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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pacot1993

    Version: 4 | Updated: 08/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    One Piece: Grand Adventure
    Full Walkthrough and Move Lists
    by Rockmanmegaman
    E-mail: Vincentlao_1993@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1) Update
    2) Basic Information
    3) Gameplay
       3a) Modes
    4) Characters
       4a) Monkey D. Luffy
       4b) Nami the Navigator
       4c) Roronoa Zolo
       4d) Usopp
       4e) Sanji
       4f) Nefeltari Vivi
       4g) Tony Tony Chopper
       4h) Nico Robin
       4i) Buggy the Clown
       4j) Captain Kuro
       4k) Don Krieg
       4l) Saw-Tooth Arlong
       4m) Chaser
       4n) Tashigi
       4o) Wapol
       4p) Mr.1 Sir Crocodile
       4q) Mr.2 Bon Clay
       4r) Ohm
       4s) Eneru
       4t) Shanks
       4u) Mihawk
       4v) Kuina
       4w) Zeff
    5) Difference?
    6) Battle Field
       6a) Fusha Village
        b) Drum Castle
        c) Arlong Park
        d) Loque Town
        e) Baratie
        f) Arabasta
        g) Sexy Foxy
        h) Eden Rock
        i) Skypiea
        j) Arc Maxim
    7) Characters
       7a) Characters in One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
       7b) Characters in One Piece Grand Adventure
    8) Support Character
    9) Mini-games
       9a) One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
       9b) One Piece Grand Adventure
    10) modified move
       10a) Attacks
    11) Other Stuff
       11a) One Piece Grand Adventure
       12b) One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
    12) Thanks
    13) Legal
    * Add taunt thing in for every character
    * Added information about the costume for character
    * Added information on how to unlock some characters
    * Added some strategies which character uses to make the battle easy
    * Add a new sectin called Glitch
    * Added a little background info for the characters.
    2) Basic Information
    One Piece: Grand Adventure is a PS2 games based on the One Piece
    anime. This anime is the no.1 most popular manga in Japan.
    It's about a pirate, name Monkey D. Luffy, that decides he wants to be 
    King of the Pirates and obtain the One Piece.
    3) Gameplay
    This game is a party fighter, like Super Smash Brothers.
    It isn't really meant to have the high technicality that you see in games such
    as Tekken. but further all this is a great game. You may also find the voices
    annoying but who cares.
    3a) Modes
    Grand Adventure: You pick a pirate out of five and then travel around the map
    and battle pirates, obtain new crew members, gain supports and gaining attacks
    Versus: One on one battle with friends family or battle computers.
    Arena: A ranking battle where you choose a character and battle various
    character to gain higher ranking.
    Tournament: a tournament style bracket. Normal battle
    Training: this is where you train some of your skill.
    Special Games: 
    Box Crusher: Destroy a room full of boxes.
    Rumble Battle: Fight multiple supports and defeat them before the time
    limit runs out.
    Pirate Docking: defeat enemy and make sure to protect your crew from winning
    Battle: change some option and vs a player 1 on 1 with various effects
    Spotbilled Duck Race: Race with friends while riding on Carue
    Snake Battle: Fight a Noro the snake by throwing bombs at it.
    Battle Bowl: Like the Groggy ring battle in the anime. You try to either get 
    your opponent or Gaimon into the opponent's goal.
    Snow Shovel: You need to run around on a pile of snow to try to make the snow
    4. Characters
    Weopon: The weopon they uses.
    Support Characters: The support characters for each battle character.
    Movelist: The movelist, ordered in the most logical order.
    X: Front Attack
    (): Up Attack
    ^: Jump
    R1: Ranged Attack toggle
    L1: Special Attack toggle
    []: Grab button
    To use the taunt button you must press one of the digital movement button
    during a battle.
    4a.Monkey D. Luffy
    He's the main character in the series and his the captain of the strawhat
    cruise. he made look like he's nothing but a kid, when he's crew is in
    danger he could surprise you. His dream is to become the pirate king.
    Weopon: Fist Gomu Gomu no mi (Gum Gum Fruit)
    ~Support Characters~
    -Kung fu jugon
    * Default
    * Pirate King
    * Baseball
    * Cool Shades
    * Alternative
    ~Costume OPGBR~
    * Default
    * Afro Luffy
    * Baseball
    * ???
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: gum gum rapidfire
    X -> X: gum gum blast
    X -> X -> O: gum gum double barrel
    X -> X -> X: luffy punch
    X + O: gum gum drill
     -> O: gum gum pinwheel
    -Up Attacks-
    O: gum gum battle axe
    O -> O: gum gum stamp
    O -> O -> X: gum gum fireworks
    O -> O -> O: luffy swing
    O -> X: gum gum quake
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: gum gum impact
    R1 + O: gum gum chain sickle
    R1 + []: gum gum balloon
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: gum gum whip
    ^ -> O: gum gum spear
    ^ -> X + O: gum gum rocket
    []: gum gum crossbow
    Moving + []: gum gum bell
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: gum gum dance
    L1 + X -> X: gum gum axe
    L1 + X -> (): gum gum hammer
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: gum gum scythe -> gum gum cannon or (storm (Secret))
    Taunt: Take off his strawhat (doesn't do anything at all)
    Taunt 2: To us this taunt you must be using the Cool Shades costume
    now use the taunt button and he'll remove his glasses. (don't do
    anything either).
    Taunt 3: Use the Afro Luffy costume and then use the taunt button.
    Luffy will then start jumping and punching (Like how people do when
    playing boxing). This taunt does delt damage to the opponent. (In
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush only).
