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    Reward Card Guide by FFVIITattoo

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/21/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright FFVIITattoo, a.ka. Acid Angel 13     2009
    ver 1.2
    "COLLECTOR'S EDITION" VERSION...I can list the Online Reward Cards, but I
    cannot offer any strategy for them. Further, this guide was written using,
    and thus is based upon, the PS2 version.  While the strategies for obtaining
    the Reward Cards presented should apply to all versions of the game, certain
    information contained herein, specifically "cheats" may or may not apply to
    all platforms.
    -I'm integrating the search feature (ctrl+F) for this guide, as you probably
    don't care about most of the content anyway, right?  In parentheses next to
    the content listing is the search keyword.  Beyond that, specific goals are
    referred to by their game-name multiple times, so if you know EXACTLY what you
    want, "Time Shift", for example, type in that and you should get what you need
    i    INTRODUCTION  (intr)
    ii   FAQ's  (faqs)
    iii  THE REWARD CARDS  (rwrd)-NOTE: Will go directly to Card list, skip intro.
    iv   STRATEGIES  (strt)
         A New Challenger
         Challenge Novice
         Challenge Journeyman
         Challenge Champion
         Challenge Master
         Bronze Medal
         Silver Medal
         Gold Medal
         First Blood
         Making Your Name
         Street Racer
         Road To Victory
         Street Legend
         Street King
         1/4 Mile
         Consolation Award
         Downtown Turf
         Iron Wall
         All Your Bases
         Leader Of The Pack
         Time Shift
         Small Car Lot
         Large Car Lot
         Number 1
         50 Tracks
         80 Tracks
         Arcade Level 1
         Arcade Level 2
         Arcade Level 3
         Arcade Level 4
         Canyon Run
         Downhill Dynamo
         Canyon Conqueror
         Drift Novice
         Burnt Rubber
         Drift Pro
         Drift King
         Speed Freak
         Speed Demon
         Need For Speed
         Free Ride
         Urban Combat
         Urban Warfare
         Head To Head
         Urban Battle
         Cuttin' Deals
         Big Biz
         3 Rides
         5 Rides
         8 Rides
         Full House
         Tuner Addict
         Exotic Aficianado
         Muscle Head
         Makin' Money
         Big Bucks
         Career Mogul
         Hard Time
         Fender Bender
         Brake For No One
         Public Enemy No. 1
         Battering Ram
         Block Breaker
         8 Minute Exit
         12 Minute Exit
         20K Bounty
         50K Bounty
         Wrecking Ball
         Moving Disaster
         Fast Wheels
         Quick Exit
         Escape Artist
         8 Minute Exit
         12 Minute Exit
         Most Wanted
         20K Bill
         20K Bounty
         50K Bounty
         Wrecking Ball
         Moving Disaster
         Fast Wheels
         Stone Wheels
         Wheels Of Steel
         Iron Tires
         Diamond Tires
         Big Game Hunter
        Crime Spree
    vii  CHEATS (chts)
    viii LEGAL STUFF
    ************************************  i   *************************************
    INTRODUCTION  (intr)
      I suppose this first section should be FAQ's, as your first question is no
    doubt "why do a guide for such an old game?"  The answer is rather simple,
    actually: Because it's a good game, and people still play it.  Further, I
    don't see any guides centering specifically around the Reward Cards, which is
    a rather involved and daunting task (if you want them all).
      By now you know the Reward Cards are a number of specific tasks the game
    wants you to complete in order to unlock certain things, be it new vehicles,
    visual parts, or... Well, it's pretty much that.  There are 25 Reward Cards
    total, each consisting of 4 separate conditions, for a grand total of 100
    required goals to get all the cards.
      In this guide, I will begin by outlining each of the cards and the tasks
    required, then I will give you my best strategy for completing the tasks.
    Sometimes multiple tasks can be completed in a single "run", so I'll group
    the tasks in a way that (hopefully), makes sense in regards to that.
      Lastly, in a semi-related note: My name is Ryan Goss, FFVII Tattoo on the
    boards, formerly known as Acid Angel 13.  If you've read any of my previous
    guides, you know I have a very strict "compose guide while playing" policy;
    However, in this case, I'm going to have to break that.  I am currently
    replaying Carbon, so I'm not just pulling this out of thin air, but with the
    nature of the cards and the ability to complete multiple tasks at a go, it's
    tough to lay out a specific game plan for each and every card.  I hope that
    makes sense.
    ************************************  ii  *************************************
    FAQS (that I made up) (faqs)
    1. Q: Why a guide for such an old game?
       A: Well, I answered that in the intro.  It's a good game, and people still
             play it.  Further, GameFAQs doesn't have a Reward Card guide.
    2. Q: Do you know any Cheet Kodez?
       A: Actually, yes.  They're down in the "Cheats" section.
    3. Q: How do I get 1,000,000 cash?
       A: Read this guide.
    4. Q: How do I Ram 100 Police cars in a pursuit?
       A: See above.
    5  Q: I get [x reward] a different way than you!
       A: That's not a question... But, good for you.  Nobody HAS to do things my
             way, so if your way's better, use it.  Or, even better, send it to
             me, so I can add it and we can ALL use it.
    ************************************  iii  ************************************
      Need for Speed: Carbon introduces to the series a new, integrated game
    achievements system in the form of Reward Cards.  Each of the 25 cards,
    when gained, will open a new feature for the player, in the form of new
    cars or visual upgrades.
      To view the Reward Cards, scroll across in the Main Menu to "Reward Cards".
    Here, you will see the cards laid out in a 5x5 grid, with a yellow cursor that
    can be used to move throughout the grid in order to see each of the 100 tasks
    required to complete the cards.  When a task is completed, it will appear
    filled in with blue; Unfinished tasks remain black.  Therefore, it is pretty
    easy to see where you stand in regards to finishing all the cards, and how
    close you are to a specific goal.
      The game will also tell you, on the right side, the reward you will get for
    the currently highlighted card, and all 4 tasks required to finish the card.
    Since each card has 4 goals, the name of currently highlighted goal will
    also be given, and the conditions for achieving that particular goal will
    appear in yellow on the list, as well as a difficulty level (easy, medium, or
    hard) for the selected goal.
      I will list below the Reward Cards, the reward gained, and what the reward
    is in the first column; The 4 goals and the goals' difficulty (according to
    the game; I don't agree on some of these, but you'll see) in the next column,
    and the task for each goal in the last column.
    CARD___________    GOALS__________          TASK______________________________
    REWARD CARD 1:     First Blood (Easy)       Win a single race in Career
    American Racing    Makin' Money (Easy)      Earn 30,000 cash in Career
    Torq-Thrust ST     Getaway (Easy)           Escape a police pursuit
    (Wheel)            A New Challenger (Easy)  Beat a Challenge Series event
    REWARD CARD 2:     Street Racer (Easy)      Win 15 races in Career
    TSW Laguna         Time Shift (Easy)        Use Speedbreaker once
    (Wheel)            100 K (Easy)             Earn 100,000 cash in Career
                       Quick Exit (Easy)        Escape a police pursuit in under
                                                     2 minutes
    REWARD CARD 3:     Defender (Easy)          Win a Defensive race in Career
    Work Euroline FE   Stash (Easy)             Earn 50,000 cash in Career
    (Wheel)            Making Your Name (Easy)  Win 5 races in Career
                       Fender Bender (Easy)     Disable a police vehicle
    REWARD CARD 4:     Downhill Dynamo (Easy)   Win 5 Canyon Duels
    HRE 549R           Consolation Award (Easy) Lose a race in Career
    (Wheel)            Reckless (Easy)          Disable 5 police vehicles
                       Brake For No One (Easy)  Disable 20 police vehicles
    REWARD CARD 5:     Canyon Conqueror (Hard)  Win 10 Canyon Duels
    Chevrolet          Street King (Hard)       Win 65 races in Career
    Chevelle SS        Public Enemy No.1 (Hard) Disable 50 police vehicles
    (Car)              Career Mogul (Hard)      Earn 1,000,000 cash in Career
    REWARD CARD 6:     Speed Freak (Easy)       Hit 130 MPH in a Speedtrap
    Giovanna Ararat    Urban Combat (Easy)      Win 5 Free Roam Challenges
    (Wheel)            Vandal (Easy)            Use 1 Pursuit Breaker
                       Road To Victory (Easy)   Win 25 races in Career
    REWARD CARD 7:     Cuttin' Deals (Medium)   Sell 3 cars in Career
    Slingshot          Cannonball (Medium)      Hit 150 MPH in a Speedtrap
    Autosculpt         Hard Time (Easy)         Get Busted in a police pursuit
    (Spoiler)          Escape Artist (Easy)     Escape 5 police pursuits
    REWARD CARD 8:     50 Tracks (Easy)         Unlock 50 Quick Race tracks
    Lamborghini        8 Rides (Medium)         Acquire 8 cars in Career
    Murcielago LP460   Challenge Champion (Easy)Beat 15 Challenge Series events
    (Car)...heh,heh    Houdini (Easy)           Escape 25 police pursuits
    REWARD CARD 9:     Big Bucks (Medium)       Earn 500,000 cash in Career
