the bottom, collect the Rare Treasure (3-Headed Dragon Statue - Torso), then
    use the exit warp point.
    Back in Damper Rock Ruins, turn to the left this time, and TOKO-ATTACK the
    Magnets to climb up to the next platform.  Using a combination of TOKO-GLIDing
    and Magnet grabbing, make your way around to the door at the end of the canyon.
    The two pots at the midpoint contain a Gear.  Just in front of the door is a
    Red Prickles, a normal Prickles, and two pots which contain a Gear and a Bread
    Loaf.  Do as you please, then head through the door for a Guardian Battle.
    Red Sashi
    After the Guardian Battle, you will receiev a Rare Treasure (Sparkle Statue).
    Continue to the next room and smash the pots for a Spark Plug, then check the
    Save Point.  When you're ready, go through the door opposite, then through the
    big Boss Door behind it, to face Dongle.
    Dongle only has one attack: a giant, crushing hand slap.  If you stay away, it
    won't be able to do anything.  Then again, you won't be able to attack it,
    Get close to Dongle, and then when it starts to raise its hand, run around it
    to the left.  After Dongle slaps the ground, it will sweep its hand right, then
    left, and finally right again, so you need to avoid this.  When you have the
    opportunity, TOKO-SCREW into the gear at Dongle's base; this will make it
    inoperative for a moment, and you will be able to hit it with a TOKO-ATTACK
    from the front.
    Be careful when using Battle OverDrives in this battle.  Although the patterns
    never change, you will actually need to attack two seperate parts of Dongle's
    body; first the orange dome on its head, and then once this has been destroyed,
    the grey dome on its front.  If you use a Battle OverDrive when the orange dome
    is almost broken, you'll be wasting it.
    Once Dongle has been destroyed, a pedestal will rise at the back of the room.
    Check it to receive the MONO CHOO-CHOO Super Chip, and another Unknown Piece.
    After a brief cut-scene with Ruby and Fuel, you'll return to the Lab.
    Runaway MONO CHOO-CHOO!
    The grand adventure of the Floating Ruins!!
    Go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Valve Air Ruins -> City Ruins: P. Hall".
    Continue forward through the next few rooms until you get to the MONO CHOO-CHOO
    tile that we saw previously.  As you approach it, Ruby will give you some
    advice and a File ("MONO CHOO-CHOO").  Check the MONO CHOO-CHOO tile, and take
    a trip through the mine.
    When you reach the other end of the ride, you'll be in a small room, facing a
    Morphbot, a Red Prickles and a normal Prickles.  Stay out of range of the
    Morphbot until you get rid of the Prickles, then move in and take it out just
    like the other one you faced earlier.
    Once they're all destroyed, the doors will unlock and a pedestal will rise from
    the ground, with the TOKO-SWING Super Chip.  At the moment, we can't get past
    the room behind the door on the right, so head through the door on the left,
    and check the Save Point there.
    Move to the right, and Ruby will jump in with some advice, and send you a File
    ("Toko-Swing").  TOKO-SWING across the gap by using the Hook Magnet, and
    continue around the cliff face.  Break the two pots for a Gear, then defeat the
    Stompy.  Before you swing across the next set of Hook Magnets, go to the bottom
    of the steps and break the pots there for a Spark Plug and a Bell.  Head back
    up and use the Hook Magnets to get to the doorway above.
    There is a conveyor belt in this room that leads onward, but it is blocked by a
    set of large blades.  If you look at the tile in the centre of the flames on
    the floor, you might get a clue as to how to proceed.  Switch to U formation,
    and TOKO-SCREW while moving slightly to put out all of the flames.  Once all
    the flames are out, the blades will begin to move.  Put Bolt onto the conveyor
    belt where he won't be touched by a blade as he passes (don't worry about the
    Tokobots), and you can get to the next room, which is a Guardian Room.
    Red Spikey
    After the Guardian Battle, you will receive a Rare Treasure (Memory Crystal
    Fragment).  Head through the opposite door to proceed.  The pots to the right
    contain a Gear.  Don't forget to check the Save Point.
    Turn to the left and you will see a line of Hook Magnets leading to another
    doorway.  You should also be able to see a warp point, which leads to
    Otherspace Puzzle 2.  To get to the warp point, when you get to the last Hook
    Magnet, let go as normal but then wait until Bolt is level with the Magnets in
    front of the warp point before TOKO-ATTACKing.
    This puzzle is quite a mind-bender.  The key concept is setting up a jointed V
    formation, letting it hang behind Bolt over the edge of a platform, and jumping
    From the start, turn Bolt around 180 degrees, switch to V formation, and Joint.
    Turn the camera around with L2 and then move to the left.  Do a jumping
    TOKO-ATTACK to climb up to the next platform, then Joint again before moving to
    the left.  Move Bolt so that he is near the left edge of the platform, with
    four or five Tokobots hanging off the platform behind him.  With the camera
    zoomed out and directly behind Bolt, wait until you can see the moving platform
    below.  About half a second after you can see it, jump backwards (still
    Jointed), and then TOKO-ATTACK just as you come level with the moving platform,
    and you should latch onto a row of Magnets there.
    If you want to grab the Bell on the distant platform, you can jump over to the
    other moving platform to get close to it.  Once you've got it, head back to the
    first moving platform.
    In theory, you should be able to jump straight from this platform down to the
    one below, but I prefer to TOKO-GLIDE down.  Once you're safely down, face the
    little extended ledge, switch to V formation, and Joint.  Now, walk off the
    front edge of the platform...
    ... and onto the invisible walkway.  Once you're as far forward as you can get,
    make a jumping TOKO-JUMP onto the rising and falling platform in front of you.
    But be careful; it is still pretty far away, and doesn't come to a complete
    stop at the bottom of its motion, so you'll need to jump just before it's going
    to start heading back up.
    Once you're at the top, head to the other end of the platform, then -- you
    guessed it -- turn around, Joint in V formation, and move Bolt so that there
    are four or five Tokobots hanging off the edge of the platform again.  Jump
    backwards and then TOKO-ATTACK to latch onto the Hook Magnet just below.  Swing
    across and use the warp point inside the huge structure.
    You'll be teleported to the final platform, where you will find a Rare Treasure
    (Rod of Judgment) and the exit warp point.
    Once you're back in Valve Air Ruins, head across the Hook Magnets again, but go
    through the doorway this time.
    When you come out, be careful of the Sashi that's hovering out of sight to the
    left.  Once you've taken care of it, break the pots for a Gear, then jump over
    to the moving platform on the right.  Keep moving across the platforms,
    avoiding the Airons, and then use the Hook Magnets to swing across to the final
    platform.  Watch out for the Sashi, though, or you might get knocked off and
    have to repeat the whole area.  Continue through the doorawy.
    Break the crates for two Gears, and check the Save Point.  When you're done,
    check the CRANE-O-MATIC tile on the floor.  Use the CRANE-O-MATIC to pick up a
    block from the conveyor belt above, and drop it onto the switch.  This will
    raise a small platform so that you can make it across a gap.
    Switch to V formation, Joint, and walk up to the ledge.  Place Bolt to the left
    or right edge of the platform, and then jump when the swinging blade is on that
    side, just about to start swinging back in the other direction.  The timing
    here is very tight, and if you get it wrong, Bolt will be knocked away, either
    into the pit or back onto the platform.  Once you're across, make your way past
    the other swinging blades, break the crates at the end for a Spark Plug, and
    head into the next room.
    More Eye Statues!  This time, they only work if Bolt is facing toward them.
    There's also a Rare Treasure hidden in this room, and it's very well hidden
    indeed; it was the last one I found in the whole game!  There are three
    invisible switches in this room that activate a hidden warp point on the
    platform next to the exit door.  This diagram shows the locations of the
    High        END
    on wall           |
    here -> X  _______|
              |  ___
            __| |_  |
             _____| |
            |  X____|
            | |___
            |___  |
                | |
               _| |_
              |X    |
              |     |
    The first switch is on the starting platform, to Bolt's left, so hit that one
    first.  Now use the Magnets to cross the gap ahead, then switch to O formation,
    face Bolt left, and Joint.  Move past the first two Eye Statues, then release
    the Joint.  Face back the way you just came and Joint again, then move past the
    next two Eye Statues.  Right after you pass the fourth Eye Statue from the
    beginning, you'll be standing on the second invisible switch; TOKO-STOMP to
    activate it.  Now release the Joint, face back the way you just came, and Joint
    again to move past the last three Eye Statues.
    Switch to V formation and cross the gap with the aid of the Magnets.  Once
    you're across, Joint again, move one "space" to Bolt's right, and do a jumping
    TOKO-ATTACK to hit the third and final invisible switch.  A short cut-scene
    will show you that the warp point is now active.  Use the warp point and you'll
    be taken to the Otherspace Arena, where you can pick up a Rare Treasure (Golden
    Book).  Once you've finished, continue on through the doorway.
    You'll find yourself in a long corridor with a single Beamod at the other end.
    It won't be too hard to take care of.  Its attack pattern is simply to walk up
    and back over and over again, occasionally stopping to shoot out a laser in a
    circle.  Once the laser has made a full circle, there will be a big explosion,
    so run away and stay away, as soon as you see that laser.  You can attack the
    keeper with the normal Toko-attack, and run under it safely while it's moving.
    Once defeated, the Keeper will drop a Life Bottle (+1/2 heart).