    4a.Nami the Navigator
    Nami is a great Navigator and a good map drawer. However one day 
    Arlong came to her village and killed her love one, because of this
    she hates pirate and only teal from pirates but that was all changed
    when Luffy and came a help her. Her dream is to draw a map of the
    whole world (Atlas).
    Weopon: Climatact (weatherforcer)
    ~Support Characters~
    * Defualt
    * Skypeia outfit
    * Cheer Leader
    * Stylish
    * Alternative
    ~Costume OPGBR~
    * Default
    * Cheer Leader
    * Foxy's costume
    * ???
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: Heavy storm
    X -> X: outrider
    X -> X -> O: cyclone-tempest
    X -> X -> X: gust
    X + O: cloudy-tempest
     -> O: headwind
    -Up Attacks-
    O: whirlwind
    O -> O: lightning rain
    O -> O -> X: fine-tempest
    O -> O -> O: rain wind
    O -> X: water strike
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: cyclone-tempest
    R1 + O: thunder-tempest
    R1 + []: it's mine
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: thunder orb
    ^ -> O: lightning blast
    ^ -> X + O: monsoon
    []: gale
    Moving + []: wave strike
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: squall
    L1 + X -> X: thunderbolt-tempest
    L1 + X -> (): thundergale
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: spring windstorm -> tornado-tempest
    Taunt: Rain Tempo (Rain Tempest), where she put one rod on her head and
    the other 2 on both her hands. Then a little bit of water will come out
    like a sprinkler. People have told me that if you use this before using
    Thunderbolt Tempo, the power increases.
    4b.Roronao Zolo
    Zoro the famous pirate hunter in East Blue, in the past he has been
    competing with a girl to become the greatest swordsman, but one day the
    girl die and Zoro decided to fulfill dream with her soul.
    Weopon: Santouryuu (3 sword style) Wado Ichimonji, Kitetsu III, Yubashiri
    ~Support Characters~
    * Defualt
    * Skypeia's shirt
    * Dojo
    * Cool Necklace
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: oni giri
    X -> X: bronco blade
    X -> X -> O: bull charge
    X -> X -> X: lion blade
    X + O: tiger trap
     -> O: breath of sword
    -Up Attacks-
    O: tiger hunt
    O -> O: water blade
    O -> O -> X: final curtain
    O -> O -> O: falve blade
    O -> X: dragon twister
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: oni giri
    R1 + O: hawk wave
    R1 + []: streaming wolf sword
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: raven hunter
    ^ -> O: bear punisher
    ^ -> X + O: sword flash
    []: flash fang
    Moving + []: flash blade
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: tri-beast reaviem
    L1 + X -> (): rising pheonix
    L1 + X -> X: great tiger trap
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: rhino rampage -> santoryu "three thousand worlds"
    Taunt: Waving his sword around
    Usopp is the Strawhat crew's Sniper and an inventer. He invened a poerful
    weopon (Climatact) for Nami. Usopp is famous in his town for his lies and
    his father is the Sniper in Shank's crew. His dream is to become an proud
    Weopon: Slingshot
    ~Support Characters~
    * Default
    * Skypeia's costume
    * Sport
    * Cool item
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: my special! triple exploding star
    X -> X: usopp whoa
    X -> X -> O: hammer line drive
    X -> X -> X: usopp basooka
    X + O: usopp screech
     -> O: whatever chop!
    -Up Attacks-
    O: my special! egg star
    O -> O: usopp hammer knock
    O -> O -> X: usopp hammer fry
    O -> O -> O: usopp kick
    O -> X: caltrops
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: my special! shuriken star
    R1 + O: my special! hot salsa star
    R1 + []: usopp factory
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: my special! blasting cactus star
    ^ -> O: usopp's magical bag
    ^ -> X + O: sea warrior dive
    []: usopp hammer squeeze
    Moving + []: outta sight punch
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: my special! hammer shooting star
    L1 + X -> (): my special! exploding super star
    L1 + X -> X: impact dial
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: usopp flee -> usopp pound
    Taunt: I don't know
    Sanji is the best chef in the whole entire East Blue. He's also
    the only Red Leg user (besides Zeff). One of his most unique feature
    is his curly eye brows and his hair which always cover his left face.
    His dream is to find All Blue (Great Blue in DUB)
    Weopon: Red Leg
    ~Support Characters~
    * Default
    * Soccer costume
    * Skypeia costume
    * Brown Shirt
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: rolling dish
    X -> X: fork swing
    X -> X -> O: turn ovwer kick
    X -> X -> X: pulled pork pound surprise
    X + O: shell cram
     -> O: gut stuffer surprise
    -Up Attacks-
    O: tatty trouncer surprise
    O -> O: shrimp summer
    O -> O -> X: shoulder shank crank
    O -> O -> O: chicken flambe
    O -> X: fish fillet
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: table charge
    R1 + O: coconut crash
    R1 + []: rabbit rage surprise
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: cooking summer
    ^ -> O: head chef drop
    ^ -> X + O: knife shot
    []: frog leg kick
    Moving + []: open-faced slamwich
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: leg O' wham supreme
    L1 + X -> (): double layer cake kick
    L1 + X ->
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: shoulder shank crank -> prime cut kick surprise!
    Taunt: He takes of his jacket
    Taunt 2: When using the soccer costume he would start to stratch his
    leg. No it doesn't do anything, however people message me saying it
    increases the range of his attack.
    Taunt 3: Wehn using the Brown shirt costume he would put on his
    glasses. Doesn't do anything at all.
    4e. Nefeltari Vivi
    Vivi is the princess of Alabasta. The first time she met the Strawhat
    was a Baroque Work member called Miss Wednesday. However when Crocodile
    found out that she know his secret, Crocodile send agents to kill her.
    Now the Strawhat is helping her to rescue Alabasta.