    Slingshot          Crime Spree (Medium)     Commit 6 infractions in a single
    Autosculpt CF                                    police pursuit
    (Spoiler)          Block Breaker (Medium)   Avoid 10 police roadblocks
                       Iron Tires (Medium)      Avoid 10 police spike strips
    REWARD CARD 10:    Street Legend (Medium)   Win 50 races in Career
    Spencer            Urban Warfare (Easy)     Win 10 Free Roam challenges
    Autosculpt         Battering Ram (Easy)     Ram 25 police vehicles
    (Spoiler)          All Your Bases (Medium)  Unlock all Safe Houses in the
    REWARD CARD 11:    Burnt Rubber (Easy)      Win 5 Drift events
    Spencer            Canyon Run (Easy)        Win a Canyon Duel
    Autosculpt CF      5 Rides (Easy)           Acquire 5 vehicles in Career
    (Spoiler)          Challenge Novice (Easy)  Win 3 Challenge Series events
    REWARD CARD 12:    8 Minute Exit (Medium)   Escape after an 8 minute pursuit
    Mystic Autosculpt  Troublemaker (Medium)    Raise the Heat on your car to 4
    (Spoiler)          Challenge Journeyman
                                       (Easy)   Beat 5 Challenge Series events
                       Leader Of The Pack
                                     (Medium)   Hire 6 different Crew Members
    REWARD CARD 13:    Drifter (Easy)           Score 100,000 pts. in a Drift event
    Dragon Vinyl       3 Rides (Easy)           Acquire 3 cars in Career
    (Vinyl, obviously) Bronze Medal (Easy)      Beat all Bronze Challenge events
                       Arcade Level 1 (Easy)    Play 3 Quick Races
    REWARD CARD 14:    20K Bounty (Easy)        Get a Bounty of 20,000 in a single
    Skeleton Vinyl                                   police pursuit
    (Vinyl)            Rivals (Easy)            Play a multiplayer race
                       Baiter (Easy)            Raise the Heat on your car to 2
                       Free Ride (Easy)         Win a Free Roam challenge
    REWARD CARD 15:    Big Game Hunter (Hard)   Immobilize a police Rhino
    Jaguar Vinyl       Crusher (Hard)           Ram 100 police vehicles in a
    (Guess...)                                       single pursuit
                       Diamond Tires (Hard)     Avoid 12 spike strips in a single
                       Untouchable (Hard)       Escape 15 police pursuits
    REWARD CARD 16:    1/4 Mile (Easy)          Play 5 Sprint Races
    Police Civic       80 Tracks (Hard)         Unlock 85 Quick Race tracks
    Cruiser            50K Bounty (Easy)        Get a Bounty of 50,000 in a
    (Car)                                            single pursuit
                       Arcade Level 2 (Easy)    Play 10 Quick Races
    REWARD CARD 17:    Wheels Of Steel (Medium) Avoid 5 spike strips in a single
    Police                                           pursuit
    Interceptor        Small Car Lot (Easy)     Unlock 8 cars
    (Car)              Arcade Level 3 (Easy)    Play 25 Quick Races
                       Silver Medal (Medium)    Beat a Silver Challenge events
    REWARD CARD 18:    Gold Medal (Hard)        Beat all Gold Challenge events
    Police Rhino       12 Minute Exit (Hard)    Escape after a 12 minute pursuit
    (Car...SUV,        Head To Head (Hard)      Win 25 Free Roam challenges in
      specifically)                                  Career
                       Big Biz (Hard)           Sell 6 cars in Career
    REWARD CARD 19:    Full House (Medium)      Fill your Garage in Career
    Cross Corvette     Arcade Level 4 (Medium)  Play 50 Quick Races
    (Car)              Iron Wall (Medium)       Win 20 Defensive races in Career
                       Drift Pro (Medium)       Score 250,000 pts. in a Drift
    REWARD CARD 20:    Tuner Addict (Hard)      Fill your Garage with Tuner cars
    Dumptruck          Exotic Aficionado (Hard) Fill your Garage with Exotic cars
    (...a huge truck)  Drift King (Hard)        Score 500,000 pts. in a Drift
                       Wolfshead (Hard)         Accumulate a 50,000 fine in Career
    REWARD CARD 21:    Unstoppable (Medium)     Ram 50 police vehicles in a single
    Mystic                                           pursuit
    Autosculpt CF      Large Car Lot (Medium)   Unlock 12 cars in Career
    (Spoiler)          Speed Demon (Hard)       Hit 190 MPH in a Speedtrap
                       20K Bill (Medium)        Accumulate a 20,000 fine in Career
    REWARD CARD 22:    Fabricator (Easy)        Modify your car with Autosculpt
    Carbon ST-5        Stone Wheels (Easy)      Avoid a spike strip in a pursuit
    Autosculpt Rims    Drift Novice (Easy)      Win a Drift event
    (Wheels)           Wrecking Ball (Easy)     Cause 50,000 Cost to State in a
                                                     single pursuit
    REWARD CARD 23:    Need For Speed (Hard)    Hit 200 MPH in a Speedtrap
    Mitsubishi         Muscle Head (Hard)       Fill your Garage with Muscle cars
    Eclipse 1999       Urban Battle (Hard)      Win 50 Free Roam challenges in
    (Car)                                            Career
                       Unblockable (Hard)       Avoid 20 police roadblocks
    REWARD CARD 24:    Challenge Master         Complete 25 Challenge Series
    Firetruck                        (Medium)        events
    (um... a           Moving Disaster (Medium) Cause 100,000 Cost to State in a
     firetruck...)                                   single pursuit
                       Downtown Turf (Medium)   Conquer all Downtown Palmont
                                                     tracks in Career
                       Number 1 (Medium)        Finish Career mode
    REWARD CARD 25:    Most Wanted (Hard)       Raise the Heat on your car to 5
    BMW M3 GTR         Fast Wheels (Hard)       Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a
    (Awesome car)                                    single pursuit
                       Conqueror (Hard)         Conquer all tracks in Career
                       Collector (Hard)         Unlock 33 cars
    NOTE: As I said before, I can only list these Cards.  As I do not have an
    XBOX, I can't give you any strategies for obtaining these.
    REWARD CARD 26:    XP Level 1 (Easy)        Reach Online XP Level 1
    Pontiac GTO        Shadow Challenge (Easy)  Download a Shadow Car
    (Car)              Showtime (Easy)          Play an 8-player online game
                       First Step (Easy)        Finish an online ranked race
    REWARD CARD 27:    XP Level 6 (Easy)        Reach Online XP Level 6
    Inferno Vinyl      Tag Master (Hard)        Win 10 Ranked Pursuit Tag games
    (Vinyl)            Big Game Champ (Medium)  Win an 8-player ranked game
                       Super Canyon King(Hard)  Win 25 ranked online Canyon Duels
    REWARD CARD 28:    XP Level 18 (Easy)       Reach Online XP Level 18
    Rotor 4 Vinyl      Rock Solid (Easy)        Get a 5 game winning streak in
    (Vinyl)                                          online ranked games
                       Circuit Star (Medium)    Win 10 ranked online Circuit Races
                       Super Circuit Star (Hard)Win 25 ranked online Circuit Races
    REWARD CARD 29:    Online General (Hard)    Play 100 games online
    BBS RX             XP Level 29 (Medium)     Reach Online XP Level 29
    (Wheels)           Hot Streak (Medium)      Get a 4 game winning streak in
                                                     online ranked games
                       Super Speedtrap
                         Specialist (Hard)      Win 25 ranked Speedtrap races
    REWARD CARD 30:    Super Lord Of KO (Hard)  Win 25 ranked Pursuit KO races
    Porsche 911 GT3 RS XP Level 50 (Hard)       Reach Online XP Level 50
    (Car)              Moderator Challenge      Beat an EA Moderator in a ranked
                         (Hard)                      online game
                       Iron Man (Hard)          Get a 6 game winning streak in
                                                     online ranked games
    REWARD CARD 31:    XP Level 2 (Easy)        Reach Online XP Level 2
    BBS CH             Online Challenge         Win 5 online Challenge Series
    (Wheels)             Contender (Medium)          events
                       XP Level 4 (Hard)*       Reach Online XP Level 4
                       Sultan Of Sprint (Medium)Win 10 ranked Sprint races
    REWARD CARD 32:    XP Level 9 (Easy)        Reach Online XP Level 9
    BBS LM             Lucky Break (Hard)*      Get a 3 game winning streak in
    (Wheels)                                         online ranked games
                       Online Challenge Champ   Win 15 online Challenge Series
                         (Hard)                      events
                       Photographer (Hard)*     Use Photo Mode
    REWARD CARD 33:    Online Lieutenant        Play 50 games online
    Toyota MR 2          (Medium)
    (Car)              Speedtrap Specialist     Win 10 ranked Speedtrap races
                       Super Sultan Of Sprint   Win 25 ranked Sprint races
                       XP Level 13 (Easy)       Reach Online XP Level 13
    REWARD CARD 34:    Canyon King (Medium)     Win 10 ranked Canyon Duels
    Mooo Vinyl         Showboat (Medium)        Cross the Finish Line in reverse
    (Vinyl)                                          to win a ranked Sprint race
                       Super Tag Master (Hard)  Win 25 ranked Pursuit Tag games
                       XP Level 23 (Medium)     Reach Online XP Level 23
    REWARD CARD 35:    Lord Of KO (Medium)      Win 10 ranked Pursuit KO races
    Los Colibres       XP Level 35 (Medium)     Reach Online XP Level 35
    Vinyl              XP Level 42 (Hard)       Reach Online XP Level 42
    (Vinyl)            Online Colonel (Hard)    Play 75 games online
         *Not sure about these, they don't seem to make sense.  Maybe a typo in
           my Prima strategy guide, where this info is coming from.