    The next room contains a pit with some Hook Magnets that need to be raised
    before you can use them.  To the left of the entrance is the switch that will
    raise them, and you can activate it by TOKO-STOMPing on it.  However, there is
    a countdown for crossing the pit, and when it runs out, the Hook Magnets will
    drop back to their starting positions.  If -- instead of TOKO-STOMPing the
    switch -- you stand in the middle of the platform and TOKO-ATTACK it from
    there, it will save you a few seconds which can really help if you have trouble
    with Hook Magnets.
    After going through the door at the other end of the pit, you will be in a Save
    Point, with crates that contain two Gears.  Check the Save Point, and save your
    game if you like, then continue through the next doorway, and then through the
    Boss Door in the next room to face Sonic.
    The first thing to note is that there are four holes in the walls of the room.
    Spikeys and Prickles will come and go through these holes periodically,
    although they aren't agressive, so you're better off avoiding them rather than
    attacking them.
    Sonic itself is the tall pylon in the middle of the room.  You can't attack it
    directly, so you'll have to turn its own attacks against it.  Sonic has three
    attack patterns.
    First, Sonic will flash a bright light that changes your Tokobot formation
    randomly.  This isn't really an attack as much as it is annoying.
    Second, Sonic will periodically send out a "blast wave" along the ground, which
    you must jump over to avoid.  You'll get plenty of warning as to when this is
    about to happen, as the arrow-shaped lights on the side of Sonic's tower light
    up in sequence, and the sections of tower move as well.
    Third and finally, Sonic throws out mines from the top of its "head".  This is
    what we'll use to attack it.  The mines are thrown out in random directions and
    also have a time fuse, so you need to be on the ball.  When Sonic throws out a
    mine, switch to U formation and hit the mine with a TOKO-SCREW.  If you hit the
    mine at the right angle, it will slide across the floor and hit Sonic.  If you
    do hit Sonic with a mine, four switches will spring up from the floor around
    its base.  Quickly run over and TOKO-STOMP or TOKO-ATTACK one of the switches
    before they drop under the floor again.
    Hit all four switches to defeat Sonic.
    Once Sonic is taken care of, a pedestal will rise from the ground.  Check it to
    collect an Unknown Piece.  Flames will turn up with Bart to steal four of the
    Tokobots, along with your Unknown Pieces.  You'll also finally get to meet "The
    Boss" behind Flames and Bart... Fuel!   Dah-dah-DAHHH!
    Do-Or-Die Infiltration!
    Get back the Tokobots!!
    You'll be taken back to the Lab, where a call from Minister Flagg shuts
    everything down on suspicion of treason against the Kingdom of Tierra.
    Fortunately, as a trainee Treasure Master, Bolt is free to act, and the
    remaining Tokobots are not Workers, so they're not confiscated.
    When you're ready, go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Grinder Valley".
    After a short introduction from Ruby, you'll be free to explore Grinder Valley.
    But before you head into the level, turn around and face the entrance.  To the
    right you should see a doorway which has been blocked by a boulder.
    TOKO-ATTACK the boulder to reveal a warp point that will take you to Otherspace
    Puzzle 3.  Unfortunately we cannot use the warp point yet, since the game tells
    us that we don't have enough Super Chips.  Turn back around and head down the
    At the end of the corridor is a large room where you'll meet a Chocoroc piloted
    by Bart, and four Movers.  The Movers are very slow and not much to worry
    about, while the Chocoroc fights much like it did under Flames' control.  There
    are also two crates containing a Spark Plug and a Bread Loaf.  Once they've
    been defeated -- the Chocoroc drops a Bread Loaf -- two switches will be
    powered up.
    Climb the ledges to activate the switches.  To hit the switch on the right,
    you'll need to Joint in V formation while facing away from the switch, then
    jump backwards over the edge and TOKO-ATTACK.  The switch on the left can be
    activated by Jointing in V formation while facing the wall, and then jumping
    off the ledge to the right and TOKO-ATTACKing.  Once both switches have been
    activated, the door will unlock and you can proceed.
    The next room is basically a giant pit with a few floating platforms, and three
    doorways on the opposite wall.  There are also two Airons, a Sashi, and a Save
    Point.  Check the Save Point, and then kill the Sashi if it bothers you.  We
    can't do anything in the room behind the left door, and we can't reach the
    center door yet (you'll need the TOKO-JUMP Super Chip first), so head for the
    right-hand doorway.
    The next room consists of a massive conveyor belt running the length of the
    room, surrounded by crushing pistons.  Alex Oliveres' guide gives complicated
    instructions for the timing used to pass this room, but I prefer a brute-force
    strategy; simply dive in head-first and don't spare the jump button (you'll
    move faster).  In this way, I often make it through the room unscathed,
    occasionally I get hit once for one heart of damage, or if I'm extremely
    unlucky I get hit twice.
    The crates just inside the next room contain a Gear and a Bread Loaf, which is
    another reason not to worry excessively about the crushers.  Head to the other
    end of the room and pick up the obelisk there.  When you do, the camera angle
    will change to a top-down view, and a set of glowing lines will appear.  The
    goal here is to move the obelisk to the finishing marker near the entrance, but
    without the tip of the obelisk touching any of the glowing lines.  If you do
    touch a line, you'll lose 1 heart of HP and the obelisk will return to the
    starting position.  Note that it's not just the bright yellow dot that you must
    be careful of, but also the pale yellow "aura" around it, and the game is very
    sensitive about the whole thing, so try to stay as close to the middle of the
    "lanes" as possible.  Once the obelisk has been placed on the finishing marker,
    a Beamod will appear in front of the exit door.  Defeat it and the exit door
    will finally unlock, and you can proceed.
    Check the Save Point to your right, then climb the boxes to the left of the
    door.  Use the Hook Magnets to swing across to the ledge and then check the
    pedestal to be teleported to the Otherspace Arena, where you will face SUPER
    This battle can be tricky, but if you're quick on the jump button, you should
    be OK.
    SUPER TANK attacks by blasting you with a burst of Gatling gun fire.  Just
    prior to firing, it will target Bolt with a blue reticle; as soon as you see
    that reticle, jump.  You really can't jump too early, but if you jump too late,
    you'll get hit, no matter how much you're moving around.
    In order to land a hit on SUPER TANK, you'll need to get around behind it.
    This can be difficult, because it turns fairly rapidly.  However, it does have
    to pause briefly while it fires, so you can make your way around behind it by
    increments.  When you're out of its "vision", SUPER TANK will begin firing
    indiscriminately while it turns slowly.  You have a moment to TOKO-ATTACK it
    before it turns and "sees" you again.  Once you hit it, SUPER TANK will dash to
    one of the cardinal points of the arena, so make sure you're not in its way.
    Three hits is all it takes to win this battle.
    Back in Grinder Valley, drop down into the room below the ledge, which contains
    five Movers and crates that hold a Gear.  You can also head out through one of
    the doors and get back to the Save Point to restore your health, if needs be.
    When you're done, head through the other door (and the door behind it) to
    After Ruby has finished talking, head to the left of the door where there is a
    LAUNCH-A-BOMB tile on the floor (it's hard to see).  Use it to take out the
    four Helibombers hovering around the room.  As for how to deal with the
    searchlights, Alex Oliveres' guide has an excellent piece of advice; leave the
    room (to reset the searchlights' pattern), then re-enter and immediately walk
    across the room, first veering to the right.   Wait for a few seconds when your
    forward motion is blocked, and a way will open up for you to walk straight to
    the other door.  Continue to the next room.
    This room has four conveyor belts moving across the width of the room, with
    occasional blocks travelling on them, creating a challenge reminiscent of
    Frogger(tm).  There are also a Helibomber and two Airons, but I consider it
    harder to kill them than to just avoid them.  Switch to O formation and Joint;
    stay Jointed until you reach the fourth conveyor belt, because if you lose even
    one, you won't have time to call it back by holding R1.
    My genereal strategy to to wait until the last possible moment to jump to the
    next conveyor belt.  However, there's no need to risk it if you can't jump in
    time; being carried away on one of the belts will only put you back at the end
    of the previous room, whereas falling into the pit below will do the same, but
    also lose you one heart of HP.  On the fourth belt, switch to V formation and
    use the Hook Magnet to swing across to the doorway ahead.  The next room is a
    Guardian Room.
    Red Sashi
    Red Speedy
    After the Guardian Battle you will receive a Rare Treasure (Distant View
    In the next room is a narrow walkway with a couple of red Sashis and a couple
    of Spikeys.  Smash the crates on either side of the doorway for a Spark Plug
    and a Bread Loaf, switch to U formation and Joint, then start spinning and
    don't stop until you reach the door on the other side.  If you take the
    left-hand branch of the narrow walkway and ignore the Sashis as much as
    possible, you should have an easy time of it.
    The next room contains a Save Point. The boxes contain a Gear and a Spark Plug.
    When you're done, open the door ahead, and then go through the Boss Door in
    the following anteroom.
    There are four crates in the corners of the room.  The two nearest the entry
    door contain a Gear and a Spark Plug.  The two crates on the opposite side hold
    a Pear and a Bread Loaf.
    Flames is waiting here for you. She will introduce her new robot, Tankaloo.
    Just as the name suggests, it's a kind of Tank.
    Tankaloo has a few different attack patterns.  
    Primarily, it moves randomly from one side of the side entrances to another.
    At every other crossing, it will stop briefly about halfway between the two
    entrances, so that's where you'll have to be waiting to strike the orange
    cockpit from behind with a jumping TOKO-ATTACK.
    Occasionally, Tankaloo will also rear up after it stops, exposing a cannon on
    its underside.  When this happens, hang back and wait for it to fire three
    waves of three fireballs each.  The fireballs move in straight lines and are
    easy to dodge if you stay far enough away.  After the third wave, dash in and
    try to nail the orange cockpit on the back with a TOKO-ATTACK before Tankaloo
    rights itself.
