Grapple wont grab centaurs shield?.

  1. The grapple wont stay attached to the shield, the pull sign appears and then it automatically releases. Sometimes one centaur stands still and the other one keeps running around but not attacking, yet still the grapple wont attach.

    Does anyone have a cheat code to get past this really annoying section.


    User Info: peachfish

    peachfish - 6 years ago

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  1. When you first start to battle them, one or both will stun but you know you didn't do anything to cause it. This is a false stun with rings only showing indistinctly on the inside of the shield & that's when you can't grapple it. This stun also lasts longer than normal & maybe is just to show you what happens. You must do a proper Head Shot. Can only do when Centaur is about to Charge, not for Stone Gaze. As soon as Rage gauge is full & red, immediately dodge then WAIT for O+Left Analoge Stick directions to appear in bottom/right of screen & immediately press them at the same time. Lara will automatically dodge, while aiming pistols. Don't shoot until Head Shot target is in centre on head of enemy. Shoot immediately Head Shot target is ready or will miss. Don't press O before directions say so. Blur can be missed or not reacted to quicly enough but keeping an eye out for these directions work. You may also miss the 2 target symbols at the sides coming together too, so concentrate on when completed red Head Shot target appears. When you have performed a successful Head Shot, you will truly stun the Centaur & you'll see a quick scene where it moves its shield to vertical position & ring is clearly visible on the outside. You don't have much time before it recovers, so quickly grapple with square & pull with triangle to get the shield away from it. Hope this helps. I too had trouble figuring it out & other information was incomplete or misleading. Took ages to realise had to DODGE enemy first then press O+Analogue Stick AT THE SAME TIME & not until blur or instructions come up to finally get a Head Shot.

    User Info: jarragum

    jarragum - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Yeah that happened to me to but it only took a few minutes and deaths to figure it out
    jarragum pretty much summed it up
    so i have nothing to say

    User Info: jordanmiller

    jordanmiller - 5 years ago 0 0

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