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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thekitchensink

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 09/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     / / / /_/ / / / / /_/ /  / __  / /_/ /| |/ |/ / ,<   (__  )
    /_/  \____/_/ /_/\__, /  /_/ /_/\__,_/ |__/|__/_/|_| /____/
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    |                     Tony Hawk's Project 8                  |
    |                 FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.00               |
    |  Date Released: 11/07/06   -()-   Developer: Neversoft     |
    |      System: Xbox 360      -()- Sports>Alternative>Skating |
    Copyright 2007 Ben Parisi <thekitchensink>
    -~Obviously, there will be spoilers. Read at your own risk.~-
    Table of Contents
    You can easily navigate to a certain part by Copy+Pasting the 
    Find Code into your Find/Search bar. You can also probably find a 
    certain goal or gap by searching its name.
    (x.) Guide Part.......................................Find Code
    I. Version History.......................................[VRHS]
    II. Introduction.........................................[INTR]
    III. Controls............................................[CTRL]
              1. Basics......................................[BASC]
              2. Default Tricks..............................[DFTR]
              3. Nail the Trick/Focus........................[NTTF]
              4. Off the Board...............................[OFBD]
    IV. Full Trick List......................................[FTLS]
              1. Trick List..................................[TRLS]
              2. Recommended Substitutions...................[RCSB]
              3. High-scoring Tricks.........................[HSTR]
    V. Goals.................................................[GOAL]
              1. Suburbia....................................[SBRA]
              2. Skate Park..................................[SKPR]
              3. Main Street.................................[MNST]
              4. Capitol.....................................[CAPT]
              5. City Park...................................[CTPR]
              6. Hill Top....................................[HLTP]
              7. School......................................[SCHL]
              8. Slums.......................................[SLMS]
              9. Factory.....................................[FTRY]
              10. Fun Park...................................[FNPR]
    VI. Frequentely Asked Questions..........................[FAQS]
    VII. We’re Finished!.....................................[WFIN]
              1. Copyright, Etc..............................[CPRT]
              2. Credits.....................................[CRDT]
              3. Contact Me..................................[CNTM]
    I. Version History                                       [VRHS]
    1.00 '02/18/07' - Submitted the guide for the FAQ bounty. (Included Version #, 
                      Intro, Controls section, Trick List, Goals, and Legal)
    1.01 '03/20/07' - Added FAQ section with a few questions
    1.02 '06/16/07' - Fixed CONSTRUCTION DROP goal, broke THP8 disc >_<
    1.03 '09/05/07' - I am lazy and have not significantly updated the guide in a
                      long time. Nevertheless, I fixed a typo, added the pointer to
                      the FAQ section in the Slums, and got a new THP8 disc.
    II. Introduction                                         [INTR]
    Tony Hawk has been around for an awful long time. It began when the N64 was in 
    it's heyday, and continues to dominate the skating genre as the only game in
    it. Whether you choose to interpret that as a cause or an effect is up to you.
    In my opinion, it's changed as the games have gone by. THPS and it's N64
    sequels were all effect, but THUG, THUG2, THDJ, THAS, and THAW were all causes.
    On the contrary, THP8 is most definately on the effect side. 
    THP8 is the revival of the Tony Hawk series. The Career mode has been revamped
    to effectively incorporate the Classic goals, the Overworld goals, and sandbox 
    feel and translates into great gameplay. The controls are tight as ever, the
    graphics better than ever, and customization well executed. Overall the game 
    looks, feels, and plays extremely (and addictively) well.
    With EA's Skate soon to arrive on the scene and bringing a completely different
    style of skating, the Tony Hawk series will get it's first competitor. But with
    THP8 at the forefront of the series now, it's unlikely the Birdman will be
    III. Controls                                            [CTRL]
    1. Basics                    [BASC]
    Ollie Tricks
    Crouching - Hold A
    Ollie - Release A
    No Comply - Up-Release A
    Boneless - (quickly) Up-Up-Release A
    Spin - Right button or Left button
    Basic Tricks
    Grab Tricks - B button + Direction {Double Tap}
    Flip Tricks - X button + Direction {Double Tap}
    Grind Tricks - Y button + Direction [Balance Meter] {Double Tap} |Branch|
    Lip Tricks - Y Button + Direction (straight up a ramp) [Balance Meter] |Branch|
    Manuals - Up-Down, Down-Up on Left Thumbstick Stick [Balance Meter]
    Flatland Tricks - From manual, XX, BB, YY, or any combination of two of them
    Stall Tricks - Hold Right Trigger-Y button + Direction |Branch|
    Flips - Left Trigger + Down/Up
    Click Tricks
    Nail the Trick - Click down both thumbsticks
    Focus Mode - Click and hold (for a bit) the left thumbstick
    Switch - Right Trigger on flat ground (no trick in progress)
    Nollie/Fakie - When in normal/switch, respectively, hold Left Trigger
    Wall Tricks
    Wallride - Y button next to a wall
    Wallie - "Wall ollie" Ollie off a wall by pressing A while wallriding
    Wallplant - Ollie, then A button right before contact with wall (straight into)
    Wallpush - Hold Y button when going straight into a wall
    Combo-Linking Tricks
    Reverts - Right Trigger as you land from the air
    Pivots - Right Trigger on flat ground (switches stance)
    Acid Drops/Bank Drops - Right Trigger in air over ramp/bank
    Miscellaneous Tricks
    Natas Spin - Y button on a post/mailbox/etc |Branch|
    Skitching - Up on D-Pad behind a vehicle
    Quick Turn - Double Tap Right button
    [Balance Meter] - means there is a balance meter associated with the trick. Use
                      Up/Down or Left/Right to control the meter. Try to keep the
                      arrow in the center. If the meter is Green, you'll land the
                      trick if the arrow goes off the edge; Red, you'll bail.
    {Double Tap} - means you can Double Tap to perform more advanced variations on
                   the single-tap trick. (ie. B-Left for Melon, BB-Left for Method)
    |Branch| - means you can branch to different tricks of that type without 
               ollieing by hitting XX, BB, YY, or any combination of two of those.
    Button Abbreviations:
    Left Button-LB; Right Button-RB; Right Trigger-RT; Left Trigger-LT; 
    A button-A; B button-B; Y button-Y; X Button-X; 
    Click Right Stick-CRT; Click Left Stick-CLT; Click Both Sticks-CBT
    |     U - Up      |      D - Down     |     L - Left     |     R - Right     |
    |   UL - Up+Left  |   UR - Up+Right   |   DL - Down Left |  DR - Down+Right  |
    "B-X" will mean the B button and then the X button
    "BX" will mean the B button then the X button in quick succession
    "B+X" will mean the B button and X button at the same time
    "B/X" will mean B or X
    2. Default Tricks            [DFTR]
    Since you can ReMap your tricks in certain modes, I will only be listing the 
    specific button and direction combinations for the default trick set.
    (No specials)
    Ollie Tricks
    Ollie - A
    No Comply - UA
    Boneless - UUA
    Nollie - LT+A
    Fakie Ollie - (Switch Stance) LT+A
    Flip Tricks
    Kickflip - L+X
    Heelflip - R+X
    Pop Shove-It - D+X
    Impossible - U+X
    Hardflip - UL+X
    Inward Heelflip - UR+X
    Varial Kickflip - DL+X
    Varial Heelflip - DR+X
    Double Kickflip - L*XX
    Triple Kickflip - L+XX
    Double Heelflip - R+XX
    Triple Heelflip - R+XXX
    360 Shove-It - D+XX
    540 Shove-It - D+XXX
    Double Impossible - U+XX
    Triple Impossible - U+XXX
    360 Hardflip - UL+XX
    360 Inward Heelflip - UR+XX
    360 Flip - DL+XX
    360 Heelflip - DR+XX
    Front-Foot Impossible - UU+X
    FS Shove-It - DD+X
    Double Front-Foot Impossible - UU+XX
    360 FS Shove-It - DD+XX
    Grab Tricks
    Melon - L+B
    Indy - R+B
    Nosegrab - U+B
    Tailgrab - D+B
    Airwalk - UL+B
    Mute - UR+B
    Stalefish - DL+B
    Benihana - DR+B
    Method - L+BB
    Stiffy - R+BB
    Rocket Air - U+BB
    One-Foot Tailgrab - D+BB
    Christ Air - UL+BB
    Seatbelt Air - UR+BB
    Stalefish Tweak - DL+BB
    Sacktap - DR+BB
    Grind Tricks
    50-50 - Y
    Tailslide - L+Y*~
    Noseslide - R+Y*~
    Boardslide - L+Y*~
    Lipslide - R+Y*~
    Nosegrind - U+Y
    5-0 - D+Y
    Overcrook - UL+Y*
    Crooked - UR+Y*
    Feeble - DL+Y*
    Smith - DR+Y*
    Noseblunt Slide - UU+Y
    Blunt Slide - DD+Y
    *When in Fakie, controls are switched to opposite (ie, UR+Y is switched to
     Overcrook in Fakie and UL+Y becomes Crooked. The pairs are Crooked/Overcrook,
     Feeble/Smith, Tailslide/Noseslide and Boardslide/Lipslide)
    ~When perpendicular to a rail instead of parallel, Tailslide and Noseslide
     are switched with Boardslide and Lipslide, respectively, and vice versa.