    Weopon: Peacock Slasher, Peacock String Slasher & Alurring Perfume
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: Peacock double rush
    X -> X: Peacock slasher rush
    X -> X -> O: Bye Bye Baby
    X -> X -> X: Peacock slasher
    X + O: Princess Slidekick
     -> O: Peacock slasher shot
    -Up Attacks-
    O: String slasher typhoon
    O -> O: Peacock string slasher
    O -> O -> X: Double string slasher
    O -> O -> O: Pony kick
    O -> X: Potent perfume
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: Peacock slasher dash
    R1 + O: Slasher high shot
    R1 + []: Princess dance
    -Aerial Attacks-
    ^ -> X: String sky slasher
    ^ -> O: Slasher ground shot
    ^ -> X + O: Princess kick
    []: Princess slap
    Moving + []: Princess throw
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: Princess Hurricane
    L1 + X -> (): Alluring Perfume Dance
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: Peacock String Slasher Runback -> Peacock string 
    slasher torrent
    Taunt: She start spin around with 1 leg and any opponent is near her
    would be damage by her attack and her peacock slasher sdize will also
    4f.Tony Tony Chopper
    Chopper is a doctor in Drum Island (Winter Island). He's a reindeer who
    ate the human human fruit which give hiom 3 form, but because of his
    rumble ball he can access up to 7 form. His the crew doctor and his dream
    is to cure any diseases he faces.
    Weopon: Hito Hito Fruit
    * Default
    * Christmas
    * Tennis shirt
    * ???
    * Alternative
    ~Support Characters~
    -Dr. Kureha
    -Front Attacks-
    X: operation
    X -> X: cure
    X -> X -> O: inspect
    X -> X -> X: treatment
    X + O: live
     -> O: injection
    -Up Attacks-
    O: revive
    O -> O: research
    O -> O -> X: fever
    O -> O -> O: medicine
    O -> X: to the hospital
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: anesthetic
    R1 + O: emergency case
    R1 + []: panacea
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: strong medicine
    ^ -> O: health
    ^ -> X + O: proud horn
    []: out of hospital
    Moving + []: ambulance
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: absolute rest
    L1 + X -> (): keep out
    L1 + X -> X: immunizer
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: doctor's orders -> reindeer roundhouse
    Taunt: DOn't know
    4g.Nico Robin
    Unlike most Strawhat crew member who start out first as a good guy.
    Tobin is very different as she start off as a villain, a Baroque
    agent known as Miss Allsunday the strongest female agent working
    with the Crocodile. She's the crew Archaeologist and her dream is to
    find the Rio Poneglyph to know the Blank Century.
    Weopon: Hana Hana Fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Hana Hana fruit powers
    -Mr. 3
    -Ms. April fool's day
    * Default
    * Skypeia
    * Kimono
    * Purple
    * Alternative
    -Front Attacks-
    X: six floret twist
    X -> X: six floret spike
    X -> X -> O: four floret pound
    X -> X -> X: two floret slash
    X + O: twelve floret branch
     -> O: twelve floret launcher
    -Up Attacks-
    O: six floret craft
    O -> O: four floret around
    O -> O -> X: two floret darts
    O -> O -> O: two floret loop
    O -> X: six floret sling
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: four floret hold
    R1 + O: six floret craft
    R1 + []: six floret fall
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: one floret drop
    ^ -> O: six floret crush
    ^ -> X + O: one floret shot
    []: four floret stamp
    Moving + []: six floret twist
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: twenty two floret round
    L1 + X -> X: six floret whirlwind
    L1 + X -> (): four floret pillar
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: sixteen floret lock -> 100 floret delphinium
    Taunt: She grows some arm on herself and then shake it off. That's
    4h.Buggy the Clown
    Buggy is the first devil fruit user that Luffy faces in the Anime and
    Manga. He ate the Bara Bara Fruit. He knows who's Shanks as they use
    to be crew mates.
    Weopon: Chop Chop Fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Ritchie the Lion
    -Front Attacks-
    X: chop chop buzz saw
    X -> X: chop chop harpoon
    X -> X -> O: flashy knife
    X -> X -> X: clown knife
    X + O: awesome execution
     -> O: chop chop big spin
    -Up Attacks-
    O: chop chop catch
    O -> O: chop chop quick escape
    O -> O -> X: chop chop cutter
    O -> O -> O: hidden knife
    O -> X: chop chop chase
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: chop chop rapidfire
    R1 + O: chop chop evacuation
    R1 + []: chop chop buggy
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: chop chop shot
    ^ -> O: chop chop knife
    ^ -> X + O: gaudy drill
    []: chop chop rumba
    Moving + []: chop chop headbutt
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: chop chop festival
    L1 + X -> (): chop chop big chase
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: chop chop party -> special buggy balls
    Taunt: ???
    4i.Captain Kuro
    Kuro is Kaya's Butler however his true identity is actually
    the fearsome Captain Kuro who was believe to be executed years
    ago. He's has the power of Stealth step.
    Weopon: Cat claws
    ~Support Characters~
    -Django the hynotist
    -Front Attacks-
    X: cat pound
    X -> X: cat invitation
    X -> X -> O: cat trick
    X -> X -> X: stealth steps
    X + O: cat thrust
     -> O: stealth pounce
    -Up Attacks-
    O: cat turn
    O -> O: cat fling
    O -> O -> X: stealth drop
    O -> O -> O: cat fend
    O -> X: kitty steps
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: stealth slice
    R1 + O: stealth slash
    R1 + []: stealth walk
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: cat scoop
    ^ -> O: cat stomp
    ^ -> X + O: cat cage
    []: catnipped
    Moving + []: cat throw
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: all means
    L1 + X -> (): hiding cat
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: sneaky feet -> out of the bag attack
    Taunt: ???