    Finally, if you stay away from Tankaloo for too long, it will begin charging
    between the side entrances at high speed.  However it will only charge from one
    entrance to the one directly opposite, so you can easily stay out of harm's way
    by standing at one end of the room, or near a side wall but between two
    Once you defeat Tankaloo, Flames will reveal that she only has two of the
    Tokobots with her at Grind Valley; the other two are with Fuel at Crank Belt.
    Head through the newly-unlocked door to retrieve these two Tokobots, and pick
    up a Gear from the crates.  Try to open the locked door on the other side of
    the chamber, and Ruby will instruct you to return to Canewood's Lab.
    Raging Battle!
    The Impregnable Crank Belt Castle!!
    When you're ready, go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Kingdom of Crank
    Once you've snuck into Crank Belt Capital City, have a look around.  There are
    three Helibombers -- one Red, two normal -- along with crates containing three
    Gears and a Spark Plug.  In addition, the Red Helibomber will drop a Bread
    Loaf.  There are also five manhole covers that lead to the sewers.  One
    directly in front of your starting position (A), one in the rear corner to the
    right when you enter (B), one under the crates in the alcove to the left of the
    starting position (C), and one each hidden under the left (D) and right (E)
    Below the manholes are:
    Manhole C: A single room containing a vase which holds a Bell
    Manhole E: The secret path into the castle
    Manholes A, B and D: A single room randomly containing one of the following:
    - Two Red Prickles and one normal Prickles
    - A Red Speedy
    - Three Beepers
    - Crates containing three Gears and two Spark Plugs
    - A Guardian Battle:
      Red Speedy
      Red Speedy
      Red Helibomber
      Red Helibomber
      Red Stompy
      Red Stompy
      Red Speedy
      Red Speedy
      After the Guardian Battle you will recieve a Rare Treasure (The Solomon Key).
    If you head down a manhole and don't get the room you wanted, you can simply
    leave without fighting the enemies and the return for a different room.  And of
    course, the Guardian Room doesn't reappear once you've defeated it, and once
    the crates have been emptied, they stay empty.  Once you're ready, head down
    manhole E.
    There's a Save Point here, as well as a Prickles, a Red Spikey, and crates
    containing two Gears.  Don't bother trying to head down the corridor to the
    left (immediately opposite the Save Point); Ruby will simpy tell you that the
    castle is in the other direction.
    If you head down the narrow corridor straight ahead from the ladder, the path
    splits into two.  The right path leads to an area which is currently a dead
    end.  The left door leads to a water-filled room with a bridge across it.  If
    you look to the left, you'll see a warp point just beneath the surface of the
    water.  We can't get to it at the moment, so move on to the next room.
    This is a really tough area to pass, with swing bars moving over water.  First,
    kill the Airon while it's paused on the side, then try to swing across.  If you
    wait until a Swing Bar is about halfway between the closest and second-closest
    pair of columns on either side of the chamber, you should be able to hit it.
    Once on the other side, trigger the switch to lower the water back in that
    chamber with the warp point.  Now it's easy to hitch a ride back on the moving
    Swing Bars.
    In the next room (the one that we just emptied of water), we can now access the
    warp point!  It leads to Otherspace Puzzle 2, but unfortunately we require all
    eight Tokobots to complete it, so it will have to wait until much later.
    If we continue on through the lower doorway that was just revealed, there is
    another puzzle room.  The secret here is that the light grey columns are linked
    as two pairs.  When you jump onto the first column in the pair, it will fall
    while its partner rises.  First, switch to O formation and Joint (to keep the
    Tokobots together), then jump to the first column.  Quickly swap to V
    formation, and wait as long as possible before jumping and TOKO-ATTACKing the
    magnets to get to the next column.  If you jump too early, the second column
    won't rise enough for you to make it to the third column.  The fourth and fifth
    columns are copies of the first two.  From the fifth column, jump across via
    the Swing Bar and hit the switch to lower the water in the bridge room a second
    time, then head back to the bridge room.
    The boxes at the bottom of the bridge room contain a Gear, a Spark Plug, and a
    Bread Loaf.  The door leads to a room with a Fadotron Keeper that can become
    translucent and dodge around the room.  It's invulnerable while translucent,
    but when it stops, it becomes solid for a moment before it fires a bomb at you.
    Six TOKO-ATTACKs will take it down, and it will drop a Bread Loaf.
    Head into the next room for a Save Point and the MECHAN-O-WHEEL OverDrive
    Slate.  Once you take the Slate, Ruby will talk to you and send you a File
    ("MECHAN-O-WHEEL"), and the bridge room on the right of the fork (that we
    couldn't traverse earler) will be flooded so that the bridge is raised.  Head
    back up via the elevators and go through the right-hand door from the fork this
    time.  Use the MECHAN-O-WHEEL OverDrive to lift a bridge that's been submerged
    in the moat, and enter the castle.
    Inside the castle, there are some Helibombers that you can take out with the
    LAUNCH-A-BOMB OverDrive (the tile is on the raised platform with the Magnets),
    and crates containing two Gears, a Spark Plug, and a Pear.  There is also a
    pedestal which will teleport you to the Otherspace Arena, where you can collect
    a Rare Treasure (Initiation Plug).  There are is a new kind of Eye Statue here.
    They are safe when they are facing away from you, but if you move while
    they're facing you, spikes will shoot up out of the floor.  You can carefully
    eke your way across the dangerous section of floor (it has a different pattern)
    by only moving when the Eye Statues are facing away, or you can switch to U
    formation and TOKO-SCREW across.  That way, when the Eye Statues turn, you can
    jump and stay airborne long enough for the spikes to retract again by
    The next room holds a save point and crates which contain a Gear and a Spark
    Plug.  The next area is the Throne Room.
    When you enter the Throne Room, you'll face two guards piloting Chocorocs, and
    two Movers.  Once they've been defeated, the line of rocks in the middle of the
    room will disappear, and you will see a moveable staircase.  If you angle the
    camera up, you will see that in the top of one wall, there is a ledge lined
    with Magnets.  Move the staircase over and use it to climb up.  One of the jars
    contains a Roast.  From the ledge, jump across to the chandalier to open a
    secret passage that was hidden behind the King's portrait.
    This leads to a clock tower chamber with a Helibomber and a Red Helibomber.
    Naviagte your way up to the ledge above, and head through.
    After being treated to a brief cutscene of the rotating tower tops, make your
    way across.  It's actually nowhere near as hard as it seems at first glance.
    The only thing to be careful of is the Airons flying around the other tower.
    Don't climb all the way up the Tokobots on the other side until you're sure you
    won't be immediately knocked back by an Airon.
    The floor inside the next room is stained glass; perform a TOKO-STOMP to smash
    through it.  You will fall into a Guardian Battle.
    Red Helibomber
    Red Helibomber
    Red Helibomber
    Red Helibomber
    Red Stompy
    Once you defeat the enemies, you'll recieve a Rare Treasure (Pair-Annihilation
    Engine), and reveal another stained-glass floor.  TOKO-STOMP through just like
    you did the last one.  The room below has a Save Point and the third (and
    final) stained-glass floor.  TOKO-STOMP again to fall down and meet Bart for a
    Boss battle.
    In the corners of the room are two Gears, a Bread Loaf and a Roast.
    Torcherer is a very simple enemy to defeat.  It only has two attack patterns.
    If you keep your distance, it will charge at you with its head down.  If you
    get close enough, it will try to head-butt you into the ground.  After either
    of these attacks, Torcherer will remain motionless for a moment, when you can
    run in and TOKO-ATTACK the big gear on its back.  Once you've done this, run
    away as fast as you can, because Torcherer will breathe out a huge jet of flame
    while he spins in a circle.
    It's easiest to avoid the flame if you keep Torcherer close to the corners, and
    remember to switch to O formation so that your Tokobots have the best chance of
    staying with you.
    After you defeat Torcher, you'll recieve a File ("Bart's memo").  Go through
    the door to retrieve the last two Tokobots and finish the chapter.
    The Castle bares its fangs!
    The jig is up!  Escape or Die!!
    The chapter starts in the same room that the last one finished in, which has a
    Save Point.  When you're ready, go through the door.  There are crates in the
    next room that contain a Spark Plug.  As soon as you go near the opposite
    doorway, you'll hear a PA warning about an intruder (that's you!) and that the
    castle will be locked down in six minutes.  After a brief talk with Ruby, a six
    minute timer will appear and begin to count down.  You won't have a lot of time
    to spare, so head onward!
    The first room has a narrow walkway which drops away into a deep pit, along
    with some lovely knives that swing out of the side walls.  There is also an
    Airon hovering over one point on the walkway, but it's no real threat.  Toward
    the end of the walkway you'll encounter a large gap that requires the use of
    TOKO-GLIDE to get across; the section of path immediately after the Airon is
    just big enough for you to form a U formation Joint without getting hit by the
    left-hand knife.  Personally, I recommend going into a U formation and Jointing
    for the entire length of the walkway.  To avoid the right-hand knife, wait
    until it has just passed, then move ahead.  Start TOKO-SCREWing, and as you
    near the corner of the walkway, jump across the empty space and TOKO-GLIDE over
    to avoid the left-hand knife on its next pass.  If you do it right, you can
    land without losing any of the Tokobots.
    When you enter the second room, switch to V formation, face right and a little
    forward (about 30 degrees to the horizontal), then Joint.  You'll need to jump
    out sideways and TOKO-ATTACK to hit the Magnets on the first moving platform.