    Because of the many variables when it comes to what grind you do, I'll simply
    be listing which grind turns in to which when double-tapped, with no button 
    50-50 - 50-50
    Tailslide - Crail Slide
    Noseslide - Noseslide Tailgrab
    Boardslide - Crail Slide
    Lipslide - Noseslide Tailgrab
    Nosegrind - Hang Ten Nosegrind
    5-0 - 5-0 Hand Drag
    Overcrook - One-Foot Crook
    Crooked - 5-0 Overturn
    Feeble - Hurricane
    Smith - Salad
    Noseblunt Slide -Noseblunt Slide
    Blunt Slide - Blunt Slide
    Stall - RT+Grind
    (the type of stall you do is the same controls as grinding)
    Invert Tricks (Lip Tricks)
    SadPlant - L+Y
    Tailbone - R+Y
    Invert - U+Y
    Andrecht - D+Y
    One-Foot Invert - UL/DL+Y
    Gymnast - UR/DR+Y
    Flatland Tricks
    (All flatland tricks must be done out of a manual or nosemanuel)
    From Manual
    360 Fingerflip - XX
    Pogo - YY
    Crossfoot Pogo - BB
    Casper - XY
    Anti-Casper - XB
    Truckstand - YX
    Switch Foot Pogo - YB 
    Rail - BX
    One-Foot Manual - BY
    Spacewalk - LR+X
    From Nosemanual
    Half-Cab Impossible - XX
    Pogo - YY
    Crossfoot Pogo - BB
    Casper - XY
    Anti-Casper - XB
    Truckstand - YX
    Switch Foot Pogo - YB 
    Rail - BX
    One-Foot Nosemanual - BY
    Spacewalk - LR+X
    Miscellaneous Tricks
    Air to Fakie - Off a ramp, land without turning/turning an even number of times
    Caveman - Off your board, Jump (A) then get on your board (LB+RB)
    Spine Transfer - Transfer over a spine
    Half-Cab - Go into Fakie (LT while in Switch) then ollie and spin.
    Nollie - Ollie while in Nollie
    Get off a rail without Ollieing (no points) - RT
    Branching in when you press a combination of two of either X, B, or Y to
    "branch" to a different trick without ollieing. You can branch during a grind,
    invert, stall, or natas spin. Here are the branch controls for each:
    [To get to] Name - [Press] Buttons
    Tailslide - XY
    Noseslide - YX
    Nosegrind - XX
    5-0 - BB
    Overcrook - BX
    Crooked - XB
    Feeble - BY
    Smith - YB
    SadPlant - XX
    Tailbone - BB
    One-Foot Invert - BX
    Gymnast - XB
    From any of these, you can get back to Invert by pressing their buttons again.
    50-50 - YY
    Tail Stall - XY
    Nose Stall - YX
    Nosegrind Stall - BB
    5-0 Stall - XX
    Overcrook Stall - BX
    Crooked Stall - XB
    Feeble Stall - BY
    Smith Stall - YB
    Natas Spins
    One Foot Spin - XX
    L Spin - YY
    Handstand Spin - BB
    From any of these, you can get back to Natas by pressing their buttons again.
    3. Nail the Trick/Focus      [NTTF]
    Nail the Trick and Focus are both new and extremely well executed additions to
    The Tony Hawk franchise. 
    To enter Nail the Trick, click down both Thumbsticks.
    The camera will zoom in on your feet and the board and motion will slow down.
    Now the left thumbstick controls your left foot and the right stick the right
    foot. You can perform flip tricks by moving your feet in various directions,
    but keep them out of the way of the board as it spins. You can only link tricks
    together when the board is in the right position - either grip-tape straight up
    or trucks straight up. To land, simply let go of both sticks when the grip-tape
    is facing up so that they (and your feet) return to the center. The camera will
    zoom out and motion will resume its pace. 
    There are many uses for Nail the Trick. You can incorporate it into small
    things like jumps between grinding or go huge with big air. Also, while you're
    in Nail the Trick mode you'll go slightly higher and farther that if it were a
    normal jump, so it's useful for certain goals and for getting to places you 
    couldn't otherwise reach. You can even spin yourself while in NtT using RB and
    Nail the Trick gets you tons of points. Pretty much all of the multipliers are
    .5: Variety Bonus (ie. From Pop-Shove It to Kickflip) gets you .5, Trucks-Up
    Bonus (Flipping the board from the Trucks side) gets you .5, spinning 180 gets
    you .5 each time, and Perfect Flip (moving the Thumbstick exactly up, down,
    left and right) gets you .5. The points you get, though, is clearly the best
    part. A NtT Kickflip can net you on average 1000 points, a normal one 100. An
    NtT Pop-Shove It usually gets you 600 points, and a 360 1000. That's 6X and 2X,
    respectively, and an NtT Hardflip gets you 2X the norm also. Not only that, but
    NtT's multiplier multiplies only it's points, and then adds the total to your
    overall score. This ups the base points by a considerable amount. (For Example,
    say you have 25000 points and a 5.0 multiplier beforehand and go into NtT. 
    You get a multiplier of 3.0 and a base of 12000, it will do 3x12000 first for 
    36000 and then add that to your previous total of 25000 for a complete score of
    61000, and you'll still have your 5.0 multiplier. That's 305000 now as compared
    to 125000 before, just from that one Nail the Trick.)
    Focus Mode is a new mode that helps manage the balance meters and give you more
    time to think about what to do. To initiate Focus Mode, fill your special meter
    and then click down only the left thumbstick (you may have to hold it for a 
    bit). The camera will zoom in on your bottom half and time will slow, making 
    the balance meter slow down as well. The only restriction of Focus Mode is that
    it tightens your view, so don't use it if you have to find a certain place that
    you don't know of yet (Like Get Theres that you haven't yet tried). Focus Mode
    usually stays for the entire combo, but once you bail or finish the combo it 
    ends. Also, if you have it on for long enough, you'll reach the max time
    allowed and zoom back out. Much of the time this makes you fall because of the
    sudden change in speed of the balance meter (think of an FPS, where you're 
    holding your breath wile sniping and it's still, but when you have to breath it
    is even more erratic than before). The timer used to represent this amount of
    time is your special meter, which you can partially refill while in focus mode
    by landing different tricks (but staying in combo), although it will eventually
    run out no matter how many tricks you do. All in all Focus Mode is very useful
    for things such as Manual and Grind Spot Challenges and to extend combos, but
    if you keep it on for too long it's pretty much a sure bail, so try to use it
    only after you're at the edge of your balance.
    4. Off the Board             [OFBD]
    Getting off your board can be useful in many ways. You can reach areas that
    would be hard/annoying to reach on your board, climb ladders, and set
    yourself up in the right position for your needs. The best way to use Off the
    Boad, however, is to keep your combos going. You can get off your board at
    any time by pressing LB+RB, even in the middle of combos or tricks. If you
    find yourself slowing down in the middle of a combo or heading towards a dead-
    end, get off your board and get to a place where you can continue your combo.
    This is called Combo Run-Out, and counts as part of the combo. You get a small
    timer that measures how much longer you have until the walking interrupts the 
    combo. Try jumping before you get back on to snag a few points with a Caveman!
    Off-Board Tricks
    Off-Board Mode - Right Button-Left Button simultaneously
    Jump - A button
    Wall Hang - Right Button near ledge/edge of wall
    Wall Run - Right button near wall
    Caveman - Off your board, Jump (A) then get on your board (LB+RB)
    Combo Run-Out - (timed) Get off your board in the middle of a combo
    You can automatically bail yourself by pressing LB+RB+RT+LT. There's not really
    any point to it but it's kind of fun >_> Be sure to mash X when you fall during
    a run or competition and the like to get up extra-quick and reset yourself near
    where you need to be.