    4j.Don Krieg
    Don Kreig is a big guy who wear lots of Golden armour to protect
    himself. He claimto be the strongest man alive even thought that
    there's many more who is stronger then him.
    Weopon: The mighty battle spear
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: battle spear burst
    X -> X: battle spear swing
    X -> X -> O: steel ball swing
    X -> X -> X: diamond back knuckle
    X + O: wootz steel crush
     -> O: shield digger
    -Up Attacks-
    O: steel ball heave
    O -> O: steel ball throw
    O -> O -> X: battle spear smash
    O -> O -> O: diamond upper swing
    O -> X: flame thrower
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: nail shot
    R1 + O: steal ball heave
    R1 + []: small explosion
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: steel ball spin
    ^ -> O: capture net
    ^ -> X + O: wootz steel charge
    []: diamond knuckle
    Moving + []: diamond knucle toss
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: nail shooter
    L1 + X -> (): MH5
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: wootz dynamic blow -> simultaneous strate
    Taunt: ???
    4k.Saw-Tooth Arlong
    Arlong is a fishmen which preivously a member of the shichibukai
    (Warlords) crew Jimbei. He came and take over Nami's village years
    before the story has started and Luffy at the end beat him.
    Weopon: Fist, Tooth and Saw Blade
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: direct tooth attack
    X -> X: tooth attack
    X -> X -> O: double saw slice
    X -> X -> X: merman kick
    X + O: tooth crush
     -> O: tooth rush
    -Up Attacks-
    O: water basooka
    O -> O: water shot
    O -> O -> X: tooth attack slam
    O -> O -> O: merman uppercut
    O -> X: tooth uppercut
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: shark and awe
    R1 + O: shark and awe
    R1 + []: tooth attach
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: shark and awe
    ^ -> O: full moon saw slice
    ^ -> X + O: shark and awe
    []: fisherman slayer
    Moving + []: tooth throw
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: saw blade giant spin
    L1 + X -> (): shark and awe special
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: shark and awe -> shark and destroy
    Taunt: ???
    Smoker is the captain of the marine in Roque Town. Luffy has
    yet able to beat him as his punches doesn't do any damage at
    Weopon: Smoke Smoke Fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: smoke slash
    X -> X: truncheon strike
    X -> X -> O: smoke spark
    X -> X -> X: justice fist
    X + O: smoke breaker
     -> O: smoke cover
    -Up Attacks-
    O: smoke stack
    O -> O: justice kick
    O -> O -> X: smoke cloud
    O -> O -> O: justice punch
    O -> X: justice whirlwind
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: smoke strike
    R1 + O: smoke stack
    R1 + []: smoke hunt
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: smoke edge
    ^ -> O: smoke fall
    ^ -> X + O: smoke impact
    []: smoke buster
    Moving + []: sea tower truncheon
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: smoke snake
    L1 + X -> (): smoke punish
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: smoke justice -> smoke strike
    Taunt: ???
    Tashigi is Smopker's Assistance. She's a swordsman and her face
    resembles Kuina's face which causes Zoro to be afraid of her.
    Weopon: Sword
    ~Support Characters~
    -Navy A
    -Navy B
    -Front Attacks-
    X: grasscutter
    X -> X: cyclone
    X -> X -> O: windstorm
    X -> X -> X: breathe
    X + O: slicing moon
     -> O: gust
    -Up Attacks-
    O: flying swallow
    O -> O: sky wolf
    O -> O -> X: rising dragon
    O -> O -> O: floating
    O -> X: flower bird
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: whirlwind
    R1 + O: soaring heavens
    R1 + []: gale
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: arcine moon
    ^ -> O: shooting star
    ^ -> X + O: comet
    []: falling leaf
    Moving + []: treetop
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: gale lightning
    L1 + X -> (): hundred flower
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: Snow Flash -> kamaitachi!!!
    Taunt: She takes off her jacket. Relax she has something under it.
    Wapol is Drum Island Ex-King. He left Drum Island because of Blackbeard
    coming to town and attack it. He then comes back but was defeated by
    Weopon: munch munch fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: gourmet road!
    X -> X: head hell high!
    X -> X -> O: spin society!
    X -> X -> X: My hand slipped!
    X + O: spin dinner party!
     -> O: Munch Munch mutation!
    -Up Attacks-
    O: spin stamp!
    O -> O: woah, sorry!
    O -> O -> X: fly! tongue cannon!
    O -> O -> O: Oops!
    O -> X: fall tongue cannon!
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: tongue cannon!
    R1 + O: rm cannon!
    R1 + []: munch munch dash!
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: rapid arm cannon!
    ^ -> O: tongue cannon!
    ^ -> X + O: direct gourmet road!
    []: spin palace!
    Moving + []: flip the tables!
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: wapol tank!
    L1 + X -> (): wapol house!
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: Spin Dance! -> ? Barrel Super Shot!
    4o.Mr. 1 Sir Crocodile
    Crocodile is the weakess Shichibukai so far seen and he's also the
    boss of the Crime Syndicate known as Baroque Work. He tries to
    take over Alabasta and tries to revive the dangerous weopon Pluton.
    Weopon: Sand Sand Fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Mr. 1
    -Ms. New year's eve
    -Front Attacks-
    X: desert dagger
    X -> X: desert moon
    X -> X -> O: sand storm
    X -> X -> X: desert sun
    X + O: desert fang
     -> O: desert wind
    -Up Attacks-
    O: desert spiral
    O -> O: desert light
    O -> O -> X: desert rapier
    O -> O -> O: deser hurricane
    O -> X: desert pearl
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: desert storm
    R1 + O: desert storm
    R1 + []: desert eclipse
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: spinning crescendo
    ^ -> O: how are you?