    You'll also need to jump just before the platform comes to a complete stop, so
    that you'll have enough time to climb the Tokobot ladder before the platform
    starts moving back the other way.  Watch out for the Airon (kill it if you
    like), and switch to U formation to TOKO-GLIDE over to the next platform.  As
    long as you jump off the first platform when it's at its leftmost position,
    you'll make it, no matter where the second platform is.
    Switch back to V formation to make it up to the third platform, which hsa a
    Spikey on top.  It won't come at you, but it does get in the way, so rub him
    out with a quick TOKO-SCREW.  It will drop a Bread Loaf.  You'll notice that
    the top of the platform is a giant switch.  TOKO-STOMP it TWICE; once to bring
    it level with the next platform, then again to make it drop below.  Now switch
    to V formation and do a jumping TOKO-ATTACK to climb up to the next platform.
    Your Tokobots have to be lined up extra-straight and you need to hit the switch
    when you're at the absolute zenith of your jump, otherwise the Tokobots won't
    hit the Magnets, or they won't hit them high enough, and you'll just fall off
    after you climb the Tokobot ladder.  Another jumping TOKO-ATTACK gets you into
    the next room.
    The third room is a simple puzzle.  Well... the solution is simple. but
    actually doing it isn't!  There is a crest on the floor when you enter.  If you
    run across the room and hit the switch there, two columns will rise out of the
    ground, and four blocks will appear near the crest.  The two columns act like a
    timer; when they reach the ground, the blocks will disappear and you'll have to
    start over.  To "reset" the columns, just hit the switch again.
    Each of the blocks has part of the crest on it.  A quick look will show you
    that the blocks in the upper-right and lower-left need to be moved to the
    nearest corners of the crest, while the upper-left and lower-right blocks need
    to go to the opposite corner of the crest.  Start with the second pair and you
    shouldn't get stuck.  Once the puzzle is complete, a door will open behind the
    The fourth and final area is another set of rotating towers, like the ones we
    had to pass to get to Bart.  However this time, it's even easier.  Just two
    Airons and one Swing Bar.  When I got here, I still had time to kill the first
    Airon, just to make life easier, although you could certainly make the jump
    without killing it.  In the room on the other side is another stained-glass
    floor.  TOKO-STOMP to escape the castle and end the countdown.
    After a short cutscene, you'll be left in a room with a couple of doors and
    some crates.  The crates contain a Gear, a Spark Plug, a Bell, and a Roast.
    One of the doors is a portcullis (i.e. made from a grid of beams or bars),
    beyond which we can see a warp point.  It leads to Otherspace Puzzle 3, but we
    can't reach it at the moment.  In fact, there are quite a few optional things
    we'll need to revisit the castle for at a later date (See WALKTHROUGH CHAPTER
    8A if you're curious).
    The other doorway has a MONO CHOO-CHOO OverDrive floor tile in front of it, so
    transform there for another monorail ride to get out of the castle altogether.
    At the end of the ride, you'll be in a small room with a Fadotron.  Fight it
    just like the last one, then leave through the door.  The next room holds a
    Save Point and crates with a Gear and a Spark Plug.  Leave through the opposite
    door to go to the rooftops.
    Ruby will tell you where to meet the others, then it's time to go!  The first
    rooftop area is very straightforward, with two Movers, a Red Helibomber, and a
    normal Helibomber to get past.  The next area is very simple too (just make
    sure you move to the left and not down!), with two Movers, two Red Helibombers,
    and a normal Helibomber.  There are some Hook Magnets at the end, but nothing
    too tricky.
    The next area has a Save Point, as well as crates holding a Gear and a Spark
    Plug.  There's a huge hole in the wall which leads on to the next area, but if
    you turn around and head back to the point where you entered the room, you'll
    find a manhole cover.  Heading down hear leads to another Guardian Battle.
    Red Speedy
    Red Prickles
    Red Sashi
    Red Helibomber
    Red Spikey
    Red Speedy
    Red Sashi
    Red Prickles
    Red Spikey
    Red Helibomber
    Red Stompy
    After finishing the Guardian Battle, you'll recieve a Rare Treasure (Camera
    Obscura... Yes, it's the camera from Fatal Frame/Project Zero!).  Now go
    through the hole in the wall to face Fuel.  After a bit of exposition, you will
    have to fight Fuel's Keeper/Worker hybrid, Tornader.
    Tornader has two distinct "phases" in its attack patterns.
    In phase one, it follows you around the room in short bursts, stopping to drop
    a bomb every little while.  The bombs don't have a terribly long fuse, but they
    shouldn't pose any real threat... to Bolt.  To damage Tornader in this phase,
    you need to wait for him to drop a bomb, then double back around him and get
    him to run into that same bomb.  The fuses are too short for anything else, but
    luckily the blasts from the bombs are quite small, so you shouldn't get hit
    while running between them.  After a few hits like this, Tornader will switch
    to phase two.
    In phase two, Tornader will walk to the opposite end of the room from you,
    occasionally launching mini-tornados at you.  Although the mini-tornados move
    in a striaght line, they are tall enough to reach you on the overhead Swing
    Bars.  Also, spikes stick up through the floor from time to time.  You can
    avoid the spikes by paying attention to the flashing warning lights that come
    on just before this happens.  In order to attack Tornader, you need to get
    across the room on the Swing Bars, then TOKO-ATTACK the orange cockpit from
    behind.  Make sure that you line up properly before you start swinging, because
    if you hit Tornader instead of landing on the other platform, not only will you
    take damage, but it will move to the opposite end of the room again.  After two
    hits, Tornader will move back to phase one.
    Rinse and repeat.
    After the battle, you will recieve the "Colonel's Key", the Super Chip for
    TOKO-JUMP, and a File ("Toko-Jump").  Finally, we can go back to Canewood's
    Reveal the truth!
    The secrets of The Power to Control the World!!
    After a bit of debriefing from Ruby and Mr. Canewood, Minister Flagg will call
    and ask for the Lab to investigate a locked door in Grinder Valley.  Hmm,
    sounds like that key we just picked up might do the trick!
    Once you've finished with the Lab, head to the Deployment Hatch.  You'll notice
    that we can't go anywhere other than Grinder Valley for now, so that's where
    we're headed.  Select "Entrance" as your entry point.  Ruby will spout some
    nonsense about only being able to take four Tokobots, but don't worry about it.
    When you start the level, turn around and use the warp point behind you.  Yes,
    now we apparently have enough Super Chips to go to Otherspace Puzzle 3.
    This is an unusual Otherspace Puzzle, in that it doesn't actually exist in
    Otherspace, but instead seems to be just a different part of Grinder Valley.
    Because of this and a couple of other strange things in this area, I suspect
    that this was just a rough version of the area and no-one remembered to come
    back and clean it up before mastering the game for distribution.
    Whatever the case, watch out for the lava below.  It starts to rise slowly as
    soon as you enter the area, but you don't have to go that fast to keep ahead of
    it.  Be warned that there's a bug that sometimes makes the lava rise rapidly
    before you have a chance to make it across.  I don't know what triggers it, and
    I don't think there's any way around it.
    The first thing we're faced with is a bunch of moving Hook Magnets.  For some
    reason we've got all eight Tokobots in here, so use them to swing across the
    Hook Magnets to the left and latch onto a line of Magnets on a platform there.
    Timing is critical; don't be afraid to fall back, even all the way to the
    starting platform, if it doesn't look like you'll make the last swing.
    Head up the ramp to the right, switch to U formation, and TOKO-GLIDE across to
    the floating platform.  Even though it's flat and the wrong colour, that's
    still a switch; TOKO-STOMP it three times to make the platform rise up.  Climb
    up onto the platform on the left.
    There's a very long Hook Magnet jump to make, but you can do it.  Afterwards,
    climb up to the next platform, but be careful of the two Red Sashis up there,
    which will shoot bombs at you.  Once you defeat them, keep heading right and up
    onto the next platform.  From there, you will be able to latch onto a Hook
    Magnet that moves up and down, and then to another Hook Magnet moving left and
    right.  Swing onto the next platform, activate the (normal-looking) switch, and
    take the newly-activated elevator up.
    TOKO-GLIDE across the stone platforms to the right, and then activate the
    switch to start a Hook Magnet moving up and down.  Latch onto it (I TOKO-JUMPed
    onto the top of the block and jumped from there, but you may be able to make it
    from the platform itself) and head up to the next platform, where you'll find a
    Rare Treasure (3-Headed Dragon Statue - Middle Head) and the exit warp point.
    Once you collect the Rare Treasure, the music finally changes to the normal
    Otherspace music.  Weird, but at least it all works well enough.
    When you return to Grinder Valley, head down the corridor and through the large
    Now we're back in the room with all the floating platforms.  There are two
    Airons and a Red Sashi here too.  Kill the Red Sashi if it annoys you, then
    head toward the doorway in the middle.
    It is very difficult to get to the middle door in the Moving Bridge room, but
    it can be done.  You just need to be very careful with two TOKO-JUMPs.  Not
    only does the lower platform move left and right, but the upper platform moves
    a small amount forward and back, so you need to watch your timing.  Walk
    through the middle dorway to be (inexplicably) teleported to the Otherspace
    Arena, where you will find a Rare Treasure (Sapphire Fake Eye).  Once you take
    it, you will be teleported back to the Save Point in the Moving Bridge Room.
    This time, head for the left-hand doorway.  Inside, you will find a
    MECHAN-O-WHEEL plate.  Activate it to use an elevator that takes you down a
    level.  After the brief cutscene, swing across the Hook Magnets, and don't
    forget about the last line of Magnets after you drop from the last Hook Magnet!