    Bail Tricks
    Auto-Bail - Right Button-Left Button-Right Trigger-Left Trigger
    Bounce - Y button
    Get Up - A button
    Quick Up - X button
    Direction Bail - RT/LT
    IV. Full Trick List                                      [FTLS]
    1. Trick List                [TRLS]
    Here's a list of every trick in the game that will score you points:
    [Name of Trick/Double-Tapped Version (Triple Tap)]
    Nosegrab/Rocket Air
    Tailgrab/One Foot Tailgrab
    Mute/Seatbelt Air
    Stalefish/Stalefish Tweak
    Airwalk/Christ Air
    FS Shifty
    IndyNosebone/DelMar Indy
    SaranWrap/Between the Legs
    Kickflip/Double Kickflip (Triple Kickflip)
    Heelflip/Double Heelflip (Triple Heelflip)
    Pop Shove-It/360 Shove-It (540 Shove-It)
    Impossible/Double Impossible (Triple Impossible)
    Varial Kickflip/360 Flip
    Varial Heelflip/360 Heelflip
    Hardflip/360 Hardflip
    Inward Heelflip/360 Inward Heelflip
    FS Shove-It/360 FS Shove-It (540 FS Shove-It)
    Front Foot Impossible/Double Front Foot Impossible
    Varial/360 Varial
    Sal Flip/540 Sal Flip
    Fingerflip/Double Fingerflip
    Ollie North
    Tailslide/Crail Slide
    Noseslide/Noseslide Tailgrab
    5-0/5-0 Hand Drag
    Nosegrind/Hang Ten Nosegrind
    Crooked/5-0 Overturn
    Overcrook/One Foot Crooked
    Blunt Slide
    Nose Blunt Slide
    360 Fingerflip
    Half-Cab Impossible
    Anti Casper
    Crossfoot Pogo
    Switch Foot Pogo
    One Foot Manual
    one Foot Nosemanual
    One Foot Invert
    50-50 Stall
    Board Stall
    Tail Stall
    Nose Stall
    5-0 Stall
    Nosegrind Stall
    Crooked Stall
    Overcrook Stall
    Smith Stall
    Feeble Stall
    Blunt Slide Stall
    Nose Blunt Slide Stall
    Natas Spin
    Handstand Spin
    L Spin
    One Foor Spin
    The 900
    Fastest Flick
    Backfoot Inward Heelflip
    Bodyflip Kickflip
    Rocket Backflip
    The Haymaker
    Varial Mctwist
    Fingerflip Airwalk
    Guitar Hero
    Roast Beef
    Metal Horns
    Christian Air
    Tailblock Slide
    One Foot Smith
    Crossfoot Boardslide
    Chocolate Jammy
    Nosegrind 360 Flip 5-0
    Boardslide Body Varial
    Coffin Grind
    Tailslide Backflip
    Russian Boneless
    One Foot Nosegrab Manual
    Kickflip to Andrecht
    Miller Flip
    Frontside Invert
    Spins (180, 360, 540, etc.)
    No Comply
    Fakie Ollie
    Half Cab
    Combo Run-Out
    Air to Fakie
    Spine Transfer
    Bank Drop
    Acid Drop
    2. Recommended Substitutions [RCSB]
    Although you cannot substitute tricks in Career mode (grr...), you should take 
    advantage of it everywhere else. This includes the Two Player, Xbox Live, and 
    Free Skate modes. Here are some substitutions I recommend you make:
    These two are primarily the same, but in general Indy nosebone gets you more 
    points and looks cooler while it's at it.
    Benihana and it's partner Sacktap are both unimpressive tricks that are
    annoying to land. Crossbone, on the other hand, is very nice and easy to land.
    Clear choice here.
    As for the rest:
    SARANWRAP is an iffy one: it's decently easy to land, but I like all the other
    default tricks more.
    MADONNA, although old-school, is hard to land becuase of it's weird angle.
    SHIFTY is quick and easy but has no double tap.
    NONE for NONE!
    I find that all of the defult flip tricks are the best you can have.
    As for the rest:
    VARIAL and SALFLIP cannot land on flat ground, which means they cannot be used
    while grinding, which means they're useless except in Vert, on which you should
    be using grabs anyway.
    OLLIE NORTH has no double tap and is generally weird.
    FINGERFLIP can land on flat ground, but cannot double-tap on flat ground. The
    only default that can't is Impossible, but Impossible also has a triple tap,
    which Fingerflip does not.
    FRONT FOOT IMPOSSIBLE could be sub'd in for IMPOSSIBLE if you want, but IMO it
    takes slightly longer, and also does not have a triple tap.
    FS SHOVE-IT is a toss up. It scores the same as POP SHOVE-IT and is basically
    the same thing. Do whatever you like. 
    Remember that FS SHOVE-IT and FRONT FOOT IMPOSSIBLE are both doable anyway, but
    kind of irritating to perform with double-tapping a direction (DD+X and UU+X,
    respectively). They are available, though.
    THE 900 is obviously the best special, but is unlocked late. It racks up tons
    of points. Use constantly when you get it. Must-have
    FINGERFLIP AIRWALK is very useful, as you can spam it in a bunch of places,
    even relatively small kicker jumps. Plus it looks cool
    VARIAL MCTWIST is a wonderful trick, but takes a bit long. I recommend it, but
    be sure you have enough air and/or use it during a transfer
    FASTEST FLICK is another spammer, but has nothing else special about it. Same 
    THE HAYMAKER is on the fence: fast but useless or fast but good. Your choice
    get the same points, so go with that.
    FLAMINGO and ROASTBEEF are nice, and you can hold them for some extra points.
    GUITAR HERO seems to be a favorite but in my opinion takes too long to start;
    you can get more points by holding a FLAMINGO with the same amount of air
    Really you should only have one or two grab specials, so avoid METAL HORNS and
    DOGWALK and ONE FOOT NOSEGRAB MANUAL are the only worthwhile manuals. Choose 
    one of them, and just use it and Casper for extra manual points
    As I said, RUSSIAN BONELESS is useless: it takes too long and is awkward
    Don't waste any slots on INVERT SPECIALS unless you use a lot. A LOT a lot
    Because of the nature of grinds, it really doesn't matter which one you pick
    but more how long you grind with it, so pick ones that amuse you. My special
    grinds are usually NOSEGRIND 360 FLIP 5-0, CROSSFOOT BOARDSLIDE, ONE FOOT 
    also. Other than that there's BOARDSLIDE BODY VARIAL, COFFIN GRIND, and 
    My Full Special List at Rank 3:
    The 900
    Varial McTwist
    Fingerflip Airwalk
    The Haymaker
    Backfoot Inward Heelflip
    Roast Beef
    Dog Walk
    One Foot Smith
    Crossfoot Boardslide
    Nosegrind 360 Flip 5-0
    3. Highest-Scoring Tricks    [HSTR]
    These are what I have found to be the best 3 tricks in each major catagory
    (Air, Grab, Grind, and Special Air, Special Grab, and Specia Grind). These 
    rankings do not account only for points, but also incorporate how easy the 
    trick is to land, how much air you need to perform it, how much time it takes 
    to finish, if you can hold it, etc.
    1) 360 Flip
    2) Double/Triple Kickflip/Heelflip
    3) 360/540 [FS] Shove-It
    1) One Foot Tailgrab
    2) Mute
    3) Stalefish Tweak
    1) 5-0 Overturn
    2) Hurricane
    3) Salad
    Special Air
    1) The 900
    2) Varial McTwist
    3) Fingerflip Airwalk
    Special Grab
    1) Flamingo
    2) Roast Beef
    3) Guitar Hero
    Special Grind
    1) Darkslide
    2) One Foot Smith
    3) Nosegrind 360 Flip 5-0
    V. Goals                                                 [GOAL]
    A list of every goal in the game, where it is, and a [very] basic strategy.
    Difficulty (* Very Easy, ** Easy, *** Medium, **** Hard, ***** Very Hard)
    Location (If needed, how to get there)
    1. Suburbia                  [SBRA]
    Right Outside the house with the "Pro" mailbox
    Start with the bushes, then get the nearby pumpkin and combo it up for 
    COMBO and all the scores in the halfpipe in your back yard. Once you're 
    done, grab the next pumpkin and the S and move on to the Riches yard. 
    Grab the K and A there and then the T and E in the next yard, along with 
    the third pumpkin near the picket fence. Next, wall plant the snowman 
    and grab the fourth pumpkin on the Owned planter. Finally, get off your 
    board and smash the last pumpkin on your awning, then grind the cables 
    to the next roof and get the secret disc.