    ^ -> X + O: attack me!
    []: desert tyrant
    Moving + []: desert whirlpool
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: desert prison
    L1 + X -> (): sand storm burden
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: desert gust -> wasteland tremor & wasteland cataclysm
    Taunt: He uses his poison hook instead which makes the oponent posion.
    4p.Mr. 2 Bon Clay
    Bon Clay is a Baroque Work agent known as Mr. 2. He was beaten by Sanji but
    he return and help the Strawhat escape from Hina.
    Weopon: Clone Clone Fruit and Okama Kenpo
    ~Support Characters~
    -Mr. 4
    -Ms. Ground Hog Day
    -Front Attacks-
    X: strike
    X -> X: two
    X -> X -> O: swan dive
    X -> X -> X: one
    X + O: bombardier
     -> O: swan swan lake
    -Up Attacks-
    O: this ain't a joke!
    O -> O: I'm sure!
    O -> O -> X: how cute
    O -> O -> O: tip toe kick
    O -> X: primadonna
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: Mascara boomerang
    R1 + O: spinning decrescendo
    R1 + []: spining summer pirouette
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: spinning crescendo
    ^ -> O: how are you?
    ^ -> X + O: attack me!
    []: ballerina
    Moving + []: stylin'!
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: smiling swan soiree
    L1 + X -> (): clone clone change
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: last waltz -> swan bombardier
    Taunt: ???
    Ohm is one of the skypeia's Priest and he's also known as the
    ordeal of Iron. He was beaten by Zoro and was sent to Cloud
    Drifting at the end of the Skypeia's arc.
    Weopon: Eisen Sword
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: eisen whip 
    X -> X: eisen fan
    X -> X -> O: eisen gust
    X -> X -> X: eisen blade
    X + O: eisen sword
     -> O: eisen hammer
    -Up Attacks-
    O: eisen fork
    O -> O: eisen axe
    O -> O -> X: eisen axe
    O -> O -> O: eisen edge 
    O -> X: IG iron test
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: eisen whip
    R1 + O: eisen fork
    R1 + []: IG iron test
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: eisen rose
    ^ -> O: eisen hammer
    ^ -> X + O: eisen trident
    []: eisen impact
    Moving + []: eisen slash
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: eisen back
    L1 + X -> (): eisen ball
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: IQ iron testy -> Four vassal test
    Taunt: ???
    Enel is the Main villain during the skypeia's arc. He ate the the
    Gomu Gomu fruit which gives him the ability to turn and produce
    electricity. He goal was to head to Fairy Vearth (Moon) and destroy
    Skypeia while Luffy but Luffy stop him at the end.
    Weopon: Rumble Rumble Fruit adn Spear
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: nehan
    X -> X: inga
    X -> X -> O: vajula
    X -> X -> X: higan
    X + O: high voltage spear
     -> O: indra
    -Up Attacks-
    O: thunder
    O -> O: tocoyo
    O -> O -> X: miolnir
    O -> O -> O: ukiyo
    O -> X: vaari
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: vajula
    R1 + O: hino avian zap!
    R1 + []: shiv
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: kou
    ^ -> O: katuji
    ^ -> X + O: tonitaurus
    []: give in
    Moving + []: 20 million volt vaari
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: volt bolt
    L1 + X -> (): 200 million volt amal
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: kiten -> raigou
    Taunt: He eats an apple which increases his power bar.
    Shanks is a pirate which inspired Luffy to becomes a pirate. He
    was reveal to be in (Spoiler) Gol D Roger's crew with Buggy when
    they were young.
    Weopon: Normal Sword
    ~Support Characters~
    -Ben Beckman
    -Lucky Roux
    -Front Attacks-
    X: pirate chaos slash
    X -> X: pirate spin kick
    X -> X -> O: pirate 360 kick
    X -> X -> X: pirate side punch
    X + O: pirate sword thrust
     -> O: great pirate force
    -Up Attacks-
    O: pirate vert slice
    O -> O: pirate kick away
    O -> O -> X: pirate drop
    O -> O -> O: pirate kick up
    O -> X: pirate sword lash
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: pirate assault
    R1 + O: pirate drop
    R1 + []: pirate counterattack
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: pirate side slash
    ^ -> O: pirate sneak attack
    ^ -> X + O: pirate stomp
    []: pirate throw
    Moving + []: pirate kick away
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: great pirate dance
    L1 + X -> (): ultimate matilation
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: pirate triple slash -> great pirate party
    Mihawk is a Shichibukai which was shown very early in the Manga and
    anime. He challenge Zoro and defeated in easily. He appears to be
    friends with Shanks.
    Weopon: Black Sword
    ~Support Characters~
    -Greatest Impact
    -Front Attacks-
    X: greatest fling
    X -> X: greatest thrust
    X -> X -> O: greatest rapid slash
    X -> X -> X: slash
    X + O: greatest rejection
     -> O: black circle strike
    -Up Attacks-
    O: black shock sword
    O -> O: reatest swing
    O -> O -> X: greatest pursuit
    O -> O -> O: greatest slash up
    O -> X: black storm sword
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: black ship slice
    R1 + O: black flash sword
    R1 + []: greatest abandon
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: greatest slice
    ^ -> O: black kusanagi
    ^ -> X + O: greatest assault
    []: pass the time
    Moving + []: rabbit hunt
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: you weakling
    L1 + X -> (): you stalwart
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: perish -> pitiful
    4u.Portgas D. Trace
    Portgas D. Ace is Luffy's brother and was first seen in Alabasta
    where he was seeking Black Beard. He ate the Mera Mera fruit which
    gives him the ability to make fire.