    Collect the Unknown Piece and you'll automatically return to the Moving Bridge
    Now work your way over to the right-hand doorway.  The crates in the obelisk
    room still contain a Gear and a Bread Loaf, so grab them.  Continue moving
    through the following rooms; they are all pretty much the same as the last
    The changes are:
    - The searchlight room is now empty.
    - The Helibomber in the conveyor belt room has been replacd with a Red Sashi.
    - The Guardian Room is empty.
    - The crates in the walkway room contain a Spark Plug and a Bread Loaf.
    - The crates in the 2nd Storage Ridge Save Point are empty.
    - The crates in the Boss Battle room only contain a Pear and a Bread Loaf.
    - The crates in the Tokobot storage room contain a Gear.
    Now we can pass through the other door in the Tokobot storage room with the
    Colonel's Key.  Use the elevator it reveals to travel down to Fuel's private
    room.  The crates here hold a Bell.  Check the bookshelf to recieve a File
    ("The Two Keys of Master Gear"), some Pass Codes (previously Unknown Pieces),
    and the Pass Code Finder and matching File ("Pass Code Finder").  Check the
    back of the desk to recieve another File ("Power to Control the World"), and an
    Information Slate ("5 Earthquakes").
    Return to the lab for some instructions, then head out.  I recommend heading
    back to the Kingdom of Crank Belt first, to tie up some loose ends and complete
    a side quest, but this part is optional.  If you don't want to do it, skip
    forward to WALKTHROUGH CHAPTER 8B (CH8B).
    Kingdom of Crank Belt (Revisit, optional)
    When you're ready, go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Kingdom of Crank Belt
    -> Ancient Tunnel".
    Now we're back in the area with the forked path and the passage that Ruby told
    us not to follow.  Mmmm... forbidden passage... Let's go down there now (left
    of camera when you enter the area).
    Flames is waiting here with Chocoroc III, an improved version of her original
    Chocoroc.  Before the battle begins, you'll recieve a File ("Flames' Poem").
    Chocoroc III has two spinning Perhistoric lasers like the last time we faced
    Flames, but this time, there's no way to deactivate them.  Fortunately,
    Chocoroc III doesn't actually make any attacks itself.
    Walk right up to it, jumping over the lasers as they come around to face you.
    When you're close enough, only one of the lasers will actually be able to hit
    Bolt, as you'll be between Chocoroc III and the other laser.  When you hit it
    with a TOKO-ATTACK, you actually become invulnerable for a moment.  So, if you
    can time your attacks with the other laser which can still hit you, this fight
    should be a no-brainer.
    After you defeat Flames, you'll recieve a Life Bottle (+1 heart).  If you've
    been following this guide, this should be the last one, bringing your maximum
    HP up to ten hearts.
    Head back out, and go through the left-hand door after the passage splits up.
    TOKO-GLIDE over to the warp point to enter Otherspace Puzzle 4.
    Time for more Hook Magnet madness!
    Switch to V formation, and do a jumping TOKO-ATTACK to hit the first Hook
    Magnet when it's closest to the platform.  When it moves closest to the next
    Hook Magnet (I usually have to wait for the first Hook Magnet to move away and
    back again before the timing is just right), swing across.  Keep swinging
    onward and upward along the Hook Magnets until you reach the highest one.  The
    next, last Hook Magnet will plummet away as soon as you hit it.  You must hit
    it, swing forward, and release the swing on the FIRST SWING (i.e. without
    swinging backward even once), otherwise you will fall with the Hook Magnet.
    TOKO-ATTACK to hit the next Hook Magnet.
    Swing across to the next Hook Magnet, and wait until your swinging and the
    rotating platform are synchronised.  There's no hurry.
    Finally, there is one last line of Magnets on the final platform.  Pick an end
    of the rotating platform to wait at, and time your jump carefully.  The final
    platform isn't too far away, but you will have to line up properly.
    At the end, you'll recieve a Rare Treasure (Mythril Bullets), and find the exit
    warp point.
    Head back out and take the right-hand doorway.  In the room after you cross the
    drawbridge, you'll find crates that contain a Pear and a Gear.  The next room
    is a Save Point, and all the crates are empty.
    In the throne room, the pots on the ledge only contain a Roast, so unless
    you're low on health (and you shouldn't be, you just passed a Save Point),
    don't bother with the stairs, just head through the seret passage behind the
    Continue on through the level until you reach the room where you fought Bart.
    In the corners of the room will be a Gear, a Bread Loaf, and a Roast.  Keep
    moving through the following rooms.  This time there's no time limit, which
    makes things a little lese tense.
    When you reach the Crest Puzzle room, check out the left-hand wall.  See that
    hole?  Use a TOKO-JUMP to launch Bolt into it.
    The next room is a massive pit with a couple of Hook Magnets suspended over it.
    There is also an Airon and a couple of Black Helibombers.  Kill the Airon to
    make life a little easier.  There's no simple trick to getting past the
    Helibombers; just hope that they don't hit you and you don't hit them!
    Once you reach the other side, use TOKO-GLIDE and jump down the shaft.  In the
    north face of the shaft is a small alcove, which is what you should be aiming
    for.  It looks like just a big, flat grey area on the screen, thanks to poor
    lighting.  Just keep pushing up until the camera angle changes.
    In the alcove is a pedestal holding a slate that will teleport you to the
    Otherspace Arena, where you will face Bart and an improved Torcherer.  It has
    the same attack patterns as before, but a shorter recovery time and a faster
    charging speed.  Once you defeat Bart, you'll find out a bit about his secret
    mission, and you'll also recieve the OCTO-PULSE OverDrive.
    Once you're returned to the Crest Puzzle room, continue on across the rotating
    towers and down through the stained-glass floor.  In this room are crates
    containing a Gear, a Spark Plug, and a Roast.  We can also get through to the
    warp point that was previously blocked off, which will take you to Otherspace
    Puzzle 5.
    When you enter this area, you're notified that you cannot use the TOKO-GLIDE
    From the start, jump up onto the left platform, and use the warp point there.
    Now jump up to the next highest platform, and then the next highest again, and
    use the warp point there.
    There are two platforms you can jump two from here.  Turn around so that Bolt
    is facing both of them; jump onto the left platform and teleport.
    From here, jump up to the next highest platform and teleport.
    Finally, jump up to the very highest platform and teleport.
    Now you will be on a large platform with two Fadotrons.  Defeat them to recieve
    a Rare Treasure (Forgotten Crown) and activate the exit warp point.
    Use the MONO CHOO-CHOO to ride to the next Save Point, and return to Canewood's
    Valve Air Ruins (Revisit)
    When you're ready, go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Valve Air Ruins ->
    Plaza of Prayer".
    Continue into the ruins the same way that you did the first time, until you get
    to the ledge that Ruby told you to avoid earlier.  Now you can use TOKO-GLIDE
    to get down to that ledge, where a Red Speedy is waiting.  The crates contain a
    Gear and a Spark Plug.  Enter the door way and you'll find yourself in a narrow
    corridor with Eye Statues in the walls.
    Switch to V formation, and Joint facing left.  advance up the corridor until it
    turns to the left.  Continue ahead without releasing the Joint, and kill the
    Sashi.  Keep Jointed until the corridor turns to the left again.  Release the
    Joint, face left (i.e. down the corridor you just came from), switch to O
    formation, Joint, and move down the corridor.  Follow the corridor around until
    you're standing on top of a switch, then TOKO-STOMP.  The Eye Statue ahead will
    lift away to reveal a pedestal with a Pass Code piece.  Pick it up and you will
    be teleported back to the ledge overlooking the door to the Eye Statue
    Head through the nearby doorway, go around the towers to the right, and climb
    up the Magnet ledges until you get close to the top.  Opposite the top doorway
    in this room is the warp point that we uncovered earlier.  Now that we have the
    TOKO-SWING Super Chip, we can finally complete it.
    You cannot move the camera in this area.  Nor, I think, would you want to.
    Run to the left, and use the Hook Magnet to swing across to the next platform.
    Then turn around and use the same Hook Magnet to swing up to the platform above
    the one you started on.  Hit the switch to start the Hook Magnet moving up and
    Head back to the left, and use the Hook Magnet to TOKO-SWING to get to the next
    platform, above and to the left.  This platform has another switch; activate it
    to start a block moving between this platform and the next.  Use a TOKO-ATTACK
    to climb up to the next platform, then turn back to the left and latch onto the
    moving Hook Magnet.
    From there, swing to a second, stationary Hook Magnet, and then a third, moving
    Hook Magnet.  Finally, swing to a line of Magnets and climb up to yet another
    platform with a switch on it.  This will activate another moving platform, and
    shift the camera angle so that you can see it.  It is possible to jump straight
    down onto it at the right time, but the perspective is hard to trust, so you
    might want to switch to U formation and TOKO-GLIDE down.
    From the moving platform, you will be able to TOKO-ATTACK a line of magnets on
    the final platform, where you will recieve a Rare Treasure (3-Headed Dragon
    Statue - Right Head), and activate the exit warp point.
    Now head out the top doorway, and head across the little Magnet-lined gap, then
    through the doorway.  There's a Save Point here, so save if you like, then
    proceed through the far door.
    Continue on and after the MONO CHOO-CHOO ride, take the right-hand door.  There
    are three pillars of different heights in this room; move them to create a sort
    of staircase leading to the hole in the top of the wall, then jump up and use
    TOKO-JUMP to throw Bolt into the hole.