    ************************************  iv  *************************************
    STRATEGIES  (strt)
       So, you've seen what you need to do, and it looks intimidating, doesn't
       Well, lucky for you, I've found some pretty failsafe ways to get these
    cards (in many cases, several in a single attempt), and I'm going to share
    these with you.  Note that these are not the ONLY methods, but going this way
    might save you some time in the long run.
       First, I'll deal with the goals that have no real strategy.  These goals
    are really only achievable in one way.
         A New Challenger (Beat any CS event)
         Challenge Novice (Beat 3 CS events)
         Challenge Journeyman (Beat 5 CS events)
         Challenge Champion (Beat 15 CS events)
         Challenge Master (Beat 25 CS events)
         Bronze Medal (Beat all Bronze level CS events)
         Silver Medal (Beat all Silver level CS events)
         Gold Medal (Beat all Gold level CS events)
      The only way to gain these, obviously, is by participating in the Challenge
    Series events.  If you need help, look elsewhere; That's a different guide.
         First Blood (Win 1 race in Career)
         Making Your Name (Win 5 races in Career)
         Street Racer (Win 15 races in Career)
         Road To Victory (Win 25 races in Career)
         Street Legend (Win 50 races in Career)
         Street King (Win 65 races in Career)
         1/4 Mile (Play 5 Sprint races)
         Consolation Award (Lose a race in Career)
         Downtown Turf (Conquer all Downtown Palmont tracks in Career)
         Conqueror (Conquer all tracks in the game in Career)
      Again, not much can be done for these- You just gotta do as you're told.
    Except for "Downtown Turf" and "Conqueror", these are all likely to take
    place over the course of your career; Unless you're a NfS vet and/or super-
    competetive, in which case "Consolation Award" might be an ego-bruising
    challenge for you.
         Defender (Win a Defensive race in Career)
         Iron Wall (Win 20 Defensive races in Career)
         All Your Bases (Unlock all Safe Houses in Career)
         Leader Of The Pack (Hire 6 different Crew memebers in Career)
         Fabricator (Modify a car with Autosculpt)
         Time Shift (Use Speedbreaker once)
         Small Car Lot (Unlock 8 cars)
         Large Car Lot (Unlock 12 cars)
         Number 1 (Finish Career mode)
      And again.  Most here will occur during your normal Career.  The Defense
    races are kind of random, however, the closer you get to the end of the game,
    the more often they seem to occur (sometimes after every race, which gets old
    quick).  Accept them all, and if you're losing, pause and restart the race- It
    still counts (as long as you win).
      UPDATE: As stated by BubbaFett94- Defensive races in Silverton (Stacked
      Deck territory) will occur after every other first-time win.  Leaving
      races unfinished until you reach this point will help, but rerunning a
      previously won race will not.
      For "Leader of the Pack", you need to Hire each different Crew Member one
    time; The game does not care if you Hire and immediately Fire them, so long
    as each different guy was part of your group.  If you've customized your
    crew's cars, this can be annoying because Firing resets a members' car to 0
    (no mods).  Just cycle everyone into the crew for a minute, then put them
    back the way you like them.
      For the "Car Lot" goals, you can earn 2 cars in the Challenge Series, and
    several more with reward cards- Remember, you only need to unlock them, not
      "Fabricator" and "Time Shift" are one-shot, non-specific goals.  As you're
    racing, press R3 (right analog stick) to activate Speedbreaker; Do it once,
    you get the reward.  Autosculpt is the same way, just use it, viola, you get
    the highlight.  Note that either Colin or Sal MUST be on your crew to
    Autosculpt; Since you gain Sal very early on, and only have Neville on your
    crew anyway, Hire Sal and get it over with.
         50 Tracks (Unlock 50 QR tracks)
         80 Tracks (Unlock 85 QR tracks)
         Arcade Level 1 (Play 3 QR)
         Arcade Level 2 (Play 10 QR)
         Arcade Level 3 (Play 25 QR)
         Arcade Level 4 (Play 50 QR)
         Rivals (Play a multiplayer split-screen race)
      "50 Tracks" and "80 Tracks" will occur naturally as you progress through
    Career mode.  The "Arcade Level..." goals simply require you to devote a
    little time to playing Quick Races- But WAIT!  Quick Races are an integral
    part of some of the strategies, and you will easily accumulate Arcade Level
    1 and 2.
      Lastly, for "Rivals", it should be noted that the game does not care if
    you have no friends that play NfS, or no friends period.  The only stipulation
    is a split screen race.  Therefore, you can easily get this by plugging in a
    second controller, picking out a track and two cars, then racing one car to
    the line, picking up the other controller, and racing the second car to the
    line.  The game will not care.  You do, however, need two controllers, as
    unplugging one (or not having it attached at all), will result in an error
    NOW, on to the strategic part of picking up Reward Cards, which is (likely)
    why you're here.  Once again, I'll break these into groups relevant to
    achieving the goals.
         Canyon Run (Win a Canyon Duel)
         Downhill Dynamo (Win 5 Canyon Duels)
         Canyon Conqueror (Win 10 Canyon Duels)
      It is important to note that NONE of these include the phrase "in Career
    mode".  What does that mean?  LOOPHOLE!
      You need to win enough territory in Career to make a Canyon race available
    in Quick Race.  Once it is, build yourself a car with good handling (either
    in Career or My Cars), go to Quick Race, and race the Canyon Race on Easy
    difficulty... 10 times.
      I say use Easy because it makes you more likely to win by overtaking the
    opponent car, thus making this take up less time, but you can do it on
    whatever difficulty you like.
      When you finish, you'l have all the Canyon Race cards, as well as Arcade
    Levels 1 and 2!
         Drift Novice (Win a Drift event)
         Burnt Rubber (Win 5 Drift events)
         Drifter (Score 100,000 pts. in a Drift event)
         Drift Pro (Score 250,000 pts. in a Drift event)
         Drift King (Score 500,000 pts. in a Drift event)
      Ahh, Drift.  This can be the bane of a lot of casual drivers; However,
    the loophole returns to save the day.
      Start off by building yourself a drift car.  I prefer the RX-8, but it's up
    to you; Using a Tier 1 car will make things MUCH easier, though.  Customize
    your tires and set them to "grip", as this allows you a much greater margin
    of error.
      Now, in Quick Race (again), select your track; I like Kimie Temple in
    Downtown, it's a rather wide track with gentle turns and wide bonus zones.
    In the settings for the race, set the Number of Laps to 8.  Yes, 8!  Now run
    the race.  EVEN IF you're eating walls constantly, you should still end up
    with almost 1,000,000 points!  The only one of the above cards you won't gain
    with this is "Burnt Rubber", in which case, redo the same race (in case you
    fell short of 500,000), or reduce the number of laps to 1, so you can make
    quick work of it.  Or ignore it, as there are plenty of Drifts to run in your
         Speed Freak (Hit 130 MPH in a Speedtrap race)
         Cannonball (Hit 150 MPH in a Speedtrap race)
         Speed Demon (Hit 190 MPH in a Speedtrap race)
         Need For Speed (Hit 200 MPH in a Speedtrap race)
      It is advisable to wait until you have Colin available to you to go for
    these, as he will make it loads easier.  Why not Nikki?  Colin gives you a
    wider draft area.
      Find a Speedtrap race you like, there are several with decent straight
    areas for massive speed.  Go into Quick Race and select that track.  Set the
    competition to 1 car, on Easy (so you don't have to worry about them, only
    your ridiculous velocity).  Under "Custom Cars", grab the Porsche Carrera GT,
    it's fully tuned, handles spectacularly, and can reach unholy speeds by
    itself.  Pick Colin as your crew member (or Nikki, I don't care), and use
    your drafter to break the sound barrier!  Note that if you were, say, to
    break 200 MPH in the first trap, you gain ALL cards below your posted speed
    as well.  Walk in the park!
      If you're having trouble, especially with 200 MPH, check below for the
    "Infinite NOS" and "Infinite Crew Charge" cheats, which will make this
    super simplistic.
         Free Ride (Win a Free Roam challenge in Career)
         Urban Combat (Win 5 Free Roam challenges in Career)
         Urban Warfare (Win 10 Free Roam challenges in Career)
         Head To Head (Win 25 Free Roam challenges in Career)
         Urban Battle (Win 50 Free Roam challenges in Career)
      Also known as the "Rival Crew Challenge", this type of race only occurs
    when you're out cruising town in freeroam.  While you will easily see a few
    of these during your career, there is a more efficient way to get to 50, and
    stack the odds in your favor while you're at it.
      NOS will make this a lot quicker for you.  Infinite NOS is even better.
