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"We are on the Cruise!"

This game is a DRASTIC improvement over the One Piece Grand Battle (Or Grand Battle Rush for those dub-despisers).


The game itself plays in the exact same fashion as Grand Battle, with the exception of the new (and much needed) item swing feature. Now you can pick up say the Burn Blade from Skypiea (Game-Winning Item) and instea of throwing it wildly, you can slash and burn your opponent. Another awsome ring-out weapon is Mr.4's 4ton bat, it doesn't do much damage, but the impact sends characters flying.

The game speed is also much faster than what it was, characters are almost too swift, especially when they pick up a speed powerup.

Also the little fruit that you got from GB is replaced with Berri Coins (Which actually makes sense.)

Banco (Bandai + Namco) had resently released Battle Stadium DON in Japan, which I feel helped with the overall construction on this game.


Most of the games original tracks were kept in, which is good to hear. Also the intro doesn't feature the Dub-Piece's Opener either, but a created intro that features the various characters. The music has improved from being repetitive to actually having more than the 4 or so scores from GB.


In storymode, at least the characters don't chant out their entire lines. All of the dubbed voices sound decent enough however, and since they're just reciting lines instead of acting, its rather enjoyable.


The games visuals have improved THREEFOLD. The character art has been altered and replaced, Sanji doesn't have that horrible intro-picture, and if the intro picture hasn't been changed it has been glossed up and looks nice.
Also during battle, fire will make you red, oil will make you dark, and getting hit by the beehive will make you yellow. Though a bit peculiar, it does help the battle mode a lot, as previously you'd be slammed and have no idea what is wrong.


A variety of characters have been included, some of which were cut from Grand Battle previously (Eneru), others making their first playable appearances, namely Tashigi, Ace, Vivi, Wapol (and plenty more). There are 24 playable characters with numerous support characters (that can be used by ANYONE!)

Overall this game have been very enjoyable, and compared to its "beat it and laugh" original, the storymode of this game is challenging and actually worth doing. Whereas GB would get a 5, this one gets an 8 (Voices and lack of playable stages).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/11/06

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