    You'll find yourself at one end of a mist-filled canyon with a lot of Hook
    Magnets.  There's no trick to it; just swing all the way across, collect
    another piece of the Pass Code slate, and you'll be taken back to the room with
    two doors.  This time, take the door on the left.  There's a Save Point right
    next to the door in the next area, and since the Pass Code Detector should now
    be dead, let's head back to the Lab.
    Damper Rock Ruins (Revisit)
    When you're ready, go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Damper Rock Ruins ->
    Temple: Rear Gate".
    Head through the nearby door, and continue past the switch in the next room
    without activating it.  You'll find an area with three Red Spikeys, and pots
    containing a Spark Plug (and a Bell, if you didn't collect it earlier).  On the
    left-hand wall you'll find a hole.  Use TOKO-JUMP to launch Bolt through it.
    In the next room you'll find two Red Spikeys; kill them.  In the ground is an
    arrangement of cogs, but they all have their spokes sticking up out of them.
    You need to bash them all down.  There are two ways to do this.
    The first way, as suggested by Alex Oliveres is to use TOKO-ATTACKs to hit them
    down like a hammer.  To be honest, this way is probably easier but it didn't
    even occur to me.
    The second way, which is how I did it, is to use TOKO-STOMP to whack the spokes
    down like a pile driver.  You can jump onto the shortest spoke directly.  The
    mid-height spoke can be reached by using a TOKO-JUMP from the outer stone part
    of the floor next to it.  To reach the top of the highest spoke, you'll need to
    drag the box over from the corner, and TOKO-JUMP from the top of it.  Once
    you're on the head of the spoke, you should hold down R1 to Joint and then move
    the left analog stick in circles.  While Jointing, you can't fall off, and
    pretty soon you will have Jointed the four Tokobots you need to do a
    Either way, once all the spokes have been hammered down, the gears will engage,
    and the locked door will unlock and open.  Proceed through it to face Taji and
    his Karakuri, which will OverDrive again to become Griffon.
    What the hell is this guy's problem?!  Can't he just leave us alone?  Whatever,
    it's time to crush him again.
    If you stay away from Griffon, it will drop low to the floor and flash a bright
    light that changes your Tokobot formation randomly.  Then it will launch loads
    of blue bubbles.  Switch to U formation and keep TOKO-SCREWing until you have a
    clear path through, then run up behind it and do a jumping TOKO-ATTACK to
    damage it.  Griffon will wait wherever it is until all of the bubbles have been
    destroyed, eithter by you or by hitting the walls.  If you stay around the
    middle of the room, you will be far enough away from Griffon to trigger the
    bubble attack, but close enough to run around behind it after you clear a path.
    If you get too close to Griffon, it will either dash to another corner, or it
    will perform a ground strike, which you can avoid by jumping.
    Taji will interject with a comment once Griffon is down to 50% health, but it
    doesn't change anything in the battle.
    After the battle, Taji drops a clue about who he is, and suddenly decides that
    Bolt looks like an honest guy.  Gee, that's nice, but couldn't you have decided
    that BEFORE you fought us three times?  Whatever.  You'll also recieve an
    Information Slate ("The End of the World").  Enter the next room and retrieve
    the Pass Code piece from the pedestal.  You'll also pick up another Information
    Slate ("About 'The Power'").
    Head back out to the switch that you passed earlier, and activate it.  Continue
    through the level as normal, until you get to the first slope with rolling
    logs.  When you get to the top of the room, turn around and TOKO-GLIDE across
    to the moving platform, then TOKO-GLIDE again to get to the wrap point that
    will take you to Otherspace Puzzle 7.
    When you enter this area, you're notified that you cannot use the TOKO-JUMP
    Well, it's a Tokobot version of that perennial Japanese favourite, Sokoban!
    Before you begin, you're given an overview of the whole floor, so take it in.
    The goal is to push the glowing blue block onto the glowing blue area in the
    upper-left of the floor.
    The puzzle is very easy (because you can pull blocks as well as push them), so
    I'll be brief.  Here's the starting position:
           _  |  _  |
    ______| |_| |_| |
    _____W B E____  |
       ___|S|  ___| |
     _|  _  | |  ___|
    |*  |_| |_| |
    Labeling the four blocks nearest the entry warp point (*) as B (for Blue), and
    E, W and S (for East, West and South respectively), start by pulling S down,
    and then -- by running around to either side of it, pushing and pulling -- move
    it into the lower-left space on the floor, near the entry warp point.
    Now push B up into the little niche, and then push E out to the right just
    enough so that you can get back to the entry warp point by running around the
    outside on the right.  Now pull W to the right so that it's sitting in the
    middle of the intersection, just below B.  Run around the outside to get below
    W, and pull it down as far as you can.  Run back around the outside and finish
    pushing W to the bottom.  Head back around the outside yet again, and push W
    over to the left, so that it's touching S.  The lower area should now look
    something like:
           _  |  _  |
    ______|B|_| |_| |
    ______   ____E  |
       ___| |  ___| |
     _|  _  | |  ___|
    |*  |_| |_| |
    Leave B where it is for now, and head to the upper-left part of the level.
    Push the orange block there up half a space, walk around it, push it back down
    to its starting position, then push it left into the niche.
    Run back to B and pull it down into the middle of the intersection.  For the
    last time, run around the outside, and push B to the left.  From here on it's
    smooth sailing to get B onto the glowing blue square.
    Once that's done, the wall block will dissapear, and you will be able to get to
    a Rare Treasue (Royal Benevolence) and the exit warp point.
    When you return to Damper Rock Ruins, keep going through the level until you
    reach the second big slope with rolling logs.  Ruby will tell you that there is
    a warp point nearby.  Right at the back of the room, there is a pot on either
    side of the ramp.  The pot on the left holds a Bread Loaf, while the one on the
    right contains a Gear.
    Once at the top of the ramp, turn around and you will see a line of Hook
    Magnets leading to a warp point above the door you entered through.  Swing
    across and use the warp point to enter Otherspace Puzzle 8.
    This Otherspace Puzzle contains a new twist; the layout changes depending on
    which formation you put the Tokobots into.  The starting platform is safe, so
    try having a play around before you move off.  You might be able to see that
    platforms with certain patterns only appear while the Tokobots are in a certain
    Once you realise this, it's actually pretty easy to traverse the platforms.
    The last section is a little tricky, though.  You need to activate a switch on
    the wall while in U formation.  The answer is to TOKO-SCREW, then jump into the
    switch.  This will cause a platform to appear that will allow you to reach a
    warp point.
    The warp point will take you to the next section, where you need to pass four
    swinging blades while in V formation.  Forget about the Tokobots, just get Bolt
    through safely.  Once you're through, switch to O formation and walk straight
    off the edge of the platform.  You will land on a platform below and you can
    walk right across to claim the Rare Treasure (Chaotic Music Box), and activate
    the exit warp point.
    When you return, the hole where the rolling logs were coming from will have
    been sealed.  Continue on.  The pots in the next room contain a Pear.  In the
    Eye Statue room, the pots in the downstairs area contain a Gear and a Bread
    The crates in the following Save Point are empty, as are the pots in the room
    after it.  Keep travelling until you enter the room where Ruby comments on the
    high ceiling.  Climb up to the highest ledge you can reach with TOKO-ATTACKs,
    then use TOKO-JUMP to throw Bolt onto the top ledge, which has a switch on it.
    Activating the switch will drain the water from the lake outside, revealing a
    warp point.
    Head to the anteroom in the back of the hall, where there are pots containing a
    Gear and a Roast.  Proceed through the door to get to the main gate and a Save
    Point.  Head out through the gate, and walk around to the right to get to the
    rear entrance.  Once you're over the wall, drop down into where the water used
    to be, and use the warp point, which leads to Otherspace Puzzle 9.
    The first section is a walkway with alternating vertical and horizontal blades
    passing along its length.  You can easily jump the horizontal blades, and every
    row of vertical blades is missing one "tooth", where you can safely pass
    through.  Do a jumping TOKO-ATTACK to climb up to the next platform.
    The second section is a bit trickier.  There is a row of six Hook Magnets that
    are raised and lowered in order.  To make it across before they drop away,
    you'll have to make most of the swings in one motion (i.e. no swinging
    backwards).  The last swing puts you in range to hit some Magnets, so you can
    climb onto a platform with an elevator.  Use the elevator to go up to the third
    The third section is a longer version of the "move the obelisk without touching
    the lines" from Grinder Valley.  There is also a horizontal line moving slowly
    up the course, so you've got to be pretty snappy about it.  Getting the obelisk
    to the finishing mark will activate the elevator to the fourth section.
    The fourth section has a ten-second countdown timer which starts as soon as you
    arrive.  Once the timer counts down, spikes will shoot up from the floor.  Use
    the U formation TOKO-GLIDE trick (from Kingdom of Crank Belt) here to avoid
    them.  At the left edge of the platform there will be a Hook Magnet.  As soon
    as you hit it, it will begin moving left and right.  At the leftmost point of
    its motion, swing across the next two Hook Magnets, and climb onto the
    platform.  There are spikes here, too, but only on a small part of the floor.
    In order to proceed, you need to move the glowing blue block to the matching
    floor tile on the other side of the platform.  Once you do, the countdown will
    stop and two moving platforms will be activated.  Switch to V formation, Joint,
    jump on top of the glowing blue block, then jump and TOKO-ATTACK to latch onto
    a Hook Magnet.  From there you can time your release to land on one of the
    moving platforms.  Switch to U formation and TOKO-GLIDE over to the other
    platform when they are close together, then jump and TOKO-ATTACK to climb onto
    the final platform, where you will find a Rare Treasure (Rainbow Prism), and
    the exit warp point.