      Rival cars will be whatever Tier relates to the stage of the game you are
    in; In your first territory, they will be Tier 1 (no matter what you're
    driving; See the Cheats section for more), in the secind and third territories
    they will be Tier 2, and in Silverton, Tier 3.  Opening a new territory
    upgrades all freeroam cars, so once you get to Silverton, the other crews
    all have Tier 3 cars (as in, you can't return to the first territory and race
    Tier 1's with your supercar).
      Here's what I like to do: Find a 4-way intersection and park your car on
    the curb.  Usually, a Rival racer will show up within a few seconds.  If you
    know where the finish line is in a particular area, you can turn this to
    your advantage by parking near the goal and facing it; Often, Rivals will
    approach from the front or side of your car.  By choosing the goal you're
    facing, you can split and be halfway to the finish before the Rival car gets
    turned around to even start racing!  Further, you gain a distinct advantage
    by racing a given course multiple times, as you learn the quickest route,
    plus you can insure that you're racing in a low Heat area (so the cops don't
    invade your race), and you can stretch your power further by creating a
    massive pileup in the 4-way you park at.  This will really tie up the
    competition while you launch like a rocket!
      If you REALLY want your hand held for this, here's what you want to do:
    On the map, highlight the westernmost (left) edge of the 21st Street
    territory.  This is an area shaped like the state of California.  Now, if you
    look very closely, there is actually ONLY ONE four-way intersection in this
    area- All rest are three-way.  The four way is on the east edge of the area,
    about 3/4 of the way up; You'll know when you're in the right place.  On the
    northwest corner of the intersection is a fountain, and, on the northeast, a
    large building with a huge "Get in the Zone" sign on it.
      Get yourself over to this intersection, and park on the curb.  You may want
    to be facing south; Better yet, aim your car east or west.  I used this method
    to raise over 150,000, and it seems that, as long as you are PARKED, the rival
    cars will ALWAYS approach from the rear.  It is very easy to turn this to your
      That said, the rival car should turn up inside of a minute.  Take the
    challenge and, on the "goal select" screen, choose the finish line that
    appears almost directly south of your position.  Not only is this goal within
    very close proximity, but, once you win, it is extremely easy to get back to
    where you started and repeat the process.  You can easily bring down $1000 a
    minute using this method.  As an added bonus, this area has inherently low 
    Zone Heat, so the cops will probably never show up (although they will make
    radio calls about you), meaning you can terrorize this course with impunity.
      At any rate, 50 races is still a lot, and Free Roams are part of a later
    strategy, so don't immerse yourself too much just yet...
         Cuttin' Deals (Sell 3 cars in Career)
         Big Biz (Sell 6 cars in Career)
         3 Rides (Acquire 3 cars in Career)
         5 Rides (Acquire 5 cars in Career)
         8 Rides (Acquire 8 cars in Career)
         Full House (Fill your Garage in Career)
      The only advice I can give you is this: Try to get Pink Slips from Boss
    races, and MAKE SURE to wait until Nikki is on your crew to start moving
    some serious steel.  Aside from thet, this next strategy will insure you
    get these cards.
         Tuner Addict (Fill your Garage with only Tuner cars in Career)
         Exotic Aficianado (Fill your Garage with only Exotic cars in Career)
         Muscle Head (Fill your Garage with only Muscle cars in Career)
      Like I just said, this will help you get the above rewards.  You'll need
    around 600,000 cash available to you, and Nikki in the crew won't hurt (she
    gets you a 10% discount on all car purchases).
      Regardless of what you're driving, we'll start with Exotics.  Why?  Simple:
    They cost the most, meaning both a higher initial expense as well as a higher
    resale return.
      Sell all of your cars except 1 (you can't sell your last car).  Drive down
    to the nearest car lot and buy Alfa Romeo Breras over and over (it says fill
    the Garage with exotics, not different exotics... Loophole!) until you get a
    message saying the Garage is full (8 cars, I believe, so the one you have plus
    7 Breras).  Go back to the Safe House, sell your last non-exotic car, and buy
    your last Brera for the highlight (unless you own an exotic, in which case
    you already got it).
      Now, sell all of those (and reap the "Cuttin' Deals" and "Big Biz" goals)
    and buy a full stock of Chevrolet Camaro SS's, as Muscles are the second most
    expensive cars.  Swap your last car for a final Camaro to get the "Muscle
    Head" goal.
      Last, sell all of those and fill up on Mazda RX-8's (or Nissan 240SX's, if
    you opened it).  Swap your remaining car for one of these.
      Once you recieve "Tuner Addict", you can sell off everything and repurchase
    whatever you were driving to begin with.  Remember to use Yumi to get 10% off
    on parts!
      Note that you don't HAVE to do it this way; You can easily start with
    whatever car type you're initally using to gain the goal before you sell it.
    I only describe it this way for financial purposes.
         Collector (Unlock 33 cars)
      There are a number of ways to accomplish this.  Completing the Career opens
    6 more cars on top of everything you unlocked during the course of your
    Career;  The Challenge Series has two unlockable cars; The Reward Cards turn
    over a total of 10 cars- One is unlocked by gaining this goal, however, so
    you can contribute only 9 of these.
      Last but not least, if you end your Career (see Cheats for more on this),
    and restart on a different Career path, you will unlock new cars that will
    be added to the total vehicles you unlocked in your previous run.
         Makin' Money (Earn 30,000 cash in Career)
         Stash (Earn 50,000 cash in Career)
         100K (Earn 100,000 cash in Career)
         Big Bucks (Earn 500,000 cash in Career)
         Career Mogul (Earn 1,000,000 cash in Career)
      If I had to guess, I'd say THIS (and the below area) are what you really
    want to see.
      The specific difficulty here is the 1,000,000 goal; If you can get to
    Silverton, earning 100,000 can happen in 4 races... If you can get to
    Silverton with one car, you've earned everything up to "Big Bucks".
      "One car!" you say.  Actually, it's 2, but here's how I do it:
      Start your career in Kempton, Angie's 21st Street territory, by selecting
    the Muscle path.  Yes, I know, Muscles... Don't sweat it.  Use the Camaro
    to beat two of the races in the first area (I believe one is a Checkpoint,
    even easier!).  This will open the adjacent territories for racing, and, even
    better, give you access to a car lot.  And look at that, you should have just
    enough cash to get an RX-8.  Trade the Camaro for the Mazda, and use its
    superior handling to lay waste to the Muscle cars here- they have to slow to
    a near stop to make corners, while you stick to the road like velcro.  Keep
    Neville's car fully upgraded (it's free, choose to "View Car" then "Customize"
    under "My Crew"), that way he should be able to take the win if you have any
    close calls.
      Now, PAY ATTENTION to what you're unlocking in the races you run.  There
    are two or three levels of parts: Street (Level 1), Pro (Level 2), and Race
    (Level 3).  Race to unlock the HIGHEST level parts first, and upgrade directly
    to that level, instead of buying, say, Nitrous three times.  Be aware that
    Neville can carry you quite a ways, but you'll probably need a peak-performing
    RX-8 to take Angie.
      Speaking of which, try to get Angie's Pink Slip after the race.
      On the up-side, that maxxed out RX-8 is enough to beat every single track
    in Fortuna and Downtown, up to the Boss races.  Also, start using Samson in
    races (but keep Neville on your crew), to enjoy a helpful monetary boost.
      If you got Angie's Charger, you can try that to beat Kenji and Wolf.  If
    you can't drive Muscles (like me), you'll likely need a new ride.  Both boss'
    cars are stock save a NOS package, so Tier 2 with good Acceleration and
    Handling is a big help- I pick up a Porsche Cayman S ($75,000) and upgrade it.
    It not only beats these guys into the ground, but, even though it seems to be
    a lot of money, you can still get up to nearly $700,000 in Silverton.
      Again, try to get the Slips.  Sell the boss cars (or drive one), and any
    other car in the Garage you don't need (goodbye, beloved RX-8.)  Keep Samson's
    car at peak performance, and let him win for you if you must.
      When it comes time to get a Tier 3 car, try to go for the Subaru WRX or
    Mitsubishi EVO IX; Both have awesome handling.  Use Nikki to get a discount on
    the car, then swap in Yumi for cheap parts.
      You'll still be short, though.  If it's only a little (as in, you drive
    better than me- Not surprising), remember you have 50 Free Roam races to do,
    at $1000 per win ($50 grand total).
      If you're waaay short, go back to the Garage, buy up whatever you can to
    blow cash (lower-level parts, visuals, whatever), until you get stupidly low
    on cash (double or triple digit figures... If you spend it all down to the
    last penny, good job), then go out and get yourself busted.
      You will be prompted to reload your Career or Quit; Quit, and start a fresh
    Career from the beginning (see Cheats if you don't know why).
      Now it's just a matter of earning enough cash to get a new Tier 3 ride.  If
    you absolutely cannot live without visual customization, try to set an easily
    replaceable budget, or figure out how much what you want costs, and race Free
    Roams for the money, instead of dipping into your winnings.
      Doing this should get you to 1,000,000.  Or close enough that Free Roam runs
    will pull you the rest of the way.