    Weopon: flare flare fruit
    ~Support Characters~
    -Trace's boat
    -Front Attacks-
    X: Crimson flower
    X -> X: flames of war
    X -> X -> O: flame formation
    X -> X -> X: heat breath
    X + O: heat claw
     -> O: lightning fire
    -Up Attacks-
    O: solar ring
    O -> O: heat wheel
    O -> O -> X: pain of flame
    O -> O -> O: heat seed
    O -> X: flame dance
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: raging heat
    R1 + O: fiend fire
    R1 + []: dazzling inferno
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: sea fire
    ^ -> O: blazing sun
    ^ -> X + O: conflagration
    []: heat cremation
    Moving + []: heat iron
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: heat tower
    L1 + X -> (): blazing fire net
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: avian flame eater -> heat fist
    Taunt: Turn his fist into fire but doesn't do anything.
    Kuina is Zoro's rival hen they were young. She always beat Zoro
    but one time she overheard his dad saying that Zoro one day will
    beat Kuina because she's a girl. She then ran out and challenge
    Zoro and beat him again. She and Zoro made a promise to becomes
    the greatest swordsman. However the next day she died by slipping
    down the stairs.
    Weopon: Bamboo sword
    ~Support Characters~
    -young Zolo
    -Front Attacks-
    X: flying slash
    X -> X: bamboo
    X -> X -> O: track down
    X -> X -> X: snake
    X + O: giant snake
     -> O: hoist
    -Up Attacks-
    O: triple strike
    O -> O: rising slash
    O -> O -> X: flying bamboo
    O -> O -> O: reverse slash
    O -> X: flying force
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: new flying slash
    R1 + O: new triple strike
    R1 + []: dashing rabbit
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: flying jump slash
    ^ -> O: falling bamboo
    ^ -> X + O: flying thorn
    []: new foot sweep
    Moving + []: foot sweep
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: glorious bloom
    L1 + X -> (): flying dragon sonita
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: snow splitter -> swift cloud stike!
    Zeff is the owner of Baratie. He use to be a famous pirate who
    kill every enemy with his leg, and that's how he recieve his name
    as Red Leg Zeff. However he lost his leg when he ate his leg due
    to he gave Sanji's all the food.
    Weopon: Peg Leg
    ~Support Characters~
    -Front Attacks-
    X: zeff rolling dish
    X -> X: zeff fork swing
    X -> X -> O: zeff turnover kick
    X -> X -> X: zeff pulled pork pound
    X + O: zeff head chef wooden leg course
     -> O: zeff gut stuffer
    -Up Attacks-
    O: zeff tatty trouncer
    O -> O: zeff shrimp summer
    O -> O -> X: zeff shank crank
    O -> O -> O: zeff chicken flambe
    O -> X: zeff fish fillet
    -Range Attacks-
    R1 + X: zeff table charge
    R1 + O: zeff pegleg shot
    R1 + []: red foot pride
    -Air Attacks-
    ^ -> X: zeff cooking summer
    ^ -> O: zeff head chef drop
    ^ -> X + O: zeff knife shot
    []: zeff frog leg kick
    Moving + []: zeff open face slam
    -Super Attacks-
    L1 + X -> []: zeff leg o' wham
    L1 + X -> (): red foot shock
    -Secret Attack-
    L1 + () -> () -> X: zeff shank crank -> head chef special
    5. Differences
    This part talks about the difference between One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
    and One Piece Grand Adventure so people can choose which one worth buying.
    6) Battle Field
    In One Piece Grand Battle! Rush there's 9 battle Fields. While in One Piece
    Grand Adventure there's 20 battle field with 10 being an alternative version
    of the original battle field.
    6a.Fusha Village
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: in this battle field there's an angry cow that
    rampage around the field if it have been attacked and also bandits that
    interfere with the fight by throwing bombs and beehive.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: The field is pretty much the same as One Piece
    Grand Battle! Rush but in this one the bandits are removed so the angry
    cow is the only thing that interferes the fight.
    OPGA Alternative Field: Instead of bandit being remove the cow is remove and
    bandits are put in this time. The time in this stage is sunset.
    6b.Drum Castle
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: This field is cover in snow. The Lapan (snow
    Rabbit) will interfere the battle by chucking snowball and Wapol is an
    item that eats and turn the opponent into round ball for few seconds.
    Chess and Kuromarimo interfere the battle if you attack wapol (item).
    One Piece Grand Adventure: Unlike grand battle! Rush, players are allow to 
    pick up the snow from the ground and throw it at their opponents which
    freezes them and the other noticable feature is that snow colour are change
    to pink.
    OPGA Alternative Field: The field take place in day time. There's no snow on
    the field and several snowman is on the field.
    6c. Arlong Park
    One Pice Grand Battle! Rush: This field take place in day time. Momoo is in
    the middle of the lake, so player can make there way through the other side
    without going around. There's also maps dropping from the sky. Karoobi, Chu
    and Hachi interfere the battle by attacking you if you attack their crew
    One Piece Grand Adventure: The map dropping from the sky has been removed.
    OPGA Alternative Field: Take place in night time. Momoo is unconcious and
    Arlong's crew are gone. There's 2 tabel on each side of the field where
    some chef wil run in and drop a meat on the table to recover your HP.
    6d. Logue Town
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: This field sucks. There's not enough room for
    fighting and there's too many interference. The field take place at night
    in a rainy day. Marine (navy) will fire Seastone net to stun you, Alvida
    will attack you if you attack her, Buggy's pirate will throw bombs in
    the field and Lightning will hit the field making enemy getting stunned.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: The name is change to Rogue town. The navy won't
    throw seastone net anymore, instead they throw bombs. Alvida is removed.
    OPGA Alternative Field: Take place in day time, Navy and Buggy pirates are
    not around meaning no bomb chucking. Alvida is also in the field and will
    attack anyone if being hit.
