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"The Pirates Life - My Review of One Piece: Grand Adventure"

One Piece: Grand Adventure Review

Ahoy maties! Alright, enough of that ‘talk like a pirate' BS. One Piece: Grand Adventure is a U.S. exclusive continuation to the One Piece: Grand Battle series. It's basically a U.S. version of the Grand Battle Rush game the states never got, but with some nice exclusive goodies.

One great addition to the game is the Grand Adventure mode. This is the story mode of the game, but it's much better then the crappy story mode Grand Battle had. You pick one of 5 captains, and sail the world; gathering a crew, unlocking characters, and battling other pirates for treasures. Some battles you'll fight will have a special condition that you must fulfill, if you complete the condition, you're rewarded with stat boosts or support characters. Your characters level up from experience in battle, and as with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, they each have a code. You can give this code to your friends so they can fight your custom characters with theirs. It's a very fun gameplay aspect, and much better then the pitiful story mode from Grand Battle.

This game is packed with new stuff: more characters, more stages, and more gameplay modes; it's all just packed in there. Grand Adventure contains several characters that were left out of Grand Battle: such as Eneru and Ohm, along with two U.S. exclusive characters; albeit they are more or less clones of two other characters…IT'S STILL A NICE GESTURE DAMNIT! >_>; With 24 playable characters in all, plus the large amount of support characters, there's lots of variety and fun to be had here.

Aside from the Grand Adventure mode the game also boasts several other new modes. There is now a tournament mode, so you and your buddies can go at it in a large bracket style tourney, an Arena mode – which lets you go through fighting various opponents for prizes, and all the mini games make a return, plus some new ones. The new mini games are fun, and add that little something extra to the game. There's the Rumble Battle, where you must slaughter a number of support characters within a time limit, and a personal favorite of mine – Spot Billed Duck Race, where you and the opponent race through a course on the backs of large Spot Billed Ducks…what else would it be?

The graphics are the same blended cell shading from the last game. But they have been enhanced, and look sharper then before. The battle effects and the level environments are crispier (? Is that even… you know what let's just go with it), while retaining the One Piece charm.

The music in this game is great. It retains most of the background music from the anime, and a lot of the secret moves have really epic music pieces while the move is happening. Yes, this game is a game featuring the dub voices. And No, there is no Japanese audio track. So, I'm going to tell you what I told you last time – If you can't tolerate the dub, just acquaint yourself with the mute button.

Gameplay has been tightened quite a bit, so people put off by the simplistic gameplay of Grand Battle may find something here. New items have been introduced to add to the frenzy of zaniness. The secret attacks now have some strategy to them instead of being ‘who has lower health.' There is now a rock, paper, scissors game of strength, wisdom, technique you and your opponent play to decide the outcomes of secret attacks: Normal damage for both players picking the same, extra damage for the user picking the winner over the opponent, and a failed move for the opponent picking the winner over the user. I prefer this over button mashing; my poor, poor thumbs…

Grand Adventure is a great pickup and play arcade type fighter, with a deep story mode. With loads of extra characters and unlockables, this game really surpasses its predecessor in almost all fields. If you're a fan of One Piece and can tolerate the dub, check out this game, it's a blast.

Score – 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/19/07, Updated 01/22/07

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