    On the curb across from "Shag Dad's Balls" house
    Simple. Just grind around the sidewalk, doing heelflips over the 
    driveways to take you back to the curb on the other side.
    In your backyard
    Again, simple. You can get pro just by ollieing, and to get Sick just 
    enter Nail the Trick a few seconds before you reach your apex.
    The mailbox of the Shag Dad's Balls house
    Natas spin each mailbox. Do a flip trick out that has the same 
    thumbstick direction as the way you want to go (Forward = Impossible, 
    etc.) And manual to get to the next mailbox (Sick is your house)
    Your backyard
    A little harder. Boneless of the top ofthe ramp and get a nice kickflip 
    going and you'll be fine. Don't switch the trick - just use RB to spin 
    to get the required score.
    Near the pickt fence of the house with the pond.
    Decently hard. Turn around and go off the vert behind you for some 
    speed, then do a quick double kickflip + melon while you spin (you can 
    grind a bit on the way back/boneless if you have trouble doing a 540 in 
    time). Keep trying until you get a clean.
    The Riches house
    Vert in the top pool until you have enough air (there's a secret spot up 
    there somewhere). When you do transfer, use the RB/LB to spin fast 
    enough. You should be fine.
    The Riches house
    Easier once you get The 900. Trick in front of each one individually, 
    then when there's not too much time left do one combo, transfering 
    throughout the pools so it will count for all of them.
    The planter in front of "Shag Dad's Balls" house
    This is pretty hard to get sick on becuase there's not really anywhere 
    to get that many points. Switch up your grinds a lot and if you can try 
    to find somewhere you can deviate to for a vert trick or two and stil 
    get back to the line in time.
    The Backyard of the house next yours.
    Easy, just do the tricks it wants you to over the marked spines.
    Skate Park Entrance
    Wallplant the Gate
    The culdesac (the beaver)
    Skitch the car, then ollie off the ramp and wallplant the gate.
    2. Skatepark                 [SKPR]
    The big vert area
    Ah, the filmer. It's a fun challenge, but it can be EXTREMELY iritating 
    sometimes. Anyway, the only advice I can give you is don't do tricks 
    uphill. Also, if you do the tricks in a combo and then fall at the end, 
    none of them count, so land your combos often.
    Up by the picnic-awning area place
    Yes, this one is easier. Land your combos quickly like any other filmer 
    goal. Anything with a Revert at the end must be done off a vert ramp.
    Near the entrance to the school
    I start with the COMBO and all the scores with a twist: when you get to 
    the first O, ollie up from there to the wire that the secret disc is on. 
    Jump off so you land on a ramp, automatically reversing direction toward 
    the M. Continue after that to grab the A, T and E of skate as well as 
    knock over the porta potty near E. Now go and get the porta potty that 
    the first O in Combo was by and proceed up to the next one near where 
    combo started. Next, wreck the last porta potty next to the Snak and 
    Skate. Now go get the S and the T and crack open the bowl. Finally, lip 
    trick the bowl.
    The back of the skatepark near the full-pipe
    Start by transfering into the small bowl. Continue to transfer until you 
    get to the full pipe. Go up to almost the top and then jump and bank 
    drop down the side. Swerve right, straighten out then boneless off the 
    top of the marker and you should reach sick.
    Up by the Snak and Skate; the back wall
    Grind the ledge all the way around until you reach Am. Near the end, 
    kickflip left and grind the rim of the ramps. Go around to the pro 
    marker, then ollie up to the outside ledge (you should get the ledge to 
    ledge gap). Jump over the Flying Skateboards area to the next ledge, 
    then continue up and jump to the flat-ground rail for Sick.
    The top of the wavy path
    Be sure you have special. Manual down the path and turn left at the Am 
    marker. Get to the outside of the upramp for pro, then jump up the rest 
    of the hill and zoom. Manual when you land and turn the next corner for 
    At the top of the path above the park, near the fun park.
    You can probably zom for the entire length of this, but you don't have 
    to. Get special if you want, then start the manual. Turn around the 
    ourside for Am. Continue down and turn left for pro. If you have to, 
    jump for speed, and continue in a straight line from pro for sick.
    At the beginning of the wall near the wavy rail
    Jump to the right side so you get more airtime. Do a kickflip, heelflip, 
    and pop shove it, then any three other combinations of the two sticks. 
    Perfect flips help a lot, but its not too hard anyway.
    The intersection of the rail of the main park and the one from ther full 
    This is simple, just transfer for speed and pull an easy 720 indy.
    The top by the Snak & Skate near Buck Bucksters
    First do the simple 540 varial heelflip. For the next one, grind the 
    rail then acid drop and method into your pipe. Wait till the end of the 
    rail for an optimal angle. The next one is the hardest. Jump and grind. 
    DON'T JUMP OFF THE RAIL. You also don't have to manual between rail and 
    ramp. Boneless off the ramp and do any grab. Land in a grind and 180 
    kickflip out. Finally, pump for speed on the ramps behind you then 
    boneless of the ramp. You don't even have to do the gap just manual out 
    all the way across mainstreet to the ramp and 540 indy. Try to fix your 
    angle for the clean.
    Near the passage to the part with the fullpipe
    Just do everything he says.
    The ramp inside the awning area
    Again the only hard part is to find an area to increase your score. The 
    line itself is not so hard. I recommend jumping off and verting a bit 
    from the first break in rails, then again in the hexagonal bowl.
    The small ledge next to the wavy path.
    This one is slightly easier because its pretty easy to vert for a while 
    and get back. Grind all the wall to the smal bowl then jump off and 
    vert. Vert some more after you get the first flar ground area, and again 
    after you get the area before the full pipe. If you can, get everything 
    except the target then jump to the side and vert one last time before 
    you hit the target.
    3. Main Street               [MNST]
    Near the cheese shop
    Easy tricks and a nice line make for a pretty easy sick. Don't let the 
    many simple things fool you into comboing for too long, though, 
    especially before 180 grab trick+grind.
    The right sideof main street near the movies
    Start by stalling the first sign and jumping off. Keep your combo as you 
    grind up the rail to the S, and then jump to the rail in the 
    mini-shorcut thing. End the combo then grind the next sign and proceed 
    to the K and A and third sign. Head to the last sign next to the skate 
    shop then turn around and get the T. From here go indy the clock tower 
    (be sure to transfer onto the ramps below or you might not get it). Get 
    onto the roof and transfer to the pizza. Proceed to the secret disc but 
    when you fly out get off the board so you land on the roof next to the 
    cup. Jump, grab the E and get back on you board in mid-air so you land 
    grinding the banner. Don't touch the control stick and go back and forth 
    to walplant the billboard twice. Finally, go down and combo the rest of 
    the points while you get COMBO.
    At the top of the downhill.
    Immensely annoying. Aim for the same place you would in real bowling, 
    and bounce your skater until he hits the back wall and breaks some 
    bones. You'll get it eventually, I promise.
    In the shortcut/secret path next to cheese shop
    Just manual down the ramp and to the end of the zig zag path.
    Next to Buckster's Coffee Shop
    This one is a tad tough. Zoom at pro, then jump from the kicker to the 
    outside of the roof. Jump left to the street light, then down to the zig 
    zag path ledge for sick.
    At the top of the school's front steps.
    Simple, just do the same thing you did for the one at the skate park. 
    Boneless if needed.
    The small kicker to the right of the downhill
    Another easy one, just boneless off the top. Do a pop shove it then 
    reverse it, then kickflip while spinning. Easy 15000.
    The bottom of the stairset to the left of the front og the school.
    Triple heelflip 360 until you get it clean >_>
    Near the ramp leading to the theater roof
    Hold RB while doing a Method backflip. Pop shove-it
    Indy at the end. Practice the 360 method backflip in the bowl below 
    before you transfer up.
    Near (gee) the cheese wedge
    Go off the ramp behind you for air. Boneless, then hold the right 
    trigger and indy backflip (for those who can't do this without spinning, 
    just press right and hold b, then return the stick quickly to the center 
    and hold the left trigger and down while still holding b). Do a quick 
    PSI at the end.
    The beaver on the zig zag path
    Very easy. To get the high poster, jump up to the rail and then quickly 
    wallride the poster. The flatpland is the same as the filmer: if you 
    fall, nothing counts, so land your combos.
    Follow the arrows and combo in front of each. It's only 1000 points, do I
    really have to say anything?