      It also bears mentioning that your Crew can (and will) be a great benefit to
    you in achieving any or all of these goals.  Certain Crew members possess
    inherent abilities that will help you fill your wallet and keep it full:
    Neville- Your first Crew member earns you an extra $200 per race, so long as
             he is a Crew member (must be on the Crew, but does not need to race.)
    Samson-  Samson, aside from being a fantastic Blocker, bestows upon you a 10%
             increase to race winnings, so long as he is the 'Active' Crew member
             (he races with you).
      As you can see, having these two in your Crew will significantly boost your
    income.  For your third Crew member, you should use whichever member will
    benefit your current agenda- Sal and Colin each allow you to Autosculpt
    different vehicle parts when you customize.  For monetary reasons:
    Yumi-    Having Yumi in the Crew will net you a 10% discount on all parts.
             Obviously, you should Hire her on when you decide to do performance
    Nikki-   Your last Crew member, Nikki, has the semi-useful ability to get you
             10% off the purchase price on any lot vehicle; If you choose to go
             buy a new car, add her to the Crew beforehand.
    ************************************   v   ************************************
      If you're not trying to find out how to get 1,000,000 cash (see directly
    above), then most likely you're hung up on one of these goals.  This section
    covers everything from raising bounty to the elusive "Ram 100" goal.
    Basically, if it has to do with cops, it's here and not up there.
      Let's get this out of the way first: I like pursuits.  I like them A LOT.
    The only difficulty I ever have with the cops is getting them to keep playing
    until I want to quit.  As such, I usually don't find this batch of goals all
    that difficult; You may feel differently.
         Hard Time (Get Busted in a police pursuit)
      This should be one of your first (if not THE first) goals of your Career:
    Get tossed in the slammer.  Doing this early will save you a lot of cash in
    the long run, as every pursuit you evade adds unserved infractions to your
    total; Once you DO get caught, you pay EVERYTHING.
      Getting the 5-0's attention is simple enough: Find the area of the current
    territory with the highest Heat Level, and start raising hell.  Smash into
    NPC cars, knock over road signs and Pursuit Breakers, anything that's illegal
    in real life.  Sooner or later your radio will pipe up about a "911 call...".
    Now, find yourself a cop.  The map will flash when they're close, and they
    show up as a red triangle (the point of the triangle indicates their direction
    of travel).  Once the pursuit begins, simply stop dead and wait a few seconds.
      The first strategy I'm going to lay out for you is my Crown Jewel, and
    pretty much the reason for this guide (I'm very proud of it, as you can tell).
    It involves beginning your criminal career very early, for a good reason, and
    will knock a load of goals off your chart in one go.
      The goals covered by this strategy are:
         Getaway (Escape a police pursuit)
         Vandal (Use one Pursuit Breaker)
         Fender Bender (Disable a police vehicle)
         Reckless (Disable 5 police vehicles)
         Brake For No One (Disable 20 police vehicles)
         Public Enemy No. 1 (Disable 50 police vehicles)
         Battering Ram (Ram 25 police vehicles)
         Unstoppable (Ram 50 police vehicles in a single pursuit)
         Crusher (Ram 100 police vehicles in a single pursuit)
         Block Breaker (Avoid 10 police roadblocks)
         Unblockable* (Avoid 20 police roadblocks)
         8 Minute Exit (Escape after an 8 minute police pursuit)
         12 Minute Exit (Escape after a 12 minute police pursuit)
         Baiter* (Raise the Heat on your car to Level 2)
         Troublemaker* (Raise the Heat on your car to Level 4)
         20K Bounty* (Get a Bounty of 20,000 cash in a single pursuit)
         50K Bounty* (Get a Bounty of 50,000 cash in a single pursuit)
         Wrecking Ball* (Cause 50,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
         Moving Disaster* (Cause 100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
         Fast Wheels* (Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
    NOTE #1: Goals marked with a * are not guaranteed, but fairly likely
    NOTE #2: Attempting this strategy later in the Career will add multiple other
        goals to the list, such as "Big Game Hunter", most or all involving spike
        strips, fines, and Heat Levels, and "Crime Spree".  As I do not do this
        (it also becomes MUCH harder to escape), strategies for these goals
      That's a big list, no?  The basic formula is this: Get involved in a long
    chase very early in your Career.  Why?  Simple: The police only use very basic
    tactics in the beginning, plus you won't be contending with Rhinos or Spike
    Strips, which can turn things south real quick, and, after you've invested a
    lot of time in the chase (its the "Crusher" goal that does it), possibly
    result in a shattered controller when you're busted.
      Aside from that, it's very simple: Make sure you pee first, if you smoke,
    have your cancer sticks handy, put at least a NOS kit on your car, and go
    find a cop to play with.
      On to the specifics of making this work:
        -Turn off Autosave first.  If the worst happens, you're out a lot of
         time, but not much else.
        -As I said, do this early on.  You'll be dealing with Civic Cruisers,
         easy to wreck with NOS on a Tier 1 (and silly putty if you restarted
         and have a Tier 3) and rudimentary pursuit tactics.
        -RAM EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!  Plow the police cars, hit street signs, NPC
         vehicles if you get the chance, kiosks... EVERYTHING!!
        -HOWEVER... Be careful with Pursuit Breakers.  If a new wave of cars
         just dropped in, by all means, crush them.  If you've only got a single
         pursuer, though...
        -...A single police vehicle in pursuit MUST be completely disabled to
         spawn a new one before the Wave Timer counts out.  If you only spin him
         out or block his path, you run the risk of entering Cooldown, and then
         finding a new cop to resume the chase can be difficult.
        -Crash through EVERY roadblock... And not just once, multiple times!
         Roadblock cars DO NOT count as deployed vehicles, so it is possible, if
         you U-Turn and hit each car in the block, to cause the "Cars Diabled"
         counter to exceed the "Cars Deployed" counter!
        -Every vehicle (SUV's included) has a "Sweet Spot".  In roadblocks, try
         to hit the cars directly where the back of the front door and the front
         of the back door meet, or dead-nuts center.  Use NOS to increase your
         velocity and Speedbreaker to increase your mass for spectacular effects!
        -On the other hand, NEVER hit a car from the front.  You'll stop dead
         in your tracks, almost every time.
        -"Ramming" and "Disabled" are NOT the same.  "Disabled" is damaging a car
         beyond its operating capacity, by hitting it, causing it to hit
         something, or dropping a Pursuit Breaker on it.  "Ramming" is making
         solid car-to-car contact (often, if you ram a pursuing car, the radio
         will spit out a comment, "Control, suspect just rammed me", "Vehicle
         tried to force me off the road", etc.
        -If you blast through a roadblock and lose the pursuit cars (your green
         "Evade" meter starts filling up), simply reverse into visual range of the
         roadblock (the "Evade" meter will reset to 0), and wait for the car to
         follow.  Civic Cruisers and their unmarked brethren are slow, so you're
         in no danger.  As soon as the "Evade" meter starts to go red, take off.
        -Use your HUD.  It will tell you how many cars have been deployed into the
         current chase, how many you've disabled (NOT rammed), how long until a
         new wave arrives to be turned into scrap metal, what your Heat Level is,
         what your Bounty and Cost to State are, and most vitally, where you are,
         where the cops are, and where things to smash the cops are.
        -Infinite NOS and Speedbreaker are helpful.
      That's the gist of it.  As long as you persist in annihalating every
    destructable item you see in the world around you and every cop car you can
    (preferably by slamming into it), you'll accumulate all kinds of Heat, Bounty,
    and Cost to State.  Keep the pursuit up until somewhere around 200 cars have
    been deployed, then wreck out your last pursuer and hide, and the glorious
    bounty of rewards is yours.
         Getaway (Escape a police pursuit)
         Quick Exit (Escape a police pursuit in less than 2 minutes)
         Escape Artist (Escape 5 police pursuits)
         Untouchable (Escape 15 police pursuits)
         Houdini (Escape 25 police pursuits)
         8 Minute Exit (Escape after an 8 minute police pursuit)
         12 Minute Exit (Escape after a 12 minute police pursuit)
      I realize I just covered a couple of these, but let's say you've got most
    of the above, and don't need to be involved in an hour long chase for one or
      "8 Minute" and "12 Minute" are just that: Pursuits that exceed a given time.
    You can easily acquire both in one pursuit, since 12 minutes is obviously
    longer than 8 minutes.
      For the others, we once again turn to our friend, the loophole.  You see,
    NONE of the "Escape X number pursuits" goals specifies a time limit.  Quite
    simply, get the cops' attention and use your map to find a car.  When
    searching for the suspect (that's you), patrol cars are spread out, meaning
    that one on your map is just that: ONE.  Go find him, ram his car into the
    recycling bin, then hide.  No sweat.  It doesn't take long at all to evade
    25 ten-second pursuits.
         Baiter (Raise the Heat on your car to Level 2)
         Troublemaker (Raise the Heat on your car to Level 4)
         Most Wanted (Raise the Heat on your car to Level 5)
      Again, a couple of these were just mentioned.  First, note that Vehicle Heat
    and Zone Heat ARE NOT the same; In fact, they aren't even related to one
      "Zone Heat" is the level of police activity within a given area of the map;
    It varies by territory and is affected by the territory's "level" (i.e. how
    far into the game you are- The first territory you race in will have the
    lowest Heat, while Silverton will have Zone Heat 4 or 5 in every territory)
    and by how much criminal activity (racing) takes place in the territory- In
    other words, the more you race (either events or Free Roams) in an area, the
    more attention the cops pay.