    6e. Baratie
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: The field is one of the best. There's a 
    mast in the middle of the stage which can be use as a weopon and Panda
    shark acts as an interence character where it jump from the sea to squash
    the player. Zeff is not visible if you use Zeff as a support.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: no difference but if you use Zeff and choose
    Patty as support, Patty and Zeff are not visible in the background.
    OPGA Alternative Field: Panda shark is remove and were replaced by the
    machine that Patty and Cairn uses. The Machine will shoot bombs onto 
    the field.
    6f. Arabasta
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: The stage is cover in sand. King Cobra will
    attack the player if being attacked. Vivi and Carue will jump into the
    put an item on the field. There's also a giant sandstorm which throws the
    player in the sky but recieve no damage.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: Take place at night. All the character in the
    background are removed. Name changed into Alabasta. Cobra nami is changed
    to Nebra. Nebra and Vivi are removed. There's no sand in the field
    instead it's cover in with a little bit of grass. A giant Barrel are 
    rolling in the field pouring oil out of it which can be light by fire.
    OPGA Alternative Field: The name is changed to Alabasta. King Cobra is
    changed to King Nebra. Vivi and Carue are removed (due to her being a 
    playable character).
    6g. Sexy Foxy
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: The field is take place in daytime. A
    cannon is in the middle of the field which shoot bombs out if the 
    player attacks it. Pickles interfere the battle by jumping in and spin
    around which throw the opponent away. Big Pan is also interfere by
    throwing an axe, sticm, etc on the field.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: Big Pan is replaced by Broggy. Pickle design
    has been changed. Broggy only thow Axe on the field. The field name is
    changed into Generic Pirate Ship.
    OPGA Alternative Field: This stage sucks. It take place in a night rainy
    day. Where the cannon shoot bombs anywhere on the field. Some broken
    ship mask often shoots onto the field and the stage rock around.
    6h. Eden Rock
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: A stage where you are able to vs a player
    one on one without any interference.
    One Piece Grand Adventure: Same as Grand Battle! Rush
    OPGA Alternative Field: take place at night. The pillar fall fowards
    instead of backwards if it has been broken down.
    6i. Skypeia
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: This stage is only in Grand Adventure
    One Pice Grand Adventure: a flat field  with some clouds on the field
    which player can use to jump very high. There's also Satori's 
    surprise ball which floats around the stage.
    OPGA Alternative Field: Night time. Enel will shoot a lightning down
    to make a large hole in the ground and the surprise ball has been
    6j. Arc Maxim
    One Piece Grand Battle! Rush: The stage take place at night. The only
    interference I guess is the wind that may blow the player backwards
    if the jumped.
    One Piece Adventure: The field is under construction. The gear will
    rotate if being attack and a rolling lever thingy will carry items to
    field. The wind is removed
    OPGA Alternative Field: Same as Grand Battle! Rush and the wind are
    completely removed.
    7. Characters
    This part is about the character in each version. Next to the
    character are ther support characters.
    7a. Characters in One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
    * Monkey D. Luffy (Dewgon)
    * Roronoa Zoro (Johnny and Yosaku)
    * Sanji (Zeff)
    * Nami (Gen-San)
    * Usopp (Pepper, Carrot, Onion)
    * Tony Tony Chopper (Dr. Kureha)
    * Nico Robin (Hana Hana no mi, Mr. 3, Miss Goldenweek)
    * Buggy the Clown (Cabaji, Mohji)
    * Kuro (Siam, Butchie, Jango)
    * Don Krieg (Pearl, Gin)
    * Arlong (Hatchi, Chu, Karoobi)
    * Smoker (Tashigi)
    * Shanks (Ben Beckman, Roux, Yasopp)
    * Mihawk (Greatest Impact)
    * Bon Clay (Miss Merrychristmans, Mr. 4, Lasso)
    * Crocodile (Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 1)
    * Foxy (Porche, Hamburg)
    * Aokiji (Bike)
    * Enel (Janbul)
    7b.Characters in One Piece Grand Adventure
    * Monkey D. Luffy (Dewgong, Wyper)
    * Rononao Zolo (Johnny, Yosaku)
    * Nami the Navigator (Genso, Waver)
    * Usopp (Carrot, Pepper, Onion)
    * Sanji (Zeff, Conis)
    * Tony Tony Chopper (Kureha, Gun Fall)
    * Nico Robin (Hana Fruit, Mr 3, Ms April Fool's Day)
    * Saw-Tooth Arlong (Hatchi, Karoobi, Choo)
    * Don Krieg (Ghin, Pearl)
    * Buggy the Clown (Cabaji, Mohji)
    * Captain Kuro (Siam, Butchie, Django)
    * Captain Chaser (Tashigi)
    * Shanks (Ben, Roux, Yasopp)
    * Mihawk (Greatest Impact
    * Bon Clay (Ms Groundhog day, Mr 4, Lasso)
    * Mr.0 (Ms New Years Eve, Mr. 1)
    * Vivi (Pell, Chaka, Carue)
    * Tashigi (Navy A, Navy B)
    * Zeff (Patty)
    * Wapol (Chess, Kuromarimo, Chessmarimo)
    * Trace (Trace's Boat)
    * Eneru (Janbul)
    * Kuina (Young Zolo)
    * Ohm (Satori, Shura, Gedatz)
    7c. Characters appear in Background
    These are the character which appear in the background of
    the stage. I don't know should I provide info or what. email
    me if you want me to provide info of each character.