    Next to the skate shop
    The demo in the beginning is especially easy. Not only do you have the 
    rail which lead you to the other crowds but each crowd has a half pipe 
    you can transfer into. next, you have entirely too long to hit all the 
    tricks jason calls out, and then you get to do inverts while tony flies 
    over you like bob did. After that you get the crowd pumped and then do a 
    huge nail the trick. Overall this challenge is very easy.
    The steps of the school
    The first challenge is easy. After that, put the single rail first, then 
    a bus, then the other bus, then the double rail. Grind, jump, manual to 
    the rail, jump manual the bus then jump to rail & table. Next, put a bus 
    in the lower right, and the double rail to the right of the up rail. 
    Grind the rail, jump, skate normally on the first bus, grind the right 
    edge of the second bus, jump to the double rail and then the up rail.
    Near the beaver high photo
    Do I even have to explain the first two parts of this? All the 
    directional grinds and all the directional flip tricks. For the last 
    part, use branching - don't jump. All you have to do is make it all the 
    way around.
    The wall near the booze shop.
    This is actually one of the easier ones, but only if you have The 900. 
    Grind, branching constantly until you get to the rail the goes to the 
    roof. Instead of grind it, head to the ramp behind it. Do anything, then 
    head back to the ramp you already grinde (straight). Do a 900 here. NOW 
    grind the rail to renew your time, but kickflip off so you can go off 
    the ramp again. Do another 900, then manual back and do anything. 
    Finally, grind the rest of the way to the target.
    The ramp near the clocktower
    This is quite possibly the most annoying goal ever. First you have to 
    grind up to the bowl (that's where you trick for enough points) but 
    DON'T TOUCH THE TARGET.  Now grind, jump to the next bowl, and grind up 
    the corkscrew. Don't olliee, just let the corkscrew fly you toward the 
    banner. Now jump (no tricks) to the present and zoom. You'll be shot off 
    to the second corkscrew. From here you'll fly to the teacup, which will 
    shoot you to the target (you may have to NTT to get there).
    4. Capitol                   [CAPT]
    Near the monument ramp (by hill top)
    This challenge is actually easier than most other film challenges 
    because there are so many places to do tricks. Just watch 180 
    On the right side of the gobmint spine
    Start by doing 3 melons over the guard. After the last one, do a flip 
    while transfering into the capitol. Grnd up and get the S, then do 
    another flip during the next transfer outside. Do the lsast flip while 
    you get the K. Skate over and wallride up to the A. Continue to the T 
    and E then make your way up to hill top. Grind the cable that goes over 
    the flag and onto the capitols roof. Grind through and get the disc then 
    bail off the roof to break ten bones (if you don't the do some quick 
    grabs with auto bails to get the rest). Finally get your scores and 
    At the base of the building near hilltop.
    Transfer down to get speed. Come at an angle if you can, or get lucky 
    and bounce left after the first gate for the second one. Bounce back 
    right for the third and the rest is easy. Finally, bounce until get the 
    required damage. Annoying, but doable.
    At the top of the three set in front of the capitol.
    There really is no strategy for this. Sorry. Just hit something while 
    going fast >_>
    Near the main street classic challenge
    Once you start the grind, jump left to the higher curb for am, then back 
    to the lower for pro. After you turn the corner jump up to the rail, and 
    at the end of it vault to the banner. Grind across the skate shop and 
    jump to the wall. The sick marker is up by suburbia.
    On the capital roof, the front side
    Simple, just grind around the whole building. Zoom at pro.
    In the "shelter" behind the capitol
    Easy. Just stall the different rails (RT+Y).
    Up on the back part of the capitol roof
    Acid drop from sick, then revert, manual, and acid drop down to the 
    challenge marker to get it.
    The back, bottom floor of the capitol
    Easy, there's tons of places to manual and grind. The first marker is 
    main street, the second right side of the school, an the last on the 
    school's shack.
    The trolley car near city park
    Grnd down the right rail for speed. Go right off the ramp - don't jump 
    at all. You'll get 275 feet easy, so just worry about the 15000.
    The top of the three set stairs in front of the capitol
    Not too bad, you get three (admittedly short) nail the trick 
    oppurtunities down each stair. You don't have to do a combo, so don't 
    try to revert manual out. Just make sure you land in the right direction 
    and get a bit inventive.
    The overlook of the trolley car street (near skate shop)
    Pretty easy, as long as you time your flips right. Perfect flips are 
    pretty much a must. Boneless.
    The left kicker near the first stairset in the front
    Boneless off the top. Don't use the right button, just hold right. 
    Double tap b for stiffy then move the stick up slightly and hit x for 
    the inward heelflip. You'll make 540 easy.
    The front of the capital
    Grind the outside rail to be launched up to the second floor. Now grind
    the rail that goes over the bowl to get the plans, then around the entire
    outside for the switches. Finally grind the power line.
    Follow the arrow to reach Mike. He's up by the third stairset in front 
    of the capitol. He tells you to get 10 stokens. After you complete this 
    task, you'll get a kind of mini classic challenge. This is ridiculously 
    easy, and you have plenty of time. Finally, you'll have to perform in a 
    demo. This, too, is easy. Just stay in the providied half pipes near 
    each crowd.
    Tony Hawk at the capitol
    This is a huge get there. The first goal marker is the back of the 
    school, the second the top part of the skate park, and the third in the 
    fun park. Use all the combo and balance skills you have. Once you beat 
    it you'll become Number One, congrats!
    Inside the capitol
    This is actually quite easy once you have the 900. Your main competition 
    gets onlyabout 1300000 by the end, and you can get like 900000 in one 
    round easily. Add in some flips and air tricks for multiplier and you're 
    On the roof of the capitol, almost facing front
    This one is pretty easy once you have the 900. Do a flipdown the first, 
    then do a 900 flip down to the bottom. After that follow normal combo 
    procedures and you'll be fine.
    5. City Park                 [CTPR]
    The pyramid
    This is a little annoying because there isn't anywhere great to do the 
    tricks. Manage as best as you can and don't try to do tricks in bad 
    places - just hurry to the good places.
    The left side of the crab pool
    Alright I know what you're thinking. How is this "easy"? And that's 
    because there's a secret-ish way to do it. Look in the factory for a 
    high window on the wall that seperates it from city park. Grind the rail 
    that leads out it and acid drop into the crab pool from there. Boneless 
    out of the pool and go into nail the trick to reach sick.
    The weird grounded rail behind the owned
    This challenge has quite a few annoying jumps. First off, don't jump out 
    of the crabpool until you have a nice short one to the pyramid. Jump 
    quickly to the monument pool, then get as much speed as you can. Now 
    jump to the wood rail, and be ready. When you have the right angle, jump 
    to the smaller statue thing for sick.
    The ampitheater
    Grind the bottom row and jump for speed. A lot. Next time around 
    (literally) jump up the the next layer for pro. And finally, jump up to 
    sick. You'll need to jump for speed many times. Zooming around pro is 
    usually good.
    The construction path part near the water
    This is kind of annoying. Get to the first marker by grinding as much as 
    you can, because you'll manual a lot later. Once you get to the first 
    marker, jump to the curb and grind.  Jump off near the end and zoom. 
    Grind up the ramp, jump off and turn around while manualing. Now 
    manual/grind to the last marker in suburbia.
    The crab pool rails
    This is easy. Do what it says: hurricane 360 triple kickflip. Make sure 
    you grind the whole rail or it might not count.
    Near the water
    Start by grinding the right rail. When you get to the bowl, grind the 
    inside edge, DON'T GO IN IT. Now go through to the slums and grind up 
    the pipes. Continue grinding curbs, ramps, etc. And jump off near the 
    school. Don't grind anything, just skate to the next marker and turn 
    left. Grind to the third marker. Turn left down to mainstreet and finish 
    in 1st at the end of the zig zag path.
    The ampitheater
    The only reason this is hard is that there's not a great place to trick 
    in. Try to turn while manualing to stay in the big ramp half, or if you 
    have to go off the tiny ramps on the otherside. Incorporate grinds to to 
    get your multiplier up since there is ample room to do so.
    The top of the ramp that leads to the factory
    Start off with a nice nail the trick. Land on the second segment and 
    pivot twice before getting on the rail. Do some special grinds and 
    branch during this decently long rail chain, then when you're in the 
    ampitheater jump off and do a 900 over the center path. Revert manual, 
    and transfer+flip to the cardboard ramp on the other side. Now launch 
    from the insciptioned-kicker to the place with the target and trick any 
    remaining points in that bowl.