      "Vehicle Heat", on the other hand, is related directly to a specific car.
    The more you use a certain car to race and in pursuits, the more the cops
    look for it.  Lowering vehicle Heat can be done by modifying the appearance
    of the car, not driving that car for a while, or by paying to lower it.  Of
    course, we're not trying to lower Heat, we're trying to raise it!  Simply
    apply the above in reverse: Race with one car a lot, let the cops chase that
    car a lot, and drag the pursuits out as long as possible, as the vehicle Heat
    will go up as the pursuit continues.  Note that Vehicle Heat is also related
    to your Career progress, and can only reach a certain point at given parts of
    the game.
         20K Bill (Accumulate a 20,000 Fine in Career)
         Wolfshead (Accumulate a 50,000 Fine in Career)
         20K Bounty (Get a Bounty of 20,000 cash in a single pursuit)
         50K Bounty (Get a Bounty of 50,000 cash in a single pursuit)
         Wrecking Ball (Cause 50,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
         Moving Disaster (Cause 100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
         Fast Wheels (Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit)
      These three catagories are loosely related, but each has its own specific
    conditions for calculation.
      Let's begin with Fines- Fines, essentially, are a tally of your Infractions
    (see How This Game Works, below, for more).  Every time you are involved in a
    pursuit, each criminal act you commit has a certain cash penalty attached to
    it- Just like real life.  Speeding, destroying property, and endangering the
    public all calculate separately, and become one huge bill once you are finally
    brought to justice.  Every time you evade a pursuit, you also are Fined for
    evading, and the "court" keeps track of your bill for you (how thoughtful).
    Long story short, participate in as many pusuits as possible, cause as much
    havoc during those pursuits as you can, and avoid capture as long as you can,
    and your Fine will be... Well, fine.
      Next, Bounty.  Bounty is a price on your head.  If you pay attention to the
    story, you will know Cross is a Bounty Hunter, NOT a cop.  Bounty is what the
    State is willing to shell out to have you brought in, more or less.  The
    longer you remain "at large", the more you're worth.  Bounty is raised by
    disabling police vehicles in pusuit, and grows exponentially based on your
    current Vehicle Heat.
      Lastly, Cost To State.  Cost to State is just that: How much it's costing
    the "State" to fix the chaos you wreak.  Every time you destroy State
    property, in the form of street signs, information booths, Pursuit Breakers,
    or police vehicles, your Cost To State will rise.  Basically, crash into as
    much stuff as you can to get this to ludicrous levels.
         Stone Wheels (Avoid a Spike Strip in a police pursuit)
         Wheels Of Steel (Avoid 5 police Spike Strips in a single pursuit)
         Iron Tires (Avoid 10 police Spike Strips)
         Diamond Tires (Avoid 12 police Spike Strips in a single pursuit)
         Big Game Hunter (Immobilize a police Rhino)
      I really enjoy the irony of "Stone Wheels"... Where else are you going to
    avoid a Spike Strip, during a Drift race?
      At any rate, the "Wheels" and "Tires" goals are essentially all related,
    as they ask you to do the same thing, only an increasing number of times.
    These goals rate an "Advanced" moniker only because they must be completed
    later in the game, when the law starts employing these tactics.
      Avoiding Spike Strips is basically the same as avoiding roadblocks, only
    potentially more risky.  Running over a Spike Strip ruins your tires and
    renders you far more likely to be caught.  Certain tactics can be applied to
    escape these measures:
      -First, pay attention to your radio.  Often, the cops in the block ahead
    will outright tell you where the spike strip is going to be, "Patrol members,
    be advised, spikes in the road on the right/ left", etc.
      -Pay attention to the road ahead.  When you see the roadblock, NEVER aim
    for the path of least resistance- There's a REASON there's no car in that
    part of the block!!  If you must break the block, go THROUGH a cop car, not
    around.  Note that at higher Heat Levels, the Feds get wise to this and WILL
    lay spikes in the center of the road, with a car directly behind them.
      -Use your Speedbreaker!  For one, it gives you extra time to survey the
    situation and find a safe route.  Secondly, it increases your vehicle's mass,
    allowing you to plow through the opposition with ease.
      -Last, if the worst should happen (as in, you hit the spikes), all is not
    lost.  Most Tier 3 car, especially Muscles, have more than enough guts to
    escape on bare rims.  Your handling will be severely compromised, though,
    especially if you only pop one side or a single tire.  You can remedy this a
    little by intentionally blowing out your remaining tires on another spike
      I would advise trying to draw out the first pursuit you encounter Spikes in
    and getting all 4 goals in one go, then you can simply not deal with them for
    the remainder of the game.
      Now, on to "Big Game Hunter".  This can seem a ridiculous (or even
    impossible) request, but it isn't, I assure you.  In fact, it's rather easy,
    if you know what to do.
      Number one, never, NEVER, try to take out an SUV in pursuit- You will not
    win.  Those things are reenforced specifically for ramming you, which is why
    they come at you like they do.
      Instead, try to catch one in a Pursuit Breaker, if the opportunity presents
    itself (it will, occasionally).  Alternately, break through one of the rare
    SUV roadblocks the game throws at you; Rhino's have the same weakness from
    the side as patrol cars.  Hit one smack center with NOS and Speedbreaker
    applied and they launch like a rocket.
      Then, there's my personal favorite: Get a good crowd of PC's in pursuit,
    and lead them right into the oncoming Rhinos!  Should you succesfully dodge
    the heavies, they will most likely do their intended work on one of your cop
    pals, demolishing not only the pursuit cars but, often, themselves as well!
        Crime Spree (Commit 6 Infractions in a single pursuit)
      This goal bears so much explaining, it (almost) gets its own devoted
    section, below.
      An Infraction, at its simplest, is a criminal act.  There are several that
    the game recognizes, with certain prerequisites that determine what the act
    qualifies as.  Think of it in terms of real life, yet again: Speeding is an
    infraction.  Driving with an improper liscense plate is another; Without
    insurance (in a lot of places), a third.  Destruction of property, reckless
    endangerment, fleeing and evading... All Infractions.
      For instance (in real life), let's say you're blowing down the freeway at
    a buck-twenty-five, weaving in and out of traffic, in the oncoming lane, with
    a brew in your lap and a taillight out.  When the cops do finally grab you and
    drag you up in front of the man, you're going to be charged with Speeding,
    Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment, DUI, and Fleeing and Evading ('cause
    if you're doing the rest of that, you aren't likely to just pull over nicely
    when the red lights come on in your rearview), and a Fix-It ticket for the
    taillight to boot.  All separate infractions.
      It should be noted that (gamewise), for an Infraction to be added to your
    total, the police MUST witness you committing the act in question.  If you
    eradicate a Pursuit Breaker and no one's around, no one's the wiser.
      Lastly, it is easiest to get this goal when the police initiate the chase
    during a Circuit race- See below, "Infractions", for why.
    ************************************   vi    **********************************
      This particular section is just going to elaborate on some of the in-game
    checks and balances that figure out if you rate a reward.  Since most of the
    goals are really no-brainers, and you ought to be able to figure out the
    physics engine yourself, the bulk of this content will be on pursuits.
    Consider it an ammendment to the above section.
      Before that, though:
      You may notice I used the term 'loophole' a lot at the beginning of this
    document.  In case you don't know, and are "far too busy" to look it up, a
    loophole is essentially a way of doing something in a manner that may not be
    exactly consistent with another's view on the situation.  Lawyers love
    loopholes, and so should you, especially in this game.
      Many of the goals the game requests are worded (and recognized by the
    programming) in such a way that certain conditions can be met in a number
    of ways that don't require you to really work for them- For example, "Score
    500,000 pts. in a Drift event".  Now, during the course of career, this may
    seem a bit out of reach, especially if you can't get the hang of the Drift
    physics.  But since there's no stipulation against achieving this goal in any
    specific type of race, going into Quick Race and setting your target laps to 8
    suddenly makes this child's play, without any real pressure on the gamer to
    build any skill at controlling their car.
      The same applies for "Win 10 Canyon Duels"- It never says that they have to
    be during Career, or even that they have to be 10 different Duels.  Find one
    track you like, and run it 10 consecutive times in Quick Race.  Easy.
      The point is, as you're reading the goal descriptions in-game, it can
    appear to be a rather hefty undertaking... But it's actually not.
      Except the Challenge Series... Damn I hate the Challenge Series...
      Now, pursuit goals.  Some of these I elaborated on previously, such as the
    "Escape X-number police pursuits" goals.  Basically, more loophole-speak.
      For the further goals, however, it is important to understand how the game
    "thinks" in terms of its law system, particularly pursuit tactics and
      To begin with, let's look at two terms that appear in certain goals'
    descriptions: "Ram" and "Avoid".