    Higuma - Fusha Village
    Makino - Fusha Village
    Elder - Fusha Village
    Hachi - Arlorg Park
    Chu - Arlorg Park
    Karoobi - Arlorg Park
    Momoo - Arlorg Park
    Nora - Skypeia
    Goat Enforcer - Skypeia
    South Bird - Arc Maxim
    Zeff - Baratie
    Carnie - Baratie
    Patty - Baratie
    Panda Shark - Baratie
    Lafiti - Eden Rock (GBR only)
    Doflamingo - Eden Rock (GBR only)
    Bathomalew Kuma - Eden Rock (GBR only)
    Mihawk - Eden Rock
    Vivi - Arbasta (GBR only)
    Cobra - Arabasta
    Igaram - Arabasta
    Pell - Arabasta
    Kohza - Arabasta
    Chess - Drum Island
    Kuromarimo - Drum Island
    Dalton - Drum Island
    Dr Kureha - Drum Island
    Lapahn - Drum Island
    Alvida - Rogue Town
    Dragon - Rogue Town
    Big Pan - Sexy Foxy (GBR only)
    Pickles - Sexy Foxy (GBR only)
    Judge - Sexy Foxy (GBR only)
    Broggy - Sexy Foxy (GA only)
    Contact if there's more.
    8) Support Chararacters
    As you can see from the list above. In One Piece Grand 
    Adventure, characters are given more support character, but
    in Grand Battle! Rush the player's support speaks when the
    supports attack.
    9) Mini-games
    In One Piece Grand Battle! Rush , the player are allow to
    play the mini-game by choosing the Davy Back Fight option.
    However the mini-game is only one player. In Grand 
    Adventure the players play the mini-game in the mini game
    section and also in the Adventure mode. Unlike Grand Battle!
    Rush some of the game such as Rumble battle allow 2 players.
    9a. Grand Battle! Rush
    * Donut Race: attack the people who wants to slow down
    your teams boat.
    * Groggy Ring: Throw gaimon or hit the character in the
    other person's goal.
    * Breaking Don Krieg's armour: Fight a storng stats Don Krig
    * Fight any person: Faces another person and defeat it.
    * Snow Shovelling: Clear the snow away.
    * Fighting Captain: Fight foxy (he got 2 life)
    * Box Crushing: Destroy the box.
    9b. Grand Adventure
    * Donut Race: same as Grand Battle! Rush
    * Groggy Ring: Same as Grand Battle! Rush
    * Spot Billed Duck race: Race with the other characters
    while riding Carue.
    * Snow Shovelling: Same as Grand Battle! Rush
    * Battle Norla the Snake: Fight Norla the Snake.
    * Rumble Battle: Defeat all the support characters
    * Custom Battle: Fight another opponent with special rules
    * Box Crushing: Destroy the boxes.
    10) Modify move
    Some move from One Piece Grand Battle! Rush are changed and modified into
    doing different things. These are some of the attacks. If I miss some
    tell me.
    10a) Attacks
    Enel: 200 million volt Amal (Enel turn his whole body into eletric and attack
    in one spot).
    Luffy: Gomo Gomo no Storm (This is the usual secret attacks that Luffy gets)
    Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Cannon (This is the Secret attack that can only be access
    if Luffy is in his Afro Luffy form)
    Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Axe (Attack the things around him)
    Usopp: Impact dial (Usopp charges his impact dial by pressing L1 XX, and then
    release the impact with L1 X[])
    Robin: Seis fleur Whirlwind (When Robin release it, it's much more faster)
    Robin: Seis Fleur Fall (Robin put a trap on the ground, if someone step on it.
    Hands pop up and attacts the opponents on the air. However if she walk on her
    own trap she'll recieve pain.
    Enel 200 million volt amal allows him to move around now.
    Luffy Gomu GOmu no Storm is a super secret attack and his Gomu Gomu no Cannon
    the normal secret attack.
    Usopp's impact dial are to be activated by pressing L1 XX but unlike Grand 
    Battle! Rush Usopp chrges up his dial and release the impact in the same time.
    Robin's 6 floret whirlwind. When she release it, it's a lot more slower.
    Robin's 6 floret fall doesn't affect herself if she step on it.
    11) Other stuff
    These are some other things in One Piece Grand Adventure and in One Piece
    Grand Battle! Rush
    11a. One Piece Grand Adventure
    * Grand adventure have 24 playable characters and 51 support characters
    * The character appeared in Grand Adventure and not Grand Battle! Rush is Vivi, 
    Tashigi, Zeff, Wapol, Trace, Kuina and Ohm
    * Eden Rock stage is a battle stage too instead of only a training mode stage
    * No Pandaman and Jewel items
    * Able to choose diffeent support with the all support system
    * When using the secret attack it involves a Rock, Paper, Scissors type game 
    with Wisdom, Technique, and Strength, but the strength of the attack is depends
    on the bonus hit, health and all that.
    * Attack strength is different and some new attacks
    * Adventure mode and Arena mode is supported in this game
    * Different Costume
    11b. One Piece Grand Battle! Rush
    * Pandaman is in the game
    * different costume
    * The character appeared in Grand Battle! Rush and not Grand Aventure is Foxy 
    the Silver fox, Aokiji and Afro Luffy.
    * Davy Back Fight game is in this game
    * Every supports have a voice in battle
    * Bon Clay's clone clone attack summon the character by pressing some key button
    while in Grand Adventure it's random
    12. Thanks
    You, for reading my guide.
    Shonen Jump, for publishing the One Piece manga.
    Bandai-Namco, for publishing this game
    CJayC, for maintaining GameFAQs and accepting this guide.
    Jason M. Corbeille, for some info
    Kaidyn04, for some info
    13. Legal
    This document belongs to Rockmanmegaman (me) It is intended for private
    home use only. Any reproduction, transmission, or distrubution in some
    part or whole without the writer's(me) permission is unlawful.

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