    6. Hill Top                  [HLTP]
    Near the top of the huge hill leading to main street.
    Again, this is hard because there's not much to work with. You should 
    probably be at pro by the time you depart hill top, and do at least 4 on 
    the way down. 360 anything and 180 grab+grind are easier if you boneless 
    downhill. For the last one, frontflip grab revert flip trick, do a 
    normal flip revert, then as soon as you revert do a flip trick. Reverts 
    provide you with a slight window to do something else before you have to 
    The hill leading from the capitol
    This mostly comes down to luck. Its actually not very hard to break all 
    the gates, but the 50000 is mostly luck. If you don't have enough speed 
    to make it to the 3rd gate without bouncing (besides to correct your 
    position) than start over, you won't make it.
    The pathway that goes through the shelter stall
    Pump for speed on the ramp behind you. When you have enough,start the 
    manual. Its pretty much straight from here to pro, but zoom right before 
    pro. Turn about 270 degrees, then turn 90 degrees and go down the ramp 
    that leads to city park. Don't go too far though, go up the other side 
    of the ramp for sick.
    The top of the funpark sign
    Grind the front of the purple awning in front of the Fun Park, taking the
    wire up to the top of the fun park sign. As soon as you hit the sick marker
    jump off and acid drop to the ramp below. You'll probably have to jump a lot
    on the way up, but it's managable.
    The ramp near the fun park entrance; to the right
    Start grinding, wait about 1.5 seconds, then wallride+wallie over to the 
    purple thing. Wait for am, then near the end jump right to the litte 
    ledge that leads to the purple thing if you were going the other way. 
    Jump to the bowl, grind the outside all the way around, and jump down to 
    the rail. Near the end of this, jump to the building's ledge and then 
    quickly to the little box with the sick marker.
    The top of the hill leading to main street
    Make sure you have special. Manual downhill then go down the hill that 
    leads to trolley street. Stay
    On the right sidewalk and zoom when you pass the stairset. Pro is next 
    to the trolley and sick in between the teo bowls.
    Guess? The top ofthe main street hill
    Manual down the hill. Do a nice big flip transfer to the other side of 
    the building (yeah THAT'S posbbile IRL). Grind down the orange rail, 
    manual, then transfer up the skate shop. Jump off and grind the curb all 
    the way to the front of the pool house, manual to the back, and whip up 
    a pool transfer.
    The side of the small building
    Ridiculously easy. 50-50 (or whatever) and nail a simple 15000 NtT.
    The side of hilltop, near the bowl area.
    Bpump for speed on the ramp behind you. Once. Boneless off the kicker 
    and quickly stalefish tweak while holding RB. Now let go of everything 
    RB until you spin 540.
    The reporter in the middle of the lot.
    Easy, grind or manual or whatever to the dragon. It doesn't have to be 
    in a combo, just make sure to nab a can of gas every two seconds or so.
    *sigh* the top of the main street hill
    Start by grinding whatever you can on your way to the first marker. When 
    youget to the bridge, ollie so that you come down right after its apex, 
    giving you a slight speed boost for landing on a downhill. Do the same 
    on the second bridge. For the second marker, nab and turn right, and do 
    boneless+transfers down the bowls back to where you started. Grind the 
    rail below the dragon and then whip around as you get to the third 
    marker. Proceed with the winning.
    The bowl area
    Okay, they give you a bowl to start in. I was fine after doing a 
    one-foot tail grab flip, a 900 flip, a 900, and a varial mctwist and 
    then commencing starting to grind the rest. Throw in a few special 
    grinds and zoom when you see fit and you'll be fine.
    The middle of the lot
    Okay, not much to work with here, but The 900 conquers all. Use it plenty 
    and invert/flatland when you slow down and that's another sick goal down 
    the drain.
    7. School                    [SCHL]
    The back of the court
    Not too hard to do, but there are 40 tricks. No challenging ones, 
    though, so pace yourself well and you'll probably only need about 3-4 
    more after the time is out.
    Near the fountain and picnic tables
    Start with combo, and the T in skate. But don't go for the scores - get 
    as much as you can, but stop as soon as you finish COMBO. From there, 
    turn and get the S through the wavy path. Now break the first wall and 
    do a quick turn to go back inside the school. It'll say you're leaving 
    the goal area, but don't worry, it'll go away. Get to the otherside and 
    break the second wall from the inside. Now go back to the big one and 
    break that. Go out there after quick turning around, ad snag the E. Fly 
    of the ramp and grind the piano, then transfer to the left yellow rail, 
    Flag Out, and break the music. Turn around and capture the goat in the 
    court. Next, get the next goat near where the T was, and the third 
    straight ahead from there (if you missed the S before, get it now). Head 
    up to the 4th goat near the skate park. After that, get the K and then 
    the last goat. Go back, get the A, then continue to transfer to the disc 
    and finish up your scores in that bowl.
    The same place as the demo
    alright, no speed here. Go over the non-ramp the first time and transfer 
    but don't ollie the second. When you bail, hold down on both sticks to 
    slow down and look down at the same time. Aim for the outside and try to 
    land flat - if you think you'll fall off, mash A to get up quickly.
    The top of the 16 set
    This can be a bit confusing but still easy. Start in a straight line - 
    go over the rounded, higher, leftmost portion of the shack. Now go off 
    the ramp and revert manual, putting yourself in position to do the same 
    as before but with the other side. Continue straight to the left of 
    where you started.
    The right side ramp, looking from mainstreet
    Alright, this is also a bit confusing. Grind and don't jump so you stay 
    on the bottom for am. Now jump and hold y immedietely so you grind the 
    top. Jump for pro, then jump again and NtT. A very short one, you just 
    need it for distance. As soon as you land in a grind wallride up to the 
    ledge for sick.
    Underneath the blue awning (the flaggin out gap)
    Turn left and go a short ways so you can grind more and get more speed. 
    When you launch, do a 540 shove it so you don't risk missing the flag. 
    Land in a manual.
    Do the Epic. Gap and you'll be there
    This is hard mostly because there's nowhere to do thing for the red 
    crowd. I'd suggest flatlanding for them to start off, so you only have 
    to do flips to get them back to stoked. The other two have half pipes - 
    small, but they are. You know what to do.
    The court
    This doesn't even deserve a star. Put a quarter pipe below each and lip 
    The indoor court
    Thi doesn't deserve star either. QP below each. Make sure yu do it 
    The indoor court
    Super Shoulder Stand = Manual
    Ultra Extension = Grind
    Hyper Heel Stretch = Grab
    Tip Toe Touch = Flip
    Near the fence that leads to Slums
    Find the nerd's chemicals and natas spin the middle of contraption for 
    a while. It'll explode. 
    Near the big beavers grafitti
    Okay, 100000? Flip Revert manual 900. How is this a "challenge"? You 
    don't even have to have 900, VmcT works just as well. The challenge in 
    grafitti is not to win, but to win by more than 30. Remember, its just 
    the picnic tables! The next line is also very easy, as long as you get 
    the right angle off the first ramp.
    The "tastes like suck" roof.
    Yes, that's right, easy. Start with a backflip for special. Now manual 
    to the next segment and do a special. Don't turn - go to the ramp across 
    and do a 900 flip. Now commence grinding the rest of the way, branching 
    and darksliding and wallriding. If you have to, wallie over the target, 
    go up the cheese and do a special on that ramp, then fly off back toward 
    the target.
    The basketball court
    Okay, this is just one big half pipe and you only need 1950000 points to 
    win. Hard? Nope. Throw in some 900- and varail mctwist-flips for fun.
    The pool indoors
    Pump for speed once and NtT to get sick.
    The winter gap roof
    Start grinding and immedietely wallride. Just hold y the whole time - 
    don't wallie - and you'll go back to grinding. Jump constantly, then 
    when you get to the next wall wallride twice and zoom as you land the 
    second time. Now jump OVER the epic ramp, and then to the next roof. 
    Kickflip to the inside of the rail, and continue all the way around to 
    The top of the hill near the skate park
    Manual down the hill, jumping onto the mini ledge for am. Continue up 
    into the school for pro. Zoom.
    Go all the way to the other side of the school, turning left down the 
    ramp for sick.
    The wavy path
    Wallride + wallie up to the ledge. Jump left to the other ledge. Grind 
    all the way around until the first turn. Wallride through the curve for 
    pro. go through the next turn grinding, and the one that brings you back 
    over the wavy path has sick.
    Near the portables
    Simple, just let a heelflip/kickflip spin while you do the same. When it 
    gets 540, stop the spin and let the flip go until you ca land again.
