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"If you are a race fan, buy it! You will love it!"

Need for speed on the play station two is a thrilling game which gives you entertainment for months! Need for speed games are all very good and fast selling and this review will show you why.

The races are so great and are always tense so you do not always win or always lose. This really has been in all need for speed games though, but there is a big difference. In this game, it is not just about being the best racer in the city, it is about winning a war type thing. You have to win races against other opponents and their crews to take over a part of the city. There are different paths owned by different people and to claim them, first you need to win small races against crew members, then you have to face the leader of a group in a canyon duel.

The new feature to the game is rather good, and also the new challenge mode. You automatically get put into a car and a place and you have to do whatever the mission is such as escape from the police in a limited time. The more you complete, the harder the challenges will get.

The graphics are pretty much the same as other games, could be better but still pretty amazing. The houses in the background are not very detailed but you can tell that they are houses with windows. But, they also have a variety of different things in the background other than houses such as petrol stations and clubs.

The cars though, makes the game as good as it is. They have lots of different types of real life cars that you may have heard of, drove in, or have it on your driveway right now! The cars are detailed so much that they could be pictures of actual cars! They also split the cars into three groups. Tuner, exotic and muscle. Using these, you can tell which cars you would like to drive. Tuners are better for turning, muscle for speed and exotic equal in both.

If you need a thrilling, buy this game which will guarantee you months of fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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