      "Ramming" (as interpreted by the game) is solid vehicle-to-vehicle contact
    that generally results in visible damage but does not necessaraly incapacitate
    a vehicle.  It can sometimes be difficult to determine if a "Ram" has occured,
    making the "Ram 100" goal particularly frustrating.  In general:
      -"Ramming" will usually result in some form of visual damage to the rammed
    vehicle.  If you connect with a PC at slower speeds, it will not show visual
    indications of being hit, i.e. dents, shattered windows, etc.
      -"Ramming" an active pusuit vehicle (NOT a stationary roadblock car) will
    often illicit a response in the form of radio communication: "Suspect just
    rammed me", "Suspect just tried to take me out", etc.
      -"Ramming" will not always result in disabling the rammed vehicle.
      -Although they will not acknowledge it via radio, stationary cars can and
    should be rammed.  They are your easiest target.
      -That said, two of my favorite "Ramming" techniques: 1)Slam into stationary
    roadblock cars.  If possible, turn around and hit another, and another, and...
    This can usually give you 3-5 "Rams" with little effort.  2)When you see a
    police vehicle on the road in front of you, NOS right into his rear bumper.
    Most times, he either "never saw you coming", or he's trying to fall in behind
    you; Either way, he's an easy, slow moving target begging to be hit.
      "Avoiding" is a poor term, in my opinion.  In my interpretation, "avoiding"
    something is not coming into contact with it.
      For example:
         I     I
         I     I
         Ix x xI---police roadblock
         I     I
    -----       -----
    -----       -----
         I     I
         I     I
         I  ^--I---your car
         I     I
       Now, let's say this is your game scenario: You are approaching the 4-way
    intersection, as above, and the police have the far side of the intersection
    blocked.  According to MY interpretation of the term "avoid", you could simply
    turn right or left at the intersection, hence never coming into contact with
    the roadblock, and, by definition, having "avoided" it.
      Unfortunately, this does not hold true in the game.  In order to "avoid"
    the roadblock, you must successfully penetrate it and continue on.  Note that
    there is no prerequisite on hitting anything on the way through; If there is
    a "hole" in the formation, passing through it still counts.
      Also, "avoiding" Spike Strips does NOT mean that you must hit the strip
    itself, only that you must pass through the roadblock in which the Spikes
    are deployed.
      ***Thanks to BubbaFett94 for helping me understand these mechanics.  The
         above explainations would have been much shorter without the help, and
         much less informative***
      Another confusing term in the game, for a different reason, is "Infraction".
    The game will allude to these acts, but (so far as I've seen), no one ever
    bothers to enlighten you as to what qualifies.  Fear not, fellow racer, I am
    here to free your mind.
      The following are what the game considers "Infractions", and how to commit
      -Speeding: When you are clocked (seen by a PC) in excess of 150 MPH
       (240 KmPH), you are "Speeding".
      -Excessive Speeding: When you are clocked in excess of 180 MPH (288KmPH),
       it qualifies as "Excessive Speeding".
      -Reckless Driving: Get clocked at more than 200 MPH (320 KmPH) and you are
       driving recklessly.
      -Damage to Property: Any time you destroy (by crashing into) any public
       property, such as road signs, cones, information booths, or those stupid
       patio tables, that's "Damage to Property".
      -Driving off Roadway: Leave the road; It's that simple.  The easiest way to
       score this write up is to lead the cops through the park shortcuts in
      -Hit and Run: If you somehow manage to hit a non-police vehicle (they all
       seem to vanish once the chase is on), you get "Hit and Run", which is NOT
       the same as...
      -Ramming a Police Vehicle: Physical car-to-car contact between your own
       vehicle and a PC, intentional or otherwise, qualifies.
    And finally:
      -Fleeing and Evading: If you end the pursuit by waiting out Cooldown mode,
       you have Fled and Evaded.
      Most of these are relatively easy to accomplish.  The police cars are
    programmed to maintain a certain distance from your own vehicle, so don't
    worry about losing them when you hit the spray to go for "Reckless Driving"...
    Believe me, even the level 1 Civic Cruisers can keep up at 215 MPH!
      The two worst seem to be "Driving off Roadway", as the police sometimes
    will not follow you when you cut through the park, and I believe it doesn't
    register to them (he didn't "witness" you committing the act), and "Hit and
      As I mentioned, most of the NPC vehicles seem to evaporate as soon as the
    pursuit initiates, so most often you're reduced to trying to get this
    infraction within the first few seconds of the chase.
      There is, however, a much easier way to do this: Do your "Crime Spree" run
    when the cops show up during a Circuit race.  The other vehicles that
    participated in the race itself WILL NOT despawn until the pursuit concludes,
    and all of them (including your wingman) count as civilian vehicles.  What's
    more, the opponent cars will generally continue following the race course,
    around and around, making them prime targets.  They also register on your
    radar as orange triangles, so you can easily track them down.
      ***Thanks to Heidar Bergsson for the "KmPH" speeds, and for pointing out to
         me that some people prefer metric.  I never thought about it.***
      And now, thanks to Ariecos for figurung out how much each Infraction
    costs.  This can be particularly helpful for the "20K Bill" and "Wolfshead"
      Speeding: $350
      Excessive Speeding: $150
      Reckless Driving: $1000
      Damage to Property: $100
      Driving Off Roadway: ???
      Hit and Run: $300
      Ramming a Police Vehicle: $350
      Fleeing and Evading: $300
      "So, if you do the seven I actually KNOW, you get a fine of $2550 per
      Excellent!  I never would have taken the time to figure it out myself!
      As previously mentioned, there are two separate and distinct types of
    "Heat" found in the game: "Zone Heat", which relates directly to the area
    you're currently driving in, and "Vehicle Heat", which is based solely on
    the car you're occupying.  These two figures are not related in any way
    beyond name.
      The most straightforward of the two, Zone Heat simply indicates the police
    presence in a given area.  You have no doubt noticed that the four sectors of
    Palmont City are divided further into small sections, each usually containing
    3 races, that you take over during your Career.
      Each of these sections will have its own Zone Heat rating, which determines
    how likely the cops are to raid a race while you're in it, and how quickly
    the police respond during Free Roam when you start acting up.  Use Zone Heat
    if you're looking for trouble, or trying to avoid it.
      There are a few ways to manipulate Zone Heat, the first being, quite simply,
    racing within the territory.  Want a Zone to cool down?  Try racing somewhere
    else for a while, and shift the cops' attention.  Trying to warm it up?  Run
    any race course and Free Roam challenge you can find within the borders.
      Your crew can also be used to control Heat; Certain members have inherent
    abilities that allow you to pull one over on the system.  They are:
    -Neville: Your first Crew member, Neville has the ability to prevent Zone Heat
     from increasing in the area you currently occupy.  Note that he MUST be your
     active Crew member for the bonus to take effect.
    -Samson: The giant Muscle driver will lower the Zone Heat in any Zone you
     control (in other words, the territory is blue on the map and has your Crew
     logo on it).  This is a Career bonus granted simply by having Samson hired
     on as a Crew member.
      As a general rule, the further you progress in your Career, the higher the
    Zone Heat of newly opened areas will be.
      Vehicle Heat is only slightly more complicated.  It ties directly to the car
    you're currently operating, and will increase for that car every time you take
    part in a police chase.
      Interestingly enough, the radio transmissions you pick up are an indicator
    of your current Vehicle Heat (in case you didn't notice the Vehicle Heat
    display in the lower left corner of your HUD, you know?); With a low (0-2)
    Heat level on your car, when the call goes out to loose the dogs on you, most
    often the operator will have "No vehicle description at this time", or "Having
    difficulty with a description".  As your Heat starts to rise, though, they'll
    have your make and color pegged.  This actually affects pursuit initiation,
    as, when the call goes out for an unidentified car, you can actually pull over
    and stop on the curb, and police cars will cruise right past you- They're
    looking for a speeding vehicle!  When they've got your number, though, it's
    on- As soon as you come within visual range of a cop, he's after you no matter
    what you were doing.
      It is worth noting that Vehicle Heat, similar to Zone Heat, will only reach
    certain levels based on you Career progression; Early on, your car's Heat
    won't go higher than a certain point no matter what you do, which is exactly
    why my Multi Goal strategy works as well as it does.
      Once your Vehicle Heat does start skyrocketing, though, there are some ways
    to handle it:
    -If it's an option, stop using the current car for a while.  If the vehicle
     isn't spotted on the road, eventually the cops will give up on it.
    -Change the visual appearance of the vehicle.  Repaint it, add a spoiler or
     body kit... Anything that makes it harder to recognise.
    -You can spend Cash to lower Heat in the Safe House menu.  It costs 1000 to
     drop the Heat one level.
    -Sal: The mousy Scout comes with a built-in ability to drop the Heat on your
     ride every time you win a race.  He MUST be the active Crew member to do so.
      An interesting and integral part of the game, Pursuit Tactics are how the
    police are going to attempt to deal with you and end your fun (or reign of
      The strategies the police will employ, or try to employ, relate directly
    to your current Vehicle Heat.  The more they wanna stop that particular car,
    the harder they'll chase you.
      Pursuit Tactics fall into two basic catagories: Vehicles Deployed and
    Measures Employed.  We'll look at the Vehicles first.
      These are the police units you'll be dealing with as your noteriety grows:
    HEAT LEVEL 1: Civic Cruiser
    -Easy to avoid, outrun, and crush, the Civic Cruiser is the base level PC.