    The dirteh shnare roof
    Glue your finger to the LT. No, seriously, just hold down the left 
    trigger the whole time. Do a method backflip by pressing L+BB then 
    quickly switching the L to D and do a pop shove it half way through the 
    flip. Jump right so you have more room.
    Near the portables
    Okay, Bob is NOT crazy. Jumping from a plane and "night not have enough 
    time to open the shute"? Nope. No crazy. After that, you'll have to do 
    tricks over him. This is pretty easy, but annoying sometimes because you 
    could fly out of the halfpipe. Slow down sometimes. Next you can just 
    focus+stall for the finish.
    Under the watertower
    Start by grinding the ledges infront of you. Jump over the tables and 
    grind the next ledge. Make a quick right to the first marker and grind 
    down the stairset. Get some speed doing whatever. When you get the 
    second marker, MAKE A RIGHT IMMEDIETELY. Grind the ledge, jump to the 
    curb. Finally, jump from the curb to the planter and grind for a very 
    quick 180. Commence winning by grinding our way straight ahead to the 
    The bowls behind the portables
    Go off the first ramp but don't transfer. Do a flip for special, THEN 
    transfer down with a 900 flip. Special grind the ledges, but when you 
    get to the last one, jump off and transfer into the bowl. Now grnd the 
    inside of the bowl, jump out, then kickflip to the last three segments.
    8. Slums                     [SLMS]
    -=-+=+-=- HOW TO GET ON THE ROOF IS IN THE FAQ SECTION -=-+=+-=-
    Behind the liquor shop
    Much of this must be off vert, because it ends in revert. Take your time 
    and make sure you're at the right angle to land each time.
    Behind the liquor store
    Okay, I take a really weird route in this and factory. So here goes: In 
    the beginnung head over to the panes of glass. WALLRIDE. Don't even try 
    to get it by going off the ramps. It should only take 2 wallrides if you 
    maximize the glass in the first. From there go to the small ledge that 
    will vault you up the E. After the E go through the elvator onto the 
    roof. Get off your board and jump into the suspended crate. Jump again 
    for the disc. Now jump (still off your board) into the bonfire to light 
    your board. Get back on and light the candles. Turn around and skate 
    back to where you started. Continue toward the wine bottle, grinding its 
    rail. Jump off and get off the board again in time to head up the ramp. 
    Jump off and grind for the second bottle then jump to the ground. Now 
    continue to the third bottle, and after that snag the T. Next go down 
    into the little ally for the 4th bottle. Turn, grind up the pipes and 
    get off again for an easy turn around. Skate up and get the last bottle 
    and get off your board again in mid air. Now run over and get back on to 
    transfer up to the S. You might be out of time at this point, so I'll 
    continue as if you were (if you aren't put breaks in the combo if you 
    want). Transfer down as you get the S and then air up to the rail on the 
    right. Continue to grind to the K and jump off toward where you started. 
    Grind the ramp up the power lie for the A, and jump off and turn around 
    somehow (I grind the top of the vert ramp to the left and jumped off 
    left). Finally, manual over to COMBO and zoom when you get to the first 
    O. The fact that the combo was so long wil easily get you the scores as 
    The roof
    The reason this gets only one star is because there's a very easy glitch 
    for it. If you don't want to do the glitch, then its the same as always, 
    aim like you would for real bowling and hop you cause enough damage to 
    yourself. Don't use the launcher; you go too fast. As for the glitch: 
    get off your board. Now go to the small ramp in the corner of the roof. 
    Jump down from there and run back towards the building, then look up to 
    get the timer to go away. Now run over and grind the small ledge so that 
    it bring you towards the liquor store. If you get there in time, you'll 
    have free reign to knock over the pins. Now run back to the elevator and 
    get on the roof: you're free to go as fast as you can off the roof for 
    that 50000 dollars!
    Near the gentillican rail gap
    Boy is this anooying. Slow down and boneless off the end to get the 
    right height and speed. Same as before, press down on both sticks and 
    direction yourself for the 100s. Problem is the right pain, which is 
    seemingly random -_-
    Near the middle part (the front of the liquor store)
    Grind the curb, then jump to the street-thing. Jump back to the curb, 
    then back to the street thing. Jump and grind for pro then quickly jump 
    right onto the curb again. When you turn the corner (which will be 
    almost immedietely) jump again to make the second curb. Now jump to the 
    pipe and grind all the way down for Sick.
    The top of the Andy's Garage ramp
    Wallride the beginning. Wait until you go JUST under the rail then 
    wallie and grind it. Now jump into the bowl and air up to the rail then 
    wallride for pro. Grind until the bump in the rail and wallride off that 
    for sick. If you miss, you can try to stall and turn around.
    The parking lot by the factory
    This can get very, very annoying because its hard to jump to Pro. The 
    secret is don't press a direction, just ollie and you won't go to far. 
    After that natas or manual back and natas sick.
    The beginning of the 4 houses
    Pump for speed on the ramp behind you, then manual. Am is to the left a 
    bit. Turn right after that so you end up in between the wall and the 
    store. Continue straight down the ditch and back for pro. Now zoom. Turn 
    the corner at the end for sick.
    The middle of the 4 houses
    Blah blah blah, another easy NtT. Boneless+transfer+spin+pretty much any 
    The roof of the liquor store
    Start with air off the ramp behind you, then quick turn (RBRB) for 
    another. Now just do all of them together. For those uncoordinated out 
    there, that's UR+BB+LT+RB. Let go earlier than you think.
    The factory entrance
    The only thing I need to tell you is the end, and that's to place a 
    kciker at the end of each and then auto bail into the cracks.
    The middle part
    The first two are easy. You can transfer for those that require it the 
    same way you did with the NtT goal here. For Rodney's stuff I'd suggest 
    going to the middle part instead. Tony's is more challenging. The 720 
    stailfish tweak in partiicular is hard, use the LB instead of the 
    thumbstick and you should get it with enough air. Almost doing a trick 
    is better than not landing one - stop if you think you won't make it. 
    Remeber that all of these are like filmer challeenges, so if you don't 
    land it you lose everything in the combo. After you've beat it you 
    finally unlock the 900: buy it immedietely and get to some of those 
    Owneds and Competitions!
    The parking lot
    Grind then wallride up to the rail and continue to the roof. The bail 
    part is very annoying, but doable. You'll want to just let it bail you, 
    no ollies or anything for the best chance.
    The middle part
    This is pretty easy, the guy you beat for sick doesn't even get over 
    2,000,000. Just get like 250000 in the first round and land so you don't 
    have to stop your combo to make sure you stay in. Then bust a million 
    pointer and you'll be fine for the last round. Contiinue to get points 
    but end it as soon as you can one the time runs out, he continues to get 
    points too. You actualu have the liquor store roof and wall in play too, 
    so incorporate those gaps if you want.
    The middle part
    My god, that's right, you need THREE MILLION POINTS. Spend as long as 
    you can spamming 900 flips in the ramps at the beginning, then another 
    one over the second segment. Special grinds work and then jump and acid 
    drop and continue to vert down there. Grind back up branching constantly 
    and if you need to vert more right before the target.
    9. Factory                   [STRY]
    The left of the real entrance
    Not too hard, but some places he leads you are just absolute bull****, 
    so. Also sometimes he gets stuck and just doesn't move, which is not 
    cool. But other than that its pretty easy with a lot of places that let 
    you do a variety of tricks.
    The beginning of the factory
    Again, my way is really weird, but it does work. Start by grinding the 
    rail of the jeeps that are on the lower inside (the ones that fly you 
    off towards the next one). This will take you to the disk. Once you get 
    it immedietely get off and run and jump for the S. Now turn and do COMBO 
    and get all the scores in the bowl it leads you to. Drop down and Natas 
    spin the crank then wallride twice up to the pipe. Snag the E and the 
    first switch. Go over to the other side of the platform and look down 
    for the T. Drop down and get then fdrop to the ground. Get the first 
    jeep then turn right for the 2nd switch. Continue up to the 2nd and 3rd 
    jeeps then ride down to the last switch. Turn around and make your way 
    to where the S was. Grind the rails around it then flip trick to the 
    middle rail with the K, and finally transfer to the A.
    To the left of the entrance
    Air up to it,the let the end of each thing launch you (still ollie, but 
    not too early) to the next. Zoom as you go around the bend to Pro, and 
    then jump off the first one but DON'T jump after that. Let it turn you 
    and then jump across the jeeps to the other side. Continue upwards and 
    you'll get sick.