    Now you can either go to the Save Point, teleport back to the Lab, and then use
    the Deployment Hatch to travel to "Damper Rock Ruins -> Oil Refinery: Inside",
    head up the platforms and continue forward from there, or you can use TOKO-JUMP
    to climb back out and walk back around to the main gate, continuing through the
    Either way, get to the room with two big gears on the floor and three doors on
    the opposite wall.  Go through the center door, to the room with the
    LAUNCH-A-BOMB plate in the floor.  Now head through the left door.
    Outside you will find a raised drawbridge and a MECHAN-O-WHEEL plate.  Activate
    the MECHAN-O-WHEEL plate to lower the drawbridge and cross the gully.  Continue
    along the canyon and you'll find a CRANE-O-MATIC plate next to a block-moving
    The puzzle is a copy of the image from the Emblem Slate, with pieces missing.
    Various pieces (including some that don't belong at all) move along the top of
    the field on a conveyor belt, and you need to pick them up and drop them into
    the appropriate space on the field.  It's pretty easy, since the image is
    completely symmetrical, and if a piece of the image is missing on one side, it
    will be present on the other for comparison.
    Once the picture is complete, the nearby door will be unlocked, and you will be
    able to pick up the last Pass Code piece.  You will also find two Information
    Slates ("Lord of Damper Rock", and "The Master Gear Report").  You will return
    to Canewood's Lab for some debriefing.
    Showdown in Master Gear!
    The Final Weapon is set in motion!!
    After a bit of discussion and a look around the lab if you need to do anything,
    go to the Deployment Hatch and select "Valve Air Ruins -> Entrance".  In fact,
    that's the only place we can visit in Valve Air Ruins, at the moment.
    When you get there, you will discover that someone has kicked the crap out of
    Taji and his Griffon.  After the cutscene, you'll be in a room with a Save
    Point and some crystals.  The crystals are destroyable, and contain two Gears
    and a Spark Plug.
    The next room is a bit tricky.  There's a rotating Eye Statue at the far end of
    the corridor which will hit you if it sees you.  Ruby won't say anything until
    you're on the Magnets after the Hook Magnet and just about to climb onto the
    platform above.  Basically, you'll be fine if you don't move while the Eye
    Statue is facing you.
    Once you get onto the platform, switch to U formation and TOKO-SCREW the gear
    on the left.  This will raise a block so that you can cross the next pit.  Then
    TOKO-GLIDE over to the block.  Once you land, there's some bad news and some
    good news.  The bad news is that the block stars sinking as soon as you land on
    it.  The good news is that the Eye Statue can't see you once you sink below the
    level of the floor it's sitting on.
    Switch to V formation, Joint, and head for the other side of the block.  Aim
    for either the left or right side of the Magnets, and don't jump until the
    swinging blade is moving to the other side.  Climb up and head through the
    doorway on the left.  After the cutscene, head through the Boss door to fight
    Dongle again.
    Dongle fights exactly the same way as it did the first time you fought it, so
    just kick its ugly metal hide again, grab the Bread Loaf that it drops, and
    head for the elevator.  At the bottom of the elevator is another Boss door,
    this time leading to a fight with Sonic.
    Again, Sonic fights in exactly the same fashion as it did previously.  Knock
    its block off, then head to the elevator.  You'll enter a room with a Save
    Point, some crystals (which contain a Gear, a Spark Plug, and a Bell), and a
    hologram of Aria.  After a cutscene with Ruby and Aria, smash the crystals, do
    what you like with the Save Point, and then head down the elevator to the next
    This room appears to be a massive chasm, but there is actually an invisible
    floor here.  Activate the switch to be shown where it is safe to walk.  The
    easiest way to pass this room is to hit the switch and observe the point where
    you need to jump.  Then, switch to U formation, Joint, and head toward the
    jumping-off point.  Even though the floor is invisible, you still won't fall
    off while Jointed.  TOKO-GLIDE across the gap when you think you're in
    position, and then (hopefully), stay jointed and make your way to the other
    side of the chamber.  Enter the Boss door to face Tankaloo; the battle will
    begin immediately, without any prelude.
    Tankaloo fights the same, blah blah blah, drops Bread Loaf, yadda yadda yadda,
    take the elevator, yawn yawn yawn...
    The next room is a massive chamber with no floor.  You start out on a ledge
    with three switchs.  Activating the switches in the correct sequence causes
    pillars to rise up from the darkness, allowing you to jump across the room.
    Activating a switch out of sequence causes Bolt to be teleported back into the
    room where you just fought Tankaloo (don't worry, it's still dead).  The
    pillars do not reset, however.  The correct sequence is (as you are facing when
    you first enter the room) right, left, middle, left, right.
    Once raised, one of the pillars has a warp point on it.  Use it to teleport to
    Otherspace Puzzle 10.
    When you enter this area, you're notified that you cannot use the TOKO-GLIDE
    Switch to O formation, Joint, and run to the left.  When you reach the edge of
    the platform, TOKO-STOMP onto the switch far below.  This will start the
    platform next to the switch moving up and down.  Ride the platform to the top,
    and jump over and TOKO-STOMP the switch to the left.  The next platform will
    now start moving left and right.
    Jump across to this new platform, and wait on the right-hand edge.  When the
    platform stops at the leftmost point of its travel, jump off the right edge and
    TOKO-STOMP the switch below.  This will start another platform moving left and
    right.  Jump to this new platform, switch to V formation, face up and then
    There are two Hook Magnets moving below.  The first is movng back and forward.
    With the right timing, you can jump off the platform to the left (if you jump
    forward, you'll lose your Jointing) and TOKO-ATTACK the Hook Magnet.  As far as
    I can tell, there's need to worry about attacking too early; Once the attack
    reaches its full forward reach, it will stay there.
    The second Hook Magnet is moving left to right.  Time your release from the
    first Hook Magnet to the second, and then from there you can make it to the
    final platform, where you'll find a Rare Treasure (Klein Jug) and the exit warp
    Make your way over the pillars using the Magnets and TOKO-GLIDE, and head for
    the Boss door.  After a short cutscene (Taji will laugh?  I think he'll be too
    busy weeping for a dead world and his lost honour!), you can go through and
    face Tornader.
    Same same, yawn yawn.
    The elevator leads down to a room with the last Save Point in the game, and
    crystals containing a Gear, a Spark Plug, and a Bell.  Do what you gotta do,
    then take the elevator down.
    There's nothing in the next room; it's just a pretty setting for the cutscene
    that plays when you try to open the big door at the other end of the room.
    Once it's done, you'll be facing the next-to-last Boss, Battleby, a custom
    Military Worker being piloted by Fuel.
    Note that there is a Bread Loaf in one corner of the arena, and a Roast in the
    other; whatever you don't use in this Boss Battle will be carried over into the
    final Boss Battle.
    Battleby is an annoying Boss, because it is quite difficult to land a regular
    hit on it.  If you have any OverDrive power to use, don't hold back, as
    Battleby can't block OverDrive attacks, and they won't do you any good in the
    final battle.  While it spends most of the time hovering just out of range of a
    TOKO-ATTACK, Battleby has a few of attacks.
    Sometimes, Battleby will suddenly charge forward and try to deliver an uppercut
    to Bolt.  If you can react quickly enough, jumping backwards and TOKO-ATTACKing
    will let you avoid getting hit, while getting a shot of your own in.
    At other times, Battleby will dash forward and try to pound Bolt into the
    ground.  This attack also creates a small blast area, so a near miss will still
    damage you.
    Battleby's remaining attack is to crouch down and fire two homing missles from
    a backpack, one after the other.  These can be tricky to avoid, but if it
    doesn't look like you can get away from them, you can always jump at the last
    Don't try to corner Battleby; if you leave it no other option, it will simply
    charge right through you.
    Once Battleby has been defeated, Ruby will explain the truth of the situation
    to Fuel, who suddenly realises what a fool he's been.  Unfortunately, since
    Zero has already been set in motion, the only way to stop the Final Weapon from
    activating is to destroy Zero, the final Boss.
    NOTE: Battle OverDrives don't seem to have any effect in this Battle.
    There are two distinct stages to this battle.
    In the first stage, four panels will drop from the ceiling.  In order to
    proceed to the second stage, these panels must be destroyed.  Unfortunately for
    Bolt, the Tokobots cannot damage them.  The solution is to use Zero's own
    weapons against itself.
    Zero will periodically shoot lasers from its eyes.  Switch to O formation, and
    stand behind one of the higher panels.  When Zero starts charging its eye
    lasers, wait for a second, then TOKO-JUMP to have Zero target the upper panel.
    Most time, the laser will also hit the lower panel.  If not, you can always
    stand behind the lower panel and jump away at the last second to have Zero
    destroy it.
    Once all four panels have been destroyed, the battle moves into the second
    stage.  Now, four balls will be floating around Zero.  To finish the battle,
    all four balls must be destroyed, by hitting each one twice.  Unfortunately,
    there are a few details that make this pretty tough.
    First: Once a ball has been hit once, it begins to move much faster, although
    still in the same path.  Second: Zero will still be firing its eye lasers
    periodically.  And third: Once two of the balls have been destroyed, Zero will
    start using a new move, stomping its foot and causing massive blocks of stone
    to fall from the ceiling.  Additionally, when you destroy a ball, Zero will
    blast a wide radius around its throne with its eye lasers from right to left,
    which also creates an explosion.  Zero may also take a swipe with a showy
    energy attack, but it's so short range that you've got to be almost in its lap
    to be hit by it.