     Drivers of this vehicle will generally not use any threatening tactics.
    HEAT LEVEL 2: Civic Undercover
    -Also easy to deal with, this is pretty much the same car as above, only
     dark blue instead of black and white.
    HEAT LEVEL 3: State Pursuit, Rhino
    -This is where it starts getting serious.  While the Staties are nothing
     much, the occasional Rhino CAN be a problem, especially if you aren't
     expecting them.
    HEAT LEVEL 4: State Undercover, Rhino
    -This is a good place to be to get the "Big Game Hunter" goal.  Rhinos will
     be out in force and the State Undercover units have a way of sticking to
     you like leeches.
    HEAT LEVEL 5: Federal Interceptor, Rhino Heavy
    -Somebody wants you, bad!  A Level 5 pursuit is not an undertaking lightly
     ventured upon.  Rhinos get even MORE agressive, and the Feds can dodge
     almost anything you throw at 'em.  Lose these guys, and you're a criminal
      Now that you know what'll be chasing you, let's look at what they'll be
    doing to stop you (descriptions of measures follow):
    HEAT LEVEL 1: Shadow, Rolling Block
    HEAT LEVEL 2: Box, Stationary Block, Ram (Rhino)
    HEAT LEVEL 3: Box, Herd, PIT, Rolling and Stationary Block, Ram (Rhino)
    HEAT LEVEL 4 and 5: Box, Herd, PIT, Rolling and Stationary Block, Heavy Block,
         Ram, Spike Strip (more agressive at Level 5)
    Shadow: The PC simply follows your car for a while, generally while he's
         waiting for backup to arrive.  Use quick, unexpected turns to lose him.
    Box: A number of cars (2-5) will attempt to surround your car and brake
         simultaneously in an effort to force you to stop.  This tactic is strong
         once in place, but weak during assembly; Often, there is enough space in
         the formation to let you squeeze through.  Also note that this formation
         will break at any intersection, so just head for the nearest 4-way.
    Herd: This is basically a different version of the Box, in which PCs will
         surround your car and then try to force you into a certain area,
         generally into a Stationary Block or Spike Strip, to end the pursuit.
         Take it as a hint... If they want you to go a particular way, you
         DON'T want to go that way!
    Stationary Block: A number of cars will park across the road in an effort to
         prevent you from going any further; Usually easy to see coming.  Turn to
         avoid completely, or simply crash through.  The two most effective
         methods of penetrating the block are to aim for two cars parked trunk to
         trunk and plow through the gap, or annihilate one of the cars by hitting
         it dead center, where the back of the front door and the front of the
         back door meet.  Speedbreaker and NOS greatly assist this effort.
    Rolling Block: A number of cars (usually 3-5) will attempt to pass your own
         car and create a line in front of you.  Once in place, they will all
         brake simultaneously in an effort to halt the pursuit.  This method
         has the same weaknesses as the Box maneuver, and is also easily evaded
         by simply grabbing the E-brake and pulling a 180.
    Heavy Block: A stationary block composed of Rhino Heavy SUVs.  Can be broken
         with NOS and Speedbreaker; Aim for the center of the truck.
    Ram: Usually occurs with a pair of Rhinos; The vehicles (always 2) will appear
         suddenly in front of you and attempt to slam into your front end.  You
         should always see two distinct red triangles on your map, travelling
         toward you in tandem, when this tactic comes into play.  Rhino's are
         fast, but lack any turning ability at high speeds- Swerve to avoid them.
         This maneuver can be disasterous if there is more than 1 unit following
         you, as the Rhinos have the ability to bring you to a complete halt, and
         another car crashing into your tailpipe with two Rhinos on your hood is
         usually a party-stopper.  Another, risky evasion method is to NOS into
         the Rhinos; I have, on occasion, been launched end-for-end over the SUVs
         from the impact... But I don't recommend it.
    PIT: By now everybody knows how the PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique)
         works: The pursuing vehicle pulls up next to you and turns sharply into
         your rear fender, causing you to lose control and spin out.  Unless used
         in direct coordination with a Ram, this usually won't do much aside from
         disorienting you, and getting you mad if you were heading for a Pursuit
    Spike Strips: A flexible steel belt decorated with a row of tire-slashing
         spines... Make your own! Impress your friends, piss off your neighbors,
         fun for the whole family.  Most of the time, the cops won't go to much
         trouble trying to hide what they're up to with these; If you're at Heat
         Level 4 and you see a break in a Stationary Block, you probably don't
         want to go for it.  Just a suggestion...
         When you get to Level 5, though, those sneaky Feds play dirty by laying
         one of these out in FRONT of a car in the block, so when you go for the
         kill, 'POP!' goes the weasel!
         At the higher Heat levels, you're best bet is probably not trying to go
         through a block at all.  Identify it on your map, and go somewhere else.
         If you don't have a choice, though, use Speedbreaker to see if you can
         pick it out (the Strip is bright yellow) and avoid it.  In the worst-
         case scenario, try to pop ALL your tires, so it won't screw up your
         handling quite as bad.  It IS still possible to lose the cops on sparky
         rims, IF you're in a Tier 3 ride- I've pulleed it off in Shelby GT500's,
         Skylines, and WRXs.  It sucks, but it can be done.
    ************************************  vii  ************************************
    CHEATS  (chts)
      All button-press Cheats are entered at the Main Menu.  When entered
    correctly, you will get a confirmation "Infinite ________!" (press X).
    Cheat codes do not save; You must reenter them each time you play.  Codes
    work in Career and Quick Race mode, but NOT in Challenge Series events.
      Since this game appears on multiple platforms, I've decided to include
    the codes for the other systems, as well; Be advised, however, that I can
    only confirm the PS2 codes.
    PS2 version:
    Infinite Nitrous!*         Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Square  
    Infinite Speedbreaker!     Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Square
    Infinite Crew Charge!      Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Square
    XBox version:
    Infinite Nitrous!*         Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, X 
    Infinite Speedbreaker!     Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, X
    Infinite Crew Charge!      Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, X
    GameCube version:
    Infinite Nitrous!*         Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, X 
    Infinite Speedbreaker!     Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, X
    Infinite Crew Charge!      Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, X
      *You still have to install a Nitrous kit on your car to use this; It
       doesn't just automatically give you the spray.
      This is not so much a cheat as a way to manipulate the game into giving you
    an advantage.
      Basically, all you do is get busted too many times and lose your last car,
    or burn up all of your money, get busted and be unable to pay any fines.  The
    game will then ask if you want to reload your current Career or Quit.  Choose
    to quit, and start a new Career.  The game will start over from the beginning,
      What does this mean?  ANY and all previously earned Reward Cards, any beaten
    Challenge Series events, and, most importantly, ANY race unlocks remain open
    and available to you.  In short, if you beat the game up to Silverton, then
    restart in this manner, you can purchase a Tier 3 car and parts from the
    beginning of the game! 
      Another not-a-cheat... But first, a disclaimer:
      That said, here's the skinny.  Granted, you need to participate in at least
    twenty Defensive Races (in case you, for some reason, don't know, Defensive
    Races will occur immediately after you win a career race.  They are always
    on tracks you currently own, against worthless poser minor crews, for pathetic
    amounts of cash), but let's say that you've already got that card, and find
    DR's as much of a nuisance as I.
      This is a very simple technique.  Provided you're Autosaving, as soon as you
    complete a career race, you will get a screen showing your winnings/ unlocks.
    Press your 'confirm' button, then DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING, at all, when the
    screen returns to the road scene, until the Autosave icon goes away.  Then,
    press the apropriate button to open the map (PS2 is left on the D-Pad).  For
    some reason, if the car is not in motion while the game Autosaves, it will not
    throw up a Defensive Race; Maybe it thinks you got up and went to the bathroom
    or something.  I don't know WHY this works, I just know it does.
    ************************************  viii  ***********************************
       "Need for Speed" and all related names and terms copyright EA Games.
       This guide is copyright Ryan Goss (FFVII Tattoo/Acid Angel 13), 2009.
       Do not alter this document, in whole or in part, for any purpose, without
    express written consent from me.  If you want pieces-parts for your own
    guide or something, speak up- I'll probably go for that (so long as due
    credit goes where due credit belongs).
       To contact me for whatever reason, e-mail me at:
    Use Need for Speed as the subject, or I'll toss it along with all the spam I
       Any corrections, revisions, additional strategy, or whatever, will be
    greatly appreciated and, if relevant, posted in further versions of this guide.
      What's more, I love getting e-mails about my work.  If you send me a mail,
    even a nasty one, you WILL get a reply.  If you don't I didn't get it.  Check
    back with GameFAQs and look at the newest version of this guide to make sure
    you have my current address, and try again.
    ************************************   ix   ***********************************
    VERSION HISTORY (or, Some Stuff You Probably Don't Care About)
     4/16/2009- Ver 1.0 complete
     6/10/2009- Ver 1.1 (or 1.001); Added a couple tiny tidbits, nothing extreme
     1/20/2010- Ver 1.2; Added extra description for the 'Rival Challnge' section,
                  XBox and GC codes, Infraction Costs and "Avoiding Defensive
    AUTHORIZED SITES (or, People Who Didn't Rip This Off)
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