    The very beginning area top part
    This is kind of annoying. You have to grind then jump to the am marker 
    and grind all the way around the cables. Jump when you're at a 45 degree 
    angle to where you were, then kickflip back to the inner rail. Let it 
    lead you to pro and then sick.
    Uhh.. Weird loc. Waypoint it.
    Get special, then manual. Turn right andthe right again for Am. Zoom, 
    then go through the tunnel ting and continue right along the short 
    ledge. Sick is on a thin ledge of the red bowl.
    The top of the ramp that leads into factory from City Park
    Getting to the first marker is the hardest. Jump into the bowls then 
    transfer right the the next, and then turn left and transfer down. Turn 
    right before you go up the next ramp and head to the marker. From here 
    its rather linear to the next two.
    The bowls near the back
    Easy, just do a heelflip -> trucks -> heelflip -> trucks etc. And press 
    Y out.
    Right outside entrance to beginning area of factory
    Believe me, doing this is not hard, but getting the game to recognize it 
    is. There are many different ways people suggest. I like to do a 360 
    benihana and then let go and finish the spin to make sure I land clean, 
    but it doesn't always work. If you're having trouble, look around on the 
    Near the owned in this area.
    The top area is very annoying to trick in. I recommend getting each 
    moderately high, and then starting in the lower bowl. Trick down there, 
    then transfer up to the first area and trick, then do a huge nail the 
    trick to the top area.
    The beginning of the actual entrance
    Okay, this is SO easy. 15000 and then 25000? Come on now. And then a 
    simple rail. Done and done.
    The ramps by where the demo is
    Also simple. Spam the 900 flips in the beginning half pipes then switch 
    up your grinds as you go through the rest of it.
    10. Fun Park                 [FNPR]
    Over by the end of the bowls
    This is actually pretty easy, although it may look hard at first. The 
    pathways with seperaters are great for grind flip grind, and the you can 
    jump off the top of the bridges andtents for 360 grab/flip.
    The very beginning
    Here's my route: get the S, then the K. Go through the stairs so you fly 
    out in line with the first vomit. Manual it, then transfer for the A and 
    again to the second vomit. Proceed to the third vomit, then jump in the 
    bowl for the T transfer back out and manual the fourth vomit. Now get 
    over to the dragon's tail for the E, and then to in between the tents 
    for the last vomit. You'll probably have the stokens by now. Now grind 
    the coaster and jump left when you get near the disc to snag it. Go back 
    and grind the entire coaster (watch for where the actual thing is for 
    both of these). When you're done, make your way back to COMBO and get 
    it. After the last O, jump down and transfer into the totally freakin' 
    awesome bowl on the roof where the fun park battle took place. Finish 
    your scores here.
    The ramp's ledge near the dragon + tents
    Grind to Am, then wallride up. Jump right and grind the wood awning for 
    pro, then jump back to the wall ledge. Wallride to the highest one and 
    continue to sick on "his rod". You can zoom pretty early here.
    Near the dragon's tail
    Okay, this is long. Wallride up to the highledge. Stay there for am and 
    pro. Now jump off and transfer through a lot of bowls until you reach 
    the other side of the park, against the wal that seperates skate park 
    and fun park. That's where sick is.
    Under the dragon's wing
    Stall the first, jump to Am. Point the thumbstick diagonally and jump 
    and stal for pro. Now jump off, manual and stall the sick.
    On the passageway behind the bowls
    Pump for speed twice and hold RB, RT, and Indy.
    Near the tents
    Well, there's always one retarded crowd, and this time its green. Blue 
    and red both have verts, so you know what to do there. As for green, I'd 
    say either flatland, or go off the tent and fingerflip airwalk or 
    another similarly quick special. At the end go back and forth in that 
    line for as long as you need.
    The top bowl of the log flume
    Okay, seriously, it takes place in 3 bowls. Do I even have to tell you 
    Near the tents
    This is probably the hardest competition, but still not very. It's a 
    double halfpipe. For the first part you need only 750000, I got double 
    that with the 900 and 1000000 without any special at all. Believe me, a 
    double halfpipe is the thing of dreams. For the next round, you'll need 
    2250000. This is slightly harder. DON'T BAIL. Bails take a whopping 1.5% 
    off your average score. That's a lot. 900 flips work great, so does 
    pretty much any special. Invert or flatland at the end of each big 
    combo: I usually do two, each for about a mil, then fill out the rest 
    with little stuff.
    Near the slide
    Slow down. In fact, don't move at all. This film consists of only 
    flatland and 180 grab/flip. The first part is alternating, the next solo 
    flatland, and the last combined. I got sick with 25 seconds left, so 
    will you. Remember to land.
    Once again, very annoying but doable. Ollie so that you cross the line 
    after you apex. Bounce left immedietely then get the third gate. Try to 
    bounce over the little ditch and into the fourth, otherwise you slow 
    down a lot. Continue to the 5th by whatever means possible and hope 
    you've done enough damage.
    The pirates mouth
    Don't even rtry this one. Seriously, you only need 96% sick so leave 
    this alone. Its so ******* annoying. The bail system is seemingly 
    random, I can hit something from 20 feet and break 13 bones and the same 
    thing from 80 feet and break 7. If you must, slow down and then boneless 
    over the line, you'll fly pretty far.
    To the left of the sewer pipe near the pirate area
    Pump once behind you, get the general direction, and NtT.
    The top of the slide
    This is weird. You have to manual down and then up the mouth, then jump, 
    revert manual and go to the right of the bowl next to the slide (now on 
    the right side) then turn and go out of the park entrance for sick. 
    Zooming at pro works well.
    In the open area by the slide
    Okay, you know the drill by now. Keep the combo going but vary how you 
    do so. This is one is just like any other.
    The ramp after the Arrr! Gap
    Pretty easy. Boneless off the top, then do a nice two footer or two, 
    then a kickflip and let it spin as you do the 540.
    Under the red rails
    Another quick sick, pump for speed once then do any double tap (start on 
    the ramp to make sure you get the whole rail) and wait until the rail 
    launches you for the 360 double flip. Lather, rinse, repeat until 
    The end of the slide
    Okay, this is weird. Move the kicker to the right of the green thing, 
    and the bottom right ring behind the other ring. Now jump, natas the 
    green things point, jump grind the lower ring, then to the higher one. 
    Finally jump to the torch.
    The bowl behind the pirate bridge
    Why is this so easy, you ask? Because of totally freakin' awesome. The 
    back ramp launches you really high no matter your speed, allowing for 
    huge double the 900s, the 900 double flips, and even quadruple 
    fingerflip airwalks. Ridiculous. Abuse it. You also have an infinite 
    rail if you grind the outside, jump, and wallplant the back wall to turn 
    you around.
    The entrance
    Okay, this may seem hard at first. But look around, or rather, up. Get 
    some air from across the way. Now go off the first segment with a 
    flip+transfer... and turn right for a totally freakin' awesome! A double 
    900 + 900 transfer back down works nicely. Continue the rest as usual.
    VII. Frequentely Asked Questions                         [FAQS]
    Here are some questions that my email got an overwhelming number of. More will
    be added as I see fit.
    Q. How do I get to the roof in the Slums?
    A. Grind the letters of the Liquor Store (They should break).
    Q. How do I get to Rank X?
    A. Find more gaps and secret spots and complete more goals on
    harder difficulties.
    Q. How do I get The 900?
    A. Complete Tony Hawk's Pro Challenge, unlocked at rank 4.
    VIII. We're Finished!                                    [WFIN]
    Annnd I'm done with the guide!
    1. Copyright, etc.
    This guide may only be posted on:
    ...until further notice. 
    If you would like to post this guide on your site, Email me.
    You can print this guide for personal use, but do not sell it 
    without my permission.
    2. Credits
        -Me, for taking so much time to write it
        -My Parents, for spurring me on
        -Gamefaqs, for inspiring me to write it with their bounty program
        -Random Online THPS sites, for gaps and helper videos.
        -Neversoft, for making such a great Tony Hawk game! (Finally! >_>)
        -JavE 5.0 and Figlet for the ASCII converter
        -Numerous people for help with Construction Drop
    3. Contact Me
    If you have questions about the guide, you can email me at 
    However be warned that I will not necessarily answer, and I am by no means an 
    expert on everything THP8. If I can and feel like it, I will do my best to 
    solve your problem. Also, if the question is covered in the guide, I will
    probably just delete the email.
    If you find an error (even typos) in the guide, by all means tell me about it! 
    I’ll be glad to fix it, and your name will go in the Credits.

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