    If you stand at the far left or right of Zero's throne, it won't be able to
    target you with its eye lasers, but there is a problem.  One of the balls is
    easier to hit from the far left, while the other three are easier to hit from
    the far right.  But if you destroy a ball while on the far right, you won't
    have time to move away before Zero does its psycho laser blast thing, which can
    do up to five hearts of damage.
    The best strategy I can offer is to make sure you have hit all the balls once
    before you destroy any of them.  That way, you will have less work to do while
    Zero is making the roof cave in on you.
    Congratulations!  A winner is you!  Enjoy the ending and don't forget to save
    your clear file.
    Many of these characters have more to their stories which is revealed in the
    course of playing the game, but I've written these profiles so as not to give
    the twists and turns of the story away.
    A boy in his low teens seeking to pass his Treasure Master licence test.  He
    previously found six small robots in a Prehistoric ruin, and called them
    Tokobots; they turn out to be not only very flexible, but also extremely
    powerful.  Bolt's father is one of the greatest Treasure Masters of all time,
    but he is always travelling, and rarely sends word home about where he is or
    what he's doing.  Bolt himself seems to have a positive attitude at all times,
    but never speaks on-screen.
    A teenage girl who works at Canewood's Lab.  She has been assigned as Bolt's
    Navigator, in which role she stays in constant audio-visual communication with
    Bolt, checking his progress and providing analysis of situations in the field
    based on the extensive knowledge of the Lab's experts and libraries.  She is
    very passionate and almost always has a bright outlook.  She is also convinced
    that she's a good cook, but no-one wants to tell her that her pies are
    Mister Canewood
    A wise old man who is a well-respected minister in the Tierran government.  He
    also appears to be the Chief Administrator of Canewood's Lab, the Kingdom of
    Tierra's official facility for Treasure Masters and archaeologists.  He has an
    amazing amount of knowledge about the Prehistoric era and associated
    technology, which he shares freely.  He is a very strong-willed but subtle
    person who does not have any special respect for officialdom.
    A young man who started out as an archaeological researcher in Canewood's Lab.
    When he was drafted into the army to fight in a recent war, he earned the
    nickname "God of War" from the enemy, for his amazingly ruthless and
    devastating tactics.  While still a military officer, he has returned to
    Canewood's Lab to continue his earlier work, as well as to train new Treasure
    Masters and act as a kind of military attache.  He seems to be back to his
    earlier, firm but kind self.
    Doctor Viola
    A young woman who works as a researcher at Canewood's Lab.  She is a very
    curious person with a voracious appetite for information, which appears to have
    put her below only Mr. Canewood himself -- and possibly Fuel -- in terms of her
    knowledge of Prehistoric culture and technology.  She is the chief of the
    analysis team, which is a combination cataloging/research department.  She has
    a slightly nervous disposition, and speaks without a hint of guile.
    A mysterious young man who - like Bolt -- posseses the ability to control
    Karakuri.  In fact, it is precisely because Bolt controls Karakuri -- the
    Tokobots -- that Taji repeatedly attacks him.  His motives are not discernable
    at first, but he does not seem to be acting for personal gain.  He is very
    passionate, but has a somewhat closed mind.
    On some occasions when Bolt is whisked away to the Otherspace, this young girl
    appears only to him; Ruby apparently cannot see or hear Aria over the radio
    link.  She is very quiet, and often speaks to Bolt in the third person.  She
    seems to have some sort of connection to the Tokobots, but the nature of this
    relationship is initially unclear.
    Lieutenant Flames
    A young woman who is part of a conspiracy to loot Prehistoric ruins for unknown
    ends.  She is somewhat impetuous, and is easily provoked; she cannot stand to
    be called an "old lady".  Nevertheless, she is a trained warrior and pilots a
    series of tough Workers with high skill.
    An older man from a foreign country.  He is in league with Flames, and while he
    appears to take orders from her, he does not seem to think of her as a superior
    in the traditional sense; he treats her more like an equal who has been left
    temporarily in charge.  Flames does nothing to deter this behaviour, so this is
    probably the case.  He is very reserved, both in his general behavour and in
    what details of his life he lets slip.
    "The Boss"
    An unknown person who seems to be in command of Flames and Bart, and also the
    ultimate leader of whatever conspiracy those two are engaged in.  He would
    appear to be a very focused and uncaring man, his orders showing that he gives
    little regard to those whom he cannot use to his own advantage.
    Minister Flagg
    The eagerly anticipated cameo appearance by famous character actor Toshiyuki
    Nishida!  OK, that's nonsense.  Actually, I figured that since I'd already
    listed every other character that appears on the screen during the game, I
    ought to go ahead and list them all.  Flagg calls the lab a couple of times to
    speak to Canewood on behalf of the government of Tierra.
    Gear (Never dropped by enemies)
      Worth 500 G Reward
    Spark Plug (Never dropped by enemies)
      Worth 1000 G Reward
    Bell (Never dropped by enemies)
      Worth 6000 G Reward
      Restores one heart of HP
    Bread Loaf
      Restores three hearts of HP
      Restores all HP
    Blue Capsule (Only dropped by enemies)
      Restore a small fraction of one OverDrive charge
    Life Bottle: 2000 G
      Available at start
      Increase maximum HP by one heart
    Life Bottle 2: 15000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 4
      Increase maximum HP by one heart
    Life Bottle 3: 30000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 7
      Increase maximum HP by one heart
    Charge Capsule 1: 15000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 3
      Increases OVERDRIVE energy storage by one unit
    Charge Capsule 2: 25000 G
      Available after Chapter 5
      Increases OVERDRIVE energy storage by one unit
    Revive Potion: 10000 G
      Available at start
      Prevents Mission Failure if HP falls to zero
    Challenge Ticket 1: 500 G
      Available after completing Chapter 1
      Opens Valve Air Ruins 1 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 2: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 4
      Opens Valve Air Ruins 2 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 3: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 2
      Opens Damper Rock Ruins 1 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 4: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 3
      Opens Damper Rock Ruins 2 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 5: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 5
      Opens Grinder Valley in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 6: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 7
      Opens Kingdom of Crank Belt 1 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 7: 1000 G
      Available after completing Chapter 7
      Opens Kingdom of Crank Belt 2 in Original Time Attack Mode
    Challenge Ticket 8: 1000 G
      Available after completing the entire game
      Opens Master Gear Cave in Original Time Attack Mode
    Illustration 1-10: 800 G each
      Available after completing the relevant Original Time Attack level
      Unlocks Illustration 1-10 in the Sources/Illustrations menu
    Concept Art 1-9: 500 G each
      Available after completing the relevant Original Time Attack level
      Unlocks Concept Art 1-9 in the Sources/Concept Art menu
    Movies: 1000 G
      Available after completing the entire game
      Unlocks Ending Movie in the Sources/Movies menu
    Lvl 1 Straight Slash: 1000 G
    Lvl 2 Double Slash: 35000 G
    Lvl 3 Giga Slayer: 75000 G and Initiation Plug
    Lvl 1 Mega Smash: 5000 G
    Lvl 2 Iron Press: 35000 G
    Lvl 3 The Pulveriser: 75000 G and Pair-Annihilation Engine
    Lvl 1 Gatling Gun: 10000 G
    Lvl 2 Fire Vulcan: 50000 G
    Lvl 3 Fire Storm: 95000 G and Mythril Bullets
    Lvl 1 OCTO-PULSE: 15000 G
    Lvl 2 Laser Storm: 65000 G
    Lvl 3 Armageddon: 120000 G and Rainbow Prism
    Listed in order from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.  The number in parenthesis
    is the order in which you will collect them, if you follow my walkthrough.  The
    value to the right is the Reward you receive for finding each Rare Treasure.
    (09) Initiation Plug: 5000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, on a pedestal in the open
    (10) Pair-Annihilation Engine: 10000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, after a Guardian Battle
    (14) Mythril Bullets: 20000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 4
    (19) Rainbow Prism: 45000 G
      Found in Damper Rock Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 9
    (03) Sparkle Statue: 5000 G
      Found in Damper Rock Ruins, after a Guardian Battle
    (20) Klein Jug: 30000 G
      Found in Master Gear Cave, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 10
    (07) Distant View Window: 10000 G
      Found in Grinder Valley, after a Guardian Battle
    (04) Memory Crystal Fragment: 10000 G
      Found in Valve Air Ruins, after a Guardian Battle
    (17) Royal Benevolence: 30000 G
      Found in Damper Rock Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 7
    (13) Sapphire Fake Eye: 20000 G
      Found in Grinder Valley, behind a hard-to-reach doorway
    (18) Chaotic Music Box: 25000 G
      Found in Damper Rock Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 8
    (05) Rod of Judgment: 25000 G
      Found in Valve Air Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 2
    (02) 3-Headed Dragon Statue - Torso: 20000 G
      Found in Damper Rock Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 1
    (16) 3-Headed Dragon Statue - Right Head: 35000 G
      Found in Valve Air Ruins, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 6
    (12) 3-Headed Dragon Statue - Middle Head: 35000 G
      Found in Grinder Valley, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 3
    (01) White-Silver Outfit: 5000 G
      Found in Valve Air Ruins, after a Guardian Battle
    (15) Forgotten Crown: 25000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, at the end of Otherspace Puzzle 5
    (06) Golden Book: 50000 G
      Found in Valve Air Ruins, after a Guardian Battle
    (08) The Solomon Key: 30000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, after a Guardian Battle
    (11) Camera Obscura: 35000 G
      Found in Kingdom of Crank Belt, after a Guardian Battle
    Thank you for your reading! ^_^

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